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85 reviews
P.O. Box 5277
Sioux Falls, SD 57117-5277, US
Tel: 1-800-956-4442
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2 reviews
2 helpful votes

Do not finance your home through these scam artist. they tell you to refinance but not make any payments because it will be incorporated in to the refinance. Then 3 months later they attempt to foreclose on your home. If you get through that and arrange a repayment plan because of late payments plus interest that were caused by them. They than sell your mortgage to one of their underling affiliates who attempt to do the same thing all over. They are very crooked and claim they have no records of ant incidents or you can not get a hold of anyone who can help fix the problem. There are no government agencies who help. We had to go to are state senator who was able to provide some help but WELLS FARGO is such a huge corporation they laugh at the fines and just ignore any complaints

1 review
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Wells fargo closed the main branches in the city that I live near. They say they are going to remodel and enlarge the only remaining branch. But they did not do that prior to closing the other branches close to 2 years ago. I have not been to the branch that ihave had to wait in excessive lines.

Their response is that i can go to one of tje nearby county branches instead. Typical of the now very large bank. Dont care for their customers.

1 review
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Interface is a windows overlay on what appears to be 1970 soviet politburo software. No ability to enter dashes or other typical characters in comments. No ability to see open statements online, so you have to wait until the end of the period and upload all images of receipts at that time. Mobile app is slightly better, though it only loads a few transactions at a time. How does a bank have this much scale and not have a decent solution for one of the most important cash management products? Wells seems to spend more time touting their technology than actually investing in it.

3 reviews
3 helpful votes

To be clear, Wells Fargo bank provides outstanding retail banking service; Wells Fargo Education Services is a toxic division thereof. Wells Fargo education services is a disservice to both borrowers and the mandatory co-signers. The late fees are exorbitant, the computer loan system that Wells Fargo education services is outdated and inadequate, and this company will not accept credit cards for payments or late payments. Having experienced the cruelty of their policies and the computer loan system as a
co-signer, I can only say "Find another lender that has social and community values". Example one: the late fees are 60% of the payment amount
Example two: payment that was $0.70 short caused a late fee to be assessed
Example three: after describing my extended hospitalization, late fees still assessed
Example four: WFES files negative credit reports with the three credit bureaus

While I can't justify my college student's financial irresponsibility, I can complain about Wells Fargo education services treatment of the co-signer whose FICO score was 830. Because of two late payments and three negative credit reports filed by Wells Fargo education services, the co-signer's FICO score changed to 730: this was the news received after being released from the hospital.

In the new millennium, college loans are necessary to pay for the exorbitant costs associated with the acquisition of degrees, however, filing negative credit reports on college grads struggling with self sufficiency and financial demands does not benefit anybody. If Wells Fargo education services chooses to do business in the college loan space, then conduct that business responsibly, with the goal of improving society, and with a concern for the community.

1 review
1 helpful vote

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1 review
1 helpful vote

I just had the worst customer service experience ever. I was forced to file for bankruptcy some years ago. The BK was discharged in 2012. I just recently discovered that Wells Fargo had suppressed submitting my timely payments to all three credit bureaus for 6 years. I wondered why my credit score never rose above 680 and why my credit card and car loan interest rates were so high. I called to have this corrected and to explore the potential for restitution because of their negligence. Not only was my request for restitution denied but they also refused to retroactively report 6 years of timely payments on both mortgages to the credit bureaus. Their reason, "They didn't have to by law". Though they are not legally obligated to fix THEIR MISTAKE, any above-board company would feel morally obligated to do the right thing. I find it amazing that an organization who's had so much bad press and legal issues treat a long-time customer this way. What a disgrace. I'll never do business with them again. See attached response letter.

Tip for consumers: Despite what their latest ad campaigns claim, they haven't turned the ship as they could care less about their customers...RUN!

98 reviews
129 helpful votes

I considered opening an acct with these guys when I first moved to town, but after looking at all of the fees, it looks like they nickel and dime you to death. I assume that dumb looks are still free. And this was before they got busted for all of their fraudulent activity against customers. Based on the fact that they had to get bailed out through TARP in the recession and other banks didn't, my perception is extremely poor management in addition to being crooked.

3 reviews
12 helpful votes

I love working with this company. They approved my mortgage quickly and were incredibly efficient. I am so happy to be apart of their family.

3 reviews
9 helpful votes

You can't rebrand your way out of this. Wells Fargo has been caught multiple times ripping off consumers to bolster their executive profits. The service is okay at the lower employee levels but even with that I refuse to give them my money. I closed my account last year. They had a good run at the expense of the masses.

2 reviews
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They are personable as all get out, but they do funny stunts like block my monthly payments to people I need paid on time.

3 reviews
5 helpful votes

I keep a minimum amount of money in WF because their ATM are convenient. Otherwise I would not recommend doing any business with this shady bank.

I opened a deposit box with them and they started charging me an additional one, only removed after 4 meetings with their rep. They started calling me for opening other accounts periodically and eventually I told them to stop randomly calling my mobile number.

If I walk into a teller to withdraw more money, they always try to sell me other things.

16 reviews
38 helpful votes

I am the trustee of an educational account, left for my son from my mother, who died.
I spent over 2 hours on the phone with them today, because they are blocking purchases of things he needs for college.
Some of the computer parts went through while others were blocked.
There is hundreds of thousands of dollars in the account, and they are worried about $3,000.00 in purchases that makes sense for college, like BOOKS!
WHY block books being bought at an actual UNIVERSITY book store?
They had no answer for me as to why this was happening.
I want to call my financial adviser that is separate from the actual bank, and just get the hell out.
Who wants to enter all that information into a robotic system, to verify every purchase? Then they make you sit on hold for 25 minutes while "we assist other customers".
Its bull$#*!tery, and I am sick of their crappy service.
My financial adviser gets paid over $2,000.00 (per transaction) for taking a required percentage from an annuity, to "roll over" to another account.

Using a credit card should not give me so much anxiety.
Remembering WE ALL BAILED them out, and this is what we get back.

3 reviews
8 helpful votes

I had a checking account with wells Fargo for a few years and then I joined the Army, I was stationed in Germany so I switched to a military only credit union so I wouldn't have to deal with foreign atm fees and other charges from over seas spending. I had a few hundred dollars left in my wells Fargo account and decided not to close it. After a couple years in Germany I get a letter from wells Fargo saying my account was negative, since I didn't have the minimum amount in my account they nickeled and dimed my account until all the money was gone and then they proceeded to slap on over draft fees on top of that. I was never warned about a minimum balance charge and on top of that I had enough in my savings to easily cover the minimum balance requirement. Instead of moving 12$ from my savings to my checking to satisfy their minimum account balance they proceeded to nickel and dime away $488 and then try to slap on $60 in over draft fees. I'm only giving them 2 stars because once I explained my situation, they dropped the fees and cut me a check for the money they took. Either way I'm sticking to my credit union since they don't have random fees and they reimburse all atm fees.

2 reviews
1 helpful vote

I only go once in a while because lots of them in LA but crowded most of the day, i guess business is good!

1 review
1 helpful vote

We had a savings account for many years. Not much money; but something that would be there if we "really needed" it - like NOW! My wife went in there and they "claimed/lied" that we were notified that because of "inactivity" the money was now in the hands of the state of N.J. and it would take 8 - 10 WEEKS to obtain. No phone call, no REGISTERED/CERTIFIED letter....nothing. What was in it for them? Didn't want to pay a dollar or two interest?? My wife just now tried to call their corporate office and the rep. said she would have to write a letter about her dissatisfaction. Good job, WF. We will NEVER enter any of their offices again and we hope you see this letter.

6 reviews
23 helpful votes

I have been a WellsFargo banking customer here in Washington DC for the past few years since switching from BankofAmerica.

Unfortunately, in that time I have had CONSISTENT problems that were AS BAD as any I had experienced with the other bank. I am sharing my experiences not so much to compare with those of others and offer solutions for which there aren't any, but to WARN you of what CAN happen to you if it hasn't already. Despite what I have to say about WellsFargo I won't be switching again because there are NO other major, conveniently located banks throughout DC other than the previous one, and I am NOT going back to THAT. What happens at one can happen at ANY and ALL of them!! I am reporting this basically for the purpose of discouraging ANYTHING further from happening after having taken what little "preventive" measures I can.

The first problem was when I signed on to open an account and deposit my money in a sudden, UNexpectedly necessary switch from BankofAmerica. It was near the end of the day and the bank manager displayed DEPLORABLE "customer service" by insisting that I be taken outside to the ATM by the agent, INSTEAD of keeping the bank open for me to actually make the deposit after having opened the account!! We stood there in front of the entire street as people passed as we fed THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS into the ATM!! NOT ONLY could it NOT all be fed in that day because of ATM deposit amount limits, but there I was exposed to the risk of ARMED ROBBERY by anybody passing by with a gun who wanted to do a "quickie"!

The next problem was when I found out some time later that the agent did NOT inform me that there was a checking or savings account plan that was FEE-FREE; therefore I spent a year paying UNnecessary service fees! Interestingly, by the time I found out about this from another agent, the one I had dealt with opening the account was (allegedly) "TRANSFERRED OUT".

The next, and MORE suspiciously serious incident, was that I discovered in my monthly statements that someone had apparently obtained access to a duplicate of my WellsFargo ATM card AND MY PIN NUMBER(!) to make UNauthorized debit transactions!! There were several through the course of several months (DESPITE a change of PIN by me after each discovery!) at locations I had not attended, amounting to usually FORTY dollars each! When I complained to the banking agent about this I was "informed" they did not understand HOW this could be happening, OTHER THAN suspicious activity at the CORPORATE level! Therefore I did not even bother complaining to corporate management and eventually simply CANCELLED use of the debit card. I have NOT and NEVER will again use an ATM card for electronic banking transactions and I STRONGLY suggest ALL of you do the SAME!! Your PIN is NOT secure NO matter what THEY claim, and IF someone at the corporate level, either randomly or by deliberate "targeting" for whatever reason, decides to abuse it by providing a duplicate card with the same PIN to other persons, they CAN DO so without your knowledge or permission!! It is ILLEGAL but TECHNOLOGICALLY FEASIBLE!! Do NOT bank electronically as much as possible, and when you do so, devise other precautions. It's a hassle but it's NECESSARY for your financial well-being and protection. Again, in an "interesting" COINCIDENCE, the agent who had issued my ATM card and had also supervised the changing of the PINs, was also "TRANSFERRED OUT" by the time I decided to cancel the card!!

The MOST flagrant incident of CRIMINAL activity by WellsFargo that I experienced, occurred a year ago this month. I am a Social Security Disability Compensation recipient and had still been receiving my monthly checks in the mail at my residential address. That month, the check was STOLEN before I got it and cashed by FORGERY at a DC WellsFargo bank!! The culprit assininely did not only NOT sign my name in my style of signature, but also wrote HIS OWN or another's Social Security Number beneath it!! I don't know why because I DON'T even write my SSN on the checks I endorse! OBVIOUSLY, security protocols with the ID card were "overlooked" by the teller involved, and DESPITE the fact that I am well-known by name by the staff of the branch on Seventh street NW for the past few years!! There was NO excuse for this to have happened, and I was actually told by the branch manager at the time, Rachel Davis, that she KNEW what had happened but of course wasn't allowed to talk about it pending an investigation...... which to my knowledge through all my inquiries, WellsFargo NEVER conducted!! She DID however inform me that the proceeds were subsequently deposited in a commercial WellsFargo account!! HOW she knew what had happened, UNLESS it happened at HER branch, I don't understand.... but AGAIN..... within months of the incident SHE too was "TRANSFERRED OUT"!! The Social Security Administration investigator told me he was subpoenaing the transaction records and video surveillance tape of the incident from the bank, but he NEVER got them and Corporate REFUSES to comment to me about it!! Naturally.

Therefore, in addition to now proceeding with the FBI about this, I took further steps to inhibit this ever happening again: I had an "ALERT" notice placed on my account requiring supervisor approval for EVERY transaction; I requested "password only" access to my account; and I finally switched to direct-deposit of my SS checks. I might add that even these measures are NOT fool-proof! Last week I went to withdraw some money at a different branch than I usually bank at. Because my transactions now require supervisor approval according to the "ALERT" notice, I asked the teller named "Rosalie" if she was a supervisor. She nodded acknowledgement and conducted the transaction. When I happened to go back the next day for another withdrawal, still being in the same area, I noticed she wasn't there and went to a different teller. Since this person wasn't a supervisor, I asked if she noticed the "ALERT" status on my account. She surprised me with the response that there was NO "ALERT" on it!! I had to get it reinstated by the branch manager, who claimed she couldn't explain HOW it got erased BUT, that "Rosalie" was NOT a supervisor!! There's WAY TOO MUCH "black ops" banking games being played today!

There are NO solutions to these banking "problems" EXCEPT ONE................
ABOLISHING the commercial corporate banking system and entirely FEDERALIZING it, NOT DEregulating it, so that the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT will have SOLE CONTROL AND DIRECT ACCOUNTABILITY to the people for what happens!!

15 reviews
43 helpful votes

I used to be a happy wells fargo customer. Now I'm considering closing every account I have with them. The customer service is always nice, but it's the bank itself and their policies I take issues with. I don't kill the messenger, in other words. Pretty much I signed up for an 'interest-free' credit card through them. Later i was charged a LATE FEE. I called and asked , why is there a late fee on an interest-free card? I had the CASH wise VISA-- an account that does not qualify for a late fee reversal. Which is really stupid. Not to mention the rewards system is SO stingy. You can only withdraw rewards in certain 'increments' that's how they get you to keep using the card. I'm ditching Wells Fargo for Chase Bank. Chase lets me withdraw rewards any time I d@mn well please, and doesn't have all these confusing credit card rules. Shame on your Wells Fargo. Not to mention your new website interface really sucks.

1 review
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When I walk in to a Wells Fargo at 5:17 pm (they close at 6pm) in jean shorts, a zip up black lace semi collared shirt, a Bruno Mars hat, black flats, bright lipstick and fresh skin, I want some damn service. I want the same service you would give a man. I was rudely approached by a hip swinging, eye brow raising, water sipping Asian woman working that day August 10th 2017 & talked to an equally unhelpful sexist male as if he actually had any etiquette to know not to be a sexist pig. I needed a banker. I also had two checks in my hand & have been with Wells Fargo for 20 years, since I was a little kid, because yeah, I'm that beloved & respected in my family. I want the service offered to me. I want a banker. I want service. I was just brought over to the side to give my social security number and/or bank card & discuss my concern when they have a banker' s office section right there. You act like my money is no good. You act jealous. You act sexist and ignorant. You act discriminating. You act lazy. You act rude & I'm offended at the service I was offered. I had a concern, I had questions about things going on in my account, I had paychecks; I needed a banker. I was NOT offered any resolutions or proper service. Makes me think you expect me to dress like your little muse to run my errands when I'll be the judge of who I am, certainly not your house broke, small town, Oregonian, cattle lassooing ass. You know nothing of etiquette. You have a double chin btw, so I don't know why you're acting all snooty. You act like an ignorant jealous $#*!. Congratulations on never being wanted or needed in a bigger, fancier city. Oh and her rude thin lip mouth said, "Now you don't have to give your personal information anymore". How backwards does our society have to get things? I hope your manager sees this. You cattle wrangling ignorant frikkin gawddamn double chin quota making ugly damn fool.

2 reviews
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We just love Wells Fargo Bank, they are so nice and professional, My husband and myself have always loved Wells Fargo Bank..

5 reviews
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4 reviews
8 helpful votes

WF's latest "update" is truly laughable... Not even close to the older version in depth of data easily available... its a match for the snotty passive aggressive notCustomer Service...


5 reviews
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I have $25,000 in CD's with Wells Fargo that I've had for many years. I am now collecting 3.5% on these CD's.

5 reviews
19 helpful votes

Do I have to say anymore? The greed has taken over you. Stop the lying stop the stealing THE PEOPLE DESERVE BETTER

101 reviews
83 helpful votes

Will side against you in a case you've proven you've won just because of race. Employee reviews state white men need not apply. Puts me on the phone with other blacks after the first blacks discriminate against me, when I ask for this not to happen they don't say I'm not allowed to do that but apparently they're allowed to choose people racially that will unfairly influence the outcome of my dispute. A lack of double standard. News article on Wells Fargo:"Wells Fargo is a bank, not a center for political activisim" i really want to get rid of them but afraid the next bank will do the same to me or worse.

29 reviews
34 helpful votes

Amazing, another banker walks away with a multi million dollar package, while adding to pay with fake numbers.. the little guys get fired and the big guys get fatter.!!!
The inability for these major banks to adhere to rules and compliance is worrisome, then need to be torn down to the base with 0 compensation. This story will continue as it did from 2007 & 2008, 8 years later same ending.. Any financial institute that has salary or bonuses tied to compensation is asking for the same outcome. goals.. Just like during the housing collapse, bonuses were tied to loan goals and then forclosures, modifications. Are we that stupid as a society ?? This did not work well for the general public, who were taxed with the bail out.. So here we are again, Fraud from fake accounts, and credit cards by a bank that is insured.. .....Quick solution !! stop providing monetary incentives for goals. All banks: Fair pay for a honest days work, stop out sourcing financial products, and customer information..

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SCAM SCAM SCAM SCAM SCAM SCAM Oh and by the way SCAM. You can also call them ROBBER BARONS who use the law to STEAL HOMES

By rick p.
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For CEO, navigation is very poor - no search on the card site, just a bunch of hyperlinks to what WF thinks the issues are. Very unusable.

By Rex T.
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