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Seeker, collector, rebel, lover of beauty, devotee of wit etcetera and so on. And, I can see you looking at my profile.

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I am a problem solver and decision maker.


Beauty and wit.

113 Reviews by Mountain


This review of Talbots is part of my "Hall of Fame" series... companies that once were aces... but have lowered their standards.

You epitomized the look of the classically well dressed American woman. Timeless styles... natural fibers.

Now your goods are made off shore... the styles are tight and skimpy... what on God's earth happened to you?

Get your preppy groove back on please... come back to your loyalists.

Three commonplace stars for you, Talby!


Orvis, I once loved you... you know this.

You were "the" classic company for preppy and sporty casual wear as well as outdoor gear.

Your jean skirts were the staple of daily wear for the woman of the carriage trade.

Alas, you sent your manufacturing off shore... and reduced your style standards to that of the hoi polloi... what were you thinking?

Get your act together, Orvis... it is not too late to turn things around.

"Sporting traditions since 1856"...:: big sigh::

Three stars... you broke my heart!


This is part of my ongoing "Hall of Fame" reviews. I include Brooks Brothers, as it once epitomized the easy going elegance of the clothing worn by the American gentleman. Its styles were classic... and its fabrics were pure and natural.

In its day, never did it cave to the whims of fashion fads or whimsy.

Now their clothing is manufactured off shore... their cuts are skimpy... and they bow to synthetic fibers. This downturn bothers me terribly. The women's line is atrocious.

B2, you were once an American icon... a staple for the well-born American family.

Why oh why did you cave in?... boo hoo hoo.

Three common stars for you!


When Revlon discontinued my favorite shade of lipstick and my favorite foundation, Buy Me Beauty was a life saver.

I bought out their remaining stock of these items... to never have to go through that panic again.

Several bottles of the foundation were somewhat sketchy... I wondered if they were perhaps counterfeits, although they were in Revlon bottles and labeled correctly.

For me this business is a Cosmetic Life Insurance Policy.

Here is their website: www.buymebeauty.com

Four glittery stars!


I ordered my first Oreck from the TV commercials, hawked by Mr. Oreck himself. Mine was made in the original factory in Louisiana... and I paid for it in three installments. It came with a little carpet sweeper and hand held mini vac called "The Little Buddy."

Since then Hurricane Katrina wiped out the original manufacturing plant and I have undergone one replacement.

All in all I am pleased. My upright is lightweight yet heavyduty and powerful. My neighborhood repairman can fix it easily as necessary.

Its major selling points as an upright are twofold: lightweight and heavyduty.

Replacement bags readily available online.

Four stars for Oreck!


As a guest... you never know what your are getting at a stay with an AirBandB host.

Some venues are lovely and clean... while others are dumps.

While on one hand I endorse the idea of cottage industry within the hospitality industry, I do have security and quality concerns about this concept.

I think from now on I will only go by word of mouth... as images can be misleading.

Three stars from me...


I keep an open box of their baking soda in my fridge to keep it smelling fresh.

Their "Laundry Boost" powder is also wonderful for brightening fabrics that cannot be bleached... plus it can be used to remove tarnish from silver -- the most odious of all household chores.

There is just something about these oldies but goodies that cannot be beat.

Five stars!


Mary Hadley was a potter back in my grandmother's day. It was her hobby. But her products, originally gifts, took off as a Kentucky cottage industry. Her themes were simple country designs, primarily in blue: farmer, cow, pig, sheep, woman and horse. After she died the company continued on and expanded her designs: turtle, frog, crab, whale etc.

For three generations the women of my family have collected and used her wares.

Her line is beyond charming.

The website address: www.hadleypottery.com

Five country stars for M. A. Hadley!


Patagonia is an outstanding company for outdoor and adventure wear.

Their designs are pragmatic yet hip and attractive.

They also sell an extensive line of outdoor gear for camping, canoeing, and such.

I bought my parachute cording from them... that is how much I trust them.

My SO bought one of their jackets years ago. Eventually the collar frayed, and I repaired it. But when my repair could no longer hold... we sent the jacket back to the company.

It came back to us six weeks later in perfect condition. New collar... and at no charge.

Their fleeces are epic, I might add.

Five shiny rugged stars for Patagonia... you rock!


I shop there weekly after defecting from Harris Teeters. Their prices are the best in town.

Kroger brand name products are quite good... and chicken prices are the best.

The store is a little gloomy looking.

My chief complaints are two:

They often discontinue one of my regular items without warning -- citing a "corporate decision made in Dayton."

The baggers are terrible... they load all the heavy things into one bag... leave items out... and often crush my produce with canned goods.

I want to try their online store one of these days.


Yes, I depend on this store for the most mundane and necessary objects, I will confess.

It is however wonderfully/dreadfully mediocre -- depending upon your POV.

This behemoth is now located in every sizable community in the US in all of its splendid "boringness"... another metastasis in corporate Americana. I find it one step above Walmart and Dollar General, in terms of quality and originality.

If you are looking for the most average of housewares, kitchen gadgetry, bed and bath linens and such... you might be satisfied.

I long for the days of the interesting and privately own and run kitchen goods store, linen shops and even the good old five and dime known as Ben Franklin's or Woolworth's.

Most of the sales "associates" are clueless... and the layout of the brick and mortar stores is confusing and ridiculous.

Bed, Bath and Beyond... YAY and BOO!

Three stars for mediocrity...

PS... I do like their 20% off coupons that litter my mailbox.


Do you remember this old slogan of theirs? I sure do. I remain a huge fan and loyalist. The only car for me is a Volvo... and the only appliance for me is a Kitchenaid. Most of my appliances were made by KM:
Dishwasher, Fridge, Microwave, Washing Machine
I especially love my DW and WM as they are the old-school mechanical types as opposed to electronic... therefore easy to use and easy to repair. My most recent acquisition was the microwave... and it is a sleek stainless steel model that looks and behaves quite stylishly in my kitchen. I strongly recommend that KM keeps a few mechanical type appliances in their line, as not all of us are into the digital and electronic age. Five glorious stars for you, KitchenAid!


Honestly I have nothing negative to say about this elegant line of fine chocolates.

Over the years I have come to prefer darker chocolates... and Lindt makes the loveliest of pure dark chocolate bars and bonbons.

They had a shop here for several years, but it closed.

Halloween is right around the corner... and their Halloween and Easter tinfoil-wrapped truffles are just wonderful... a feast for the eyes and the palette.

Please try their white chocolate. It is scrumptious.


Like so many online start ups, Photobucket started out like gangbusters. It was THE site for online photo albums and image hosting. I absolutely loved it... and relied upon it. Five stars back then.

Now it has hopped on the "Gimmick and Greed Train"... imposing too many demands upon its users with too many loading and function complications.

I cannot even get into my old albums and collections.

One star now.

But once again for old time's sake I am averaging these scores for a rating of three stars.

Photobucket, get your act together, darling.


... and here is why:

Back in the nineties the concept of social media and group online hangouts were new. At its inception classmates.com was great... and I did use it to catch up with old friends and foes from back in the day. Five stars at that time.

Fast forward... Facebook and other online gathering places eclipsed Classmates -- leaving it in the dust. All the while Classmates started asking for more and more money while growing too gimmicky. Now one star.

I rarely if ever use it at this time.

However I will average the two ratings of five stars plus one star for a rating of three stars for old time's sake.

Classmates, you were a trailblazer... good luck in the future.


... their collections of bath products, fine foods and gift assortments were charming and authentic... reminiscent of the British apothecary.

I relied upon their Aloe Vera soaps and lotions and Raspberry tea for many years.

Then... they sold their line to the Chinese. This was a horrible corporate mistake and error in judgment. The line has lost its original charm and appeal and most of the wonderful old products are discontinued. Now when I look at the site it looks like an ad for Benneton... pushing a postmodern agenda.

I miss the old Crabtree & Evelyn... back then it was five stars... now it is just meh. I shall post an image of the wonderful old aloe vera soap.

You business schools with your MBA models, please get your acts together, really...


I cannot praise this company too highly.

The majority of their products are simple cotton rugs in stripes and other classic designs... in every conceivable colorway.

I used them to furnish my cottage... they are durable and very chic. I just shake them out when I vacuum.

The colors and designs are just fantastic.

They also make woven throws, pillows and poufs that coordinate with their rugs.

Please check them out... they partner with Annie Selke.

Five big stars!


I have mixed feelings about the Tapatalk platform. It replaced YUKU and before YUKU, EZBoard.

My main reason for being there is to subject myself to a regular and ongoing dose of masochistic torture at the hands of SurvivorSucks afficionados.

Some of us have been there for ten, fifteen or almost twenty years and old habits die hard, even if they are bad for one.

My chief complaint with Tapatalk is that it relies on too many silly gimmicks and point systems. Most forums users at SurvivorSucks are hardened cynics and do not really care or give a rat's ass about gold points, party hats or VIP "status."

The tapatalk system has multiple glitches and system problems that impede functioning.

The worst thing is that during the transition, they got rid of our profiles... and mine was a masterpiece.

So... maybe I am just bitter.

I'll stay out of loyalty and further self torture.


Five stars for this wonderful service.

I have been a loyalist since the old "ordering queue" days.

Now I mainly just stream films and TV series online.

Honestly... I am addicted... would not know what to do without Netflix.

Mil gracias...


Everyone loves free and FAST shipping.

Over the past few years I have needed a constant supply of odds and ends for my restoration project.

I found AmazonPrime to be extremely efficient and a quality service.

Now I am beginning to use their online film services as well as book orders, of course.

Very pleased... five stars.

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