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Not a good site. Nees to be moderated 24/7/365. Too many trolls and other people who come here, it seems, just to torment other users.
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You won't get real help here, maybe some sympathy but if you want anything more than breathing techniques for anxiety and sympathy for loss then get professional help.

The moderating is awful.

Sage Aurora and Rosie are the newest recruits to moderating
Rosie is hypocritical and quick to post every rule she can think of without reading what's been said: She will post a rule at a chatter if someone says they don't want to PM but the chatter has asked publicly to PM and so hasn't done anything wrong. She'll post a rule for swearing but will swear herself: she'll tell people not to talk about food because it's "triggering for people with eating disorders" then she'll tell everyone what she'll be eating that day and will repeat this in different rooms like Anxiety, Lounge, PTSD, Motivation. She doesn't like guests and if you're friends with her, she'll let you get away with stuff. Rosie never admits when she is wrong instead she says "let's get back to support" or says she's just got out of bed.

It seems like she must have been trained by Forever because Forever is still up to the same old thing of letting her friends get away with things, targeting guests and being rude to people. Forever's new tactic is to secretly mute and remove chat permission. This basically means she secretly mutes you so you don't know and then she removes chat permissions which mean you cannot change rooms and you cannot use the site, but you still think you're live on the site. Forever does this when you disagree with her not because you break rules. Other moderators have confirmed they use covert bans but mainly on people who are clearly trolling not just because they dislike someone.

Aurora has the same problem as Rosie and doesn't know how to comprehend words on a screen and so just repeats "respect the RAs and respect others or you will be removed". She will say this no matter what the issue is because according to Aurora if you don't agree with her then you are disrespectful.

Sage used to hang out in philosophy and was obnoxious every time he was there, he was so obnoxious that chatters would say "I almost wish Sage was here" whenever a really abusive troll came into the room.
Sage likes to think he's always right and doesn't like to admit when he's wrong even when everyone tells him that he's wrong. Much like Rosie he jumps the gun and doesn't read the whole conversation, instead he just sees the last comment and decides you must be doing something wrong and puts up a rule or mutes or kicks. When he's told to read the whole chat to prove the chatter hasn't done anything wrong, he ignores this.
These guys give moderating a bad name.
To the reviewer Nora's comments about vendettas
Southerngent used to be a moderator and since he quit he goes into anxiety room and has said that as a moderator he wasn't always professional and thinks a lot of chatters are idiots.
If a moderator thinks of chatters as idiots, then they're going to treat them like trash and be unprofessional.
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This is the best site i have ever visited EVERY Moderator & RA are Awesome!! Much Love from Me!! :-)
115 reviews
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Yes, as you can see I borrowed from Dante Alighieri to emphasize my words of warning to anyone who decides to use Healthful Chat for emotional or social support. I have been a chatter therein for a number of years; I am an educated adult and hold a professional degree and current medical license. At the same time, when I found myself in personal and medical crisis, I looked to this site for camaraderie and as a source for practical tips and pointers. To be clear my role at Healthful chat is that of a chatter; I do not disclose my clinical background. My experience resonates with just about every other reviewer's here: the moderators are unqualified: they have no knowledge of group theory/practice and are woefully uninformed as to clinical issues. While a number of of moderators misuse power in place of wise discretion, other moderators are simply just ignorant, and would have been better off remaining in the role of chatters. As for the chatters themselves, most (in my experience) are people in need of support. However, many chatters end up in the wrong rooms and remain undirected -- often resulting in chaos to the room in which they are misplaced. Admittedly, there are a few so-called "trolls" however, these appear to be former chatters who at some point erupted in frustration, or were falsely accused, and now remain to lick their wounds. Overall, most chatters are human beings in need of fellowship and solace. I remain out of loyalty to a few fellow chatters. However, I strongly issue a cautionary note to those considering using this site: "Buyer beware ... you get what you pay for."
1 review
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The people there never cared about what I had to say they just ignored me. I felt very unnwelcomed. There are also a ton of trolls being mean to other chatters. I thought this is a place where people are supposed to support others who have mental problems but instead it is totally the opposite.
1 review
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Honestly I think the sites intentions are AMAZING. The site is trying to help anyone with any issues about anything, by having people talk about it, and is succeeding most of the time :).

But I do however think some mods are definitely a little unfair. I wouldn't say all the mods are unfair, because that is not true. 90% of mods are so nice, so amazing, and always gives people second chances even when they are being put down.

I have been banned for "creating clones" because my friends were over and they wanted to go on the site too. And, to be fair, I 100% understand why multiple logins from one wifi network is against the rules.

One of the mods just told me I couldn't do multiple logins, in a nice, but stern way, which I think is a really effective. But before I had the chance to tell my friends to we had to log out, another moderator muted me and everyone else using my wifi network. Then 5 seconds later, he banned my network from the website FOREVER. (not even a 48 hour ban?)

Then a few days later one of my friends invited me to her house, so I used her wifi and tried to find the mod that banned me. I found him and tried to explain the situation to him but he wouldn't listen. Instead he banned my friends network from the website forever too.

You might be asking, "Were you and your friends rude to the people on the website?"
And I would say definitely not. Everyone was just chatting and having a great time, which I think is what this website should completely be about.
1 review
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Went to this site looking for help about how to manage anxiety and found the anxiety room filled with "regulars" that only talk about movies, music and food. When I complained I was told to join in the conversation about the show Killing Eve in order to distract myself from anxiety. How is that supposed to help me when I have a panic attack?
The room assistant called Rosie was more interested in joining in than getting them to change the subject.
A real let down thanks to selfish chatters who think "distracting" by talking about movies will help you with panic attacks.
If you want to talk about movies with people aged 25-50 who talk like their 15 then this is the place, but if you want help with anxiety, go somewhere else.
1 review
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Dont try! They pmed me saying oh your banned and i did nothing. It mad me very upset that i cried. They said i was a liar but i lied about nothing
1 review
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There are a couple of moderators that are ok, a couple that never seem to do anything and then there's a bunch that should find something else to do.
Not interested in drama so never had a problem with mods, but seen the cause problems with chatters and some clearly got beef with guests.
Mods gang up and they have favorites, Stayathome who is on a "break" from moderating but is still just as snarky and Jameson and Forever too. Recently Forever and Stayathome are like a wrestling tag-team setting chatters up.
Forever and Stayathome actually have ongoing petty arguments with chatters, one time in anxiety they did this with a chatter who's a nurse and basically waited for her to say something about her job and then said stuff like "glad I'm not one of your patients" and then the other said something else and they just kept taking turns in taking shots for over an hour.

Mods are chatters who volunteer for the site. Some mods have mood swings and openly admit to being in bad moods and then start muting and kicking as a way of projecting that bad mood.
If you remember that mods have issues that include personality disorders and depressive disorders, bipolar and adhd then it's not exactly surprising that their behavior can swing so much.
The site could use more mods who are more professional and less personality.
Best advice, avoid the drama and don't let moody mods spoil your time.
1 review
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I have been a regular and there are never enough moderators on to deal with all the issues. I have seen moderators try to give people many chances only to be sworn at and called names.
I don't get all the complaints about the moderators, probably banned chatters with a vendetta.
1 review
6 helpful votes
This is a good place to find help. As noted in other reviews there are some issues with some chatters and with moderators. The option to ignore anyone who is bothersome exists - the ignore feature. It's a good feature. We're all there with our own mental health issues so of course we're going to clash. Ignore is the only way to find some peace and I'm happy site has the option.

As for the moderators: they are volunteers who are also chatters. They are not perfect. They try. They put up with a lot, including some chatters who were rightfully banned stalking them and threatening their lives and the lives of their families.

Rules are posted that are to be read prior to entering site. Many chatters don't even read them and then get defensive and abusive when the moderators try to enforce the rules. Their "buddies" then team together to fight the moderators.

In my opinion:

Forever - best moderator who gets a lot of hate because she does try to ensure site rules and chatter safety.

Jameson - decent moderator who will help chatters and listens to you if you are decent to her.

Cally - super sweet, caring, helpful

Tranquilspirit - not overly active, but no issues with so far

Swamptoast - not overly active, but the few interactions I've had were satisfying

Parzival - takes frequent breaks from chat, but when he is moderating seems to want to help

There are two moderators I avoid completely whenever possible - Southerngent and bros

Southerngent has been kind and helpful at times and mean at times. The meanness is why I avoid him; you never know which you're going to get.

Bros seemed okay, but he misses a lot. There was trolling going on, these two or three chatters would set chatters they didn't like up. When the chatters responded after being harassed they would bring it to bros attention. Bros then muted the targeted chatter. Every single time. This went on nightly when there were no other mods available. He's either biased or his gaming while in chat makes it so he can't make good calls.
Both Southerngent and Bros will out chatters in room and instead of taking it to pm they will argue with the chatter right in room, which is disruptive, something we're asked to not be.

Honestly if you go this site and follow the rules, don't argue with the moderators, ignore the trolls, use the ignore feature, and avoid the moderators you clash with it goes well in Healthfulchat.
2 reviews
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Supposed to be anxiety support but instead it's anything but that. This is a copy 10 seconds of the anxiety support chat, where there is a moderator participating in the conversation
kath: whats a Honkie ?
AmandaMA: kath the opposite og golliw-g
redwelshy: Racist term
stayathome78: honkie is a pathetic attempt at a racial slur
AmandaMA: kath its a bad word
kath: So its a white person ?
stayathome78: yeah kath
AmandaMA: it doesnt offend me though lol
kath: stayathome78 wow

Someone sent me a private message telling me that stayathome is a moderator and prone to making subtle racist remarks (kinda obvious from his comment that it's a "pathetic attempt at a racial slur". All that was missing was his grading it an F and saying "must try harder".
The private message also said that Amanda likes to repeat any racial slur and pretends she doesn't know what it means and in the past has repeated the question "what is a golliw--"
The whole word was written out in the chatroom, But I'm not writing it out here.

None of this is about anxiety, and I've been there for an hour and seen talk about dropping babies, ending relationships and smoking weed but nothing about anxiety support although someone said they were buying the weed that's a "special anti-anxiety variety" so I guess that kinda relates to anxiety :/
I'll be looking for anxiety support somewhere else.
2 reviews
15 helpful votes
Like Emily said the moderator Forever is on a power trip and a complete bully, one of the worst moderators along with CGJ.
She's well over 50yo and you'd think kindness would come with age, but it seems like it's bullying instead. Forever bullies by muting chatters and then keep them muted until she logs off. The other moderators won't unmute you while she's there which means she can keep chatters on mute. While you're on mute she either ignores your messages or just PMs snarky comments like "so how are you?" or "you seem to think you have a lot of fans here" or "not much going on with me". It's part of the bullying to avoid talking about why she muted you and to provoke you. She keeps you on mute and then logs off and you have to wait until another moderator comes on and ask them to unmute you.

The rules about warnings, kicks and bans are supposed to be: 3 warnings then a kick and then 3 kicks and then a ban. But a new moderator rule stated by CGJ who's a bully depending on what day of the week it is, means the moderators can kick or ban you straight away without warning "if they feel like it". Those were his exact words.
This means the site's rules cover any action the moderators and room assistants take, it might as well say "moderators and RAs can mute and kick whenever they "feel" like it and don't need to warn". That's fine when you have trolls coming trying to get nude pics of chatters, but it means that regular chatters can be kicked or banned whenever a moderator "feels" like it, even if it's just for disagreeing with them, which is now what happens.
If that's not rule that encourages bullying, then what is?
1 review
13 helpful votes
BlueGobi and Forever are probably the two worst offenders. Moderators pick fights, hold grudges, keep vendettas, etc. Not a safe place to talk about your feelings if you want to avoid being bullied by them.
1 review
12 helpful votes
Moderators are allowed to talk to guests like their dirt. You're allowed to be a guest and if you choose a nickname you're stuck with it and not allowed to change it, so I was just trying to wait until I found one that I wanted to use long-term but instead of being welcomed as a guest I got treated like dirt. I'd get it if I was doing something wrong, but just joining in the anxiety chat was a problem for the moderators and some chatters who gang up on guests. Basically if you're a guest then you have to keep quiet as only nicknames are allowed to chat. Some chatter called Sonzz kept saying "I've got a nickname and I've been here for years, you're just a guest". Anyone would think having your life ruined by health anxiety for years and then getting a nickname and using a support site for years and not getting better was some sort of achievement.

All of this aggro because I said you don't have to be stuck with GAD for life but they all think you're stuck with it forever. How depressing and pessimistic.

There's definitely a guest prejudice at this site, and the moderators are part of the problem because they join in attacking guests saying that most guests are there to troll. Just because I was a guest the moderators Forever and stayathome said
"aren't you brave enough to get a nickname?"
"why come here again and again and not get a nickname?" and
"why are you here hiding behind a guest nick" Obviously "Forever" and "Stayathome78" are their real names that there parents gave them, so they're not "hiding" behind names either, pathetitc.

If they want guests to get nicknames maybe they should try being nicer to them, instead of treating them like dirt.
1 review
13 helpful votes
So at this site the moderators and RAs or room assistants are basically chatters who also volunteer for the site this means they can keep acting as chatters one moment and then act as moderators the next. Nothing wrong with this until you come across the likes of Stayathome78 and CGJ both of whom are RAs - here are examples of how they do their job:
CGJ says things like "Shut it, just shut it! Be respectful" to chatters and then mutes them when they tell him to "get lost" in response. Anyone else spot the hypocrisy in telling someone to shut it and then telling them to be respectful? Probably just likes to throw weight around because he can get away with it.
Stayathome78 says things like: "Kiss my a**" and "I wish people would remove the stick from their a** when they come to chat" he also has long slagging matches with chatters in the anxiety support room. Yep people who are having anxiety issues can go and watch as he fights it out about veganism and other pointless topics. But to his credit Stayathome does pretend to be helpful and says hi to everyone who came to the room in between throwing snarky insults: "Hi, John, welcome to anxiety support... why don't you kiss my a**... hi Jane, welcome to anxiety support"
What was ironic is that CGJ is apparently a senior RA and had to tell Stayathome78 several times to ignore the chatter so the fighting would stop and another moderator had to keep telling him to stop fighting with other chatters.
How can someone be an RA and not even keep the rules they tell others to keep.

If you find chat room catfights fun, then this is the place for you, but if you actually want anxiety support, then find another site.
1 review
12 helpful votes
Gave it one star because CGJ could be doing this to people who are really in desperate need of some kind of support and this could just be one kick in the teeth to many.

On a site that's about peer support it's not a good idea to have staff with cognitive impairments or extreme mood swings if this affects how they do their jobs.

Sites are supposed to have cookie policies and privacy policies about how they collect, store and use your data, but this site doesn't have either of those at all so who knows what's happening to the data and chat logs, they could be going to marketing companies etc.
Pretty sure there's a law that means all websites have to have a cookie policy if Google, Ebay and Amazon have to have one, everyone probably has to have one but this site doesn't have either.

That's the summary review and this is the reason for the review:
Visited this site three times over one month as a guest number as I'm wanted to see if it was worth joining (it isn't). The last time I visited I was accused of being someone else by a junior moderator (room assistant) called CGJ. This guy admits to having a condition which means his cognitive function is impaired and also says he has a condition that means he's prone to extremes mood swings so I don't know if that's why he did what he did.

CGJ had already threatened to kick another guy for asking women to private message about sex (which isn't allowed on the site) and when another guy did it, I called him a slimeball. CGJ asked me to be nice and I said that I wasn't nice to slimeballs.

5 minutes later CGJ tells me to use my "proper nickname" and that "you've been warned about this" I told him it was only my third time there and never had a nickname but he banned me for 48hrs for not using the "proper name" whatever that is.
The ban was either because he has records and couldn't understand them properly or because he didn't like the fact I said I wasn't nice to slimeballs and so he made up a fake reason to ban me (tbh both of those reasons are pretty bad)
I contacted the site because if there is someone else with that "proper nickname" they'll get a nasty surprise when the log on and find themselves banned.

Either the site doesn't store personal data properly and it gets corrupted because
it's saved as some kind of file that can be easily or accidentally modified or CGJ just made it up to use as an excuse to kick me, or his cognitive impairment means he couldn't fully understand the data he was looking at (probably IP addresses) and yes, there's the possibility that it wasn't his impairment but just his slapdash approach to moderating (if he didn't just make up the whole "proper nickname" thing)

Be careful with what you share and don't choose a nickname until you're sure this is the site for you. It's not the site for me, but thanks to the other review, I'll check out 7cups which sounds much better (the "peer support" on this site varies from unhelpful to awful for the exact same reason Vi N said in their review)
1 review
16 helpful votes
• Updated review
Just a comment on Marie B's review because when I try to leave a comment there it doesn't get posted.
No offence but that post looks like nothing more than a promo for the site because it doesn't address any of the following.
1. It's a UK site so the legal age is 16 but the fact is it should be for 18 yr and older. There's far too much talk about porn as well as other "adult" content subjects.
Keep your kids safe, you don't want them being befriended by men in their 30s and 40s or older.
Moderators agree that 16 is too young for the site.
Protect your children from being exposed to people who could be there to groom them.
2. Typically on about 12-15 of the 50 channels are ever used so if you're looking for support for BDD, Autism, Parenting, Stroke or a bunch of others including fitness then you'll be out of luck because those rooms never have chatters.
3. Well moderated should be defined. For a start, there aren't always moderators on the site so it can't be well moderated if nobody's there to do it.
4. The standard of moderating depends on the moderators personalities and that's a big issue. Some moderators don't get involved unless there are rule breaks but others behave like chatters and then will use their role as a moderator if you disagree with their comments.
5. It's clear some moderators and room assistants have favorites which means it's not done fairly.
6. A lot depends on the which people are on, some people treat it like a social thing and just want to talk about food and movies so if you come in with an eating disorder or bereavement don't expect much compassion or understanding. But if you come on at a different time when some really nice understanding people are there, then you'll get understanding and compassion.
7. It gives company the way that a tv gives company but it doesn't give companionship because that's about a relationship with another person and if you want to invest hours each week building relationships with people over several months then you're likely to get something that looks like companionship.
8. Respect for all is a joke, some people including moderators are respectful and some people including moderators are rude and disrespectful
Just like in real life.
“If you're lonely and want a bit of chat it's fine but that's all”
• Previous review
If you want trained listeners who can actually give practical support and advice then go to the 7cups chat room site instead of this site.
The title sums it up. Not really support because support depends on who is there and it just seems full of people who want to talk about their sexuality or non binary gender or pizza or gardening.
1 review
15 helpful votes
The site is filled with individuals claiming their disorders and whatnot. However, none of them are professional mental health specialists. So, they bring their own ignorance and character faults into the chatroom. The Moderators and Room Assistants show favoritism towards certain long time members and abuse their power in standing against a targeted party. So, bullying does occur among chatters and moderators. I would not support this room. Please seek a licensed professional for mental health concerns.

Tip for consumers: Strongly suggested making formal complaints to the site staff. Now I think nothing may result from it.

1 review
18 helpful votes
The moderators in this chat are power hungry individuals who don't even interact with their chatters. They tell you to "move on" and offer no explanations for anything they do. They never respond to emails and the contact us is utterly useless. There is rampant sex talk that is allowed to go on. Anybody looking for a safe place to talk and discuss mental health best stay away, this chat has ruined so many people and the majority leave worse off than when they entered. It all starts at the top and those in charge don't care
1 review
18 helpful votes
The mods are corrupt on this site and tonight was the worst for me. I love a lot of the folks here and was talking to a girl but got muted and couldn't continue and despite my protests, this particular female moderator by the name of Forever decided that I was spreading too much shade and banned me for 48 hrs. as of this Saturday evening. I said enough was enough and decided to put this here. I have autism, depression, and anxiety from years of childhood and teenage abuse and despite my story, most of them couldn't have cared less. This has happened every night non stop all week long and this weekend was hard as I lost a dear friend and didn't know it till yesterday.

The contact form doesn't even work when I tried to complain, this person said "I don't know why." Without a verification image, it won't go through. This clearly to me was intentional as a year ago the form worked properly and I used it to report a user who abused me online. This site is broken by design and the mods are too heavy handed and want to play favorites. Literally, we're at the mercy of them but with few other options what can be done?
2 reviews
11 helpful votes
Chris j - As chatters we are unaware of what goes on behind the scenes. It's possible the chatter in question had been reported as inappropriate. As you've noted in other comments the site is prone to perverts and it's the moderators job to protect chatters, therefore chatters should not question a mods motives when they try to do exactly that.

tommy d - Agree there is favoritism. New chatters get in trouble for things mods themselves do and the mods ignore the same thing a regular chatter does. Agree there isn't enough focus on health issues and people coming in seeking help are missed. Disagree with your opinion about Forever. Many chatters love this mod. She is fair, kind, and one of the mods who actually takes actions when needed. Chatters who don't follow rules dislike her for that reason.

Tom D - yes, it's a pick up site. Have to learn to close the pm and put the pervs on ignore. Mods used to mute and kick the pervs. Something happened with the modding where they started focusing on minor infractions and letting the big stuff go. Wish they'd bring back the kick butt mods.

freya l - It says in the rules displayed before entering site self-harm and suicide talk is not allowed as it puts undue stress on and triggers other chatters. I agree with the rule.

bill b - no proof mods read personal messages, just a rumor

Felicity M - Many chatters are defensive in general and feel they can break rules without being reprimanded. Extensive disrespect for the mods and rule breaking goes on. Site rule is to not argue with the mods and if you have an issue use report content to address since it disrupts room to argue.

Timmy V - Agree. Chatters are banned and when contact is made to find out why at times not answered. There's 2 sites, Depression/Trivia and Healthfulchat, who share the same server. Depression bans without reason and it's difficult to enter back into room. Healthfulchat sometimes same, but much better than Depression.

The thing about a lot of these comments are they are directed at the Depression/Trivia site, but listed under Healthfulchat because you can enter Healthfulchat via Depression site and vice versa so many chatters don't realize they are different.

To combat the pervs have to close pm and ignore. I think it should be an auto-ban, but it's so easy to override a ban mods don't ban.
1 review
21 helpful votes
No warnings I got banned for literally nothing. There are regulars that go there which the moderator always sides with and bans whoever disagrees or argues with them. The main chat is never about mental illness/support and more so of random idiotic subjects. Save your time and do something beneficial with it than on this site.

One of these disgusting moderators is named "Forever"
1 review
19 helpful votes
Moderators there think they are gods and ban people for the most random things, mostly just because they do not agree with them on any subject.

The non-moderator visitors are generally nice people though and make it worthwhile to spend some time there.
1 review
19 helpful votes
Here's a few examples of what you might find upon entering # depression ..

"37 m here. I'm a mature student who is 45 and I love seeing 18 year old girls in my class. They're all so young and hot. Help me please"

"Any girl wanna pm?"

"I am honestly looking for a cute boyfriend but I have no idea how to expand my social network to actually be able to meet and get cute guys. I was told I can just come on here to find a guy and they'll probably say yes but I'm too shy loll. Crossing my fingers I'll get a cute and CARING AF bf. Hehe.. PM ME BOYS."

"I don't really come here for support"

'Nuff said.

Customer Questions & Answers

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Healthful Chat is legit. Many of the negative reviews here are not. The wording and that names have been changed, but reviewed with the same content and on the same day, are indication the same person keeps reviewing. Myself personally am a Healthful Chat chatter who has used the site for several years and been helped by it, rather than a "sponsor" (whatever that is) as I've been accused of here. All the negative reviews are obviously disgruntled chatters who have been asked to follow the rules by moderators and now have a vendetta against the site. Use the site properly and follow the rules, respect the mods and room assistants, and you will get help from Healthful Chat. I see your type in Healthful Chat consistently and what you're doing in this review process is very apparent. I've even seen disgruntled chatters go to reddit and request people to join them in trolling stayathome78, forever and one other moderator. Very pathetic.

By Mikey C.
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Not as helpful

Easy to use, friendly and the variety of having numerous subject room.

By Mikey C.
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You're being trolled via the Notice feature in NickServ. Someone does not like you for whatever reason or sees that you will respond to trolling so has chosen to target you. If you don't respond they stop trying and will leave you alone. If you send this to report content or speak to a moderator they will permit a name change for you.Being a victim of trolling is unfortunately a repercussion of using the internet, it is up to you whether or not you want to add fuel to the fire.

By Mikey C.
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Many chatters, including room assistants and moderators, have helped me. They've supported me with struggles with my conditions, motivated me to improve my lifestyle, and encouraged me to seek treatment. The Healthfulchat behind the scenes staff went the extra mile to fix a very serious issue I was facing. Very much appreciated!

By S J.
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