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Healthful Chat has a consumer rating of 1.89 stars from 44 reviews indicating that most consumers are generally dissatisfied with their purchases. Healthful Chat also ranks 131st among Health Information sites.

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Positive reviews (last 12 months): 17.6%
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Positive highlights

  • Peer support site with over 50 different channels for mental, physical and mental illnesses.
  • This went on nightly when there were no other mods available.

Critical highlights

  • One of these disgusting moderators is named "Forever"
  • So, bullying does occur among chatters and moderators.
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Top Positive Review

“What a hidden treasure”

Pyramid D.

I was so pleased to come across this free site, where I've made friends and developed acquaintances that understand my heath conditions. This is not professional counselling, but to me, it's even better... it introduces me to people that understand exactly what I'm going through. I can't thank this site enough for everything they and it's kind members have offered me. Thank you.

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Top Critical Review

“Not great”

Myriah U.

Though some of the users can be nice the mods tend to be over zealous, there are many things you can't discuss and if you discuss any one topic for too long they'll ask you to stop- and if you don't your banned. This hasn't happended to me but I've seen it with issues about parents, abortion, addiction, LGBT issues. So I would say this service really isn't inclusive and others have highlighted that the mods can and actually do bully.

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1 review
16 helpful votes
January 21st, 2020
Not a good site. Nees to be moderated 24/7/365. Too many trolls and other people who come here, it seems, just to torment other users.
1 review
8 helpful votes
July 3rd, 2020
I got IP banned after correcting a mod that claimed AUTISM wasn't a mental disorder. Quoted CDC-5 for the mod to then state the book is wrong. I asked why they just couldn't admit their fault and boom, IP banned. Talk about ignorance and bullying.
1 review
5 helpful votes
June 30th, 2020
I was so pleased to come across this free site, where I've made friends and developed acquaintances that understand my heath conditions.

This is not professional counselling, but to me, it's even better... it introduces me to people that understand exactly what I'm going through.

I can't thank this site enough for everything they and it's kind members have offered me.

Thank you.
1 review
6 helpful votes
July 1st, 2020
I was on this chat for no longer than 2 weeks, I was trolled. The mods did not care. I was making people aware with a friend of mine and we both got blocked for trying to help people. Once blocked they would not give us a reason.
1 review
7 helpful votes
October 21st, 2019
This is the best site i have ever visited EVERY Moderator & RA are Awesome! Much Love from Me!:-)
1 review
16 helpful votes
January 25th, 2020
It bothers me that just about anyone can become a moderator of the site if they go through the trouble to do so. They admit, in fact, that the people who apply for it are mostly previous room members who suffer from mental health issues like many who view their site do.

They are by all means regular people. Like regular people, they can sometimes get a bit aggressive toward others. They can be snarky, cruel, dogmatic, single-minded, and all those not so wonderful things.

But they shouldn't be. I find in my experiences the moderators of this site can be very sour individuals who often put others into adversarial positions in which they hold power over them.

They aren't above kicking someone when they're down and making smart-ass remarks either. They aren't above a lot of things. Which is why you can't expect them to react with the regard for others you would expect them to in all their interactions. They don't hold themselves to that kind of standard.
1 review
26 helpful votes
February 2nd, 2019
The moderators in this chat are power hungry individuals who don't even interact with their chatters. They tell you to "move on" and offer no explanations for anything they do. They never respond to emails and the contact us is utterly useless. There is rampant sex talk that is allowed to go on. Anybody looking for a safe place to talk and discuss mental health best stay away, this chat has ruined so many people and the majority leave worse off than when they entered. It all starts at the top and those in charge don't care
1 review
11 helpful votes
February 7th, 2020
I've been a regular user of this site for quite some time. I have witnessed trolls coming in and out. The moderators can definitely abuse their power and oftentimes do for very trivial reasons. My "favorite" experience on this site consisted on two trolls spamming in the chat, saying inappropriate things, and harassing other users. Two moderators on the chat, however, decided to ban a regular user for no apparent reason besides the fact that he was telling the moderators to ban the trolls who wouldn't stop harassing other users. I do enjoy chatting with some other regular chatters, but I will also agree that the site (and moderators) need major improvement. I have literally witnessed pedophilia and perverted discussions, but the moderators are not online 24/7, so there is no watching out for the younger and more vulnerable chatters. It's disgusting. If you are looking for emotional support or advice, then this is obviously not the best site to use, so I would recommend sites such as 7cups or other chat rooms.
1 review
11 helpful votes
March 12th, 2020
This is the worst mental health chat room to join. The members of the mental health chat rooms are very judgemental. If you say something they do not like. The members will ignore you, and mistreat you, They will judge you and hold it against you. The moderators are enforcers. The moderators constantly abuse their power. The goal of the moderators is to enforce the rules and to punish people who break the rules. The moderators do not care about the members. They have no compassion, empathy, mercy and forgiveness. The moderators also have favourites. The also have favourtie people they bully as well. The members are very negative.
1 review
4 helpful votes
July 19th, 2020
I've kicked aound the site for a number of years. I admit that I use a number of nicks, but I really am a nice guy. Sometimes I am a poet, a writer, a sensitive and caring guy, a showbiz hipster, an English dude, a guy whose wife died, a poor slob who is unlucky in love, you name it. I started in bipolar room and my female fan base just kept growing. If you are reading this, we have probably chatted at the site on more than one occasion. If I duped you, consider it a life lesson. This one mod has no idea about me and has a crush on all of my nicks. She told each one that she has feelings for him. It's kind of sad. The website is okay especially if you are completely bored or manic. That's about it.
1 review
9 helpful votes
May 7th, 2019
This is a good place to find help. As noted in other reviews there are some issues with some chatters and with moderators. The option to ignore anyone who is bothersome exists - the ignore feature. It's a good feature. We're all there with our own mental health issues so of course we're going to clash. Ignore is the only way to find some peace and I'm happy site has the option.

As for the moderators: they are volunteers who are also chatters. They are not perfect. They try. They put up with a lot, including some chatters who were rightfully banned stalking them and threatening their lives and the lives of their families.

Rules are posted that are to be read prior to entering site. Many chatters don't even read them and then get defensive and abusive when the moderators try to enforce the rules. Their "buddies" then team together to fight the moderators.

In my opinion:

Forever - best moderator who gets a lot of hate because she does try to ensure site rules and chatter safety.

Jameson - decent moderator who will help chatters and listens to you if you are decent to her.

Cally - super sweet, caring, helpful

Tranquilspirit - not overly active, but no issues with so far

Swamptoast - not overly active, but the few interactions I've had were satisfying

Parzival - takes frequent breaks from chat, but when he is moderating seems to want to help

There are two moderators I avoid completely whenever possible - Southerngent and bros

Southerngent has been kind and helpful at times and mean at times. The meanness is why I avoid him; you never know which you're going to get.

Bros seemed okay, but he misses a lot. There was trolling going on, these two or three chatters would set chatters they didn't like up. When the chatters responded after being harassed they would bring it to bros attention. Bros then muted the targeted chatter. Every single time. This went on nightly when there were no other mods available. He's either biased or his gaming while in chat makes it so he can't make good calls.
Both Southerngent and Bros will out chatters in room and instead of taking it to pm they will argue with the chatter right in room, which is disruptive, something we're asked to not be.

Honestly if you go this site and follow the rules, don't argue with the moderators, ignore the trolls, use the ignore feature, and avoid the moderators you clash with it goes well in Healthfulchat.
1 review
8 helpful votes
February 24th, 2020
This site is bullsh*t! No one in the chat rooms is even there to discuss hardships/designated topics. If anything using this site will make matters worse. Most of the people in the chat rooms are super mean.
1 review
3 helpful votes
August 31st, 2020
I've been permanently banned from this site and I greatly depended on it. Now thinking even more about suicide. A chatter named ShadowOfLight who now goes by a different nickname (because everyone hates him, and even more so now) is the one who lobbied admin to get me banned. Reading the reviews, it seems I'm not the only one who has a problem with Forever, I don't want to talk too bad about her though, cause I'm convinced she is intellectually disabled, she just shouldn't be a mod. My permanent ban came out of nowhere, I litterally had just entered the room.
I've lost friends that meant so much to me now and am hopelessly alone, all because some loser couldn't make friends on his own merit. The things I did were so little, sure I got out of hand a time or two but its a mental health chat, isn't that to be expected to some extent? Not only did they ban me they said I was disgusting, abusive, and shameful. (of course they get to have the last word).
I'm so angry and helpless. They have completely disregarded what this will do to me. I wanna move on but I hate them so much. I hope something bad happens to them, I really do. That may sound bad but given what this will do to me, I can't help it. They've shown me 0 kindness or understanding.
2 reviews
17 helpful votes
January 13th, 2019
Chris j - As chatters we are unaware of what goes on behind the scenes. It's possible the chatter in question had been reported as inappropriate. As you've noted in other comments the site is prone to perverts and it's the moderators job to protect chatters, therefore chatters should not question a mods motives when they try to do exactly that.

Tommy d - Agree there is favoritism. New chatters get in trouble for things mods themselves do and the mods ignore the same thing a regular chatter does. Agree there isn't enough focus on health issues and people coming in seeking help are missed. Disagree with your opinion about Forever. Many chatters love this mod. She is fair, kind, and one of the mods who actually takes actions when needed. Chatters who don't follow rules dislike her for that reason.

Tom D - yes, it's a pick up site. Have to learn to close the pm and put the pervs on ignore. Mods used to mute and kick the pervs. Something happened with the modding where they started focusing on minor infractions and letting the big stuff go. Wish they'd bring back the kick butt mods.

Freya l - It says in the rules displayed before entering site self-harm and suicide talk is not allowed as it puts undue stress on and triggers other chatters. I agree with the rule.

Bill b - no proof mods read personal messages, just a rumor

Felicity M - Many chatters are defensive in general and feel they can break rules without being reprimanded. Extensive disrespect for the mods and rule breaking goes on. Site rule is to not argue with the mods and if you have an issue use report content to address since it disrupts room to argue.

Timmy V - Agree. Chatters are banned and when contact is made to find out why at times not answered. There's 2 sites, Depression/Trivia and Healthfulchat, who share the same server. Depression bans without reason and it's difficult to enter back into room. Healthfulchat sometimes same, but much better than Depression.

The thing about a lot of these comments are they are directed at the Depression/Trivia site, but listed under Healthfulchat because you can enter Healthfulchat via Depression site and vice versa so many chatters don't realize they are different.

To combat the pervs have to close pm and ignore. I think it should be an auto-ban, but it's so easy to override a ban mods don't ban.
1 review
5 helpful votes
May 26th, 2020
The moderating is awful.
CGJ Swamptoast really dislikes anyone who has an intelligent opinion and calls out their hypocrisy or their failure.
CGJ will come into the room half way through an argument and immediately shadow ban and shadow mute guests. One minute he says he is retired and the next he says "I'm a site Mod". There's no point trying to explain anything to him because he doesn't care about resolving anything, he just likes to shadow ban/kick and talk about the weather.
The way to get him on your side is to compliment him and then he'll let you get away with anything. The guy is incompetent and will let his friends do anything but ban anyone who he doesn't recognize as well as falsely claiming that you're already permanently banned when it's only your second time there lmao.
Swamptoast routinely lets chatters repeatedly use racist and homophobic terms (the n word and the f word) and when you tell him, all he says is "be respectful", if you then quote the rules which say it won't be tolerated he then threatens you with blocking your ISP. BUT he routinely lets two permanently banned chatters stay and swear all the time and talk about banned topics and only says to them "if you want to be here then behave"
There are two well known chatters who are permanently banned but show up all the time and Swamptoast says things like "I'll let you stay if you behave". What's the point in permanently banning people if you then let them come back?
When you point out this hypocrisy he threatens to ban your ISP for "arguing" with him and says things like "I'm tired of your complaining" and tells you to go to another site if you don't like it there. The guy pretends he gives so much of his time to the site when really he just spends his time there chatting about movies and gets annoyed if you interrupt that.
1 review
31 helpful votes
December 26th, 2018
No warnings I got banned for literally nothing. There are regulars that go there which the moderator always sides with and bans whoever disagrees or argues with them. The main chat is never about mental illness/support and more so of random idiotic subjects. Save your time and do something beneficial with it than on this site.

One of these disgusting moderators is named "Forever"
1 review
5 helpful votes
June 6th, 2020
Though some of the users can be nice the mods tend to be over zealous, there are many things you can't discuss and if you discuss any one topic for too long they'll ask you to stop- and if you don't your banned. This hasn't happended to me but I've seen it with issues about parents, abortion, addiction, LGBT issues. So I would say this service really isn't inclusive and others have highlighted that the mods can and actually do bully.
1 review
7 helpful votes
July 1st, 2020
I have been using the depression chat room for several years, on and off.
The chat rooms on healthfulchat, in particular the depression chat room, is constantly trolled by people who seek to bring emotional pain to those already suffering from mental ill health.

The website is advertised as a safe, moderated site where people can access peer support.
However the site very often has no moderator(s) online at all, and even when moderators are online they are not very good at dealing with the trolls.

As other people have said in their reviews, there are a few well known users that regularly troll the site but they are not dealt with.

Some of the moderators also behave like children themselves, and should not have been given the position as moderators. Culprits include 'BlueGobi' and 'SPP'.
Despite people complaining about how the site is moderated, or complaining specifically about individual moderators, the owners of the site do nothing simply because the moderators are volunteers.

The site is outdated and poorly run, soif you're looking to connect with people for peer support, try somewhere else.
2 reviews
3 helpful votes
July 16th, 2020
It's moderated but it's awful moderating.
Like Emily said the moderator Forever is on a power trip and a complete bully, one of the worst moderators along with CGJ and Rosie.
Forever bullies by muting chatters and then keep them muted until she logs off. The other moderators won't unmute you while she's there which means she can keep chatters on mute. While you're on mute she either ignores your messages or just PMs snarky comments like "so how are you?" or "you seem to think you have a lot of fans here" or "not much going on with me". It's part of the bullying to avoid talking about why she muted you and to provoke you. She keeps you on mute and then logs off and you have to wait until another moderator comes on and ask them to unmute you.
Rosie tells people that graphic details of death can be discussed in the anxiety room because "it causes" anxiety, even though it's supposed to be done in the bereavement room like other moderators say all the time. If you call her out, she accuses you of "acting like a moderator" but she has been called out by former moderators who are now chatters for making up the rules and breaking them.
Rosie claims to have lots of conditions, like ptsd, but has no symptoms at all and doesn't need any treatment for it. She also claims she has COP, agoraphobia, health anxiety and has social anxiety but goes out all the time on public transport and in cars, she goes shopping and goes to appointments without any issue she also uses elevators with ease, goes to social events all the time including activity group events and walks on beaches and smokes. She never seems to have any concerns with her health and said she manages it by "self-reassurance"
Rosie recently decided that she has OCD but she doesn't have any obsessions or compulsions and doesn't have a diagnosis for it either.
Cally is another incompetent moderator whose main trick is to shadow mute and shadow ban anyone she doesn't like. She hates guests and does it to them the most; she is snarky and generally provokes fights because she jumps on every little thing. You can call out her incompetence but do so at the risk of being kicked and banned.

The site is in desperate need of moderators so maybe that's why they'll accept people who make up site rules and make up health conditions.
1 review
35 helpful votes
March 29th, 2018
99% of the people on that site including the mods are vicious trolls that bully everyone actually looking for help and ignore spammers making disgusting posts and treating chat like a pick up room. No customer service to speak of; emailed numerous times with no replies, inconsistent and contradictory instructions from moderators. Horrified and disgusted this is the top search result from Google.
1 review
24 helpful votes
November 4th, 2018
Overrun. Under-staffed. This place has turned into a mental asylum in every literal sense. Only, the guards themselves are mentally ill too. There is barely any support, and the little support that the good people do give, get lost in a sea of trolls. Any mention of self-harm and feeling suicidal, and you will instantly be muted and spammed with crisis lines, without further dialog.
1 review
26 helpful votes
February 19th, 2019
The site is filled with individuals claiming their disorders and whatnot. However, none of them are professional mental health specialists. So, they bring their own ignorance and character faults into the chatroom. The Moderators and Room Assistants show favoritism towards certain long time members and abuse their power in standing against a targeted party. So, bullying does occur among chatters and moderators. I would not support this room. Please seek a licensed professional for mental health concerns.

Tip for consumers: Strongly suggested making formal complaints to the site staff. Now I think nothing may result from it.

1 review
21 helpful votes
April 13th, 2019
BlueGobi and Forever are probably the two worst offenders. Moderators pick fights, hold grudges, keep vendettas, etc. Not a safe place to talk about your feelings if you want to avoid being bullied by them.
1 review
23 helpful votes
November 4th, 2018
I was banned in the room because I had the nerve to question a moderator as to why I had been reprimanded for talking about antidepressants ( in a depression support site - how dare I huh?) but he continued to talk about what type of mustard he should be using on a sandwich. Apparently my question was "off-topic" but his wasn't.

Go figure!

Militants. Not interested in the wellbeing of their chatters. Period. Avoid.
1 review
25 helpful votes
January 26th, 2019
The mods are corrupt on this site and tonight was the worst for me. I love a lot of the folks here and was talking to a girl but got muted and couldn't continue and despite my protests, this particular female moderator by the name of Forever decided that I was spreading too much shade and banned me for 48 hrs. As of this Saturday evening. I said enough was enough and decided to put this here. I have autism, depression, and anxiety from years of childhood and teenage abuse and despite my story, most of them couldn't have cared less. This has happened every night non stop all week long and this weekend was hard as I lost a dear friend and didn't know it till yesterday.

The contact form doesn't even work when I tried to complain, this person said "I don't know why." Without a verification image, it won't go through. This clearly to me was intentional as a year ago the form worked properly and I used it to report a user who abused me online. This site is broken by design and the mods are too heavy handed and want to play favorites. Literally, we're at the mercy of them but with few other options what can be done?

Q&A (5)


Healthful Chat is legit. Many of the negative reviews here are not. The wording and that names have been changed, but reviewed with the same content and on the same day, are indication the same person keeps reviewing. Myself personally am a Healthful Chat chatter who has used the site for several years and been helped by it, rather than a "sponsor" (whatever that is) as I've been accused of here. All the negative reviews are obviously disgruntled chatters who have been asked to follow the rules by moderators and now have a vendetta against the site. Use the site properly and follow the rules, respect the mods and room assistants, and you will get help from Healthful Chat. I see your type in Healthful Chat consistently and what you're doing in this review process is very apparent. I've even seen disgruntled chatters go to reddit and request people to join them in trolling stayathome78, forever and one other moderator. Very pathetic.

By Mikey C.
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Easy to use, friendly and the variety of having numerous subject room.

By Mikey C.
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Many chatters, including room assistants and moderators, have helped me. They've supported me with struggles with my conditions, motivated me to improve my lifestyle, and encouraged me to seek treatment. The Healthfulchat behind the scenes staff went the extra mile to fix a very serious issue I was facing. Very much appreciated!

By S J.
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You're being trolled via the Notice feature in NickServ. Someone does not like you for whatever reason or sees that you will respond to trolling so has chosen to target you. If you don't respond they stop trying and will leave you alone. If you send this to report content or speak to a moderator they will permit a name change for you. Being a victim of trolling is unfortunately a repercussion of using the internet, it is up to you whether or not you want to add fuel to the fire.

By Mikey C.

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