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1 review
0 helpful votes
Everything about kaiser is complicated and unnecessary. Just trying to call to make an appointment is a nightmare you can do it online which hardly ever works you have to repeat your information to three people before you can even talk to the department you're wanting to. Their online website is very annoying and when you call the Calls service center you'll be put on hold for the rest of your life find another medical company if you can, trust me.
3 reviews
1 helpful vote
I have a Bronze plan with KP. They are not interested in your healthcare, it is merely a business doing its best to screw you, the patient, out of as much money as possible. It is obscene that I have paid over $7500 this year for "health insurance" and the only treatment I've received is one free flu shot. The state of healthcare in America is atrocious. All health insurance companies need serious regulatory changes. KP, Lifewise, Regency, Molina, they are all a big scam it is endemic and everyone knows it.
1 review
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A few weeks ago, I levied a negative review of medical care being provided by Kaiser Permanente. Now, I feel compelled to extend my apology to KP's medical team for my recent allegations/complaints. I extend an apologize based on the following reasons: Upon hearing of my complaints, I was immediately contacted by medical staff members expressing concern over my complaints. Without delay, my personal physician and others, identified and eliminated the sources of my frustrations. I'm impressed by the urgency with witch my complaints have been addressed. Apparently, my issues had festered due to miscommunications and a level of misunderstandings on my part. Again, I extend my apology based on the speed with which my frustrations were identified and resolved. In retrospect, I must say that the Kaiser Permanente motto "We Aim to Please" is well justified. Thank you very much. J. Wise
3 reviews
4 helpful votes
I just got coverage in 1/2019. Met with Primary Dr. told her about the severe burning in throat and ears. Asked for Gastro Dr. Sent to ENT..Had to pay almost $600/CT scan. Acid reflux they say..Still asking for Gastro Dr.6 mo. later. I am 64 yrs. old, thought I paid for April, paid for May-Cancelled..I called immediately once I realized mistake, wanted to pay to date. I technically only owed for May, it was 6/14/19. I was willing to pay for May and June.No...Cancelled. The burning in my throat and ears is beyond horrible. No answers. Still need Gastro Dr. Had to pay what I thought was $525.00 for CT scan, now it's almost $600.00..Cancelled- no ins. have to wait till open enrollment...They really do not care about patients.I am getting old, never missed a payment. and still have severe burning, and I mean severe burning in my throat and ears. Bad ! They treat you soo nice to your face, but I am still suffering. Worst ins. company and place I ever have been to..They sure did fool me..Very Sad that a company could do this to a person. Horrible
1 review
1 helpful vote
Hands down WORST physical therapy assessment I have ever received (and as an athlete I have been in physical therapy many times throughout my life). The first red flag was walking through the area where patients are seen and not a single soul is using any of the equipment or receiving any direct treatment from a therapist. Usually physical therapy offices are bustling with activity!

I was seen for about 25 minutes, the appointment felt very rushed. I was pressured to choose the part of my body that causes me "the most pain" even though I was insisting that the problem is my entire left leg and left side lower back and is not limited to any singular body part anymore (I reluctantly chose my foot). I was given several stretches and strengthening exercises and told "we'll see you in a few weeks" which I found puzzling. I asked if regular weekly sessions are something that is done at this facility and was told I could be seen sooner "if I wanted". Ah, I see how this works now.

As I am to understand it, it seems Kaiser's approach to physical therapy is sporadic rushed appointments where the patient is given some handouts to take home - handouts that I could certainly have found on my own with a few simple internet searches. No regular sessions to track progress and make adjustments as necessary? No manual therapy? No use of well known and effective tools to enhance a stretching and strengthening routine - like electric stim, dry needling, heat, ice, etc? And now I'm stuck with Kaiser and have no choice but to utilize the services of their many little medical factories serving up mediocre care at best. I will have to pay out of pocket if I want to receive quality care for my injuries or I will have to wait until next year where I will NOT be signing on with Kaiser again. SO very disappointed in myself for choosing Kaiser. And I'm just praying that I don't fall seriously ill or injured for the rest of 2019 so that I can steer clear from them. I do not expect that the rest of their medical care would be any different from the "physical therapy" I received. Thank you NEXT.
1 review
0 helpful votes
The amount of care you get is based on their bonuses. Every time I ask for Taz every time it appears I need to test my cardiologist says doesn't sound like cardiac-related any simply back to my primary care doctor. Had a stent over a year ago won't give me a stress test now to see what's going on. I'm having pains in my upper chest says not heart-related go see your doctor first come and see me in 40 days that's the first available appointment. I'm not happy I changed cardiologist today hopefully the next guy will be better told I cannot change from Kaiser to Sharp Healthcare until October 15th. Again I'm not happy at all not happy at all not happy at all. Beware Kaiser will give you the minimum care if somebody wants you to sign up with Kaiser run.
1 review
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Went to Zion to fill a prescription , they wouldn't fill one of them because my son is 5 months away from 18 years.
They did however fill it at another pharmacy .
By the time we could get it somewhere else , he was in so much pain.
She rolled her eyes around when I asked her to send it to another pharmacy.
Terrible place to go.
Kaiser took longer than the wisdom teeth extraction.
10 reviews
21 helpful votes
This website hasn't had any substantial improvements in years. It's really outdated. One example of this is the messaging center. Instead of the obvious format of all emails in one area, you have to select which area to view emails. So, you can't read emails from your doctor in the same screen as emails from customer service or pharmacy, etc. This makes it arduous to try to read emails or look at sent emails.

The process to get prescriptions is also archaic and time consuming, requiring way to many screens and key presses. It often doesn't show past prescriptions so you have to track down old bottles to copy the information down.

They really need to bring the interface to modern standards.
1 review
3 helpful votes
I called Kaizer and asked them how can I send a message to my Doctor through I was talking with them for 45 min. and at the end the lady could not figure out how I could do that and at the end she hung up the phone.
1 review
2 helpful votes
I have had numbness and tingling going down my arm since May, 2018. I have been to my doctor several times with no relief. I have also been to the ER, a chiropractor, massage therapist, acupuncturist, with no relief. Kaiser will not approve an MRI in order to find out what the problem is. I have had an MRI scheduled 2 times to have them canceled the day before I am scheduled to go. I pay for this insurance, I should not have to be in constant pain because someone in an office who has never met me decides I don't need a procedure done. Sometimes the pain is so debilitating I have thought about cutting off my fingers!! I will definitely change insurance companies during open enrollment!
18 reviews
40 helpful votes
Good price, good prescription price, good service, Bldg is old or at least
interior, but all in all I am pleased. Alot of use for the bldg. so I kinda understand.
41 reviews
101 helpful votes
As another reviewer noted "Are we talking about the same Kaiser?"
Simply, living in Northern California, I've been with Kaiser for decades.
And, as I've gotten older, their attention to the 'normal' maladies that effect us as we all age has been outstanding.
Granted, and fortunately, I'm a healthy 60ish with no major health issues (knock on wood).
They've even performed preventative screenings because of my age.
I've nothing but praise and support for the professionals that I've met over the years.
Best wishes...
2 reviews
3 helpful votes
My father waited 2 months to get surgery. When it was 2 days before his surgery the Kaiser receptionist calls him to let him know they have to pick another date. No explanation why, just another date. When he asked what date, she said that she didnt have the schedule for the exact date. She would need to call him back. He had waited patiently for 2 months for this surgery, to get polyps out of his nose so he can smell and taste. Its been 2 weeks no calls yet when he will have surgery. They dont care.
1 review
2 helpful votes
This company is the worst thing I have ever dealt with. Every time I want to make an appointment it takes 45 minutes to set an appointment and the customer service reps are absolutely horrible to deal with. I miss the days of my old insurance where I would just call the doctors office directly and talk to someone very sweet and caring and sett an appointment immediately and get in within a week or two. I called this week telling them that my hand has been numb for sometime and I need to be seen. They told me it would be three months before I could be seen. That is purely unacceptable. Effective immediately I have canceled my insurance with Kaiser because I can't take the difficulty in setting appointments and the horrible disorganization of their billing system. My son was in the hospital on and off for two years and it took me three years to get everything straightened out with them which held me to staying with them this long. Now that I have all of that worked out (after shedding many tears) to try to get someone to help me with the billing I am now leaving Kaiser for good. I spent well over 20 hours on the phone with them to get my billing straightened out. Come to find out they sent a lump sum check to Northside Hospital and never designated the payment to be placed under my account. Northside told me that Kaiser is an absolute mess to deal with. I highly suggest you go somewhere else for insurance even if you have to pay a little bit more I promise calling the doctors office directly to make appointments and having a doctors office that cares about you is much better than dealing with these people. Customer service treats you very poor when you try to make a doctor appt, they have even hung up on me when I would not disclose to them my exact issue and that I only needed to tell my OBGYN this information. This happened twice. Horrible! I canceled my companys group plan and I feel liberated to end the cycle of bad treatment, frustration, wasted time on the phone and wasted time trying to work out billing issues. Good bye forever Kaiser!
5 reviews
1 helpful vote
Love their integrated approach to medicine. All my records are centralized online, no long wait for specialists, can tackle the mundane to complex
18 reviews
75 helpful votes
I have Kaiser and love it. I like it how my medical information can be looked at any Kaiser hospital so any doctor I see at any Kaiser hospital can see my medical records. I also like the cheap co-pay I pay for appointments. I would recommend Kaiser to anyone. The doctors at Kaiser are nice and the nurses are nice too. What I don't like is that Kaiser hospitals are not in every state. What I also don't like is that Kaiser is slow to offer new benefits and services in the Northern California Kaiser region. Most of the time these new features and benefits mostly become available in other Kaiser regions. Never the Northern California region. Such as the Colorado region and the Georgia region.
2 reviews
9 helpful votes
Bait and switch sums it up,...................................................................
3 reviews
11 helpful votes
I have been a Kaiser Permanente member since 1970. Early on, I found it necessary to be my own advocate. When I did that I received the care I required and it was provided very professionally and timely. My son was born at a Kaiser hospital in Fontana CA in 1971. There was a rude and inappropriate nurse who handled my son in a manner I did not like and I reported her. Since that time I have been seen in the LA and Baldwin Park facilities. I did once have to request a change in primary care physicians, it was quickly done, and I am very happy with my current primary care physician and with all of the ancillary service providers at the Pasadena Clinic. Kaiser is proactive in addressing our family's health issues and the staff we encounter along the way are responsive and caring. Kaiser has developed into a very good provider. We jointly decide on how our health issues will be addressed, and they are competently addressed. I am a happy patient.
1 review
0 helpful votes
Richard Isaacs joined Kaiser Permanente in 1995 and he has Advanced Certification in Head and Neck Oncologic Surgery. He's good!
3 reviews
0 helpful votes
Over the decades 3 generations of my family have been a members -both privately and with a group. Your experience may vary greatly depending on your location. I live in a "desirable" area which is attractive to professionals.
Years ago Kaiser made a concerted effort to improve patient relations, and I have seen that effort sustained. If you don't feel a rapport with your doctor, CHANGE DOCTORS! It's easy to do; you don't have to explain why.
I like the free Mail Order pharmacy & the easy email to your doctor. There are also no-cost phone appointments. Really learn about your conditions and medications so you can ask the best questions.
6 reviews
4 helpful votes
Delayed referrals to specialists
2 reviews
0 helpful votes
3 reviews
12 helpful votes
Better than no insurance I guess, and one extra star for Dr. Mandoza, who was really the only good thing about them. This is cattle call insurance, they do the minimum and their individual plans are pretty expensive.wouldn't recommend.
7 reviews
15 helpful votes
It is clear that the KP customer service budget has gone into masked selling activities instead of solutions. They are very good at calling you for reminders and setting up more and more tests but try to negotiate with the finance department and you get sent into voicemail hell, finally pointing you to the Internet labyrinth. My $60 co-pay "checkup" turned into three additional laboratory bills, each listing a different amount and due date, so far totaling over $300. I signed up because they advertised free preventive care and I still don't know when the bills stop rolling in!
At the next call to sign up for a new test I complained about the preventive care bills and eventually got them to reverse charges and credit my account. When my annual plan renewed I had to renegotiate a monthly fee based on fluctuating income (entrepreneur with unknown income cycles), I fought for six months to reduce my fees and keep my coverage. Ultimately, it took an appeal to Covered CA to get Kaiser to take notice and reinstate my coverage, followed by repeated corrections to the number of months that had been paid.
Fast forward...
Once all that got settled I lost half my clients to economic conditions and Kaiser dropped me for late payment. I do not qualify for Medicaire or Medi-Cal. Thanks Affordable Care Act, for giving Kaiser free reign to terrorize the self-employed! I am guessing I can fight back once I can pay the past due premiums but what a nightmare to maintain the financial aspect!
All this for preventive care... hope I never get sick and actually need their services!
7 reviews
14 helpful votes
I've been covered by Kaiser since I was born. There are some things I'd like to change about my plan but in general, I've been very pleased with Kaiser itself.
When the website came out, I signed up right away. It really is so helpful. You can set some appointments in certain departments which is really handy, but at the same time the only reason I gave this site 4 stars and not 5 is because of the lack of departments they offer for online appointment bookings.

The site offers a plethora of options. They have self-help sections, tips, past appointment information, and so many other things. Great site and it continues to add different things to improve the sites reputation and helpfulness.
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