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Enterprise Rent-A-Car reviews

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23 reviews
600 Corporate Park Drive
St. Louis, MO 63105, US
Tel: 1-800-261-7331

23 Reviews From Our Community


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1 review
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I made my reservation for a pickup truck over the phone,I was told to pick it up at 2090 N State Road 7 after 12:30. The place was full of mad people waiting. They told me my truck won't be available until 4:00 PM. They expected me to wait more than 3 hours for the truck I was told was on place. As a result I left the place empty-handed and with a promise to never rent a car there again. By the way the attention was horrible.

1 review
1 helpful vote

Enterprise is not a good company to get a car from. I have been cheated twice. The first time I got my money back. The second time, I borrowed a car and it sat in my driveway, overnight, brought it back in the morning cause I didn't want a minivan and they said there was damage. They did not go around the car with me, or write it up. I also, thought it was strange they moved the car when I returned before we went out to check it over. Don't borrow an Enterprise car they will cheat you.

1 review
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Went into Enterprise today at 10:39 am to get my rental due to insurance claim. My appointment was originally at 5:00pm but I got off work early and I live an hour away.
I was told that I they didn't have anything to rent me until 5:00 (parking lot full).
All i can say is WOW;never would I rent from Enterprise in Anniston, Alabama. The woman at the desk wouldn't even look up to acknowledge me standing there. No customer service!!! Reported them also to my insurance company.

10 reviews
27 helpful votes

I have used Hertz and a few other car rental company. I even thought about using Turo to rent cars for business trips. However Enterprise always beat everyone especially on their weekend deals.

They always provide pick up service at my home and drop me off after rental.

I can see that not all locations are the same because of staff but I am very happy with many of the locations in Houston.

2 reviews
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7 reviews
16 helpful votes

Had all the documents and thousands in my bank account but because I live out of the state they refused to rent a car. Don't give you money to these people

1 review
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I rented a car from Enterprise a few months ago. Then a couple of weeks ago I get a call, email and letter from them saying that they have come to believe I had been in an accident but don't owe anything because I purchased the extra insurance and they want me to answer some questions and fill out an incident report. I WAS NOT IN AN ACCIDENT AND THERE WAS NO DAMAGE TO THE CAR. I let them know that via email and voicemail and they are still calling me. I don't know what kind of scam they are running but DO NOT RENT A CAR from these people. This is just shady. And if they really thought I did get in an accident, why did they wait 3 months to contact me?

2 reviews
16 helpful votes

I rented from Enterprise about 50 times all around the Globe. Never had a single problem. Nothing to add more.

3 reviews
3 helpful votes

Company is criminal in every way possible. Never renting from them again. You get what you pay for. Buch of $#*!s hire idiots to run their stores.

2 reviews
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I had a accident with my New Car 2017 Cruise, I hit a deer, I was sent to enterprise to get a loner/ rental vehicle, I called 4 hours before arrival, I explain to the attendant helping me I needed a white cruise 2017 so I could uber, she say I will keep a lookout if one comes in, Ill hold it for you naturally youd believe them, well I arrive 4hours later, to my surprise there was a white cruise sitting outside, I walked in and thanked her for getting the car I wanted, she replied thats not yours it just got rented to another client, I reiterated what I said over the phone 4 hrs ago she told me I insulted her and she was offended and will be forced not to help me. Clearly she had me confused, I never raised my voice and I even asked for her supervisor, none on site. She then gives me a black Malibu 2017, Im rushing sign and leave I look at the car and wondered why I smelled poop!! Yeah poop!! The car was never cleaned it was nasty, I called immediately and turned around then I was met with a supervisor who took the vehicle, they did s halfway cleaning job and said she would call me if they get a 2017 cruise in, I never received a call!! I missed 14 days of uber thst would have helped me throughout my issue, mind you I paid for the car at least 6 bucks a day, but no one!!! wants that kind of service. Stay away from 2228 E 11th St, Tulsa, OK 74104 Enterprise car rental

1 review
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Taylor Brown, remember that name and if she's working the day you go in RUN. This has been probably my 10th time using this particular location, and each time there has been a problem. I get there on Saturday morning, have an appointment, and I am told the oil is being changed on the car and I could either come back or wait. I chose to wait but in the meantime she wanted my license and credit card and told me there would be a huge deposit. When I balked at the deposit being more than twice what it was last year, she told me it was policy. I then told her that I had it with all the problems I always have at this store, and that I would not be back. She told me I can start right now and she was cancelling my reservation. She was really proud of herself also. I asked her to get her corporate office on the phone and she said no, "you go home and call them". I had a reservation for a trip we were going on for a wedding, and that girl took away my reservation and we were ready to leave so I could not get another one. Luckily I had transportation, but she really inconvenienced me. Get this when I called Enterprise today, and asked for a manager, Matthew told me that there really is no manager since they are all in "Management Training" there. I thought she did not look like a store manager. She's an awful person and this store is just plain awful. Don't go there - EVER.

4 reviews
1 helpful vote

Went on vacation with our motorhome ended up having bad weather so we needed a car to travel instead of walking. They had good selection and we were able to just drop off at the store and move forward. Good pricing for our week use.

2 reviews
3 helpful votes

Horrible Experience!!! DO NOT EVER use Expedia or Enterprise car rental. Both companies are a joke and do not care about their customers. I reserved a full size car and when I went to pick up Enterprise did not have a car for me. They gave me a compact piece of crap car. They sent me to the airport 30 minutes away and said they would exchange it for me. Once I got there I was told they do not exchange cars. I got on the phone with both Expedia and Enterprise and they were both worthless and did not care about helping me. It was the most frustrating and horrible experience I have ever had with any company. Do yourself a favor and DO NOT EVER book through Expedia or use Enterprise.

2 reviews
2 helpful votes

We reserved a car on Wednesday, April 4 to pick up in Atlanta. Our flight was cancelled and we were to arrive 4 hours later than scheduled. I called to let them know and was assured that our car would be there. They gave our car away and we had tickets to the Masters the next day. We were forced to rent at another car rental and instead of the $369 dollar rate, we had to pay $1174 for the same days. Shame on Enterprise for giving our car to someone else with no cars available until the next day.
I called them and no one returned my call on 4/19. I wrote to the president, Andrew Taylor at the same time. Nothing...I guess they just don't care.

6 reviews
10 helpful votes

Promised me an Altima--nope, got a gas-guzzling ford. Would not give me a car with GPS--nope. Promised me an EZ Pass transformer--nope, told me I did not need one (cop on the South Bronx Expressway was not amused). Reserved the car for 2:00. they made me wait 40 minutes--only one customer ahead of me. Office not handicapped accessible. No other Enterprise shop in Manhattan that would even rent us a one-way car.

9 reviews
13 helpful votes

I found out their policies were a bit "bougish". I didn't find this out until my adult son, had a payment discrepancy with them. However, when I tried to rent a car from them, they told me, my entire household/address had been "black listed" from rentals due to the discrepancy or debts with my adult son, who lived at my address...(Which no longer lives with me). Well, regardless, my rant was...Why? Why did they punish me for an encounter with my adult son?

I'd been nothing but, an A-1 customer with this company. I have totally always regarded my end of the rental deals, and this they know. But I was told due to my son, I was not able to rent a car from them, assumingly until he paid his debt. I was furious, so I decided to confirm this ordeal with their Corporate Office. Far and behold, their Corporate Office vouched that, it was their rules and the associates had abided accordingly.

All the rep. could do was kindly aplogize to me for my experience, but it is...What it is. How unfair to penalize an entire household of adult members due to one "faulty" individual...Really? It's weird. It feels like some form of discrimination and I don't mean race. I can only be accountable for myself...No related grown ups. For Instance...If I apply for a credit card, my credit is not denied or accepted based on another adult; It's accepted or denied based, specifically on my credibility...Now that's the correct way for a real business to do business with consumers. The guy who made or wrote their company's rule/bylaw should be roasted.

22 reviews
62 helpful votes

To begin, I rented several times from Enterprise in Winter Haven, FL, without a problem at all. Everyone was nice and helpful. When I rented said cars, I produced my debit card, my driver's license, a water bill, and the deed to my home. I had zero problems renting a car.

My grandmother became ill and passed suddenly. I didn't own a car at the time as I rode public transportation. I called Enterprise the day before her funeral and told them I needed to rent a car. They informed me that due to a policy that had always existed but, never before enforced, I would now need two "utility" bills. Because I have a roommate (renter), the only utility bill at the time in my name was the water. I explained to them I had a voter registration, house deed, DD214 (Military document), medical insurance, library card, etc. that I could produce to rent the card. I was basically told "sorry about your luck" and told it was either two utility bills or nothing. I begged my situation to them and implored them to look at my rental history and rent me a car for the funeral based on our previous relationship, I had rented a car only a few months before with no issues. They were very unapologetic, rude, and pompous and I was told to contact corporate if I had a complaint about policy.

I had to buy a car off of Craigslist and because the Title Agency closed before I could seal the deal I missed the funeral the next day. I would not urinate on an employee of the Winter Haven location if they were on fire and wish bad luck on them and everyone they love.

6 reviews
3 helpful votes

Lauren is rude, phoney and hates being nice to customers, but likes to be overboard sweet to her male coworkers. The males who work there swarm around Lauren during work hours while ignoring customers. They act as if they are too good to work at enterprise and be genuinly nice to anyone. They should not ever work with the general public. Never have I seen such frockery at any other enterprise. Zero stars! 00000

1 review
0 helpful votes

I work in customer service and I rented a car at 2150 S.State Road 7 Miramar FL,33023. Bryan Salkey was the Rep. that handle my rental service on the 10th Aug 2016 to the 17th Aug 2016 and this young man is really hospitable,honest and reliable. it is the second time renting a vehicle I the US and he really made this a pleasant trip for my family and myself due to his professional skills and pleasant approach to all our questions. I hope the higher management of Enterprise recognize this young man and put him up the scale for he is really an asset to the company. I thank you Enterprise for such great Service Rep as Bryan Salkey and look fwd to using your rental service in the future just because of him. Respectfully, G.R. from Trinidad and Tobago.

19 reviews
45 helpful votes

Enterprise car rental real let down my first experience was great but now when i needed it most you left me stranded due to a website that doesnt state all policies or catch mistakes made why can o rent one in my nieghborhood with debit card. But at the airport its against policy ? And how can you charge 19.99 a day there but a mile up the road its 53.99 for the same car? The consumer is really gettin screwed there !! So out of towners get a better deal than the locals who pay the road tax so out of towners can drive on nice roads cheaper than us locals ..and different policies and big price leaps for different. Locations only blocks away ? And the customer service people at PDX and your 1800 number some of the least caring people ive ever talked to ..yoy left me standong in the middle of life with my pants behind me and i will tell the world just how much of a disaster you made for me on fathers day weekend of all times never again will intrust you with my needs you dont take care of no one just leave them with sorry thats it

2 reviews
19 helpful votes

Enterprise has an interesting sell. They will pick you up so you can come to their offices. That works if all else works. In this case, I confirmed to be picked up at 5:15. Gave the address. 5:15 rolls around and no Enterprise so I call and find out they will be 30 minutes late. Issue? Well I was outside on the sidewalk after an office meeting (office closed) and had no interest in standing on the sidewalk of a busy street for 30 minutes so told then to meet me some where else. I wait there and the time rolls around so I eventually call. Get voicemail they are closed for the day! they call me back even though I could not reach them and tell me they messed up and did not realize the 2nd location was out of their pickup range in town. I said so what now?? They said we can pick you up next morning. So they neglected to call as requested to give an eta and that in fact they were running more than 30 minutes late. Then when they are supposed to show up a 2nd time, they don't call as well. Their offices closed so I had no way of how to reach them ( no virtual or real helpers in line). they called me and told me the location was in a diff part of town.

10 reviews
6 helpful votes

I have rented several times from Enterprise and have always been satisfied with the car and service BUT, I tried to reserve a car online and it kept kicking me off telling me to contact customer service on the phone.

3 reviews
4 helpful votes

The car was great- the only problem is they billed the wrong credit card & have yet to issue the credit they said they issued - this is screwing up my finances & All I get from them is that " it will take a few days" but if they had charged the card I asked them to from the beginning - I would not have to deal with this now. This happened at the end of September and they still have not faxed the info my bank requested for the credit and it is now October 21st. And now they are not even returning my calls they got paid and now they do not care that they have screwed up my finances.

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