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1 review
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A bunch of nonsense promises and lies designed to make you want to pay them money. They really just want your credit card information so they can bill you without telling you, hoping you won't notice. You'll see false testimonials that it's a "good" site as well - what a pathetic joke.

1 review
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Scammer site. Promises information and contacts which they do not have/post. It was so disappointing and such a waste of time. Terrible!

1 review
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In a world where people can look up old friends through Fb and Instagram, why would people PAY just to read who was viewed you? I joined thinking this would be a very useful website to find old yearbooks and old friends, I was wrong its confusing and boring. They need to up their game. Have a whole new system. Make it easier and fun to share yearbooks and pics.

1 review
1 helpful vote

I initially subscribed with about a $7 payment. I did not realize payments were automatic. They cheated me of $15 and would not refund me. You don't really get any information that's worth anything either....don't waste your money!!!

1 review
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I was pleased that I joined Classmates.COM. Threw a membership, I was able to reunite with classmates from 50+ years ago. This resulted in many of us meeting again for a reunion after 50+ years. Since our previous class leaders abandoned the reunion efforts this site was helpful to me. Fortunately another group of class leader's picked up the dropped baton. They ran with it and, there efforts culminated in a excellent 50TH re-union. It is my hope that there successful efforts will continue for a 55TH reunion of similar or greater caliber.
I too had reservations of joining this site. The majority of reviews are negative. Armed with that knowledge I joined then discontinued membership post 50TH reunion. I followed all directions given by Classmates and did not experience any billing problems.
I have recently re-joined my membership. They have improved on this site quite a bit. For example the year book browsing feature is a great added feature. One can actually look up a member or non member. Every one who was in the original year book is there. You can drill down deeper for any members only. This makes sense since they are providing a pay for service.
They do alert you to any one electronically leaving a foot print each and every time. I find that ok since, I like to see who is checking me out. One can change the notification settings in to minimize or stop these help full (My opinion) Emails.The site seems to respond much faster and in a more dependable way than before. There customer service is also much improved.
The only draw back I have been disappointed in is there is no Mobile APP. According to there support people, "We apologize for this and there are no immediate plans to create a Mobile APP; at this time. One will find accessing from a mobile devise is limited.
Over All I am very satisfied with this site. I have been able to enjoy linking up to previous High School Chums and aquatint's. Some that were in other than senior year.

Tip for consumers: Read all the verbiage in detail before accessing and registering responses.

1 review
3 helpful votes

I have gotten an email from EVERY day telling me someone has viewed my profile. Their notice is regarding a "view" I got 5 weeks ago yet they tell me about it every single day. Are they really so poorly programmed as to do this or do they think it generates more interest? It just makes me delete every message without looking. Isn't there a better sight for keeping up with old classmates an reunion info?

1 review
7 helpful votes

Classmates advertises a 50% price reduction, but when you give your credit cardo info below in the small print it states that it is automatic renewal for regular price till you officially cancel. They store your personal info even though you have not officially joined and are just receiving emails from them.
As an attorney, I find this site performing illegal practices including invasion of privacy, deceptive trade practices, false advertising.

1 review
5 helpful votes

I've been on for about 4 to 5 years. Everything used to be great. You could start a discussion with a lot of people. You could look for people on the discussion page. You could post picture & albums. It was really great. About year ago they change the whole website. Now you couldn't start a discussion with anyone and they took away so many things you use to be able to do... and when I try to look at all my albums that I had put pictures in you couldn't see them.

So I contacted customer service. They told me they would check into it and find out what happened after they upgraded their website. About 4 months went by and I contacted them again saying I'm still not able to look at my pictures since you upgraded your website. They said our Technical Support team is working on it. So they gave me one year of free classmate. I said that would be wonderful and they were sorry for the frustration I was having and the inconvenience. Well I waited 6 months and email them again and I got the same response from Tech-Support we're working on it we are truly sorry for the frustration you're having and we understand the inconvenience.

So I posted a video and sent it to them showing them the problem I was having and I even took my computer to the computer store that built it for me and told them what was the problem I was having thinking something might be wrong with my computer. Well there was nothing wrong. They try to see if they could see my picture albums with their computer and they could not see them. I said, "Well can't be my computer, it's not your computer. So let me contact some of my friends on Classmates and see if they can see my pictures." They all told me they cannot see them also.

So last week 8/5/2018 I contacted them again and talk to LAShawn who is the Member Care, Tier II Representative. This time after they review the Video and all the emails she said it's my computer that was the problem because they can see it and there is nothing they can do about it. I said look I started out with Windows 7, then I went to windows XP and now with Windows 10. I said I've used just about every website like Bring, Opera, Internet Explorer and I still could not see my pictures so it's not my computers. LaShawn said, "Yes it is your computer. I said, "Look all the people that have tried to look at my pictures said they can't see it. Either so are you telling me that their computers are bad too." La Shawn said, "Yes everybody computers are the problem." I said, "No the problem is your server or it's on your end. This all started since you change the website.

So LaShawn said, "Look we are not going to do anymore with this so we will just remove you from Classmates and you can be on your way." And that's just what they did. They took me off the Classmates. Nice bunch of people. So stay off of Classmates because if you have any problems there not going to help. All they are gonna do is feed you a line of crap. So when La Shawn said they are removing me I said, "Remember I am somebody's paycheck and they don't get one now," and she hung up on me. Just stay off the site. That's all I can tell you these people just want your money but they don't wanna fix a problem

Tip for consumers: stay off it

1 review
6 helpful votes

After resisting for many years, I joined because they emailed me that 25 people had visited my profile and I was curious who they were because frankly I doubt I spoke to 25 different people while I was in HS. After joining and finding 3 names I recognized and 20+ I didn't, I emailed some of them and they unanimously indicated they never visited my profile and/or never knew me. I'll be cancelling my membership soon.

1 review
5 helpful votes

They will deceitfully charge you payment method without warning and no possible refund based on hidden terms. They should be shut down, two bit thieves

47 reviews
77 helpful votes

I was pleased that I joined Through membership, I was able to reunite with classmates from 40+ years ago. This resulted in many of us meeting again for a reunion after 40+ years. Since our small highschool had closed down years ago, this site helped us find each other again. Very pleased.

1 review
4 helpful votes

I did NOT willingly sign up for auto-renewal, yet there it is!!! I never got anything out of the original membership and was not interested in spending a dime on them ever again. BEWARE. They will automatically charge you WITHOUT PRIOR NOTICE. I closed my PayPal account so it can't happen again and took screen prints of Classmates site showing that my choice to auto bill is turned OFF so I can PROVE it this time.

1 review
3 helpful votes

They automatically renew without any warning. Be careful. It's older than the hills, they lied about sending notice to take your money which is more than double from previous year . Will not cancel membership or refund no matter what financial hardship it created. Horrible horrible buisness!! NO ETHICS!!

1 review
3 helpful votes

Ethically challenged in my opinion. They automatically renewed my membership with no advance notice and even though I told them not to!!!

1 review
4 helpful votes

You have to keep an eye on this website. They slide automatic renewals on you very slyly and the first thing you know your checking account is minus $72. They have all legal ground because they will send you an email in advance but it appears generic and certainly doesn't mention an amount, which might actually get your attention. After you are charged and request a refund or cancel you will receive an email saying "after the current term", which means they keep your money. I'm done with them.

1 review
5 helpful votes

First, I admit, I never joined beyond a free listing. I looked at Classmates because they bought our previous alumni site (which was good!) from the original developer. Classmates messed up a good thing. The Classmates navigation was/is all over the place, they didn't bring over most of the content from our previous site (didn't fit their format I suppose), the site was and still is buggy and slow. I've checked back over the last couple years, very little gets updated, I have never actually been contacted by a classmate from Classmates (I couldn't reciprocate if they had because I didn't have a paid membership) but I keep getting these notices- "A friend remembered you!" Baloney. I've followed a couple of those messages and they go nowhere, except it allows them to keep emailing me. You think I would learn. Please quit sending me messages, Classmates. You're done. Why bother with you when there's a class Facebook page that gets updated every week, it's fast, and it's free?

1 review
4 helpful votes

I highly recommend do not sign up the I signed up inadvertently a few years back there is a picture that they posted on Google that has me next to and accuse pedophile I repeatedly contacted them to take it down absolutely no response so be very careful what picture you put out there this is the website I tried to get them take it down /FUUpMN

1 review
4 helpful votes

I am getting the run around trying to get a new password, I want my money back, the site is buggy as hell, STAY AWAY!!!!

1 review
6 helpful votes

These crooks will steal your money then say "the terms and conditions state all subscriptions are non refundable. But you can enjoy the rest of your current term without worry of being billed again" Don't waste your time or money!!!!!

7 reviews
22 helpful votes

They used to have a dating website. I've tried it a while ago and it was waste of money and time. Many members didn't reply to my e-mails. Those who did only replied once and after I've replied didn't reply.

1 review
4 helpful votes

I payed classmates to try it . It is very very slow. I did not like it at all crappy. Thin they swiped my credit card with out my permission. Could not get an answer why and they doubled the amount. I advise people to stay away they are low class these.

2 reviews
17 helpful votes

I joined years ago to try to link up with some old friends. I made contact with 3 over the years. There is never anything new there. If you want to look at a yearbook, they may provide you a link (at a fee).
It was a good concept but failed miserably in actual practice. There is also so much SPAM and malware connected to the site. When you click something, pop-ups appear, generally a scam that something is wrong with your computer, and for $$$$ they will fix it.
I think everyone has caught on to this scam and that's why there is nobody there anymore, and nothing new.
There are also a ton of other sites out there with different names, that once you click, thinking it may be a decent site, it sends you to
Huge scam and rip off.

112 reviews
131 helpful votes

Classmates is a social networking website long before Facebook.

Similar to LinkedIn's job-based website, Classmates requires that you enter your school information and then you can search for people that way. If you want to add a friend that didn't attend the same school, then you would have to search for them by searching their school first. Everything is grouped together by schools. I think at one point in time Facebook required you put your school information also but it looks like Facebook stopped. I really went to the worst school ever and I have left it all in the past. I only talk to other people who moved away and have no plans to move back lol. And if you want to add your friends or reconnect with them, you cannot do this with Classmates. This means Classmates is completely useless.

But it does not matter either way because Classmates does not seem to have any information about people, unless the users enter it and keep it updated. This is NOT a people search site, but Classmates is even scammier than people search sites!!

What really got on my nerves is that Classmates sends out annoying useless emails, that are actually much more annoying than Facebook's annoying and completely useless emails. They are similar to MeetMe or Badoo or just about any stupid Social Networking site Email. For example, Classmates says, and I don't think you can get any more annoying than this!! "DANGGGGG!! Your Profile Is Getting Some Tractionnn!!" just like a stupid dirty hippie. I check and I have no idea what they are talking about. People used to say things such as "Your profile has more page views." or "Your Friend(s) uploaded a new photo." but now these dumb websites get very excited and say "Check Out Their New Photo!" which makes me not want to check out their new photo. "Dang ... Traction" is probably the most annoying email I have seen compared to any other email from any other website.

After about THIRTY minutes I FINALLY get into my email settings and unchecked MANY spammy email settings. Classmates is useless and perhaps I should deactivate my account. Nobody uses it and I am certainly not going to pay for it.

It is too bad that Classmates lost the competition to Facebook. At one point in time the two sites looked very similar and they were quite simple. They were designed to exchange contact information just in case you or somebody lost it. (You can no longer reconnect with somebody on Facebook if Facebook thinks you are outside their network of friends and as a result "thinks you two aren't friends".) But also with Classmates is that they charge people. Actually they Auto Bill them! With the constant "sharing" of .jpeg files and "Copy And Paste" status updates saying "I do NOT authorize Facebook to charge my account. If I have to pay for facebook, I will leave." means that nobody wants to pay for it. Why would they? - Their "phones" cost too much already! They want free AND unlimited. Facebook and Instagram are both free services which defeated other (and better, although not free) services.

But what matters now is that Classmates is useless and even though everybody uses Facebook, Facebook is also useless.

Classmates is "depreciated". If only Facebook became "obsolete" also.

17 reviews
22 helpful votes

I joined this site to help find classmates for a reunion. Found a lot of people on there who had signed up over the years, but no contact information was available so I sent them all a message on the site. Haven't heard back from a single one. My guess is that the messages don't get sent out. If THEY haven't paid they can't get their messages.

If you are trying to get in touch with old class mates, you're better off to try another way.

1 review
4 helpful votes

This site gives you very little useful information and is difficult to navigate - cluttered and disorganized. You can stop automatic renewal by clicking the gear in the upper right hand corner. Go to accounts and undo auto renewal.

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