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32 Reviews by Lilly


Love Macy's!


Adore Crate & Barrel and the quality of their housewares.


I recently purchased a backpack for my daughter that is just too small and we returned it by shipping. The shipping carrier did not get it back to them w/i the shipping period ( hey had almost a week and a half to do so. More than adequate time.) It arrived one day late. So PB would only issue a merchandise credit for Pottery Barn Kids. There is nothing else I want from Potter Barn Kids as my daughter is past the relevant age, other than backpacks which are now too small. So it's a lost of almost $60 and it was not our fault it arrived late for Middle School, so it's a throw away merchandise credit for us. It was not our fault that the shipping company who had over a week and a half almost to get it to PB messed up and it arrived a day late. For a big company who claims to stand behind it's products and markets to parents to have such a hard line return policy, is disappointing. I would like to see a longer return period, and that credit could be transferred to be used at one of their other companies, rather than having a credit go to one of their company stores I want nothing from as my daughter has out grown the look of their backpacks and lunch boxes etc. I don't know of any other company that seeing that it was mailed w/i an appropriate time limit to more than safely arrive in time would not have just given us our money back, but they are real sticklers about things like that. Other companies under the circumstance would say: " You got it here, it was the shipper's fault, not yours, here, we'll fully refund your money, or give you a transferable credit to one of our other companies. But not Pottery Barn! This ticked me off so much, I probably won't purchase anything else from Potter Barn Teen etc al in the future because it left me with not a great feeling about the company. I tend to prefer companies that understand that sometimes thing don't get there even when you ship them w/i a very liberal time for them to arrive, like a week and a half. I have shopped with them for years now and never had a circumstance like this when something returned arrived a day over the return period, no fault of my own. I would expect a full refund under the circumstance, rather than the un yeilding annoying way this was handled. They are constantly sending stuff late, a little leeway on this matter would have been appreciated and kept me as a loyay customer. Had it been Land's End etc, a refund rather than a merchandise credit I can't use would have been issued immediately. So I'm done with Potty Barn and will shop else where for school gear, at places where the return polices are more liberal for parents like Land's End and Boden, JCrew. This item was sent in a perfectly reasonable amount of time to arrive on time and I felt PB should have been kinder. It's not my fault it arrived a aday later than it should have, it's the shippers fault.


We love the generous return periods, but it seems as though the variety is not as good as it was previous to putting so many of it's competitors out of business. The selection they do have is less hip and more like the shoe department at Walmart.


I love Drugstore.com. Always pleased and like the fact that I can find things there that other stores don't carry or have stopped carrying. Speedy shipping etc. Prices are good as well.


I found all my iPhone cameras to be poor - the macro and zoom are only passable, the image stabilization is not great and the color register is not true to the light, especially at night, the photos always seem to have an orange cast to them. I dislike that they don't have any non metal Mac laptop covers on in iPhones cases any longer as i have a nickle allergy so they tweek my wrists and hands. I much preferred the white plastic casing on both items, even if they had a tendency to break more easily if dropped. Ould be nice if one could have plastic casing as a purchase option. The power cords wear out so quckly they are nearly disposable, and each device seems to demand a dfferent jack, so one has to have 6 different power cords around, frather than having one for phones and one for computers. We have had better luck purchasing replacements on Amazon and Ebay than from Apple. They seem to last longer as do the chargers. I also dislike that there is no customer service via email. You basically need to shlep into the store if you having a problem with any of their products. I wish they had customer tec support via phone or email.


Wish there were more stores in my area. Really like their children's clothes, gardening department and house wears, toys, party supplies, accessories, shoes. The interior staff is usually really friendly and will go to great length to be helpful.


Abysmal. They delivered three two dented stoves, and one who's lower level pot drawer was so badly bent it was off by several inches leaving an wide gaping opening on on side of the drawer, Additionally, the delivery left a deep one foot long and 1/4" deep scratch scratch on my just beautifully restored wooden kitchen floor. There were wood shavings on the floor like someone had puled an ice skate across, or was carving their initially. I warned the delivery person that he was going to do it, when he dragged the appliance across the floor w/o a moving blanket. He said no it would not scratch the floor and then when it did, he just freely walked across my kitchen, turned on the water, grabbed my dish towel and said you won't notice it after I rub it with some water, you won't see a thing. When it was still glaring at us all, he didn't say a word, not even an apology. I wrote Lowe's about the experience and they never wrote back. We now have this ungly 1 foot long, 1/4" inch deep channeled scratch across the floor that has darkened and looks like someone took a graffiti marker or black crayon and ran it across the rust out so they can not be cleaned and put back until they are 100% dry, and all spills need to immediately moped up. The stove 's enamel chipped after three days, when I dropped a spoon from a height of about 3 1/2" inches above it and it nicked the outer edge of the stove on it's it's decent. Now I look at a chip sitting between both jets. There are chips all over it. I have never had an enamel stove ever chip before, even when heavy things have fallen, nor had a major company not respond to a a letter of complaint about it's staff, or come across a delivery person so surly. What adult does not know that if you put a heavy object with a sharp jagged metal edge on a wood surface, it's going to leave a very big and big deep scratch, that won't be helped by a wipe as the varnish is gone. There were no moving blankets used and he refused to use the towel I offered. Our floor was ruined and each year the dent looks darker and shabbier. We spent nearly 1,300 on that floor's restoration. I was thoroughly shocked that he would walk across my kitchen like he owned the place and turn on the tap, grab my dish towel and go to use it on the floor. Not only die he not apologize but he copped an abusive attitude. When I told him I was upset about the damage to the floor that I had warned him would occur if they did not put a moving blanket or towel under it, he ignored me. So I will NEVER buy another appliance from them as long as I live. Opposite experience with Sears and Home Depot, delivery people were smart careful, professional and the appliances we purchased from them have held up beautifully. I would have expected to have gotten a response from Lowes' and the complaint addressed- nothing!


I found this site really disappointing. It's extremely expensive and I immediately noticed on joining and having full access that it would not be of any use to me. We're talking 10 minutes into paying for the subscription. They refused to refund my money and the terms were very misleading, as was the amount of things in the collecting. Like smoke and mirrors. They would not give me my money back, nor would they credit it towards a future membership when the site was better organized and actually hopefully gets more records The newspaper collection was paltry. In a year on the sit I did not find one single document, or useful thing. It took forever to search for anything even remotely relevant to my actual search terms and unlike US and other Ireland and UK sites, the search engine brings up a billion unwanted things and there was no way to filter them out. The only way I could search was to leave one window open and keep going back to it to weed through all the un necessary hits. They hardly have anything in their collection that is not available for free through the Irish Government Site Irishgenealogy.ie run by the State of Ireland and Family Search, Roots etc. I was hoping that the newspaper archive would be good and that I might stumble on an obit or document that would help me. I would not recommend this site for anyone who has littel information on one's ancestors. If you have street addresses and trades and lots of biographical detail, it might be useful, but for me trying to find records for the period to 1850 to 1920, with just first names, surnames, baptism and marriage dates to go on and no street addresses or employment details, or Dates of death etc, it was money completely thrown away. I got it on discount when they had an offer and it was still nearly $400 US dollars. I had also hoped for more Cork records and newspaper clipping they hardly had anything, and certainly nothing that I could not get online through various free sites and the country of Ireland's free that has Griffith valuation, and where one can see actual baptism and marriage registers and other immensly helpful records. It may have improved in the last two years or so. But I felt like my experience was criminal as I had looked at only about 6 records when I wrote them and told them, it was not at all going to be use full for me and could I please have a refund or a credit towards a future subscription when their collection had grown. I think for the average US user who's family came during the famine years, there is nothing here for you.


I have had two different awful experiences with Kohl's on line. They sent the wrong item or damaged items and it was difficult to get the issues resolved. So we will never shop with them again.


I truly wish they would realize that size 14's etc don't necessarily want to wear bright jewel tones and leopard print or bits of lace on everything, or non natural fibbers, nor do they want to look like their 75 year old grandmother. The quality of what I have bought there has been good and held up to washing etc, but I don't buy anything but basic t-shirts there because the styles are so dated and tacky. I also hate the color pallet and prints they choose. I would kill for a great well styled symple a-line dress and t-shirt. I hate purple, red, and forest green, royal blue and animal prints. So there is not much there for me. Wish they would take a look at Eillen Fisher's collection and take some hints from there, ditch the lace, and tacky colors, and outdated church lady dress styles. I would not mind paying a lot more for garments from them. Same deal with the shoes and boots, the syles are just low brow, and not very with it. But everything single thing I have ordered from them has been very sturdy and held up through washings etc.


I adored Old Ancestry, but since the launch of "NEW ANCESTRY.COM" it's been disappointing. They haven't fixed any of the issues users were unhappy about, such as wide borders around records and photos, overlays that obscure records when viewing them, not enough notation space when adding facts to tress, frames that don't frame photos, etc.

They say they value user's privacy, yet it can take 1-6 months to actually get your tree down from the web. They only do this when they have enough switches to warrant going in to do it. My tree is down in the US but still showing on their European site. Making one's tree private should happen immediately - not in 1-6 months and it should include all of the world wide web not just the US.

One used to simply tick a box to make some individuals within a tree private and still keep there death information. Now if you want to make an individual private they have to be listed as living and you need to remove their death information and transfer it elsewhere into the fact or note section.

It takes forever to upload photos to one's tree from the iPhone app and often they time out while loading as it takes too long to load. Placement prompts like how to delete something, or add names/notes to photos were in logical places like under or on top of the photo now you have to search for them in illogical places. Or access them after clicking on several links to find them.

All of these functions used to be an intuitive pleasure with Old Ancestry. Now anytime you want to do something you have to click on 6 things before you figure out how to do it. If you clicked on a picture or fact it immediately opened, and you did not have to position your cursor just so on something, or click on yet another link to view image" or "view fact." If I am clicking on an image/fact, clearly I want to see it, not have to click a 2nd or 3rd time, on a further prompt. And I definitely I want to view the whole record, not view it under an obstructive indexing overlay. I also would like to be able to line photos, (open in two windows) next to one another, so I can compare physical features, not have a 2 1/2" inch right and left border between them. I would like to insert my own dates in the timeline not have them automatically put in by what the census says, or an incorrectly transcribed Ancestry index. The annoyances keep rolling. When I open a record that I have saved to an individual, I want to be able to see the index first and to be able to click on the other family member's indexes via that central index. Here is no longer a way to do that now. So I have to keep a pad handy or add and subtract dates rather than clicking on the wife, child, to quickly to see their year of birth.

Things that should have been added to the graphic design such as a place marker when searching through hundreds of hits, were not. So one invariably forgets if one has viewed the proceeding hit after one back clicks. It would be wonderful if the one you were currently on just before back clicking high lighted from the rest of the list.

If one loads a record from a parent company like Fold3 and Newspapers.com and no longer belongs to those sites, one can no longer see the document, (although one has already paid to view, copy and save it to Ancestry.) So unless you down load it else where, or still belong to all 3 sites at the same time, those records no longer open and are now un viewable. I wish they would just roll it all together into one big site, as remembering when one membership starts, ends and what coupons applies, is annoying. The further paid access to premiums versions of Fold2 and Newspapers is infuriating. Newspapers.com is not a cheap membership to start with, having to pay even more for premium access on it - is abusive. Why they moved the military collection over to Fold3 rather than just keeping it on Ancestry and charging a bit more would have been preferable, as searching over there is like wading through an exhausting swamp.

The customer service used to be stellar, and is now spotty. The CS staff don't seem as well trained as they once were, and always need to check with a supervisor. They are constantly experiencing a "high volume of callers" so waits for CS reps are long.

Family Tree Maker should download everything one has in each section, not just some of what you have spent years compiling.

They don't seem to be adding records at the rates they should given what they gross annually. Nor do they correct small thing like indexing transcription errors, pointed out to them. Regarding resources and record collections, one often does better searching free sites like: Irishgenealogy.ie, the German and Italian Genealogical Group. I can't understand why a site run by a single man, the Old Fulton Post Card Historic Newspaper Archive, has more papers than the Library of Congress, yet Ancestry can't get more obits, papers and records online is beyond me. They're certainly not putting any money or time into functional graphic design, or the development of a better iPhone app. It's clear that whoever did the graphic design on New Ancestry.com, or what ever focus group they pitched the new features to, never actually used the site for serious research.

Suspect the only person leaving positive feedback on "New Ancestry" and it's features is likely a relative of someone working on the tech and graphic design team - or a VP's spouse, as actual customer reviews seem to all bequite damning.

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