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We purchased the Chatham patio collection, We spent over $5,000. We recently had to call them in order to purchase replacement wheels for the chaise lounge. They do not offer replacement parts, I found that ridiculous and alarming. After about a year the wheels broke.This was PB's response. SO please do NOT waste your money;
" I am so sorry to learn that you never received the new wheels and that an update was not provided. Upon review of the issue, I found that a new shipment of wheels never arrived from the manufacturer, and they are no longer available. I sincerely apologize for the disappointment this has caused.

May I suggest that you check with your local hardware store? They may be able to provide a replacement part that will stabilize the chaise"

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Pottery Barn Overview OF Item
Description of item suggests to customer that a mini umbrella is included with
the chair order; showing dimensions and stating how easy to attach with included hardware.

Pottery Barn Dimensions & Care Of Item
Description of item gives full dimensions of mini umbrella (open and closed), and weight.

Upon delivery of the chair, called customer service to question that mini umbrella was not delivered with chair. I was told mini umbrella was never to be included in chair purchase, and Pottery Barn does not sell or offer a manufacturer for the mini umbrella for the chair.

Beware customers. This is a blatant false advertisement for the chair!

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Whatever you do, don't buy the Indio collection. Had mine for 6 months, it has warped and started flaking off almost all of the painted surfaces. The company won't do anything about it including this store I purchased it from (Mashpee Commons, MA.). Both the company and store admits they've had several issues with this collection. If you google Pottery Barn complaints you'll see that many others have had the same issue. I'm a disabled Vet and have spent so much money (most of my home is furnished with it) at pottery barn. I'll never do business with the company again!!!! They shouldn't mention the word conscious because they obviously don't have one....

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For whatever it's worth I'm sending this to the president on down. It's my God-given voice.

Subject: Retail jobs. What I did to survive

Wrote this about Pottery Barn on Yelp. This is what I'm reduced to. Indeed. That after all my hard work and sacrifice, I should be down to $13.22 an hour part time reduced to the abuse and disrespect to which I was subjected is what I have to thank UCLA. Par for the course that no one listens nor cares how little highly experienced and educated Hispanic women count in overcrowded Southern California. My student debt is a noose around my neck. My UCLA MFA a death sentence.

The one Yelp check mark is for the Williams-Sonoma/Pottery Barn corporate culture of putting profits above employee safety or common sense civility. I was a loyal customer when money was more plentiful so I thought it would be fun try and make ends meet as a part time member of the Pasadena store team. To say that it was stressful it's an understatement it was also humiliating. There are some super hard-working store managers there who cannot be faulted. But one of the managers was a male tyrant who terrified and berated me publicly and put me to process boxes endlessly in their dank basement. I got really super sick, couldn't breathe, had to go to emergency and thought I would die.

And did you know that PB sales personnel are supposed to clean the store with a broom? Think about it. Pottery barn corporate made me feel of no value for who I am as a woman, nor for my hard-earned accomplishments -- my three-language fluency, my long established experience as an accredited professional screenwriter, my UCLA MFA in film and digital media studies 2012, my dedication to a brand I have had on display all over my historic Glendale home. No more.

Pottery Barn is a kind of $#*!ensian cargo ship. My family and I will forever stay away. Caveat emptor. But it is typical of all retail jobs and the only jobs an educated Hispanic woman can get.

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I ordered matching bath towels, washcloths, hand towels and bath rugs - 4 each. Inexplicably, the hand towels were delivered to the store for in store pickup. I live downtown and the closest store is over 30 minutes away in a suburb. I was headed out of the country on a vacation and wanted the towels for housesitters staying in my apartment while I was away. I called to find out why the hand towels were not delivered to my home address with the remainder of my order and was told they could only be ordered for in store pickup. This is obviously some ridiculous bait and switch ploy to get me in the store. I will never order anything else from Pottery Barn. The towels that were delivered are each individually wrapped in plastic ensuring a marine animal dies for every towel you order. Never again. Count me out of your destructive and dishonest policies Pottery Barn. I don't care how highly rated your towels are.

1 review
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I originally ordered a Buchanan sofa from PB in November 2018. After 6 weeks, sofa was delivered in December but it was wrong model. They advised to keep it, until the correct one was delivered, another 6 weeks later. No real apology, like this is something they do all the time.

During the time, I decided to keep the incorrect sofa as well. I called and after waiting for ever, they told me I was a loud to buy a second sofa, being that I had bought it with a discount originally. I thought to myself, they are really going to try to sell this coach to someone after my family has used it for weeks?

In February, I was told the correct sofa was finished and would be delivered. To my surprise, they delivered the WRONG SOFA AGAIN! Delivery staff called from my house to let them know, they said someone would be in touch that same day to fix the gross mistake.

No one got back to me, and to this day I just keep getting emails when I reach out saying they are handling the situation with the manufacturer.

It has been 5 months since the order was originally placed and 2 sofas later, we cannot get what we originally ordered. There has been multiple mistakes along the way with various employees and no one is making themselves responsable. From the first error, getting in touch with someone to help us is merely impossible. The phone wait times are unspeakable. It took over 30 minutes to speak to someone in furniture and after a 45 minute call, we still had no solution. This has happened multiple times.

They keep saying a supervisor is handling the situation and that someone would call back. I never received the call. I've had to speak to agents that were rude, agents that seemed to not know what they are doing. It was been torturous.

This is not the first time that we've had an issue with a PB order, but it sure will be the last. We are changing to a furniture company that appreciates their costumers and are not too busy to make things right after they make a mistake.

At this point we have yet to receive a sincere apology or a simple gesture to make things better. A real shame!

1 review
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I've ordered several items from Pottery Barn and generally have been pleased, but this past November I ordered the Fionah sofa in performance velvet. First, the bench cushion is a brick. Second, the performance velvet pills and sheds and despite every day use for several months continues to pill and shed. Finally, today I moved it into the living room to make room for my new family room sofa and the screwed in legs were all loose. We're just lucky the whole thing hadn't collapsed! Sad, sad stuff. Looks good though.

Response from Judy E., Pottery Barn Representative
Hello Denise- I am truly sorry to hear you have not had a more pleasant experience, and I would like to help in any way I can. I have sent you a private message with my contact information, I look forward to hearing from you soon. Thank you, -Ramona
1 review
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I got a sofa and love seat Oct. 2017.
As of Aug.2018 the feathers are flying all over the place.
Cushions have big indentations. This was supposed to be top of the line.
The sofa cost 3099 the love seat 2799 dollar.
Complained my warranty expired.
I looked how long a sofa is supposed to last,7-15 years.
Not so from Pottery Barn. I can not even give one star .

2 reviews
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Yes,my flat queen sheet was very wide which I love,but this is the first time I have had a queen size "fitted" sheet that was "too" big.
My low rating is because this sheet set material is so thin!!! I already had a thin set of sheets and sure DIDNOT want another thin set.
Also way over priced for the poor quality of material. I will not return them because I am sure I would be charged for return shipment and possibly restocking fee. No more Pottery Barn products for me.

1 review
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Purchased Owen Pedestal table and it's falling apart after a few months of incredibly light usage. After contacting PB, communication has been a complete struggle. After 5 different phone calls today, I am left to wait for 72 business hours for a manager to address my concern. Horrible customer service from a company that prides themselves on quality. Quality is not only found in your products, but it's also found in your people. Get it together Pottery Barn!

1 review
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I placed an order on January 14th for a duvet cover and pillow shams. I had to check that I agreed that the item would take 7-9 weeks, which was fine as we weren't moving into our new home until March. When I received my order confirmation after placing my order, the shipment date was May 14, 2019...... 4 months after I placed my order. They will not let me cancel it because of it taking twice as long to ship! I even said I would order another duvet from Pottery Barn that would come sooner and I was still not permitted to cancel this order! Beware when committing to one time frame and getting a much later one!!! Guess that will be my last order from them!!!

1 review
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I placed several orders (in the $1,000s++) in October and all of the time lines for my pieces were on target for us to receive them when we got into our new house and welcomed our family for the holidays. Four weeks after I placed my order i got my first call from PB Logistics that the chairs I ordered are discontinued and they did not offer any replacement options. Then 5 weeks after I placed my order I got an email that they had issues with my kitchen table and now they are expecting it to get to me by mid February and again they did not offer any replacement options. Then yesterday I got a call that my two couches and bed frame were shipped out last week and my credit card was of course charged - YET - when the truck arrived to NC they only had slipcovers - NO couches - and the bed frame did not have any sideboards or mattress slats!!! They went on to say that my couches would not be available now until mid March!!! What?? Now my family is coming for Christmas and I am borrowing furniture from friends - getting fold out chairs..... unacceptable and they offer NO solutions - they charged my card and when I try to get a hold of a supervisor to help I am typically on hold for 30-35 minutes each time.... how does this company stay in business??

4 reviews
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Anyone else have a horrible experience with Pottery Barn delivery this holiday season? Over a month ago, because I was trying to be ahead of the Christmas gift buying rush, I ordered two pillows that were on sale. When they arrived, they were the wrong pillows. I called PB immediately and the customer service agent seemed to get the issue fixed. I made sure to ask that the pillows that I wanted were truly still available and he assured me they were. Fast forward 3 1/2 weeks later when I realized I still had not received the correct pillows, I contacted them and they reply with, "Sorry those are no long available." Uhhhh, excuse me? The saga has continued back and forth, but I won't write it all out here.
A friend of mine also ordered a gift and asked for a gift receipt. The gift arrived broken and without a gift receipt.
Pottery Barn is really dropping the ball and has definitely lost two customers. Maybe Crate and Barrel has better service.

1 review
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I applied for Pottery barn credit card and was told I would get 10% back in reward. I bought major furnitures, but never received a reward certificate, so I called and was told I has a $350 reward, but has expired and can't be issued again. Each and every customer service person I talked to were very rude. I nicely asked how it expires when I didn't even received it, they told me there is nothing they can do. I got scammed into signing up for a card for nothing. I will never shop at pottery barn again and I will be canceling the card for sure.

1 review
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I like the quality of the merchandise, but unfortunately have nothing but bad experiences with regards to delivery and customer service. A few years ago I ordered a headboard (in October) as a Christmas present - NEVER ARRIVED - cancelled order in January after multiple calls confirming it would be there by Christmas!
White sofa delivered with a large grease stain - slip cover yet to be replaced. Placed an order via phone for mirror tried to use rewards cards - rep applied wrong card - now after 6 phone calls cant be changed and was never informed ---follow up is terrible last phone promised Courtney Randolph would be in touch within
24 hours -- never heard from her, and then I emailed her - never responded.

1 review
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Evrything is awful from a customer perspective. I don't understand how you can have websites like amazon and then a websites like pottery barn. Website is total crap. Registry doesn't update or edit, no reviews on products, website shows items in stock but they are really not and if they discount something they won't ship it leaving the customer the only option of picking it up in a store 100 miles from here. Evrything is on backorder or it shows as will ship 2 months from now. You can save favorites to your account but they just disappear eventually for no reason. No way to have a shopping list or a wish list, only option would be a registry but like I said that is terrible. If you have a reward they still charge you up front and credit you later on Your statement....ridiculous. Customer service by phone or email is downright awful. If you send an email they tell you that they will answer in 48 hrs. Ha! Maybe 48 days. I got an answer I think 7 days later when the issue had already resolved. I called since I was getting no response and did everything on the phone but it was equally bad. Got no follow up confirmation email of what was done, no service what so ever. The experience in the store is not much better. Every time I go in all the reps are on the phone with god knows who for like 1 hour, the systems were down last time and they couldn't process returns or exchanges, lines started is consistently like this. You would think for a company that overcharges at least you could get an impeccable website and customer service but this is not the case at all. Better just using amazon.

5 reviews
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Terrible store, it takes them 5 days or more to answer emails and they will still send you an item you've canceled and then threaten you with stupid $#*! for their mistake. I got fed up of waiting around for a response and canceled the transaction with my bank and they didn't even bother to check if the transaction was completed before sending something out that I no longer wanted. They have the means to intercept packages but they won't do that and will leave the burden on the customer to lug around something that weighs 100 pounds. Most items are on back-order yet they'll let you keep thinking that they have stock available.

1 review
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I signed up for a wedding registry through Pottery Barn because they had some things I liked. I am less than satisfied with the registry process and their customer service.

First, they don't notify you when items are bought and shipped. So you have to keep checking your registry to see if something is purchased, and you have to go to a separate part of the registry to see who purchased it - and you can only see that from a computer and not your phone. After 30 minutes on the phone with customer service, they said that they could not alert me every time something is purchased (like every other registry company), but that I could CALL IN EACH TIME TO GET DELIVERY INFO. I wanted to know when packages were delivered because I live in the city and was worried about package stealers. Apparently it's too much to ask to be notified when gifts are purchased/shipped.

Second, their customer service is terrible. An item was out of stock online after our wedding, so I called a store to see if they had it there because the item was a sham to match our comforter. They told me to call another store. Someone picked up at that store and asked me to hold and then didn't come back after 15 minutes. I hung up and called back. I then was on hold for another 20 minutes because they were checking on whether they had it. When they finally found it, they said I could either come get it by tomorrow (they will only hold it a day for me) or they could ship it for an extra shipping charge. I have a whole wedding registry with them, and they don't have the item online to purchase anymore. I'm very confused about why they wouldn't waive the shipping costs and just send me the item. I will probably never buy an item from Pottery Barn ever again.

1 review
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One month ago I placed an online order. The SAME day I called for small edit on my order. They told me I can not edit the order and I should cancel and reorder it. I sid so.
After 30 days the order is not cancelled nor get delivered.
During last month I called the 7 times which for each one I waited inline to get connected for abot 30 min. And 30 min talk rach time.
Pottery barn has the worst customer service I have ever experienced!!!!!!

I hate pottery barn and I will never buy any thing from them

1 review
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I ordered an apothecary sink. after the expected delivery date, i called and they claimed to have contacted me indicating a delay. No call, no Email, no contact. Then they promised to have it available and shipped 12 days later. Again same situation. Never contacted about a delay or delivery. I called on the 12th day , because that was the last date that it should be arriving. They now are delaying it another week. Supposedly. I will never order furniture from them.

1 review
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We purchased the PB air sofa for a second home which is very lightly used. Loved the look of the sofa, however after less then 8 month use, the frame of the sofa is collapsing, the cushions are flattening out and feathers are poking out of the fabric. Very poorly made. After calling the service line the service rep was beyond rude, told me that she was sorry but the purchase had been made over a year ago, and there was nothing that they could do... and a FAT person must be sitting in the sofa!! really? Why not have warning labels on the furniture explaining that the furniture should only last for one year and please don't have fat people sit on it. Will not likely to either recommend or purchase any furniture from them again. Be forewarned, a good look but that it is not to last. I however had hoped for at least more then one year of use!!

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I ordered a coffee table and when the time passes when it should have been delivered I looked at the tracker and it still said processing or something similar. I spent TWO HOURS on the phone with customer service and was transferred through 3 separate departments until a woman made to appropriate request through their system for me and was told I would hear back in 2-3 days with a new shipping date. I never heard back from them and had to go back through there customer service. This time they set a delivery date and said they would call 2 days in advance to set up a time. Of course they never called. It came the day they were set to deliver and I was not expecting them to show up given the fact they had sent me no conformation and had setup no time. They showed up at 9 in the morning while I was in an exam and called me cell on repeat. Finally, when I got out and picked up one of the many calls they were very rude and I ultimately had to call and wake up a roommate to let them in.

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Washed the sofa cover one time, fell apart. Pottery barn will not send replacements. Have emailed and called so many times. They even sent a response that they couldn't replace my dining table. I'm so disappointed and live in the Caribbean so there isn't any way to get the covers replaced here. This company misleads with product details and has zero customer service when you have a problem.

Response from Judy E., Pottery Barn Representative
Hello Sam- I'm truly sorry to learn your sofa covers fell apart after being washed. I'd like to discuss this with you further. I've sent you a private message with my contact information, so I can help.-Thank You-Sharla
1 review
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Delivery takes forever and stuff on back order for weeks. No notifications, had to be pro-active and keep checking shipping status and constantly call. Returned furniture to store, was advised refund back on credit card, then got gift card weeks later in the mail minus shipping/handling! Issue was never resolved, so forced to use credit. Today, after checking status of order placed on 8/30, was unable to get furniture delivered until 9/14 even though they have it ready for delivery. That's the earliest! Quality has declined, over priced and bad service! Been a PB credit card holder for over 14 years and totally disappointed!

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Ok everyone, get ready to read the absolute nightmare that has been my attempt to buy the Coleman beds (2 of them) from pottery barn. I needed these beds by 8/29 for a huge family reunion I am hosting. This has all been meticulously documented by me and is all true to the last detail. By the end you will be in such disbelief that I hope it convinces you to never order from this company again. Restoration hardware has some beautiful pieces and wonderful customer service in case you want an alternative. Here we go:

May 17, 2018 - I ordered 2 Coleman beds with an estimated delivery date of 6/16-6/19.

6/19 - no beds arrived, so I called and spoke with Johnny. He said these beds are made by a "third party vendor", would not give me the name, but he would email the vendor and will hear back in 72 hrs and call me
6/22- no call back so I called customer service. They had no news, said there's nothing I can do, and they cannot contact vendor except via email
6/27 - I sent PB customer service an email - no response
6/29 - I called customer service and was told beds were in the dallas distribution center, I will get a call in 3-5 business days to schedule delivery
7/10 - no word so I called customer service and asked to speak to a manager. Spoke with Julianna. She could not locate beds at all. She sent a "priority email" to the vendor and will call me tomorrow with an answer.
7/14 - no call from her so I called again. They wouldn't let me talk to a manager, but told me the beds were "lost in transit" and I should cancel and re-order. I said no, I need to talk to Julianna first bc of conflicting info. I said these beds should be free after such a delay and so many calls, and was laughed at and said "that's impossible". They said Julianna would call me Monday (7/16)
7/16 - Julianna called me, said she's trying to locate the beds and will call me with an update "soon". She said she'd give me 50% off my order and "something else"
7/18 - Julianna called and left me a message, beds were received in Southern california facility, trying to locate them, will call me back "soon"
7/26 - no news so I called and spoke with Larry who couldn't get a hold of Julianna but said the beds were to be delivered to Dallas DC on 7/29. He said he is going to call me on 7/30 for delivery set up
8/6 - no call again, so I called and spoke with Alice. She said that Larry left no note in the computer and Julianna not available to speak to, so she will send her an email to call me
8/6 - I called again and spoke with Kathy Boucher, lead manager, who said they are not in southern california or Dallas and haven't even shipped from the vendor. She will not tell me who vendor is or where they are located. She states she cannot offer beds for free and can't even give me 50% off, and that Julianna "should never have said that, that's not possible". She is asking her boss to find out where the beds are and about compensation and will email me. I told her I must have beds by 8/29.
8/7 - I received an email from Kathy - no news, she talked to her manager about Julianna and Julianna should reach out to me soon
8/8 - I responded via email saying I haven't heard from Julianna yet and reminded her I must have the beds by 8/29. I asked if they could send me other beds to use in the meantime. No response.
8/14 - I emailed Kathy asking for news....again.
8/15 - I got a call from Courtney at the Dallas DC, who said only the bed frames have arrived but no head boards/foot boards, she will call me when the rest arrives
8/16 - I got an email from Kathy saying everything is in Dallas and I'll get a call for delivery soon. I emailed her back telling her what Courtney said and she answered saying it all should be there just "give them an extra day to check everything in".
8/17 - I called the furniture delivery - still only frames are there
8/19- I called again -still just frames there, other pieces haven't left the vendor
8/23 - I called customer service, Kathy was not in and he wouldn't let me talk with a manager. He stated the rest of the beds shipped on 8/20, but doesn't have a tracking number or who is shipping. He would not let me speak to the Dallas DC saying "I don't have their number", he wouldn't transfer me to someone who can talk with them either. He said if I need the beds by 8/29 I should just call on 8/27 and if no news I should have time to get other beds arranged.
8/23 - I emailed Kathy asking for a response.

In disbelief? Me too. By now these beds are over 2 months late, I have spend hours and hours on the phone and each time I get a different story. I am so frustrated and now have no time to arrange for beds to be here in time. I have several people who are elderly or have disabilities staying with me who may have no bed to sleep in. I hope this helps you decided who to buy furniture from in the future.

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