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397 reviews
15 Casco Street
Freeport, ME 04033, US
Tel: 800-441-5713
2018 Customer choice award

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4 reviews
1 helpful vote

Poor customer relations and low quality of merchandise! Pants were made in irregular fitting as well as size.The online customer service was impatient in getting over with complaints. Strange that when it comes to placing new orders, they do not mind putting up a long wait?

1 review
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I decided to invest in a capsule wardrobe my first choice was llbean. I ordered a linen shirt I washed it as said and noticed after the first wash the stitching was horrible. I ordered another linen shirt from the company everlane and took a photo side by side of the difference in stitching the quality is amazing different! I had to pay $10 more but the everlane shirt is going to last much much longer without a doubt. Needless to say I did not go with llbean for my capsule wardrobe I will never order from them again. I will continue to purchase from ethical companies like everlane that take pride in their quality not their wallet! The white linen shirt is from everlane the blue one is from llbean need I say more!

1 review
1 helpful vote

My grandfather introduced us to LLBean with the famous boots. All of us have them, loved them and wore them for years. Bean has been the family go-to for generations. All my dad's hunting coats were Bean. My first backpacking tent in 1979 was Bean. My son's first down sleeping bag was Bean. My wife's blouses were Bean. My twin daughters' early outdoor gear was Bean. Our LLBean credit card annual review showed we averaged $6000 a year (maybe more earlier when I bought outdoor gear). It was good stuff.

My wife made our first returns ever to Bean last year - the quality white cotton blouses she had bought for years were now almost see-through and looked like they were made from tissue paper. She returned the two blouses. Bean gave her a hard time, but gave her a store credit and she tried others. Twice more, and the quality was so poor she asked for a refund, which after 60 days was grudgingly credited back. This weekend my daughter was out in the snow and sitting around a campfire with friends, just like the LLBean ad. The Jacket started smoking - her friends hollered at her - the jacket side melted! No one else had a problem sitting around the campfire!

My wife called Bean customer service to return the coat and Bean refused, with "Susan" from customer service saying "It would be common sense you don't wear our coats near a campfire." Really? The coat was purchased before Bean did away with the "guaranteed for life" promise. "You have our word on it." With hundreds of Bean products in our household, we believe the current operations of Bean have destroyed a good company. We will move on to Deluth Trading, MooseJaw, and hell, even JCPennys is better.

We still have the receipt. The coat is Primalft Pckaway Hooded Jacket TC287476. Don't buy this. Don't buy from them at all

I sat on this before writing and posting, but it's still just not right.

1 review
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The zipper on my beloved LLBean down jacket that I bought in 2015 became stuck and when I pulled it apart 3 of the zipper teeth broke off. I contacted their customer service and I received a response in less than a day saying I could return it for inspection. I did and included a note saying if they determined the zipper to be defective, I would be happy with a partial refund or crediting the cost of a replacement jacket which was quite a bit less than the one I was returning. I also said if they couldn't do that, to please return the jacket and I would have a seamstress put in a new zipper. I just got an email (from the same customer service representative who wrote the original email) saying they were crediting me the full amount. For a 4 year old jacket!! Now that's great service and a company that stands by its products!

4 reviews
2 helpful votes

Takes them 3 days to ship out an order and even with that much time they still can't manage to get it right. I placed an order for 3 pairs of shorts and only received 2 pair. When I called them to get my missing pair they refused to do anything for me for their mistake. I asked them to overnight the shorts to me, they replied with they do not have an overnight shipping service. I said fine then I'd like a credit on my order if that is not possible. They said no, they can only give me a $10 credit to LL Bean. I said I do not wish to support a company that can't get an order out in less than 48 hours so a $10 credit does nothing for me because they don't sell anything for $10. We go back and forth and she says is there anything else I can help you with and I replied with you haven't helped me in the first place and the she hung up on me. I did end up getting my shorts the very next day because they were shipped next day air so I do not know why we went through the whole thing about them not shipping next day. Bottom line is a company who messed up an order should be making sure they do whatever they can to try and make it right (within reason of course) and they acted like I placed the order for the shorts but forgot to order the 3rd pair and now I'm demanding they overnight them.

1 review
0 helpful votes

I ordered slippers on Dec7 as a Christmas present, I received them on
Jan 31, The quality was not the normal standard from Bean, It is now
over priced, low quality merchandise . That has to be the reason Bean has
changed the warranty, which seems to be worth little anymore. I would
send these back, but they charge $6 to return. I can buy chinese goods cheaper elsewhere with much better customer service.. I have been a customer for over 40 years, no more.

1 review
1 helpful vote

Declining quality has caused me to cut back a lot in what I buy from LLBean now down to only a few basic items a year, and then only when they offer a significant discount. The made in China garbage they're now peddling completely turned me off after being a loyal customer for decades.

Today was the last straw: I needed to EXCHANGE an item. I was astounded that I would be charged $6.50 to return the one I didn't want. Really?? No other company I deal with on the internet charges for this- a return, maybe, but an exchange? No way. Bye bye LLBean you've now succeeded in losing me as a customer. So sad that a once great company has fallen so low

1 review
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Bought this pants with cash at Old Orchard shopping mall in Skokie,IL. Brought it back when I revisited the city a year later. Everyone agreed the quality problem but I was told that the pants cannot be replaced because no record can be found in their system. No one cares that the product has their brand/label. It is no more a brand I trusted and would not buy again.

2 reviews
5 helpful votes

I've been shopping with L.L.Bean for decades. I had their LLBean credit card, and loved the perks when it was with Visa. Now they have Mastercard and their credit card is just really let me down and ruined my holiday shopping by suddenly closing my account for no reason. In fact, they owed me money. But, anyway, L.L.Bean's clothing quality has declined over the years. It used to be that their clothing were wonderfully long-lasting and sweaters nearly indestructible. Now, their sweaters mostly self-destruct within a few years, at best. A cash ere sweater I've had 3 years is becoming "thin" & is labeled "Made in China". Ugh! The women's tops have been shortened by several inches, so when you wash them, they shrink a bit and your mid section will show. Their returns are fine, especially if you have their now-crappy credit card, returns are free. I would only purchase L.L.B.'s high end items now, as those are the only items of quality that will really last, i.e., their $250 sweaters or $200 boots. Of course, wait for sales and use the LLB perks of "Bean Bucks". Sadly, their clothing quality has declined, but their household goods are great, if very over-priced. Be sure to carefully read all reviews before buying their furniture, as I've seen some poor reviews. I have bed linens from LLBean that are absolutely superb, which I had to wait to buy on sale, as they were very expensive. Then, the design is duscontinhued, so I cannot buy matching anything. Bummer! I used to LOVE LLBean, now it's a scavenger hunt for quality, pouring through their quantity of stuff. Good luck.

1 review
4 helpful votes

I bought a pair of their famous boots, they were too big, I returned them and purchased a smaller size. I was charged for the return even though I purchased another pair!
The only reason I bought the boots is they are the only thing they actually produce in U.S.
Everything else is made mostly in China, meaning you pay $50.00 for a sweater they paid maybe $5.00 for.
Done with LLBean-do yourself a favor a shop local!
This company is NOT what they used to be!!!

1 review
4 helpful votes

The holiday is approaching fast so beware of the slow shipping. I'm an LL Bean oldie and until their 'upgrade' last year, I always received my items within 3 days from ordering. It's now taking at least a week. Before the "free shipping all the time" spiel, I would only pay 9 dollars for a large box of many items. Then Bean raised the price of almost all their products ten dollars and offered free shipping. So, I was basically paying 90 dollars more for 9 Tshirts and they called that free shipping? Now, the free shipping for card holders is degraded to a week or more.
They are no longer a fashion icon ( haven't been for a few years) and I would hope that people wouldn't purchase their cheap cookie cutter disposable fashion simply to advertise their gaudy logo that is now on just about everything. How tacky! Bean's CEO doesn't appear to have good taste or understand what an iconic outdoor lifestyle company is truly about. I shop at Orvis almost exclusively now. I hope they don't go down the same rabbit hole that Bean has.

1 review
3 helpful votes

A nightmare never shop here again hint-hint empty stores like sears are coming!!! Deceptive return policy and customer service callus and who cares attitude

1 review
2 helpful votes

I have purchased hundreds of dollars worth of items from LL Bean and will no longer support this company. They have defrauded their customers by retroactively changing their return policy and lowered product quality.

1 review
2 helpful votes

I was mid way through my purchase of this top, when I was accosted in the store by another customer. A man threatened to stomp on my child, while the ENTIRE staff at the checkout looked on and said nothing (backstory, my 4 year old son tripped and stepped on his foot). After being threatened by another customer and having all employees look away, I promptly left without the purchase. The woman at my checkout whispering "sorry". I have called and been passed around to 4 customer service reps - and all they can say is "we will review the tapes at some point". Not one person has offered to help me place the order, not one offer to facilitate shipping me the backordered item (since I will never step foot in that store again). The WORST experience, the WORST customer service. They should be ashamed of how they handled that situation and they are handling the incident.

1 review
4 helpful votes

So first off, I have been buying from this store for almost 40 years, so my dissapointment is deep. I received a sweater from my mom as a gift, I'm a tall size and the herd of ll bean tall sized sweaters i have owned over time all worked great, but this one, marked tall, is not. Ok, so I have to return it. Read the fine print...says I have to pay return disclaimer that if it's their fault, missized,damaged, etc..on paying that fee. Ok, that's crappy policy but they say you can forgo paying for their mistake if you take it into a store, which i have kinda nearby. So upon trying my return at the store, I'm told that you have to have the cc the purchase was made on in hand else they will only issue store credit...for an item mismarked by them. So problem with that is mom isn't with me. She is in a bloody nursing home and I'm not about to wheelchair her down to the mall to present her credit card. Just asking them to credit it back to her card, that's the card they were happy to take payment on initially over the phone for God's sake. So run my dissatisfaction by the store manager and she basically tells me even if they sent the wrong color it's my responsibility to pay return shipping...or maybe I can call customer service and complain. Ok, this isn't a Walmart good, it's full fare. A 90 dollar sweater..and I am done. My loyalty went back to the indestructible backpack I got in the late 70s as a kid, but that's over. Good luck and read the fine print before you pay.

3 reviews
8 helpful votes

I live LL Bean. I have been a loyal Shopper for over 20 years. Their merchandise is the best and will last forever.

1 review
3 helpful votes

Compare to their extremely ignorant and ineffcient customer service, poor quality of their products is nothing. They messed up two orders' refund in the same month, and still won't refund my money after another month. I asked the customer service representitive David to simply refund me through paypal, which is how I paid for my order. He answered he doesn't know anything about paypal and it's impossible. He also try to blame me for their mistakes. I still don't have my money up to today. It's really something you won't believe that is happening in 2018.

1 review
1 helpful vote

moccasins are great, the soles are terrible, wear out way before the moccasin itself, this is second pair, same problem for both.

1 review
2 helpful votes

Purchased woman's ankle hiking boot, glue came apart from the soles on both boots after being worn once. LL Bean stated that it was a manufacturer's defect but would not refund or exchange these boots. Poor workmanship, cheaply made. Would not recommend these boots for purchase

1 review
1 helpful vote

Ordered October 14 arriving to Tennessee October 22. Always slow. This is hard to deal with in a world where Amazon offers two day shipping. Even if you pay for expedited shipping it is slower than two day.

1 review
1 helpful vote

We were sold two bicycles saying that if anything happened we could easily get maintenance on them or could return them. In reality, you can't return them and they can't fix them. Don't buy anything from them!

1 review
2 helpful votes

We have had the LL Bean cars for years. I am so disgusted with Citibank with their constant "theft protection" holds and being denied when we use it every other transactions. After several phone calls and discussions they still can't figure it out.
Sorry LL Bean- love you guys but enough is enough with your bank.

1 review
5 helpful votes

LLBean switched banks to handle their credit cards. This was not anything that any card holder could choose to opt out of. In the transition the old card company listed my account as closed. Because of this, I checked my credit score and saw that it had dropped 50 points. Now I have to dispute the issue with the credit bureaus and fight this issue on my own. Nobody is owning up to the issue. As a customer I am being punished for the mishandling of information from the credit card company and this is inexcusable. As a company, LLBean could not have displayed a more passive and careless attitude. I won't be using this card again and I will promptly be switching to other outdoor retailers for my clothing needs.

4 reviews
1 helpful vote

Being able to go to a brick and mortar location puts this retailer high on my list. Great return policy.

1 review
3 helpful votes

Just buy from Old Navy. Same poor quality, much cheaper. LL Bean blew it, bankruptcy within 5 years. Sad

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If you don't get results from one customer service representative, ask to speak to a supervisor. I emailed my question in and had a quick response and exceptional service. Had I not, I certainty would have gone up the chain of command.

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