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59 Reviews by Frances

(I discovered, in corresponding with customer service, that these jeans shipped much later than I thought. I order a lot of jeans from Madewell, hence my confusion. So this order was backordered for six months! Awful!)

I recently contacted customer service about a defective pair of jeans that I received in the spring. Because the jeans had been on a long backorder (really common with Madewell), they arrived at the beginning of the hot season, and I had not worn them all summer. I first wore my new jeans in the cool fall weather. It was only then that I noticed that they were deformed in the way they were sewn, which was something that was not evident on initial try on. So I contacted Madewell with a complaint. I stated in the email that I knew the item fell outside of return guidelines, but they need to know about this quality control problem. They emailed me back saying that yes, the return requirements dictate that the item be unworn and no more than 30 days in hand, but that they might have "other options" to explore. They asked for more information. I provided it, and then got a reply saying that the jeans fell outside of their return window, so there was nothing they "could" (would) do. This was something that I had acknowledged up front. So why bother saying there might be some remedy? Awful customer service. I'm over Madewell.
Update: I had a good laugh at the company's snotty reply, below. What a great way to win over customers! Glad I stopped shopping the site. They suck. I've figured out what the rush of rave reviews is about. HerRoom is forcing customers via a pop-up window to post a review here in order to complete their transactions and get an order number. Awful company.

I count 22 HerRoom full-star reviews in a row, all arriving together on the same day (today), all from reviewers with just one review on file. Shame on you, HerRoom. Yours is a business that I used to support. I've placed at least a dozen orders with you, over the years (the last one in 2018), and perhaps more. Now you have lost me. I hate it when businesses have their employees flood review sites with fake reviews. (Since you need an order number to review for HerRoom, how did those fakes get in, hmm?)

My ordering experience with HerRoom was always unpredictable. They would draw me in with a sale item that they did have in stock (emails announcing that brand X is on sale), but most of the time anything else I added to the order would be backordered. Sometimes the backorders were for many weeks. I'd often cancel items that kept getting delayed. I kept returning to the site because they carried so many brands and had good sales, but overall I would say that order fulfillment was terrible. Finally, I started buying my lingerie elsewhere.

As proof of their backorder habit, here is an excerpt from a 12/2018 HerRoom email:

"We have not forgotten you! The items you selected which were on back order have arrived and we are prepared to ship them to you immediately. In order to complete the shipping process, we will need to update your payment options. Orders paid for with PayPal cannot be resubmitted after a 30-day lapse, but you have several options..."
Wilma W. – HerRoom Rep
Hello Patricia - I'm sorry you think this, but you are absolutely WRONG! All our reviews are legitimate customer feedback. We simply had Sitejabber add a pop-up after the thank you page asking our customers to please leave a review. We are delighted that people who usually do not leave reviews have chosen to do so, and that they think so highly of our site and their experience.

Looking at your order history with us, you like to buy items on sale. You also have a very popular size. I am sorry others with your same size are getting to the sale items before you.

Kind Regards,
Customer Service Manager
Update: had to get my refund through PayPal dispute, escalated to claim.

Current and Elliott used to make really good tee shirts that fit well and lasted for ages. I recently purchased two online, though, and one arrived with a large hole in the collar binding. The hole was front and center on the shirt, and fully visible inside the clear plastic bag the shirt was packaged in. Yet the warehouse sent it out anyway. The company sent me a return label when I reported the problem, and I mailed the defective tee back to them. Most reliable, ethical companies would have either requested a photo of the damaged shirt, and refund me up front, or would have refunded me when the return package was scanned. Not Current and Elliott. After two weeks had elapsed with no word on my refund, I emailed them. They replied with a confirmation that they'd received my returned item, and they stated the standard "allow 7-10 business days for processing your refund." But they had already had either nine or 11 business days to process it, depending on how you count business days days. And the refund was for defective merchandise they sent out. So there is no justification for making me wait so long for my money. These are $90 tees shirts, by the way. It's a good chunk of change they are holding. Do not recommend this company!
Update: Right after I requested that my order be canceled because the predicted fulfillment date was too far out, I received an email saying that Gilt is so sorry but they cannot fill my order as the item is no longer available. Right. So did they see this review and decide to bail on the order? I think so. It's sort of funny, but the fact is they wasted my time and held my money for too long (or at least the preauthorization for the charge), without ever having the merchandise I purchased on hand! The way they pitch their flash sales is that they have limited inventory, and that there are "only two left!", and so on. But they don't have the stuff in stock, apparently, based on the delay in fulfillment. Very misleading. Very dodgy.

Original review: So I bit of one of their dangled flash sale baits. Purchased some Tom Ford eyeglass frames. Found out only when I have completed the purchase that they won't ship for a month! Totally dishonest sales practices there. Now I see reviews here saying that the site sells fakes, so I am so wondering what I will receive. And when. The delay in shipping is a red flag for this not being a sale of genuine overstock, but knockoffs made to order. I just now went to the Gilt website and looked up my order to see whether I could cancel it. Answer is unclear. So I clicked on return information for my order and it said that "none of the items in your order are eligible for return." The flash sale listing pages had noted all items as eligible for return! Again, totally dishonest business practices.
• Updated review
Submitted a request for contact on this matter, got back a "What can we help you with?'. Replied with explanation of problem with evaluation and "repair" of my shoes. (Not only. are they still too stretched out, they just don't fit anywhere since the adjustment. I think the repair crew lessened the width of the forefoot, so now the shoes are really loose in back and pinching my feet in the front.) Customer service has, so far, ignored my reply. Do not recommend this company for anything! Reviews on the website are meaningless because they will not publish anything critical of their products.
After all that waiting, did not fix problem
• Previous review
I finally got my shoes back. They are beautifully polished and clean and new looking and they even included an extra pair of insoles and a pot of glue to attach them, which is a little weird but the shoes are still too big. And they are too big because they stretched out excessively. Which is why I sent them in for assessment, right? So why did they bother? They should have just accepted the return and refunded my money and left it at that. They lost a customer anyway, and wasted money on the ineffective refurbishment and shipping. If they had just refunded my money I might have still, some day, purchased their other shoes that are adjustable. Ridiculous.
They cherry pick reviews, and cherry pick their guarantee
• Previous review
Update 08/17: When I emailed the customer rep (again) asking what was going on with my shoes, she replied that she had emailed me an invoice a week prior, with the order number for "warranty repair" of the shoes (Quoddy everything because they treat everything like a purchase, even no-charge things like assessment for repair or replacement). This was a blatant lie. She said she would send the invoice "again." I received that email, of course, and noticed that the invoice was dated that day. So she had just generated a new invoice after I asked about it. Why do people lie about things that can so easily be proven wrong? Ridiculous. Also ridiculous is the fact that my stretched-out shoes are being "adjusted" for "length and width." Really? Are they restitching the things? They are going to be hideous, if so. And by the time they are scheduled to be mailed back to me (according to the invoice) I will have been without my shoes for five or six weeks. They are summer shoes, and summer is ending.

Never again, Quoddy.

Main review: I purchased a pair of $250 women's shoes from Quoddy. Within a month of wear, they had stretched too much to be worn safely. The company told me to send them back for assessment, at my expense. Only when I protested did they offer a prepaid shipping label. Now they have had my my $250 shoes for two weeks and I am still waiting to hear what they have determined. I have tried three times to submit a review for the product, but they will not post my review. The shoes have just three reviews, all raving about how wonderful they are. (I own a few pairs of Quoddy shoes from past years, and have not had a problem with them. I fear that the quality may have declined lately. I replaced a pair of Quoddy fleece lined slippers this year, and the new ones are not nearly as nice as my old pair.)
• Updated review
Downgrading this review for two reasons. First, a dog bath that I purchased a little more than a year ago failed exactly one week past the one-year limited warranty Chewy offers. They told me they could not do anything and to contact the manufacturer with "questions or concerns." You'd think that for an item that gets used maybe a couple times a month, at most, an extra week of warranty coverage might be logical. But no.

Second, I have submitted reviews on Chewy for that bath twice, and neither review has posted. The first review was mildly negative, pointing out some dog-safety concerns. The second was a one-star review because part of the product broke, with normal use. The product has almost all positive reviews on Chewy's website, so I suspect some cherry picking of feedback is going on here. I am so disappointed. I used to love this company.
Good price on prescriptions
• Previous review
My vet dispensed a daily medication for my dog (Galliprant) that was more than $4 a pill. I checked Chewy.com and found it for about half that price. They handle contacting the vet's office for approval, and they get a new approval for every refill (they notify me of progress by email). I don't have to do anything because it's all automatic. Easy peasy. The medication they dispense is authentic, which is not necessarily true for some online pet pharmacies. I think it's outrageous that veterinarians in the US are allowed to dispense their own medications (usually at a hefty mark-up because it is a profit point for them), so I am happy to bypass that racket and buy direct from a reliable source. Great service! (BTW, Heartguard is also about half the price that my vet charges.)

Update 8/28: After months of approving refills, my vet's office has stated giving me trouble over Chewy filling my dog's prescription. They have no right to do this, any more than my doctor can force me to fill my prescriptions at the medical center in which her medical group operates. I phoned Chewy and was told that they will follow up again with the vet. So it's good to know they will fight the battle for me. It is absolutely unethical for vets to use prescriptions as a profit center. Years ago I had a vet agree to price matching with another online pharmacy (before Chewy existed) so that he could still get a cut if the profit. He said the reason was that it was the only way to be sure I received good quality medications. But I happened to be standing at the counter when some of his deliveries came in, and I saw boxes from the same vet supply and pharmacy I was using! So stand your ground and demand that your vet "allow" you to fill prescriptions elsewhere. It the vet won't cooperate, find a new vet.
They work to earn your loyalty
• Previous review
I began using Chewy simply because I couldn't obtain my dogs' kibble anywhere near my home. I became a fan, though, when they refunded without being asked items for which I posted less than stellar reviews. The first was a seat cover for my car, which was a fine product but didn't work for me. They give me my money back and told me to donate it to an animal shelter. Next, they refunded a couple dog toys that didn't work out for my boys. An acquaintance told me that when her dog died soon after she's purchased some expensive senior dog supplies, Chewy refunded her and sent her a sympathy card. They are a great company. Their prices are good and delivery is free over a minimum charge. Perfect!
• Updated review
I'm downgrading DermStore by two stars because they have slowed down their fulfillment times. It took them three days to process my current order, and I just received an email notice that my order had shipped. But "shipped" means only that they generated a label. When I went to track my package, I saw that it has not yet reached a shipping facility. And since is a Saturday afternoon, and it's a long weekend, that means my USPS package won't truly ship for three more days. So I will get my package maybe 14 to even 21 days after ordering (based on 7-14 business days standard shipping time). Way too long.
Reliable company
• Previous review
There are a lot of fake reviews on Sitejabber, and one of the ways to spot them is that they are posted by someone with no other reviews, and they post at the same time as a slew of similar one-star or five-star reviews. So I look at the run of one-star reviews here and I wonder whether the competition (in particular the company with a very similar name to DermStore's) is submitting fake, negative reviews. Just something to keep in mind.

I've been ordering from DermStore since 2013 (back when they sold on Amazon!) and although I did have a few order issues with them years ago (I just checked my archived emails to confirm this), they always made things right without fighting me on anything. In the last few years I had been alternating between this company and the similarly named SkinStore, depending on which had special offers on my products. But since that other (awful) company has morphed into the business from hell, all of my orders will now go to Dermstore.They are a fully owned subsidiary of Target, so you know you have a solid, reliable corporation behind the name. This is not, unlike that other (awful) business, some dodgy overseas warehouse operating on a collective web platform, with no real corporate offices. Dermstore's very real corporate headquarters is in Los Angeles, California. They are an authorized retailer for some of the brands sold by med spas and dermatologists' offices (like SkinCeuticals, for instance), but unlike the med spa I frequent DermStore occasionally runs specials on my product lines. Even better, I get money back by going through the Ebates portal. I consider this a safe and reliable place to buy my cosmetic supplies.
Update 12/2019: Ugh. I purchased some European slippers based on the size chart on the brand-specific LL Bean website. They were a size too big. I went to the manufacturer's website and saw that their size chart was different, and indicated that I needed a size smaller. I phoned LLBean and was told I had to pay for another pair (more than $100) to exchange them, and send the others back. When I received the new slippers and contacted LLBean to see where my refund was, I was told it would be up to 4 weeks before I get it. They have the ability to track the package and see that it arrived, but they would not. So I have now changed my opinion of them, after more than 30 years, to "meh." I doubt I will be shopping here again.

original review: I have been an LL Bean customer since the 1980s. It's true, sadly, that the quality of some LL Bean clothing and shoes has declined in recent years, since the advent of large-scale manufacturing in China. But their customer service is still excellent! I ordered some Wicked Good Moccasins (a truly high quality product, still) that were about a size too big. Since I had followed the size recommendation on the website, I was annoyed that I would have to pay $6.50 for return postage. I did a Chat with a customer service rep and explained the size discrepancy. She arranged for a smaller size to be sent rush delivery (two days), and told me to put my wrong-size slippers in that box for return. No charge, no delay, no mistrust. Just great service.

In the old days Bean would take anything back, at any time. No matter how beat up it was. Because so many horrible people cynically took advantage of that returning tents after vacation and that sort of thing they have changed their policy. But they do still guarantee their goods. Many years ago I phoned LLBean to ask whether they could repair my favorite pair of Bean penny loafers, which were so worn that the sole was coming off on one. They told me to send them in for replacement. They sent me a brand new pair!
I have purchased several items on 1st Dibs textiles, framed art, and decor. I have bought items sourced both from the US and internationally. I have had mixed experiences. It is important to check of the individual seller before making an offer. Look at all of their listed items, assessing them for consistency and quality. See whether they also have a bricks and mortar shop or gallery (that is a positive sign). I made the mistake of buying an item in haste from a seller that I later learned was also selling many ridiculously priced garage-sale junk pieces (calling this junk "vintage collector's items" or something similar). I had not taken the time to look though his full listings because I was in a hurry. That kind of flea market stock list is a huge red flag. Avoid those shops.

The bid process is pretty good on the site, although I once had a seller try to deny that he had accepted my lower bid when I who had not seen his acceptance mistakenly accepted his higher counter offer. Not sure how that happened, but I won that argument. If you tag an item as a favorite and wait, the seller may send you a discount offer after a time. The website also holds sales featuring several shops at a time, and will notify you if a shop you liked is included. Be aware that some 1st Dibs shops post prices that are hugely inflated, expecting the price to be bid down. If you do your research and you know the going price of what you are buying, this is a safe place to shop.
• Updated review
I've lowered my rating of Poshmark after having an odd experience on the site. I had removed all of the for-sale items in my "closet" because I was, temporarily, too too busy to follow up on bids and sales. So my closet showed only sold items. But many weeks later I received an offer on an item I had removed. Odd. I think it slipped through because it was a second bid, from someone who had previously submitted a low offer and had been rejected. So that is a flaw in the Poshmark programming, and that is my first complaint. I still had the item so I accepted the offer, and then I got a surprise and this leads to my second complaint. The item was a handbag from a Big Name designer brand, and the purchaser was the manufacturer! The "buyer" was identified as a woman's name, but the address was the office for the brand. So perhaps the manufacturer is buying up their stock on the resale market? What bothers me about this sale is that I found this out only after accepting the bid. It makes me feel that I have been snookered, somehow. It seems wrong that a company can hide behind an essentially anonymous buyer while snapping up their merchandise across the Web. And then the "buyer" did not give me any stars for the sale, so that messes up my average rating of full marks. This got me thinking about the flaws in the Poshmark structure. It's not balanced in favor of the sellers. Sellers are not allowed to rate buyers, even though buyers cause a lot of problems (based on the many complaints I have read). And I have never been comfortable with sending items to stranger with my return address on the package. So I am no longer a fan of this site.
As a seller I've had good experiences...
• Previous review
I've sold many items on Poshmark, and I have full marks as a seller. I package my items carefully, include extra gifts, and sell only the best quality goods. The reason I don't give full marks for the site are, first, they don't filter out the junk many people post on the site. I see listing for the strangest stuff (used bra, anyone?). Second, there are obvious resellers who comb the site and follow other sellers. They'll "like" your listings and follow you, and I get the feeling they are gaming the system. I've never had a problem with anyone returning an item, but I have had low-ball offers that are just insulting, and that can be frustrating. Overall, I'd say this is a fine place to sell things like new or lightly used handbags and new-in-box shoes. Other items are slower to move.
• Updated review
Zazzle did refund me after I chewed them out. But before they did that they told me they couldn't do a refund for a charge under X dollars. They said all they do was a credit toward future purchases. Really? I did not believe that for a minute. I pushed the matter and got my refund, magically. Of course, they had to make it sound like they were doing me a favor. Spare me.

So if this happens to you, stick to your guns and get your money back! It's not right that they trick people into signing up for an auto-renew membership.
Zazzle S. – Zazzle Rep
Hi Patricia,

I am sorry to hear that you are still having issues with our Zazzle Black shipping program! That is not the customer experience we strive for and we would like to make it right! I'll be reaching out to you directly via e-mail.

I look forward to assisting you further!

Thank you,
Do not fall for Zazzle Black "free trial"!
• Previous review
I made the mistake of taking the dangled bait of free shipping on an order, and inadvertently and unknowingly signed up (says Zazzle) for "Zazzle Black" membership. On auto-renew no less. Found out about this only when the charge went through on my payment service...a year later! Zazzle will not reverse the charge, which is pretty shocking. I do not recommend this business for anything!
Zazzle S. – Zazzle Rep
Hello Patricia,

I apologize that you had such a bad experience with our Zazzle Black standard shipping program! That is definitely not the kind of customer experience we strive for and we would love the opportunity to make this right! I’ll be reaching out to you directly via e-mail.

I look forward to assisting you further!

Thank you,
What the heck?
• Previous review
I have no idea what has happened to The Zazzle website, but the programming needs some tweaking. I have ordered custom postcards from Zazzle many times over the years. Up until my last attempt to design cards, it has always easy to enter and orient the text on the image side of the postcard. I could get the thing done in less than 10 minutes, and the quality of the product was fair (not exceptional, but okay) for the price. Today, though, I spent 30 minutes trying to get their system to accept my simple text design. Every time I used the grid lines to orient and center my text block, the system went wonky. My text repeatedly blew up (the font increasing on its own accord), and the grid would not accept my attempts at changing the orientation. Even when I shrank the font to mice type, it still confused the programming and the lines ran to the sides of the automatic margins. When I tried to backtrack or undo, my text block repeatedly disappeared and had to be entered again. I gave up and will find a new printer for my cards.

Over the years I have ordered many things from Zazzle. The postcards were the only things I ever ordered twice. Their printing quality of the posters and pillows I've ordered has been variable, and mostly very poor. They have refunded me on a few things that were unacceptable, so I'd say their customer service is okay. But their quality standards are not reliable. They enlarge images beyond reasonable resolution quality, and their fabric inks (on printed pillows) are so low-saturation that the images look faded.
Zazzle S. – Zazzle Rep
Hello Patricia,

We are so sorry to hear about the issues that you've been experiencing while designing on the website. That is definitely not the kind of customer experience we strive for and we would love the opportunity to make this right.

Please feel free to reach out to our Order Placement Team for design assistance. We can be reached at social@zazzle.com, or give us a call at 1-877-893-8935.

We look forward to assisting you further

Thank you,
• Updated review
HEADS UP on this company: I was surprised to receive a Guideboat catalog in the mail, in 11/2019, since this company officially folded in 2918. The company J. Peterman was handling the liquidation of Guideboat Co. inventory for some months. But now Guideboat Co. seems to be up and running again, with no evident relationship to J. Peterman. When I tried to research company ownership, I got nothing. When you call the Guideboat phone number, the call is now answered with the company name rather than J. Peterman. So who owns this company? Is it J. Peterman under another name? It's very strange for that to be so opaque. I'd steer clear.

Original post: Phoned them on a Thursday to ask why I had not been credited for my return by the previous Friday, as I was promised. The customer service rep said she was looking at my file and saw that my return was processed and that I had indeed been credited a week prior. I asked her for a transaction code because I knew that this was not true. She said she could request that a transaction record be sent to my email. I have received that transaction record. Date of transaction? Today! The day after my last phone call asking why I had not been credited. They just can't stop lying! It's almost funny...but, not.
Customer Service lied to me!
• Previous review
I had delivery confirmation that my returned items had arrived at "Guideboat" (actually J.Peterman Co.), so I phoned to check on my return credit. I was told that it would be two to three weeks before the return was processed! I pointed out, to the customer service rep, that J.Peterman was selling by deception, by sending out their constant promotional emails as Guideboat Co. She said that J. Peterman "acquired Guideboat Co. last year." That is a lie, and I told her so. The truth is that Guideboat went bankrupt, and J. Peterman is acting as liquidator for Guideboat's remaining stock. They are required to divulge that to customers. I told her all of this, and she backed off and said that my return credit would be processed by the end of the week. Well...surprise. It wasn't processed. She lied. I have little hope that I will see my money. They owe me about $200.
Worst customer service!
• Previous review
After this company had the nerve to send me used, dirty merchandise, I am the one who has to waste my time chasing them down. I have sent them an email, phoned twice, waited on endless hold, and then been bounced out of the phone queue only to be instructed by the automated system to leave a message...so they might get back to be in 24 hours. Ridiculous. Update: I have since found out that Guideboat Co. is technically out of business, and J. Peterman seems to be selling off Guideboat's stock. Yet they are sill sending out email offers for "Guideboat Co.". Deceptive business practices! Thieves.
They sent me used shoes and a dirty shirt
• Previous review
I've made many purchases from Guideboat Co. (Guideboat.com), but they have lost me forever after what they did to me on my last order. They emailed me about an online promotion for Mother's Day, for which a limited number of items were available at deep discount. I purchased two knit shirts and a pair of handmade leather moccasins by Quoddy. When I opened my package and reached into the shoebox to pull out my new shoes, I was disgusted to see that what I held in my hand were used, dirty, heavily scuffed and worn, used shoes. Not just a little shopworn from being tried on in the store, but actually used. One of the knit shirts was also used, and arrived rumpled and covered with bits of dirt and pet hair. Only one of my items was new, clean and in unopened packaging. I don't know what they were thinking at Guideboat. Were they clearing out their bins of returned merchandise at the warehouse? They sent me items that should have been donated to a charity (although I never donate anything that is not clean and in good condition). I am furious that they would do this to a customer. It's fraud. It's downright unsanitary.
• Updated review
Update 03/2020: BEWARE! I noticed an unauthorized credit card charge from RH, for $109 and change. Turns out they had renewed my annual membership WITHOUT ASKING! They had retained my credit card information and set up the membership as a recurring charge. When I phoned RH to report this, the agent said I would be refunded. No apology or explanation offered. HORRIBLE company.

I ordered more than $1k worth of merchandise, including a multi-item set of sheets. Although all items showed as in-stock when I placed the order, five items in the sheet set were noted as backordered ("will be delivered on or before X date") by about a month in my shipping notice. Given that this was a set of sheets (not useful if the entire set is not available), I called to confirm that they would indeed be restocked. I was assured that they would be. The day before the stated "on or before" delivery date for the backorder, I still had not received any shipping notice. So I phoned RH and got a remarkably dim service rep. I stated (clearly) what I was calling (backordered items, delivery "on or before" due date tomorrow, no notice of shipping, etc.), and she pulls up my account, hems and haws, puts me on a long hold, comes back and continues to say "hmm, huh," as if it's the biggest puzzle in the world. Really? I ask her, point blank, why she is so puzzled. She says, "Because you ordered multiple items and some of them were not delivered." Oh...my...god. I ask for a supervisor, wait on more seemingly endless hold, only to be told that "the items are being pulled from the shelves right now." Right, so RH dropped my backorder, obviously. She says the items will ship within 24 hours. She goes out of her way to avoid admitting that RH screwed up. Even though they should have sent me a notification that the backorder was delayed (of course, the real reason they did not notify me is that they dropped my order, but she does not admit this). I push her on the matter annoyed at further delays and she says that it takes 24 hours for the items to ship and then 7-10 business days to arrive. Excuse me? I am supposed to wait another two weeks? I suggest that she might expedite the shipping. She say she will look into that but probably can't do it because the items have already been entered into the shipping process. Really? She already told me the "items were being pulled from the shelves right now." It's all a bunch of BS to cover up the fact that they lost my backorder and I will have been sitting on a partial order for more than two months before I receive the rest of my items. How do these folks stay in business? I certainly wouldn't order furniture from them.
The membership card is a trick! Do not buy!
• Previous review
I *purposely* put together an order with RH that was large enough that the 25% savings negated the cost of the (annual) $100 RH discount card. So I put that membership card in my basket. All items in my order were listed as in stock and ready to ship. I even changed a couple selections because my first choices were backordered. Two days after I placed my $500 order, I got an email from RH telling me that one item was canceled because it was out of stock. This was a $108 item, so there goes my balanced order! I explained the situation to the customer service drone, and requested a partial refund of the RH card fee, since RH screwed up on this. I was refused, and was given a cookie cutter spiel about backordered stock, and how RH cannot guarantee delivery dates, etc. But that had nothing to do with an order that was all in-stock merchandise! So what was the suggestion for remedy that RH offered? The guy told me to buy another item that was in the same category but was made of a different material and had as little to do with what I ordered as apples have to do with oranges. Really? I would cancel my entire order if I could. I certainly will not renew my RH card next year. I'll probably wait for a sale and buy enough goods to cover the cost of the card, and then will have nothing to do with RH again. Is that a good way to run your business, alienating customers?
• Updated review
After waiting weeks for the missing parts needed to assemble my expensive purchase, I received a shipment that was again missing parts! I should have been sent twenty pieces and received 15. So I have a pile of useless parts siting here and am out of pocket for more than $425. Idiots! I do not recommend this company for anything.
Never again...they have lost me
• Previous review
After thirty years of doing business with this company, I am now an ex-customer. I have a $425 (plus shipping in excess of $60) pile of useless parts, and am still waiting for the replacement parts needed to put the item together. The company has offered no accommodation. No refund of shipping. Nothing but insincere, meaningless lip service. They even killed the product review I submitted, so they cherry pick their customer reviews. Do not recommend...for anything.
Effusive but insincere, ineffective customer service representative
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I've purchased many things from GS over the years, and even though I sometimes had problems with the odd purchase they have always made good on the order (although I sometimes had to stomp my feet and demand that they adhere to their customer guarantee promises...the customer service reps could be annoyingly argumentative). This reliability is why I continued buying from them. But something has changed at the company, and I don't like it. Yesterday I received a damaged shipment of a large, very heavy (70 pounds) item. It had been shipped in an inadequate box, which had broken open. I phoned to ask what I should do with this partially torn-open shipping carton. Should I open it and inspect the contents, or tape it up and return to sender? The customer service rep (so effusive, brittle and fake-friendly that I found myself missing the old-style, grumpy reps I was used to) talked over me and said the item was shipped directly from the vendor, and that I should inspect it and do an inventory of parts, and then they will "work with" the vendor to replace anything missing or damaged. I pointed out that once it's opened up I was not going to be able to pack it up again. She said, vaguely, that if it needs to be returned the vender would "help with" the return costs, but first they need me to do an inventory. Translation: I am stuck with this thing whether I want it or not. They aren't going to take it back. So my advice, if you order from GS, is to avoid ordering any large, heavy item that is drop shipped from a vendor. Stick with the items they have in stock, in their warehouse, or smaller items that are easy to ship. The big, heavy items that come directly from the vendors seem to fall into a gray area where no one takes full responsibility.
I am torn about giving RL even three stars because I think their web platform can be misleading (the way the automatic counteroffers work can be wonky), and because when I have complained to RL about problems I've experienced, their customer service department has been rude and dismissive. However, I have purchased several high-quality pieces of jewelry from one long-term seller on RL, and I am quite pleased with them. The seller is easy to work with, the jewelry is as described and shown, and the seller even adjusted the price of something down when I had second thoughts about the purchase. I think that RL suffers from not being choosy enough about who sells on the site. I agree with the other reviewer who says it can look like a junky garage sale. But there is at least one really great jewelry seller on there, who gets repeat business from me and (if you trust the transaction reviews) other buyers. Just be careful who you deal with.
I am a fan of R&B clothing, particularly their jeans. I usually buy their goods from Nordstrom, but have recently made a few purchases directly from the R&B website. On one order, the shoes I received were made of a very different finish of leather than was shown or described online, and I thought they were ghastly. I'd purchased them as final sale because they were at deep discount. I contacted R&B and they did take the shoes back, even paying for return shipping. On the next order, my jeans arrived in a beautiful gift box, but I was charged for that gift box and had not ordered it! They did refund my money for the box, but didn't apologize, which is annoying and a bit insulting. I mean...it was their mistake. I might stick with ordering their stuff from Nordstrom instead.
I don't know what to think of a company that floods this site with fake five-star reviews every day. The reviews post in groups of a dozen or more, all with strange phrasing and too-specific details. It's a huge red flag. (I see that since I posted this FashionNova has now started loading up obviously fake FOUR-star reviews. Amazing.)
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I had to cancel most of one order (seven plants canceled) because the shipping date was delayed so long that it was too late to plant bare root specimens here. The bare root roses I did receive were shipped with no moist material around the roots (packing the roots with moist newspaper, moss or something similar is standard practice for growers), and they were slipped into in a loose, unsealed plastic bag, inside a shipping carton with no padding. The plants had advanced sprouting that was blanched from lack of sunlight, so they must have been held in a warehouse for some time prior to shipping. One plant had several roughly broken major roots that were clearly old wounds not from shipping. One of the broken roots was rotting. That plant never should have shipped out.

BTW, the only reason to not pack the roots with something to keep them moist is to save on shipping cost. Water adds weight. So the company would rather risk shipping compromised plant stock than pay a bit more to pack it properly.

Not happy. Not buying plants from this company again.
Misleading listings
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I have gotten some remarkably poor quality plant stock from Spring Hill over the years, but they always make the situation right when a customer complains. They will either ship out a better plant, or refund your money if the plant is diseased or not going to survive for some reason. So they get points to for that. But this year I succumbed to a SH email offer that, I believe, purposely misled buyers. In their promotional email they claimed they had a limited number of premium size bare root plants available. They were almost twice the price of standard stock, but the photos were promising. I ordered several, and they gave me an expected ship date. A few weeks after that date had come and gone, and I had not heard from Spring Hill, I look up my order in their website and see that all of my "limited availability" plants are backordered, by several weeks. So this was not stock they had on hand, and it was not stock that was limited availability. It's just normal bare root plants that they are ordering from the usual sources. The entire ad pitch was BS. I'll be interested to see what they finally send out, and whether it is in any way premium plant stock. I don't have high expectations at this point.
I've ordered from this company just once, but the transaction went smoothly and I am pleased with my purchase. My Isabel Marant coat was shipped from Germany to the US. It shipped quickly and arrived promptly, and was beautifully presented in a pretty yellow box nice enough to keep for storing clothing. The DHL courier did something truly stupid when my box was delivered, but that is a problem with DHL, not this company. I will order from them again.
Package theft is a huge problem in the US. It's so bad that Amazon has worked with the police in some cities to run sting operations using bait packages. Yet PayPal offers no protection for buyers when a package is reported as delivered but is subsequently stolen. I had a merchant (SkinStore) refuse to reship a $600 package that went missing from my front gate. Fed Ex did an investigation and determined that the package was lost or stolen. The vendor kept putting me off when I requested that it be reshipped, saying they were doing their own "investigation." I had paid with PayPal, so I filed a dispute with the merchant. The merchant, knowing that PayPal will ignore and then decline any dispute or claim when a merchant has proof of delivery, ignored me. I escalated to a claim, which was denied. So I am now stuck. If I had paid with a credit card the matter would have been found in my favor, and the merchant would have been forced to either replace my goods or face the negation of my payment. Dodgy merchants know that PayPal provides no consumer protection against package theft, so they play this delay game. I have requested a new shipment innumerable times, and was at first repeatedly put off. Now they just ignore me. I will never see my shipment. An outrageously rude PayPal customer service rep essentially told me to get lost when I complained about this catch 22 in the system. They don't care what I've been using PayPal since the early days of its existence. Loyalty and consistent, documented honesty count for nothing with PayPal.

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