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58 Reviews by Frances

• Updated review
Update: A week after my Chat interaction with customer service, UO had not followed up (no surprise there), so I phoned them. I was told that the "lost package request" had been denied, and the items would not be reshipped because UO would not be reimbursed for the lost package. It doesn't matter that I had never been informed the shipment went out (so I would know to expect it) and had never been provided a tracking number or proof of delivery. It did not matter that I am a longtime customer and that the missing items were a minor part of a larger order. The UO rep dug in her heels and refused to reship or reimburse me. Nice way to do business. And the cost of the missing items? A total of $52 plus tax. They lost a customer and incurred all of this ill will over a lousy $52 (retail) worth of merchandise.

After weeks of waiting for backordered merchandise (I received several of the items in my order shipped one at a time, in that period) I realized that some of my items were still missing. I used Chat to report this, and was told that all of the missing items were shipped together, and that the package was noted as delivered. But, I said, I did not receive it. Too bad, said the agent, there is nothing I can do but report this and request a refund, because it is outside out X day limit for reporting lost packages. I asked whether they could just reship. No. They don't reship "lost packages." I was told to wait three days for a response to the request.

I have no proof that UO ever shipped these items. If I check my order on their website, it shows as delivered or complete, but shipments (multiple, because that is how they manage fulfillment) are not itemized, and no tracking numbers are provided.

So, UO stole from me. I have no confidence that I will get my refund.

Do not order online from this company. Purchase in a bricks and mortar store, if you must. I won't buy anything from them again.
still waiting on that order
• Previous review
The order I mentioned in my main review is still not fully delivered. It consisted of eight items, and three weeks later I am still waiting for two of them. Projected fulfillment is five weeks after I placed the order. Almost everything came in separate shipments. Really frustrating.
Poorly run business
• Previous review
I have ordered household and decor items from UO many times, with mixed results. They are often backordered on stock, which means it can take many weeks to receive something. That is always frustrating, but what makes me give them one star here is what happened to me the other day. I placed an online order and just hours later I got an email that they were having a one-day sale on everything. Fifteen percent off or something like that. I contacted UO and asked whether they could adjust my order, and they have ignored my enquiry. So one star it is, UO. Good riddance.
I noticed that six days had passed since my high-value item shipped, and I had neither received it nor gotten any updates from Bloomingdale's. This is not the kind of merchandise that usually goes out on "slow boat" shipping, so I am concerned. I use the link in my "item has shipped" email to go to the Bloomindale's website, to track my purchase, but their system won't let me check my order. So I phone customer service and get an automated response telling me that UPS has not provided updates "in a while," but that it "sometimes takes up to 48 hours" for them to update. That is just not true, FYI. UPS provided real-time tracking. I get an agent, finally, and she provides a projected delivery date: Ten days after shipping, twelve days after order.

Not good enough, Bloomingdales's. I will not be shopping here again.
• Updated review
(Update to update: Ended up canceling my order because HD kept dropping the ball. In the end, it seemed that all the "Resolutions" Department did was hand the matter back to Reddaway Trucking. And since the incompetence of the trucking company was the crux of the problem, nothing was done to resolve this. I waited a couple more weeks, made a few more calls to HD, and...nothing. I got a phone call today that was identified, by my Caller ID, as coming from the trucking company. But when I answered, the caller said nothing. Just breathed into the line. I phoned HD and asked for Resolutions. Was asked too many questions by the rude customer service rep before he would transfer me, even though I had a case number. And then he transferred me to a STORE, instead of Resolutions. I decided that I had truly entered one of the circles of Hell when I ordered from Home Depot, and that I might be drawn further toward the center if I continued with this. So I phone again and canceled the order. NEVER AGAIN! How in the wold does this company stay in business?)

(Update two days later: HD has not gotten back to me, and they PROMISED, and I am on endless hold waiting to speak to the Resolutions department. Unbelievable.)

Quel surprise: no one at Home Depot followed up on the promised "rescue" of my shipment from the evil trucking company that has it and refuses to deliver it. So I had to waste more time phoning HD Resolutions Department. The short story is that no one knows for sure where my shipment is. I might still be with Reddaway. Probably. HD assumes that it is. But I won't find out until tomorrow. And then I'll have to wait for what, another week? until another trucking company can go and pick it up from Reddaway and then bring it to me. Eventually. Maybe. I hope.

Adding insult to injury, when the the HD employee phoned me back, after phoning Reddaway, he told me the call was being recorded. He over explained everything, during the call, and was OTT nice, so the recording was obviously for their legal protection. Bunch of scoundrels! They are well aware of their company's poor performance on residential deliveries. Yet they act like this mess is an exception. Look at all the one-star the reviews, HD!
Three delivery no-shows and counting!
• Previous review
I have been promised delivery on three days (four days of waiting), and every day was a no-show. How do these people stay in business? HD says they cannot control the trucking company, but the trucking company works for HD. I have spent ages on the phone waiting for HD agents, only to have theme do absolutely zip. Ridiculous!

Update: After third no-show, HD resolution center's solution is to "rescue" (their word) my shipment from Reddaway and place it with another carrier. Reddaway told HD that they could not get a truck up my private road. That is a lie, I know, because I had informed them that I needed a smaller truck (my road is accessible for a 26' bobtail truck, but no larger) before the first delivery appointment. I was informed, by Reddaway, that they always send their smaller tucks to deliver in my neighborhood. And did it really take them three delivery attempts to figure out they couldn't get here? No. They never tried to drive up here. Upshot is that I will wait at least another week to get my merchandise.
Wish I could give them zero stars!
• Previous review
Never order anything from Home Depot for home delivery! Or even for delivery to a store. It will be a total waste of your time. I have had issues with HD losing smaller orders in the past (one of them was to be delivered to a store), but the latest debacle is the worst nonsense I've gotten from them.

I ordered two enormous, rigid pond liners, to be delivered by an outside freight carrier (Reddaway Trucking, which is also thoroughly incompetent). The trucking company gave me a four-hour delivery appointment, and then never showed up. I phoned them and got nothing but confusion, so then I tried phoning Home Depot. They called the trucking company, which said the items would be delivered on another day. Just to make things more frustrating, the Home Depot agent told me that I did not need to be present for delivery, as it was just a curbside drop off, so the four-hour appointment for which I had driven to the property and waited all afternoon had been unnecessary! I demanded a refund of my shipping fee, for the missed delivery, and I was refunded.

The next day, no one had contacted me about a future delivery date, so I again phoned HD. The agent told me the items would be delivered that day. Once again, the truck never showed up. So I called HD again, and got the runaround. Asked for a supervisor, and was refused. So at the moment I am out about $500 and have lost a day and a half to waiting for a delivery that may or may not be the correct items. That last detail refers to the fact that the trucking company has my shipment logged as "window coverings," instead of pond liners. They would not confirm the size of the box or crate, which might give me an idea whether the correct items were shipped. What they told me was that I should refuse the shipment if it is the wrong thing.

I cannot believe that a company as huge as HD could be so disorganized and clueless. You would think that any trucking company HD contracted with would go out of their way to provide good service, so as to keep the contract. Yet Reddaway Trucking thinks nothing of just blowing off deliveries. And HD is fine with that? Amazing.
Do not sign up for this website! I wish I had not fallen for it. To begin with, they require that you share excessive personal information to get on there, which raised a red flag for me, but I signed on anyway for the crime alerts in my neighborhood. What I did not realize when I signed up is that they display your home on a map on your profile page (you can hide your actual address, but are required to use your real name, so you are easy to locate either way). They preset most of the settings for who can see your information (another red flag). No privacy choice there.

I was warned ahead of time that there were a lot of petty people nattering away on Nextdoor (that is true), but what I found on the site was far worse than pettiness. There are people on there who are just bat-shyte crazy. And they can find you. I made the mistake of getting involved in a couple discussions about local issues. I had to mute a couple people who kept trolling me, and I flagged several posts that contained abusive or profane language (some posts aimed at me, some at others). I don't know whether someone I reported flagged me back in retaliation, but out of the blue my account was suspended. When I went to the website a banner came up saying I was suspended and could sign in after 15 days. Suspended for what? There is no contact information provided. No one to ask. Just a link to a page of rules for the site, and something about being "kind." Huh? Who was not kind? I reported the bad behaviors of others. And I am being slapped on the wrist for that?

The 15-day thing is weird, too. It's like some weird kind of training program. Like an electric shock collar for dogs. Come back in 15 days and try again and see whether you can avoid getting shocked again? No thanks. Why would I want to?

And it gets even worse! Because of the suspension, I cannot sign in to delete my account. So it will sit there for 15 more days. Fully visible to all the crazies.

Now I am stuck wondering what Nextdoor sociopath has my address. I am genuinely freaked about it. I wish to God I had never signed on to this horrific website. They take zero responsibility for the safety of their users. They just want your information, like all social media. But they disguise their data mining operation behind thos fake neighborhood watch and block party facade. Don't buy it. It is a lie.

DO NOT GIVE THESE PEOPLE YOUR INFORMATION! They will placed you in danger. I cannot emphasize that enough. THEY WILL PLACE YOU IN HARM'S WAY. I have purchased security cameras for my property because of this website. Huge mistake joining up.
Sometimes you just get a sense something is wrong about a company, and that is what happened with Signals. I placed a large order (between $700 and $800) for several garden items. The next day I got a phone message from Signals saying that they were "having trouble processing processing" my credit card. Checked with my credit card bank, and saw that they had placed a hold in my card for possible fraudulent use. They often do that for an international purchase, but it is extremely unusual for a domestic transaction. So I did a quick check online for complaints about Signals and their group of companies (Acorn, Bas Bleu, etc.). I found nothing substantial, and I confirmed that it is a privately held company in the USA. So I cleared the hold on my card and phoned Signals to tell them to run the card again. The agent, who did not listen to me, asked me to run through my full identification info, and then asked me for a credit card. What? I had instructed her to run the one I submitted. Why would they not have that on record? Something told me to cancel the order, so I did. I cannot out my finger on what felt wrong about this, but I went with my gut. So, fair warning on Signals.
Amazon used to be great for refunding or replacing damaged shipments, no questions asked. That is no longer true. I received a box of glass canning jars shipped by Amazon that was partially shattered because there was no padding in the shipping carton. None. Reported that online (Amazon now has a Bot doing its customer service Chat, not a human) and was told that because it was from a third party seller, I have to send back the shipment and wait for a refund. Absolutely no way I am going to send back broken glass, and I am not going to wait for a refund. So I requested a phone call from customer service. Agent initially did the "third party seller" thing, but I called her on it. Almost everything is from a "third party seller" now, at Amazon, so that is a BS excuse. Even when it appears in the listing that an item is from Amazon, it is usually from a TPS. Also, the items broke because Amazon did such a shyte job at packaging them for shipping. So I suggested that she refund me only for those broken pieces. She agreed, but after checking to see whether she could do that she said all she could offer was a "promotional credit" toward Amazon merchandise. Once again, I called her on this, and demanded a true refund for all or part of the damaged shipment (I had provided a photo of the broken jars, btw.) I pointed out that this issue had nothing to do with the TPS because Amazon packaged the items for shipment. I said that she could just send an entire new shipment, since I did not get what I ordered, and I have consumer protection on my credit card account. Once again, she disappeared to check on this. She came back and said she could refund my credit card just for the broken jars.

Hardly worth my time arguing, given the low cost of the items, but I hate being jacked around by businesses when they are so clearly in the wrong. If you run up against this kind of thing with Amazon, stick to your guns and make them do the right thing for you. The TPS excuse is not thing but a way for them to dodge responsibility. If it is an item "fulfilled by Amazon," and it is damaged in shipping, Amazon is responsible for that, and Amazon should refund you for your loss.

YOU CAN ALWAYS REQUEST A PHONE CALL from Customer Service. Just go through the Chat screen procedure and click on the prompt that indicates you need more help. Then click "request a phone call."
I've purchased luxury linens from this company for many years, mostly buying items during white sales or things on close-out. It used to be an actual brick and mortar business, with stock on hand, and most orders were filled promptly. Sometimes if you purchased a brand that was offered on a manufacturer's promotion, or a retired pattern, an item would not be available or would have to be procured from the manufacturer, and that sometimes resulted in a long delay. But the contact person I dealt with, in past years, was always nice and very personable. I liked the fact that I was buying from an independent business, with a real store. I don't know what happened whether the business was sold, or something but now FLandB seems to have morphed into a purely procurement-on-order service. Everything is on a shipping delay. I see that they are now marketing themselves as an "in-store shopping experience online." But a store has stock on hand, so that characterization is not quite correct. I'm not sure this company is right for me, now. I don't need to go through a middleman, when I can buy most linens directly through the company websites. I don't need the fabric swatches they offer. I think FLandB may be courting a different kind of customer now (they have a banner on their home page saying, "Supporting estate, house and yacht managers worldwide"). I don't have an estate or a yacht, or a property manager. I am not a designer (they have always offered a designer to-the-trade program). I just like luxury linens, and I splurge once or twice a year. I hope FLandB doesn't forget their "smaller" customers, like me, while aiming for the custom of the super wealthy.
I received two (non furniture) items that we're damaged (worst packaging I have ever seen). I live nowhere near an Ikea, so tried to deal with the matter by phone. Get a phone menu, offering options 1 to 3. Three is what I need, but system won't accept it. Try option 2 (order tracking) and am told I will be transferred to the right department. I get automated message about high call volume and they "cannot answer right now." Click. So I try the email contact form online. Options under "about my order" are "business customer" or "order cancellation." Nothing else. Another dead end. What the heck is a customer supposed to do? Phoned again and tried option 1 (new orders) and the agent is now trying to get through to the right department. I am listening to screeching "music" and repeating recorded messages. My life is passing before my eyes. Never ordering from Ikea again.
I used to buy household goods from WS and WSHome fairly often, and I thought they were a reliable company. But a couple weeks ago I ordered a small appliance for Christmas delivery, and it didn't show up in time. Not a huge deal, but I just tracked the order and found out that the projected delivery date is eight weeks from the order date! And no one at WS informed me of the delay. When I made the purchase it was listed as I stock and available to ship. That is not the way to treat customers if you want them to come back again, WS!

(Just found out that item was still on backorder, and the delivery date was pushed back even further than the projected delivery window mentioned above, so I phoned WS and canceled the order. The galling thing is that I found this out only by checking tracking on my order. Williams Sonoma did not notify me of the change, again. Terrible way to do business! The current predicted delivery window not guaranteed, mind you was approaching 12 weeks from date of order.)
Purchased a Speck case for an iPad. The one I received made the buttons on my decide impossible to use, so I contacted customer service. They said that all of their cases are "tested by a lab" before being sent out. Really? If so, it must be a Labrador retriever. The case also had horribly sharp edges that could slice skin. The response from customer service, when I complained about this, was, "Our cases are designed that way." Again, really? I ended up returning the case, using a prepaid label they provided. But the refund has been slow in coming. I won't be shopping here again.
Is this even a legit company? I ordered garden bulbs from them, and received an emailed order confirmation. When many weeks passed and no bulbs arrived, I went to their website to track my order. It was still listed as "new order." The website lists no phone number and has no chat option, so I filled out the contact form, asking them when my bulbs would ship. I got not reply. I tried emailing them directly, but still did not get a reply. I opened a dispute on PayPal, waited another week or so, and then escalated it to a claim. In all those weeks I heard nothing from Edens Blooms. PayPal just closed the case and refunded my money because Edens Blooms did not respond to their enquiries, either. Very strange. Their website is still active. Is this a scam?
I purchased a pair of shoes during their "once a year" sale. No notices came up during the checkout process about the shoes not being available, either when I placed the item in my basket or when I finalized the purchase. Two months later, I realized that I had not received my shoes, so I searched my emails for notices about a delay. Nothing there except confirmation of my order, two months ago. So I went to their website and did a "chat" with customer service. I was told that the shoes were a "preorder" and that a message about this would have popped up when I was checking out. The agent even said something about understanding that I might have missed it. Bull$#*!. There was no message. And why would the company never send updates? I think they are covering up their own inventory and fulfillment problems with that blatant lie. I won't be ordering from this company again. I even had to ask for expedited shipping when my item finally comes back in stock. This little upgrade (a very obvious, small apology) was not offered. The agent granted it, but I should not have had to ask. If I do get my order when she says I will, that will be almost 12 weeks fulfillment time. Not acceptable.

UPDATE: I am gobsmacked by the dishonesty and incompetence of this company. A couple days after I went through the nonsense noted above, I got an email from Margauxny.com telling me that it would be ANOTHER 10-12 weeks before they can send the shoes that I PAID FOR UP FRONT! So that would be six months to fulfill an order. I have demanded a refund, since they have been holding my money for almost 12 weeks already. This company is a scam. Avoid it at all costs. Here is the email, sent 12/08:

"I hope this email finds you well! I am reaching out, because our team just realized we had a slight inventory miscount and are unfortunately backordered in the Black Pointe you selected in your October order. I am so terribly sorry for this inconvenience, and that we weren't able to communicate it sooner! If you don't mind waiting on this item, we can have it made at our factory specifically to fill your order in about 10-12 weeks' time...".

Lots of fake-friendly language and apologies there, but the plain fact of the thing is that they are talking about holding my money for six months. Utterly ridiculous. Thieves!
I ordered bulbs and plants online from about half a dozen companies this fall. This company stood head and shoulders above the rest, for both quality and shipping practices. All of my bulbs were perfectly fresh, plump, healthy, mold free, and of good size. They were shipped in a well ventilated plastic crate, which is a genius idea. Most companies ship in taped-up cardboard cartons, and almost always there will be some mushy, blackened bulbs in there because bulbs don't like to be handled that way. I would order from Dutchgrown.com again in a heartbeat. Highly recommended.
Purchased a five gallon tree and several perennials. Tree was okay quality but was not the selection I ordered, and the perennials were some of the worst collection of plant stock that I have ever received. I reported the poorest specimens (one was blackened, soft and rotting) to customer service, and was reimbursed. But that is not enough to make up for the fact that they sent out plants that should never have left the growing grounds. The plants even come complete with wood lice! Their prices are on the high side, too. Furthermore, they have no information on their website on plant culture, placement, water needs, etc. The only reason I ordered from them is that I needed that tree and could not find it locally. And then they sent the wrong tree! Wasted my money on the perennials, and I have a mature tree I never wanted. Do not recommend.
I still buy the occasional Annie's Annuals plant at my local garden center, mostly because they're isn't a lot of choice, but I no longer order them online. I used to place huge orders. A few years ago one order was something like 65 plants! I was initially impressed by the quality of their plant stock and their packaging for shipping. But then they sent me some truly rubbish plants and did not replace them or reimburse me for the loss. They also misrepresented a plant and lied about it when I called them out for it. For that deception, they were selling a variegated mutation of a common plant, which I knew had to be propagated from a cutting. What they sent me was non-variegated seedling. When I contacted Annie's, their "expert" tried to tell me that the plant would change color as it got older. That is a blatant lie, and was insulting to me, a customer who is a knowledgeable plantswoman. The other incident that turned me off of Annie's involved plants that arrived nearly dead, and ultimately died. Annie's claims that they guarantee their plant stock. I reported those damaged or diseased plants upon receipt, and was told to keep an eye on them and report back if they did not make it. I was told that they would replace any that failed. When the plants died and I contacted the company, as instructed, I was brushed off. They simply stopped responding. So I stopped ordering. Do not recommend.
• Updated review
(Warning, if you do have an account at Etsy: Do not allow people to "follow" you. Block them when you get the notification. I have seen the following function used to harass.)

In the end, I got my refund as a chargeback executed by Etsy, but it was a ridiculous fight to get there. Unethical seller still has his shop on this platform!
Etsy customer support lied to me! Do not use this website. They will screw you over.
• Previous review
Update: I phoned Etsy customer support today and the rep hung up on me. Stay far away from Etsy.

Phoned back and asked for a supervisor. Was transferred to a man who identified himself as such. He repeated pretty much the same script I heard from the first rep I spoke with: "This has to be escalated to management." In other words, I am supposed to sit back and wait, and trust that Etsy will intervene. Someday.

Later, I received this absolutely bonkers communication from the seller, Shaynegreco (this rant is is harassment, btw, since I told him not to contact me):

This woman "patricia" is a scam artist and a skilled manipulator. Her extremely aggressive behavior, abusive language, and constant threats are a tactic to scam victims. It is apparent she has probably done this before to other people. Her main objective is to keep what she has ordered through Etsy and bully the artist into issuing a full refund without returning the item. I have not allowed this person bully me into getting ripped off. I have spoken to UPS and they have agreed that this is most likely a scam. I will issue a refund after UPS has inspected the box and made sure it is not filled with garbage or some other refuse.
I have been a member of Etsy since 2010. My reputation is crystal clear. I have written documentation of everything that has happened with this transaction. Also of My Contact at UPS, Seth SXXX can verify everything that has happened up until today including his recommendation that I wait to refund this "woman" until UPS can verify it is not a bunch of dented tin cans...
Further more, I ask that you consider banning this buyer "patricia" from ripping off anymore unsuspecting artists on Etsy. I will pursue this matter though the proper means after this specific incident is closed."

FYI : UPS packed the broken item for shipping, so who do you think they will back in this fight? Right. They don't want to pay the parcel insurance. UPS picked up an unopened parcel, for return. So how would I have replaced the (broken) item with "tin cans"?

This tantrum would be funny if this deranged person didn't have almost $1000 of my cash.

So, be aware that this quoted convo is from one of Etsy's longtime sellers. Such a fine man! And example of all Etsy stands for. I guess I really wanted to keep a pile of broken ceramic? Why? Astounding. As if I like wasting my time with people like this?

Totally through with Etsy. I feel sick having had any contact with people that are so clearly unbalanced. Etsy offers zero protection. And this guy has my address.

Original post: I was advised even encouraged by a Etsy customer support rep to file a case against the seller (Shaynegreco) who cheated me and violated Etsy seller rules. The rep told me that I would be able to file the case on X date, and that date did appear on the order page (as a click-on notation "file a case or leave a review after X date"). So I believed the rep, and I waited. But when that day arrived, the notation on my purchase page had disappeared, and there was no link for filing a case or reviewing the purchase! (I have since figured out that I could go around their block on reviewing because they neglected to remove the review link from my invoice, so right back at them...). In order to file a case against an Etsy seller, you have to go through your order page, using that link. So Etsy lied to me and sided with their crooked seller, "protecting" him against the evil customer who was cheated. I'm the victim here, not the seller. They did this even though the customer service rep had AGREED WITH ME that the man was cheating the system! What a farce. I cannot believe that a publicly traded company could operate so dishonestly. It's sickening, really. How can Etsy employees live with themselves, knowing that the company is devoid of ethics?
Discovered a scam: seller manipulating system
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(Update: Seller actually accused me of lying about the breakage! Also lied about when he put in UPS pickup request. Lied about everything, really. So this matter is being resolved through PayPal. Avoid this seller. Better yet, avoid Etsy altogether.)

Ordered a ceramic piece from Shaynegreco that was $850 plus tax and shipping total $945. Projected order fulfillment was several weeks out. Weeks later seller contacted me through direct email to tell me the item was finished and would ship "tomorrow." Days passed and I heard nothing from him. I messaged him on the Etsy site, and he said that it had shipped, but I had no tracking and my order was still listed as "not shipped" on the Etsy site. Next day he took the item to the shipper, and UPS sent me confirmation that it was waiting to go out. So that was the seller's first lie. I noticed that the purchase was still listed as "not shipped" on the Etsy site, and thought maybe the seller was just lazy about updating it. Then the item arrived obviously broken, clanking in the box. I did not open the carton. I messaged the seller to ask what to do. He said he would arrange UPS pickup of the box (I told him, preemptively, that I would not drive it to the UPS depot for him, so don't assume that he was being helpful), and he said I would get my refund "when UPS has it in their possession." That means a delay of several days, if I am to get it at all. I told him he needed to refund me immediately, and he stopped responding. So here is where the manipulative scam became apparent. I went to my purchase page to leave a negative review and put in a compliant with Etsy and I see that those two options are not available on this purchase because Shayne has not activated order fulfillment! (For those not familiar with Etsy, a buyer clicks through her order on the Orders and Purchases page to post a review or to report problems to Etsy. But those prompts do not appear on orders that are still awaiting fulfillment.) Given the fact that Shayne went around the Etsy system to notify me of (delayed) shipping, I am certain that he did not enter the order fulfillment into Etsy's system because he wants to block buyers from reviewing and reporting him to Etsy when orders go wrong. Really dodgy. Makes Etsy look bad. I have reported this to Etsy customer support, and will file a claim against the seller if he does not refund my money. But this may have turned me against Etsy for good.
I've had mixed experiences here
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Amending this review to give people a heads-up on one way sellers manipulate the system on Etsy. I recently received a destroyed shipment from an overseas seller, and the heavy breakage was clearly due to careless and inadequate packaging. The seller did refund my money, but he also cancelled the original transaction rather than categorizing it as a return or refund. I thought this was odd. It's dishonest because the confirmation for the transaction said that the "seller and customer agreed to cancellation" as the reason for the change. I did not agree to it. What the cancellation did was stop me from posting a negative review. It also keeps his seller record clean because Etsy will kick out sellers with too many one-sided cancellations by sellers, where orders could not be filled.

Etsy does have some reliable vendors. It also hosts some charlatans. I've been buying from the site since the early days, and have been ripped off a few times. But I've also purchased some great stuff. Unfortunately, seller ratings mean nothing these days because Etsy deletes negative reviews. So in assessing a seller you have to look at number of transactions, how long the seller has been on Etsy, and this is crucial look for reviewer photos of purchased items in the reviews. Do they look like the listing photos? Use a form of payment that provides you with a consumer protection guarantee. I am very careful about overseas sellers because three of my worst transactions were from sellers in Thailand and Ukraine, but I do still buy from overseas. (Back when Etsy had a small window for filing a dispute, some overseas buyers would purposely delay shipments long enough that they would arrive after the window closed. But Etsy has since extended the window to I think six months.) Etsy response time for customer service enquiries is good these days, but they still side with the seller in almost all cases. The sellers are who support Etsy, with the fees for listings and extra for promotions. Buyers aren't as loved.
• Updated review
Lowering this by two stars because my mailbox has been overflowing with bra and lingerie catalogs since I became a ThirdLove customer. Thanks, guys. It's not only a pain for me (and probably makes the mail carrier smirk) but it's really bad for the environment. It's puzzling because I always opt out of the "share your information with our partners" choice when I set up an account with a merchant. But it must beThirdLove that did this because they are the only new lingerie company I have signed up with in a few years. And the catalogs started coming about a quarter year after my first order. That's generally how often mailing lists are sold. It doesn't make me "love" the company.
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I'm surprised that Third Love has so many negative reviews here (one of them hilariously prudish!). My first purchase of two bras worked out well enough for me that I placed a second order for two more. The bras are well made and comfortable. They are high priced, but I think the quality makes up for it. I get adequate support in their bras without the underwire I usually need. I think their claim that only they can fit women correctly is a bit much, though. Every bra manufacturer has a slightly different fit to their products. In the better quality bras, this fit will be consistent enough that you can order a bra in a new style and chances are high it will fit. This is true for Chantelle bras (another expensive brand). What Third Love has going for it is the extensive fitting information they provide online, and the fit assistants who are available for questions. They offer free exchanges and a generous return policy. I ended up exchanging my first purchase for a bra size that I have never worn in any other brand. That doesn't mean that I have been wearing the wrong bra size, as Third Love claims, but that Third Love has their own, unique fit. I think this company is worth a try. Might not work for you, but it did for me.
Christina S. – ThirdLove Rep
Hi Patricia! All of us here at ThirdLove are so excited that you have found a great bra (or eight, if you're like me)! Thank you for leaving your honest and detailed feedback about your ThirdLove journey. We love to hear from our customers, regardless of whether the feedback is positive or negative; but success stories like yours are especially exciting for us.
I thought I should send Wayfair some love here, because I see so many negative reviews. I have placed numerous orders with the company, all of them for garden items. I even purchased a garden structure that was around $2000. It arrived in perfect condition and is exactly as shown on the website. We love it. Everything I've ordered from Wayfair has shipped promptly and arrived on time. There have been small problems just two that I can recall but Wayfair took care of them immediately. One glass light arrived with cracks, and that was replaced immediately. One solar light would not work, and they sent a new one. It's always refreshing when a company's customer service policies are sensible and non aggressive. For the cracked glass item, Wayfair just asked for photos, and then sent the replacement. For the light that didn't work, they trusted me that it didn't work, and sent a new one. That is how a company earns loyalty from a customer. I recommend Wayfair.
I have purchased plants online for as long as that was an option. Before that I bought them over the phone. I have been gardening seriously for 40 years. The trees I have received from Trees of Antiquity are among the best bare root specimens I have ever purchased. The send out large-caliper, well branched trees with well developed roots. I have approximately 20 TOA fruit trees in the ground at the moment. Most of those trees produced fruit their second year. I recommend this business without reservation.
(I discovered, in corresponding with customer service, that these jeans shipped much later than I thought. I order a lot of jeans from Madewell, hence my confusion. So this order was backordered for six months! Awful!)

I recently contacted customer service about a defective pair of jeans that I received in the spring. Because the jeans had been on a long backorder (really common with Madewell), they arrived at the beginning of the hot season, and I had not worn them all summer. I first wore my new jeans in the cool fall weather. It was only then that I noticed that they were deformed in the way they were sewn, which was something that was not evident on initial try on. So I contacted Madewell with a complaint. I stated in the email that I knew the item fell outside of return guidelines, but they need to know about this quality control problem. They emailed me back saying that yes, the return requirements dictate that the item be unworn and no more than 30 days in hand, but that they might have "other options" to explore. They asked for more information. I provided it, and then got a reply saying that the jeans fell outside of their return window, so there was nothing they "could" (would) do. This was something that I had acknowledged up front. So why bother saying there might be some remedy? Awful customer service. I'm over Madewell.

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