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28 reviews
One Ivy Crescent
Lynchburg, VA 24513-1001, US
Tel: 866 544 1937

28 Reviews From Our Community


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1 review
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Horrible company! They took my money in paypal twice without confirming my order. They kept me on the phone for over an hour with ZERO solutions. I was told there was nothing they could do I even had the paypal transaction number and they didn't care to even take it from me. I tried contacting them through email and their solution was to call customer service AGAIN! HORRIBLE! HORRIBLE! company doesn't care about customers at all.

1 review
1 helpful vote

My daughter purchased me a sweater that had a little more wool in it than my skin liked. I live nowhere near a Madewll so I was given a customer number and emailed a return label. I sent it out immediately on January 9th. It's over a month later and they still have not emailed me the refund. Ever time I contact them I get someone new who asks for the same info that is easily found in the feed of responses. I'm so angry that I have to waste my time with this! Do your damn job and take care of your customers! Horribly run returns. Ridiculous that it is taking this long!

1 review
1 helpful vote

Ordered Madewell jeans for my wife before Christmas after seeing very strong reviews on a number of online sites (she has trouble finding jeans that fit); unfortunately Madewell took over three weeks to send anything to me (after I paid extra for delivery within 5 days) and gave me completely the wrong item. Throughout the process, their customer service has been extremely poor and I am still waiting for them to send me forms to allow me to return the item. They also are not confirming that they will refund the extra postage cost for the speedy delivery, and consistently ignore my emails. Without a doubt the worst customer service I have ever had from a retailer!

1 review
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Placed an online order on 12/15/18 that was intended for Christmas. The order was partially shipped (after Christmas!) and partially cancelled. Madewell did not call or email to apologize. They have lost me as a customer. They have lousy customer service.

1 review
1 helpful vote

The customer service is absolute the worst EVER! Try to call and you are on hold for more than 40 minutes, I tried twice and hang up. Merchandise was promised for Dec. 28th and on Dec. 27th it was not even shipped. To make it easy to get out of this purchase I cancelled my Visa card, never before have I experienced such a lousy customer service. They say email us and we will respond within 24 hours, of course not true.

1 review
1 helpful vote

Free returns? NOT! Don't order from MADEWELL unless you want to struggle for months to never get refunded for your return! Hours on the phone too! Who the heck left that review stating they had great customer service?! Must be a paid exec! I'm now trying to get results from NYC BBB! We will see how this goes now. It's infuriating! DO NOT ORDER FROM MADEWELL!

1 review
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I have been ordering from Madewell for about two years now and I am very happy with their customer service. I did have a few concerns about a few of my Christmas orders and I did have to wait on hold for a long while but it was worth it. Once I was connected the customer service representatives were extremely helpful and very respectful. I had to be on the phone talking to them for at least twenty minutes and not once did they rush me off the phone. They even went so far as to connect me to their supervisor to inquire about an order I was concerned about. Plus my phone died and they called me back Not something I have encountered for many years from other high end stores. I usually don't write a review but it was a pleasure dealing with your customer service people and supervisors. Other high end stores should follow your lead, even with the long wait. Thank you to your customer service people job well done.

1 review
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Their contact us page says they are available by chat every day, from 9am to 11:59pm ET and by phone 7am11:59pm ET, seven days a week.
There is no way to access their chat.
And I called them last night and also at 7AM today and was on hold for an hour before I just hung up.

1 review
1 helpful vote

So I like the clothes ok (although a few of the t-shirts I bought developed holes after 2 washes) BUT I tried to return some jeans (which I spent over $100 on) that didn't fit and I CAN'T!
Due to being an international order the only return instructions they provide is to email julie @ madewell. So I did this - multiple times with absolutely no reply! I've tried to get responses via multiple other avenues and nothing. They don't provide an address I can send my return item to so basically I just can't return it and I've wasted my money. What BS! This company is crap. There's plenty of other companies that actually value their customers. Plus their clothes are no better quality than any where else - it's just a marketing angle. Won't bother spending my money here again.

They have also disabled reviews on their facebook page and won't accept review on their website about their service, which is pretty telling.

1 review
3 helpful votes

First, being on hold for over half an hour is ridiculous. Second, one of the items I ordered showed in stock when I placed my order. However, when I check order status one of the items says "wait listed". Not an email from them to that effect. Third, my items have still not shipped over a week later. Lastly, constant barrage of sales spam emails. If my daughter wasn't so in love with these products, I would NEVER do business with them with my hard earned money!

1 review
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Been living Madewell for several years now! And didn't realized that even if you order from your account, you make sure that your method of payment is associated with your account. For 2 yrs I was wondering why I was not receiving any Insider credits (Inagould be an Icon Level by now) or receipts for my purchases. Just found out that when I used my ApplePay instead of my PayPal it defaults to an old work email. I didn't even realize that it had my work email. I would w we use that for personal emails. Nevertheless, I ended up purchasing 2X of the same thing because I thought my first order didn't go through even tnoigb I should've known it did because My credit card was charged. Anyway, I was told that they can't transfer my credit From one account to another. But Inonky have ONE account!!!!! Why should the default email of my payment method precede my account's email address???!! It does r make sense!!! I only use the link they send me on my personal email address not my old work email which I have no access to in the first place!??
Something needs to be fixed & madewell should not refuse to credit me my Insider points!
Anybody else run into similar problem? It's very stressful!!!
Pls email me at

4 reviews
2 helpful votes

Their clothing as the name suggests is actually made quite well and I am glad to spend a few extra dollars on pieces that will last as opposed to spending money on fast fashion garbage! Love everything I've bought so far from them!!

1 review
4 helpful votes

I'm fed up with Madewell. Their prices are high for what you get. Their processes are broken. For example, they say if your a Madewell insider you get free shipping and returns. But, more often than not, they charge me $7.50 for using the return level. When I ask them about this, they say that it's because I am past the 30 day return window....So, about this 30 day return window; it is not defined anywhere on their website. But when you talk to customer service their definition of 30 days is from the date Madewell ships it to the day they process your return.

Madewell shipped a shirt to me on September 3. It arrived at my house September 14th. I mailed it back September 17th. Madewell processed the return on October 10th (today). So, according to Madewell, I did not meet the 30 day return window so they gave me a gift card. The amount of time it takes for shipping to occur and Madewell to process the return is completely out of my control. I don't know why Madewell (1) has a ridiculously tight 30 day return window (2) processes are setup to be NOT in the customers favor (3) why they define 30 day return the way they do and why they don't communicate clearly with customers.

It's kind of killed Madewell for me...if there's a Madewell purchase to be made, I recommend Nordstrom to buy Madewell instead of Madewell directly. Nordstrom has a much better return policy and knows how to treat their customers, unlike Madewell.

29 reviews
120 helpful votes

Like all snooty, overpriced "boutique" chains, Madewell associates greet/help very selectively. The whiter you are, and the cooler you look, the more likely you'll be greeted warmly, approached, and be given their Madewell-branded water (you have to be super white and bougie to be given this).

There are many Asians shopping at their SF store, but employees consistently fail to greet them, approach them on their own, or give them a farewell. Also, cashiers look irritated when ringing up their $300 purchases.

The guards in front of the store greet and give farewells very selectively, too. You can be a pretty non-Asian person, come in from Target, holding a plastic Target bag, and be warmly greeted, helped, and treated like royalty - even if you walked into the Madewell not knowing what it is, and never intending to purchase their overpriced products. Meanwhile, you can be an Asian hipster who's a Madewell Icon (their term for someone who purchases over $1000 in a year) - and just be ignored, and the cashier acts like they don't want to interact with you.

It definitely depends on your look and attractiveness level, regardless of ethnicity. I saw a mixed-looking girl who looked very cool and pretty, and the cashier asked her on her own, "Are you a student?" without even checking for ID. You get a 10-15% discount for being a student - and employees will only go out of the way to ask if it's a pretty girl who's not Asian. It's all subconscious bias, like everything else.

The SF store has shoppers who appear college-aged to well into their 50s. The older shoppers get ignored and indifferent to rude treatment, too.

Their products and stores are like Nordstrom - lots of hype, good marketing, great image - but their stuff can be poor quality, incredibly boring (bordering on conservative), and way overpriced for what they are.

Be a smart shopper, and just head over to Forever 21, H&M - or, God forbid - Ross - and get stuff that fits/looks better than Madewell for a fraction of the cost and much less of the snootiness.

2 stars instead of 1 because it's fun shopping online, without the discrimination in their snobby stores. They have the most edgy yet laid-back image - they've really succeeded in selling their cool, trendy Millenial vibe. They're one of the few clothing chains that can get away with using "ugly" models with weird faces - because they can.

Tip for consumers: Service in stores is very discriminatory - biased toward white and attractive shoppers. Associates look extremely irritated when processing easy returns. Terrible value - lots of poor-quality, boring merchandise that cost way more they they look.

1 review
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I LOVE MADEWELL !! There Line is awesome , pricey but you can tell the clothes will last , I also have a hand bag I love and always am welcomed every time I go into a store , If I buy or return ;0) <3

1 review
5 helpful votes

if i could give a 0 rating, i would.... i ordered from their site and delivered the wrong color twice. i called their customer service and told me that she will make it sure that i will get the correct one on the third shipment. on the third delivery, i was so excited, i thought third time would be a charm but it was more of a disappointment coz the item was damaged and the damaged on the item was very obvious and yet they still ship it. such a shame that the company wouldnt make up for the two wrong deliveries then ship a damaged item the third time... order somewhere else. save yourself the trouble of going back and forth ups to ship the item back... i do a lot of online shopping but this is the worst experience of all... top of my "never again" list...

1 review
1 helpful vote

I thought all money spends the same green, could not get any help from any of your sales people, but helped all the Caucasian women that entered the store, very bad for business


1 review
3 helpful votes

As someone who is absolutely obsessed with all things Madewell, I don't understand what's with all of the negativity surrounding their customer service. As a disclaimer, I'm not related to the franchise in any way, shape or form nor am I associated with J. Crew and any sister brands.
I can't speak much about the in-store customer service (as issues that arise may be a regional problem) except that I have never had a bad experience in-store. As far as my online experience goes, making purchases online is super easy. Their formatting is coherent, and for the most part their online images are an accurate representation of the quality/style of the clothing in person. Madewell is true to their name as their fabrics are sturdy, opaque, and stand the test of time well. The only exception to this I'd say are some of their basic tees, which may shrink with wash. As far as their jeans and shirts are concerned though, they're all amazing styles with great quality material.
Now onto online customer service. I have called Madewell customer service for general problems probably 4 times in the past three months, and they have all been exceptionally helpful and friendly with all of my concerns. I'm going to share my most recent one that particularly stood out as a testament to their dedication to customer service. I recently graduated college and have already left the state to visit my relatives for the summer. I recently made a purchase for two tops online (no brick and mortar store near me...), but I accidentally sent them to my university PO, which I no longer occupy and have no way of retrieving items from. Even though I was definitely at fault for not being more careful about my shipping information, the customer service rep. was more than happy to check for rerouting. When she found out it was no longer an option, she stayed with me while I contacted my university to see if it could possibly be forwarded from there. When I found out it couldn't, the rep. kindly offered me a full refund and stayed with me, helping me find alternatives to the items of clothing in that order (as the originals were sold out in my side). She was so kind and not at all annoyed with me, despite the situation being my fault. At the end of the day, Madewell really stands by their customers and our loyalty is sincerely acknowledged and reciprocated from their side.

5 reviews
9 helpful votes

I have always bad experience with this store either I shop offline or online. The employees are always rude and obnoxious. They are not willing to help you at all. They don`t even seem be to be interested in making profits for their store. This places needs changes!

1 review
2 helpful votes

The long and short of our feedback is Madewell word is no good as it relates toand commitment & customer service!!!!! Ordered a purse with monogramming. It was a Christmas Present for our Granddaughter. Ordered it one month before Christmas with a commitment that it would ship in Two Weeks. It shipped in 19 days after us calling them everyday for a week. The CSR;s committed they would call us with a definitive ship date every time we phoned. IT NEVER HAPPENED!!

Because they were late getting it shipped, they committed they would UPGRADE the shipping. When it was finally shipped, it went out by the SLOWEST shipping process -- Surepost. Well the good thing is the purse made it B4 Christmas.


72 reviews
262 helpful votes

I have no complaints about Madewell. They always ship strictly with UPS which means there's no SmartPost (going through USPS and taking extra days to deliver). Their customer service is friendly, helpful, good return policy, and their products are overall good quality.

My BIGGEST complaint (which is why I dropped one star) is the fact that this website still lists "out of stock" items even when it has been months since the item was out of stock. It's really frustrating to look at, as I wanted some of the out of stock items. Madewell leaves them up for absolutely no reason except to torment people.

Other than that, I seriously have nothing bad to say about Madewell. They often make mistakes in their orders, but they are generous enough to refund you and even suggest that you can keep the previous item or return if you choose to.

1 review
7 helpful votes

Did not know it takes them a week or longer to process the order. So far, not a happy customer.

7 reviews
34 helpful votes

Always excellent customer service online and instore. I've been shopping with Madewell for six years never had a bad experience.

6 reviews
124 helpful votes

its name speaks for itself well. So far I am a satisfied customer.

9 reviews
11 helpful votes

Beautiful fabric, skillfully sewn with care.
The beading is just marvelous, the sleeves are divine!

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Like many American brands, Madewell does vanity sizing. An XS elsewhere is an XXS at Madewell. Their stuff often runs large, too.

By T L.
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