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Fashion business, makeup artist, stylist, also worked for a Neurosurgeon as a tech and got to observe brain surgery up close, fascinating

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Fashion is my favorite sport


Designer bags & shoes, Taos New Mexico, Paris, Champagne

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Even though I only used this site for fun glasses and cheap basics to keep in my car ($6.95 including prescription lenses with no add ones) it's not worth the headache anymore. They manipulate you into adding the non reflective coating for $4.95. It's automatically added unless you notice and undo it. One time I ordered some aviators, and they looked like they were for a five year old: no return accepted. This time I ordered a style that I'd had before, figuring that would be safe. I ordered a 10% blue tint in one with the same frame I also with clear lenses. I called them and told them both black frames of the same style came in with clear lenses. They wanted a screen shot, which was ok. When I put them on the table to shot, I could see then that one of them did have a barely discernible blue tint. It was no where near the same exact tint color and percentage I had bought before from them, which I had lost. I could tell it was going to be a big deal, so I decided it wasn't worth my time, and won't be in the future. Better to spend more and be able to return or have a problem fixed easily. My prescription is very basic, but once you start adding on options or things you actually need, they cost a lot more. Choose a company with great customer service who doesn't make you go through hoops just to refuse your request anyway.


Googled a pair of boots I really wanted. Same exact boot on sale about 40% off everywhere else, Nordstrom, etc... but they were still full price, but sadly the only place with my size. I finally reached them, because even high end stores and sites will price match or ship faster for free, not them. No way at all to speak to a live person on the phone, have to Chat which can take a very long time.


I purchased some lotion that I have used for a couple of years as Christmas presents. They arrived today. Nothing close to authentic. Smelled like rotting strawberries and completely different texture. Went to order page to request refund and link to print label. No problem, wrong. The info said I would be given site credit, as if, and that the cost of return shipping would be deducted from the site credit. I want and deserve a refund for the product and shipping if I'm sent something that is not authentic. They do not have a phone number or email. You have to answer questions on there site and wait for someone to respond to you. I had the page up waiting with a message saying "we are to busy to call you right now". What? The two bottles of lotion are heavy and expensive, so I'm just taking them to goodwill, lesson learned. They also have a different business model then when they started, when merchants would offer discounts, etc... exclusive to Groupon. That ended up being a hot mess. They still offer " bargains", like this one, but most of what they do is have a list of sales and coupon codes for other companies that are no different from what the company is offering on their own. They are circling the drain. I for one will not shed a tear when they finally bite the dust.


I've been a huge Tom Ford fan since the 90's. The man himself can do no wrong, and the site is beautiful. This is the reason for 3 stars instead of 5: he recently came out with a fragrence that is so risqué I can't even print the name here. It was released as a limited edition only available on his site and his boutiques. Their return policy with beauty and fragrence items is you can't return them if they've been opened, which is fair. The problem with this fragrence is that if you don't live near one of his few boutiques, you have to order it on their website. They will not send you a sample to try it first, so the only way to see how it smells is to open the bottle. If you don't like it then, you can't return it. How ridiculous is that? I know plenty of high end perfume companies that will get you a sample, like Creed. I'm sure if they're selling bags and shoes for hundreds and thousands of dollars, they can afford to offer tiny samples. Stupid move. I'm sure they'd more than make up for the minuscule cost of a sample by selling more full size bottles. I'm a perfect example, I live 2 hours from the closest boutique and really wanted this fragrence, but I'm not buying it because of this.


I was in the fashion business for years dealing with some highend designers and stores. This is where I learned about this site. I even know of a highend department store that recommends this site for their customers to consign the items they no longer want so they can buy new ones from them. Sometimes an A list celebrity will sell items here and give the money to their favorite charity. I would never, ever buy a high end item anywhere else on line that wasn't directly from the designer or a well established retailer (I'm talking about you, famous site that starts with an "e") I have seen amazing counterfeits of shoes, bags and jewelry that come complete with boxes, dust bags, authenticity cards, etc... The only downside about this site is that for some reason all sales on handbags are final, but you can return clothes, shoes, jewelry etc. for a refund, not just a site credit like some others. I have asked about this, and they say it's because they don't want someone to use the bag and then return it, but all they have to do is put a large tag on it that you can't remove unless you keep it (?!) So be very careful going over all the photos of the bags, measurements, etc. I will say however, I did buy one bag a few years ago that I didn't feel was described correctly regarding the condition, and they did take it back, but this is rare.
If you have champagne taste, but not the budget, this place is a goldmine.


I'm not a Walmart shopper, only because there's not one near me, I shop at the chain that starts with a "T" when I'm discount shopping. While searching online recently, a couple of high end beauty products and perfumes that I occasionally indulge in were available on their site for much lower prices. If you look at the small print, it will say "ships from so and so", not from Walmart. In a couple of cases, I was familiar with the sites they mentioned because they are known for selling expired products or items that the companies that make the authentic products will not stand behind. Obviously, millions of people trust this store, but check out where your products really come from before you buy!


I think the main reason Sephora is so fantastic is that they carry almost every high end brand. I do try some drugstore products first, but it's true that you get what you pay for. I prefer buying these products here, because in a department store the salesperson works specifically for one brand, so will only recommend products from that company, they also seem to put more pressure on you to buy something. Sephora employees must go through extensive training, I have yet to meet one that doesn't seem to know information about every product in the store, and unless they're with another customer, they will take you to the location instead of just pointing in the general direction. I have never felt pushed into buying anything, and you can get a sample of almost anything to try at home. They also have a great return policy, and their website is equally fantastic.


A lot of things in this collection are geared to a younger customer, but there are two products I consider must haves. The first one is an eye shadow called "Space Cowboy" it is glittery without being over the top, you can even wear it during it the day. It is essentially sheer, so you can apply it over any color eyeshadow for a little glam. It also looks good by itself with no eyeliner, especially when wearing a darker lip.
The other product is their anti aging eyeshadow primer. Most eyeshadow primers dry out the lid so your product doesn't set into your crease or smear, but they do this by creating a dry surface. That's the opposite of what I want, because my eyelids are not oily. I really only use this with a cream shadow formula.


This store is obviously trying to compete with a major, amazing, chain that starts with an "S". They have a confusing mix of drugstore brands mixed with some higher end products. Also, whoever designed the interior for some reason made it totally bland and not conducive to shopping. I recommend either going to a drugstore (the one that starts with a "T" for a much better selection) or for higher end products go to the well known chain mentioned above that specializes in that.


I'm sure this company has some products that work well, but I can't even go near the entrance without being overcome with the fragrances. I have actually gone in once, and every individual product I smelled was overwhelming and very sweet. Obviously, this is a personal preference, and some people probably love it. But I love my perfume, so why overpower it?


I was very late to the Netflix universe, and love so many shows and comedy specials. Top quality and much better than cable, not to mention so much more affordable.
My only complaints are that it seems you have to literally wait a year for your show to come back with new episodes, and there movie selection is about 10 years behind


I basically go here for one thing: Calvin Klein. It rarely goes on sale, even though every single day they are having an "amazing one day sale". The quality and price, even not on sale, is better than many more expensive brands. They also have some very nice bedding and towels, called the Hotel Collection. Can be hard to find a salesperson, but there return policy is very accommodating. Also had a salesperson dig around the site spend time calling other stores to find me the last piece existing of something I really wanted


I can be a snobby shopper about certain things, but 80% of my jeans are from here. They have a great selection of styles and washes, and the fit is great for me and many body types. Also, I'm super tall and most of the jeans and some other things are available in short, regular, and tall sizing. Also, if your patient, there's a good chance that what you want will go on sale.


Where do I start? I do a lot of comparison shopping, and they always seem to have the lowest prices on most things, especially beauty products. I do own probably too many high end shoes and bags, but have recently bought a pair of faux suede sandals here( learned the hard way suede shoes get damaged easily, so don't spend your money there) that look like real suede and are a hot style that I've seen pretty much identical for, no kidding, hundreds of dollars more. I walked for hours in them, super comfortable. I have even bought a pair of jeans here and a couple of dresses and tees. And on top of that, the stores are well designed and stocked, with very nice, helpful employees. Keep your eyes peeled, they always have some great sale going on.
Then there's the website. Very easy to navigate, with an amazing selection and free shipping at $25.00. On top of that their customer service and return policy are top notch.


I remember a few years ago when their top executive said publicly, basically,
That there clothes were only meant for good looking, in shape, young people. He had no intention of designing for anyone else. He was actually proud of this. Soon after, their business started to tank and has never recovered.


Most of my closet is F21, but am finally over being treated like they're doing me a favor letting me shop there. Problems in the past, but this did it. Bought sunglasses. Went to return a couple of days later with receipt. Never worn, with huge black plastic tag still attached. Was told I couldn't return because smaller price tag was missing. I told them it was never there, but refused to give store credit. I was in another store a few days later and noticed that about 40% of the glasses did not have the smaller price tag. I took photos and emailed them to customer service with my story. Oh my, they were so sorry about my negative experience, but could do nothing about it. I wouldn't give up, an they kept going on and on about how important their loyal customers are to them, but their hands were tied. I asked for a gift card for $7.00 as a symbolic gesture ( from a company that makes millions and millions of dollars) They then tried to compare their business to restaurant chains with locations owned by different people, and that their on line and in store businesses were completely separate. First of all, many chains like McDonald's are franchised, but this has absolutely nothing in common with their business model. It's a known fact they are owned by one family. Also, if they're so separate, why can I return things ordered online to the store?
Bottom line, they think they are too big to fail and will always be on top. There draconian policies will ruin them. History will prove them wrong, hopefully soon


So sad to see this one time all American, great store, is quickly disappearing. Besides closing stores, they have also started to sell there best selling brands like Craftsmanto rise capital. For so many years in the past when I would occasionally go there, there would be racks and racks overflowing and taking up too much floor space, with barely a customer in sight.


There is so much competition today for great styles at a great price, but they don't seem to get the message. Boring basics, still too expensive with all there sales trying to tread water. They think their customers want basics, which is true, but they also want approachable fashion items, which they could even do with some more inventive denim styles instead of just versions of the same things I bought there 10 years ago.


CVS used to make me crazy with their extra bucks, weekly specials, etc... they just made it confusing and it seemed that what was being promoted was never anything I wanted. I am very faithful to another store that starts with a "T", but one day they didn't have what I needed so I went into a CVS. The girl helping me was so nice, I agreed to sign up for Extra Bucks... great decision! They've streamlined it. You get emails often with their weekly deals, and you just click a button and it's transferred automatically to your card. I can't fit one more card in my wallet, so all you have to do is give them your phone # if you go into a store. You can also choose what categories you're most interested in to personalize what emails they send you, so it's not overwhelming. They have great deals on some of my favorite items often. Also, if you love high end beauty products, they have a very good selection online only. I saved 30% on a very expensive serum.

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