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About Me

I'm a drummer/song writer, who loves to travel, and love things outdoors, (Camping, fishing, Jet Skiing, or just staring at a beautiful forested lake). I married my high school sweetheart, and have 4 beautiful children of whom we are So proud. We have been blessed beyond measure, but it didn't come easy, which makes it all the sweeter; and hope you are too.

How I Can Help

I was in the Automotive business, having done everything from Rental Agent, to running dealership service department, as a District Service Manager for Honda Corporation. If you have a question about the car business, whether it's buying, leasing, or how NOT get ripped off at your local dealership, or independent shop, I'm your man. Oh, if you need a song written for any occasion, It's what I professionally now, so, just let me know.


Drumming, song writing, Outdoors, Time with family, My Christian faith.

22 Reviews by Tim


I ordered a desk chair online, and it came the next day. Since I've ordered printers, ink, office supplies, and the arrive in perfect condition, and Really fast. Very pleased with Staples site.


Great if you don't mind playing the older games. I've had Madden 16 in my queue for 3 months, and never got to play it. They need to stock up of lose customers... oh, like me, I quit the sight just before writing this review,


Went in for a cleaning, found a cavity. They recommended a root canal. Their "Coverage Specialist," came in, and told me I had 90% coverage. I told them to go ahead with the work. I was satisfied with the work
My wife has the Same insurance I have. She went in for a root canal as well, and the same, "Specialist," told her indeed, everything but 10% was covered. About $8000. 00 of work between the two of us, of which we would pay only 10%. Great.
A week later, they call us, and told us they made a mistake with our coverage. We have Delta Dental, pretty straight ahead.
We were actually covered 70%, not 90%, oops! We were obviously Very upset! We told the woman on the phone, we given completely different information, and ask, if they actually checked our coverage, Before they did all the work! Now after the fact, there is an, "Adjustment?" She hung up on us, when we started asking questions, such as, "Who checked our coverage's, and why did you find this after 2 root canals. Yep, hung up.
Look on Yelp. I'm not the only one! The incompetence, in this office is Astounding! I'm getting a copy of our signed agreement, and taking it to small claims court if I have to. I'm a Service Manager at for Honda. That kind of mistake would get me fired. The quote you are given is what you pay, only tax can be added. Stay as Far from these scam artist's as you can! There are allot of better dentist's in the Antelope Valley!


Bags do fly free, the customer service is Outstanding, unlike other airlines, one in particular, I guess I cant mention. They're on time record with me has been amazingly good. On one occasion, they did have to cancel a flight, for a mechanical issue. They put me up in an Hilton, and provided transportation there and back. Upon arrival, they apologized again for the inconvenience, and discounted my return flight 50%t. Now THAT'S how you make a customer for life. I was shocked at how they made a very bad situation bearable. To me, that's beyond the call of duty. I've Never had an airline do anything like that before. Usually you spend the night on a damn airport chair, receiving a, "Deal with it," attitude." I fly Southwest everywhere they have a route, and recommend them to everyone I know; now I recommend them to you. I travel allot for business. They are business that cares about their clientele. So rare these days!


I'm a professional musician/song writer. I've dealt with Guitar Center in Pasadena, Ca., Hollywood, Folsom, Ca, & Palmdale. Personally, I've never had a bad experience with them. I've purchased literally tens of thousands of dollars worth of gear. 3 Drum sets, 6 guitars, recording gear, monitors, everything conceivable. I'm a drummer, so I'm Always needing something. Dan at the Palmdale store is terrific. If you want a deal, ask how much they can discount, and they will. The quality of their gear is first rate. I just ordered a new DW 7 piece kit. It took 2 weeks to arrive. I got a Great deal on the kit, as I also purchased some new Zildjian A customs, double kick pedal, and stands. I showed them the best prices I found online, and Dan didn't just match it, he took an additional 10% off in appreciation for being a loyal customer. There have been a couple of idiots, but they're everywhere. I deal with the managers, and leave 100% satisfied virtually every time. If something is broken, or stops functioning, refunds are No problem. I have nothing negative to say about Guitar Center, and to me it's kind of shocking that it's rated so low here. Most pro musicians I know purchase there, unless of course you're sponsored. Try the managers there. Hoping you have good experiences there as well!


Wow, reading the other reviews, I almost feel guilty.
I've never had a problem with the site. Maybe it's because I have Dish? I don't know, but we've watched all of the Walking Dead, Once Upon a Time, The Following, Blacklist, ect, all with no issues at all. It seems I'm certainly the exception to the rule here! I've Always had problems with Hulu, never with Vudu. Go figure.
My only complaint is the sites UI. Really confusing, difficult to store the movies, and shows you want to watch. I put them in my "Wishlist," which seems to work. Well, anyway, I've not had a problem, so take it with a grain of salt if you wish. Good here.


Yes, the lines can be long, but it's a God send for my wife and I. Everything we need, and lots of it. If something needs returning, which is Very rare, there is no hassle there as well.
Love me some Costco! Great store for about anything under the sun!


Hassle free, good prices, always have liked Tiger. Prices are good, customer service and follow up, exceptional, in my experience. Honest, and reasonable. Like this site!


They have very good deals on electronics, kitchen appliances large and small, and some groceries. Their Pharmacy is No hassle, well stocked, and fast. Yes, Walmart is the kind of place where you pick and choose the good products from the bad, but, they are a lifesaver to have around. I'm probably in the minority, but I have not had problems here, ever. THE biggest gripe I have with them, is they Really need to restock their shelves more often. They're out of stuff, I know they have in the back, which is frustrating, but hey, it's not Nordstrom, so, it's a minor inconvenience all things considered.


I have had my ups and downs with Verizon, BUT, I've been with them, since they were Bell Communications, and all things considered, I've Always been able to get satisfaction with a phone call.
They have Always worked with me on my billing, made adjustments when necessary, and really, have had no problems to speak of with Verizon. There network is second to None. My wife has AT&T, who also has been very good, but I am able to get 4g, in places, she can't. No dropped calls, unless you're truly in the middle of nowhere.
I just upgraded to a S6 Edge, again with Verizon, so, I guess that's the ultimate measure of my satisfaction.
Honestly, my favorite thing about Verizon, is no matter how screwed up something might get, they will work with you to iron out issues to my satisfaction. That is rare these days, so I'm sticking with them.


If you look, you will find some really good deals here. Never a bad experience here, so we'll keep going.


Thanks to Netflix, we're not stuck watching the garbage on TV that passes for entertainment. We Love streaming our shows, and movies every night, No commercials. Great service! They've come up with a couple of Great shows of their own, such as, "House of Cards." Very reasonable prices, great, dependable service. More new shows would be great, but really, that's up to the studios. Blockbuster was REALLY stupid by not offering streaming, before it was too late. Oh well!

Tip for consumers:
Use their website to choose your tv shows, and movies. For me, at least, it's easier. Either way, an Excellent value, with Great service.


As good as Netfllix is, Hulu, which once at least decent, is useless. They skip seasons, episodes, have commercials, and heaven help you, if you give them your credit card info. Horrible, horrible site, customer service people, if you can Ever get one, is rude, incompetent, and, not interested in helping you with any concern you have.
Vudu is MUCH better. Stay away from Hulu.


I guess I'll throw my hat into the ring as well. THE most ridiculously ludicrous review site on the internet. Really should be taken down. Useless, fraudulent, & libelous, otherwise a wonderful site.


My counselor was/is Fantastic. I can call any time, and she's there with Great advice.
Yes, it is expensive, BUT, I weighted in at 168. It's been 7 weeks, and I'm 139.7, with virtually no exercise. I'm a songwriter, so I don't get up much from my desk, and have little time for walking the dog, ect.
I've been Very pleased with the results, but the expense it getting to be a bit much. I can't argue with the tremendous results however. For me it's been worth Every penny, to get those 30 lbs off, but now, I'm perhaps looking for an alternative, that doesn't cost quite as much. If I can't find an alternative, I'll stick with Jenny.


I've been shopping Best Buy for Years, and loved them.
My last 3 purchases, (Yes 3, I'm loyal to a point), have been Complete wastes of my time, and money!
I'm a musician, so I have Very specific equipment needs. Having said that, I'll continue.

1) My Laptop. The salesman gave me All the wrong specs, options, and features. I asked about the discrepency in the description, which be blew off as misprints. I Took it home & discovered it was indeed the absolute Wrong laptop for my needs. Truly lacking in Rom, and was Not touch screen. Returned.

2) A stereo receiver which was supposed to have the option of play the speakers, and headphones at the same time. Most every tuner now has a speaker cut off, when phones are plugged it in. Paid $1200. 00, as I needed a powerful, full featured unit. 2 hour after the incredibly difficult setup, I plugged the phones in, and Wha la, speakers shut off. No way to get around it. VERY upset at the colossal waste of time, I steamed back to to return it, for a cash refund.

3) DVD Player with the ability to play MP3, disks. I had a Samsung player, from 2001, that had the ability to play whatever song I needed played, so I can rehears exactly what I need to, on any given day. In other words, if I'm playing song #5, and want to skip to song 61, I only needed to puch, "6-1" into the number pad, and 61 would play.
I asked if they a player with that specific feature. Anything else is useless for my application. He pointed to a brand, and model that he was sure had that feature, As again, not many players have that ability. It's as were able to Audio equipment has taken a massive step back, eliminating such basic features.
Well I got it home, and guess what? Yep, didn't work.
Returned. I should start a running tab on how much gas money they owe me.

I will Never shop Best Buy again. I miss Comp USA, and Circuit City! Frys is my other option. I'll give them a try, because the, "Sales professionals," at Best Buy are useless, putting it mildly, and keeping it G rated.


I have personally used Expedia almost exclusively for our weekend getaways for 8 years. I haven't had a problem yet, or ever.
I wouldn't book my dream vacation abroad with them, but for our trips to Mammoth, Yosemite, Big Bear, ect, they've never failed me. Excellent customer service.


Info is dependable, with good customer service. The only complaint I have is you cannot edit a review after submitting, BUT, they are a Very reputable business, which I use all the time!


This used to be a 5 star site, but for me, especially in the last couple of years, I've had some some delays in getting refunds, or returning items. Now to be fair, when I've called Amazon, I've had good experiences with them, so that's great.
I use them all the time still for the discounts. Some of the prices aren't what they used to be, and shipping has gotten stupid expensive, if you want a package faster, than normal bulk delivery. I still do buy ALLOT of items on Amazon, as the great experiences far out weigh the bad. I in fact Just bought an item, which was faulty, and had No hassle returning it. I like that. Keep it up!


I have had Very good experiences with Overstock. Even on the couple occasions I received something that didn't work, or wasn't what I expected, I had No problems getting a refund.

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