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Passion to help others advocate, help, serve, and educate to see if we can become a little better and kinder to each other.

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Special interest in fashion, mental health, cars, and dogs. Expertise coming from a vintage car family, rescue several dogs and licensed mental health counselor who is also trained in Art/Fashion school, school disabilities, Aspergers, and many other things along the way. :)


Experienced in Dogs, University/Education, Vintage -New Cars, Mental Health Counseling and teaching

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Update: Continue incompetence in NC. They have had a package on a truck since last Monday PER their tracking. It is Sunday and was supposed to be delivered the 27th the week before LOL. They offered to put a trace on it after I know the guys by first name now on the 800 line. :) That was nice of them. We have received 2 packages we ordered 2 weeks later in two days and this way just sits on a truck somewhere. The joke is on them because I would be more upset if was more than cleaning supplies from Sams club. Plus the bonus is that we ordered Baby wipes and the driver left them in the ONLY puddle they could find in our drive way. Really nice to be "BABY wipes" in a puddle. I think he really hates kids. :) That is the way it goes with them. We just laugh now. It is par for them!

We have watched several packages in the last 3 years just sit in their distribution areas with no dates of shipping. As if you see the pics below, an item was shipped out the 9th and is now sitting in in their distribution again for the 2nd time with no date to be shipped now again. It is now the 17th which was a 4 day shipping supposedly. LOL

If you have a choice, choose another service. I would give them credit but it is a "head scratcher" when you see your packages sitting for days when you track them on their site. NOW- their site will not allow you to get updates which I assume because they do not want you to see how SLOW they really are... aka. Their system will not allow you to use their submit button when you ask for updates. Ironically, it leaves it as if it is NOT working but has not worked for several months now. I think they try to claim covid problems but it is an excuse since it was before the covid issues. Happy shipping or call them if you have the time because you cannot really get any results otherwise. :)

Tip for consumers:
Use another service or call them and repeated ask where your package is if it is sitting in their distribution center. They many times when I call - will look for it and it will be shipped out sooner.

Products used:
shipping- Don't use and will never use and tell everyone NOT to use them.


Therapy notes has been my "go to" for a few years now. I have been curious and asked other professionals their thoughts on what they use. It never compares and I always brag about therapy notes customer service and their platform that is easy to use.

Therapy notes provides not only progress notes form and a uniform system for client file, but also credit card processing and a library for forms, portal for clients, scheduling platform and much more. I think they have created a system that is all around dependable and keeps current.

I cannot say enough about their team and system it almost seems I am gushing but I am. I think therapy notes is a must have for therapists and also for keeping organized, billing, and for offering services to clients at a reasonable price. Thanks again guys! DeeDee :D

Tip for consumers:
1)For therapists who need software/platform to help with private practice
2)Billing options for insurance providers
3)Card processing services offered
4)Portal for clients and online counseling platform
5)Library for your personal forms with templates if needed


So let's talk about social page that does nothing but cause drama and was created for that specific purpose, right? If you look at its history and now its present- He(Zuckerberg) has accomplished a legacy that is disturbing. He is a case example now in psychology classes in many ways.

I had a business page against my own personal choice but did it as a suggestion because of my business. Reluctantly- I had one for a couple of years than had to make some changes because of a move out of state. As I changed our business name (by one word)--- I was taken off as Admin by facebook the next minute. Why? I asked why too. Ironically because I was making changes to our new address and name from a move to another state? It is easy to verify the changes since I was connecting not only my instagram and also my website with the same info trying to update my fb- however FB has no recourse except a endless Apple death circle or maybe just someones bad day that has no way you can hold them accountable for it.

This is what I have done 1) logged on my account to do it, 2) was logged on to my website for verification. 3)Next, taken off by facebook as admin see below.

Now as far of finding help? LOL They used to have a number but as leaders in the field of customer service know it is "a heck of blogs and FAQs" that NO one wants to be bored to tears with or want to read about senseless things that do not apply. It is meant to just let you give in with your tail between your computer. ;)

There is still a fb phone number however the phone line hangs up on you because NO, they do not have customers service anymore so "goodbye!" is what a recorded voice states.

But NO----- nowhere does it say after several pages "if facebook takes you off as admin" and leaves your page without ONE or a way to be managed-- what do I do? I have heard now that many people have lost pages and just resigned. I am sure if facebook "fact-checked" me - well... probably this review says it.

I would hope they would "HELP" people or have a positive outlook or encouraging site. I am not sure it is in the bylaws and their system except to just do what they do which is "fact check" and do security checks on people's on sites. Good job! Wish I could have a job that I could get things wrong and not be accountable or care enough to help people when I did something to someone's account without regard. So I think we all should move on from the drama and stop making Zuckerberg rich and stop using facebook. Like my teenager says "no one uses facebook anyways, mom". LOL We all have choices. I have made mine.

Tip for consumers:
1) If you want customer service - do not use facebook
2) If you don't want interference in your account- do not use facebook
3) If you don't want the drama- do not use facebook :)
4) Talk to your neighbors and find other ways to connect.

Products used:
Business page admin deleted by facebook with no reason - see picture and facebook profile deleted because I do not want a fb page. However, godaddy host required it for some reason to connect.


First let me say as a small business owner, it is difficult to find cheaper marketing solutions besides social media. Vistaprint is one of those solutions and when the seem to be subpar (it happens at times)- they seem to be willing to work with you and fix it. I have used them a lot and I have called customer service 2x.

I have used their many sign options as a cheaper way to put signs on windows, and signs in the yard and on the doors, instead of spending hundreds + of dollars on other sign options. I also use their marketing tools such as business cards, brochures and postcards which amount to a lot less than using a other business that what to charge you to design and alter it for you.

First, you have to be able to design some or a lot yourself. I do design my own logo and and usually all of the above. That being said- Vistaprint has a easy and very workable platform and the will save it for you on your own portfolio. It is a win win. I have things saved for years on my portfolio. The only con is that it seems some of my older things I cannot edit but this is years later. I really can't complain. I usually just redesign using their template and add my touches which basically I redo completely but that is me. I have a art design degree under my belt.:)

When I have had to contact them- for things that are less than ideal- they are always very helpful and happy to help! That is always a A plus in my book!

I really wanted to share that if you are a small business - give them a try and see if you are able to design from their templates.

If you need their help designing- it is $5 extra. Not a real big deal for the pocket if you are having an issue. I have only used it once and it they were on the phone with me and done in minutes. Very cool!

Again- easy platform and good prices. There is usually a promo code too that can help you out and if you are not in a hurry - use the lesser shipping and they usually get it there quickly!

Tip for consumers:
1)Platform is easy to use to design your own products but use their team for $5 more if you have problems.

2)Use promo codes or find one for discounts

3) If not in extreme hurry, use least shipping and they usually are always early anyways.

4) Customer service friendly and willing to always help! :)

Products used:
Market products such as signs in windows, yard signs, brochures and shirts, etc.


This should bother us all and when we used to hear that China was buying America - this is a good example. This was owned by a father and son (founded in 1936) by the Luters, Smithfield, VA. Its was sold WH Group which is China owned- and considering the government - it means it can be government owned as well if a the govt deems it. It owns 146,000 acres of farm land and possibly larger than some small countries. Products quality have significantly decreased in reliability and also suspect to be shipped now from China even though they deny it JUST beware if you eat it and keep your eyes open because you have a right to choose.

The question is why the US government allowed the largest Pork distributors to be purchased by a Chinese company and why was it under the radar when our news stations seem to really enjoy reporting everything BUT things that may make a difference in what you may eat and put in our bodies?! Just beware of what you are choosing to do and who are choosing to buy from - unknowing thinking it is from a US company when it is from China and it is disturbing that it was called out just recently as such. I think we all know that China has sometimes have questionable business practices and if you compare their meat to other pork- I believe you may see the difference as I have. It is about values that have gone away in our farms that have become big business. We all have to protect our bodies when we look at how meat is processed and care for- We need to take care of this earth and what we have been given is a gift.

They do state they do everything according to USDA regulations as asked or compliant with their animal care. However, if you goggle and do your research --it is still suspicious what and why a chinese company opted to purchase this company in the US unless you see that a large land purchase of the US was enough.

Tip for consumers:
Be careful in purchasing pork products that are from Smithfield processing. It is not a US company and much as come out about one of the largest pork distributors now China owned.


I have been a patient for many years with Cleveland clinic to the main branch in Cleveland to other branches in Ohio. I have throughout the years have appreciated their expertise in very specific diagnosis that have helped diagnose a difficult type of epilepsy in my teens. Dr. Gerald Erenberg- I credit with saving my life because of this. I will always be grateful to the main branch.

Cleveland Clinic seems to always strive to help their patients and ask for feedback so if you are patient - always talk and fill out your surveys to help them continue to get better.

However, I have been a patient in internal medicine and at times it is where they lack. My doctor has been very efficient and always on top of things. I have gone for many years so this has been my experience only. I know my dr. is very busy and relies on the nursing staff. That is the deficit at times where it seems is getting worst. Sometimes there have been miscommunications or at times even a interrogation when I am in the medical field too. I have been told things that are not good or untrue medical advice. I think the nurses at times are undereducated and have told me things that I know are opinion or they should have not put in their 2 cents. I correct them and hear them google it. The next thing is the nurse hopefully but not always corrects themselves and moves on. It is very discouraging considering that if I was not as educated - that a lay person would be accepting at what a nurse says face value and would get incorrect and dangerous information I would say in my experience 75% of the time. Also, at times Cleveland Clinic at their branches has lay people (aka receptionist or office people) answering the phone when you believe it is a nurse. I just do this review as a warning that everyone should advocate for their OWN healthcare and always do their own research! Just some tips from my point of view.

1) Ask questions and don't accept it as truth if it is NOT from your doctor (even then advocate for yourself). Just understand that if its a nurse- it is often a 2 yr LPN degree and very limited knowledge or it maybe NOT a nurse at all.

2) Always ask for a name of who are you talking with so you can reference them and keep them accountable for what they are telling you.

3) Take notes if you cannot speak with your dr. right away and ask the nurse to send you a email or reference to what they have told you and make sure they do get a note to your doctor.

4)Fill out the feedback forms and reviews to help everyone and give positives just as much as the negatives! :) No one is perfect but you must also help everyone by giving good and bad and 2nd chances! I also I am a patient panel to take surveys to help Cleveland clinic. I hope this helps someone and always take charge of your wellness! Be healthy! :D

Tip for consumers:
See reviews and use site for reference!

Products used:
Doctor, Medical

Verified purchase

When you purchase something online- you expect to be at some certain guidelines established to be a decent amount of service. Unfortunately, it seems to be less and less the case today with many businesses. We ordered a very common supplement that we have ordered on another website. WE thought it would be no big deal to order it on this website even though it was not one I was familiar with currently. We purchased it on 2/17 and our credit card was charged the next day. However, we never have received the product and it is March 15th which no update. I inquired a week ago through their email and also through their own website contact form and told them if it is not even processed cancel the order. We had no response.

We have not heard anything about shipping except for the picture I will put down below which asks you to download an app to track your shipping- but it looks it has not been shipped (even though they charged the account). I assume they are selling your information to another 3 rd party so you can track your package that is their responsibility. I wish this could be not as common as it seems to be getting and seems to be at the least poor customer service and at the most - fraud with taking your money and no product received. I understand that things may take a couple of weeks but after a month an ignoring our efforts to follow up-- is there a problem?

I do appreciate this site for its ability to give honest comments and reviews of when this happens to share with consumers to beware of sites like these. I wish I would have checked more on this because I may be next writing the BBB. What a pain but I think as consumers we have a responsibility to keep businesses accountable especially if they are holding or taking money out of our account without giving or sending our products out! We used to call it stealing! LOL ;) So just be aware of your money and how you buy on this site.

UPDATE: After I wrote this review, I did receive an email that they were sending my product and apologized that it was on backorder. I did ADD two stars for the service for the expedited shipping at no cost and their response. However, I did take off stars for the fact I did not receive a response until I wrote a review and that they did not respond to my emails for weeks after I complained and asked them to cancel. I did get the product elsewhere so I now have extra. I do give credit for them trying to help and apologize. I did want to update this review accordingly because I do believe we need to be honest and give second chances. Thank you for my product and if you would like to give them a chance- I would make sure they have your product in stock before paying for it. It seems there may be a problem with this and the customer service 1) not answering emails and 2) only have an answering machine with their number. :)

Tip for consumers:
Don't use- no customer service and no response if asking about products that charged our card for but 1 month later have not received.

Products used:
The supplement was on backorder and did not respond to emails until I wrote a review.

Verified purchase

As most professionals know and endure-- we must have our annual continuing education. This is not a feat that is taken lightly but we do take seriously. The issue becomes when we cannot find education that can meet our standards after being a professional for a several years. Most classes are geared towards lower level or beginning professions. Dr. Mike is very good at finding material that is exceptionally challenging and conducive for professionals that do not waste time with mediocre classes. He takes your feedback seriously and also is very responsive with an email as soon as feedback is given. I highly recommend this site for CEU's if it is something that is needed for licensing. Thanks Dr. Mike for all your hardworking and we appreciate your due diligence!

Tip for consumers:
Continued Education for State Licensing Medical for Counselors, Nurses, Psychologists


Very disappointed with a bank we have been with for several years and several accounts. We have had our share of problems but we lived in Ohio and could always go to a local bank. Hence we come up to the present day! ;) On a regular weekday - we waited for over 65 minutes because I could not log on to our account that I have been on several times before but not recently. We have moved out of state but we figure everyone NOW banks online, correct?! So what is the big deal to NOT have a local bank? Well-- now we know today! Huntington does not do online banking services so beware!

Again, waiting 65 long agonizing minutes to come down to Bree or Bri - we got nothing but an attitude--- I mean the kind that just basically says can't do anything for so good-bye. You know it is frustrating that when you are concerned you cannot log on that basically a computer says you DON'T exist and that we are concerned that there is a security break down with your money. Hence after a battle of wits and a lot of negotiating with no compromising- we had to ask for a supervisor because she shrugged her shoulders when she said we need to come into a bank that the closest one is 250 miles away. And we are like "hey what?!" You know that most people bank online?

The long story now or short of it -Huntington we have been through a lot with you and after we have 4 accounts plus 2 business accounts- we should have at least customer service but I guess not being a thousand heirs is NOT good enough for them! LOL :P. It seems that after a supervisor and 3 hours it got resolved. Time wasted in a lot of ways and a rep that basically the supervisor told us said she could have done the same thing---- but didn't. You hear that!

AGAIN! After all that, the customer service rep could have done the same thing and chose not to which seems to be a theme with call-in centers just do not have customer service any longer. It was work mind you but we had to start back and re-enroll my part of it because Huntington forgot I existed at least online.

We are now "in the know" that Huntington call centers and they are for "US" and if you are NOT in the state- you don't have a bank with Huntington was our last resolve. -They have a long way to go for online banking. Too bad too sad so we are going to move on out of the bank as well as we did Ohio. ;)

Tip for consumers:
Don't use 800 number because of lack of customer service and the long wait times

Products used:
online Banking

Verified purchase

We have all had some bad experiences lately with the shopping frenzy with covid! Right? Overstock has put it out there and does keep providing the best of service and shipping it can. I have purchased several items during this time because we also moved a business and to a new house.

So let me clarify how much this can mean when things also get shipped to the wrong address and Overstock sent us a new item because of that! That means a lot because even the could have said tough nuggies! :D So I don't think that was just a fluke. Also, we had some damaged items that were extremely large boxes aka. Chairs. The first representative was difficult in I tried to ask him how to fit these chairs in their boxes again to return them and then also to just get these in a car to return them? After some discussion, another representative through email did allow us to throw them away and replaced them- which was not fun either but part of life when ordering online. Since then we have had no problems and I have had purchased previously several rugs and items that had no issues.

Overstock seems to have much variety of items at usually the lowest prices as I am the "research queen" for the best deals! ;) With just the same investment for their CLUB you can also receive rewards for reviews (LOL which you all know I like) and also to give an honest one. Now, these rewards are nothing to think twice about because you get at times up to $12 -$8 apiece depending on the item price. So let's go! Right?! Also, Overstock is not shy about giving discounted promo codes so if you hunt or allow them to spam you - Yeah I said it but we all get it! ;) Spam is a part of our life ya'll! Let's face it! We can get money off so think of it as a job! Maybe you can see where the money is?

Overstock has now been in my life for many years but more recently the Club has made it better. I am a believer and it works for them because I go there first to see their stock and move from there. I know it's been hard for all of us during this time but I believe Overstock is trying to when some retailers are not as customer service focus. Thanks for reading! Happy shopping!

Tip for consumers:
Join the club for extra discounts and promo codes also do online reviews for more dollars towards purchases! YEAH~

Products used:
Furniture, rugs, misc items such as towels, flat iron, etc

Verified purchase

Wayfair has behind the scenes has had some financial issues but recently has had some investments now what does that mean for consumers? It can mean that at times poor stock and poor quality and overpriced to make up the difference. At times-- it can be hit or miss if you get something correct or shipped correctly and the customer service is probably at least the most benefit that you can still reach them by phone which today seems like the 19th century now! :P LOL. Recently, I have purchased quite a bit furniture for a business but when questioned about a charge that they repeatedly kept putting on my credit card for a back-ordered item still not being shipped for more than 2 months - all I got it is policy and we are "ALLOWED TO DO IT". When I asked Alyssia - she just kept repeating "we are allowed to put the charge on your credit card for several days". The charge is not the issue its why Wayfair puts a charge there when even they admit - no other company continues to do that once initial charge to make sure credit card is valid and 2) if it is backordered-- will it ever come in? At one point American Express stated if the continue doing it it will be seen as charge and add interest - Per Am Ex they said no other retail has done that- HMMMM? Because there are still possibly financial issues and they have to make sure that they cover their investors? Makes everyone wonder!

I don't know about you but I would rather not be bothered by people holding my credit card hostage for something they don't even have IN STOCK and also that no other store will charge for you unless they are sending it to or delivering it. I would move on if I was you because for 1) keep your credit cards safe and close to you and not just repeatedly be charged and also 2) don't allow stores to give you answers like "its policy" because you have a right to be told about charging you for NON- stock that do not exist and also helping them float there finances. :) Ironically, my conversation like this -- I could not provide feedback or a review after that ---- see below. Wayfair's link went to an error that goes to "an OPPS must be something wrong". Really?! I think they were a little worried then about our conversation. Haha!

They lost a good customer that actually paid so I recommend Overstock which gives credit for purchases and if you pay $5 extra money towards purchases and also coupons most every time you purchase if you look. Also, give them a review and they will give you money towards purchase no matter what your opinion. They seemed also to back up purchases if you have some problems as I have had them do so. :) Happy Shopping!

Tip for consumers:
Recommend going to another website such as Overstock

Products used:


I am not one to make light of car issues because I use to be the one taking complaints. NOt only did I grow up in a car dealer family. I was a service manager for several years and saw the worst done to all kinds of these vehicles. As a woman, I get a unique experience working on cars because I have to know more. (I am questioned more because of the bias that woman DON'T know about cars) ;)

Acura remains still or (Honda) to be honest - still one that quality is up on top. I have had several Hondas and currently 2018 Acura RDX. Now, will I buy a new RDX, the answer no!

However, my Rdx is fast, and with major issues there is none. Minor issues are the air/heat has some function that really seems quirky. My 2009 Mdx was spot on and at 130k it still had no issues. I also had 2003 that seemed to have no issues until it was in an accident. All of these vehicles seemed to go with precision and I do mean that the vehicles are faster than they look which is what I like in an SUV. I know others have issues with minor problems and have caused concern but knowing other brands-- Acura has done its diligence with keeping quality in its sight compared to some of its expensive other options where Mercedes and Jaguar are questionable. You will not be disappointed at least in quality with Acura - now every car is a preference so you have to take sometimes the issues with it. :)


I have been with ipsy through some growing pains. They have always had some issues with customer service and I think that is a trend I have seen with some if not most companies.

It seems no one has a phone or customer service. Email becomes one source or social media. I believe through reviews Ipsy has greatly improved its support and response time has been better.

The good is getting new products that are curtailed to your likes mostly and can seemly be one of the few subscriptions to do it to a point. If you can spare 12.00 - I think it is a fun extra and way to try new products without spending the major bucks on ones you are throwing away because they don't work or just don't like.

The bad is NOT getting what you ordered, email back and forth with customer service, and at times getting duplicates.

Out of all of them - IPSY has most of the time good. I give them credit for doing a pretty good job! :D

Tip for consumers:
1) Have fun but watch buying products other than monthly-often out of stock or missing
2) Free shipping- and good way to explore new products

Products used:
Makeup, skincare


I enjoy Pinterest above all social media because I have used it with my daughter growing up to accumulate positive quotes, crafts, and to help us enjoy things together without the drama of people commenting or "discouraging" each other. I believe that most of social media has been at times the worst of us and has caused changes in all of our behavior for the good. Now that she is almost in college, we still enjoy pinning with each other and sending things like crafts that we can do together and send each other positive encouragements. At least this site, you can enjoy with others similar likes and interests with the younger ones maybe keep the drama mostly out if you want it out. Very helpful in many areas and drama-free :D

Tip for consumers:
enjoy creating and posting

Products used:
Pins, Crafting ideas, encouraging posts


Unfortunately, sometimes you need to stop at a good thing. I did like quasar for not only infrared technology but for its ability to help with the pain when I purchased the baby quasar 2019. Recently, I purchased the bigger one for a slightly discounted price since they are at a high price tag of $399 (20% off). I trusted the quality since I had one that is still going aka baby quasar and --- you would think they would have been made with some quality since they do have a history with medial equipment. This is not the case or else I have had really bad luck.

I treat these wands with extreme care since they are so expensive. I had the first Quasar MD plus immediately flickered when it turned on out of the box and would not stay on which was shocking to me with my history from the baby quasar. I had to go back to Quasar to get it replaced because I was hoping it was not a reoccurring thing and (not ask for a refund from the skinstore because trying to get a hold of them is another story.)

Not even two weeks later after receiving a new Qusar MD, I disconnected the plug to put it away properly in a satchel that I treat it with as if it's worth several hundred dollars. :P And... there it is ---wires came out of them with the plug. Quasar responded to me after I posted this review. I am thankful for their response because they are replacing again this wand and also reporting to their quality team. As I have said before, I do love these devices and believe they do work for what they do. It is a shame this one has had their problems. However, Quasar Md has stepped up both times and replaced. Fingers crossed--- lets hope this one is a winner! (like my baby quasar which I still use and swear by!) Amende dmy stars for their diligence for standing by their products!

WE as consumers can only remain vigilant for just basic standards of workmanship. It is frustrating that we often 1) cannot contact someone except by email or chat 2) have to wait for days. We must keep adovocating and hopefully customer service will change but I believe it we must own part of that. We must be equally as patient and polite and not come off rude or obnoxious. These are people too behind the scenes just trying and sometimes getting more bees with hunny is a thing. ;)


I have no complaints about the case-- when it shows up----?. I sent an email inquiring about my product that states 2-5 day shipping. I heard nothing. I called and when inquiring about my product, the tone was not friendly by accusing me that I ordered it on a weekend and "we don't WORK on weekends". Umm... ok but maybe she was having a bad day but it gets better. I usually get a tracking number sent to me so considering that I have purchased several cases and I stated such that so could I have one? She said that I will give it too you but she spoke really fast and it is really long so I could not catch it. I asked to have it sent to me since it seemed she would not tell me again. Also, I asked why is taking so long when its not been my experience for the past few years---I heard her say twice" it is in the mail and not sure why I am calling". I have waited now some days after that and I guess I was not supposed to comment but the tone I heard on the other end.: P

I asked could I get an email for the tracking because I didn't get it and I heard a sigh which maybe she doesn't work on Tuesdays either (hahaha) and she said it will take her a few minutes but she will send it. Btw, I still am waiting for that email. None given. Oh well.

Regardless, customer service seems to be less and less and I like the cases but if I am given an attitude just because I would like to know when my case is coming after 2 weeks of not responding to asking, I think it is not asking too much for a case that is pretty expensive. :) Next time, I guess I won't bother with Speck. :) Customer service is about asking questions and can be done just by answering them with a smile.

UPDATE: I did get me case and a few days later - a very nice email with a tracking number that did not start with the few numbers I got from the first lady. It was from a gentleman this time. Not sure what that was about but it seems that covid has a lot of people working from home and it seems we get more than we bargain for now. :)

Tip for consumers:
Don't call but email because seems like customer service is more friendly. LOL

Products used:
Cell phone case


I have used this site and been a fan of JCpenny's in general. However, samples and their extra benefits are sometimes now often replaced or just not given at all. It used to be you would get 2 day flash shipping and now that has gone away. I believe it has gotten busier and lost like most businesses the accountability to keep business. I continue to shop but there are at times better prices and faster shipping at other sites now. :)


I have been a member for many years - you must watch the reviews and pay close attention to them. I think that has kept me safe from bad sellers. I have had very few problems and when I have had problems - eBay has back up with either holding the seller accountable or allowing another repercussion. There have been many companies that have tried to copy this and have failed. I have heard horror stories about other sites so I believe that eBay is doing ok and a well-trusted site in keeping up with trying to keep scamming down to a minimum. :)


You think we could have some control that it is a government organization-- (wink wink) ;) However, it seems that it is far from true or that you would think the workers have some ethics. My experience in the last two years is that we will get tracking notifications that a package is delivered and nowhere to be seen! Lately, they now give you descriptions such as "front porch" when a house HAS NO FRONT PORCH" LOL! So when you try to call customer service - you get an automated computer that has it the only goal is to keep from a live person! Hahaha! Just a clue- I got to a live person only by asking for an agent which was NOT an option!;)
However - I wanted for longer than 30 minutes and I heard the music pause 3x which means that someone did come on but did put me back on hold so it did not look like I was holding for that long. Aka- if their system records time for holding calls. Maybe we need to put our tax dollars somewhere like into a private service or pay people who are being truthful. I will be happy to give my money to fed ex or ups from now on because for #1 I know that their customer service I have gotten in less than 5 minutes and #2. I will get some results plus they guarantee delivery. Wouldn't that be a novel idea if our post office actually would deliver its packages without US paying for tracking to keep them accountable for their losses and STILL not get their jobs done? :( LOL


Paypal used to be a system you can rely on to help you and have security to shop on the internet. Now it seems they will shut the door in your face (hypothetically) more than support your business. It seems what they were built on is now gone. I am guessing the many times they have been bought and sold have just proven they are a different business and don't expect them to back up buyers anymore. You will know why when you understand that there is a great part of it know that is outside of this country. Do your homework.:)

Paypal does have quite a stake now in China so fyi when you have your money there. " U.S. payments giant PayPal Holdings (NASDAQ: PYPL) just defied the odds, gaining approval to acquire a majority stake in a Chinese payments company, and thus enter the country's vast digital payments marke".

Also recently- I tried to give them another chance because I was testing them since the "made improvements" and 2) was also seeing what those improvements have done.

I will add to show you- A- I have a small business that I used Paypal here quite successfully with no problems but change because of security issues and Paypal using Everyone's information which the keep NO secret about it.

As I applied to reopen my business account - certain things occurred that were quite interesting and disturbing. LOL

1) I have waited several days on an application with no results until I myself signed on to my PayPal here which I then was told to add a form.
2) I called PayPal which with no success a woman told me she in no words "the app" was being reviewed but she "KNEW NOTHING". Surprised? Nope even though I asked! LOL: D
3) The plot does thicken with and official email but very in-descriptive email about "they cannot verify" my very "all over social media, website, Federal ID and" PLLC corporation" that I just send them my bank account and my federal tax ID and to go to the resolution center for more information. I have had the account for years by the way and the only that has changed has been PayPal period.
4) NO--- My information is all there and yet when I look for any hope on PayPal as please look at the pictures--- it states verified or missing info, still looking at application and also "incompetences of PayPal" or bad links. It is like the wheel of death of service and there are too many choices to wait on their bad service and I think it is a sign to end it all very well and politely. Paypal- Goodbye!

Short story but not- the long of it is - PayPal is throwing out every week more and more emails of how it is changing its policies and does not know what it one side is doing. However, it is trying to charge you level nows for its incompetent service so you can pay for their "No level of service" so businesses beware.

So now I did change my review to two star to one which I do not do that lightly. I suggested there are plenty of process payment services out there and now Ebay jumping ship now who started PayPal in the first place. That should be a sign. :)

Tip for consumers:
Use customer service and use it often especially now the they are updating their customer agreements weekly. You just never know what they are binding you too and the days of PayPal and backing up the buyer is long gone probably.

PayPal here is not a wheel of death- I would recommend checking into Square or Clover for payment processing and not giving up so of your valuable time and energy. It seems it is just not worth the frustration anymore. Sad PayPal has become a lost institution.

Products used:
paypal credit, PayPal payments and here but ending it as of today.

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