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3875 Airways, Module H3 Department 4634
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1 review
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The Fedex driver that delivers packages to my property for my residents is the WORST EVER!!! He is lazy and extremely disrespectful and his boss is even worse than him. Someone really needs to look into the Ground driver for Fedex that delivers to the 35404 area. WORST EVER!!! I will never use FEDEX for anything else.

2 reviews
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I wish I could give a zero stars. I barely ever deal with fedex because of them being extremely unreliable. But this time it was the last drop. I ordered a wedding item which we needed for our wedding on July 7th. This item was supposed to be the most important one during the ceremony. I paid $39 for expedited 2 day delivery. On June 26 the company shipped my package to my address in Denton, TX. On July 5th it was in Fort Worth, which is only 35 minutes away from my house. On July 10th they shipped it back to the sender because I didn't come to pick up it. I received notification from fedex about package being returned on July 9th. And this was the very first contact I received about my package. Gave them a call and they said, "if you want us to turn the package around and send it to you again you will have to pay again." WHAT? You never tried to deliver it to my house for which i paid $39 (6lbs package). Now you want me to pay more?????? They were pretty inflexible and kept saying that I either have to pay more or can fly myself to Mississippi where the package is right now and they can hold it in there. I will never ever deal with fedex again. The worst mail system out there. From the past I can say, their drivers are the worst. They through packages over the fence or on the ground even when it says Fragile. They don't bother knocking or ringing the bell well enough They just do couple of quet knocks and leave. This was the reason I stopped dealing with them. This time I had no idea the company would ship with Fedex. Otherwise I would never agree for that. They through my computer and broke it in the past. I never had any issues with UPS or even USPS like I had with Fedex. I don't know how this company is still alive and why people still use them. The worst!

1 review
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Thanks to your hideous service, we are canceling our subscription to Wild Alaskan Company for our monthly box of frozen fish. We hope Wild Alaskan Company will switch shipping carriers. When they do, we will resume our service. Until then they have lost our business. You simply don't care. Do you understand that the packages you are delivering are frozen fish? It isn't safe to eat when it reaches above 40 degrees. When a frozen fish shipment sits three extra days the dry ice it is packed in melts and the fish gets warm. Once again, our shipment was delivered 3 days late and placed in the hot sun. Please fire this driver. Clearly this person is doing this on purpose. This is our fifth delivery with the same result. The fish cannot be eaten. Maybe perhaps your whole company should go out of business because you simply don't care. To summary issues getting delivery from one vendor: 1. Two shipments were left at the street. See photo 2. The third shipment was delivered 1/2 way to the front porch, left in the sun, and delivered a day late. Wild Alaskan replaced it with shipment 4. 3. Shipment 4 also was dropped off 1/2 way to the front porch in the sun. It was still frozen when we got it.
4. Shipment 5 shipped 7/1, and was to be delivered on 7/3. On 7/3 at 2:58pm local, it was logged as "delivery attempted" and returned to the FedEx shipping depot. It sat through 7/4. On 7/5, someone forgot to put it on the truck, so it sat in the depot. It was delivered on 7/6. Given the number of days since it was shipped, I have not opened it.

1 review
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I have had very bad experience not just once but twice with the FedEx service.

1. This is about a local ground shipment from Walmart. And the delivery guy gave the packet at wrong address but their system is updated with FedEx tracking saying that delivered at my address outside the front door. Came home that evening, couldn't find the packet outside my door and searched in my neighbourhood and with my neighbors, not there. Finally, decided to raise a complaint on FedEx website and raised a claim. Waited for their investigation and after 3 days, the delivery guy got back that missing packet to my address from a wrong address where he actually delivered wrongly ( may be he is asleep, drunk or just dumb, irresponsible). I can understand mistakes happen. But my packet was already opened by the people at the wrong address.

2. This time it was a international shipment from my home country worth $300 dollars. Believed in FedEx, that was our biggest mistake. After tracking the delivery details on their website, it says, delivered at my address outside my front door on the same day as the above case. After I couldn't find this $300 worth shipment anywhere, raised a complaint to FedEx and told them that a local ground shipment packet was also missing on the same day and may be the delivery guy gave these both at wrong address. After 3 days the local Walmart shipment was got to me from the address where it was delivered wrongly but for the $300 international shipment, FedEx sent a letter saying that package was delivered properly at the correct address and they rejected my claim.

Bottom line is when the delivery guy messed up everything as you can see that one of the local ground shipment was got back to me in next 3 days. How can now FedEx say that the other international shipment is delivered correctly. That is just disgusting.

Lost $300, time more that 1 month in entire process and faith in FedEx.

You guys are the worst. You lost a genuine customer and not just me , you have lost business from all my family members and friends.

3 reviews
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Had the worst experience ever as time ordered items of eBay and expected to be charged for the country tax & custom only.. to find myself in a trap with fedex where I have to pay extra $100 or they will (DESTROY) my item as they stated, and I will have to deal with the seller for the refund.. what a rip off!

1 review
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I picked next day 10:30am to Houston from Calgary. It was delivered 2 days later. Their excuse was weather related however I checked the FedEx hub Memphis as well as Houston and both were sunny and 29 degrees Celsius. Give me a break FedEx you always drive your parcels from Memphis to Houston!!! Bunch of liars!! At least give me back the money I paid for the service.

1 review
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Second time in 3 months that I have been home ALL DAY LONG and receive a text that my delivery is being rescheduled and that the driver attempted to deliver my package!! This is complete and utter BS. Nothing was even left on my door that the driver made an attempt BECAUSE HE IS A LIAR!!!! He did not attempt to deliver as I have been home, garage door open, working in and out of the yard. Called for support and was informed that the driver was done for the day. He did this in March as well and on that day I was quick enough to have his manager force him to turn around and deliver the package.

Unbelievable. Informing the company that is using FedEX to find another carrier for my route. People need to lose their jobs when they can't even perform them properly!

2 reviews
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Fedex abdicated from the core business and passing over the package delivery to the US Mail. This would be a good improvement if it worked. The US Mail is very quick to declare a recipient unknown/moved, it is enough you are away a few weeks and not emptying the useless junk they are cramming into your mailbox, and they mark your mailbox as not served. On the Fedex page I can track the repeated attempts to deliver the package, but there is no way to correct the derailed process. I am a registered user at Fedex at the address they claim as incorrect. I hope the genius who implemented this "improvement" gets the boot. This happened in Sarasota FL, but I guess the same system is about to be introduced everywhere. No I must fight with the firm I purchased the electronics from to get my money back or do a chargeback on my credit card. What an unnecessary waste!

1 review
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Received a delivery via FED EX on 1-16-19. I have a gated entry with a call box. Not only did the driver NOT use the call box to let me know he was there, the next day I notice my call box leaning, I barely touch it and it falls over. Has a white mark on the edge of the black box. I call FED EX, they tell me he is a new driver and that the claims rep will contact me. After 2 months, they say they won't pay because I can't prove their driver did it. I live on a back-country very low traffic road. And no, I don't have a camera on it. In the 20 years I have lived here, my gate has been damaged twice, this one and once before, yes, by FED EX. That driver was honest and FED EX paid the claim. Guess we know why FED EX is so profitable. BEWARE, they don't train their drivers or strive to make good on damage done.

1 review
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Packed items in stiff sided box for shipping , everything was with multiple thickness of bubble wrap and packing paper roll. When the package arrived to it, the sides were damaged all the glasswares were broken, fedex attittitude is basically tough , not there problem nor did they try to appologize.

Will not use them ever again cancelling my account, and will not support them as a busines.

14 reviews
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FEDEX IS TERRIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They lie about price and OVERCHARGE!!!!! I shipped a package and paid $45 for shipping. Later, I was charged an ADDITIONAL $82.60 after the order was delivered. I called to ask what was going on and they said additional fees incur AFTER delivery depending on weight and dimensions of the box. Which is hypocrisy because I gave them weight AND Dimensions of the box PRIOR to shipping. Isn't that the whole point?? I've NEVER had a problem with USPS or UPS. With USPS or UPS you just give them the dimensions and weight, and you pay for that up front . There are NEVER hidden fees. If it was a few extra dollars fine but they charged me over $82.60 in ADDITIONAL fees!!!! MONEY LEECHERS~~~~!!!!! TERRIBLE!!!!

1 review
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So, let me tell you about my current experience with FEDEX. Yesterday (5/1) at 10:30ish we called in a FEDEX EXPRESS pickup, confirmation #'s LKSA641 & LKSA167. A little after 4pm we called to see what the hold up was and we were told the truck broke down and another truck had been dispatched and should arrive in 10 - 15 minutes. We closed our shop at 6:30pm and still no driver and too late to get to a FEDEX location for a drop off. This morning we have called not once but 4 times and got four different stories and a bucket load of rude representatives. The first call we were told the driver showed up and no one was at out location at 4:30...untrue. The second call we were told the pickup had been rescheduled and that we were notified...untrue. The third call the representative transferred us to Ground and then we got transferred back to the 800# and the call timed out, a recording reported that the call was unable to complete.(Same as being hung up on) Forth call we spoke with a rep that continued to talk over us and not listen, this guy would ask questions and keep on talking. Tried to tell us there was a distribution center machine malfunction...had absolutely NOTHING to do with pickups. Then we called our outside service rep, like that would do any good...I have never had a return phone call from her. Today FEDEX totally and completely has missed the mark.

4 reviews
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Fedex has the WORST shipping service ever.
First of all they are extremely slow at delivering packages.
Then, they LOST my $80 worth package that I shipped to the recipient almost 3 weeks ago.
They have poor customer service as well.
I called their customer service, and they weren't apologetic at all about the package that they lost in transit.
USPS is much better, I haven't had any issues with them before.
I do NOT recommend FEDEX at all.

2 reviews
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Worst deliver company ever. Every time I see a company sending a package by Fed Ex I cringe. I know I am in for a hassle to get my package. I lodge a complaint with every delivery and am promise a call back. That never happens either. The driver claims he tried to make the delivery and it says "customer not available or business is closed" All the while there is someone at the house all day. We have dogs which bark anytime someone comes near the house. I have asked for a door tag to be left so I know I have a package and that someone was there. This also has never happened. I see I am not the only one they treat like a non-important customer from all the 1 stars they get.

2 reviews
5 helpful votes

Every time I see a company sending a product I ordered through FedEx, I am filled with dread because I know the trouble I am about to have to deal with when it comes to them. For 5 years now, this ABHORRENT delivery service never rings my doorbell and will do one quick knock then leave and mostly everything that comes through FedEx requires some kind of signature. The place where I live is upstairs and we are usually in the bedrooms in the very back of the apartment so there would be no way to hear a knock on the door. Now if this wasn't bad enough, the company now is refusing to do any redelivers and have now lied on multiple occasions on promising to resend a package. I already filed a complaint with the BBB but I doubt it will make much of a difference as they still have an A rating while being flooded with 1 star reviews. They are the WORST delivery service ever. I never have any of these problems with any of the other services.

1 review
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I suggest never to use Fedex services or give anyone your Fedex account number to make a shipment to you.

They abuse the fact that the account holder is not making the shipment and can not approve cost.

Here is what happened.

My customer wanted to us to ship a personal item to him and gave us his Fedex account #.

The goods to be shipped are 2 tee shirts and 2 shorts. It is almost 5 pounds but by the rule of package sizes it is regarded 20 We shipped from Istanbul to New York with the Fedex account # of the customer.

Now hear this.

My customer gets an invoice of $2064.29 for this shipment and as you can expect is crazy with our operaration.

FYI, the cost of two way airline ticket to Istanbul NY is $600.

My factory in Istanbul checked what if they sent this package with their own account instead of using customer Fedex acc #.

It turns out we would have paid $125.

Can you see the game Fedex is playing, and this is not the first time.

Taled to customer service couple of times , and they provided a $900 discount. But then I find out they charged is with wrong package size. So they charged my customer 4 time the volume.

I am now trying to prove that the size was entered wrong in their systems.

Bottom line.

Don't give anyone your Fedex account #. Fedex will abuse it. You will get the surprise later so all is happened already. No accapence of price before shipment. Fedex claims that they can not give cost of shipment to anyone else but other then the account holder. They do not request approval from the account holder the cost. So they ship and bat it will be paid.

I am refunding the whole cost to my customer on what he paid to Fedex and that is how customers needs to be treated.



1 review
1 helpful vote

I used FedEx to ship a piece of art from Mexico City. I was charged $95 for shipping. The piece was delivered to me as I gave it to them. It was not packed so at all. Consequently it was destroyed in the shipping process. I was told if I refused delivery I would be dealing with FedEx in the U.S. . After filing a claim, providing copies of all receipts, many calls and repeating my story many times , I was told I would have to deal with the office in Mexico City. I explained I do not speak Spanish and that is why I refused delivery. After much back and forth I was told I would receive a check for the cost of the art and credit on my credit card for the shipping charges. I have received the check but have not been given the credit. I have called and have been passed from one person to the next. They promise to get back to you but do not. I would not recommend using FedEx for any international shipping and I will never use them again for any shipping.

4 reviews
6 helpful votes

The incompetence of this company is astounding!!! Today they managed to deliver my package to the wrong address for the third time in a row!!! I have called each time and today they were supposed to call before delivering. They didn't call. They just delivered the package to the wrong address again! What's worse is that they drive right past my house every time to deliver it to the wrong address. They drive within 10 feet of my carport which has my house number in 4" numbers displayed. I guess it would be too much effort for them to look for a house number.

Stewart C. Hagerman

Member: American Mensa

4 reviews
10 helpful votes

Been having problems with FedEx delivery people who will not follow simple delivery instructions. My FedEx Delivery Manager provides instructions to deliver to my front door because I am handicapped. The local delivery office is aware of this, but their drivers could care less. After a BBB complaint in January, I was assured by customer service that it had been taken care of and would no longer be a problem. Package today says delivered in tracking, but it's not here. Online chat customer rep said I should go out and hunt for it. Um no, that's not acceptable. They kept asking for the same info over and over, and then just disconnected with no warning. VERY unprofessional. In January I tried calling them. That was even worse...extremely rude. Now I warn every vendor I work with to avoid FedEx at all costs. Just isn't worth the hassle. I kept a transcript of the chat exchange which I will add to my current BBB complaint. Likely to start a DOJ complaint as well for refusing an ADA accommodation. Delivering to my front door isn't complex or a matter of fact, it's much more secure to leave packages there than anywhere else on my 10 acres.

2 reviews
3 helpful votes

I ordered a medications, paid for 2 day Express delivery. Package had arrived to Alaska and sat in Anchorage, AK warehouse since Friday to late Tuesday before it got transferred to USPS for final delivery. FedEx must not pay enough to USPS so the package continues with a fast speed. Now USPS is estimating a delivery time to me in 4 days, that would be total of 10 days shipping time! If FedEx is not able to deliver it withing the time frame, they shouldn't take the job, let UPS take care of it! FedEx is trying to make me feel bad because it's them but not me paying USPS for the final delivery, eventhough i already paid 2 day Express shipping to FedEx for the complete rout from Clearwater, FL to Delta Junction, AK. Very, very frustrated and disappointed. I always try to avoid Fedex, but some store just have contracts with them. How disappointing! If I could i would give them ZERO stars.

1 review
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I have a business and several times my tracking says on Fed ex vehicle for delivery only to wait all day to have them not deliver and have it change to the next day to only have it happen again!!! I'm losing money because I can't get my shipments on time!!!! Customer service sucks- they only say well they have until 8pm to deliver - but never happens- My service area comes out of the Franklin PA station. Horrible horrible service

1 review
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I am not fan on making reviews but this time I need to.So,I ordered a phone from walmart online and it will be deliver through fedex.I was waited the whole day on the delivery date but nothing came.All the things I need to do was canceled.And I keep track on my order from time to time.And now I need to wait again for my package the next day.I am sorry but I have to say this.FedEx should prioritize the delayed package early in the morning so that customers will appreciate your service.How will I know what time that my package will arrived?Do I have to wait another whole day?OMG!!!All my time was used to wait for my package!Ridiculous!I will rate 1 for right now because I am very disappointed!

1 review
4 helpful votes

Don't ship furniture or ANYTHING valuable through Fedex! All items are sent up a conveyor belt and DROPPED 15 ( +?) or more feet into a bin! I had a very precious antique dresser with mirror completely demolished by Fedex. Insuring? Good luck collecting before the witching hour.

49 reviews
106 helpful votes

The trucks move 24/7.That means the tracking needs to be properly updated on time 24/7,there is zero excuses for the poor/improper tracking,lies about tracking numbers,and alterations to the tracking numbers.You guys need to keep a better eye on your driver's work.Somehow you or they they think they(not sure who is messing with the tracking numbers)are special and don't need to update the tracking on the weekends.This applies to all delivery companies,not just fedex.Fedex used to be the best and now I can't say that,usps is top.They don't set dates(you really need to get out of your own way with the set dates thing,it's just rediculous and just makes everyone involved angry)and let packages sit for days at a time at stop/hubs/far away locations for absolutely zero legit reasons.They never get packages to people in a timely fashion.If you want to be the best,you have to actually make the effort to earn that title.I will be periodically updating/editing this review.Right after posting this review the tracking for my package updates with "In transit." "In transit" is not an update,it does not properly state tracking information.(My package has been "In transit" for 34 hours,I live 7/7 and a half hours from where the package last departed,I could have had my package yesterday.) If one of your drivers does this,especially after days of zero updates something is wrong.Pay attention to what your drivers are doing,not doing,and what's going on within your company.It's just getting weird at this point,and its not even the holidays.

1 review
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Absolute parasites. I have had many threatening letters from fedex regarding payment I apparently owe I have never used fedex I didn't even know what it was until I got these letters. I already contacted fedex via letters, email and live chat what said this was a scam but no proper answer given and never gave me the information I asked for such as proof of delivery, what the item was, who sent it and copy and total breakdown of this. now fedex is saying I'm not me that it was billed to someone else well I have the letters with my name and address on. And have been threatened to take me to court if I don't pay. I have paid the bill because I'm highly stress and fedex is having an impact on my mental health. I still don't know what I have paid for. Looking into this this is happening to many people. Just totally fobbing everyone off even saying the bill was not invoiced to person contacting them. So who's bill is it then?? Total scum bags to treat people like this. The stress they are causing is disgusting. NEVER USE FEDEX OR ANY COMPANY THAT USES THEM. BEWARE OF THIS TOTAL SCAM.

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