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174 reviews
3875 Airways, Module H3 Department 4634
Memphis, TN 38116, USA
Tel: 1.800.463.3339

174 Reviews From Our Community


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2 reviews
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Total lack of customer service, constant misdeliveries or lost deliveries and a system that is so inept it should be shut down. There is absolutely nothing good to say about this so-called delivery service. I always ask everything I buy online NOT to use this company but the usual reply is to pay for a signature service (which again is useless) or this is the only shipper they use. With all the terrible reviews this company garners it's amazing it is still in business.

I am not a complainer and have 100's of reviews at Amazon and eBay with over 98% all positive but I just cannot take the poor service FedEx believes it can get away with. I have used them for over 10 years or more and back in the day they were actually a great company but the last 3 plus years they have sunken to the bottom of the barrel.I had to stop purchasing from a couple of companies I love because they will only use FedEx and I am sure it is because of the low rates they must offer. (PLEASE CHEWY.COM change your delivery service, I miss purchasing from you.)

I believe in paying more for better service and also believe you get what you pay for. So FedEx must have gotten so bad they offer extremely low rates for companies to use them as their exclusive delivery service. But this will catch up to them and the companies that continue to offer this as their only shipping option.

I would have never thought to say this but the service at our governments' postal service has been outstanding. UPS has also been easy to use as well but in my opinion not as good as USPS.

I would be embarrassed to say I work for FedEx. The whole system needs to be overhauled including getting rid of the current management who feel treating the customers as inconveniences rather than their lifeblood.

8 reviews
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Citibank was sending me new credit cards after we were hacked. I had to pay some bills, and was told by Citibank that the cards would arrive Saturday. I tracked the package, and indeed online info said it would arrive before 12PM Saturday 7/14. Online info said it left the Fedex facility at 9AM Saturday. I waited from 10 AM until after 1PM, checking the outside of the residence and checking online regularly. About just after 1PM, the online info changed - it said the package was not deliverable. I called by phone and put the tracking number into the phone, and the phone info said there was an attempt at delivery at 11:45 AM and there was no one home. BULL____ !! We were home the whole time. NO ONE RANG OUR DOORBELL, AND THERE WAS NO ATTEMPT AT DELIVERY! I called and spoke to someone to complain (Isabel at the Customer Advocate Team), and she said she would get right back to me within 10 minutes. 30 minutes later, I called to speak with Isabel, and I was told she was helping ANOTHER CUSTOMER! She was supposed to be working on my problem - she was supposed to find out if the Elmsford office could send the driver back out. Instead I spoke to someone else who told me I had to go pick up the package myself. He also told me that when he called the Elmsford office, the driver said she was new and could not find the address. REALLY?!? I HAD to have that package Saturday. When I picked up the package myself, I found out the driver's name was Megan. I was also told that if a driver can not find the address, they are supposed to call the office to get help finding the address. Megan LIED about attempt at delivery, then LIED about not knowing the address - changed her story completely! I got the name of the manager, who I was told was not in the office - Emilio Difelice. While I was taking the information, the clerk at the office was laughing! No apology! No remorse that they inconvenienced the customer! NOTHING - JUST LAUGHTER! I am lodging complaints at BBB and Site Jabber! I am calling the credit card bank to let them know what happened, and I will never accept delivery of ANY items by Fedex. Your company is manned by incompetent, lying, selfish and self-centered employees who lie about there activities, and treat customers like CRAP! There reason for the outrage at a seemingly minor issue, is that this is not the first time Fedex has done this with a Saturday delivery - they do it EVERY TIME for Saturday deliveries.
Today, it was imperative that I receive that package on Saturday. This is a disgrace.

1 review
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Fedex is the Robber Barren company that could care less about the PEOPLE (customers). I have been burned by them several times. This last debacle Fedex decided to wait until the very last second to deliver my important package. The parcel sat in a warehouse literally for 3 days before it went out for delivery. I noticed UPS does not duplicate this selfish practice, they get the item to you as soon as they can.

1 review
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If you want your packages dumped on the side of the road instead of at your house so that people can steal them then Fed Ex is the right choice for you. Not just once or twice but 3 times in a row. Calling them is a waste of time as they will claim no knowledge of anything. I now ask every merchant what shipper they use and if it is FedEx and they for any reason cannot use another company I will cancel the order and find another merchant that can use UPS or USPS (how sad is it that the USPS out performs your company?). The ones that have had to replace the stolen goods have told me that this is becoming more and more common with FedEx. Take my advice and demand another shipper or not as you please, some people enjoy substandard performance I have no time for it. Even the replacements were done the same way which shows this is standard procedure and FedEx has no interest in performing differently. They cannot deny the photos.

1 review
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I believe in 3 strikes and you are out therefor I will never use FedEx Ground again. I have notified all companies that I deal with as well as everyone I know that receives packages that if they use FedEx Ground they need to be avoided.
I was notified that I was to get a delivery today so I made sure I was available. My apartment is on the ground floor with a marked door facing the parking lot. I got a notification that the package was delivered to the leasing office in a different building. This was not the address the package was addressed to.
I do not have this problem with UPS, Amazon, FedEx Express, etc, however apparently the ground driver does not deliver packages to address on the package.
I think FedEx should be ashamed of their ground service and divest themselves of it in order to avoid tarnishing the reputation of FedEx express.

1 review
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I purchased a drone from DJI and the company shipped it very quickly...Unfortunately, they did this via Fed Ex...It needed need 5 days to take my parcel from him.
Day 1 - I received an message that they try to deliver the parcel, but "the customer not available or business is closed" which is not true, because in the house had people all day. No phone calls, no notes on the door-nothing.
Day 2 - I change the address via FedEx online system to the FedEx pick up store /Walgreen store -N Lamar - Austin.,TX/. They confirmed the change and again "the customer not available or business is closed" which is impossible because it's a public store....
Day 3 - I started long and difficult conversation with the customer service, which was useless because one of representative was very old woman which speaks incomprehensibly and the second guy had a strong Indian accent, which was a little bit better. They promise me that the parcel will be at the Pfugerville.TX which is the starting point for delivery
Day 4 I went to Pfugerville early in the morning and spend few hours there. The result was a phone number of the contractor who didn't pick-up his phone during the day. Also I understand that the address has no changes / no matter my online changes or the customer support/.
Finally someone put the new address in the system and on the day 6 I received my parcel...
This company must have a big, big changes in their system and much better employee selection.

1 review
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FedEx employees or affiliates in contact with my packages SLIT OPEN the tape on my boxes AND STOLE my property during shipment across the US.

I spent A LOT of money shipping several boxes. Not only did the staff continually screw up my online, over the phone and in person pick up with my order pretty much EVERY TIME, but they also STOLE from me and refused to acknowledge this crime even happened. All they could do was say: "sorry your boxes got lost."

My boxes were CUT OPEN, STOLEN FROM, taped back up and delivered from My personal location A to my second personal location B EMPTY or nearly EMPTY. How does a delivery person drop off a box that is CLEARLY labeled "30 LBS" and "28LBS" and the weight is practically nothing at delivery????

My CANCER MEDICATION and other valuable personal items were stolen.

I am continually appalled by this company and this THEFT was the LAST STRAW.


This was only the most recent thing that happened to me, after giving this absurd company multiple chances to redeem the quality of their service.

Last summer, they lost.... LOST a 100LB Air Conditioner that was Expedited shipping for medical purposes.

Also, last fall, they delivered an exercise bike I ordered online TO ANOTHER ADDRESS, when it was CLEARLY marked with my address and needed a signature upon delivery. They left it in an empty office with no one around.

MULTIPLE TIMES, Fedex would send me text or email claiming my packages were delivered, but they were NOWHERE TO BE FOUND. OR --- they would claim "Undeliverable" because no one was home or "business closed" when they were delivering TO MY HOME and when I was sitting by the door waiting for certain products.

FEDEX has let me down way too many times.

4 reviews
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FedEx is a excellent company. The young lady I spoke to this morning told me everything answer I wanted to here and it come through quick and fast. Now that is superb teamwork!!! Keep it up!!! Thank you.

1 review
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Usually my experience with FedEx has been very good and I used to trust the company's service a lot. However, my perception changed with today's experience. I went in to the local FedEx in my neighborhood (626 E Michigan Ave, East Lansing, MI 48823). I tried to print my document and it did not print as there was no paper, but I was charged. When i requested the staff to look at it she was rude to begin with. Next she put in some papers in the printer and I tried again and it did not work again, but I was charged a second time. I went to the same lady and she was super rude and told me how I was doing everything wrong and did not even know how to print. After waiting for a lot of time , I asked her to come and help me with it. This time she came and directed me to print and my document did not print even the third time. She just went off and asked me to wait for as long as I can. After waiting for almost 5-7 minutes I realized it was not going to work out and I asked her about the printing again and she replied that she was not responsible for it without any trace of care for troubling a customer. At that time I really did not know, who to talk to and how to sort it out. So, asked for a refund, and she looked into her system and said my card had been charged only once and she would refund me for that time. However, when I came back home and checked my credit card, it was charged three times. How could they been blatantly cheating like this. When I called about it, she was rude again and made me feel like I was asking for her charity and not my own money.
Name of the staff concerned is DreAna and I fail to understand how has FedEx kept such an incompetent and rude person to deal with customers.

1 review
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Horrible service and worse customer support. I missed a home delivery and was told it would take 5 DAYS to arrange redelivery!!! Seriously? I even offered to drive to where ever and pick the package up. Again, due to "processing and transfers" it would take several days. What a bunch of total crap! I paid for expedited delivery and this is what they call expedited? I wish I would have used a different service. In the future I will

1 review
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Unacceptable. From not delivering my package to not knowing who is even driving YOUR company trucks! How can your company function?! I saw the driver pull up and start to deliver packages and when I asked the driver (who might not even work for you since no one knows who is driving) if there was a package for me, "I got no more packages". Ta Da! A few minutes later I get an email saying "Delivery attempted - FedEx tried to deliver your package". Wrong. Wrong. Wrong. On so many levels. I was there watching the whole thing! I can tell you what, I will do my hardest to make sure I never order through FedEx again! As for your them. 1. You are wasting money on someone who doesn't care about their work quality. 2. You save money as a company and you will need it because you will be getting less business!

4 reviews
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What can I say? FedEx is a rock.. They're always their, perfect tracking, on-time delivery, and reasonable prices. My only criticism is that their pricing does not give the little guy good access.

6 reviews
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On February 19, 2018 We were traveling on the freeway in California, and a FedEx truck intentionally cut off our vehicle (we have a Honda, versus a large FedEx Delivery truck!!) as we were trying to change lanes, causing us to swerve violently OR RISK BEING SIDE-HIT AT 65 MPH BY THE FEDEX TRUCK which caused other vehicles to also swerve and slow. We had signaled properly, and had enough room, and the FedEx driver was blatently laughing at our car, as well as flashing us the middle finger for about a mile after the incident. The vehicle number 87729 was and the plate number was 32300W. We immediately called FedEx to complain about this unsafe delivery driver in their fleet, and customer service said that they would "look into it" and would call me back within two days. This happened over 4 weeks ago now, and we never got a call back. I have video of the driver laughing and brushing it off like it was nothing - of course he stopped flashing the middle finger as soon as he saw I flipped out my phone to record his sorry driving actions as I'm sure he wants to claim he was 'innocent' of all actions like lairs always do! At this point, I am demanding that driver be FIRED. Not 'warned', not 'disciplined', not 'written up', but FIRED because we never got an apology from EITHER FedEx or that lame delivery fool. It's too late for an apology FedEx. You need to be more careful who you hire as drivers - this could have caused a major accident and is NOT a laughing matter. Don't expect me to EVER choose FedEx as a delivery option if I have any choice in the matter EVER again. I would rather have a package shipped Media Mail by the USPS than choose an unsafe company like this one!

Tip for consumers: Be wary of large companies who practice unsafe methods like FedEx! Avoid whenever possible!

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1 review
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I will not be using FedEx in the future. We were having something delivered, we called FedEx and left specific instructions to leave the parcel by the front door, as no one would be home. They agreed. What do we know? They came, no one was home, so they took the parcel back. We then called, and were told that because it was a mistake, they would re-deliver the parcel. Then the next day we get a call saying we would have to come pick it up from there head office, although we received a verbal promise it would be delivered. Inconvenience and waste of time. They clearly do not communicate messages among each other.

1 review
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Im not normally one to complain because things happen, but theres been multiple let downs lately. From leaving packages at the wrong house and when its at my house its set on the ground so my dog gets to them if Im not home. (Theres a table right by the door). At the moment Ive been waiting on a package for 7 days. Friday the 26th the package left Henderson CO and has been to various towns only to check today to see its returned to Henderson CO (today is the 30th). Hopefully it eventually makes its way to my home.

1 review
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I just wanted to say that FedEx is one of the most slowest delivery services ever

Stay away!

4 reviews
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Most of us would agree that FedEx fails to delivery or cheats their customers saying different statements that their courier guys write on the delivery sheet. They believe in their courier guys than their customers. One of the worst courier companies to say is FedEx. These people doesn't know how to run a courier or they don't value the importance of their customers. I'm from India, and I got frustrated with the actions from this courier company. Really frustrating to see a renowned company like FedEx doing so. I placed an order online and they shipped it through this garbage courier company. I expected the product to arrive yesterday and it was out for delivery too. I didn't receive it till 8 p.m. When I checked the tracking details, it said that "Refused by recipient". Immediately I called their customer support and told them that their courier guy has neither called me up nor rang the doorbell of my home. Without doing anything how can he make such statement ("Refused by recipient") I asked. That person took the complaint and promised me that the shipment will be done by today. But when I checked the tracking status today, it shows as "The package is being returned to the shipper". Now I have to place another order and wait for the product to reach me after 3 days or so. May I know what the f**k are company management doing? When a courier guy says that the product is being refused by recipient, shouldn't be a double check from the superior to know whether the courier guy has said it right. This happens with most of the courier companies in India. Fraudsters are working as courier guys who loots, gives wrong details at the company when they fail to deliver, and so on. If the management doesn't take action, then you should be ashamed of such activities done by your employees.

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Tracking showed it was delivered and left at my front door while I was home all day and it was nowhere to be found. Their drivers are lairs. I had the exact same experience with FedEx a few years ago. It never happened to other carriers.

1 review
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You ruined Christmas!!! I ordered my product Black Friday, and it has sat in your Tampa transit station since 12/12. I have called (hours) of being on the phone... I was promised delivery 12/21 and still no package!!! I have been hung up on, been placed on hold for ever, promised return phone calls. Finally was told too late oh your package is lost in our station... SORRY FOR YOUR LUCK.

I now have borrowed money, out on Xmas Eve shopping for a replacement at triple the price to make sure Santa arrives for my 10 year old.

Way to go FedEx.... I hope you didnt screw your family out of Christmas like you have mine.

I wish I could give you 0000000 stars. I'm still waiting for my return phone calls. Think I'll die 1st before I receive a call back.

2 reviews
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FedEx is the worst shipping company to use. Packages do not arrive on time, the tracking is not up to date, and customer service is horrible. I ordered a package on December 7th that had an arrival date of December 14th and as of December 20th, they do not know where it is. I was told they will contact me within 72 hours and if I do not have my package by December 26th, after Christmas and 12 days late, I should call them. I attempted to contact corporate and was unable to get an email address or phone number. This company may be long standing but is currently a joke. My suggestion, use another shipping company if you would like your items delivered. FedEx does not even take responsibility or apologize.

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Wish I could give zero stars but that's not an option. Been waiting for over a week to get my sons christmas gift before we head out of town. Even though the package was in my area Saturday afternoon, it wasn't set to be delivered until today, Tuesday eve by 8pm.

Soooooo I get to know it's sitting less then 5 miles away for three days making matters worse, it's an iphone and it requires a signature so I knew I was going to have to take the day off.

Needless to say I'm monitoring their site from the second I wake up....

7:06 pm At local FedEx facility
7:58 am On FedEx vehicle for delivery
6:38 am At local FedEx facility

As you can see it was on a truck at 7:58AM and even though I was home all day and it was guaranteed delivery by 8PM the package was checked back to the local facility at 7:06PM.

Now what happened all depends on who you speak with.... According to Jorge who I spoke to with the Verizon c/s person (Megan) it will be delivered by 9PM tonight because of the holidays. Whelp it's 9:23 as I type this so think that was a bunch of bull.

Now if you speak to Pat from FedEx, she says they had an issue with the conveyer belt and repeatedly apologized.

Of course once you get up the chain and speak with either Hugo or Rene (SALRC) they don't know what happened, took my complaint, gave me a ticket number, but feel "very confident it will be delivered on time tomorrow".

By "on time" I think they meant by 8PM just a different day. Oh yeah, have I mentioned that we fly out of town for the holidays tomorrow.

Thanks FedEX. Best believe I'll ensure NEVER to utilize your lack of service again!

Tip for consumers: Go with UPS and thank me later :)

2 reviews
6 helpful votes

FedEx is the worst courier company I 've ever used. I recently used their service twice to send items overseas. Their customer service was positive that the shipping time will be the one they advertised in several questions.
But they did not keep any of their promises. They actually caused damage to the items sent, and they were finally delivered in 7 working days instead of 2 that they had promised. Contacting their customer support when the delay was obvious they were saying that something happened and that the package would be delivered soon enough. After several calls it was obvious they were lying as they used different excuses and it was clear that people nearby were laughing hearing the excuses.

1 review
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They are the worst by far! Will NEVER use them again! My daughter needed very IMPORTANT documents overnighted from Illinois to Iowa so she can fly out of the country for her trip which was still a week away. Well its been over a week and we still havent received the package. Her package has been bouncing around all over the world! First time she checked the tracking and saw that it was in France(we thought it was an honest mistake) she called them right away, they apologized and assured her they would get the package to her. Package did make it back to the States and yet they still managed to make the mistake a SECOND time! Package was shipped to Ireland. So because of all this, my daughter had to cancel her trip(everything already paid flights, hotels etc).

1 review
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FedEx is the worst , most inept , incompetent company I have ever seen . They give you a " tracking number " and then comes the day of your delivery , and your package disappears from FedEx and they have no idea when it will be delivered , if they can find it ! Oh , and the tracking status changed to pending at 7:30 pm , yes I am really upset .

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