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GoDaddy has a consumer rating of 3.63 stars from 367 reviews indicating that most consumers are generally satisfied with their purchases. GoDaddy also ranks 8th among Web Hosting sites. The most common issues with GoDaddy are around customer service, which is not as good as expected by some customers.

This company responds to reviews on average within 3 days

Positive reviews (last 12 months): 20%
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Positive highlights

  • I have more than 100 domain names with GoDaddy and never had a problem.
  • Great services, cheap domain registration also cheap private domain registration.
  • 2019 Customer Choice Winner

Critical highlights

  • Paid for their service and have been mislead, misinformed, and flat out lied to by customer service.
  • After speaking to a manager of GoDaddy's customer support, I am disgusted.
  • They charged me an "auto-renewal", and since I wasn't expecting it, I didn't check my business credit card account.
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Top Positive Review

“Customer Service Works, Especially When You Use It”

Consumer R.

I enjoyed using Godaddy. They use excellent support, especially if you are active in the process. I understand prices are a little high. Really do you homework. Make sure you understand the difference between web hosting and site hosting, etc.

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Top Critical Review

“Don't us Go Daddy”

Frank G.

Overnight they did something to cause a complete change in how to get into my email account. I could not access my email account. Called several times and they had no clue what they did or how to fix it. Went a week without getting into my emails. Still can't. I cannot believe they create a problem and then can't solve it. Too bad they don't know the words "customer service."

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1 review
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February 18th, 2020
Overnight they did something to cause a complete change in how to get into my email account. I could not access my email account. Called several times and they had no clue what they did or how to fix it. Went a week without getting into my emails. Still can't. I cannot believe they create a problem and then can't solve it. Too bad they don't know the words "customer service."
1 review
0 helpful votes
May 21st, 2020
Wanted to upgrade my account and had a few clarification inquiries. It me one hour with customer service and still had no response. I think the person must have engaged several other people to answer simple questions which made it ridiculously lengthy and half the time the answers I got did not make sense.

Sorry GoDaddy, not the support I was hoping to find!
1 review
0 helpful votes
June 26th, 2020
DON'T EVEN THINK ABOUT USING Go Daddy for anything! They don't know what the words customer service mean. After six months of trying I gave up and quit. If you need a refund, forget about it. They have no idea what the word mean. How this company stays in business I don't know but if you use them for anything you be very, very frustrated. Stay away.
1 review
0 helpful votes
May 17th, 2020
GoDaddy has to be the worst company to work with. It has taken us 15 days to transfer a domain and it still hasn't happened yet. Nobody should work with GoDaddy. You are warned.

I was on chat and calls so many times. Our tech team was on it so many times. But there is always something else they tell you. Basically they block it in the backend stopping you from transferring your domain.
Jenny L. – GoDaddy Rep
I am sorry to hear about the issues you've experienced transferring your domain. I would be happy to help resolve this if you still need assistance. I've sent you a private message requesting additional information.

1 review
0 helpful votes
July 19th, 2020
After 14 years with them, i've come to the conclusion some support people are just not competent. I prepaid to have my main domain moved to a stand alone to increase my sites speed and performance. Over a month passed and nothing, finally I guess they worked on it but did not do a very good job as some clients had to call and let me know I was down. Thousands of dollars and for what, who ever was finally working on my site was so unprofessional my site was not checked and stayed down until by accident my clients called letting me know. I'm in a good position on google and having my domain down really does damage, I also paid for SEO, now I'm thinking they will have to waste time and my money just to repair any damage done by my site being down. This is so incredibly poor service and support by this company, I'm considering looking for options, something i did not think I would have to do. I hate change and my philosophy has been if not broken don't touch it, but I feel after this and several previous issues maybe it's time to move on. I will certainly study and now I'm thinking all the folks i've referred over the years to godaddy i will have to let them know what happened.
1 review
2 helpful votes
March 5th, 2020
They slowed our site to try and sell a new $4,300 server sollution! We moved to AWS for $3.50 month. Site was not the cause of slow response. GD did it!
If your site has a 20 second lag you are losing visitors!
1 review
0 helpful votes
July 13th, 2020
Tried to get a very simple web site designed. They sent me a female that knew nothing. She could not answer the simplest question. She would interrupt and over talk me constantly. Very difficult to work with. I asked for someone else. She wrote me up and soon I had other females calling accusing me of abuse. "What abuse? Please tell me." They couldn't, they just believed the female that ran to the "hate women" card. Then, two more supervisors called. They did not ask me what happened. They did not listen to the recording. They just scolded me for something that didn't happen. How about, "Sir, I understand you had a problem with one of our employees. Would you tell me about it?"
Nope, they just delivered a blast about women's rights. I do not care if you are pink or black, female or some converted model. I will not pay thousands to put up with incompetence.
3 reviews
12 helpful votes
March 27th, 2020
I have been using GoDaddy for the last 5 years. I haven't had any problems with them. Good promotions let you buy domains at a good price. Easy to buy, easy to use. I like it.
40 reviews
90 helpful votes
April 29th, 2020
If you are after a quality service (with quality customer service), your best option is NameCheap. GoDaddy is outrageously bad at managing any customer issues. Their products simply do not work and they are always unwilling to provide you with a refund for non-working products.

They took the liberty to create a non-working email address for a domain that they don't manage (Unbelievable!). If the domain is not under their management it is impossible to have a working email address... Godaddy does not seem to understand that...

They also don't understand that, under the Fair Trade Act, they are obliged to address non-working products after their BS 30-day money back guarantee.

With NameCheap they keep your domain private for FREE and the domains and hosting plans are way cheaper than GoDaddy. They are super fast at responding to your requests and fix problems straight away. I am very glad that I've found a great alternative to this shambles of a company.
1 review
0 helpful votes
August 6th, 2020
I spoke with Jay M who is supposed to be a website guide for Godaddy. His job was to take instructions from me and deliver them to the website design team. Boy, was he a failure! He couldn't even follow simple instructions that I explained on a revision form that Godaddy sent me. It's bad enough that I waited for a month after paying $1218. 00 for them to build it and this guy with his poor customer service led me astray. If you're not going to relay a customer's instructions properly to the design team, then don't bother working there! You did 80% opposite of what I asked for. What school did you graduate from Jay M? Were you high off some kind of substance when you relayed the message? I need to know because I don't like wasting time on people who can't be trusted. You're lucky that I'm not your boss because I would fire you for not doing your job properly! GET IT RIGHT JAY M. Lucky that I spoke with Dave who set me up with another appointment.
1 review
0 helpful votes
February 13th, 2020
There is no option in Godaddy's website to file a complaint which is the usual thing companies do to encourange communication and feedback between the company and their clients.

I have been using Godaddy for years and I feel totally cheated. Since users can't write nor chat to obtain support and users can just call, I have been 'helped' by call agents. Those have given me wrong advise I see now that I have been paying as if I were a company with 25-30 websites when I just am a normal simple home user with one website.
I don't have much money but now I am stuck with paying 50 euros per month for services I have never and will never use. I have been totally cheated by Godaddy. I have never felt this way with anohter company. I have lost at last 2000 euros, but it feels worse. I feel I have ben cheated 2000 euros.

It seems the call agents work on commission and they have just sold me anything that was good for them and not for me. I insist, it's very hard for me to pay that money and I am not even using it. I am leaving Godaddy as soon as possible.

I want to ask a refund for having been mislead with information about hosting services I never needed.

It's very horrible that Godaddy behaves this way.
Jenny L. – GoDaddy Rep
Hi Maria-

I am sorry about your recent experience. I want to understand what happened and see what I can do to help fix the situation. I have sent you a private message requesting additional information.

1 review
0 helpful votes
July 21st, 2020
I own a professional website through godaddy and after being with them for 6 months - their payment companies closed my account for no reason. I reached out to GoDaddy because I paid and trusted them with my business but after being on a call with them for an hour all I got was sorry we are unable to help you in this regard and that you should choose WordPress if you want your website accepting payment. Good Luck trying to escalate an issue with Customer Service members - I spoke to the supervisor name KRISSY and she refused to transfer my call to her manager and basically claimed that she has the highest authority there.

2 reviews
26 helpful votes
February 8th, 2020
Godaddy made me buy the wrong product 3 times and they decline to refund me. Every time I call or email them they tell me that they'll get back to me but they won't.
1 review
0 helpful votes
August 10th, 2020
You definitely need to know that even when you cancel a domain name or other product with GoDaddy they still take auto renewal payments from your credit card. They don't tell you that you have to phone their Billing department to ask them to kindly refund the money they just stole from you. And you have to do this within 5 days of them taking the payment. You are lucky to be able to get through to someone in 5 days, their wait times are appalling. It is almost impossible to cancel autorenewal. It is difficult to remove your payment card from their website. And it is next to impossible to cancel your account with them. After 4 years of trying I have just succeeded today with the help of one of their employees. Finally some help to say GOODBYE forever to GoDaddy which has taken over £200 from us for a product we do not have and have not used for 4 years. We now use Squarespace who so far seem to be a reasonable and ethical company - a welcome contrast to GoDaddy.
3 reviews
16 helpful votes
August 11th, 2020
I have used GoDaddy for years, and still do. It just seems too time consuming and difficult to switch over to something else. The prices are overpriced for what you get and the customer service is all dependent on who you get. Some people will help you with what you need, while others will tell you they don't have the expertise and that you need to upgrade your account to a plan that provides support to the specific issue you have such as SSL. Absurd, I'm already paying an arm and a leg. The interface is dated but I'm used to it and can navigate for the most part. My recommendation is if you are starting out look elsewhere. GoDaddy will get the job done but there are other options.
4 reviews
10 helpful votes
May 5th, 2020
You are still keeping your intellectual property - domains and sites assets with GoDaddy? YOU ARE DEAD! Run for your life if you still can!
Here are the reasons. First of all they treat their clients like dirt. Having bunch of sweet sugar-candy youngsters to answer you on a phone is not a "providing service". We left this company 7 months ago, after absolutely unspeakable incident - they blocked our web-site, known media source with 1 million readers... just because they can, and because I'm an idiot - I made a decision to host our media with them in the first place. And now we live happily ever after with another hosting provider, very well, and secure, and specially me, as I'm the one who's responsible for all web development in our company. We paid about 2000$ a year to GoDaddy. Who cares, right? GoDaddy happily participate in all unfair competition actions and felonies organized in USA, and block European commpanies during the time of the high sales. For the last 2 years GoDaddy lost millions of their clients, including shareholders. Check their stock...
Second of all - prices: GoDaddy make you feel that their services are cheap. Oh no! You actually pay very high price for domains - you can get them much cheaper with another provider and you don't need to be in their domain club - that's how they collect TVA taxes back if you are buying on behalf of the company and have your taxes reduced. Today for the same number of the domains and super hosting plans, private servers, protected against Ddos attacks, CDN etc (much higher than we had at GoDaddy) we pay alsmost hald price. In total we save about 500$ a year.
So and the third reason - QUALITY!
GoDaddy propose to you all kind of hostings, private servers etc... all of these are VERY OLD, NOT SECURED HARDWARE, which should be in the garbage. Recently May 4th, 2020 sites, 28,000 hosted with GoDaddy sites GOT HACKED! Wordfence developers (known security plugin) received this information and publicly announced it. Details see on their blog. Short version: servers of GoDaddy are NOT SECURED AND NOT PROTECTED! Nothing against Ddos attacks has been done. I remember how many times our web-site was down because of that when we hosted it with GoDaddy. Our company had massive financial damages... GoDaddy selling you place on very old server, no security, no nothing, nada, for very high price. So all databases hosted on them got hacked, 28,000 clients have no access to their databases, not by php client, not by ftp, and many have their sites simply down! Congratulations! There you go, GoDaddy, results are very well deserved! I personally glad they got it, and I also hope that poor clients who got hacked will file massive lawsuit against GoDaddy, and demand financial damages for their hacked web-sites.
And! GoDaddy and "Nanci Nette, Name Management Group" FELONY DISCLOSURE. Probably the feature POLICE case. Did you ever had this situation: you look for the domains for your company or for your client (and specially if you have a brand client with trademarks registered), and many times the domain is already taken, and GoDaddy propose you to pay 60$ to negotiate? Or you buy quiet expensive from "private user" domain in the auction? Yep, there's it is. And GoDaddy will never show who owns the domain of your client's brand. Many times you see this when you check for the owner in WHOIS other sources: "Name Management Group, LLC (Nanci Nette), 1619 NORTH LA BREA AVE, HOLLYWOOD CA, 90028, US".
When you see this know that this "Nanci Nette from Name Management Group" is actually GoDaddy itself.
I'm going to lay down discovered facts. There's no such person as Nanci Nette, not a single social media profile. This so called "Name Management Group, LLC" simply doesn't exist in the California registry, and never existed (checked). And you can see the records of this Nanci Nette, Name Management Group, LLC: this non-existing company owns about 45000 domains! And all of them only with GoDaddy! Address: 1619 NORTH LA BREA AVE, HOLLYWOOD CA, 90028, US belongs to THE AVENUE - luxury apartments for rent. Yep! All letters, including legal services (thousands of them) transferred to GoDaddy address, according to information provided by management of THE AVENUE.
And of course I strongly suggest you to Google "Nanci Nette, Name Management Group, LLC" - you will see thousands lawsuits for "domain squatting". "Domain squatting" is ownership of the domains corresponding to brands names. For example I have company "My Domain", I own trademarks, I also have a domain "mydomain.com" and "mydomain.net", but I didn't purchase "mydomain.org" and "mydomain.info" or "mydomain.co.uk". Be sure that "Nanci Nette, Name Management Group, LLC" / GoDaddy bought it and wants to sell them to you for very high price. And also check how all lawsuits are going. This "Nanci Nette, Name Management Group, LLC" never responds to the complaint and judge orders to transfer the domain to the company who filed a complaint. GoDaddy does the transfer very quickly! Yep, all lawsuits go in this scenario! Little trick here though. Letting GoDaddy "to negotiate" the domain for you / or buying domain at the GoDaddy auction will be always less expensive than filing the lawsuit in WIPO or ICANN. Yep! GoDaddy FELONY!

Tip for consumers: DO NOT USE IT!

2 reviews
1 helpful vote
August 5th, 2020
They are dishonest and fraud company, They will steal your valuable domains. I was discussing to renew my domain with their customer supports because they were forcing me to pay high cost for private registration for renewal of my domains. I didn't want private registration.
As they not solving my problem and time was passing so, i decided to pay their blackmailed money to renew my domain. But they renew it by their own money and start selling it.
I have all proof. I contacted customer support. He told Now they will sell my domain at high cost to other customers.
This is very big fraud company. If you want to lose your valuable asset, use this company. They make money by stealing domains.
2 reviews
1 helpful vote
March 25th, 2020
If there was a zero star, I would allocate this! Started to deal with GoDaddy in early 2009 when I had an online company and found their front line support team were AMAZING, HELPFUL, POLITE & RESPECTFUL. But that's where it ends, I have just wasted 15 hours on the phone to them, on 3 occasions a supervisor was supposed to call me and NEVER called - I finally sat on hold today for an hour waiting and actually spoke to a Floor Supervisor called Marcos, so they are actually real! Only to be told, too bad, it's your problem, we can't help you - regardless that it was the GoDaddy staff who created the problem... cannot believe a company can treat a customer of 11 years like this.

I purchased my domain name for email purposes in August 2014 through GoDaddy and this all ran through my Personal Microsoft account which has my Microsoft Office 365 subscription. Through my Outlook app I ran both my personal email and business email.

In August 2018 I received my GoDaddy Domain renewal and the costs were 2.5 times more expensive than when I had set up the whole thing with them in 2014. I called the support crew and spoke with someone there and asked why were the costs so high? He stated he could put me on a cheaper program which was email only (as I didn't need an actual website) however it would mean I may lose some data. I told I needed to keep the costs as low as possible so we went ahead at no time did he mention he would need to create a 2nd Microsoft Account and have it listed as a Business Plan Account.

In early March 2020 I had issues of my Outlook always asking for my email password and I called their centre at least 4 times and reset the password, tried security on the account nothing stopped the password locking they advised me there was another device trying to log in with an old password. This could not be as I had signed out of my old devices and did a factory reset before disposing of them.

Last Sunday March 22,2020 we finally worked out that I had 2 Microsoft accounts... I was then advised that the business Online Plan 1 Account did not allow for me to use the Outlook app as it was not included in the subscription. They then advised I needed to speak with Microsoft and request for the two accounts to be merged... see via separate email a copy of the log from when I contacted Microsoft who explained me the situation that the two accounts are on different servers and could not be merged but maybe Outlook.com could offer me a solution. I REALLY do not want to change my email address again and I need the data from my Exchange account such as emails, contacts, calendar etc.

GoDaddy have basically thrown me under the bus, I am now stuck with having to do the following:
Run my Work Email with no contacts or calendar through the Office 365 Outlook app AND my personal exchange email account through the standard windows 10 Mail app for PC which contains all of my personal & work contacts plus my calendar, again personal & work all in one place
18 reviews
20 helpful votes
July 18th, 2020
Hello. Im juat sharing my frustration. I had to call godaddy because one of my websites was difficult to cancwl auto renewal. This was frusttating as I was able to cancel auto renewal on all my other stuff. They say its some kind of security measure. Whether it is or not I dont care. Should not be this difficult.
1 review
1 helpful vote
July 6th, 2020
I am not familiar with computers, websites or WordPress. I purchased a domain through GoDaddy, hired a tech and had a website developed by a tech I found online. Long story short, I know nothing about website development. My error was that after the website was complete l, and $1200 spent on the website, the tech hijacked the website to namecheap and wanted an additional $500 to transfer it back. HE WAS TRYING TO GET ADDITIONAL MONEY AFTER I PAID HIM $1200. I found out the company that it was transferred to was namecheap. I got in touch with them they investigated the situation after I sent them proof of not only my ownership information, but asked them to call the phone number, my number which was still on the website. They called and I answered. The representative from namecheap was so helpful and told me that she would send me an email with instructions on how to get the domain and website back. Basically they asked GODADDY to send them a request and they would transfer it back. GODADDY REFUSED. They said they weren't going to get involved in a "civil matter" and told me to hire an attorney and sue the person in question. I found out that THEY ARE LOCATED IN BANGLADESH! I followed up with GODADDY and they JUST RE FORWARDED the initial email telling me to hire a lawyer. THIS IS AFTER NAMECHEAP VERIFIED MY INFORMATION AND SAID THAT THEY WOULD TRANSFER IT BACK. GODADDY REFUSED to help me! I am older and not familiar with the process of putting websites together. I trusted GoDaddy, but when it came time to TRULY help one of their customers, I WAS SHOCKED... BECAUSE THEY SAID NO. But I believe in Karma both in life and in business. I will not stop until my message reaches as many people as possible. STAY AWAY FROM GODADDY!
1 review
0 helpful votes
February 14th, 2020
Do Not go to go daddy they have continued to charge my credit card for three months after i canceled.
If you talk to Julian< who is supposed to be in charge of cancellations, Do not belive a word he SAYS!,
Jenny L. – GoDaddy Rep
Hi Tim-

I am sorry to hear about your recent experience. I want to investigate what happened. I have sent you a private message requesting additional information.

1 review
0 helpful votes
April 9th, 2020
• Updated review
So, to update my last review from 3/31/2019, a lady by the name of Jenny asked on April 2nd that I reach out to her. I have sent 2 emails, and still haven't heard from her. I am now not able to get my accounting reports for taxes unless I pay them $60. Fortunately, Shopify is assisting businesses by offering 90 days for free so I am rebuilding my website. Customers have rallied around me and various business owners in Facebook groups have been supportive in offering help which I do not need at the time. But it just goes to show, the old saying "Real friends are the ones running in when everyone else is running out" can apply to businesses as well. You can read more about this unfortunate matter by following the link below. #OpenWeStand


Tip for consumers: https://www.godaddy.com/community/Websites-Marketing-Website/GoDaddy-s-Indifference-During-Pandemic/m-p/159962#M22490

No Heart, No Concern For Anything But Profit
March 31st, 2020
• Previous review
I started with GoDaddy 3 years ago for my accounting. I then moved my service over to Godaddy. I now have 6 domains, I had a website, and my accounting. When the pandemic was declared, I decided to see if GoDaddy was offering any deferment to help for small businesses. When I called, they looked into it and said they could give me 50% off the amount due which I was grateful for. The next morning when I went to pay I didn't see it there. So I contacted them. They said they could only give me $5 off. The 50% promo was over. They said. I was beside myself. I wasn't paying until someone would just review the matter and explain to me why this was happening. It seemed cruel. Every day, news was worse about virus. But life goes on. Finally I get the money to pay for my account and just be done with it. A cousin died 2 hours away in New Orleans from the virus so I am too tired to fight about it. The website was cancelled. They said it would be $60 to restore. I had never been late. Less than 3 weeks past due, and they completely broke their promise, made no effort to help, and caused me to lose my website that I spent 2 weeks rebuilding. They may have very well cost me my business. See for yourself how they care. They don't. Not because they didn't discount but because they didn't keep their word, and would not work with me over their mistake not mine. No clear communication, but quick to keep making my problem worse.It went from a $30 bill they said they would take 50% off of, then recanted that stating it was now a promo. Then in less than 3 weeks, let it cancel and the bill is now $90. That's the way they handled the matter for me during this pandemic. It may not seem like a lot of money but it was enough and the principle was much larger.

Tip for consumers: FORBES by Kelly Clay Sept 5, 2012 "...in early 2011 then-CEO Bob Parsons killed a wild elephant in Zimbabwe, which many believed was just another sign that the company was willing to engage in unethical practices. (This includes buying domain names users search for and then inflating the value of these domains when users return to purchase them so GoDaddy makes a larger profit on the transaction.) In late 2011, GoDaddy also initially supported SOPA,"

2 reviews
0 helpful votes
October 28th, 2019
Good Morning Everyone, This is Sky. If you want a Good Service Regarding to your Website, Feel free to Message me here because i have an Offer to you Guys that includes SEO, SSL Certificate, Mobile Version & Updated Technology.
3 reviews
1 helpful vote
April 5th, 2020
I am their client for almost 2 years but every time I need support they are not available fast. I have to wait for a long time.
3 reviews
3 helpful votes
October 18th, 2019
Good for domain and basic services like hosting. Customer service is good if you are lucky and get a US based agent.

Q&A (3)


Please do not ever use this company. They are THE WORST and will automatically sign you up for nonsensical and outdated services that do not even work. You cannot complain. Their contact pages are a deliberate maze. They will not speak to you. They lost $10million last year and are now just stealing. They must die.

By matthew b.
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We offer an easy to use E-Commerce website builder. Here is a link where you can sign up for a free trial: https://www.godaddy.com/websites/online-store

By Jenny L.,

Did you have any luck with this. We have been ripped off by them for 4 years and have only just succeeded in closing the account. Thanks for posting.

By Padma D.

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