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Seeker, collector, rebel, lover of beauty, devotee of wit etcetera and so on. And, I can see you looking at my profile.

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Beauty and wit.

113 Reviews by Mountain


I am enthusiastic to be the first reviewer of the Rusk Hair Care line... I cannot recommend these products more highly.

There is a specific formula for each type of hair and hair challenge.

I use Rusk Healthy Shampoo Formula... which is gentle and nourishing... plus it imparts a shine to my streaks. If you have build-up be sure to try their clarifying formula.

The line is at the high end price wise... but worth it.

Four shiny stars for Rusk... and here is their website address: www.Rusk1.

P.S. I forgot to mention how great their products smell, it's true.


I love this company, and am pleased to write its first review. Theirs is a stylish product of excellent qualaity.

They are generous with samples... and the turnaround time from order to delivery is about a week.

I replaced oriental carpets with sisal rugs... and the change really brightened the rooms.

Sisal rugs are hip yet classic... you often see them in the old houses in UK... plus they absorb summer humidity.

Five chic stars for Sisal Rugs Direct!

Here is their website: www.sisalrugs.com


Frankly I am surprised to have seen only one other review for Ben & Jerry's. For my money, this company hits each and every benchmark for high quality ice cream -- not to mention that the company is also committed to the well-being of the environment.

They have been progressives in terms of flavor development -- who does not love Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, Chunky Monkey or Phish Food?

They sell their confections by the pint, dixie cup, ice cream sandwich... or hand-scooped at one of their many parlors. You may also buy one of their ice cream cakes for that special occasion.

Admittedly B&Gs is high in calories... but one must live, right?

Five sweet and rich stars for Ben & Jerry's!


I am happy to review this bank... it is where I have done my banking for more years than I like to count. At one time it was a local bank known as VNB... then Wacovia... now Wells Fargo.

It used to have that hometown / small town appeal and ease of doing business... I knew the managers and the staff; they were so helpful and personable. During its years as Wachovia it was okay, too. Now as Wells Fargo, it is a corporate nightmare full of red tape and bureaucratic BS... they require IDs for even making a deposit or ascertaining my current balance. The workers are snippy, smug and impersonal.

I have left there many a day with a terrible headache.

I stay because I do not want the hassle of changing banks or the associated potential failures.

It is just so awful... I have no words.

Two stars... because I do not wish to tempt fate.

Wells Fargo, you are no better than a "special needs" piggy bank...


I am sorry to see that others here had poor experiences with LG.

Essentially all of my AC window units are LG... at both houses... so far, so good.

And my phone is LG... it is simple but fits the bill.

I once saw an LG fridge with built-in TV, which intrigued me.

I know it is not a posh line... but as I said, I am satisfied.

Four stars for LG...!


These little boutiques that used to be sprinkled wherever preppies shopped were the epitome of the classic and adorable East Coast private school look for girls and their country club mothers.

Their brightly colored flats with grosgrain ribbons were beyond cute.

I guess as feminism and multiculturalism swept society, shops like Pappagallo became declasse' or something like that.

It was so much fun shopping at one of these little boutiques... you would always run into your friends and their mothers.

There are a few left... but not the same sort of spirit.

Five stars for the old times...


I remember when CVS was People's Drug... a regional and humanistic chain here in the Southeast.

It had some character... and got the job done, so to speak.

Now CVS is essentially indistinguishable from RiteAid, Walgreen's or any other dull chain.

Sure, they can fill your prescriptions... and you can pick up a bottle of aspirin. But it is a mindnumbingly dull and corporate experience.

Give me the mom and pop owned corner drug store any old day of the week.

For a capitalistic country, the US really is moving more and more toward these huge and dreary monolithic type retail experiences -- fluorescently lit nightmares of stores jammed with tons of cheap swag.

Such a shame.

Three very dull stars for you, CVS...

I include several shots of these corporate monstrosities.


I rely upon portable DeLonghi radiators during winter for auxiliary heat. I keep one going in kitchen another in the bathroom. The rest of the house is set at moderate to low ambient heat, at the same time, I can depend upon those two rooms being toasty warm.

These portable radiators use a system of warmed oil that spread through the fins of the unit... just like old timey steam or hot water radiators in traditional type homes.

There are multiple settings from low to high and from minimum to maximum.

This type of radiant heat, I feel, is safer and more economical than convection electric-coiled blown hot air.

I have had these rads for years and am more than pleased. I know that the company makes an array of kitchen appliances, as well.

Based upon many years of efficient, clean and extra heat, I am rating this company with five glowing stars!


Quite honestly, I am sorry to see the poor reviews.

I associate the line of Cuisinart products with serious cooks, gourmets and gourmands.

As I am more of a dabbler in the kitchen, I only have their food processor and a wonderful microwave oven.

I have had the processor for maybe fifteen years... the microwave going on ten.

Both work well... and make me feel like a genuine foodie.

For a long time and even now I associate this line with top tier kitchen gadgetry... and I have not been disappointed.

Five delicious stars for Cuisinart!

Below is my microwave:


A couple of ladies started this china replacement service in a garage. Now it is a huge and successful operation.

They have a vast inventory of discontinued patterns as well as new pieces.

I keep them bookmarked for my Spode "Pearl River"... but quite honestly I prefer to do business with ebay... better deals to be had.

Not that I have criticisms with Replacements.com... they are willing to take your money, when you become desperate for that missing piece. They saw a niche and seized upon it.

"It's not personal... it's just business" right?

I am giving them five stars for their efficiency and organizational attributes.


Now I do not expect these to appeal to everyone. But if you are an aesthetic who feels high regard for refined and precious bibelot, I have no doubt that you have several of these little "bonbons" amongst your collectibles.

Each piece is hand painted by a single hair paint brush... and each scene is of exquisite detail.

I bought mine in Bermuda... acquiring them was easy and pleasant. My saleswoman was a Mrs. Virtue at Trimingham's right there on Front Street.

What treasures!

Five enameled stars for you, Halcyon Days!


I have redone an old house... although I am not a professional, I am a perfectionist.

Quite honestly I could have not gotten the job done without my Ryobi drill, circular saw and one other thing, which I cannot remember.

I have gone through several sets of drill bits... but the drill itself is still aces. I also attach a buffing pad for applying and buffing up paste wax.

I would like to invest in one their flashlights.

I just wish Lowes carried this line.

Five power stars for Ryobi!


I miss this retail homage to French Country Style.

Everything about it was charming: furniture, home accessories, clothes, handbags and so much more.

Each boutique was unforgettable... I knew the Atlanta, DC and Charleston shops quite well.

I am not sure why this business did not endure; as the style is endless and classic and it did not seem to go over the top in terms of its brick and mortar buildings. I chalk up its decline to the dumbing down of tastes within the American zeitgeist.

I had their mini voyage quilted cotton handbags in just about every provincial design and colorway... and their catalog... ooh la la such a treat and feast for the eyes.

French style is forever... but I am sorry that the two Pierres bit the dust.

Five glorious stars for your!


This was the loveliest department store when I was growing up. We shopped at their Fifth Avenue flagship store and at another suburban site.

In its halcyon days it catered to the carriage trade... it was totally top drawer.

It was always a treat to have lunch or a little treat at their tea room known as The Bird Cage.

Over the years, due to poor corporate management, it deteriorated; became known as "Lord and Taylor" and essentially sunk into oblivion.

I ordered a few lovely cashmere sweaters in recent years... then I just learned that it was bought out for a meager 400 M. By some kind of rental business... horrible news.

Good-bye, Lord and Taylor's... you were wonderful and a classic in more genteel and gracious times.

Five stars for your glorious past... you were the gold standard of department stores.

~ M. S.


I am pleased to review this booking company and grant it one star... I would give it a big fat zero, if I could.

They lure the customer in with a "best price"... then collect your credit card data... then snag the innocent and anxious traveler by then increasing the quoted "best price guarantee" to which you have already guilelessly been duped.

Last year when I was desperate to book a hotel room for one night in Washington, DC, I endured this horrible experience... and it took quite a bit of finagling to resolve the issue with MasterCard.

Avoid this booking "service" like the plague.

One dismal star... which should be a 0...

Booo... hiss!


I have had pet cats my entire life... Maine Coons, to be specific.

My last three Maine Coons were fed exclusively on Science Diet. A kitten formula when young... adult mixture when mature... and a prescription formula when senior cats.

My intention and rationale was to provide these cats with the best food out there on the market... plus, each one really liked the taste.

One female died as an adult... diagnosis: liver cancer.

Five years later a second adult female died... again: liver cancer.

Coincidence, I thought.

Five years after the second one died... my third adult Maine Coon died... diagnosis: liver cancer. I was devastated.

The most common denominator amongst all three was their food: Science Diet. I researched this brand... and learned it was chock full of chemicals. It is the liver's job to filter out toxins... so all three cats were under liver strain. I concluded that it is possible that Science Diet Pet Food was the culprit.

I guess I'll never know for sure... but the nagging unknown will always haunt me.

I am giving it three stars... and I hope I am wrong about its being carcinogenic..


It gives me great pleasure to be the first to review AND to give a five-star review to this classic line of fine spices and herbs. Their jars and labels alone are enough reason for me to pay a tad bit extra for a container of spice.

The Spice Islands array of spices is dizzying... everything from commonplace Black Pepper to the more exotic Beau Monde. I have used their ingredients my entire adult life. The spaghetti sauce mixture is my secret ingredient in pasta recipes. Allow me to share the formula with you:

Spice Islands Spaghetti Sauce Seasoning Recipe:

4 teaspoons Spice Islands Basil, Sweet
1-1/2 teaspoons Spice Islands Marjoram
4-1/4 teaspoons Spice Islands Onion Powder
4 teaspoons sugar
3-1/2 teaspoons salt
2-1/2 teapoons Spice Islands Garlic Powder
1-1/2 teaspoons Spice Islands Rosemary
1-1/2 teaspoons Spice Islands Pepper, Black Medium Grind
1 teaspoon Spice Islands Summer Savory
1/2 teaspoon Spice Islands Cloves, Ground


Grind basil and marjoram in a small food processor or coffee grinder until fine.
Combine all ingredients in a small bowl.
Store in tightly capped container.

Their website address: www.spiceislands.com

Five piquant stars for Spice Islands Spices!


Both of my grandmothers introduced me to teas. My mumsie introduced me to milk infused by dark tea; whereas, my nan started me on Constant Comment by Bigelow. So, you see, I have been a tea drinker since childhood.

The House of Bigelow is my "go to" brand... my favorite flavor is their Plantation Mint which is packaged in a bright green box. This, you should know, is spearmint -- not peppermint.

Last summer I had the good fortune to tour the Bigelow Tea Plantation in South Carolina -- the only tea plantation in North America.

If you like the tea classics, I recommend the timeless line of Bigelow. They also offer some herbal varietals.

Here is their website: www.bigelowtea.com

Five tea bag stars for Bigelow!


This week I shall be embarking upon a series of reviews called "Hall of Famer." These were companies that were once great, then slid into mediocrity.

I mostly blame the corporate mindset of current MBA models taught in business schools across the US.

Anyway... Pepperidge Farm used to be a lovely little top tier producer of fine breads and gourmet soups. Cookies, as well.

They sold out their soup line to Campbells... big mistake.

Then they abandoned some of their more choice bread options such as their large family style loaf of white bread that would last a family of four for a week of lunches.

This company used to appeal to the carriage trade... now they are just another rung on the ladder of corporate mediocrity.

Such a shame PF... I used to love you.

Three stars.

PS TBH and fair... I still buy their cookies occasionally, as well as their cute little goldfish crackers and pretzels.

Okay... since my earlier review, I have softened and reconsidered my stance. For old time's sake... and based upon their cookies, crackers and some of their breads, I am bumping up PF to four stars, I guess.

* * * *


For me there has only been one car... "the" Volvo.

I have driven and owned nothing but Volvos since age 19, which I add was quite a few years ago.

I still have one... the 240 DL wagon. Yes, it is the exact same boxy champ the epitomized the classic family car for the discerning class of the American car-buying public. It was plain yet gorgeous.

Then Ford bought Volvo... and now all the new ones look like Fords... a tragedy.

I will not part with this car... my mechanic told me that was built to last... and can always be repaired.

Five stars for classic original Volvos.

One star for the new cheap aerodynamic Volvos.

Average is three mediocre stars...:: sniffling::

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