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So, I called the number on my credit card. (It's a store-brand credit card through citibankonline.com's website. I won't say which store, because I have nothing bad to say about the store.) I told them I'm planning to travel later this month and wanted to give them a head's up so they wouldn't think my card had been stolen by someone abroad.

At first they seemed to appreciate my calling, but then things took a sinister turn. They said they'd have to send me a code to my cellphone for verification. I don't use a cellphone. I use a landline. My dad, who lives downstairs, also uses a landline. We're not a cellphone family.

They transferred me to the fraud department, and that was when I started to get a bad feeling. While on hold, I wanted to hang up but was suddenly afraid that I'd be accused of something.

"Hello. So, you don't use a cellphone?"

"No, I don't. I use landlines."

"Can you tell me your landline number?"

I told her both mine and my dad's, and they didn't match. (After I got off the phone, I logged in and discovered that my number on file is from years ago.)

"We can't verify your identity. We'll write you a letter."

"A letter? What am I going to do with a letter?"

"Just wait to receive the letter like a good little customer."

"But--I'm traveling! In a week!"

"Ma'am, are you saying you want to speak to someone other than me?"

"Oh, yes," I said... even though that hadn't been what I was saying. I ran with it, because why not?

Don, a supervisor, came on the phone. "You'll have to wait for Citibank to call you."


"We often call right away," he said.

"Don't BS me. There's not going to be a call, is there?" I accused.

"Of course there will be a call," he said. "We'll call whichever number we have on file."

"Listen, Don, I was having a great day until this happened. I'm not a criminal. I've never committed any criminal acts. I even stop for every stop sign I encounter, as well as for ducks crossing. And by the way, so does Meg [last name]!" (I couldn't help but add that part.)

So I was treated like a criminal because I don't use a cellphone, and because they had an old phone number of mine on file, and because they couldn't be bothered to find some way to verify my identity.

It seems ironic that I bought the plane ticket with that credit card, and just a week ago. It's all part of this identity thief's con, everyone! [Facepalm.]

Tip for consumers:
Be prepared to be treated in a condescending manner if you don't use a cellphone!


Well, someone (riverlink.com) is clearly begging for a bad review here. They asked, and I shall deliver it.

This website is in charge of collecting bridge-crossing toll fees. They sent us a bill for crossing the bridge several times, but it was after we'd sold the car. So I figured I'd give them a call and clear that up.

Well, I WAS in a good mood before spending fifteen minutes trying everything I could to get a live person on the phone and getting nowhere. And it's 1:30 on a Monday (non-holiday) afternoon. Um. My mood went from ten to zero in a short period of time.

Here's a tip for businesses: if you don't want to talk on the phone, don't fool customers with a phone number that includes hours of availability. Maybe just do online chats, or whatever, without putting people through needless hell.

Tip for consumers:
NEVER call them! Just don't!


Justfly is a horrible company. Granted, my first two flights booked with them, in 2018 and 2019 respectively, went fine. (Well, one flight got canceled due to a storm, but we were already on the plane, so I wouldn't blame Justfly. But I digress.)

So I booked a flight with them this year, 2021, too. All my travels are round-trip from USA to Prague.

Obviously there have been travel issues due to the coronavirus, but I went to the airline's site to research my flight and travel restrictions. Vaccines? Negative bloodwork? Etc. And imagine when the airline's site said something like, "Enjoy your upcoming trip to Brussels!"

Brussels. Hmm. After briefly checking in with myself to make sure that Brussels wouldn't work (it wouldn't), I contacted the airline, who I only have good things to say about. They explained that the flight from Brussels (my layover destination) to Prague had been canceled, as in the plane wouldn't be taxiing.

I was horrified and contacted Justfly. I don't know how long that leg of my trip had been canceled, but they did nothing to let me know! I spoke with a woman on the phone who kept referring to my destination as Praggy. (You can't make this stuff up.) Praggy. Nice.

She insisted that I choose the next available flight from Brussels to Praggy--ahem, Prague--but it involved a nine-hour layover in Brussels. I knew I'd be exhausted, and I could see from the Justfly website (and the airline's website) that better flights with shorter layovers were readily available. This wasn't about finding that one remaining flight. Rather, it was about giving me the most inconvenient flight imaginable so that Justfly wouldn't have to reorder the entire trip.

I refused to accept the nine-hour layover. I demanded that the lady cancel my flight so I could rebook with the airline directly. (I wasn't stupid enough to tell her I was going to rebook through the airline. I just explained I'd rather start from scratch.)

She promised me she'd cancel through the airline. I immediately bought a second flight through the airline's website. A day or so passed, and my second-bought flight got cancelled by the airline, which was looking out for me. "You've got two nearly identical trips booked," they explained. "We gave you a credit."

So apparently, Justfly had changed my flight to the nine-hour layover one instead of asking the airline to cancel it.

That was about a week ago, and their website still insists that it's trying to process my cancellation. Mm-hmm.

I contacted the airline and asked them to cancel my first-bought flight (the one that morphed into the nine-hour layover one) and to reinstate my second-bought flight. This meant that my trip was secured, but that I'd have to collect reimbursement from Justfly.

I called Justfly and the same Praggy lady kept giving me the runaround, claiming she was waiting for the airline to cancel the flight and refund Justfly. I said it shouldn't matter if they refunded Justfly. I'd paid Justfly for a flight that wasn't going to happen. But it's impossible to reason with someone who's determined to screw you over.

I was able to learn that their parent company is FlightHub, located in Canada. I called FlightHub directly. A recorded message said to call Justfly about reservations made through them. Instead I left a message with my name and phone number and said that their company was horribly run, but that if they'd give me a refund, I wouldn't leave scathing reviews all over the internet.

That was about a week ago. I guess they don't value my discretion. Too bad.

I called the credit card company, and they immediately reversed the charge.

Tip for consumers:
1) Just buy a flight through the airline's website! You get frequent flier miles that way!
2) Call your credit card company and dispute the charge if they screw you over.

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I wrote a 5-star product review for their website and submitted it thusly:

"I was lucky to find two pairs of these on a different website that sells used items. It's love. I wanted to comment on the complaints that the pants don't go up high enough in the waist. Very true. For me, they come up the perfect height in front but are an inch or two too low in the back, so when I sit, I feel like I'm showing some... ahem... Well, let's just say they don't come up far enough in the back when I'm seated. (I don't notice an issue while standing.) It's not likely to bother me because I always wear a top that goes down several inches below the top line of my pants. So these pants may or may not work for you, but it can't hurt to try them out! I don't feel that my fat tummy is hanging over the elastic in front. I was worried about that, but the pants do come up high enough to prevent that (for me, anyway). The quality is nice and I like the snapped pockets. (I'm a huge snaps fanatic.) And oh, by the way, I wear petite because even though I'm 5'8" tall, I have a long torso and short legs. The petite Large fits me perfectly. I'm excited to wear these come autumn! I wish they had a bit more flare in the ankles/calves, but it's not a huge issue."

And I got an email from them saying:

"Please give your review another try. Unfortunately, your feedback does not meet our guidelines.

We really want to hear what you have to say, so please check out the tips below. Thank you!

- Use the item before reviewing it
- Share specific details and features of the item (fit, performance, color, etc.)

- Include your name or personal contact information.
- Focus on customer service of shipping. Our customer service team is happy to answer those questions.
- Use obscenities, discriminatory language or make negative comments about other reviewers.
- Post advertisements, "spam", references to other products, companies, offers, or websites.
- Include specific price information, promotional discounts or other information that is subject to change."

And I'm like, what the freak did I do wrong?! I didn't break any of those rules. Did I? I'm offended.

That's the basis of giving them three stars, but it's one star for their rejecting my review, averaged out by a five-star rating on their wonderful clothing. Hmmph.

Products used:
I love all their stuff!


So, I did a search for "rainbow stickers", wanting to buy some to decorate my new beige landline phone. It's totally old-school and retro and has a curly cord and everything. But anyway, every time I return to etsy, their home page is showing me recommendations based on my search for rainbow stickers, and half of those recommendations involve male private parts. One particular piece of artwork is a collage of penises done in charcoal.

I originally clicked "report listing" for all of them and chose the option that says something like, "This item isn't properly catalogued as being adult content," or whatever. So some time passes, I return to etsy, and those exact same listings are still staring at me. I report them again. More time passes, and I return to etsy, and it's more of the same. At this point I send etsy an angry and incredibly hostile email. More time passes, and I don't hear back from etsy (which isn't too surprising since I called them whores and sluts), but I return to the site and the same listings are still there on my home page. I'm through.

Please only view my accompanying photo if you're not disgusted by penis art.


I took one of their quizzes and spiraled into self-hatred! It was horrible! What sort of misanthropic people are running this site and creating its content?! I've lost all my self-worth! I feel like a worthless piece of [bleep] and a horrible person! Avoid this site like the plague!

Verified purchase

I went there for a fish fry, and my elderly father and I were literally chased and accosted by a man who screamed at us for being inside, even though there were no signs telling us where to go, and we had masks on. He then proceeded to misdirect us to a tent for ordering, even though we'd already preordered online (he didn't care enough to talk to us after yelling, so we were unable to explain this to him--huge ego). Things went downhill from there. I'm sorry I ever crossed paths with this church, and I have no faith in their community involvement or other virtuous acts.


My first order with Chewy was a month or so ago, and I bought pet food. The order showed up immediately--like, the very next day! I was impressed! So when I ordered more dog food yesterday, I expected it to show up today, like magic! Or tomorrow! That would've also been fine. The tracking says it's coming on Wednesday! (Today's Saturday.) I can't help but wonder if they send people out to the pet store (and then to your front porch) for customers' first orders in order to make it seem like they're really fast shippers. Ugh! It's very shady. Their web site says "Free 1-3 day shipping on this item." And based on past experience, I expected that to mean that the dog food would show up in 1-3 days. But they probably meant (very sneakily) "Free 1-3 BUSINESS day shipping on this item." And if I ordered it on Friday, and then Saturday's considered a weekend, and it shows up on Wednesday, they're in the clear... in a strict legal sense, if not an ethical one.


I love the gym! But today I went there and tried to sign in with their touchless sign-in scanners. I apparently scanned my card on the wrong sort of scanner, even though it was right there, facing me on the counter. The lady who worked there was like, "Excuse me, ma'am? MA'AM? It's this one!" And I felt like an idiot. Epic fail.

Tip for consumers:
Their judgement-free zone, which by the way is British spelling, made me feel judged.


DirecTV was a good service until they merged with the AT&T company. Ugh. Now DirecTV has gone downhill, as you'd imagine. They sold out, basically, to the corporate greed of AT&T.

I called them today to fix my DirecTV account, which they'd shut down due to no payment. One check my dad sent them a few months ago never arrived, and he wrote another check and mailed it five days ago. The customer service was terrible. They said it can take TWO WEEKS from date of mailing a check for it to post as a credit to your account. TWO WEEKS. They said they wait for the check to clear. I wound up frustrated, and I canceled our service. Now, as I type this, my dad's up here in my room watching the presidential debate on my TV, which gets antennae service. Tomorrow, we're getting a setup delivery from the cable company. AT&T is a truly evil company. Today's incident wasn't isolated. Their customer service is a joke. For one thing, they kept transferring my call to a different department. For another thing, they NEVER offered to get a credit card payment from me of the minimum needed to restore service. They never suggested it. They were too focused on telling me that I have to suffer because they haven't received my dad's check yet. Fortunately, cancelling was easy. Hopefully my dad will stop payment on what he owes this awful company. He's 75 freakin' years old. He shouldn't have to deal with this sort of garbage, and quite frankly, neither should I. Old people like to pay by check--geez, AT&T, sue us. Notice in the screenshot where the first person I interacted with said, "Thank you for your understanding and I hope you will not take it against me." I knew that was the beginning of the end.


Every time I go to this site to read Ask Amy, my computer loses its internet connection! I'm not making this up. Every single time. I can no longer follow Ask Amy. If that weren't bad enough (which it is), the pop-up ads are atrocious. I don't know which one is crashing my internet connection, and I don't care. Lame.


Well, I just spent over forty-five minutes in my car going nowhere, because when I arrived, there was a sign out front saying that I had to have a mask on. Huh. I'd checked their website before going, and their website didn't mention wearing a mask. I don't mind wearing one for people who are mindlessly afraid of the coronavirus, but I CAN'T EXERCISE WITH ONE! YOU'D HAVE TO DRIVE ME AWAY IN AN AMBULANCE! Further, several weeks ago, their website said they were open and listed daily hours (with the current date as well), but were they open? NO! In this day and age of internet accessibility, this complete lack of communication is unconscionable and indicative of a lack of intelligence or respect for customers.


I went to the local UPS store today to drop off an Amazon return. While I was in line, a woman who worked there yelled at me from the register (which was quite a ways away, due to social distancing) and asked, "DO YOU NEED A RECEIPT?" which made everyone turn and stare at me. I honestly didn't know what she meant. I figured it's her job to know whether I need a receipt, right? My mind tends to work slowly and stop altogether in overwhelming social situations. So she repeated her question twice, still yelling all the way from the register. I finally managed to say, "Amazon return."

She came up to me and explained that she wanted to get me through the line faster by simply taking my package, so I gave it to her, rolled my eyes, and got the freak out of there, humiliated.

Well, now, Amazon has no record of my return, and the merchandise was worth roughly $100. Did I tape the label on the wrong way? I don't know, because I never went through the line properly. I just essentially handed over my package and left without any proof that I'd delivered it. Nice.


I read an article on their site about how mental illness is due to chronic self-absorption. The same writer, Leon F Seltzer, wrote that trauma victims should get over it and quit making things all about themselves. It's a big talk from a little boy who's never been traumatized or mentally ill.


I contacted them on FB and asked them to tell me what they charge per copy for using their copiers, i. E., to photocopy a few sheets of paper in standard 8.5" x 11" black-and-white format. This was their response:

Hi Meg, the FedEx Office team hours are Monday-Friday, 7:00 AM-8:00 PM CT, and Saturday, 7:00 AM-6:00 PM CT. The team will respond upon its return. ~~Rebecca
8:24 AM

HI, Because this is a custom print job, we ask that you contact your local store for more information.

To find the closest FedEx Office location to you, please visit our website at http://www.fedex.com/us/office/ to access our homepage. You can then hover over "Location" on the top-right of the page and enter your zip code.

You can also find your nearest location by calling our 24-hour Hotline at 1.800. GoFedEX *******339 press 64 or say FedEx Office Services.


FedEx Office Customer Relations
FedEx Office Printing Services
Get professional, high-quality copies from FedEx Office. Full service or self service, at any of over 1,800 locations.

Hello Meg,
In order for us to better serve you, please take a moment to tell us about your recent social interaction with FedEx.

After I scrolled down for a full minute, I wrote back and said, "So you can't give a simple answer to how much a copy costs?
Rather than writing a book, a proper response might be I don't know twelve cents." And then several hours later, after they saw my response but didn't reply, I wrote, "I'm still waiting for an answer," because at this point, why not have fun with these imbeciles?


So, I entered my book and it didn't win, nor was it a finalist. However, the insulting thing is that in one of my two categories, there were less finalists than in the other categories. This means that they could've celebrated my book but chose not to.

In fact, in some categories, there were no winners at all, much less finalists. In this day and age, people aren't writing and submitting unedited crap. I feel sincerely sorry for everyone who entered into a category that received no winners. You'd think an award contest would want to laud as many entrants as possible, so their deliberate exclusion is hurtful and inexplicable.

Somewhere on their site, they admit that they don't read all the books (which would be impossible, since they judge them all within two months of the entering deadline). My theory is that they research each book to see how much other praise each book has already garnered. This way, they don't have to do the actual work of judging. Because I'd wager you 10 to 1 that if I were to ask them now to discuss my book, they'd draw a blank. Or, more likely, they'd look it up and say, "Oh, right, we didn't like its cover." Or some similar drivel.

I will not be giving money to this contest in the future.


I left a rather angry 1-star review for a family member because I hate said family member. So then her business suffered, and she asked me to take the review down. I contacted the web site repeatedly because my log-in info kept not working; and even after I contacted them, they played clueless and dropped their efforts at removing the review I left. So now my sister's mad at me and asking me to make the review go away. What can I tell her? I've been trying to take it down for over a week. The site sent her an email saying they'd have to hear from me directly. Um, THEY HAVE HEARD FROM ME DIRECTLY. AGAIN AND AGAIN. I wouldn't bother using this site or trusting their reviews.


I went to see them today to discuss euthanizing my violent dog. It's a sad fact of life. The vet blamed me for not having tried hard enough. The vet asked if I know how to use internet, as if I'm a troglodyte, and I said yes; and she then slowly explained how to access a web site at www.all-one-word.com, and then click "contact" and fill out the form. Like I'm a big, fat, stupid idiot because I don't keep a cellphone with me. Call the Beverly Hillbillies! The vet had a bad, condescending and patronizing attitude that that was quite repugnant and disgusting. She must've eaten a bad clam. All the other vets I've ever seen at this place have been great, so I'm not sure what this alleged vet was doing there. Weekend vet? Perhaps. Not someone worth seeing. She shot down every suggestion I made as if I was offending her. (I suggested sedationary pills for the dog, taking the dog to the pound, and a few other things; and I swear, this so-called vet wanted to strangle me. Because I'm the bad guy, and it's all my fault. Too much hubris and ego. She kept telling me I'm a horrible person to want to do those things.) Yeah, I'd take my pets elsewhere. Vets who can't deal with real-life issues should stay home.


My doctor has been faxing and phoning my medicare part-D drug plan through united healthcare all week in an effort to get my drug's "prior authorization." (Prior authorization is a way the drug company can stall when it comes to paying for expensive drugs.) My doctor has been given the run-around and has gotten nowhere, so I called them, and they lied to me, saying they haven't heard from my doctor AT ALL, and that he must not be trying hard enough. I asked if the woman would testify to that in a court of law, and she laughed at me. This company has no morality, just a strong desire to save money at their clients' expense.


I love the concept of writing a novel in a month (and I'm well on my way), but the NaNoWriMo community is comprised of people with low morals and a vague sense of right and wrong. They produced a pep talk by an author who used the word "suck" ten times, and when a few of us complained, we were lynched by people who thought we were prudes. Even the moderators defended the trashy, no-class pep talk. Considering the work they do with kids, it was surprising they'd even think such a pep talk had merit. (It was all about how writing sucks--and that's not my word choice. I never use that word.)


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