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13 reviews
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I took the golden one because my gf kinda convinced me. Not very happy with them thou. I was trying to use the card abroad and it was not working even that they say on the site it is working. Called them and they fixed it but it could be delivered better.

1 review
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1 review
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Offers zero customer protection and support. I filed a credit card disputes after receiving a defective item and they did not reverse the charge. Horrible. Will be cancelling my card.

4 reviews
6 helpful votes

Always liked this bank until I had to deal with their IRA department. They are either totally criminal or totally incompetent or both. They emptied my husband's IRA on August 29th, per our request, but as of today (September 20th) the money has yet to show up at its destination! Repeated attempts to handle wasted a lot of time and patience, netted many excuses but still no money. They supposedly put a stopped payment on the first check and sent another. Either has yet to arrive. Even the US post couldn't possibly have lost two different checks in a row or have taken this long to get something from Minnesota to Florida, for crying out loud. Is someone investing our money on the side for a little extra profit? How can a bank operate this way when all it actually can provide for all the money it makes is trust?

6 reviews
6 helpful votes

This company I have been with now for about 5 years. I started with my credit card and now I recently on June 27 got my Auto Loan though. Capital One do pre-approvals were they see if you qualify with a soft pull and it don'e effects your credit score. Once you are pre approved then you just take what they send you and go get your car. I was shocked that they made it so stress free. On the other hand I had the issues with the dealer, not Capital One. Everything is so simple I can make my car payments and credit card payments all from one log in. It is so great and their rates were nice.

4 reviews
15 helpful votes

I've been a good customer to them for well over a year never late with payments always on time. I run into a financial crisis and they report my one time late for both of my cards to the credit bureau. I'll make sure that when my card(s) are paid in full I will cut them up and dare Capital One to contact me to get another one. They will not like the language they are going to hear..

1 review
0 helpful votes

TL;DR summary: customer service impossible to contact, inconsistent from one agent to the next. Not willing to listen to you or trust you. Makes decisions for you without your permission and threatens you. And that's when they pick up your call, after hours on hold.

After having one credit card (the first one) from CapitalOne and using it for no problems for 2.5 years, I decided to apply for a second one. Right around this time, they switched their online banking system (summertime 2017 in Canada), and I needed to re-register for an account. Their automated online registration wouldn't approve me, and I got directed to live chat. The live chat agent told me I needed to call, so I did. After four separate calls and waiting as long as 1.5 hours WITHOUT EVER REACHING AN AGENT, I gave up. I stopped using my first credit card, let it expire, and never activated my second card.

Fast forward one year later to July 2018 (the current date of writing this review), I was told by a friend that I should still call to fully cancel both cards. So I do. I call the general account services line, get a representative, she verifies my info (phone number, DOB, etc) and says she needs to transfer me to an account specialist to fully close my account. I thought that was strange, since I wasn't asking her to do anything highly technical or uncommon, but I went with it.

The next person that answers introduces himself as the fraud and security department, which made me a little alarmed. There's a clear difference between "account specialist" and "fraud and security". But fine, I went with it. He asked for my phone number, I gave him the same one I gave to the first agent, and he said it was incorrect. He asked for another phone number and I told him I didn't know what to say, I only have one number I leave for banking. Especially when the first agent already accepted the number I gave her. I tried a few, the one he accepted was an outdated 5-year-old house number. I've only been with CapitalOne 2.5 years, so I started getting more suspicious.

At this point, the fraud specialist started becoming very rude. He said that I didn't pick up phone calls regarding the second credit card and I said of course not, because you guys had an outdated number. I told him that a previous agent had already verified the correct phone number, but he ignored me. He continued to ask for my personal info and there was just something in his voice that made me not trust him. He was talking down to me, the inflexion in his voice, the way he would say "is there a reason for that?" or "how do you explain that?". He got to my address and I said I wanted to explain my situation to him before answering any of his other questions. He sighed, said "Okay" impatiently. I explain it to him (why I stopped using my first card and never activated my second one), and asked him if it was even necessary to cancel, if I could just let it sit as I had been doing. I truly didn't want to keep speaking to him.

His first response: "Your question doesn't answer my question." Why would my question answer his? Why would I ask him a question in the first place? His second response: "I can't answer any of your questions until you answer mine." That's all he said - never said sorry, never explained he needed to be sure he was speaking to the account holder (the question I asked him was a general question, too; does someone in my case need to do this or not? It wasn't even about my specific account anymore, so he absolutely could have answered it). Very vicious, impatient, demanding tone.

I was very unwilling to answer more of his questions at this point, so he said "Is there a REASON you can't tell me your address? Keeping in mind you're speaking to the FRAUD AND SECURITY department?" Capitals used to show his tone. This is a flat out threat. You might hear this from a police officer while they're handcuffing you, not from a customer service rep.

I ended up just answering his questions, because I didn't want him to mark my file and give me a permanent record. And once he got all my info, he simply informed me that he closed my account - never checked with me again (it had been 15 minutes since we started speaking), never read me any disclosures. I was even expressing doubt about whether or not I wanted to close the account (whether I wanted him to be the one to do it), but he didn't take that into consideration.

It's one thing for a service rep to be untrained, incompetent, stressed. But it's another thing entirely for them to outright threaten you. There is absolutely no reason for any service person to treat any client, in any setting, like this. I've never made a late payment and never had a cent of interest, and I stopped using all Capital One cards at the exact same time; there's nothing fradulent about my activities, it simply says "I don't want to bank with you any more".

Fraud department employee's name is Jesse, employee ID oze103. I hope that this isn't fake info he gave me. And I am certain that it was indeed CapitalOne I called, not a scam number. My credit cards were shown as canceled after the call.

Tip for consumers: Just don't go with Capital One. Customer service quality is paramount in any bank or credit card service, anything and anyone that handles your money. If they won't trust what you tell them and make decisions for you, aren't you just handing yourself over to them?

2 reviews
10 helpful votes

Thanks to an ill-fated flirtation with a company called Asian Date not only was I scammed but ridden down to the ground like a rodeo calf with fees, charges, and credit card debt thanks to a fraudulent illusion!

When I finally realized that the little Chinese princesses that wanted me so badly were just staff writers probably getting commissions for writing letters and getting replies I contacted Capital One customer service and told them what had happened. they weren't very optimistic about being able to help but they did allow me to send evidence of the Asian Date scam. Luckily after months, numerous letters, phone calls, rebuffs, and finally the question of criminal fraud by Asian date getting pushed up to their corporate services division I got a response, a conscientious employee who fought for me, and they refunded all charges and cleared my credit record. They did send 2 checks to me that I had to disregard that were supposed to be kicked out automatically by the system, but after getting the cleared up and telling them I would take legal action for having been sent checks they would not honor, I at least got the debt cleared and the balance removed from my account with my charge privileges restored.
Advice: Whoever you do business with check reviews online. 2) Do not trust or do business with Asian Date, China Love, Charmerly, Asia Charm, or any other of the Russian owned Asian dating or overseas bride service clones all created by the same bloodthirsty vampires who would exploit you like a blind prostitute in a whore House!

Tip for consumers: Capital One will not be in your corner!

9 reviews
1 helpful vote

I had a Capital One saving account which was converted into a debit card. I later learned they were applying the payments on the account as debits and not credits. The amount I was paying was increasing the balance not paying it down. They and I debate about this for months so to get them off my back I borrowed money from a friend to pay the balance in full although I had made much more than the minimum payment each month and had not used the card. Instead they closed the account and turned it over to a collection firm which somehow 500.00 dollar balance has ballooned to 10,000 in the last 15 years. No one still hasn't explained how that happened. It makes no sense at all in no form of legality. They kept the deposit and my payments and plus turn it over to a collection agency when it was they who owed me money back. Not the other way around.

Tip for consumers: Avoid them if you can. They will turn the tables around on you and make it seems if it is you who are stupid and don't understand how money works. Like you don't supposed to have enough sense to know the difference between a credit and Debit.

1 review
0 helpful votes

In February 2017 a person in Fort Worth, Texas, bought a blender at Office Depot and charged it to my credit card without my knowledge or consent. I have had numerous contacts with Capital One about this, and yet the charge remains on my account (5 months later), and each month a late fee and interest is added to my account. Capital One knows the name of the person who charged the blender; Office Depot knows the name of the person, yet I am saddled with the charge. I will never knowingly do business with Capital One again nor will I ever darken the door of an Office Depot. This has been a 5 month nightmare, and I fully expect it will continue.

1 review
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Sometimes it is hard to believe I am calling a real credit card company when I have dealt with multiple employees that are so unprofessional that when there is a language barrier that is severe enough that it requires asking them to repeat themselves that they in return pretend they are not on the line and even hang up. Multiple times I have called with simple inquiries and am on hold for 20minutes or more while they " check" their system. The last person I spoke to was "JB" that was the only information he would give. No customer service representative number or anything and when he couldn't answer my questions he decided to hang up on me. He did this after twenty minutes of pretending he could not hear me as I asked him to repeat himself. Also in the past I was escalated to the top level of management and left her multiple voicemails to NEVER have my calls returned. She did however send me a letter apologizing for the customer service issues and encouraged me to call if I needed help- only to never answer or return my calls when I called her. If there is any other option for your credit - CHOSE another company!!!

4 reviews
8 helpful votes

Yes it's easy to receive a capital one credit card but I think I used my card twice and paid in full but some how I still receive a fee higher than the $25 minimum and all these extra charges,my opinion they try to keep you in debt,,

5 reviews
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I have a $5,000 credit limit on my credit card and I make all my purchases for the month, on my credit cards. I pay off my balances in full each month without ever incurring a penalty. That's why I am loyal to Capital One.

4 reviews
11 helpful votes

waited more than 20 minutes listening to their silly music, after if you have any problem with this bank I recommend you to go in the bank better than calling, as all the stupids behind the phone some incompetent people doesn't resolve your problem, people shouldn't wait so much for help

4 reviews
2 helpful votes

wish their Interest rates was lower.

3 reviews
58 helpful votes

I have owned and used a Capital One Spark Business Visa card for over 15 years now, and had never had a real problem until I had a problem. I run a commercial sign company. My business was located in one of the epi-centers of the flood zone when the 1000 year flood hit South Carolina. I had 24 inches of water flowing through my business. I had to wade 14 inches of water to turn the power off to the building at the breaker boxes. The flood devastated my business. It has been a nightmare. Countless tools used in production were destroyed as well as a tremendous amount of inventory. There was no help from FEMA who directed me to the Small Business Administration who offered me a loan. No thank you. Thanks to the flood, I was already in a deep enough financial hole. No need to find the bottom and start digging. I spent all my available funding on cleanup. I was completely shut down as a result of the flood. My best efforts allowed me to begin crawling back out of the hole with my first produced product over one month later. I had been diligently trying to pay more than the minimum required payment on my balance to try to pay it down. I called Capital One to tell them I would be unable to pay my minimum monthly payment. The CS rep on the phone was understanding, but the only relief they had to offer was a 3-month distress waiver they could apply to my account which would not allow them to penalize me for overdue balances. Their 18.5% interest on my balance, however, would apply and accrue monthly. I called them the following month to tell them I still didnt have sufficient cash flow to make my minimum payment. They said OK, just try to pay as soon as I could. I told them I would. When I finally had a little I could apply towards my Capital One debt, I logged in to make a payment online. My balance had accrued each month, adding to the previous months balance including their interest, so that minimum requested payment was over $1,000.00. I paid the $400 I had in hand. I still called them every month to update them on my status. It would take 3 more months of diligent work to complete a large project which we had on the books prior to the flood which had also been consuming all expendable cash flow. After collecting, I caught my balance up to current. However, my account was locked down so that I was unable to use it. Additionally, my existing card had expired and had not been replaced. After being passed around to several CS reps, I was finally transferred to one who seemingly had authority to look deeply enough into my account to find out why it was locked down. It was apparently due to my successive months of non-payment.which, by the way, negatively impacted my credit score even though I was calling them monthly with current updates and status. I asked the CS rep if the same tragic events had happened to her husband and his business and her credit card company had treated him the same way, how would she feel? Her response was That is a personal question and I dont have to answer that. Right! Lets remain completely aloof of the real tragedies going on around us. They have no bearing on you or your company policies. Several months later, I wanted to pay off my balance in full. I called to talk to a head CS regarding a possible negotiated pay-off. Guess what? They dont negotiate balances, even though they will admit that an exorbitant amount of my balance was simply accrued interest. But thats what you signed UP FOR sir she responded strongly. NO, I signed up for a card with interest rates UP TO 18.5%. I didnt sign up to get assigned a permanently-high interest rate. After explaining all of my above extenuating circumstances to this head rep, her best and final answer was We have policies and procedures we must follow. And our policies and procedures do not allow us to make exceptions for tragedies. Can I do anything else for you? I expressed my disdain that a company so large could be so unfeeling and callous in its handling of real tragedies in the lives of their clientele. At the time I was speaking with her, a portion of Louisianna was undergoing epic flooding. As I write this, Hurricane Hermine is impacting the southeast. I wonder how many of those two regions of flood victims will find themselves additional victims of a greedy uncaring Capital One?

10 reviews
3 helpful votes

Always try to help me financing

2 reviews
13 helpful votes

It's really hard for me to like a large financial institution because most every one has made huge profits by screwing their customers. Perhaps Capital One has, I don't know, however I have to say they have been there for me for years now. They have stuck with me when things were tough and I appreciate that. Furthermore calling customer service, although maybe not fun, is not the painful process so many financial institutions have made that to be. They have always been quick to answer and helpful.

21 reviews
9 helpful votes

I've been using the P2P option since it was actually under ING Direct. The service seems even more seamless now that it's under Capital One. I was skeptical of the merger at first but I'm officially old!

5 reviews
2 helpful votes

Super slow to get atm card in mail though.

6 reviews
35 helpful votes

I bought a wig on line from a company called WigsBuy. They sent me the wrong one. They insisted I had to pay to return it to them. They are in China and postage is $40. Its not right that I should have to pay to return something the merchant sent me by mistake. I filed a dispute with Cap One and provided them with all the proof and documentation I had. Several of the items they requested I did not have as the merchant did not provide them to me. Capital One refunded me until the merchant provided proof I got the item. I filed an answer to the merchants claim showing it was not the correct item and that the merchant was not willing to pay for return shipping to correct their mistake.
During the dispute, which started in December and went to February 24, I called and spoke with several people in the Dispute Dept. At no time was I told I did not send them all the info they needed to proceed with my dispute, I sent then photo of both the item I ordered from the merchants website and the item I was sent. Copies of email correspondence with the merchant and a link to almost 300 negative reviews WigsBuy had online that show this is something they do all the time. I called on 2/24/16 and spoke with a rep to get a status update and was told it was being reviewed and there was nothing else they needed.
I got a phone call from Capital One a few hours later and the person said the dispute was being closed as I never provided them with all the documents they needed. I asked to speak to a supervisor as I wanted to know why despite having my documents for almost a month no one contacted me to inform me of this. There were 5 things they wanted, but 2 were not something I could get. One of them they actually were provided by the merchant in their response. The second was a signed statement on company letterhead from another wig merchant stating that the wig I got was not the wrong one. How is that even possible? I bought this online as there are no merchants in my area. What online merchant is going to give an opinion of another merchants product without seeing it? This is not a reasonable thing to require and in my opinion, is used by Cap One to justify denying my refund. Honestly, just looking at the pictures clearly showed that they were not the same item. Capital One waited until the dispute was out of time before they contacted me. The last thing the Supervisor said was I was out of luck and there was nothing they were willing to do to get my money back. He said my only other option was to take the matter us with MasterCard, but since I was out of time, there was nothing they would do either. Considering cap One waited until it was out of time, I really think this is s sleazy thing to do. I would not use them for a credit card and will be canceling mine and getting a different one. They are as big a rip off as the merchant was. NO protection for the consumer at ALL!!

11 reviews
5 helpful votes

This company have always came through when we needed them too!

1 review
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The following is to make people aware of the abuse and level of professionalism from Capitol One and a true David and Goliath story.
First let me express that I understand procedures they are placed in an act or a manner of proceeding in any action or process; conduct a particular course or mode of action any given mode of conducting legal, parliamentary, or other business, the sequence of actions or instructions to be followed in solving a problem or accomplishing a task.
Being that said that has not been the case with what I am about to explain, we started a procedure of fraud identity with Capitol One three Months ago were they requested information concerning our Identity. On October 27, 2015 we had called Capitol One concerning this issue and we sent all the required information that they asked for License or State I.D., Social Security Card and Proof of Address.
Now here were it begins after three days after uploading the Document to their page (which is the required time frame by Capitol One to revise the Documents) They said they could not read them and we had to send them again, my mother as well sent them letters because she could not send them a utility bill since she does not pay the bills in the house my Dad does. So they expressed can she get a bank statement and she replied yes, so she proceeded to get the bank statement from Harbor Bank which is her one of her Bank institutions.
We proceeded to upload the document and we waited the proper time for Capitol One to return the call that they have evaluated the Document and processed it, guess what they did not after the fifth day we decided to call Capitol One and we spoke to 3 different Fraud reps that day and for some reason they did not get the Document and could not find it. So we proceeded to send the document again and be aware this is being uploaded threw there link for Uploads, we waited again 6 Days and proceeded to call mean while threw this whole process my mother is getting sick and worried cause of this situation.
My Mother has been in this country for over 40 Years and has had Cards from American Express to other Bank Credit Cards and never had an issue with none of them, always has paid on time and has paid all her cards off, has had Excellent Credit in this country and has never been treated this way by no Company or Human Being. This is the reason she worried because knowing that she has never gone through something like this in her life and keep in mind I had expressed she is a sick woman and is not about the cards.

Capitol one was contacted again and there answer was we had not received it again so at this point I got involved and expressed my anger (I'M Her Son) and the irresponsibility that they have shown to us after speaking to different agents the Document appeared, but again they said they could not accept the Document because they were hard to read so they required for us to send these Documents again we decided to send the document from her other bank were we send the payments to Capitol One. Well long story short we sent these documents over 25 times and calls to Capitol One almost every day we spoke to Managers and called corporate several Times and we kept getting transferred to fraud department at one point the block was lifted but guess what it was put back on and that was because someone in corporate felt bad for us the only reason it was lifted.
We finally thought this nightmare was over but no they put the hold back on and again be aware we continued paying the Cards beside it being BLOCKED this whole ordeal went on for three Months and 2 days so Capitol One made a decision after sending documents over and over being on the phone for 8 Hours at one point trying to find the cause of the problem they cancelled the Cards and said they did not want us as a client.
I started investigating and asking why? we found out there's this investigator called Vince that never called us, Never Contacted us and all he did was talk to the Managers and agents not to open never the Cards due to the fact remember as I said before after the first month I had gotten Upset and fed up with the situation because looking at my mother cry and not knowing why she is being treated this way that's when I had to speak my mind to them.
Mr. Vince is an investigator at Capitol One that treated us like scum of the earth Judged us and made it a point due to the fact that I let him know what he was doing was wrong threw his Managers and Agents the man was a complete and total racist. He not only cancelled my Moms Cards but everyone that had her address in the house and had a Capitol One Card along with the last Manager that we spoke to.
Now I would like to let everyone to know were from Dominican Republic and all of my mom's kids were born in the U.S.A the country that gave me the opportunity to work for a Great Company and let me Study and gave my parents the Dream of having three homes, and to know that our U.S.A we have people like this is sad. I want to pledge and ask for everyone and these Movie Stars that promote this Card to know what they are promoting and to make sure they know whose money they take for sponsoring a product.
I hope Mr. Fairbanks gets this letter and know the kind of staff he has working for him and the way they treat his customers, I also know its tough times and being approved for a Card can help but like it happened to us it can happen to you, and to those employees that work there and feel by kissing up to people like Vince which in another statement that I will publish with the names and I.D. numbers of the people that treated us like this and spoke to us rudely. Learn to know what's right from wrong!!! Because if he does not care for the people who get him his pay check he does not care about you stop kissing up to people like that, he knows that it's impossible to speak to anyone in a high level position in corporate so he abuses the system and knows that the Company is too big for a simple client to do anything that would shake them, and it may be true but beware I hope my message gets out there people learn who Capitol One has working for them and stop using their Cards because besides what they did to us I stated that I would be doing this and the manager answered do what you want.

I am sad because I thought that Capitol One was what we wanted in our wallets.

31 reviews
15 helpful votes

Average customer service. Long lines at some branches.

5 reviews
4 helpful votes

Great reporting, customer service is outstanding!

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