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21 Reviews by CHRIS

This so called " consumer " agency is basically a scam! They are supposed to help consumers with problems with banks. They contact the bank via email and inform them of your complaint. The bank sends this " consumer " agency their reply. This " consumer " agency accepts whatever they say and then close the case in the bank's favor. A complete waste of time.
I had over $18.00 rewards on my Capital One credit card. I was told by customer service that I could not get my rewards until my credit card balance was paid in full. When I fully paid my balance 2 weeks ago my account automatically closed. I called customer service and I requested that my rewards go into my bank account. I was told that since my account is now classified as " closed " I am now no longer entitled to my rewards. This is a scam bank with phony "rewards ". They LIED to the Better Business Bureau by stating that they have " no record of any calls " that I made to them about these rewards.
The Better Business Bureau AND MOSTLY ALL of the so called " consumer advocate " agencies are basically a complete waste of time! They have no REAL power and they will not help you to get a refund. They only send out emails to the company that you are complaining about. If the company REALLY cares about helping the consumer, then they will help and work out any problems. However if you are dealing with a scam company they will completely ignore the emails or simply deny that they are at fault. These scam companies know that these agencies are useless! A WORD TO THE WISE! If you have a complaint against a company, the very first thing that you should do is to contact your bank and get a refund / charge back against the company. Depend completely on your bank and NOT these " consumer agencies "!
This magazine has several lyric contests every year. I decided to enter it a few months ago. I NEVER received a reply from them indicating that they received my money or lyrics. I waited a month and decided to contact them. I was told that they never received anything from me! NO money and NO lyrics! When I told them that my bank indicated that they received my money I told them to send me a refund since they claimed that they never received anything. As soon as they heard the word " refund " they suddenly changed their story and said that, yes, they did receive my lyrics but they can't give me a refund because they already " reviewed " it. When I asked them why wasn't I ever informed about the status of my entries or money, the idiots told me that it's their policy to ONLY inform the " winners " and NOT everyone else in the contest! So in other words, these idiots have absolutely NO accountability or acknowledgment of the lyrics that they are supposed to " review ". They can simply throw them in the garbage and pocket the contestants money! After the Better Business Bureau made SEVERAL ATTEMPTS to contact them they finally replied to them but lied about the problem and refused to issue a refund. This is a very shady magazine. Never enter any of their song or lyric contests.

Tip for consumers: KEEP AWAY ! Their contests appear to be nothing but a scam !

• Updated review
Since this original review, I've had TWO MORE complaints against Pay Pal. In BOTH case, they refused to give me a refund. I immediately contacted the Better Business Bureau and suddenly Pay Pal came to their senses and quickly gave me a refund! If you have any problems with this company always contact consumer agencies. They will help you!
Is pay pal becoming a SCAM?
• Previous review
A few weeks ago l purchased computer software which did not work on my computer. L immediately removed it on the same day that l purchased it and requested a refund from the company. They completely ignored my emails and refund request. L filled a claim through the pay pal resolution center. L expected to EASILY WIN this claim. WRONG! Pay pal claimed that l must have MORE EVIDENCE to win my case! And that l needed a THIRD PARTY VERIFICATION! This so-called proof that l needed to win my case was impossible because this software company ignored all of my calls and emails. Ln the past, when l filed claims with pay pal, l EASILY WON with absolutely no problems. Now suddenly l need A LOT MORE PROOF to win my case? What happened to pay pal's BUYER PROTECTION? Ls this just becoming B. S.? What am l paying my pay pal FEES for? L had to handle this situation myself by contacting my bank and issuing a charge back claim which l won. Lf pay pal pulls this crap again with any of my future complaints l will cancel my account with them. Right now, my opinion is YES pay pal is a scam!
I used this site a few times in the past with no problems. However 2 weeks ago, I attempted to deposit $10.00 when the amount suddenly changed to $150.00! This is an amount that I NEVER deposit. I IMMEDIATELY call them and informed them of their alleged mistake. I was told that they can't do anything and that I must wait until it appears on my bank statement to have it removed. This seemed very suspicious to me but I had no choice but to wait for my bank. Eventually this situation was cleared up but I was basically no longer welcomed on this scam site for calling attention to their " mistake "!. Since this incident, I've heard from other former customers who experienced the same type of " mistake ". Watch out doing business with this scam operation!
A few weeks ago, I made a fantasy bet which was actually winning for a while. I had several players that were scoring a lot of yards and even touchdowns. However, instead of my scores going UP they were suddenly dropping completely out of the money category. I watched all of this live. Fan Duel is PHONY!
This partnership has a lot of winning horses but the only people who get rewarded are the owners. The partners see very little payouts. With their once or sometimes twice a year payouts to partners, after numerous deductions for horse up keep, it's not unusual for the partners to OWE this outfit money at the end of the year! A real strange operation!
This company appears to be a scam! In 2017 I bought THREE one year plans which would keep me covered until 2020. This end date of 2020 was ALWAYS on my account. There was no problem--until I recently switched to a new Tracfone! Suddenly a NEW end date appeared on my account as 2019. These " customer service reps " INSISTED that the date of 2020 was NEVER on my account. I am now in the process of filing a Better Business Bureau claim against them. Watch out when doing business with these common thieves!
MOST of the sellers here on AquaBid are honest people. HOWEVER, there are those sellers that like to take advantage of new buyers. This is very easy to see for yourself. Check the feedback scores carefully. Check the Negatives. Lf you see that most of the new buyers are displaying negative comments about the buyer they've just interacted with then avoid this seller if you are a new buyer here. Ls it just a coincidence that new buyers have problems with certain sellers? L doubt it! One seller in particular is ANDY PARTIN. His aquabid seller name is AFISHPOND. This guy sells aquatic plants. He's a scam artist that ships out below average plants and then blames the buyer for lying about the " quality " of his plants. This idiot also proudly encourages $#*! fighting in his emails! And the majority of his emails appear to be written by an extremely illiterate person. Avoid doing business with this fool!
Several online stores use LASERSHIP for deliveries. Whenever this company ships my orders they ALWAYS lose the package, OR ship the package to the wrong city where it gets "lost ", OR they refuse to ship to the address that's on my shipping label. L don't know how the hell this incompetent company stays in business! They are without a doubt the WORST shipping company EVER! Every time a store hires these fools to ship my packages l have to contact the stores and request a reshipment through a NORMAL shipping service like USPS, UPS, or FEDEX because the packages never reach me when it's shipped through LASER SHIP. EXTREMELY INCOMPETENT!
L am a very small bettor. L generally bet no more then $2.00 on fantasy games. However, l always notice that no matter what game l enter l ALWAYS wind up in either last or very close to last place even though l take the best players. Ls this just a coincidence or are these games scams? L've noticed that the " up to the minute " player stats are not accurate for MY players but are accurate for players who are winning! L've often wondered if these " winning players " are REAL or just phony computer generated. Of course there will always be people who claim that they ALWAYS win. Some of them might even answer my review. THEY LIE!
UPS NEXT DAY AIR is " GUARANTEED " to arrive by 10:30 am or the shipping charge will be refunded. Did you know that if the carrier is running late with the delivery to the receiver that he can mark the package as "delivered "?! As long as the carrier is " in the area of the receiver " he can falsify the delivery records to avoid being late which will cause UPS to refund the shipping charge. This is acceptable by UPS standards. They are nothing but scam artists!
L purchase many items on line at TARGET. Their prices and quick delivery make this store my favorite. My regular items are rarely out of stock.
L installed their anti virus on my computer and it did NOTHING. The control panel that they installed did not work. L sent them many emails and calls and they ignored me completely. L immediately removed their software and demanded a refund. Again they ignored me. L eventually found out that this company is a scam by contacting several consumer agencies. L received a full refund by filing a bank charge back. Avoid doing business with this company!
L buy a lot of orders on line through Walmart. Their products, prices, and customer service is very good.
L recently heard from 4 amazon sellers about their feedback scores that they got from amazon " buyers " l was SHOCKED to hear that amazon allows " buyers" to leave FALSE, MISLEADING AND SLANDEROUS feedback! Amazon's reply is that this type of feedback DOES NOT fall into their " unacceptable category ". Common sense should tell you that this type of feedback should NEVER be allowed. However, amazon thinks it's just fine! This type of feedback destroys the good name of honest sellers. Those that leave this type of feedback are quite often competitors masquerading as buyers. Their goal is to eliminate their competition. And amazon is ready and willing to encourage this stupidity. This is a new low for amazon! They claim they stand for honesty. Yeah sure!
I used to be a very small fantasy games bettor on Draft Kings and Fan Duel. I realized after only 2 weeks that these games are fixed. I always picked the best players but l never won or even came close to winning. I watched the live games on television. Although my players were always scoring points, MY FANTASY POINTS changed only slightly. L always lost to the same players every time. Lf l entered a game with only 50 players, by game time there was suddenly 300 players entered and I ALWAYS finished in 300th place. Phony or just a coincidence? The fact that the NFL (National Football League) allows these fantasy games to advertise during football games makes me think twice about the honesty of football and all other sports that advertise fantasy games.
L purchased tropical fish from this supplier several times with no problem. However, the last 2 times were bad. Last month my fish order arrived with extremely polluted water with lots of fish waste. There were no deaths the fish were very stressed and sick but they survived. L thought that this problem would not repeat so l placed another order with them. Big mistake. Again the order arrived with polluted waste filled water, but this time there were dead fish. Yes, they gave me a refund but buying tropical fish under these conditions is not worth it! COMPETENT fish sellers will FAST tropical fish for 2 or 3 days to avoid waste build up in their shipping bags which will cause health issues and possibly death. Apparently Pet Solutions doesn't do this. Needless to say, l will not buy tropical fish from them again.
Several years ago, Most of these animal protection / adoption agencies ( ASPCA, ETC.) offered very low cost spay and neutering, and their price to adopt homeless animals was very reasonable. Now, however, their prices are almost as expensive as pet shops and private breeders! These agencies are trying to put pet shops, " back yard breeders", and regular breeders out of business. It seems obvious to me that their goal is to run breeders out of business while they take over the business!

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