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music, have done most crafts, enjoy films (mostly older ones from the 1940s and 1950s)

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This phoney, scamming website stole at least 2 of my original designs of handmade electric guitar birthday greeting cards, including my own photos and descriptions right out of my amazon handmade shop, which I have had for the last 5 years. The cards are also on my own website, but I can tell they took them off amazon. I wonder how they propose to deliver them if somebody buys them. Well, they can't. They wouldn't know how to duplicate them, and they would have to buy them from me and pay more than they're charging, and why would they do that? If I spent more time looking, I would probably find more of my designs on there because they have loads to look through, probably stolen from other people like mine have been stolen from me. They claim to have them in stock, but they are blatantly lying because I personally designed them and made them and am the only one who has them in my possession. I strongly suspect that if you buy anything from this website you will be scammed out of your money and will receive nothing. This website was only launched 67 days ago, 17 June 2020, and they have no real information about themselves or where they are or any way to contact them other than a contact form and a gmail email address. They claim to have been in business for many years, but they've only had a website for 67 days?

When I first found one of my cards on their website, the internet search said it was on majanduspartner.ee, but when I clicked on it, the URL was actually uyausmall.com, so I don't know if they are somehow related or if uyausmall.com hijacked the other one or what's going on between those two. My original review was for majanduspartner.ee because it was the first website named in connection with selling my cards, but I have deleted that one because I can only be certain that uyausmall.com are the people involved.

12 November 2020 - I did an online search for a product tonight that has been hard to find. Lo and behold, I found it at a very low, too good to be true, price on a website called Sinteza, which isn't listed here on sitejabber. Given the fact that the very same name on the email address that is given for this website and the same lack of appropriate information is given under 'about us' as for uyausmall.com, I am confident that this website is as big a scam as uyausmall.com and run by the same person/people.


This is about britbox.com. There is a britbox.co.uk that looks far superior as far as programming, with so many different things, also including channels 4 and 5, and with a 30-day free trial. The programming also looks like it includes a lot more recent things, but I didn't look at it extensively. It just looks a lot more professional and better presented than. Com, as I would expect from my fellow Brits. The cheeseparing cheapskates at. Com who only give a 7-day trial are the ones I'm talking about, and I think the. co.uk and. Com are run by different people, but I'm not entirely sure. I think I'll send a message to the. co.uk and see. If they are different, I'm more likely to get a reply. I already got an auto-reply from. co.uk, unlike the no response at all from. Com. In the time it took to listen to a few songs, I have received a reply from. co.uk telling me that they are 2 separate companies run by different people, that. Com is their sister company in the US and Canada.

I sent an email with some questions about this service well over 3 months ago, back in April, I didn't realise it was that long ago until I was looking at my emails, and never got a reply, not even an auto-reply. If the questions had been answered on their website, I wouldn't have had to write. One thing they did say in their information was what amounts to even if you were to start your subscription at one minute before midnight, that one minute would count as a whole day. They don't go by a specific clock time to make it more fair so you get your full subscription, cheapskates all round.

I did a free 7-day trial through amazon, which worked fine, but they only have a monthly, not an annual, subscription. If I decide to pay for britbox, due to the lack of customer service and the many bad reviews here, I will continue through amazon. At least I know it works there and that there is someone to complain to, if necessary, that will respond.

Without more information, on the surface, I would much prefer. co.uk and would get that one if I could be sure their app wouldn't block my vpn. I may do the free trial and see what happens.


I was a subscriber for several years several years ago and cancelled because after a while I wasn't watching it at all. Whenever I searched for anything they never had it. They were so disorganised, nothing in alphabetical order, pictures with the names of films or shows on them that I usually couldn't even see or read, it was a real struggle, many shows/films under the wrong categories, and not a lot to my taste anyway, not that I could find anyhow. I requested on more than one occasion that they add an alphabetical list somewhere of everything that was on currently and was told that was a great idea, but of course they never did anything about it. I ultimately cancelled and that was my main reason - I couldn't find anything and wasn't even watching it any more.

Three things I really hate about the actual viewing of netflix are that if you want to watch the credits, or sometimes even want to see the end of something before the credits, you've got to have the remote control handy and rush to click on watch credits before they cut it off, that the next episode plays after cutting off the beginning and you've got to rewind, and that they pause the show/film midstream to ask if you want to continue watching. I really think these things should be the other way round. They should play everything from beginning to end, not stop and ask if you're still watching, and give people the option to skip the credits if that's what they want to do. It's not their place to worry about customers' use of data. I've got enough to play it 24/7, and I'm sure I'm not alone.

I just decided to do what was supposed to be a 30 day free trial to see if anything had changed for the better, but no, and to top it off they cut off my trial abruptly and early and when I asked why, they said it was to prevent fraud because they (probably a robot rather than a person) had decided that there was unusual activity on my account, so they suddenly cancelled it. I told them it was no different to my activity when I was a subscriber in the past. On top of that, the free trial was an upgrade to the premium version, which meant I should have been able to have a lot more activity than I actually did if there were other people also watching it. They said if I wanted to join I'd have to use a different method of payment, and I didn't do anything to warrant this treatment, it was their doing, and I only have one method of payment. If I did join, which I don't plan to, what's to stop this sudden cancelling of my account again and again if their technology decides to do so? All the netflix person had to offer was a refund of my last month's subscription (which didn't apply this time) and to tell me I'd have to use a different method of payment. Their support is worse than it used to be. At least they used to be more friendly and pay more attention to what was said to them, even if they didn't do anything about it.


Every time I order anything online and see that is being sent by ups I cringe. I have lost count of the number of times I have complained about the way they throw things over my unlocked front gate onto my cement driveway with no regard for their fragility and lie about delivering them to my front door. This has been an ongoing problem for years. I only ever have damaged items when they come by ups. One item arrived recently with dirty shoe prints all over it, and another one and its contents was badly bent, and that packaging, a white extra rigid mailer, is something that you'd have to really work at to damage it the way this one was damaged. The last 2 deliveries were delayed for bogus (delayed due to natural disaster or severe weather conditions, neither of which was true where I am, and it said out for delivery that day, so it was already in the area) or no reasons, and I am still waiting for that second delivery to arrive. Two of the items were surepost, which would have arrived the next day by usps if ups hadn't said they would be in the area and deliver them a day early and then didn't deliver them at all. The service gets worse and worse. A few months ago they started throwing things over my driveway gate again. More often it has been the unlocked gate. I put a sign up on that gate directing the UPS driver to my smaller unlocked gate, and that worked for a little while, but then it was back to the usual again. Except on rare occasions they don't deliver anything here until at least the evening, it has always been that way for years, and as it gets later and later they don't deliver anything at all. The drivers are so stupid and lacking in initiative that they see my driveway gate has a lock on it, and in spite of the number of times I have told them that my other gate is unlocked and have always had it on record to deliver items to my front door, they continue to assume, without even checking, that my unlocked gate is locked. Sometimes my complaints have been completely ignored, sometimes I have had a phone message saying they would talk to the relevant depot or driver, and occasionally things temporarily improve, but they always go back to such terrible service in no time. Their quoted delivery times are pure fiction and are never adhered to. I don't know why they continuously quote delivery times when they have no intention of delivering anything then. When they have a follow my delivery map, they are often close to my house early in the day but then drive farther away and around in circles all day. I don't know why anybody even uses this awful company.

When it has come to picking items up, it's the same story. They have not come through my unlocked gate but have stuck 'sorry we missed you' stickers to my gate, my mailbox, or put them inside my mailbox, having made absolutely no attempt to come to my door. This has happened many, many times. I once had a faulty computer to return and waited in all day every day for 2 weeks for them to come and pick it up, with complaints in between and assurances the computer would be collected. In the end I had to drive way out of my way to a ups store, otherwise I think it would still be sitting here now.


When I was looking online for some information about voltage converters, I found this site, and someone there was kind enough to respond quickly and freely with answers to my questions, so when I needed DVD players I decided to buy them from them. It has been a thoroughly frustrating experience.

Sometimes they answered my questions promptly by email, other times I was left hanging for hours or overnight, and this is when I was enquiring about products before making a purchase. The person told me they had all region ones with UK plugs on them that were dual voltage that changed voltage automatically. This was ideal for me because I plan to move back to England. The first time they sent me one with a US plug on it, which I don't think was dual voltage, so I ended up sending it back, and I asked them to let me know when they got some more UK ones, which they said were out of stock. They didn't ever let me know, even though they said they would.

Some time passed and I contacted them again and asked them if they had got some more UK ones, and they said yes. The man said he had personally checked them. I ordered two. When I opened them, they turned out to have European plugs on them, not UK ones. If they don't even know the difference between a UK 3-pin plug and a European 2-pin plug, what else don't they know, I wonder? Now I'm waiting to hear from them about this.

I did hear back from them later, and the man told me he didn't check the plug on it, just that it was dual voltage, and then blamed me for not constantly mentioning that I wanted ones with UK plugs. He had originally told me that the dual voltage ones came with UK plugs on them and never even mentioned the existence of ones with European plugs. He said that this is a discontinued model and they won't be getting any more, so I've decided to keep them because if they last I can always get UK adapter plugs for them, but with better care and communication from them, this experience could have gone a lot more smoothly and not been so frustrating.


I just spent at least 2 hours doing online food shopping from sprouts farmers market that uses instacart for delivery. The first order was supposed to be free delivery. When I was about ready to pay, they wanted to charge $6.52 service fee. I'm not sure if the service fee was based on the amount of money I was about to spend or if it was fixed. It was confusing because they also had a list of other amounts, including the $6.52, that were listed under tips. At first I thought the service fee was a tip until I looked further. It said the service fee 'helps support the instacart platform and covers a broad range of operating costs including insurance, background checks, and customer support.' They normally charge a delivery fee that they said varies, which they say they don't charge if you pay for membership and spend $35 for an order. Why is it up to the customer to pay a service fee on every order for the costs of running their business that is on top of their other charges? Another concern is that they said they were going to take more money than the actual bill and then do some sort of adjustment afterwards so I'd only be paying what it actually cost, but seeing that some people have never been refunded for overcharges or mistakes doesn't fill me with confidence that they wouldn't do that to me as well. I'm glad I came here before I went through with the order because of the overwhelming number of bad reviews and that some people reported the repeated problems I have had with amazon fresh delivering warm and melted foods. I've been looking for an alternative, but I can see that this isn't it.

I almost forgot that about 6 weeks ago I was going to try to order some things from vons.com. Eight years ago I did some online food shopping with vons.com. On several occasions but nothing more since then. At the time it had nothing to do with instacart. Vons made the deliveries. However, since then instacart have somehow linked themselves to my vons.com account. My account details have almost all changed since then, but I have been unable to change them myself. Either the change I made wouldn't stay changed and reverted back or there was no way for me to even attempt to change it. I was confused by instacart being involved and their involvement has resulted in my not being able to change my account information with vons.com. The only people I could contact turned out to be instacart, who told me they didn't have it under the information I gave them and asked if I had a different name or email or whatever it was at the time, I forget now, and when I told them no, I never heard back from them. If the only way I can get delivery from vons any more is by instacart, I won't be doing it anyway, but I don't like the way I can't even have any access to my own account any more, and that my account is stuck in some sort of limbo where I couldn't order anything if I wanted to because of the details being wrong.

I don't like the way these companies with personal shoppers have taken over and most of the ones I have had have been mediocre to bad. Now you're dependent on some stranger you don't know doing your shopping, and in my personal experience not at all like they were doing their own, not having good judgement or common sense or following instructions, and also dependent on what happened to be in stock by the time they finally got there to do the actual shopping. I never knew what I was going to get and in what condition with the other companies I have tried and instacart is apparently no different.


I have had to use amazon fresh over the last couple of months so I can have food shopping delivered, as I can't leave the house. My main complaint is the utter lack of care for the perishable items, especially the frozen ones, which have almost always arrived melted. They have repeatedly shown no concern for food safety. They don't use dry ice or ice packs or anything else. The refrigerated and frozen items are put into bags that look like they are made of foil, and that is all. They pack these items at least several hours in advance of delivery, and the worst was when I got an email 9 1/2 hours before the delivery window that the items had been 'shipped'. The delivery window was supposed to be 5 - 7 am, and the ice cream sandwiches I had bought on that occasion were 2 wafers and some completely melted to a liquid ice cream that didn't refreeze to be anything resembling ice cream sandwiches and were virtually inedible.

I don't know where the deliveries start from, but I have followed part of the tracking, and they are quite a long distance away, many, many miles. I have seen a couple of the drivers leaving, and they are driving ordinary cars, so it's not as though they even use refrigerated vans or anything.

I have had English muffins from them that had expiration dates that had passed several days earlier. There is a possibility that they may freeze these and then thaw them before they deliver them, but if they do, that is not really acceptable food handling if you don't know how old they are or what has been done to them.

I bought some decaffeinated tea that was a box of 50 teabags with an expiration date just a few weeks away when I just wanted an occasional cup and wouldn't have used many by then. The ordinary tea had a much farther away date, next year sometime.

On one occasion they left out all of the blackberries I'd ordered that was what I most wanted from that order. They refunded the money, but I had to reorder them and wait longer for them, not to mention that most of the time except for in the very beginning I have had to make a great many attempts around the clock for a delivery window to open up, and there have been several times when there was one but before I could finish checking out it was gone, and I mean gone in a matter of seconds, the time it took to click a couple of times.

I ordered red grapes a few times, 2 lbs, and the first time I only got 1 lb 4 oz, visibly less than 2 lbs. After that, I got over 2 lbs.

The orders were usually correct, except for the missing blackberries, and they didn't cancel any of the items after I'd paid. The deliveries have been made within the 2 hour windows.

The prices are variable and go up and down constantly like the main amazon site, so sometimes they are at least as good or better as elsewhere and sometimes very expensive. The fresh fruit has usually been pretty good, except for bananas. They are in bunches and the same degree of green or ripe, which doesn't work well for me. The packaged non-perishable items are usually okay.

I am a prime member, so I get free delivery if I spend $35.

I will probably have to continue to use amazon fresh for the foreseeable future. I would suggest if you want to or have to that when there are problems you complain to customer service every time. Maybe if they get enough complaints they will start doing things properly. I know - pigs might fly, but one can hope. Apparently they used to use dry ice, but they don't now, not where I am.

I hadn't thought of doing it before I got a comment, but I have just reported this online to the public health department for the food safety issues, and the message said they'd reply in 2 day's time, so we'll see if anything comes of it.

Sat - I used them again tonight, with a delivery window of 7 - 9 pm, and hoped it would be cooler then. It turned out to be in the 90°s F. Today outside, and it will only get hotter and hotter over the next several months. It gets up to 110°F. Or more in the summer. It was about 2 hours and 20 minutes after the email arrived that the shopping was delivered. Once again, in spite of the heat, no care was taken, and my frozen items were mostly liquid and my refrigerated items were warm. This obviously can't go on. There aren't any very satisfactory options for food deliveries where I am. It's not as though I haven't looked into it. Amazon think they can do whatever they like no matter what. Nobody ever does anything about this, no matter how many times you complain. I can get a refund or a credit, but that's not the point. I really don't think it's too much to ask for them to take proper care. It wouldn't take that much extra time or effort and would save them money in refunds and possible lawsuits from food poisoning. I think it's rather hypocritical of them to send emails saying to refrigerate the perishable items when they arrive when they don't take any steps to see that they arrive cold or frozen.

Update - 3 May 2020 - Worst experience yet. This morning I got an order that I thought should be reasonably safe. I didn't order anything frozen or that needed to be kept cold. However, they still managed to mess things up. I ordered organic cabbage and what I received I don't believe to be organic because it wasn't marked organic like it always has been when I do my own shopping, and the bags of organic yams were supposed to be 3 lbs and were just over 2 lbs. This is a problem I've had before with amazon fresh, cheating the customer by providing significant! Y underweight items. What's worse this time is there is no way to contact amazon or request a return. They are now not even taking phone calls, they had already stopped taking emails some time ago, and when trying to request a return, after filling in the reasons, nothing else happens. It says to look at their return policy or'contact us', but there is no way to contact them, so instead of clicking on continue to do with the return/refund it only says'ontinue shopping'.

Update - 21 June 2020 - Last night I had another delivery, and the same thing happened with the frozen food arriving thawed. I have had other deliveries between this and my previous update, and the same thing has happened virtually every time. I made another complaint, over the phone which is the only way to contact them, and the US-based lady was very nice. They always have been. She told me she would tell her supervisor as well as filling in a form to send to the correct department about this. It has been much easier to get a delivery window recently. To date I have never heard anything from the public health department.

4 July 2020 - frozen items and other perishables continue to be delivered partially or completely thawed or warm, in spite of my many complaints, but that's not what I ordered today.

I particularly wanted organic green cabbage for juicing. I tried a couple of months ago, and they delivered ordinary cabbage instead. I let it go for awhile and decided to try again. Yesterday amazon fresh didn't have any, so I did the whole foods market option and ordered that way for delivery today. The cabbage was the main reason for ordering, and I bought other items that I don't need right now but will use to top up the order to $35 for free delivery. I ordered all but one organic vegetable, and not a single one of them was organic, and the cabbage was out of stock, but not when I ordered it.

Amazon fresh claimed to have organic cabbage today, so after the whole foods market shopper failed to deliver them, I ordered some, again along with other items I don't need right now to get the free delivery. The cabbage I received was not organic. I rang and complained and hesitated to get replacements, but because I really wanted organic cabbage, I reluctantly agreed, especially because the woman I spoke to said she would put a note on the order about it. Surprise, surprise. The replacement cabbage is also not organic, so I once again had the inconvenience of complaining and asking for a refund, but the worst part is I still don't have any organic cabbage, and I spent in the region of $90 on items I would have bought in future but not right now in my unsuccessful attempts to get the cabbage. If you want organic cabbage, don't bother with amazon. The odds are that you will only get ordinary cabbage.

Update - 3 August 2020 - I'm still using them, nothing has improved, recently items have sometimes been cancelled before delivery due to being 'out of stock', prices have mostly gone up by quite a bit, they have been taking extra money up front for no good reason, as you can't add to an order and I always click'no substitutions'. There didn't used to be anywhere to click on 'no substitutions', and I may be wrong about this, but I don't think you can choose substitutions. It seems like they have changed the way they are doing things, but not for the better - perhaps getting the food from some other place and maybe using personal shoppers. I thought before that all the drivers did was deliver. It's definitely different somehow. I had a delivery the other night containing frozen items, and I was watching the map, and the driver was very near my house, probably less than 5 minutes away, but instead of stopping and delivering my shopping he/she drove an hour out of the way past me on the freeway before coming back to make the delivery, which made no sense.

Update - 3 November 2020 - I have continued to use amazon fresh due to there being no real alternatives, and there have been a few occasions when they have actually got the order right. Not many, but a few. They have recently, finally, mostly changed where the order is coming from to a closer location. It's not close, but it's closer than the other locations.

However, today was a first, and in some ways the worst experience yet. I hadn't got the usual email about the order being on its way. The delivery window was nearing its end, so I looked in my orders on amazon and it said that my order had been refused and was being returned to sender. I rang CS to ask what that meant. The lady didn't seem sure but said she thought it meant I had cancelled it. Not only had I not cancelled the order, I had also not refused it, and I've been alone here, so I know that nobody else refused it. I told the lady that was a blatant lie and to please make a record of that. Since they didn't have stock of the main items I wanted because of doing this, they couldn't do a replacement order. I am beyond disgusted.

A few hours later I got a phone message from somebody at the amazon delivery department, and when I rang back almost immediately the woman who answered didn't even know who she was. A few hours later I got an email about the refund giving the bogus reason 'shipping address was undeliverable.' Since when? Do they mean the address that probably thousands of orders have been delivered to over the years I've been here? Amazon never want to admit they're wrong, not in writing anyway, and if you attempt to leave an honest negative review about them on amazon.com, they will suppress it and say it didn't meet their guidelines.

21 December 2020 - They've done it again. I got no shipping email. They failed to deliver my order. After the delivery window had come and gone my account said it was runnng late but was on its way. Nearly 2 hours later it said 'unable to track order'. Customer service said the driver had failed to take the order. Of course, not everything in the order was in stock, so I opted for a refund. When I got the email about the refund, it said 'shipping address was undeliverable.' As I already have said, amazon will never admit they've done the wrong thing in writing.


After my horrible experience with Lucky Vitamin, I was afraid to try another company I hadn't heard of, but I looked to see what reviews I could find, and Blue Sky Vitamin had a good rating so I tried them.

I've only ordered from them once so far, very recently, and I can only speak about the supplements I bought because I didn't look at others, but they were much cheaper than I have been able to find elsewhere, including from their manufacturer, who charges full price. I think the website is run by a chiropractor or some other alternative health practitioner. I had to wait for several days longer than I'd expected, but that was okay. I got what I ordered and it was packed well so there were no breakages of glass bottles. If you get on their email list, I think they send a discount code once a month to save extra money for a few days, and I did that on my order, so my order cost even less. If I continue to take these supplements and they continue to keep their prices down, I will continue to buy from them.


I love target, do most of my shopping there, and wanted to love shipt. I've been housebound due to illness for some time, and it's been increasingly difficult and then impossible for me to get out and do my own shopping, which I prefer to do. I decided to do the free trial of shipt, but it has been such a frustrating experience with such a lack of communication with them when things have gone wrong during or after the ordering process that I don't think I'll even finish the free trial.

Target is available on live chat but as soon as they know it's something to do with a shipt order they say I have to contact shipt. Shipt claim to have 24/7 support, but every time I have tried their live chat I have waited and waited and waited and nobody ever came on except for once when, after waiting for ages, they seemed to be paying no attention to my query and then lost the connection. Sending them an email, I had to wait until the next day to get a reply when I had an urgent question about an order I was trying to place.

There is a real problem with target apparently merging a part of shipt onto their own website. All sorts of weird things have happened when I have tried to order. The first time it said that the current day was the day after and the next day was today. I tried to find out what on earth that meant because the dates were backwards but I couldn't after much wasted time in trying to contact shipt, so I took a chance and guessed, which I didn't like doing. Then tonight I tried ordering twice and ended up cancelling twice because both times the delivery time changed by several hours suddenly after I clicked on place order, and there was no way to go in and change the time that I could see. Cancelling the first order resulted in some items not being available on the second attempt. Also, since I couldn't get same day delivery and was going to have to wait for 2 days, a special offer that I hadn't been aware of until placing the orders was due to expire on the night of ordering and wasn't going to be available by the time they were going to deliver, so I would have had to pay full price.

I did have only one delivery, and it didn't go too badly. In fact the shopper arrived probably about an hour to 1 1/2 hours or so after I'd ordered, earlier than I'd expected, and that was great because by then it was very late and I was tired and didn't want to stay up waiting, but the shopper got me the wrong, smaller, size of an item in multiples and I was charged for the larger size, which was almost double. Target resolved the issue satisfactorily, but it did require 2 phone calls and at least 1/2 hour of wasted time.

I don't like amazon much, so I hate to say this, but amazon fresh has provided a much better experience over all.

Update - on 16 March I tried again. On that occasion, after I had placed the order, which gave me a delivery window of 6 - 7pm that same day before I clicked on place order, the delivery window changed to 1 - 2am the next day. I had already had that happen twice before (the delivery window changing to hours ahead) and had cancelled the orders, but this time I didn't cancel. I did, however, once again try to get shipt on live chat about this issue, and as before I waited and waited and waited and no one ever came. I then sent them an email, to which to date I have never had a reply. I questioned their always open 24/7 customer service, telling them of my experience, and that shows how much they don't care.

The shopper on that occasion delivered the shopping, probably about 2 hours after the originally stated delivery window, in order pickup bags, which made me wonder who actually even did the shopping because my instructions about the shopping were to some degree ignored. When I looked after the delivery on target.com again, the items I hadn't received but had been partly substituted were still there in the quantities I had ordered and not received.

Since that experience, target, like all of the other big companies I have tried to shop online with, have been out of stock of virtually everything, due to the stupid panic buyers who have caused the shortages themselves by their own selfish panic buying. Without idiots like that creating the shortages in the first place, and then other people following suit when it became so difficult to get hold of essentials that they also felt a need to do the same when they could get some stock, there would be plenty for everyone. I probably won't even be able to try shipt same day delivery again during my free trial because of this, even if I wanted to. I much prefer to do my shopping myself, but for me right now, and other people in the same situation, I need some sort of home delivery. It's not because I can't be bothered or am too lazy or something, it's a real need because I am physically unable to do it myself, and the selfish and stupid panic buyers have made it extremely difficult and often impossible for me and people like me to get this sort of assistance.

Update - 26 March - I thought I'd give this one more try before giving up on it. I ordered about 7 or 8 different products last night for delivery today. Once again there was that big difference in times. It looks like that they are using GMT. I can't imagine why. During the delivery window I received an email saying that they had cancelled the entire order. When I looked on the target website right then, the first item I looked up said there was a larger quantity than I had ordered that was eligible for order pickup today. I didn't look any further than that. I see no point in continuing with shipt. It has not been a very satisfactory experience.

Update - Even though I sent them an email before the end of the free trial to cancel, surprise, surprise, I got an email on 5 April saying thank you for choosing shipt and taking my money for an annual subscription that I had told them I didn't want, so I now have the hassle of disputing it through my bank. Their customer service is non-existent, as is their communication, which are the main reasons I didn't want anything more to do with them. I sent them another email and then thought I would try the live chat again, and it said the wait was likely to be 40 minutes or more, so I was going to send them another message through their contact form, but it wouldn't send my message, it just sat there. As much as target has improved their online shopping experience, that is about as bad as shipt is, and target owns shipt, apparently, so I would have expected a lot better. I

23 May 2029 - For approximately the last month, because of the fiasco created by shipt when they ignored my email cancellation before the end of my free trial, I have not been able to use my target redcard. Target have been blocking me from using it, saying I owe them $99. When I finally got to the bottom of what has happened, which was that eventually shipt refunded the $99 but before that I had got it back from my bank, I immediately sent them a cheque for the $99, which was on 5 May, and they have to date never presented it to the bank and keep claiming they haven't received it and keep blaming it on the post office, or on me, telling me every time I have phoned them about this that the phone call is 'an attempt to collect a debt'. I would have used my bank card to pay and this would have already been sorted by now, weeks ago, but they didn't give me that option. I get things from England on a regular basis that take a lot less time than this to arrive, even in the current situation. I am not about to pay $30 or more to stop payment on a cheque that is only good for 6 months and that is entirely due to shipt's fault. They should take the p out of their name because that describes their service. I did everything right, they did everything wrong, and I'm the one being punished for it. I don't know if and when this is going to end, but I'm so unhappy about the way I have been treated by target, which owns shipt, that I don't know if I even want to continue being a customer of theirs, and I have been one of their best customers for years.

Update - Target finally paid my cheque in on 9 June and unblocked my redcard some time after that, I don't know when, well over a month after I'd posted it to them. I think they should have given me an apology. I don't think it was the post office's fault. Nothing else going to or from me in the US postal system has taken anywhere near that long. I've had mostly normal service, except for deliveries that are erratic and often late in the day. The most I have experienced during this pandemic has been an occasional brief delay once the items have been posted. Almost all delays have been at the companies before they gave the items to the post office. I think my cheque was buried in a pile of paperwork at target that it took that long to get to.

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Several months ago I had such a horrendous experience with this company that I cancelled everything to do with them and got email confirmation. A few days ago, when I almost forgot they existed, I got an email about an upcoming auto-shipment. I immediately emailed them back and told them there was no such auto-shipment and that everything had been cancelled several months ago. There was no reply from them.

It's practically the middle of the night for me, but I've been awake, so I checked my emails, and about half an hour ago I got an email alert from my bank that these crooks were trying to charge me $576.70. I immediately rang the bank to dispute this charge, and I also sent another message to this horrible company that there was no such auto-shipment and that I was disputing their fraudulent charge with my bank.

This is even further reason to stay well away from these people. I can't believe their nerve.

Worst experience I've ever had buying supplements or ANYTHING ONLINE
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They should call themselves Unlucky Vitamin, because that's what you are if you order anything from them. I needed, and still do, a certain supplement for a debilitating illness I've got that my naturopath recommended I go back to taking. This is not a supplement that you can go into any health food shop and buy. I have always had to order it online, and only certain websites sell it. I was looking for a new supplier for it because the price has gone up anyway but the companies I had bought it from in the past had started charging sales tax even though they're not in the state where I've been living. They said there was one bottle in stock that would be shipped within 24 hours and the others were back ordered and would take 2 or 3 days. They offered a quantity discount, the more you bought the lower the price would be, so I ordered 18 bottles along with 2 bottles of something else they said was in stock. I'd also signed up for autoship because that was supposed to give me a further discount, only 5%, but better than nothing, and I will probably have to cancel that later. I am pretty desperate for the one supplement and could have bought a bottle from elsewhere for a higher price but which I would have got by now because the other company sends smaller orders overnight for no extra charge if I would have known that they weren't really going to ship the bottle in stock when they said they would. Up until now, I've been used to dealing with supplement companies who are reliable and with whom I know where I stand, and one of my mistakes was thinking that Lucky Vitamin would operate in the same way.

Lucky Vitamin have terrible communication when it comes to actual orders, and even their marketing emails are delayed, but they have come, several of the marketing ones I'm talking about. This was on Monday, it's Wednesday now and they still haven't even shipped the supplement I really need, and all I have ever got are auto emails to my messages to them asking about the order. I got a general auto email saying that most back ordered items actually usually take up to 7 days, not 2 - 3. If I wasn't suffering so badly, normally I wouldn't be so upset so soon, but it very much seems like these people are nothing better than liars who don't keep their promises and don't care about their customers. I tried live chat this morning and all I got was a bot that kept me waiting for over 20 minutes whilst I was on the phone to the bank, before I gave up, saying the right person would come on, trying to query why there were 2 pending charges from my bank that more than doubled the cost of the order up to almost $1,000. This was the only message I then sent them that I even have got a reply to, and no apology, either, not that an apology would be enough. Also, when you send a message, an auto email comes that says it can take 72 hours, 3 days, to get a reply from them.

I don't think it is too much to ask to do what you promise as a company nor to keep the customer informed about what is going on with their order. Now, it's too late to order from somebody else today, the earliest I could get the supplement from somebody else now would be Friday, and due to the poor communication from Lucky Vitamin, I might pay all that extra money to buy one elsewhere and then they all might arrive on the same day.

What upsets me the most is the lies and the lack of communication, leaving me wondering and everything up in the air. It almost seems like there is nobody really running this business.

I have never before now bought supplements from a company that was so inefficient and lacking in communication. I would recommend anybody else to keep looking and avoid this company. I wish I had done.

Update - It's now several hours since I wrote this, and I just now got an email from LV saying I had unread messages. It was the so-called live chat. Somebody called Shawn was saying 'It's been a while since I've heard from you,' and went on to say he was going to disconnect. You must be joking. He was never on live chat that entire time when I was.

And I still have yet to get any replies about what is going on with my actual order. Run from these people. It just gets worse and worse. Unprofessional in the extreme.

Update - 19 June - apart from that one message I got, none of my other messages have ever been answered. I did receive one bottle of the item I ordered 18 of on Saturday, the day after I'd received a bottle from another supplier that came overnight, but to date none of those others have been sent to me, despite their claim of it taking 2 - 3 days for out of stock items to be shipped, and all I've got from them since have been marketing emails.

I have just checked their website, and it now says that product is still back ordered but now there is no ship date. When I ordered, it said 2- 3 days. I have sent an email telling them I want to cancel the 17 remaining bottles and that I will be disputing charges with the bank if necessary. I sent it to their email address, not through their website, which now says I have no account there, and I've got an automated reply back acknowledging receipt so they can't say they never received my email.

For a change, I received a reply within a few minutes cancelling my order with an apology, although I'm not sure how sincere it was. They were probably relieved because I don't think they can come up with the product. Now I have to work out how much I should have been charged for the 3 items I did receive, and I hope I don't have to dispute it with the bank. Even though it costs more, I suppose I'll have to stick with the reliable companies like iherb and pureformulas unless I can find somebody else. This has been a horrible experience, and I just want to put it behind me and forget they ever existed.


My bird died suddenly and unexpectedly. I'd had him for over 6 1/2 years. He seemed fine the night before, but I found him on the following morning, 10 October 2019, lying dead on the bottom of his cage. I was shocked and very upset and at first didn't know what to do. When I could think a bit more clearly, I looked online for an animal crematorium. Rainbow to Heaven's advertising looks very nice, but its actual service hasn't lived up to it. I rang them and had a long conversation with Natalie, who doesn't even live in the same state as I do. After I paid I had a couple of questions I'd forgotten to ask. Natalie had told me to ring her any time, and I made quite a few attempts, and I either got an answering machine or somebody else, mostly an answering machine. Most of these attempts were shortly after I'd spoken to her. Even during our conversation, I got the impression that she wanted to get rid of me because I was taking up too much of her time by asking questions, that all she really wanted to do was make the sale, and that once she got my money I no longer mattered. To this day Natalie has never rung me back. It doesn't matter now because I spoke to somebody else who came to take my bird away. He was very nice. The other people on the phone claimed ignorance about my bird and so-called bird package, which seemed really strange to me since this is one of the services they offer. This company claims to be open 24/7, but most of the times I have rung them I have got an answering machine. The only thing they have done so far was to send Edgardo to get Joey. I spoke to somebody called Ellie after I found out they were planning to return Joey's ashes through USPS to ask that when a driver was in the area to return his ashes to me that way.

On 30 October I had still not heard anything. I tried twice to ring them that morning and got the answering machine both times. All of my phone call attempts have been during the day during normal business hours. Their actions, or lack thereof more like, and their inaccessibility, have led me to the sad conclusion that all they want is your money and don't care in the least about you or your precious feathered or furry child and that their advertising is nothing more than phoney hype. I didn't get my phone call returned, so I tried ringing later and got a person who didn't identify herself but who sounded like Ellie. I asked what was going on with Joey's ashes. She said she thought they were waiting for an urn. She was supposed to find out and ring me back, but she never rang me back, not that day or since. Maybe they don't have as many birds to cremate as dogs and cats, but you might think they would keep at least a few bird urns in stock for when they need them and at the very least keep their customers informed about what is going on.

My main issues with this company so far are their lack of communication, their lack of keeping the customer informed, and their inaccessibility. Even when I have spoken to someone, I have had to listen to a recording first and wait and see if they will connect me with someone or just their answering machine. I don't mind waiting for a reasonable period of time to have Joey's ashes returned if I can get a driver to bring him. Because of their other behaviour, I am starting to wonder if their private cremation is really private and if what I eventually get back is really going to be Joey's ashes. The only person who has really showed any respect for me or Joey so far has been Edgardo, the person who came to take him away. Hopefully my dog won't die any time soon, but if that should happen, I will be looking for a different animal cremation company because almost all of their advertising has been a lie. Actions speak louder than words.

It is now 6 November. I never received a call back from a week ago when I last rang them to find out what is going on with Joey's ashea. Once again, I got an answering machine that stated that nobody was available to take my call.

Do yourself a favour and try every other animal cremation company you can find first before resorting to this company. You're already suffering the heartbreak and loss of a beloved animal when you need this sort of company, and they've made that horrible situation even worse. Rainbow to Heaven, you should be ashamed of yourselves. Your advertising is a pack of lies, and your lack of respect, care, and concern for your clients is truly appalling. No compassion whatsoever has been forthcoming from the people running this farce of a company. They can't take your money fast enough, and then they make you wait and wait, never returning calls, keeping you in the dark, and making you wonder if and when you will ever get the remains of your beloved family member back.


I just got a new mobile phone so I could forever change from tracfone, which is the worst mobile phone 'service' ever, but keep the tracfone minutes on my old phone that barely works with tracfone until the end service date. I got a sim card from us mobile because I almost never use a phone but I need some data and to have the phone for emergencies, and you can pick and choose what you want. I was told by vonage that I could use my vonage phone app with this phone. I've been all afternoon trying to get the basics sorted, one of which was supposed to take 2 minutes. That's a laugh.

Anyway, I got to the point of building the plan with us mobile. I clicked on the smallest amount of data, 100mb, which said $2, and at the bottom it said taxes and fees on that would be $2.98, so it would actually cost $4.98 for 100mb of data. I know mobile phone companies charge taxes and fees, but this company doesn't tell you that they're going to charge you more than the item costs in taxes and fees. How can that even be right or legal? By the time you're done you might as well go to a company with a high monthly bill because that's what this could be anyway, depending on what you want, and maybe the other company will roll the mins, data, or whatever over to the next month. This one won't. It's deceptive to make the customer think they're going to have a low mobile phone bill, not tell them what the taxes and fees will be, and then when they're activating the phone give them a nasty surprise. I'm in limbo with activating rhe phone now because I'm deciding what to do.

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If I didn't only use my mobile phone for emergencies and didn't mind have a monthly mobile phone bill for a phone that I virtually never use I would never ever have used such a terrible, terrible company. I am absolutely livid right now. I can't tell you how many hours of my life I have wasted with this company just for what should be something simple that they turn into a horrendous ordeal and drama. Today I am now onto the third person, first one on live chat called Antonio who was somewhat rude, then to somebody on the phone, and now back on live chat, just to change to a different phone and not have all of minutes and data and service date stolen from me by them. I am still waiting right now.

First, I had to wait for a sim card, which came today. Then I was a very long time on live chat with that rude Antonio just trying to change to a crummy tracfone from my smartphone because the internet had never worked on the smartphone since I've had tracfone. However, he managed to delete virtually everything including my service date.

Next, I tried the phone because I was going to have Antonio again on live chat and I wasn't going through that with him again. It was some woman who was very hard to understand, I think in the Philippines, and tracfone is such a crappy company that their equipment doesn't even work for them. She kept telling me the system was not working to let her do whatever she was supposed to be trying to do. She managed to put the service ending date back on, but nothing else. Also, even though I paid extra for the smartphone 'service', and they should have refunded some money or given me extra minutes or data or extended the service date or something, they actually take things away from you for downgrading to a different phone that isn't a smartphone.

The third person, another woman, who I am now still waiting on live chat to do something, and she's been waiting for maybe the last hour or so for a supervisor that I asked for to come, told me that their records only show 1/10 of the minutes I've actually got and nothing else, and that only the phone minutes transfer to a phone that isn't a smartphone when changing from a smartphone.

I asked her to change the phone back to my smartphone again, in that case, and give me back all of my minutes and data That has to be a big drama, too. The crappy tracfone sim card has an obliterated, unreadable number on it. I have asked her several times, don't they have a record of that in my account, It's their byop sim card, for heavens; sake. I just had that phone still in use today, and I still haven't got an answer. It's please wait a moment, let me check that over and over, whilst I sit here waiting and waiting and waiting for nothing to ever happen. She obviously wasn't paying any attention because she didn't seem to get that it was a tracfone sim card and there was a record of it that they could access. Then she almost disconnected me, saying I haven't heard from you for a while. What did she expect? I've been waiting and waiting for her to do something. Also, I'm exhausted with typing with one finger on a tablet. I'm using my computer for this, and I suppose I should have known I'd be hours on live chat with these people. They can't do something simple. They are bloody useless. I'm a very patient person. I don't know anybody more patient than I am, but these people have more than tried my patience to the limit.

The third person did nothing but sit there saying the same things over and over and eventually, after probably a couple of hours, connected me to a different department. That person put my phone back to the one I had before, the smartphone, but then she couldn't add any minutes or anything to it because the whole system is down. She said she had to get a higher department to do something, but they also had their system down and it won't be back for another couple of hours, if it really ever does comes back by then. In the meantime, I don't have any mobile phone service at all now. The one I had changed to that I have now changed back from to the smartphone I've been using has no airtime on it. The phone I changed back to has nothing on it, either, because they have different towers or something for the different types of phone and have to add my minutes and data and all of that back. Now I have to contact them yet again, and II won't have the use of the data, but I want it back because I paid for it and in case I get another smartphone. I wouldn't have the data either way. The smartphone doesn't work on the internet, and they stole my data from me for changing to the other phone.The supervisor never did come to the chat. It's no wonder when their service is so crappy as it is that supervisors aren't available for all of the many complaints they must get. 'I really don't think there can be a worse company than this one, not just for mobile phone service, but for anything.

I contacted them on live chat after a few hours when their system was supposedly going to be working again, and guess what? She wouldn't even answer me when I asked them first if their system was working. There was supposedly an error that wouldn't let them load the information onto my phone. They told me to try again in 24 hours, so fantastic, I've got no mobile phone service at all, which means I can't even leave my house. I am absolutely fuming, and I've been looking for another phone and another company.

It is the following day and more runaround, being passed amongst more useless people on live chat and on the phone. The only purpose these people serve is to make your life miserable. I only barely have a phone now. It is so slow to respond and ring now after dialling a number that I thought I didn't even have phone service. It goes black in between dialling and ringing, which it didn't do before. They stole over 5,000 texts from me.It's true I don't text, but I paid for them as part of their crappy service and they have no right to steal them. They also stole some of my data. They've done that before, about twice as much as they stole this time. I had never even used any data, and it disappeared. The texting won't work, the internet won't work, and they used to before changing my phone to their lousy company. I have never felt so much intense hatred for anyone as I do for this company. If you've got high blood pressure, avoid them, which you should do anyway, and if you didn't have it before, you will.

25 October 2019 - Another nasty surprise from tracfone. I bought a new factory unlocked phone and took it to a new provider so I could be shot of tracfone forever. I was testing my new phone to see what would show on the screen on my tracfone phone because I still have some partially restored service on it. It didn't ring. It went straight to voicemail, which I have never set up. Tracfone did this without my knowledge, and if I hadn't been testing my new phone I would never have known. I just would never have got any phone calls on it any more.

Must be the worst phone service of all time - deserves minus stars
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I have had nothing but problems with tracfone. What a rubbish phone service, and on top of that amongst the worst customer service of all time. I was forced to buy a really poor quality phone when I changed to tracfone because they wouldn't let me bring my good phone. It's a very low frills phone that did next to nothing, and I couldn't even search my emails on it when I urgently needed to find my vet's new phone number and address when I wasn't at home. The phone finally started doing such strange things for no apparent reason, such as messages popping up on the screen with 'force close' on them out of the blue, and I was afraid that I wouldn't even be able to use the phone if I needed it. I only use a mobile phone for emergencies, and I also need a web browser in case of emergencies, such as when I had a sudden problem with my car. The web browser was super slow as well. They finally said I could use my good phone, and it took quite a while to get a sim card for it, and when I finally did it fell apart, and it was really difficult to fit the pieces together and get them into the phone. Then somebody on the tracfone live chat supposedly set up my good phone so I could use it. However, they didn't tell me to change any settings on my phone, and I still couldn't use my web browser because it wasn't working properly, it was still super slow, and if I could ever connect to a website with it, after that it wouldn't let me look on the website for anything specific. I spent a long time today on tracfone live chat again trying to get the web browser problem fixed. As had happened before on several occasions, the person was extremely rude, impatient, sarcastic, unhelpful, and ended up telling me to make changes that made the problem worse. Now I can't even get a website to come up at all, it just says webpage unavailable. She was very snotty with me and anything but helpful whilst I was trying to make the changes. I finally hung up on her because of her attitude and unhelpfulness. With her 'help', the phone went from saying 4g on it to 3g. Later, I tried to ring technical support at tracfone, only to get another snotty, unhelpful person who asked me what I had just finished telling him, like he didn't even bother to listen. Then he said something obnoxious, and I just hung up. I'm looking for another phone service that I can use until I move from the area in the near future. I almost forgot to add that when I changed to my good phone, they wouldn't let me keep my triple minutes and triple everything else that I had with the old tracfone.
Update: A few hours later - I searched the internet and tried entering the information I found to change the apn to tracfone. It still wasn't working, so I went back on tracfone live chat again, and somebody else gave me different settings yet again and told me to disregard the other ones, so I entered those. The web browser still wouldn't work. Then the woman told me it's because I don't have any data. I had plenty of data before I changed to my good phone because I hadn't used it, apart from trying to access the web browser when it wouldn't work, and that shouldn't have been enough to use up all of the data I had which was a lot. What a ripoff. Now they want to make even more money from me selling me more data, and I'm not convinced that if I bought any more that the internet browser would work on this phone after going through all of this. I don't trust them at all. It is a 4g phone as well, and since taking it to tracfone it now only says 3g on the screen, still, after all of this.


I bought what was supposed to be a brand new laptop (although I have my doubts about that now) from hp's website after spending 2 hours on live chat discussing computers and what I was looking for. What a horrible mistake! I had to wait longer than the quoted time for the computer, several days longer, for it to be built and come from China. I didn't know it was coming from China when I ordered it. Right out of the box the mousepad didn't work properly. I spent several hours on live chat with microsoft, which was where my request for help went, being told to download and instal a list of things that made absolutely no difference. The support person told me the drivers were out of date, and this is supposedly a brand new computer. He eventually gave up and put me on to the advocate who told me what I'd thought all along, that it shouldn't be that way, and told me I should return it. The hp website wouldn't let me do an online return, and every time I tried the live chat during their opening hours it said they weren't there and what their hours were.

I was on the phone for almost 2 hours and on to at least the ninth person on 2 different phone numbers, back and forth to different countries, with other voices more in the foreground than the background in the call centres so loud that I couldn't even hear myself think or speak, (one call centre sounded more like they were having a party than working) to try to return this computer that is within the 30 day return period, and I was kept holding over and over again with almost every person I spoke to and asked over and over again for the same information. Even though I told every single person that I had bought the computer from hp's website, it wasn't until I'd spoken to most of them that one of them finally acknowledged this. I got the impression that hp's website customers were supposed to get different service to people who'd bought their items elsewhere. The last person I spoke to finally told me she was refunding my money in full to my method of payment. I told her that I might have taken a replacement if there hadn't been such a huge, time-consuming hassle this time. I don't want to be put through this ordeal again. I was on the phone for such a long time that my cordless phone started beeping that it was running out of power. On top of that, I've been very ill, with an illness that has been hugely exacerbated, and probably caused by trauma and stress, and going through this was all I needed on top of that. If they had decided to check out the computer and decided they didn't think anything was wrong with it, even though there was, they would have charged me 15% restocking fee, which I wasn't told anything about at the time I ordered it. She was supposed to email me a fedex return label, right then I thought, and arrange for fedex to collect it, but it's been 45 minutes, and so far no email, no label. All I've got so far are 2 emails from a previous department about a repair and sending me a box to send the computer back for a repair, which I had repeatedly told him I didn't want. They are no-reply emails, naturally, so I can't reply. It's now been an hour and 20 minutes since I was told I'd get the return label, and still there's been nothing. Twenty minutes later, and I've had an email that the service department is sending me a box to return the computer for repair, but still nothing about returning it for a refund. The thought of having to ring hp again and be put through that ordeal again to get the return label is more than I can bear right now. I know the person's first name, but nothing more than that, and the live chat is still not working during their stated working hours. She said she'd have fedex come tomorrow, but also hasn't rung me back to confirm anything. What a way to run a company.

I let a few hours go by and then made 2 more attempts to ring hp to get them to email the return label. On the second try I finally got the label emailed to me and on that occasion I told them I had a return authorisation number, so it didn't take too long. However, they still haven't done anything about arranging for fedex to come and get the computer, even though I asked again and was assured by this second person that they would do that.

Soon after hanging up I got an email asking me about my experience with them, so at least I had an opportunity to tell them how horrendous it was, the worst customer service I'd ever experienced, what I'd been put through, and that they have lost me as a customer forever because of this.

This isn't the first hp computer I've had that was faulty right out of the box. I bought one from amazon last year that had numerous things wrong with it. I had hoped that was an exception rather than the norm, but I don't think I'll be buying another after this horrible experience.

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I gave target.com another chance recently, actually a few chances, and it was as different as night and day from what it was before. They sent the orders immediately and they arrived very fast, I think it was overnight after the day they were shipped. Unfortunately, I had to return the items, which were mostly clothes because they turned out to be different to what I thought I was ordering and also were the wrong size, but returning for the most part was super easy and free. I shop at target and took them with me and got immediate refunds. I only had one problem incident when some people didn't know how to do returns of rings and told me to return them to the manufacturer (as though I'd know who that was) because there weren't any barcodes on the rings and they clearly didn't believe I'd bought them from target. I didn't realise at the time that there was a return barcode on the receipt for them to use, but they should have known that. The only drawback to returns is having to take them to ups if you don't go to target. It's free for the shipping label, though, and since I happened to have ups coming to my house at just the right time, I got them to take that return with them, and once ups verified that they had the returned items, target emailed me that they were refunding my money.

Problems with every order I've ever placed with them
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Where do I begin? Although I like shopping in person at target, the experiences I have had buying from their website have never once gone smoothly. I have bought folding bar stools that were sent to me already broken or otherwise damaged, which had clearly already happened before they sent them to me, with a major hassle sending them back. I've bought a warranty for an mp3 player at the same time as an mp3 player which was faulty and had to be returned, and I never did get back the cost of the warranty for it. They wouldn't just refund it the way I paid for it online. They refused to do that. They wanted to put me through so much aggro and time-consuming inconvenience, sending all sorts of paperwork to them by snail mail, that it never got done. I think that was the goal they wanted to achieve. I ordered a futon that arrived with damage, and I had bought it on sale. They wouldn't just replace it. They will only give refunds. I was supposed to order it again if I wanted it, and I wasn't going to get the much better price that I'd paid when I got the damaged one. I bought some cushions on sale which got damaged en route by fedex and which were returned to target without anybody ever notifying me, and if I hadn't been following the tracking, I wouldn't have known what had happened to them. Once again they wouldn't replace the cushions. They wanted me to reorder them, and in the meantime the price had gone up by quite a bit. A live chat person told me he would give me the sale price if I reordered them, but I didn't trust him because I'd had that happen before with an item when they still ended up charging me more than the price I'd paid for the damaged item I'd received. I'd bought another futon, trying again, and it had broken legs, so I had to go through a huge hassle getting some replacement legs, not from target, who wouldn't get them for me, target wanted the entire futon returned to them, but from the company who distribute the futon, and that was after a major struggle with them. The cushions were the most recent, and I told that man on live chat who had claimed he would honour the sale price if I reordered, that I had had enough of target.com. I was also expected to wait for the refund for quite a while. There was another instance when I was sent an egiftcard because a purchase I made on target.com that I was never able to use in a target store. I was told various things by various target online support staff about whether I could or couldn't use it in a target store, they told me opposite things, and I ended up having to use it online because I could never find a way of being able to use it in a store, which was where I really wanted to use it. There was another occasion when they were having a sale on their website of some food bars but the sale price was only on their website and I had to go to a target store to collect them in order to pay the lower price. They turned that into a time-consuming hassle and long wait at the store. These are the main things that come to mind right now. Terrible, terrible website. I don't plan to ever use it again.

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Craftsy was apparently bought by NBC Universal and became Bluprint. I own a great many classes that I mostly bought, a few were free, and since the change some of those classes have been 'retired', which means they no longer sell them, but more importantly, there is no longer any instructor to ask questions of. I also found out that instructors weren't ever even required to reply to questions for more than 2 years, although I know of at least one dedicated one who says he still does but doesn't check his emails as often as before.

Bluprint are trying to appeal to the masses, and the classes they have been producing have gone down in quality and length. I get constant emails from them wanting me to join. I did join for a year but barely watched it, and there were a couple of newer classes that I couldn't bear to watch and had to switch off. One of them had some awful, constant jarring piano music that sounded like a beginning piano student was practising and was very loud as well. The instructor and subject were more in the background than that awful 'music'. The other one had such an annoying instructor that I couldn't stand watching, and these were both subjects I would have otherwise liked to learn. They've changed their policies with how instructors are paid from a percentage of a paid class to minutes viewed as a Bluprint member, which has resulted in less income for the instructors. One of them reported her income from her class with them had been halved, and some instructors have left because of the new arrangements.

Live chat used to connect immediately to a person, but when I had to contact them about something that was missing from a recent order, first I had to answer several questions before they would connect me.

Bluprint seem desperate for members. They have reduced their annual membership fee from $120 to $79.95, sometimes it's $69.95, and at least sometimes they also throw in 12 'own forever' classes and maybe something extra. The other day it was a quilt kit. I'm seriously concerned about what's going to happen with all of my many 'own forever' classes and if/how I can download them before this company ceases trading because I can't see them lasting very much longer, maybe a few years tops. I've recently bought dvds of some of the classes I already own when they've been 'on sale', still expensive for dvds, so I don't have to be online and watching with a computer or tablet. Things being what they are now, I wish I would have just bought the dvds, if they'd been available at the time.

I suppose if I'd had the current options back when I first started buying classes, I would probably join Bluprint for as short a time as possible and then buy the dvds, if available, of the classes I wanted. The way they're running the company now, they might as well not advertise instructor interaction, which for me was the main selling point. In many instances now, you might as well go on youtube.

I'm sad to say that I can no longer recommend this company, although I do sometimes still buy some fabric on sale from them.

Bluprint S. – Sympoz (dba Craftsy) Rep

Hi Cynthia,

Thank you for taking the time to write a review on Bluprint! We made both difficult, but great decisions when it was time to rebrand our company. We understand that we might not be the best fit for all crafters and makers, but we do our best to accommodate all of our customer’s needs! We recently made changes to allow instructors the ability to see all comments from subscribers. We’re still working on improving this feature, but this initial change will make many of our instructors available to participate more in the community! We are always adding content to the site frequently, and we suggest reviewing our Coming Soon page or emails to stay up to date! While we do offer a variety of special offers, our price for an annual subscription is $79.99 and $7.99 for a monthly subscription”. This is still a new product for us so we’re working on trying new and exciting promotions to encourage our members to try out a subscription and get a fun gift as well! If you have any more questions, you can chat us from Monday-Friday, 9AM-5PM MST. Our chatbot can answer most questions, but you can still get connected to a live agent when you ask! We do appreciate your feedback and hope that we can be apart of your crafting in the future!

I can't say enough good things about craftsy and their customer support
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I've got many craftsy classes, and I bought virtually all of them on sale at the lowest prices they ever offer them. Just a short time of observing how they do things, such as having regular sales, I could see that if I waited for a bit I could get a class I wanted at the lowest price they ever do. Over all, I really love this company. I joined this website just over 2 years ago. It's true that some of the newer classes are getting shorter and with less content, but it's also true that some of the older classes should really have been edited when an instructor droned on and on about things that weren't relevant like their personal life. I've bought some lovely fabric from this website, most recently some that it's my understanding that they have made in Japan exclusively for themselves, and it's stunning, very beautiful, and feels very good quality as well. The customer support people have fallen over backwards to respond quickly and generously to the slightest query I've had. It's a refreshing change from other companies who don't seem to give a monkey's once they've got your money. In my experience, they have really seemed to care and wanted to make me happy. Just as one example, they've given me refunds when I haven't even asked for them. Some of the American instructors are extremely slow to respond, if they ever do, which is highly frustrating when you are stuck and want to proceed and don't know how, some of them are quick to respond, and I think perhaps it's the ones who really want to teach other people who respond more quickly and are more committed to doing that. Some of the instructors I think may be doing this more to promote their own websites that sell things than to teach the subjects. Sometimes it seems that way, and some of their prices are extremely high. The British instructors have always been extremely quick to respond, not that I'm prejudiced or anything. Lol I really can't say enough good things about this company and their customer support. I just hope they stay around until I die. That's the only thing that's concerned me - you have lifetime access to your classes, but what if they cease trading before then?


I first got this vpn as a usb several years ago. At first it worked okay, and I was able to access the websites in my own country that I can't get from where I'm living at the moment. However, after a while, and I can't remember how long it was, problems started to occur with being blocked by those websites, with surfeasy unable to fix those problems but saying they were looking for a fix, but that they had higher priority (to them) things to fix than what I wanted to use. This went on for so long (many months) that I gave up on them and bought another vpn service, hotspot shield. Don't get that one, see my review of them to find out what my horrendous experiences with them have been. Then, surfeasy decided to discontinue their usb and sent me an email telling me I could have their download version of their vpn for 55 years, as someone who has had the usb. I think that was last year. At first I didn't do anything about it because I was using hotspot shield, but when I couldn't use hotspot shield and it was stuck in a limbo between being installed and uninstalled in my computer (and still is and may be forever), I downloaded the surfeasy download version. At first I could use that successfully, but a few months ago there was a fault that occurred, not just for me but a general fault, and it says that there is a hotspot detected, but there isn't one, and the vpn is inaccessible. Before this got to be a constant thing for me, I had this message when I would first attempt to connect, but it would go away and I could use the vpn. After a few times of this, however, it became a constant fault. The last few times I have contacted their support to ask if they have found a fix for it, because in the past they have said they would notify me when other things were fixed and didn't, I have just been ignored with no reply at all. I don't remember if I've even got an automated reply from them. They have had a history during the time I've used their vpn of having the websites I have used detecting them and saying they can tell that I'm using a proxy or vpn and not allowing me access. Don't even bother with these people. Just a few days ago, after doing a bit of research on other vpns, I signed up for Nordvpn because it was considered in general to be one of the best. So far I haven't used it very much, but it has been fine. It's too early to rate it, but it was easy to instal and use. My only issue with it so far is trying to find a way to instal it on my old vista computer because it is a lot more complicated than windows 7 and more recent ones. I think the support people will help, as they've asked me more questions that I haven't yet replied to them about.


I have ordered from 123stitch.com quite a few times over the last year or so, and most of the time they have been quick to dispatch my orders, even the same day sometimes. When I've wanted to add anything to an order before it was dispatched, they did that, and there are some companies that refuse to do that, amazon being one of them. They are quick to respond to emails, either the same day or more rarely in my experience the next day. I rang them up once, and a person answered the phone immediately, there was no annoying menu with press this, that or the other first. They have only made mistakes a couple of times but were quick to send me the missing item each time without arguing about it. There was one occasion when they sent me the wrong thread and told me to keep it when they sent me the correct one. A small thing, perhaps, but not everybody does that. The only frustrating thing I've experienced, and it's happened twice, was when an item was out of stock and ended up taking a couple of months before they finally received some stock again. They've asked their supplier for me a couple of times if they had a certain item I was looking for, and when they did, they special ordered it for me. They sell a huge number of different items, but don't appear to have much stock of any given item. I have the impression that it's not a very big company, but I could be wrong because I don't know, but they do offer a more personal service than I have come across elsewhere from an independent website. I've had out-of-hours replies from them on more than one occasion. The only other negative is that if you want to return anything to them, they don't offer free returns. I looked on their forum a couple of times briefly, and I didn't see any competitor-bashing, I doubt if they have the time to do that themselves if there is some of that, but what was there that I thought was inappropriate were topics that were far afield from anything to do with crafting, but that was down to the posters, not 123stitch. My experiences with 123stitch have been overall positive ones, which is why I have continued to be a repeat customer.


I have had the paid Elite version of Hotspot Shield, a virtual private network, since the beginning of August 2016. I loved it at first because I could have access to websites around the world that I otherwise wouldn't have had access to, not being in the various countries at the time where residence was required to use those websites. I first paid for one year, and I can't remember if there were any problems back then, but if there were any, they were solved. If there had been any big ones, I would never have paid for any more membership.
Since paying for what they call unlimited, which is supposed to be for your lifetime, I have had nothing but problems for most of that time, starting, I think, a couple of months after I'd paid. The worst problem of all has been going on almost this entire year, 2018, and the support people haven't got a clue how to fix it. I have lost count of how many emails I have sent them stating the problems over and over again, including screenshots multiple times, and it's like they are blinded to what I've been telling and showing them. They only apparently have fixes to the most common problems, but with something like I've got, they obviously have absolutely no idea what to do. Even though I almost always have replied immediately to their replies to my emails, they have not answered me most of the time for 24 hours, so I've had that long wait, and then there's been no solution to the problems, and that is that I have no use of hotspot shield at all. It's in a sort of limbo between being installed and uninstalled, and trying to uninstal it brings up an instal window, not an uninstal window, which asks me if I want to update the version of hotspot shield. I already have the most recent one they are using because they went backwards to a previous version when the very most recent one had problems. If I click on no, the instal window disappears from the screen. If I click on yes, it starts to fill in a blue area from the left to the right that is supposed to be installing or updating and stops more than an inch from the right side, and it stays stuck there until I restart the computer. It never finishes, and it would stay stuck like that forever if I didn't restart the computer. This has happened over and over again. I have told the support people over and over again all about this, I've spelt it out in detail, I don't see how they can fail to miss it, but they keep telling me to go to the control panel and click on uninstal. They have claimed to ask the developers to find a solution, but nothing new has been forthcoming, so the only way I probably would have to get rid of hotspot shield out of my computer, assuming even that would work, would be to reset the computer to factory default, which would mean I would lose many, many things that are in that computer. The last time I told them the same thing, I got an email back asking me if I'd tried it anyway, and I'd already told them countless times that it didn't work. It's like talking to a brick wall, and it's been a horribly frustrating experience that doesn't seem to have any end in sight.
Update: 5 March - they have now been taking 48 hours or more between replies, which seems like they're doing just to be purposely aggravating, as I've asked for a quicker reply and now it's the same person over
And over again instead of different ones, they have still not had any solution, and they have once again told me they have referred the problem to the developers. Another update: 13 May - still no change, still no solution, and I've been almost completely ignored since I refused to let them take over remote control of my computer some time ago for obvious reasons (I don't think they are competent to do so, since they have no clue about how to fix their own programme). They've continuously fobbed me off and strung me along and clearly do not care in the least about resolving the problems I've got. I can't believe that it's been over 4 months, virtually this entire year, and they have still done nothing except give me lame excuses.
Update - 16 June 2018, and still no change. Pathetic.
Update - 21 August 2018 - only a couple of lame attempts have been made in the last 2 months to fix this with long periods of time between of my being ignored by them. Nothing has changed all year. I can hardly believe these people are so incompetent and have no idea of how to fix issues with/caused by their own product and don't even seem to care.
Update - 15 September 2018 - still no change, still have no use of hotspot shield, and the last few times I've contacted them I've got no replies from them. Look elsewhere for a vpn, but not surfeasy. Surfeasy have general faults that affect every user that occur from time to time and then they have no clue how to fix them, either, but at least they're polite enough to reply.
Update - 17 October 2018 - the problems with my computer still exist, I still have their vpn on my computer in a state of limbo between being installed and unstalled, so it's still stuck there in my control panel but unusable and unremovable, as it has been all this year. I finally got completely fed up and asked them for a refund. They did give me a refund, but only the money I had paid, and I had been told, and I have it in writing in an email to prove it, not to worry, that I would receive some compensation. They had the nerve to tell me they hoped that I would come back to using their vpn and how they are there to help. What a load of rubbish that is. I have been doing a bit of research to find a better vpn recently, and there are some problems reported about hotspot shield that sound worrying. I have just signed up for Nordvpn and have only used it a bit over the last few days so it's too early to make a proper assessment, but so far so good, no problems, and from what I have read, they are one of the best vpns.
Update - 15 October 2018 - I finally had enough of these people and I asked for a refund. They had promised me in writing that they would compensate me for all of the inconvenience and loss of service, but they did not do that. They only refunded me the exact amount of money I had paid for it, and they patted themselves on the back for that, putting in block capitals that they were giving me a full refund. Wow. Then they had the nerve to say they hoped I would return as a customer and that they were there to help or something equally untrue.( I couldn't find that part of the email, there were so many additions to mainly one email that went back and forth.) Yeah, right. I'm so glad to be rid of them, good riddance, but I still have the same situation with their programme being stuck in my control panel, unable to use it or uninstal it.

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What an awful, awful horribly rude company this is. I have tried over and over for the last 2 days for countless hours until I've got hoarse trying to get something done about my Samsung phone that I bought from them in 2012 that was supposed to have been unlocked from them in 2013 sometime, but which I just found out on Saturday when I took it to AT & T to sign up for their phone service that it is apparenlty still locked, but they have hung up on me every single time I've tried to get something done about getting my phone unlocked. It's like being in the Twilight Zone having to deal with these horrible, horrible people. They denied I ever had an account with them because it's been closed for a few years, they denied that my phone had anything to do with them, even though I still have all of the emails to prove everything, they asked me for the same information over and over each time, and ended up hanging up every time when I said I couldn't even get a field to come up on the phone to enter another unlocking code to try again and was asking them how to do that. It''s been one of the worst experiences I've had for a long time, and I've had quite a few bad ones lately, mostly to do with my phone. T-Mobile's phone service was pretty bad when I had it, I couldn't get a signal a lot of the time or the phone calls would abruptly get cut off,, and it was so expensive as well, so I switched to tracfone and had them for a few years, just for emergencies, but their service was pretty poor as well, and especially since the crummy tracfone phone that I had to use had started malfunctioning, I wanted to go back to my good phone, the Samsung one. I got the runaround from Samsung as well. They told me they couldn't do anything about it, it was T-Mobile's fault, but T-Mobile won't do anything but hang up, and they're in who knows what foreign country, Their English is so bad it's hard to understand them, and the sound quality is so bad they can barely be heard, so I've got a phone that cost almost $330 that hasn't had more than a few months' use during the time I've owned it, and now I can't even use because I can't get any help from T-Mobile, who just don't want to know since I'm not their customer any more and will certainly never be again, not even if they were the only company in existence. On top of that, Samsung told me that even if the phone needed some sort of repair, which I doubt, they don't have parts for it any more. I was on live chat with Samsung several times for many hours over this, as well as on the phone with them, and I'm absolutely livid right now. What is it going to take to get the use of my phone - take T-Mobile to court for it? Absolutely shameful.

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