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ALL my lappys are HP, from their 15" to 18". Heck, I'm still using the GIANT HDX18 (18" screen) I bought in 2008 or 2009. Still running strong and running with Windows Vista.... NO JOKE! I'm maybe the only person who LOVES Windows Vista. Hahaha!

Their customer service call center personnel are in the Philippines, I had no problems with the kind folks in the 'thrilla in Manila'

The only thing is NOW their website is hard to navigate and find things. Back in the day, it was simple and easy. I'm guessing the web design brains or idiots of HP didn't get the memo on the KISS principle??! Smh

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• Updated review

I wanted to correct a few spelling errors on my original review, but the edit function would not allow me. Anyway I decided to H--- with it.

“HP cartridge support is the worst possible”
• Previous review

I purchased two 61XL black print cartridges in the two pack for my 4630 HP printer. The printer works flawlessly. The warranty end date on these is Aug 2017. They both failed in a very short time. They both died up! I tried returning to the seller, but I was referred to HP customer service. Well what an ordeal trying to get replacements I had already bought new ones which are just fine. Then to add insult to injury this agent tells me my printer is at fault, but she will provide an upgraded model--------- AT A REDUCED PRICE. The traners of these agents should give a them a warning. MOST HP CUSTMERS ARE NOT IDIOTS!!!!

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The experience I have had with HP Customer Service and Support has been the worst I have ever had with a company. It's been 3 months of trying to get a new battery (under warranty) and my laptop is not due for repair for an entire month. I'd love to know who can be expected to be away from their computer for a month. Multiple calls, hours of my time and the expected return is still a month from when HP received my unit. It is absurd that a company can run this way. I suggest to everyone considering buying ANY HP product to refrain unless you want to spend many hours with Customer Service and Support if anything goes wrong.

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@HPIndia Never buy HP products, I bought 15CS1002tx worth RS.75000 and it was a defected product, HP replaced it after 2 mnths & gave another defected product & now they again agreed that product is defected and asking me to replace with another hp laptop, see u in Consumer court. I sent an mail to CEO @SumeerChandra stating the details of my case but looks like HP mgmt team don't have the decency to reply back to customers. They just want to sell defected products like 3 defected laptops in my case, torture customers for months & say do what ever u want.

1 review
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I had the extreme displeasure of working in a business deal with one of their director level VP's. He was one of the most self-centered, arrogant people I've had to work with in a long time. He was consistently late on his responsibilities (because he always "had meetings to fly to and attend") and then at the end turned around and blamed the project being late on everyone else.

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I ordered a laptop on HP's website and cancelled the order about an hour later because I changed my mind and because I knew Black Friday was coming up and this was on the 28th of October, they said they would cancel it and never did, they still delivered the laptop on the Tuesday of that week. Then on the same day I filed a return, they said that they would collect it but on the day that we arranged, I stayed home all day and took a day off my school work to listen and wait for someone to pick it up but no one turned up. I complained again and they said I should drop it off, the packaged was received on Tuesday 13th of November, they have yet to process it, black friday is next week and because I paid on Paypal they said that it will take 8 days after they process it. I am absolutely raging because I cancelled it and now I can't buy the laptop that I wanted a month after I have cancelled the expensive item.

Never. AGAIN.

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They Will not honour a straightforward warranty repair... screen just stopped working... somehow a screen that was undamaged before sending away after going blank, now has damage in the top right hand corner whch invalidate a the warranty...

They pass you from pillar to post and none will take responsibility. Customer service key role is to fob you off it seems till you just go away.

Do not know what happened to the company I used to know, but they are now a company which does NOT give a damn.

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Bought a laptop August 2nd 2018 and did not open it for two weeks after because I moved away for school and didnt need to use it. AS SOON as I started to use it problems started coming arise with the speakers with freezing etc. I contacted customer support and after long talk and various ways of trying to fix it, HP customer tech decided it was best for me to send in my laptop (past my 15 day return period so I could not return it). I made it very clear that I could not be without the laptop for more than a week due to being in school. He assured me that was NO ISSUE. That was septemer 17. It has been a week without my laptop and was supposed to expect it back september 26. Then I got a text saying HP product was delayed to october 2 and to call "" number if that was an issue. So I called the number and the customer service tech assured me that was wrong and that my laptop will be expected back september 26. Now it is September 24 and I got another text message saying my laptop is delayed to october 05 and to call if that was an issue. So I called and the customer tech said there was nothing she could do because i cold not talk to a supervisor because they were "closing soon" with 20 minutes until closing. She suggested I call back tomorrow. They didnt help me because it is 20 minutes until closing time. I WISH I was able to say that where I worked! Now, I am expecting a call tomorrow to see what is going on with my laptop. DO NOT BUY FROM HP. I had a toshiba laptop previously for four years and no issues (passed it down to sibling), got this one and had issues the first week using it.

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Beyond ridiculous. These people make no sense what-so-ever. Laptop screen separated within less than a year. They are saying it's accidental and not covered by warranty. Are you kidding me??????????? What accident separated a screen from the back?????? I accidentally pulled the screen and back apart? Are these people sane? Please beware in purchasing anything from this company. I did it anyway after I heard really bad things about them. Well here I am. I see it first hand why this company is hated so much.

Editing to reflect my experience with corporate ... After my ordeal with the service side of the company, I posted on BBB and sent an email to their corporate office. I have to say, their customer service on THAT side has been surprisingly good. The corporate office called me right after I sent an email, within a day. They assigned a manager to me that went thru my grievances about the whole situation with me throughout this process. They followed up with me continuously. Unfortunately, even they could not magically get my laptop fixed quickly and returned but what they did do is that they approved the repair without any charge. But, even with their help, the laptop repair process got delayed over and over and over again. Now, it's been just under 2 months without a laptop. I now have accepted a replacement credit from their HP website instead of waiting for repaired laptop. Which no one knows when that will be.

The laptop I purchased was a faulty product. The laptop itself ran fine, but to have a screen separate from its backing within less than a year is ridiculous. I had a Toshiba laptop, plastic one that after 6 years, there isn't a scratch on it let alone screen separation. Not even a crack. Had to replace for performance reasons. And the HP Envy I purchased seemed more solid with metal frame and heavier, just overall nicer and fancier. Yet it deteriorated within less than a year.

Product rating F. Corporate handling of the situation A+.

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Just spent the last 4 hrs with multiple techs from the Phillippines getting nothing accomplished! Was Switched around to different reps (one who had his phone on mute). Hard to understand reps and for them to understand me. Massive confusion. Reps are taking multiple calls at once so can't remember your info when they get back to you for the 5th time. When I told the rep I had given him the same info 4 times before he told me he was having a busy day and had a lot of calls he was handling at the same time!!!!! When he did speak to me all I could hear was the massive confusion of other reps talking in the background!! Bizarre and unacceptable! When I finally spent the last half hour troubleshooting a million ways to make a black screen come to life and failed , he told me he'd call me back in a couple hours because he had other things to take care of!!!! WHAT DID HE JUST TELL ME??? That was at 9:30 pm!!!! What kind of business is HP running? MY NEXT COMPUTER WILL NOT BE AN HP! HORRIBLE, HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE!

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I had the worst tech support experience with HP team , they didn't help in my issue and all their concerns to sell me extended warranty.

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The worst service is provided by HP. They don't transfer the calls easily. They have no technical knowledge and blame the customers. I won't recommend anyone to buy any HP product as you will regret after purchasing the product.

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HP had me send my brand new computer with a cracked screen for repair. It was not covered under warranty, I had never used it. I paid over $400 to have my new computer fixed. They assured me that my repaired computer would be back to me in less than a week. Three weeks later. They called wanted me to pay another $400 for a new computer, because my repair was complicated. They refused to send my computer back. I am frustrated beyond belief and will NEVER purchase HP again.

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First Off They Literally Removed My Review Not Once But Twice Because They Didn't Want People Seeing/Hearing The Truth.The Price Of The Ink Is Outrageous And The 1 Day Shipping Took 5 Days.Their Monthly Ink Plans Are NOT A Money Saver And They Are Driving Up The Price To Try To Back People Into Signing Up For Their Rediculous Monthly In Plans.When I Ordered They Had Someone's Phone Number On It And I Commented That It Is A Violation Of People's Privacy To Put A Person's Phone Number On The Outside Of Packages.I Don't Understand Why They Won't Allow My Review When Other Reviews Say The Same Things.

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Hewlett-Packard you used to be the best pc producers in the universe.Why did you slack in the last 7-8years?For the first time in more than 15yrs I am considering changing to another brand.

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I bought a brand-new HP Envy through (in February 2018) and it was defective right out of the box, although they took a month to build it. The fan seems to be broken, it rattles, and the computer becomes very hot. I contacted HP and informed them of the issues but asked to be reimbursed locally because I need the laptop for my grad. school classes. The rep insisted it was a software issue even after I repeated the hardware symptoms of loud frequent rattling. The rep refused to do anything until I downloaded a software update for the fan (ALTHOUGH IT WAS BRAND NEW), sent out an order to send me packaging material to send it back against my wishes, then terminated the conversation.

HP is a horrible company to deal with. I hate that Apple products become outdated and the ISO eventually can no longer update, but at least their products works for a couple years unlike HP.

1 review
5 helpful votes

I bought HP printer and imagine it doesn't come with the manual. What a great F**** service and when i tried to connect it , took 2 hours and the driver can't be find anywhere on internet not even on HP. What the hell.

3 reviews
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I bought new laptop since my old one had its own problem. I do think that the quality of laptop from this company changed from great to average. There are still a lot of rooms to improve.

1 review
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I bought my HP laptop at Best Buy. After a few days from purchasing it, the left mouse button stopped working. So I contacted HP guarantee though customer support to get the laptop repaired. After spending over an hour on the chat, the person on the other side wrote back to me saying that HP was going to bill me for the repair because it was the button, something physical. So I decided not send it for repair.
the original guarantee just expired, and HP sent me an offer to buy guarantee for +$100. Of course, I will never buy anything from HP again.
Please note that since I purchased this laptop, I have only been able to use it with an external mouse.

4 reviews
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When I have problem and enter the community, the support reply the answer fast. And most of the problems are solved easily.

15 reviews
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Bought brand new hp 15. 12 gig of ram 1 TB hard drive. Turned it on first time. Will not shut down on its own. You have to press and hold the power button 10-15 seconds and then it might shut down.Since every item for sale in the US is built by the lowest bid it is not surprising the customer service response. No one in this department speaks without such an accent that it is extremely hard to understand. Not one person in customer support gave a "____" about my problem. 10 days old and I wanted a faulty computer replaced. This is; was my last HP anything, just because they do not care enough to take care of the problem. 1 year can forget that. If you have bought faulty merchandise that is what they consider the ultimate sale no use no work no complain, move on to the next unsuspecting customer!!!!!

1 review
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I PURCHASED A HP 15-f272wm 500 GB. By the time I realized that the problem I was having was not related to my internet access or WiFi it was too late to return it to Wal-mart and when I called HP they should have sent me a new computer because I was within terms and condition but they kept on the phone for more thatn 5 hours UNREAL!!! but insisted that I give them the benefit of the doubt well here it two years later and the this piece of crap was the worst ever it never stood a chance there is a manufacturing problem and they never admitted to it I told them I want a new one and it fell of deaf ears and their techs are just stupid the customer service sucks and I'm out 500.00 dollars. It has left me angry I hate turning on the computer bec within minutes I left watching it buffering or the screen disappears or it acts up to the point where I just turn it off. It sit I cant use and refuse to call HP support they do not care. I hate the computer the and HP company bad taste mouth will never ever but another. take the bank greedy freaks!

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3 reviews
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I had never seen such a kind of terrible customer approach and support service as HP Turkey and had spent too much time in order to be repaired my HP Laptop due to HP's insensitivity. There was a blue screen error caused by hardware, but HP Support Team just format and change battery in order to fix this chronic problem in spite of I warned them many times and gave all of the details regarding to the problem. I am not complaining about the hardware problem, of course it is possible for every brand. However, it is really a terrible customer approach to format a computer having an hardware problem several times. So, I will never buy or use any of HP products anymore even if an USB memory after seeing HP's terrible approach.

1 review
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I purchased hp laptop no where to find help. I called walmart and they have terrible customer service at mechancisburg, pa supercenter, its just alittle over a year and laptop is completely down wont even turn on. tried hp and if i don't have warranty they won't help you. UGH UGH UGH dont buy hp laptop and don't buy any at walmart

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