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I have recently placed several large online orders with Michaels and most of it has gone well. However, there are a few unacceptable issues I have had with them.

Their website is very slow and does crazy things at times - it has gone to other pages than the ones I have clicked on quite a few times and on 2 occasions has emptied my shopping basket for no reason after I'd spent all day shopping and choosing items, even though on an order several days before the contents of the shopping basket had remained there for days until I was ready to make my purchases.

I had to ask for my senior discount afterwards on most orders because it wasn't applied. I did this on live chat, which is not open 24/7 like some people leaving reviews here seem to think it should be, but even though a message appeared each time saying that there might be a long wait, every time there was no wait. I had resistance/refusal from some of the first chat people to give me my senior discount, but they either elevated my request to a higher support person on their own or did so immediately when I asked them to. The higher support person applied my senior discount without any argument.

The orders have been sent quickly but in dribs and drabs from what looks like they are coming, in large part at least, from different Michaels stores. I've had just one strand of beads sent by itself more than once. That doesn't bother me but what does is the irresponsibility/lack of care of certain staff in sending me obviously damaged goods. I ordered some packs of metal charms with words on them which arrived with one missing off the card they were attached to, another pack with discolouration/tarnishing? On at least one and deep scratches on others, and other packs/cards of charms with scratches and/or blemishes on the metal. When I wrote a review of what happened with the worst of these charms on Michaels website it was rejected with the reason shipping/fulfilment given. That is a big part of the problem. I resubmitted it and removed the part where I said I wouldn't have bought them if I'd seen them in person and if I worked for Michaels I wouldn't have sent them to a customer and the review still hasn't been published. I don't like the suppression of the truth about how some of the orders are handled in this way. I also received a broken strand of beads. They were all there, but I would still prefer them to be strung like they are supposed to be and attached to the card for storage until I'm ready to use them instead of rolling around loose. It's not very professional and these issues look like they want to fob off customers with damaged goods they wouldn't buy if they saw them in person. I now have the inconvenience of returning the metal charms, and instead of using usps, which will collect parcels from my house, they expect me to take the items to either a Michaels store or ups, neither of which are near me, when it has been their 'mistake'. This issue with being deliberately sent damaged goods which I now have the inconvenience of returning and the suppression of my review about it is what has brought my rating down to a 3 star from a 4.

I added a few items to one of my online orders as a store pickup because for some weird reason one of the items is only available in stores, even though the same product in other colours is sold online. I could see that I wasn't going to be able to get to their store, went on live chat to cancel that part of the order, and I was given an immediate refund. I have paid for everything with paypal.

I have bought mostly beads for 60% off their marked prices and have been happy with the beauty and quality of most of them and also with how quickly I have received the orders.

This goes for beads and especially charms and probably anything else, really, but make sure you check everything either before you buy it or when you receive it if you've bought it online. Since writing this review yesterday I have received another part of my order. There were supposed to be 12 different charms on chain attached to the card/tag. Of the 7 sets I received of the same item only 4 were correct and complete. Two sets were missing a charm entirely so only had 11 each, and this was obvious, there was an empty space on the chain where they should have been, and the other set had 12 charms but one was a duplicate so one of the charms was missing from the set.


I just renewed my domains. They have been set not to auto renew from the beginning. I get an email reminder. I have also paid for privacy from the beginning. I accidentally touched the auto renew on one domain which switched it on and then it wouldn't let me switch it back off. When I paid for both, it had switched them both to auto renew. It wouldn't let me switch them off and bounced off the screen before I could even click on it every time I tried.

I tried to get them on live chat on 2 different browsers, but it didn't work, even though it says 24/7, so I had to ring them and wait on hold. When the person finally answered and I told him what happened and asked him to switch the auto renew off, all he did was argue with me that the auto renew was always on because of the privacy, which has not been true for the entire time I have been with them. He told me he'd have to switch off the privacy and refund me for that, which doesn't make sense and which I don't want, and I finally said I wasn't going to argue with him and put the phone down.

I don't want to have my website after my hosting expires next year, and I don't want to have to remember the different dates when the renewals are and get charged and have to hassle with godaddy over it one way or another. That's just one more thing to worry about that I don't need.

Their recording told me that they couldn't wait to exceed my expectations, so I at least didn't expect an argument. My expectation was only that they would switch the auto renewal off and not argue with me about it. I don't think that's too much to ask.


I have been a seller on amazon in the handmade section for over 5 years, almost 5 1/2. I haven't personally been as badly treated by amazon as others, but I can verify that there is no seller support there. It is in name only, with copy and paste replies that don't address the issues. Different people give you different, conflicting answers as well. It has taken until very recently to actually find out how to use key words from the horse's mouth, so to speak. They don't even appear to read the case you have opened most of the time, and certainly don't comprehend it, and nothing that amazon breaks that had been working before is ever fixed, despite many complaints from sellers. I gave up long ago on trying to get anything fixed or resolved. Amazon have made it increasingly difficult to communicate with them as well.

Another thing is that it's as though amazon staff want to look busy so they mess with the product listings. For example, there used to be an ample sized area to write the title of your product so you could see and access the whole thing easily. Some idiot several years ago decided to change this to a tiny slot that has to be accessed by scrolling from side to side to read and make any necessary corrections, which greatly increased the amount of time this takes. No amount of complaints would make them change this back.

I personally had, with no notification or reason whatsoever, some of my listings marked 'incomplete' after they'd been listed for awhile. They were complete and nothing was wrong with them, but this meant that they disappeared from amazon and were stuck in a sort of limbo. I had hundreds of listings on amazon and didn't go back to look at earlier ones without reason, so this meant that this had happened years before I found out. I have no doubt that one of their robots did this.

It has taken amazon almost 6 years to decide to add bullet points to handmade listings. In my listings, I wrote my descriptions on different lines to try to make them as close to bullet points as possible, but their system ran all of my words together. I don't plan to go back and rewrite all of my hundreds of listings. In fact, I am for all intents and purposes through with amazon. I set out to close my account last year, but I couldn't just click on close account. There was so much I had to do first that I just left it until I have the will and energy to do all of that. I reckon that if someone wants to buy something that is already there, fine, but I haven't been adding anything else for some time and don't plan to. They have been waiving the monthly professional selling fee for handmade sellers indefinitely, but I still have to pay 15% fees when I sell something. I think they would lose their handmade section, or most of it, overnight if they charged the monthly fee as well. I haven"t found amazon a good place to sell handmade items and wouldn't recommend it. However, I have not experienced any scammer buyers of my handmade items. It's the sellers that have been the scammers, or attempted scammers. I didn't let them get away with it.

When you make a sale, amazon send an email, usually, including a thank you for selling on amazon. However, I have never felt in the least bit valued by amazon as a seller during the entire time I have been there. Giving a seller a lip service thank you and the rest of the time acting like the sellers don't matter doesn't cut it. What really made me want to leave for good was their latest dictatorial move of, without the sellers' permission, publishing sellers' names and addresses, including personal, what should be private, ones on amazon for all and sundry to see, not just someone who has bought something from the seller. Having been tantamount to and worse than stalked, I don't appreciate amazon making that easy. Amazon are dictators, there is never any discussion, if you don't like it, leave or put up with it.

Verified purchase

Eight years ago when vons.com did its own deliveries I had no problems with them and would have given them a high rating. I ordered multiple times and received everything I ordered in what were fairly large orders for one person, as I had no car and had to spend $150 not to have to pay a delivery charge.

What a big change for the worse since they're not doing their own deliveries any more, at least not where I am. Three days ago I ordered 2 organic cabbages and multiples of 2 other items. I particularly wanted the cabbages for juicing. I had to wait 2 days for the order to be delivered and had to pay for the delivery no matter how much I bought.

The waiting is not the issue. It's that by the time you get the order you may not get what you ordered, and this is all down to vons not handling their own deliveries any more and the free for all caused by this 'personal shopping', or what they call 'partner delivery'.

Vons were well organised when they did their own deliveries and if something was out of stock it was stated at the time of ordering. I got the impression at the time, 8 years ago, that the deliveries were coming from their warehouse so they could account properly of what stock levels they had. Now the orders come from one of their supermarkets where the stock levels are ever changing. They couldn't even come up with 2 organic cabbages and cancelled them after I'd ordered them, and they were supposedly in stock at the time I ordered them.

Some man, presumably a 'personal shopper', left me a phone message after the delivery. They said on their website I had to be there and leaving an unattended order there wasn't an available option, so I thought I was going to at least get a knock on my door at the time of delivery, and I was exhausted from another sleepless night and tried to stay awake for fear of falling asleep and not hearing a knock at my door. There wasn't one, and the delivery didn't arrive until the very end of the 4-hour delivery window. It would have been nice to know they would just leave the order without bothering me instead of making it sound like the opposite.

I hope that the supermarkets in my own country don't ever go this way because I will be moving back there. They do their own deliveries in proper vans that ensure your frozen and cold items arrive that way, and there's none of this 'personal shopper' rubbish, that isn't really personal at all, except that an individual person delivers it and sometimes also selects it, and not very well in my experiences with them.


I have had vonage since 2012. It was okay at the time, but over time I have had more and more problems with it that have never been resolved. I just lived with them because reporting the problems has only been a waste of time with nothing ever being fixed, and I've been wanting to move and also because until recently I thought they were the only internet phone company. I'd seen a man promoting them in a shop and had never heard of any such thing.

I've had problems with vonage for years, and they have finally got so bad that I am getting rid of them. I'm having my number transferred. The line has been awful, with a lot of noise/interference, my voice echoes back on me more often than not, which it has done off and on for years, people tell me they can't hear me or that I'm cutting out, it is not always blocking my caller ID when I want it to, other issues I can't think of right now, and what has finally pushed me over the edge that has been going on for at least months is that when I dial a UK number that rang just fine on its own for years in the past, I now almost always get an american ringing tone with an american recorded voice repeatedly telling me it's trying to connect my call. It frequently says that it can't connect me or just cuts me off, yet there is nothing wrong with the number, it is vonage. When I do get through one way or another, it usually disconnects suddenly during the call, and if I try to ring back, I have to go through that annoying, obstructive recording again that is effectively blocking me from using the phone 'service' I'm paying for.

To add to the list of problems I've had with vonage, I found out tonight that I can't receive calls now. It's got nothing to do with the new company because they haven't started porting my number, and I've realised that this started happening before that, within the last few days for certain. I think they've changed my number to something completely unlike the real number. When I've had to phone those companies whose recording asks if your number is whatever, they've asked if it was something starting with 666, which is nothing like mine. I didn't really think anything about it at the time, but when I had to get amazon to ring me about an order I didn't receive I could see on my tablet screen that it was ringing some number but my phone didn't ring, and that happened on every attempt.


This is the fourth vpn I have had, and it turned out to be the best. The first 2 were awful. As soon as something was blocked or otherwise went wrong, surfeasy and hotspot shield were incapable of fixing things. Nordvpn was usually okay, but recently failed in unblocking a paid app I had/have.

I only want a vpn for watching UK TV through the iplayers and a paid app. I don't care about anything else. Ukexpatvpn guarantees use of the ones I want and others, and all of their servers are in the UK. I've had them for the last few weeks, and I've had continuous use so far of everything I want to access. So far so good, with no waiting and wondering whether an iplayer, or especially the paid app, will block me and give me silly error messages.


I bought some craft dies from this website when I was looking online and found this website. I had no problems at all with that.

There is no cost at all to join or have a store or list items on webstore. I have done that. There are no fees at all. They get their revenue through advertising. If you want to be validated as a seller, which is optional, that costs $10, which I decided to do after awhile. However, in retrospect I realised that it doesn't prove anything other than that you can receive their validation code at the street address you give them, so I don't think I'd do that again.

Something they do that I think is a bit dodgy is to charge certain amounts of money to raise your seller level to a higher one. Apparently this would happen if you had enough sales, but if you don't, you can pay for that. The highest amount is $15 to be the highest level seller, with smaller amounts for the lower levels. I think you would have had to pay the $10 to verify your account first, though. That will move you to seller level 1 from 0. You don't have to pay anything, though. This is all entirely optional and is supposed to give you certain benefits.

Their support always answered my questions promptly.

I had more views than I have had at some other selling sites, but not a single sale. I was selling my own handmade items, mostly, and the postage I have to charge due to the high cost of first class package rates and the extra rigid mailers I have to use to adequately protect the items I think was a factor in having no sales here. Amazon buyers have not been deterred. Maybe I would have done better here with other items.

Like any other auction or buy now site like ebay or etsy, webstore are not the sellers. The sellers are individuals. Some will be honest, others might not be, so don't tar a good seller with a bad seller's brush.


I only discovered this site because I was searching for something online. That was probably 11 years ago. I paid about £50 for a lifetime seller + membership. The only thing I ever sold on ebid was some very good quality handmade cards for a ridiculously low price to mainly 2 people, but then they started only buying things in the ydc auctions, the highest starting bid at the time being 99p, and usually ending at that price, if the item sold at all. There were never many views.

After a gap of many years, I recently tried selling some popular items that sell on ebay and usually have a lot of views from the first day of listing on ebay. I just deleted them from ebid after several months of getting a total of between no views and maybe up to 5 views and no interest and no sales. I deleted them because I didn't want to have to remember to go there and delete what I had sold on ebay just in case somebody ever did see the items on ebid and decide to buy something. My prices were lower on ebid as well because the fees were lower and when importing the listings from ebay you can set the prices lower automatically if you want to.

I liked what seemed to be a lot more fair fees and policies than on ebay, but when there are so few views and no sales that doesn't even really matter. If I hadn't discovered them by doing an online search for something back then, I wouldn't even know they exist. That is the only time they have ever come up in an online search, and on the occasions when I have gone there looking for something, nothing has ever come up in a search of ebid. I really don't know how they continue to exist.

Tip for consumers:
Don't bother.

• Updated review

Apart from the inconsistent and diametrically opposite things I was told multiple times by their customer service people about the intermittent blocks that they more often than not pled ignorance about whilst the tech people were actually fixing the blocks, I was reasonably satisfied with the service - until now.

What I am upset about is that I couldn't find any email about my original subscription anywhere, and just now, without so much as sending me any kind of reminder in advance of my subscription ending, this company abruptly cut off my service. At first I didn't even know what had happened. I subscribed at least 2 years ago. I can't remember when it was. Normally a company sends a reminder in advance of your subscription ending, but not these people. They don't have enough regard for their customers to even be bothered to do that much.

It isn't listed on this website so I don't think I can leave a separate review for it, and it's early days, but so far I highly recommend UK Expat vpn if, like me and some other British citizens living abroad who want to watch British tv you want to do that too. This is the only reason I wanted a vpn. Nordvpn have let me down recently in this area, so I went looking for an alternative. UK Expat vpn have all of their servers in the UK. The CS lady was good at answering my questions, it was easy to set up and use, and I immediately got the use of my paid app back that hadn't worked for the last week.

Finally, a vpn that has been reliable for me
• Previous review

I am currently living in the US, but my country is the UK. This vpn is the first of 3 that I have used that has been 100% reliable for me since I've had it, which has been since October 2018. I'm only using it on my tablets, and it has connected immediately to any server I have ever tested, but I really only use the UK ones so I can watch the tv iplayers, and when I had netflix to watch the UK one. I've never once had a problem with it failing in any way. It even connects to servers that say they're currently overloaded, which has happened a few times.The only problem I've encountered was when I was going to set it up on my old Compaq vista laptop, which is the only computer I've got since my Dell windows 7 broke and failed in virtually every way. There was some complicated series of steps to instal it on a computer that old which I didn't understand and didn't have the patience to go through. I think nord support was willing to try to help with this, but I still haven't got to the point where I want to go through all of that, so I've let that go for the time being. It's not that important to me, I suppose. You have to pay for this vpn by the year, in my case I paid for 2 years because I think there was a bit of a discount at the time, rather than lifetime, but it's been worth it. They also have frequent updates, possibly to prevent the sorts of problems I've had with other vpns where sites I've wanted to use have been blocked as suspected or detected proxies or vpns. I've been very happy with Nord and have no reason to go looking for any other. So far, the third time has been the charm.

Update- 18 August 2020 - I have been using this vpn on my firestick 4k for over a year, and it has mostly been fine. My main complaint is that the support people don't really know what's going on and have told me different things and wasted loads of my time when the problem I've had has not had anything to do with me or my equipment but because a website or app was being blocked in general. The latest incident was yesterday. I have had Britbox UK for over a month and had no problems until yesterday when it started buffering during a programme and refused to play anything for hours. Instead of being aware that it was being blocked, they wasted a lot of my time telling me to do all sorts of time-consuming things that included changing settings and uninstalling and reinstalling 2 different apps and trying many different servers, and nothing whatsoever helped. I had already spent a lot of time on my own trying to get it to play again. I was so frustrated that I contacted a different vpn who told me the app was being blocked and that they were working on unblocking it. I finally had to practically insist that the app was being blocked and asked nordvpn to unblock it and said if they didn't I would be getting a new vpn. A while later it started working again, so the engineers may have been aware and working on it. I still haven't heard back from them to tell me about what was going on. It doesn't really matter now that it's working again, except that I don't like it when people and companies don't keep their word. I think maybe there is a lack of communication between the support people and the engineers. This is not the first time this has happened when an app was being blocked and I was told it wasn't or told that the app wasn't supported, even though I had been using it for months.


I ordered several cases of different products back in July. I received some of the order, but most of that part of it took quite a while even for them to dispatch. One order was missing an item, which I reported at the time, and nothing has ever been done after months of waiting. Two other items were cancelled by email today, no reason given, after waiting since July due to the items supposedly being out of stock. Now that their website says those items are in stock, and might have been for quite a while for all I know because I hadn't checked for a while, they suddenly cancelled with no reason given.

At the time of ordering, they had free shipping, which they don't have now, so I would have to reorder and pay a lot of shipping, and I can't help but think that is why they cancelled after all this time when their website says they now have stock.

Update - It's almost a month later, and dollar tree have never replied with an explanation of why they waited to cancel my orders until they had the items back in stock.


I used to have Time Warner Cable, but just for the internet and the basic TV channels that I have never watched but which made the cost lower than having the internet alone. I used to have an agreement with them whereby the monthly bill was set for a year or more before it might increase, at which time I could renegotiate to keep the costs down. Since Spectrum took over, they have raised the price whenever they feel like it. There has been nothing in place to keep the price the same for a certain period of time. They have raised my bills at least 5 times by several dollars at a time since they've taken over, once on 2 successive months, having also increased it just a month or 2 before that, and they have just done it again. It's now almost $101 per month for the same service I have always had. I don't even have cable TV for that price. The only reason I even have them for the internet is because I don't want to have a contract with anyone. That is their only selling point - no contract. There isn't another company in my area that I am aware of that I could switch to apart from one that has had a lot of bad reviews and no good ones. The actual service is okay and works most of the time. It's the cost and many increases that I object to.


If it weren't for the pharmacy, I would probably give chewy 4 or even 5 stars, but I have had some bad problems with their pharmacy on more than one occasion - long delays and what seems like some sort of breakdown of communication between the rest of chewy and the pharmacy. The pharmacy is so bad that it brought the rating right down.

My most recent problem with them was ordering some eye ointment for my dog's eye area skin infection.It was a bit more than half as much as it cost at the vet's, and the tube I had was almost empty. I ordered it on 29 August and didn't receive it uǹtil 17 September. In between, I followed up with them 3 times, and all that was ever done was to tell me they'd get the pharmacy to send another fax to the vet, except for that in the beginning they hadn't even done anything at all before I contacted them because they said they didn't have a fax number. There was nothing stopping them getting a fax number or ringing them up. I got the fax number for them, but still nothing happened. They claimed they sent faxes and never heard back. During that time, I was also in touch with the vet who said she never got any faxes. Finally, a lady in the vet's office rang chewy and gave them all the information they needed so hopefully this won't happen again.

In the meantime, I ran out of the eye ointment. Fortunately, my dog's eye was a lot better by then, otherwise they would have just left him to suffer all of that time. They kept leading me to believe that it would be taken care of within another day or two every time I talked to them, stringing me along all of that time thinking that getting the ointment was imminent when it wasn't.

Verified purchase

I haven't had the same bad experience as others, but my experiences have been bad. I don't think this is a scam company, but it is a very disorganised and badly run one in my experience. The service man told me that they didn't even tell him until the night before where they wanted him to go, and they sent him to many different areas.

My main complaint is the poor customer service. I had a mouse problem last year. Their prices were a lot lower than Terminix, who I had previously for a different problem, and were very much cheaper than a couple of other companies I had never heard of.

The first 2 people they sent were okay, but the third went above and beyond, and he even cleaned out the floor of the cupboard where the main problem was. The mouse problem was taken care of within a few weeks. A pregnant mouse had got into my house somehow and had a few babies. As far as I am aware, there have been no more since the last one was caught in December.

The customer service people have been mostly unprofessional. One male has been very rude to me on the phone because I wanted to talk to a specific person who worked there instead of giving him a message for her.

Even though they tell you that you can have as many appointments as you want between the 3 months that the appointments are supposed to be spaced, it may have been that same male who made me feel like I had to justify having more appointments. I wanted to have the mouse situation checked out regularly for a while because I wanted to make sure they were gone, and I have a mouse phobia, especially having had another house that had a large infestation out of the blue that my then husband and I were dealing with ourselves with humane traps and which never was rid of them.

Their communication is very poor. They send impersonal, generic, form letter emails that don't even mention your name or address to tell you when they'll send an unnamed person on a certain date but with no idea of what time they'll be there and make recorded phone calls telling about an upcoming service appointment that is just as impersonal but mentions the service address. Emailing them back to ask for more information more often than not is ignored. I really have come to hate this company, but the service man is so outstanding, and also I keep hoping I'll be able to move out of here soon, so I have kept them.

The last time the service man came to my house was in early February. He was supposed to come back in March but hurt himself badly, and then with the coronavirus everything came to a halt. This company have kept me in the dark about their plans - have they been open or not?

In June I heard from them by email all of a sudden wanting to send someone on the following Monday. Then they almost immediately cancelled it without any explanation. Today, 3 months later, I got an email wanting to send someone tomorrow. I hadn't heard anything from them in all this time, and then they suddenly want to come tomorrow. I emailed them back that it was too short notice.

Another important thing about these people that is a big negative is that the first person I spoke to wasn't even anywhere near my area, and he told me incorrect information about pricing and how the service worked. If you ring the number of your most local office, you may or may not get them. It's hit and miss. The lady I spoke to in the local office told me that, and she also gave me the correct information and took some money off my first appointment for the mistakes. The females working in the customer service are far better than the males, but unfortunately I have mostly got the males that are in some other location, and I really dread talking to them. One of them told me that he would pass on that I needed someone to come urgently on one occasion, but I found out that he had never done that.

Unbelievably, having emailed them back and got some different possible dates suggested, they just sent me again the appointment for tomorrow, which is a generic, non-personal sort of form letter email. I am disgusted by this. It is so impersonal, like a robot sent it, and it has reverted back to a date I already told them is too soon. This was instead of replying and telling me when my preferred service man, who is now back at work, is available. They may think this is saving them time to take such an impersonal approach, but it isn't because I have to then reply, and it is very alienating to me as a customer.

I finally got a reply out of them for a different date, but they failed to reply to any of my emails about the time. The people who run this company have proved to me so many times now that they couldn't care any less about their customers and can't be bothered to do anything but what they consider the bare minimum, which is not enough.

Update - 21 December 2020 - My service man has come here once since my most recent comments and was supposed to come again today. I have made it crystal clear over and over that I only want him. They've supposedly got it in my records.He knows all about the problems I've had, unlike anybody else, plus he's superb at going above and beyond anybody else and I feel comfortable with him, and he has called himself my service man and expects to be the one to service my property, so we're in agreement there.

There was the usual hassle with them sending various emails with ever changing dates. When sending these impersonal emails, they have completely disregarded that I want that one person, but I've only found that out from ringing them up due to their lack of response to my replies to their emails. I was told by the male on the phone that he wasn't available on those dates so he changed the date to today, telling me that it would be the man I wanted today.

To say I'm livid is an understatement. I couldn't sleep all night with this appointment hanging over my head, especially because he was supposed to come inside and I had some things to talk to him about. They have my card number and took the money from me before anybody even came here. I didn't get a promised phone call 30 minutes before he was due to arrive. There was no attempt because I had the phone next to me and it didn't ring, so it didn't go to voicemail, which I don't have, as was claimed. A bit later I got an email saying my service was completed. It was some completely different person, somebody who has never come here before, and I didn't even know he was here. I didn't hear a thing and my dog didn't react either. He obviously did nothing inside the house, which was why I had originally signed up for the 'service' because that's where the problem was, and only even checked one of my four bait stations, which I pay extra for.

When I rang up to complain, I had to hold for quite a long time because they had 'an unusually large call volume.' Maybe that's because they get so many complaints.

When I finally got through to a pleasant-sounding woman, I told her what happened, and she said my service man was only down as a 'preference'. I told her he was a must and that he is the only reason I continue to use their company. She gave me a date in January, more than two weeks from now, and I needed something done today and have already been waiting some time with all of the appointment changes that were made in order to ensure that he would be the one to come here. If he left the company, so would I.

My advice would be to stay away from this company unless you want an impersonal one whose word is worthless and that shows no respect for their customers and is so incompetent and lacking in communication skills of any kind that they keep you guessing and make you work very hard trying to get a straight, or really any, answer from them and then don't hold to it anyway. They send a different person randomly every time unless you ask for someone specific, and they may or not keep to that, and sending a random person every time doesn't create any rapport and doesn't give you the job you're paying for because of the lack of continuity and not knowing what has happened before if you have a specific problem like I did. They really are bloody awful. I

Update - 4 January 2021 - I was supposed to have a reservice tomorrow with my service person of choice because, in spite of their promises that it would be him, they sent someone else instead - again. I rang them up today to check because they have lied to me so many times already that he would be the one coming and then sent somebody else instead, or I rang to confirm and they changed the date because it wasn't going to be him after all. I do believe that they are going out of their way to be deliberately obstructive. I have had so many problems with these people. They seem to delight in being as uncooperative as possible. I was told that it wasn't going to be him tomorrow after all and that he didn't have any availability in the near future. My person of choice told me himself that they didn't even tell him until the night before where they were sending him, so they obviously can't have anything decided very far in advance, especially because they have been so disorganised the entire time I've had them. I've told them repeatedly that he is the only reason I continue to use their company and that if he isn't going to be the one from now on I'm going to cancel their so-called service. They have strung me along with promises that he will be the one coming, and they are just lying. Right now I am waiting to hear whether some higher up person will reassign him to come here. I absolutely detest this company, and I only have them because of him. He's the only good thing about this company. If you haven't signed up with them, do yourself a favour and don't. He gave me his personal phone number, and I haven't wanted to bother him, but I may ring him up and see what he has to say because I think it's likely to be something completely different to what they've been telling me.

Several hours have passed, it's now after 9 pm, and naturally I never heard anything back, and they'd agreed to let me know either way. Disgusting

Tip for consumers:
Don't, just don't.


This phoney, scamming website stole at least 2 of my original designs of handmade electric guitar birthday greeting cards, including my own photos and descriptions right out of my amazon handmade shop, which I have had for the last 5 years. The cards are also on my own website, but I can tell they took them off amazon. I wonder how they propose to deliver them if somebody buys them. Well, they can't. They wouldn't know how to duplicate them, and they would have to buy them from me and pay more than they're charging, and why would they do that? If I spent more time looking, I would probably find more of my designs on there because they have loads to look through, probably stolen from other people like mine have been stolen from me. They claim to have them in stock, but they are blatantly lying because I personally designed them and made them and am the only one who has them in my possession. I strongly suspect that if you buy anything from this website you will be scammed out of your money and will receive nothing. This website was only launched 67 days ago, 17 June 2020, and they have no real information about themselves or where they are or any way to contact them other than a contact form and a gmail email address. They claim to have been in business for many years, but they've only had a website for 67 days?

When I first found one of my cards on their website, the internet search said it was on majanduspartner.ee, but when I clicked on it, the URL was actually uyausmall.com, so I don't know if they are somehow related or if uyausmall.com hijacked the other one or what's going on between those two. My original review was for majanduspartner.ee because it was the first website named in connection with selling my cards, but I have deleted that one because I can only be certain that uyausmall.com are the people involved.

12 November 2020 - I did an online search for a product tonight that has been hard to find. Lo and behold, I found it at a very low, too good to be true, price on a website called Sinteza, which isn't listed here on sitejabber. Given the fact that the very same name on the email address that is given for this website and the same lack of appropriate information is given under 'about us' as for uyausmall.com, I am confident that this website is as big a scam as uyausmall.com and run by the same person/people.


This is about britbox.com. There is a britbox.co.uk that looks far superior as far as programming, with so many different things, also including channels 4 and 5, and with a 30-day free trial. The programming also looks like it includes a lot more recent things, but I didn't look at it extensively. It just looks a lot more professional and better presented than. Com, as I would expect from my fellow Brits. The cheeseparing cheapskates at. Com who only give a 7-day trial are the ones I'm talking about, and I think the. co.uk and. Com are run by different people, but I'm not entirely sure. I think I'll send a message to the. co.uk and see. If they are different, I'm more likely to get a reply. I already got an auto-reply from. co.uk, unlike the no response at all from. Com. In the time it took to listen to a few songs, I have received a reply from. co.uk telling me that they are 2 separate companies run by different people, that. Com is their sister company in the US and Canada.

I sent an email with some questions about this service well over 3 months ago, back in April, I didn't realise it was that long ago until I was looking at my emails, and never got a reply, not even an auto-reply. If the questions had been answered on their website, I wouldn't have had to write. One thing they did say in their information was what amounts to even if you were to start your subscription at one minute before midnight, that one minute would count as a whole day. They don't go by a specific clock time to make it more fair so you get your full subscription, cheapskates all round.

I did a free 7-day trial through amazon, which worked fine, but they only have a monthly, not an annual, subscription. If I decide to pay for britbox, due to the lack of customer service and the many bad reviews here, I will continue through amazon. At least I know it works there and that there is someone to complain to, if necessary, that will respond.

Without more information, on the surface, I would much prefer. co.uk and would get that one if I could be sure their app wouldn't block my vpn. I may do the free trial and see what happens.


I was a subscriber for several years several years ago and cancelled because after a while I wasn't watching it at all. Whenever I searched for anything they never had it. They were so disorganised, nothing in alphabetical order, pictures with the names of films or shows on them that I usually couldn't even see or read, it was a real struggle, many shows/films under the wrong categories, and not a lot to my taste anyway, not that I could find anyhow. I requested on more than one occasion that they add an alphabetical list somewhere of everything that was on currently and was told that was a great idea, but of course they never did anything about it. I ultimately cancelled and that was my main reason - I couldn't find anything and wasn't even watching it any more.

Three things I really hate about the actual viewing of netflix are that if you want to watch the credits, or sometimes even want to see the end of something before the credits, you've got to have the remote control handy and rush to click on watch credits before they cut it off, that the next episode plays after cutting off the beginning and you've got to rewind, and that they pause the show/film midstream to ask if you want to continue watching. I really think these things should be the other way round. They should play everything from beginning to end, not stop and ask if you're still watching, and give people the option to skip the credits if that's what they want to do. It's not their place to worry about customers' use of data. I've got enough to play it 24/7, and I'm sure I'm not alone.

I just decided to do what was supposed to be a 30 day free trial to see if anything had changed for the better, but no, and to top it off they cut off my trial abruptly and early and when I asked why, they said it was to prevent fraud because they (probably a robot rather than a person) had decided that there was unusual activity on my account, so they suddenly cancelled it. I told them it was no different to my activity when I was a subscriber in the past. On top of that, the free trial was an upgrade to the premium version, which meant I should have been able to have a lot more activity than I actually did if there were other people also watching it. They said if I wanted to join I'd have to use a different method of payment, and I didn't do anything to warrant this treatment, it was their doing, and I only have one method of payment. If I did join, which I don't plan to, what's to stop this sudden cancelling of my account again and again if their technology decides to do so? All the netflix person had to offer was a refund of my last month's subscription (which didn't apply this time) and to tell me I'd have to use a different method of payment. Their support is worse than it used to be. At least they used to be more friendly and pay more attention to what was said to them, even if they didn't do anything about it.


Every time I order anything online and see that is being sent by ups I cringe. I have lost count of the number of times I have complained about the way they throw things over my unlocked front gate onto my cement driveway with no regard for their fragility and lie about delivering them to my front door. This has been an ongoing problem for years. I only ever have damaged items when they come by ups. One item arrived recently with dirty shoe prints all over it, and another one and its contents was badly bent, and that packaging, a white extra rigid mailer, is something that you'd have to really work at to damage it the way this one was damaged. The last 2 deliveries were delayed for bogus (delayed due to natural disaster or severe weather conditions, neither of which was true where I am, and it said out for delivery that day, so it was already in the area) or no reasons, and I am still waiting for that second delivery to arrive. Two of the items were surepost, which would have arrived the next day by usps if ups hadn't said they would be in the area and deliver them a day early and then didn't deliver them at all. The service gets worse and worse. A few months ago they started throwing things over my driveway gate again. More often it has been the unlocked gate. I put a sign up on that gate directing the UPS driver to my smaller unlocked gate, and that worked for a little while, but then it was back to the usual again. Except on rare occasions they don't deliver anything here until at least the evening, it has always been that way for years, and as it gets later and later they don't deliver anything at all. The drivers are so stupid and lacking in initiative that they see my driveway gate has a lock on it, and in spite of the number of times I have told them that my other gate is unlocked and have always had it on record to deliver items to my front door, they continue to assume, without even checking, that my unlocked gate is locked. Sometimes my complaints have been completely ignored, sometimes I have had a phone message saying they would talk to the relevant depot or driver, and occasionally things temporarily improve, but they always go back to such terrible service in no time. Their quoted delivery times are pure fiction and are never adhered to. I don't know why they continuously quote delivery times when they have no intention of delivering anything then. When they have a follow my delivery map, they are often close to my house early in the day but then drive farther away and around in circles all day. I don't know why anybody even uses this awful company.

When it has come to picking items up, it's the same story. They have not come through my unlocked gate but have stuck 'sorry we missed you' stickers to my gate, my mailbox, or put them inside my mailbox, having made absolutely no attempt to come to my door. This has happened many, many times. I once had a faulty computer to return and waited in all day every day for 2 weeks for them to come and pick it up, with complaints in between and assurances the computer would be collected. In the end I had to drive way out of my way to a ups store, otherwise I think it would still be sitting here now.


When I was looking online for some information about voltage converters, I found this site, and someone there was kind enough to respond quickly and freely with answers to my questions, so when I needed DVD players I decided to buy them from them. It has been a thoroughly frustrating experience.

Sometimes they answered my questions promptly by email, other times I was left hanging for hours or overnight, and this is when I was enquiring about products before making a purchase. The person told me they had all region ones with UK plugs on them that were dual voltage that changed voltage automatically. This was ideal for me because I plan to move back to England. The first time they sent me one with a US plug on it, which I don't think was dual voltage, so I ended up sending it back, and I asked them to let me know when they got some more UK ones, which they said were out of stock. They didn't ever let me know, even though they said they would.

Some time passed and I contacted them again and asked them if they had got some more UK ones, and they said yes. The man said he had personally checked them. I ordered two. When I opened them, they turned out to have European plugs on them, not UK ones. If they don't even know the difference between a UK 3-pin plug and a European 2-pin plug, what else don't they know, I wonder? Now I'm waiting to hear from them about this.

I did hear back from them later, and the man told me he didn't check the plug on it, just that it was dual voltage, and then blamed me for not constantly mentioning that I wanted ones with UK plugs. He had originally told me that the dual voltage ones came with UK plugs on them and never even mentioned the existence of ones with European plugs. He said that this is a discontinued model and they won't be getting any more, so I've decided to keep them because if they last I can always get UK adapter plugs for them, but with better care and communication from them, this experience could have gone a lot more smoothly and not been so frustrating.


I just spent at least 2 hours doing online food shopping from sprouts farmers market that uses instacart for delivery. The first order was supposed to be free delivery. When I was about ready to pay, they wanted to charge $6.52 service fee. I'm not sure if the service fee was based on the amount of money I was about to spend or if it was fixed. It was confusing because they also had a list of other amounts, including the $6.52, that were listed under tips. At first I thought the service fee was a tip until I looked further. It said the service fee 'helps support the instacart platform and covers a broad range of operating costs including insurance, background checks, and customer support.' They normally charge a delivery fee that they said varies, which they say they don't charge if you pay for membership and spend $35 for an order. Why is it up to the customer to pay a service fee on every order for the costs of running their business that is on top of their other charges? Another concern is that they said they were going to take more money than the actual bill and then do some sort of adjustment afterwards so I'd only be paying what it actually cost, but seeing that some people have never been refunded for overcharges or mistakes doesn't fill me with confidence that they wouldn't do that to me as well. I'm glad I came here before I went through with the order because of the overwhelming number of bad reviews and that some people reported the repeated problems I have had with amazon fresh delivering warm and melted foods. I've been looking for an alternative, but I can see that this isn't it.

I almost forgot that about 6 weeks ago I was going to try to order some things from vons.com. Eight years ago I did some online food shopping with vons.com. On several occasions but nothing more since then. At the time it had nothing to do with instacart. Vons made the deliveries. However, since then instacart have somehow linked themselves to my vons.com account. My account details have almost all changed since then, but I have been unable to change them myself. Either the change I made wouldn't stay changed and reverted back or there was no way for me to even attempt to change it. I was confused by instacart being involved and their involvement has resulted in my not being able to change my account information with vons.com. The only people I could contact turned out to be instacart, who told me they didn't have it under the information I gave them and asked if I had a different name or email or whatever it was at the time, I forget now, and when I told them no, I never heard back from them. If the only way I can get delivery from vons any more is by instacart, I won't be doing it anyway, but I don't like the way I can't even have any access to my own account any more, and that my account is stuck in some sort of limbo where I couldn't order anything if I wanted to because of the details being wrong.

I don't like the way these companies with personal shoppers have taken over and most of the ones I have had have been mediocre to bad. Now you're dependent on some stranger you don't know doing your shopping, and in my personal experience not at all like they were doing their own, not having good judgement or common sense or following instructions, and also dependent on what happened to be in stock by the time they finally got there to do the actual shopping. I never knew what I was going to get and in what condition with the other companies I have tried and instacart is apparently no different.


I have had to use amazon fresh over the last couple of months so I can have food shopping delivered, as I can't leave the house. My main complaint is the utter lack of care for the perishable items, especially the frozen ones, which have almost always arrived melted. They have repeatedly shown no concern for food safety. They don't use dry ice or ice packs or anything else. The refrigerated and frozen items are put into bags that look like they are made of foil, and that is all. They pack these items at least several hours in advance of delivery, and the worst was when I got an email 9 1/2 hours before the delivery window that the items had been 'shipped'. The delivery window was supposed to be 5 - 7 am, and the ice cream sandwiches I had bought on that occasion were 2 wafers and some completely melted to a liquid ice cream that didn't refreeze to be anything resembling ice cream sandwiches and were virtually inedible.

I don't know where the deliveries start from, but I have followed part of the tracking, and they are quite a long distance away, many, many miles. I have seen a couple of the drivers leaving, and they are driving ordinary cars, so it's not as though they even use refrigerated vans or anything.

I have had English muffins from them that had expiration dates that had passed several days earlier. There is a possibility that they may freeze these and then thaw them before they deliver them, but if they do, that is not really acceptable food handling if you don't know how old they are or what has been done to them.

I bought some decaffeinated tea that was a box of 50 teabags with an expiration date just a few weeks away when I just wanted an occasional cup and wouldn't have used many by then. The ordinary tea had a much farther away date, next year sometime.

On one occasion they left out all of the blackberries I'd ordered that was what I most wanted from that order. They refunded the money, but I had to reorder them and wait longer for them, not to mention that most of the time except for in the very beginning I have had to make a great many attempts around the clock for a delivery window to open up, and there have been several times when there was one but before I could finish checking out it was gone, and I mean gone in a matter of seconds, the time it took to click a couple of times.

I ordered red grapes a few times, 2 lbs, and the first time I only got 1 lb 4 oz, visibly less than 2 lbs. After that, I got over 2 lbs.

The orders were usually correct, except for the missing blackberries, and they didn't cancel any of the items after I'd paid. The deliveries have been made within the 2 hour windows.

The prices are variable and go up and down constantly like the main amazon site, so sometimes they are at least as good or better as elsewhere and sometimes very expensive. The fresh fruit has usually been pretty good, except for bananas. They are in bunches and the same degree of green or ripe, which doesn't work well for me. The packaged non-perishable items are usually okay.

I am a prime member, so I get free delivery if I spend $35.

I will probably have to continue to use amazon fresh for the foreseeable future. I would suggest if you want to or have to that when there are problems you complain to customer service every time. Maybe if they get enough complaints they will start doing things properly. I know - pigs might fly, but one can hope. Apparently they used to use dry ice, but they don't now, not where I am.

I hadn't thought of doing it before I got a comment, but I have just reported this online to the public health department for the food safety issues, and the message said they'd reply in 2 day's time, so we'll see if anything comes of it.

Sat - I used them again tonight, with a delivery window of 7 - 9 pm, and hoped it would be cooler then. It turned out to be in the 90°s F. Today outside, and it will only get hotter and hotter over the next several months. It gets up to 110°F. Or more in the summer. It was about 2 hours and 20 minutes after the email arrived that the shopping was delivered. Once again, in spite of the heat, no care was taken, and my frozen items were mostly liquid and my refrigerated items were warm. This obviously can't go on. There aren't any very satisfactory options for food deliveries where I am. It's not as though I haven't looked into it. Amazon think they can do whatever they like no matter what. Nobody ever does anything about this, no matter how many times you complain. I can get a refund or a credit, but that's not the point. I really don't think it's too much to ask for them to take proper care. It wouldn't take that much extra time or effort and would save them money in refunds and possible lawsuits from food poisoning. I think it's rather hypocritical of them to send emails saying to refrigerate the perishable items when they arrive when they don't take any steps to see that they arrive cold or frozen.

Update - 3 May 2020 - Worst experience yet. This morning I got an order that I thought should be reasonably safe. I didn't order anything frozen or that needed to be kept cold. However, they still managed to mess things up. I ordered organic cabbage and what I received I don't believe to be organic because it wasn't marked organic like it always has been when I do my own shopping, and the bags of organic yams were supposed to be 3 lbs and were just over 2 lbs. This is a problem I've had before with amazon fresh, cheating the customer by providing significant! Y underweight items. What's worse this time is there is no way to contact amazon or request a return. They are now not even taking phone calls, they had already stopped taking emails some time ago, and when trying to request a return, after filling in the reasons, nothing else happens. It says to look at their return policy or'contact us', but there is no way to contact them, so instead of clicking on continue to do with the return/refund it only says'ontinue shopping'.

Update - 21 June 2020 - Last night I had another delivery, and the same thing happened with the frozen food arriving thawed. I have had other deliveries between this and my previous update, and the same thing has happened virtually every time. I made another complaint, over the phone which is the only way to contact them, and the US-based lady was very nice. They always have been. She told me she would tell her supervisor as well as filling in a form to send to the correct department about this. It has been much easier to get a delivery window recently. To date I have never heard anything from the public health department.

4 July 2020 - frozen items and other perishables continue to be delivered partially or completely thawed or warm, in spite of my many complaints, but that's not what I ordered today.

I particularly wanted organic green cabbage for juicing. I tried a couple of months ago, and they delivered ordinary cabbage instead. I let it go for awhile and decided to try again. Yesterday amazon fresh didn't have any, so I did the whole foods market option and ordered that way for delivery today. The cabbage was the main reason for ordering, and I bought other items that I don't need right now but will use to top up the order to $35 for free delivery. I ordered all but one organic vegetable, and not a single one of them was organic, and the cabbage was out of stock, but not when I ordered it.

Amazon fresh claimed to have organic cabbage today, so after the whole foods market shopper failed to deliver them, I ordered some, again along with other items I don't need right now to get the free delivery. The cabbage I received was not organic. I rang and complained and hesitated to get replacements, but because I really wanted organic cabbage, I reluctantly agreed, especially because the woman I spoke to said she would put a note on the order about it. Surprise, surprise. The replacement cabbage is also not organic, so I once again had the inconvenience of complaining and asking for a refund, but the worst part is I still don't have any organic cabbage, and I spent in the region of $90 on items I would have bought in future but not right now in my unsuccessful attempts to get the cabbage. If you want organic cabbage, don't bother with amazon. The odds are that you will only get ordinary cabbage.

Update - 3 August 2020 - I'm still using them, nothing has improved, recently items have sometimes been cancelled before delivery due to being 'out of stock', prices have mostly gone up by quite a bit, they have been taking extra money up front for no good reason, as you can't add to an order and I always click'no substitutions'. There didn't used to be anywhere to click on 'no substitutions', and I may be wrong about this, but I don't think you can choose substitutions. It seems like they have changed the way they are doing things, but not for the better - perhaps getting the food from some other place and maybe using personal shoppers. I thought before that all the drivers did was deliver. It's definitely different somehow. I had a delivery the other night containing frozen items, and I was watching the map, and the driver was very near my house, probably less than 5 minutes away, but instead of stopping and delivering my shopping he/she drove an hour out of the way past me on the freeway before coming back to make the delivery, which made no sense.

Update - 3 November 2020 - I have continued to use amazon fresh due to there being no real alternatives, and there have been a few occasions when they have actually got the order right. Not many, but a few. They have recently, finally, mostly changed where the order is coming from to a closer location. It's not close, but it's closer than the other locations.

However, today was a first, and in some ways the worst experience yet. I hadn't got the usual email about the order being on its way. The delivery window was nearing its end, so I looked in my orders on amazon and it said that my order had been refused and was being returned to sender. I rang CS to ask what that meant. The lady didn't seem sure but said she thought it meant I had cancelled it. Not only had I not cancelled the order, I had also not refused it, and I've been alone here, so I know that nobody else refused it. I told the lady that was a blatant lie and to please make a record of that. Since they didn't have stock of the main items I wanted because of doing this, they couldn't do a replacement order. I am beyond disgusted.

A few hours later I got a phone message from somebody at the amazon delivery department, and when I rang back almost immediately the woman who answered didn't even know who she was. A few hours later I got an email about the refund giving the bogus reason 'shipping address was undeliverable.' Since when? Do they mean the address that probably thousands of orders have been delivered to over the years I've been here? Amazon never want to admit they're wrong, not in writing anyway, and if you attempt to leave an honest negative review about them on amazon.com, they will suppress it and say it didn't meet their guidelines.

21 December 2020 - They've done it again. I got no shipping email. They failed to deliver my order. After the delivery window had come and gone my account said it was runnng late but was on its way. Nearly 2 hours later it said 'unable to track order'. Customer service said the driver had failed to take the order. Of course, not everything in the order was in stock, so I opted for a refund. When I got the email about the refund, it said 'shipping address was undeliverable.' As I already have said, amazon will never admit they've done the wrong thing in writing.

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