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About Me

Just trying to help keep others from getting scammed by illegitimate companies. I also leave good reviews for companies I really appreciate ;)


Music production, outdoor activities.

34 Reviews by Brandon

I left Chase years ago because of terrible business practices. And I recently made another mistake -
I signed up for the new amazon card to save $50 on an order. Well, that worked, but I then was left with minimal information on what to do next. There was never any email confirmation follow up.
I tried to log into the chase website but YOU NEED A FREAKIN CARD NUMBER TO SIGN UP/IN WITH. Which took forever to get to me physically via snail mail... Long enough that by the time I had actually received the card and logged in, I had been charged a late fee (charged $28 and it also affects your credit) and interest on a purchase I had made 2 days prior.

I don't understand why anyone would every bank with this company, let alone leave a positive review.

Tip for consumers: If you use Chase, you will regret it sooner or later. Probably sooner.

This site used to be pretty straight forward. You always had to watch out for the redirects/pop-ups, but now they are relentless and the converter doesn't even work anymore...

Tip for consumers: Look for another site.

Otherwise I would not have it. I could go into detail, but the one major thing that bothers me is there seems to be more adds than show time. Watch 5 minutes of a show and then you have to watch 90-120 seconds of commercials... And even though they have some content that Netflix doesn't have, this is why most consider Netflix to be better. We don't want to have to pay for a subscription and sit through the same commercials every 5 minutes!
I will not be renewing because I don't see it being work $12 a month...

Tip for consumers: Be ready for ads.

This website seems to be more oriented towards and filled with indie artists. Electronic/rap seems to garnish more attention on Soundcloud.
Cool that you can set your own pricing, which a site like soundcloud doesn't allow for. So it does have it's pros.

Tip for consumers: If you produce electronic music or rap, at least use SoundCloud alongside it.

I'm not too big into what you could call "raver gear" or "gamer gear", but I do like artistic/abstract designs. This company has found a fair middle ground and seems to have something for almost everybody at this point.
One thing I really like is their "flash sales" where hats can be swooped up for 15-20 bucks. And they are surprisingly good quality.

Some hat companies like Findlay Force (which I don't recommend.) will push out hats that have "wavy" messed up bills and they blame it on their sublimation process (how they get the design on). Well, this company doesn't have this problem and makes me believe they actually care about the quality of the products they put out.
I have purchased 1 shirt and 3 hats from them and I am 100% satisfied.

The hats fit nicely and their shirts are super comfortable.

Tip for consumers: Flash sales will save you money. Subscribe to their email to be informed of them. They don't last long!

Pretentious people giving long-winded answers to silly questions.

Ex- "Why couldn't the Hulk beat Thanos?" and then someone writes a Novel about their opinion on the matter like they wrote the characters and created the MCU.
Why do I need this sent to me in email? I though it was more for deep conversation, but I rarely see any of that anymore.

If you have a real question, it tends to not get answered.
And a lot of questions I have seen that get more volume seem to be regurgitated questions that have been asked before.

Ex - "What was something that happened to you as a kid that made you never look at the world the same?"
Then a month later, "What was a traumatizing experience that happened to you at a young age that made you look at the world differently?"

After using it for a couple years, all I can say is the site is ultimately an echo-chamber filled with a lot of silly conversation when it's supposed to be intellectual. And it's becoming more and more difficult to find those gems of informative conversation.

Tip for consumers: Have an opinion on Thanos.

Update: I bought my Hero4 when they were brand new for $700 when they first came out. I thought it was worth it because of the 4k capabilities. Well... That was the most money I've ever straight-up wasted on a product because after owning it for a few years, it no longer charges or turns on. I have tried multiple batteries and tried to downgrade the firmware as people have mentioned. But I can't even get it to turn on to do that.
I must say, I HATE GoPro now. The company generates profit off of "legal scams". Just like Apple.

Is the fish eye lens the only reason people continue to buy these? GoPro is one of the most profitable companies... Probably because they manufacture a ton of crap products in China and mark them up 100x and just have a name brand that everyone wrongly trusts.
*cough* Apple.
I was included here. I bought the Hero 5 black when it first came out for the ridiculous price of $700 because it had 4k and I thought it would be worth it... I was poorly mistaken. After taking my first video and plugging it directly into my 4k TV (which requires a special, expensive, GoPro exclusive adapter) the 4k was choppy/granular and seemed like the first 15 seconds or so of video every time you press play has to buffer.
Also, after having it for just over a month, I placed it in one of the cases, locked it, opened it later and the housing was cracked... I payed $700 for this fragile POS? God, I'm stupid!
Besides that, the battery life has always been pathetic. But guess what? You can always buy another battery for too much money to have as a backup. Oh, also, how about that little LCD screen that you can add on to it for too much money as well that will make your battery last about 30 minutes when recording 4k?

Their business model takes after that of Apple- Make products that you can monopolize a market with and then make them low-quality, reiterate the same designed year after year and make it seem like a monumental change and charge a fortune for them just because you can. And people keep falling for it because somewhere along the line, they earned the "cream-of-the-crop" title.

Tip for consumers: Don't buy a GoPro. Go with another brand. You can find knock-offs on Wish for like $50 and they are of comparable quality.

They promote the site with "high quality & real followers" and that could not be farther from the truth.
I blocked all of the accounts instantly and requested a refund because of their "money back guarantee". I informed them that I had done that and it was because the followers were obviously fake and they replied with "we'll look further into it". Sure...
When I initially requested my money back, they pushed other services on me. I, then again, requested a refund and they further tried to push products on me. I had to request my money back a third time for them to get the point. At which time, they informed me that the request would be added to a queue and I would receive my refund within 15 days.
I waited 15 days and nothing. Contacted them and they told me that it "had already been added to the queue and I would receive it within 2-3 days... That means I did not, and still have not received my refund and it has been over 15 days.
This sight is a scam ran by people from another country. You can tell by the broken English their "support team" communicates with.
They don't care about providing you with real social media marketing, they just want your money.

I believe the 5-star reviewer is either from the company, or misinformed.

Tip for consumers: Don't do it.

.. USED TO. Not too much anymore after periodic overhauls. It seems as though the platform that was once about freedom is now about censorship. A lot of the comment sections (although have always been ridiculous and foremost a center for comedic exchange) now seem to be echo chambers; a bunch of people agreeing with each other with little to no effort put into critical thought. Ex- Sargon of Akkad was recently "quarantined" (censored) and made out to be an alt-right figure. I won't waste time on the details but I used to watch/listen to Sargon and I can't tell you how far from the truth that is. Proof - He has sent gay-interracial porn to Alt-right figureheads for the sake of trolling them. This whole fiasco came about when he declared he was running for office in Britain. Hmmmm.
That's just one example. I could go on for days about issues with the bots, subreddits, reposting, censoring and politics of Reddit. But all I really want to say is, "I used to love it, but barely use it anymore solely because it feels like a platform to push an agenda on, instead of a free and open community.
I mean, really, the title says it all. There are plenty of other font sites that don't charge you anywhere near that price. And there's even free font sites that have the same quality fonts at no cost...
And as L T. Mentioned, there aren't any free one's on the site.

I think they might just be banking on "not-so-savvy" people and owning the domain "fonts.com"

Tip for consumers: If you are looking for free fonts go to dafont.com.

At first I didn't know what exactly to make of this site or how to use it. Now that I am familiar with it I love it. This way I can monitor my SoundCloud followers and see what A-holes follow people just for a follow back and then unfollow expecting them not to see it.
No respect for cheaters and liars. Much respect for this site!

The only problem I really have with it (even though it's free to use) is that the UI seems a little out-dated and if you stay logged in, when I go back to the site it gives an error page so you have to log out and then log back in. No biggie, but still a small annoyance. Which is why I give it a 4-star rating instead of 5-stars*

I hope this website/service/company succeeds. They are providing a very helpful service!

Tip for consumers: Try it out, it's great!

Besides the mass amount of spam email I receive from them, the worst part about this website is how you can't get anywhere without them trying to empty your pockets - Go to upload a song, "file size too big. (greater than 8mb) please upgrade your plan to continue uploading". Or - "we thing your song is worthy of some free promotion, claim it here." Then you proceed to click and fill out pages and pages of garbage, just to get to the last page where you notice that they actually plan to charge you for it. No transparency! It's a setup. Illegitimate. BS.
Side note- I only ever had 1 fan on the platform and I'm pretty sure it was a troll.
I could go on for days about how useless this website is, but everyone else's comments pretty much sum it up. Don't waste your time like I did!

Tip for consumers: "It's a trap!"

Update: Had to lower it to 4 stars seeing as people will follow you and repost your songs, just to get you to follow them back and then they unfollow you. I slimy tactic to gain followers. Good thing I use "unfollowspy" so I can recognize these people and unfollow them as well. Not necessarily the company/site's fault, but they could implement something to curb people from using these tactics.

The point of this website is to promote your SoundCloud tracks by reposting other people's tracks, which gives you credits. Then, you use those credits to create campaigns for your own songs. Another option is to buy credits to bypass having to repost other people's tunes. It's up to you.

The thing I appreciate the most is the majority of the people that follow you or repost your music tend to be aspiring artists. It's a great way for the underground community to connect. If they're not other artists, they're promoters. Win-win.

Another thing I appreciate, is that it's authentic- you really have to be careful with SoundCloud promotion because a lot of it is illegitimate. These guys are the real deal, and although the plays and followers don't come in by the masses, they are AUTHENTIC.
With illegitimate promotion you can gain 100+ fake followers a day, but they will dissipate by next week. (Which makes you look unprofessional)
The followers/plays/reposts that come from this site are gradual, and they stick around! (You may even end up collaborating with others from here.)

I had an issue where I was charged for a monthly artist plan that I didn't wish to continue for the time being and I emailed them (you can call them as well) and honestly didn't know what to expect from their support. Ed got back to me ASAP and made it all right. Thanks Ed!
I appreciate quality customer service and the type service they provide. So in my books, they get a 5-star review.

Tip for consumers: Give it a try!

A lot of service on her are illegitimate. And there's usually a communication barrier than you have to get through. I would like to be able to update reviews!

Tip for consumers: Be careful what services you choose!

When you type in "Adobe Illustrator" into Google, this is one of the first things to pop up. Upon investigation, (because the deal seems too good to be true) I have found that most of the comments are fake and many people have been given codes that don't work when entered. It's a shame that Google lets companies like this appear at the top of their search results. I can't imagine how many people that are just trying to save a buck are getting scammed. This website needs to be shut down.

Tip for consumers: Don't let them fool you. Stay far away from this site!

Whenever I looked up "PS4 Spiderman bundle black Friday" on Google, this is the first result. When you go to the website it says "In stock" right there. When you go to look at your bag it still says "available". Then, when you get to check out, it's "out of stock".
I was hoping to order from this site to not have to deal with black Friday rushes, but it caused me to miss out on the deal anywhere else because I showed up a half hour after the sales started at my local stores.

Thanks Belk!

Tip for consumers: Use a different site.

I've used CL to buy and sell plenty of items at this point. Most people are very flaky, a moderate amount people are decently dependable, and a select few know how make smooth exchanges of goods online. Kind of just the way she roles, but it would be nice if people were taking it more seriously rather than just window shop a lot of the time.

I've browsed for houses to rent a few times and it never seems to work out. Could just be my area though... Housing is tight.
It's important to note that there's a small amount of scams in the housing section*

I've used this website to look for jobs as well and a lot of posts seem to be written without much information or just unprofessionally. The ones that look and sound more professional / informative and articulate are the ones worth looking into of course. And are usually the ones that will get back to you. However, I would recommend using a website like Glassdoor or Indeed for job searches.

Overall, I would say it can be useful. But most of the time it's not.
Now with websites like Amazon offering 2-day free shipping with Prime, I rarely go to Newegg. When I do, I catch myself waiting long periods of time for my parts to arrive seperately.
They have a great, extensive catalog. However, the time you have to wait for parts+ price of shipping+ price of parts not always being the lowest... it seems like a very basic service these days.

Tip for consumers: Be patient.

I wish this website would spread like a wildfire. People need to be able to get a second opinion on websites that just don't seem legit. From hat websites that won't let you leave reviews unless it's positive, to scam real estate websites, Sitejabber has helped me keep other people from making the same mistakes I have, and at the same time, allowed me to avoid websites that already have poor reviews on here.
It can be used for good feedback as well, of course! So leave a site you really trust a good rating :)
Ended up on this website after looking for places to rent in my hometown... The deals they portray are those "too good to be true" listings. They ask you to visit the website for more info after posting only one terrible resolution photo of a single small room to a place like Craigslist. Upon visiting the website, they ask for personal info (which I'm glad I didn't provide) and then when you get to the next page where you expect to see more details, they want you to then sign up for a "7-day free trial". This is nothing short of a legal scam in my books and this website should be shut down.

Tip for consumers: STAY FAR AWAY!

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