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Aniece"Futchy" F.

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About Me

Single black female addicted to retail. Ha, but seriously. I'm just a woman who loves to get good deals without leaving my house. I mean, convenience right?

How I Can Help

Ah, I don't think I have any special expertise or anything but if you think you need help shoot me a message.

37 Reviews by Aniece

So, I'm getting married soon. I'm at a complete lost of what to do, where to start, what's good and what's bad. Came across the knot from pinterest and I hated the site. I mean, freaking hated it. In order to see much of anything I had to sign up. Well, what if I don't want to and I just want wedding ideas? To my chagrin, I signed up and I didn't regret it, oh my gosh they're so helpful with lists and countdowns. I signed up with my facebook and they automatically put his name in the "groom" slots. I thought that was super cute. BUT they don't have everything, just some things to get you started a lot of suggestions on where to start and a few tips here and there. They even have an app. These are all good things, but what I didn't like comes next.

Call me bridezilla but I like everything to be in one place, super organized and details just right. When I want to take a quiz on which wedding dress is right for me I want suggestions on where to look, link me to some websites. When I say my budget is $6,000 be reasonable. How can I spend $38 on the grooms tux and shoes? When I see wedding ideas, share how they did it or link me to more pictures, maybe a wedding story link not just an option to like it.

Yes, I'm being a bridezilla I think. But I don't think it's the BEST site for weddings, just a good one. I'm a firm believer that if you want the best, you go to Pinterest. Where you can get it all from one site to a million other in one board, two boards, twelve boards if you need it.
Oh man, so I'm a weave/wig person. I love hair things but I didn't like this site at first because of the way the layout is. It's kind of hard to follow and there are no pictures with the little reviews they do have.

BUT, I ordered from them because they were the cheapest with wigs and hair pieces and they run sales all the time. This particular sale was free shipping on ALL orders. It said the package would take 5-6 days just to process and then it would ship. It took all of 4 days just to get my package and oh, it was packaged so nicely! No need for a big box for two items that could fit together.

Ah, I love love loved shopping with hairwigharlem.
Obviously, they're legit because its Nike. Like, that's a huge company. But just because they're legit doesn't mean they're the greatest place to order from. Recently, I ordered a pair of shoes from here and I ordered them at like 6 A. M on August 1st. By noon they sent me an email telling me that my order has been shipped. I was in awe. Like, WHAT? It's only been a few hours! But yep, about a day later I received an email from UPS (I'm enrolled in UPS My Choice, its a great program if UPS ever delivers to your house and if someone is trying to surprise you with a gift and it gets sent to your house. You'll get the email) the email was telling me that my package will arrive on Monday the 5th between 2:45pm and 6:45 pm. Super specific.

I'm thinking, wow this is the best order I've ever gotten. And lo and behold on Monday the 5th at 2:52 pm my package arrived. And it was in a big box and in that box was another box with the shoes in them. I liked it better because no one could tell I had ordered shoes. Oh Nike, you've won my heart. If I ever need Nikes again I'm ordering them rather than going in the store to get them.
This has got to be the best website ever for students.

OH man, so I needed to fly out to New York from Texas and I was having the HARDEST time finding cheap tickets because it's around the holidays and I don't want to have someone drive me four hours away just to turn back around and drive four hours back. Anyway, I go on here all the time and look for deals when I'm ordering online because they have GREAT DEALS FOR STUDENTS at places we shop at often. It could be as little as 2% cashback wherever you shop or $20 off a Macbook but man the discounts come in handy. Check it out. Check it out!
Now, I'm going to a military ball soon so I googled "military ball dresses" most sites have the exact same dresses and some sites won't even have a category under military ball. Simply dresses did have that and I love it. SO I searched and searched and searched. The thing I like is that it shows you votes. Like how many stars people have given it and how many votes it's gotten. My dress got 52 votes and it was like 3 and a half stars with no reviews.

They tell you how long it takes to get your items if they are "in stock and ready to ship" mine took exactly the seven days that it was supposed to take. My favorite part was that my dress was wrapped very neatly and it even had a cardboard box on top so I wouldn't cut it while I opened the box. They put two postcards in there and even instructions on how to care for your dress. LOVED THAT.

They have dresses for every event, in every color, for good prices. They aren't exactly cheap but they aren't crazy expensive either.

I'd shop here again.
Body C
I like this store but not so much shopping online. I'd much rather go inside the store. After ordering online from them I stopped shopping here altogether. The site is designed well and they even have videos for certain items. BUT the clothes don't fit the way they look like they fit. I ordered two tanks from them and they don't fit the way the picture looked. And I'm a size small, so everything should fit the way the picture looks. I mean, they ARE models and they choose the best angle to make the outfit look good. Every site does that but you can't even review on this website to tell other people "hey this shirt runs too big" or whatever and that's a downfall.

The quality of their clothing is great. It lasts a long time. I bought a dress in the store the same time I ordered the tanks and have had both for about two years. Recently, I went in the store to buy some clothes and give them another try and I absolutely love it. But guess what? That shirt I just bought? Not online. And it's a new arrival along with the other stuff that it was right next to that's online.

Like I said, I'd much rather shop in the store than online. Less hassle with sizing and fitting problems.
So, the thing is I used to shop here every single day and online they don't carry the same thing they carry in the store sometimes. Like my jeans size is NEVER online but its in the store. Sometimes the prices are different too sometimes more expensive and sometimes cheaper. Also, I ordered a purse and it just said processing for about a week and didn't take money out. Then finally the day I received it (two weeks after I ordered it) the money came out. I never had that happen before with them and I wasn't pleased.

Other than that, the sales are phenomenal. The customer service is helpful. Be very alert on how they charge your Macy's card. It took them almost a month to fix a discrepancy that wasn't my fault but they fixed it and I continued to shop. My wardrobe is filled with Macy's items. They normally deliver promptly and everything is packaged neatly. Take advantage of the sales.
I love and hate Netflix. I mean where else would you go to watch your favorite tv shows and movies online without illegally downloading them? It's only like $8 a month for unlimited use. The first month is free and you can cancel within that month and they won't charge you. Only thing I don't like is how they rotate the movies. They'll keep the absolutely terrible ones on there and take away the extremely good ones. But I still have an account and they continue to surprise me with the movies and shows they add
I order from them all the time. Everything comes quickly, well packaged and the prices are great. A lot of things they carry are on other websites with more reviews and a lot of reviews for things aren't on their site anyway so check Youtube before you order something. But, yeah I DO love blackhairspray.
I ordered glasses from here after I got my prescription because paying over $100 for glasses was getting to be a bit much. I ordered a pair of glasses, the sunglasses clip on and with shipping and handling it was like $16. My favorite thing about this site is that you can upload your own picture and see how the glasses look on you. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND DOING THIS. If not your glasses will probably fit a little different than you imagined. They're quick, they save your orders and they're just all around awesome.
So with forever 21 the bottom sizes are different but they have size charts that help you with that. The items that I ordered got here on the estimated arrival date and they were packaged very nicely and efficiently. No need for a large box if the clothes can fit in a small bag. I liked that a lot. And the clothes are VERY VERY cheap especially if you catch a sale. I bought three bottoms, two shirts and three dresses for $49. So yeah forever 21 is SO worth it and shopping online is convenient instead of traveling to one that isn't in your city.
I really love this site. They have a variety of things on here and if you check the sales, you'll find great prices on items that you couldn't find cheaper anywhere else. So I ordered a pair of shoes, the shipping was an average wait. They didn't come early but it came on the estimated arrival date so that was okay AND my it was packaged nicely so I really liked that. I'll definitely order from Tillys again.
So, what I love is there is a site thats inexpensive on body jewlery. I just got my lip pierced so I'm pretty horrible at figuring out the sizes thing so before shopping for jewelry you might want to check that out first, it'll save money.

Anywho so I ordered like three lip rings and one of those was a bonus pack and it was only 15 dollars plus shipping and handling, so that is a great deal. Then it says it takes anywhere from 2-10 days to come in the mail and mine came in three. They packed it in a small bag and it was protected and neatly wrapped so I was impressed. I like this website, and I'm about to buy some more from them in a little while because some sizing issues I had. But yeah they're awesome.
I just started college at a really expensive school and I needed 6 books for my upcoming semester and my money surely isn't unlimited. One book at my campus bookstore was $176 and they don't carry used books right now. The first thing I saw was an ad for rental textbooks for Chegg so I went to check it out, I typed in the ISBN, registered, and ordered 4 books for $218 and just waited so I can get the shipping for overnight because I needed the books quickly.

The option of shipping doesn't show up they pick it for you and its regular shipping so three to seven days. They expected for my books to arrive seven days after I ordered them but they came in three different packages with three days so I was satisfied.

Chegg rents used and sometimes new books so I the four books I got were in pretty good condition. I'd order from them again.
Well I ordered a white layered petticoat because my senior prom is next saturday and my prom dress requires a petticoat to flare out. I searched for sites to order a cheaper one than the ones that were offering ungodly prices. I came across costume dicounters and found a very layered petticoat and decided to order it.

The site looked wary at first and I used my debit card for this site instead of paypal. I paid about 24 dollars for my petticoat and 10 dollars for 3 day shipping. For 48 hours I could not track my package and I wanted to cancel my order somehow because I thought I was scammed, but sure enough in the three days exactly I received my package and my petticoat is AMAZING.

They packed it perfectly and it fits perfectly! I'd order from them again and again and again!
I ordered a pair of earrings for my senior prom and socks and a few delicates. I ordered these items on May 4 and received them today May 7. Not only did my package arrive in a timely manner but all my items were wrapped neatly and safely. It looked so nice in the seperate clear bags that I didn'y even want to take them out. All of the items fit pefectly and I had no problem with the clothing items.

I did have one problem and that was with the earrings. In the picture on the internet the earrings appeared small and very classy but when I received them they were very large and bulky. I cannot wear these to prom for it will look tacky with the elegance. I wish that the pictures looked identical to what I received so that I could be more on target with what I was looking for.

I'd order from them again but I'd get the jewelry in person
I like the clothes they have on there and the prices aren't too bad either. I ordered my items on a sunday and expected it by friday but i got my items on wednesday so it came early and I was happy about that. The costumer service was great.

I only had two problems, the sizes I got were all wrong the clothes seemed too big to be a medium so I sent them back, so problem solved.
And when I got my box it looked like everything was put in plastic and just thrown in the box. Like my dress wasn't even folded it was just balled up in the box. I called to complain about it and unlike other websites they actually answered the phone and offered a price reduction on my next purchase.

I'll be ordering from them again

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