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Online Businesses Reviewed on Sitejabber for "scre" to "seag"

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Haiyan Hengxinyu Mould Co., Ltd. is a pilot company specializing in the development of screw punching and punching fasteners. A leading domestic level with development, manufacturing, test equipment, expertise and quality control teams; a strong sales and management team.
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I thought I would try it at $10. What a rip off.No product, NO responses to 3 emails.No telephone number to be found. Does anyone else know something about this company?
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Before I hired this educational service, I saw the reviews here and I was encouraged to give them a try. It turns out they are unprofessional and rude. They do the opposite of what you ask them and do not bother to correct it. They promise a full refund but do not refund when requested not even partially.
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Really good and fast service. My 12456 words document was returned within a day and it was really good edit. Thanks a lot...
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I did not sign up for whatever Scribd is. Don't know what it is. I have no account to cancel. Don't want this.
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They post art from all skill levels, mediums, styles, and words/quotes. It's always nice to see people who are just doing this for a hobby and the ones who are professional come through, gives you encouragement and great ideas! They also hold contests and do spotlights of artists as well!
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Scribendi, through its wholly owned website, zhuoqnbooks.ml, is guilty of DMCA violation and copyright infringement. Please be aware that anyone doing business with Scribendi.inc may be complicit in their flouting of copyright law as this business knowingly violates both Canadian and U.S. copyright law by posting legitimately published books and advertising them as "free downloads" through its...
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This site claims that they can get higher revenue to the author through what they call "crowd pricing". But my experience with them has been bad to say the least. They seem to be fooling both the authors as well as readers with wild promises. Their scheme is supposed to automatically change the price of a book based on demand - more the demand, the higher the price. They even claim higher...

Tip for consumers: The site claims that they can sell your e-books and audiobooks at much higher price than you can do on your own through their 'çrowd pricing' scheme. But I think they are fooling both authors as well as readers by making unsubstantiated promises and showing vague figures.

Dorian C. – Scribl Rep
On the contrary, we are more than happy to address all of these questions and are proud of our unique solutions to these problems. We have no record of receiving this e-mail from anyone named Jan or Jan* with a last initial D, nor do we have any books posted by any authors with that name, so this post is a bit odd to us. Any user or author can post any question on our support page at any time for a quick response from our support team at https://www.scribl.com/support.

To the specific questions raised:
1. After how many sales do they actually decide to increase the price?

CrowdPricing ranks all books based on the relative performance compared with similar titles, where the determination for “similar titles” is based on Story Elements for Stories or general subject matter for Knowledge Books (nonfiction, excluding stories). The top performing books will be priced similarly to a bestseller, with lower-performing books priced at lower prices to attract customers. There are 7 price tiers for every book type, where the tier prices vary depending on the content type. Novels, for example, start at $. 29 for the first tier, then $. 49, for the second, up through $6.99 for the 6th, and finally $9.99 for the handful of novels that make it all the way to the 7th (top tier). Short stories, on the other hand, range from $. 25 for Tier 1 to only $2.99 for the top Tier 7 titles. CrowdPricing optimizes revenue at all price points and ensures fair pricing, because prices are set based on purchase patterns of customers, which in turn builds customer trust and helps elevate sales of all CrowdPriced books. While not all books see such a huge increase, we have authors who credit Scribl with 10x-100x increase in sales after moving their books to Scribl. All books start as free to help attract initial downloads and generate ratings and reviews. Titles could remain free for as long as 7.5 weeks, but more popular title will quickly move out of the free tier into one of the paid tiers.

2. A higher price means the book has higher demand and a better book as decided by the 'çrowd'. But do they give any stat on how the books are selling and at which point they considered that the book has 'higher demand'? NO

False. Every author can see all of their books sales and even free downloads in the Author Dashboard. This is a feature we added in early 2019. Before that, sales data was still available, but was admittedly tougher to read and it didn't include listings of free downloads. Perhaps this complaint is based on experiences before 2019, but even then all sales data were available.

3. My books that are priced in the top tier never sold at all as per their sales report! So how did it move higher?

There is no author on Scribl.com with this name, so I have limited ability to address this, but if this post is from an author who used our site just under a different name, I don’t believe this that author’s book reached a top tier. While we love all our authors, we obviously go out of our way even further to cherish those very top authors whose books reach the top tier and know them all well. We are absolutely dedicated to support our wonderful authors. It pains us to hear any complaints. We want every interaction with Scribl to be wonderful for both authors and customers. As noted above, books move algorithmically based on performance relative to other similar books.

4. The sales reports don't give any details on how many copies sold, through which outlet, when, and so on. Everything is vague. In such case, how can the author trust what they are saying?

False, but see #2 above. Maybe this is based on an experience much earlier in our history, before the detailed Author Dashboard was available.

5. Since the prices seem to be going up and down artificially without any relation to the sales, are they not cheating the authors as well as the readers?

Sales move due to our patent-pending CrowdPricing system. It is the most ethical and fair way to price books, ensuring both optimized revenue to authors and fair-pricing to customers.

6. Why do they have a lock in period of 9 months when nobody else has such a restriction? Even KDP select does not lock you and allows you to remove the book anytime.

There is no lock-in to post a book to Scribl.com. *IF* an author wants Scribl to distribute the book (entirely up to the author and only occurs if the author specifically chooses to opt-in to our distribution program, which is an additional option over and above posting the book to Scribl.com) across our network of over 1,000 outlets, including Amazon, Kobo, B&N, Google, Apple, etc., then, in order to avoid collisions where the same book is posted to the same site from multiple sources, we require a period of 9 month distribution exclusivity. For those not familiar, the problems with collisions can include the outlets removing all copies of the book, pricing problems, split sales between the two versions so each appears lower on the charts, etc. It is in everyone’s interest to avoid this. Our 9 month period is much shorter than the four+ years many self-publishing sites claim. 9 months gives a relatively brief period to ensure we can distribute the book cleanly without any conflicts. Further, because it’s purely to avoid those collisions, the “exclusivity” is only for our partners. If an author wants to put the book on his or her own site or any other site where we don’t distribute, that’s always fine. Our goal is help every author and title reach its full potential, so we NEVER stand in the way of a book selling if an author wants to sell it somewhere we can’t offer it.
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This is where Idiot Trump found information that Spanish Glue started in 1917 instead of 1918 like thousands of other websites and historical books/info say. That is why reviews of Scribol.com give them 1.33 and 1% truthfulness. Don't waste time with this BS site. They should be forbidden because of misleading the public.
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Whether you've been writing for years, or are a newbie with your first book, this is the site for you. The critiques are from fellow writers who know what they are doing. There is both a paid and free service, but the critiques are the same for both. The extras are things like as many messages as you like in your inbox.(free people only get 10.) As many critiques as critiquers wish. (Free...
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Fantastic service from compare the market! Application was quick and easy. The website seems easy and the staff are very friendly, polite and helpful.
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The questionnaire are pretty easy to fill. And I really like the option that you can have an legal expert take to you and and you for a little fee
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A good website for buying addons, gamemodes + for Garry's Mod. However if you chose to make one yourself and interested in selling it on their website they charge 15 or more a month. Deny almost anything you submit. For example you can spend over 1000 hours coding to sell 5-20$ script per person then still get denied.
8 reviews
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I used scriptjam to find me a plumber after my bathroom tub taps stopped working. The plumber they sent over was really friendly and did a great job and fixed my tap in a jiffy. Would definitely recommend Sarah Nesbo
1 review
3 helpful votes
This site has great functionality and plenty of projects to bid on. The community, in general, is a good one and you can usually get through multiple projects without a problem. That being said, if you do end up hitting the inevitable bump and find yourself in a dispute with a buyer, ScriptLance will ALWAYS rule in favor of the buyer. With that said, I would advise all of my fellow programmers...
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Paid $70 for some shoes. They posted used old shoes. I emailed but they dont response. They send out a receipt stating *******@onlinecredit.com which doesnt belong to them! Their server has 12 mimicking sites which re all rated as scams. Use a website checker and its base din Turkey/China when it states UK on everything. They bill as TRUNZHIENTONG(BJ) Ltd. They use a contact number for Amey UK...
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Excellent transcription service. They are responsive, always meet or exceed deadlines, provide high-quality, accurate transcriptions at a very economical price. If there's ever a problem, they will work to rectify it immediatelyis. First time I've used their service. I was pleasantly surprised by the excellent customer service to ensure that they provided exactly what I was asking for. They...
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Very poor performance. Bad after support No money back They not installed the script after the payment. Im delete all scripts from the. Shame for indians.
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All the articles are trash. Evrything is nothing but a spin of what you can already get out there. I purchased it and this guy only offer 1 DAY REFUND so I decided to get a REFUND from the time I bought it cause what I saw in there is not worth it. GUESS WHAT - HE DONT RESPOND TO REFUND REQUEST even though it says there 30 DAYS MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. A REAL SCAMMER - BUYER BEWARE
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It is still in BETA form, but I love the concept behind it. You are able to read, or have read to you, the scriptures in a way that is understandable, depending on the age/grade level your child is. Preschoolers to high school students will benefit from this site. It looks like there will be games available along with printables. I look forward to see that comes next! Thanks for creating this...
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Case - Ordered and paid for two clothes rails, received a belt. When complaining they told me a mishap in transportation, then that the item wasn't in stock. Asked for my money back and here comes the kicker,''we can offer you 38% as we have costs, postage and loss to pay for.'' Of course I replied that isn't my problem, it's their's. They replied, 'you must understand we have lost too, etc,...
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Took a little time to load. Took 4 days for the canvas to turn up but they said 3-5 days. Good quality. It should be as they did the x factor canvases
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Verified purchase
Bought an exhaust! Was better than expected! Awesome service
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I purchased some pants for my very difficult to fit 16 year old (very thin and very long legs) and they have been perfect. I recently purchased more through Amazon and then realized after the returnable date that I needed the next size up. I was able to ship them directly to SCR and they exchanged them and sent me the new pants.
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Charges you after you cancelled. It is a bad website to retrieve a credit report. My bank account was compromised because of them. Don't make the same mistake I made.
1 review
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I had requested cleaning services from this company. Please allow me to warn you that they charged me $600 with promises to have the house cleaned based on what I am paying for. Top floor - no windows were cleaned, bathrooms cleaned, floors not touched, walls not wiped.( I was assured walls will be washed) Main floor- counters not touched, lower cabinets cleaned, top cabinets not touched,...
Clara R.
515 reviews
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Great scrub for when you have dry and crackly feet or heels the salt scrub really works i recommend it
1 review
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I'm a nurse and I bought a couple scrub sets from this website over the last couple months. Everything I ordered came in a timely fashion. I even had to exchange a scrub top and customer service was really accommodating. This site is always running some kind of great promotion.
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I was so disappointed. I ordered a smalk cause at 115 pounds i am usually small to medium. It was so tight that I couldnt get it on. I loved the pattern so i ordered a medium. So it seemed okay but when i stRted working ir was so restrictive i could not reach for things. U cant return when worn and i lost all shopping costs on the first shirt. I spent 50 dollats trying to find one top. Be...
24 reviews
66 helpful votes
I've ordered twice from this company, both times it took about a month for them to process and ship my order. That's a long time to wait on work clothing. I wasn't very happy the last time I ordered but I try to shop in Canada so I figured I'd give it another chance. When my order finally arrived it was apparent that the sizing guide was completely wrong and the item quality was nothing like...
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Still waiting on an order from 2 months ago. Cannot speak to anyone live. They do not offer live customer service. Their text program stinks. They do not respond. Go elsewhere.
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Beware of this rogue business run by conmen. This site has been reported to FBI and Interpol. They manage to scam through PayPal and other means. Fishy site that charges for site inclusion and SEO.
Michael S. – ScrubTheWeb Rep
For starter, it is not search engine, it is seo directory. If you add poor sites such as escort, warez, sexual content etc do not expect such a site to be accepted. You should have read terms before submission then you would not be amazed by outcome of review
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I get this toy for my granddaughter is the most horrible toy I ever buy and pay so much for this pc of trash even dollar store have better toys than this! Want my money back. Look in the box how it look and in real is nothing to do with the picture in the box! I'm so upset
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I liked this app! I found here a friend that I have already met for half a year. I advise everyone to this application.
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Such great products and brilliant customer service! I love the innovative cap which I can wear my hair in a high pony/bun with my scrunchies! The scrunchies only held their place through gym sessions, running sessions AND pool sessions!
654 reviews
3,279 helpful votes
Environmental and social responsibility may be about to become a factor in your online transactions, if Scryve, currently in an early beta stage, becomes a success. Which hopefully, it will do. Using ESG (environmental, social, and governance) responsibility statistics gathered from the leading company in the field, along with private and public research, Scryve aims to inform you about how...
2 reviews
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Scs Suck At making sofas, I got a sofa bed & insurance for about £2,000, The top off the sofa keep coming off & the 10 year insurance it worthless, The only part scs is A Specialist in is bull$#*!, I hop scs go bust & out go out of business so they do not rip any one else off.
4 reviews
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If you are raped by an entitled rich white guy, expect him to get a light sentence. http://www.nytimes.com/2016/06/08/us/judge-in-stanford-rape-case-is-being-threatened-who-is-aaron-persky.html?_r=0
1 review
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I create unique email addresses when doing business online. When doing business with scsi4me, I created such an email address (only they had it). I then proceeded to get viral emails on this address and spam. Only used this address on their website. My response from them when I informed them of the breach of this address follows. Do not do business with these people: From: Huiping Dong...
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I just bought a car at SCS Nissan and I am beyond happy! It's a nerve racking experience for most, but for me I was taken care of with my hand held the whole way. Chris Whittaker was my salesman and he was more than helpful and knowledgeable. I could tell he really cared about my best interest. Todd did the financial part and helped me out tremendously and also made the process a piece of cake!...
4 reviews
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I have just completed a QMS ISO 9001 lead auditor course at SC Training Centre in Brisbane. I have always worked in quality-related fields, but just didn't have the qualifications to take it further. Without a doubt, this course has opened many new doors for me and, for the first time in years, I wake up excited about going to work!
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They sell you stuff that is not in stock. Then the order just sits there. When you call, they offer to take off the "backordered" item, but still no shipping... Ended up cancelling
1 review
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The scuba shack has been a great help in getting me certified and helping me along my diving adventure. If it wasn't for their help, I wouldn't be diving and enjoying the world in a new, amazing way.
2 reviews
2 helpful votes
Had exactly what I was looking for, which almost never happens, especially this fast. The right size because of an accurate sizing chart, the right colors because of the accurate selection tool, the right price, which for my budget, is very low. The lowest price for the product my son wanted, easy to use website, delivered before promised during the busiest time of the year. Don't let the...

Tip for consumers: They have an awesome selection, so if you know a brand for whatever product you want, searching that brand and the product narrows down your search much more quickly

2 reviews
9 helpful votes
If you want some adventure in your life this is a AWESOME day in the Florida Keys learning how the Treasure Hunters find Spanish Treasure and you get to Dive on two Spanish Galleons! This is a must do experience of a lifetime awaits that you as you now have the opportunity to spend the day with real successful Treasure Hunters in the Florida Keys Learning How to find Sunken Treasure on the 1733...
26 reviews
64 helpful votes
These controllers are some of the best i have ever used. The price may seem a tad steep, but they are far better than the stock controllers shipped by the console manufacturers. The addition of the paddles on the reverse side of the controller really help to improve my response times for certain games. Having the option to also re-program these buttons is a big plus. Some games have wonky...

Tip for consumers: I would suggest you give scuf a try! They offer many different customization options so you will probably find one to suit your needs. Although there is no "FPS"type mods, the re mappable paddles are a big plus.

2 reviews
1 helpful vote
No matter what you want, this company can produce it to the highest quality. We went to them with a vague idea of some icon from Egypt, we went through a few options with the master sculptor Richard, he came up with a replica of the King Tut death mask. Superb work and all done within our agreed budget.
ronnie m.
1 review
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scuttlebuttcorner is a terrorist site that targets and abuses people for years ,they have attacked and targets teens and underage teens to pressure them to commit suicide,they hack ,doxx,have people lives destroyed by harassing their family,workplace,school,they use terroristic methods and harassment.Send pizzas,taxis,police and strangers to their homes ,look at their site its full of vile...
57 reviews
324 helpful votes
I just tried the site out and it seemed to load pretty slowly but other than that it is a fab idea. I am sick of my nephews keeping tabs on me through facebook and I am not sure that is a place for them to hang out with so many creepy adults on there. Myspace is even worse. Talk about sickos online. Keep the kids on a kid network!
1 review
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They say it is a free trial in big letters, but down in the small small print they say they will charge you after 14 days[not enough time]. They charge you anexorbanant, outrageous price. Probably giving the money to theTALIBAN.
1 review
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Very professional. Fixed our leaking refrigerator water dispenser. Easy to work with, very professional. Sent a video of the affected refrigerator part. Very reasonable prices. Could not be happier! Thank you
2 reviews
4 helpful votes
I had formerly been a member of another "Beer of the Month" program, but it went out of business taking money already paid. What a disaster, especially as it had been a gift. I found Hopsy on line and was immediately taken by the idea of a the Sub by Krups. It's a home-draft system that keeps your beer chilled properly until you use the tap. You can order anything from stouts and IPAs to...
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After multiple calls and 2 letters, I had absolutely no response from this heating and air company. I finally went to the listed address on their web site only to find out that it is nothing more then a postal annex type address and that #180 is just a post office box.
21 reviews
16 helpful votes
I have used Paul CPA for 5 years now. I had never felt for a different CPA in this time. I was recommended by one of my friend and what an absolute recommendation I got. Best CPA service you can think of. Very highly appreciated and recommended.
1 review
2 helpful votes
As Silver rose up I decided to sell my silver to SD Bullion. It was about 10 min phone call to get quote and PO from them to sell it. Due to the brand of silver bars I had their price was above spot. I accepted and followed shipping instructions on their PO. It took US post office to get insured registered shipment an entire week to get it to them. They emailed me regularly every step of the...
1 review
2 helpful votes
I ordered a replacement Nikon Speedlight SB-28 Hot Shoe Foot. The order was payed for with PayPal and payment dated May 25 2013. Almost 2 months later I have still not received my order and my emails are not being responded to. Because I expected international shipped to take a long time, I waited but now it has been too long. So i am filing a claim with PayPal. Please do not review if you are...
3 reviews
19 helpful votes
Very informative about the whole lineup of SD and different types of SD cards. Explains really well what EVERYTHING is about all types of SD cards, and let me know what speed ratings to expect with microSD cards, since microSD are rated by class and not X factor of speed (50x 100x, etc) This is just a cool site to learn about new capabilities and the direction of the technology.
5 reviews
30 helpful votes
The best online card website that one can ever come across
1 review
0 helpful votes
The experts from SDC CPA provided my company with highly efficient and quality forensic accounting services. Thanks to their cloud-based case management software, the exchange of important and critical information was made much more efficient and fast. It literally allowed us to stay up to the minute with the progress of the matter and give us real-time updates on all the case.
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Sdccu is the most backward of places, don't try transferring funds, it takes ages and the "money" disappears for days. Don't expect to call then either... the phone just rings... the only way to get decent service is to go round to the branch... that if your near a branch otherwise you're out of luck. When you get to the branch lots of hierarchy and waiting and standing in line... and their...
1 review
2 helpful votes
We found this seller on Alibaba wholesale website years ago, at the beginning, we just start some trial orders with them, but they always treat us as big buyers, and show their patience and professional sale & after-sale service on our business, we felt very happy, and decided to extend more and more business with them, now, they are our major suppliers in China, recommend!

Tip for consumers: really nice and safety packaging, it is very important for re-sell business.

151 reviews
2,489 helpful votes
Good entertainment site. It does not have many of the annoying gimmicks jamming ghafla.co.ke The articles seem mature and believable, especially in the manner that they are almost all positive and not desperate to attention-grab. They bring some sanity to the Kenyan showbiz reporting.
14 reviews
55 helpful votes
Don't buy anything from here it's all a scam. I purchased Salomon boots and ended up receiving cheap shoes from china. See pictures of what I ordered vs what I actually got.
1 review
1 helpful vote
Glad I found SDL & Associates insurance agency. They were not only quick with a quote but they also explained all the coverages so that I could understand them. Thanks Josh
1 review
1 helpful vote
Fantastic service! These handymen were careful, fast, on time, well organized, great communicators and I felt in great hands with them. Strongly recommending Pro Handyman. It is the best company I`ve ever used.
1 review
1 helpful vote
Recommending S & D remodeling is the least I can do. If you are looking for quality in home improvement services then, these guys are the best in the market. They are genuinely interested in creating a finished product that will make you proud.
172 reviews
838 helpful votes
I have used this company for years for all sorts of physical signs for trade shows and in office retail. Their quality on both materials and excellent customer service has always been great.
1 review
1 helpful vote
Ordered 1 add a leaf kit. Say will be processed 24 to 48hr. S after order is made. 4 days later i sent email then call. Guy says i dont know why it wasnt sent yet we got 8 of them few days later i call again. Guy says we have none in stock for $17 more you can get tuff country. I said ok. They sent me 2 kits. Like i said in the title to this "idiots". I only ordered 1 kit
126 reviews
228 helpful votes
Their website looks convincing to the average person. But it is information about a University Campus let me tell you what happened at this campus: Their mascot was dedicated in the honor of American Indians, until they got offended. There are various ADA compliance issues such as unwalkable sidewalks and faulty elevators. Those issues were renovated, but there are very few Family...
Tiffany S.
1 review
1 helpful vote
Have been wanting to try your products for quite some time now. had a brochure at home and finally ordered. Loved getting the facial product samples with order because i was actually interested in them. Good call! i tried the repair serum and really like it. Thank you!
13 reviews
62 helpful votes
Imo, Seabreeze makes the most excellent heaters on the market. I bought mine in the Fall of 2018 for the Winter. The oscillating blades stopped moving shortly after I bought it and remain stationary. There's a one-year warranty. I had to wait until the Winter passed until I could call them. I left them a message through their site. No response. After 3 messages, still no response. I contacted...
1 review
2 helpful votes
Anyone who spams to promote is shoddy. They are unable to get a high rating on their own merit. Lots of spam from this company. Avoid.
1 review
1 helpful vote
I had an issue with my order, which was my fault, and I had to call in (nervously). I forget the name of the gal (thank you so much, wonder woman!), but she just reassured me, called down to the warehouse, and took care of my order for me like it was no big deal. But it was to me and to my baby! When I asked how I can return the favor, she said just to make a review and tell the world about...

Tip for consumers: They just had great deals, and don't hesitate to call.

25 reviews
41 helpful votes
Making your website is so easy anyone can do it. Homestead has a wide range of templates and colors. They have a large library of images to help build your site to your needs.
1 review
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I was a former Seacret Agent! You have to pay $2300 and recruit 2 people before you are considered a Seacret Agent. Highly suggest everyone do their research before becoming a victim to this pyramid scheme. Do your research and spread the word! They recruit gullible agents to sell their products. Tall, short, fat, stupid, ugly - its all about telling you that you are beautiful and in order to...
1 review
2 helpful votes
We stayed at SEAcroft for three days during June 2016 and, contrary to the 209 previous glorious Trip Advisor Reviews, wish to confirm our poor and disappointing experience: On arrival, the entrance is dominated by a large, green, visually unappealing industrial container on a dirty, gravel sloping parking area, aspects which provide a sense of the establishment being uncared for. Images...
1 review
0 helpful votes
Was very satisfied with my 2 Sea Eagle boats until I had a problem with one of the paddles - the pin that attaches the paddle assembly had worn out so the paddle couldn't be used. Contacted Sea Eagle customer service two times and have been ignored both times; not even a confirmation that I had submitted a request for assistance using the contact form on their website. First contact was more...
8 reviews
18 helpful votes
. This will be short sweet and to the point.The prices are outrageous for the poor quality of the food, The waitress we had needs to take a course in manners