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Atlanta, GA, USA
Tel: (404) 920-8566

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1 review
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If I could give zero stars, I would. In theory, the shop is great-a variety of artisans showcasing their goods...I saw several things on the site that I liked. However, customer service is atrocious and I honestly don't know how they remain in business. Their phone is "out of order" and they only answer emails once a day. And each time they answer, it's a different representative answering you, so you have to re-explain the issue over and over again. I was never able to get a resolution for my problem. I will never order from them again. I googled the items I wanted and found some of them elsewhere--

1 review
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I bought the bicycle mounted leather wine carrier. the snap/grommet pulled out. I emailed 7/31 and again 8/7 never heard from them. Called the number and the mailbox is full. They do not stand behind their product. I do not recommend ordering from them at all.

1 review
3 helpful votes

I ordered two items from the "Scoutmob" website. Online the items looked very nice. When both arrived at different times,the quality was definately lacking. I would not have paid 1/4 of either items cost had I seen them in person. Their return policy or procedure is not listed anywhere on their site ,just to send them an email or call a non toll-free number. Three days ago I sent them an email....NO RESPONSE. I just called the telephone number during business hours and got a recording to leave my number and product issue. I am completely disgusted with the lack of customer support on their behalf. This is NO way to run a business. I feel sorry for the artisans that market their products through this company. If I ever get a response, I only hope to get a c.c refund on the one item and I will never do business with them again. It all seems really fishy!!

1 review
3 helpful votes

I ordered a Christmas Present on December 7th ,and asked for two day priority, and have yet to receive the gift. here it is 12/23/15 & no box or gift.
This is pretty disappointing, and I won't be ordering from them again.

1 review
3 helpful votes

I bought a table that looked great online and even though it was more expensive than RH, I believe in supporting small business owners .

However, it was very clear that I was the victim of false advertising by way of omission. On the advertisement for this product, only the tabletop is depicted in photos and description. Nowhere does it show or note that the table base and legs are made of a completely different and vastly inferior "wood" to the point that the base and legs are splintering, chipped and rough. A pair of my denim jeans were snagged by the shoddy material. My nephew got a splinter when he grabbed the table leg.

The merchant who made this product was clearly well aware of their bait and switch and refused to take responsibility because their scam worked. If they believed in their product, they would stand behind it.They managed to put one over on a customer and I bought a table believing it was as advertised.

I tried to return this table and the merchant insisted it must have been damaged during shipping. I feel certain that no one took off the table legs that actually matched the table top and replaced them with some chipped and splintered wood, but Scoutmob stood firm that this was the case and just offered to send me touch-up paint. I sent them photos, showing that touch-up paint would not miraculously transform the table into one that matched the online advertisement.

I am sick that I was deceived by this company and I cannot believe that they are allowed to get away with these scams.

I filed a report with the Better Business Bureau but Scoutmob did not respond to said complaint. I can only hope that I can prevent others from the fraud that is Scoutmob. DO NOT SHOP HERE.

1 review
1 helpful vote

Sorry but Mehhhhhhh.... Went to the Scout Mob event this past weekend and was served on a plastic tv tray. Remind you this event was $64 a piece ($128 couple). All the food came out at the same time on the tv tray with little to no explanation. Was very hit or miss I'm thinking if you are showcasing your evening service you would want to show off your best items. It was a mish-mash of cold and hot food... No roti bread, No sampling of desserts, or sampling of non-alcoholic drinks. Most of my table mates were just as frustrated. You have to be really careful when picking some of the Scout Mob events.... this one was insulting and we felt scammed.

1 review
2 helpful votes

I recently ordered a leather camera strap from Scoutmob. There was a oil? spot on the leather the size of a dime - next to the monogramed part... clearly noticeable. They requested a picture of the spot however they emailed me back today telling me they couldn't guarantee leather quality - natural for leather. So frustrating!!! Will NEVER order from them again! Would not recommend!

1 review
5 helpful votes

As an Etsy and Scoutmob Shoppe artist, I have to say that Scoutmob is awesome! I was apprehensive at first since they demanded a pretty large minimum output, but after a few weeks I was selling almost double what I was on Etsy. I still haven't stopped selling with Etsy, but I'd recommend Scoutmob to any artist.
Beware though, their 'curation' team is pretty scrupulous. Many of my maker friends have been rejected because their products 'didnt fit the market'. Also depending on your product, you may not make as much profit per item, but usually the volume will make up for that.

I haven't used their local deals app much but for Shoppe they definitely get a 5/5 from me.

1 review
4 helpful votes

This company is like a middle man vendor that aggregates a bunch of local artists and jewelry-makers. And. They. SUCK.

I bought a gift for my friend via this site and it took two weeks to get to her apartment by USPS (cheap jerks won't work with a reliable shipping service)...when it finally arrived at her building, her address was declared "undeliverable" for some reason (the address is confirmed one-hundredfold; I used to live there) and it was sent back into space by the apes who run the USPS.

Now, so far you might say it's the Postal Service's fault, and you'd be right. But I called ScoutMob for help and the lazy moron who answered the "customer service" line did not try to help AT ALL. She merely said they'd reship it with no consideration for the fact that THE SAME THING WOULD PROBABLY HAPPEN NEXT TIME. And forget an apology for the inconvenience- she was basically asleep with regards to that. An excerpt from our convo:

Me: "How can we prevent this from happening again, though?"
Her: "Um, we'll reship it."
Me: "Right, but the first attempt went to a correct and verified address, and it didn't work."
Her: <silence>
Me: "So should I call the post office or...?"
Her: <silence>
Me: "Hello?"
Her: "We will have the artist reship it."
Me: "Is that not going to take like another 2 weeks?"
Her: "No, no."
Me: "How can you verify that it will even get there?"
Her: "We'll keep a close eye on it as it ships."
Me: "But that won't stop it from being declared 'undeliverable', and it's really hard to get anyone from USPS on the phone, and since you're the business that uses them, not me, and I paid for this order..."
Her: <silence>
Me: "Great, thanks for all your help."
Her: "No problem."

These people suck on the private parts of goats while neglecting their customers. Don't deal w/ them.

1 review
4 helpful votes

Don't mind saving $10 when I go to a restaurant but customer service is HORRRIBLE. I purchased tickets for a guided tour and never received them or any confirmation/printout, etc. When I wrote the company, repeatedly no response. It has been five months, still nothing to back up the money I spent. I feel robbed.

1 review
2 helpful votes

Absolutely horrible! From a business standpoint they are one of the most unprofessional companies I've worked with as a business owner. Lots of promises and "big talk" that they just can't fulfill. I really wish someone would have warned me about their double talk before starting discussions for them. There are much better companies out there that provide a better product/service. Very disappointing!

2 reviews
2 helpful votes

I do not work for nor am I associated with

I do however live in Atlanta, GA, and I have been enjoying Scoutmobs for a few years now around town.

When I use a Scoutmob, I consider it a test-run. I go try out a restaurant or coffee shop I've never been to before to see what they have to offer (food wise, service wise, etc.)

If I'm impressed, I'll go back. If I'm not impressed, well... at least you had a shot at keeping me as a customer.

On the business side of things, yes it will cost your business money. The purpose of a Scoutmob is not to make your business money - it is to bring people like me into your door, who would otherwise never step foot inside your establishment.

If you impress everyone who comes to your place with a Scoutmob, I guarantee some of them will come back. I can give you a dozen examples of this happening to myself. If I love a place, I will go back. Period.

I highly recommend Scoutmob - although the number of emails they send you a day is kind of annoying (upwards of 2-3).

1 review
2 helpful votes

TOTAL SCAM AND FALSE ADVERTISING. They claim 50% off and in the end there's a fine print that says "capped at $8 off" : what a f****ing joke.

56 reviews
196 helpful votes

This is a deal-of-the-day site like Groupon and Groupon's many imitators. The big plus with ScoutMob is that, unlike nearly all the others, it requires no payment up front. You're not committed in any way. I use Scoutmob's restaurant deals, and I've been pleased with each of the venues.

Since you don't pre-pay, the deals are not for fixed dollar amounts but for percentages offso they're just as good for singles as for couples and groups. And the discounts aren't piddling; my experience has been 50% off. You can if you like catch the offers with your cell phone.

12 reviews
88 helpful votes

Small businesses and All businesses BEWARE of On the surface, they seem like a very generous company. But dig a little deeper and read the fine print, and you'll discover these guys are tricksters in disguise. I've reviewed several of the half off deal websites already, but from my experiences as well as fellow colleagues who have used, these guys rank #1 or #2 in terms of RIP OFF for businesses.

In this review, I'd like to outline a few of their claims and my attempt to decode what they really mean.

Scoutmob Claim / Myth : "Scout mob will only charge .25 to .50 per customer! Rather than 50/50 as most of the other guys (ie., etc.)

Fact : charged me .50 per scoutmob user on their mailing list who showed interest in the deal. Why is that so bad and misleading? Let me explain. Scoutmob brags they have a mailing list of over 30,000 users. The day our deal was fun, over 2000 users showed interest (NOT ACTUAL CUSTOMERS!!). We were sent a bill for $1000 for being on a mailing list that didn't even come close to actually getting actual customers from the mailing list. Out of the over 2000 scoutmobber "I'm in" ticks, 170 actually came in to our store. Don't forget, we also had to give them 50% off which cost us an additional $1700.
Additional Note : Who has only 1 email these days? I may be speculating here, but I'm sure many users have more than 1 email so they can get multiple discounts and coupons for the same deal. This is an additional burden on the small business owner who has to keep track of scavenging scoutmobbers! Our business alone had to turn away over a dozen customers who tried to use multiple coupons though we clearly specified "one use per customer/person. No exceptions!" To our dismay, a few of these same customers wrote bad reviews for our establishment because we enforced a store policy on online websites such as! We were speechless.
Scoutmob is a Lose/Lose scenario for businesses!

Scout mob Claim / Myth : "You have to only pay $1 to $2 per customer who comes in and uses their iphone or android or other smart phone device!"

Fact : For 3 grueling months, scout mobbers have the ability to redeem their additional scoutmob coupons via their smart phone by coming into your store. This means, regardless if this customer had already used a coupon via their computer or email, you now have to give 50% off for every scoutmob customer who shows you the coupon they have via the scoutmob app on their phone! This misleading sales pitch to us by overly aggressive scoutmob sales representative led to an additional total profit loss of over $12,000. claim #3 / Myth : "Scout mob will only run your deal for a day! Consider the deal as a 1-day sale to get a whole bus of customers coming to your door!"

Fact : What a misleading claim! runs your business on their site for 1 day. After this, businesses are locked in via contract (which sales people aggressively get you (pretty much force you) to sign quickly and don't really explain all the fine print. My business was locked in to the scoutmob scam for 3 months! Our small business lost over $10000 in profit.

Scoutmob claim #4 / myth : "You will receive a good opportunity for lots of new customers! (ie. repeat customers!)"

Fact : Bull cr*p. Most scoutmob customers are coupon cutters and not really customers you want as a hard working small business anyway. coupon users are pretty much deal seekers and the majority if not all will not be back at your establishment unless you as a small business owner give away another ridiculous discount.
Additional Fact : You probably will lose some of your regular customers due to an onslaught of coupon cutting scout mobbers who will pack your store leaving regular customers to wait in line. Many of our regular customers left after waiting for 10 minutes. Additional regular customers were angry that we rewarded coupon cutting customers rather than our loyal full paying customers. What a complete mistake on my part to run a deal.
Additional Fact : You will lose regular business because of Scoutmob users. Because scoutmob is an app on smart phones such as iphone and androids, some of your regular customers who may be behind a scout mob app user will brag to all the customers in your store. Several of our regular customers who were willing to pay full price, were encouraged to download the app right then and there and use the 50% off coupon while in the store!!! I didn't know whether to scream or faint out of exasperation. 3 months of this I had to go through this kind of nonsense! Not only money and profit was lost, but additional opportunity cost was lost as well! I hate and despise!

Moral of the story : is a rip off for small businesses! Stay away from Scout Mob fellow business/retail owners!!

I can't believe I am the first reviewer of Fellow business owners and hard working individuals, I say it again, "BEWARE OF SCOUTMOB.COM!"

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