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Errors and untrained employees with a few Angels mixed in. Spent three hours on the phone being routed to seven agents when xfinity disconnected my phone lines and said couldn't get my numbers back. One day before my business went live. Had a heart attack after the phone call. Guess cause three hours with soaring blood pressure. Xfinity Kills. Returned all my equipment last year and turned off tv. So sick of charges. They convinced me to take a deal and turned on cable. I hadn't realized I was still being charged for a box I returned. Tonight I tried a chat and there was a 25 person wait. Got down to 12 and was disconnected. Came back and 23 in line, but I could schedule a phone call in 58 minutes. Did. Phone rings. Recording says to press 1 to speak to and agent. I get a really cheerful voice telling me they're closed and to try back during business hours. Also told me to try chat. They're trying to finish me off I guess.

Tip for consumers:
Don't let them ruin your health. Get any other service if it's in your area.

Products used:
Cable TV, internet, phone


The first time with instacart, I received the only good employee instacart has. I wish I could find him and hire him privately. Was great with communication and substitutions. My friends all have horror stories. Three days ago I ordered and first date 7 days out. There flashing pop-up that I can add items to my order right up til shopper starts order. So today I change beef to turkey and my date changes from April 15 to April 22, except there are no slots. I was almost out of food when I had to wait a week. Now 15 days. Nowhere did it say the date would change. I haven't been in a store for three weeks and I am vulnerable. Now I may HAVE to. Instacart encourage you to add to your order and doesnt tell you the date will change. Next. No training so intelligence of shopper is crap shoot. $3.99 for delivery. $3.36 "service fee" which does not go to the driver. You have to tip the employee a minimum of 5% of your order. The tip I'm not complaining about. Also the prices on items seem to be higher than at the store. I shopped a Shaws. I'm going to check out Shipt. Instacart cannot handle Covid. I'll change my review if they do. Zero stars plus two for that first shopper/driver. Come back Jonathan.


I didn't notice the length of shipping as I'm not a contractor and not in a rush, but after an long search at Home Depot and Lowes with little luck, I found hinges and table extension stuff that I could not find elsewhere. Exactly what I need. I also got answers to questions on the site about what I needed and why you can't just stick legs on a table without a table apron. I never knew what those things did! Perhaps I could find all of this stuff cheaper on Amazon, but I might not get exactly what I needed or the quality. I will keep buying from these guys. If I run into delivery problems with another order, I will revisit my review. However 5 stars today!


That said, I am not an organizer and maybe I owe the organizers of the groups I am in a multitude of thanks. I had organizing my social events and the organizers do it for me! I'd be a recluse without it! I am in a fitness group, a music group and a volunteer and nature group. Love MeetUp. I haven't really thought that there are someones at a higher level who might be making it difficult for the organizers. I haven't heard that. I am a five star reviewer for the benefit from Meetup that I have received.


I was babysitting for a friend of mine and had to help with homework. I had never heard of quizlet. I had to hack into my friends kids quiz as he told me he was finished and he wasn't. Wow. First you practice, then flashcards, then quiz, than a test. (He hadn't even made it through the first step. Oh those kids.) Wish I had this when I was in school. I signed up for adfree so I could practice Spanish. 4 stars not 5 as I don't like you can't revise an answer when you mistype.


You do get what you pay for. However, I love the selection of courses and I would not be able to afford all that I purchased here anywhere else. I took a great intro yoga course and on my way to learn Excel and improve my Microsoft Office skills. We will see how my hip hop class is. Some complain about the course quality, but really when you pay $10 - $15 they aren't going to be stellar or the best around. But for budget courses, I think you get what you should expect. Happy Learning all.


Great Selection and fair prices. Know that I am getting the brand I want and not a scam. There are a couple of supplements I still buy on Amazon, but beware, you really have to be careful what Amazon seller you deal with. You don't have to worry about that with Lucky Vitamins


Here's how I found out that reviews are only good ones. I was going to leave a negative review and the agreement to leave it is they give the contractor ALL of your contact information, e-mail, phone, etc. I get a name, to confirm that you had the work done, but everything else could be dangerous. I did not post my negative review. I think many others are scared off too. I have tried several times to locate contractors in my area and either I am told they can't find any, they send me someone with the wrong skills, or provide a name of someone who never contacts me. Perhaps Angies works better in big cities than in rural areas.


I bought all my and my kids snow wear stuff here years ago. Quality stuff at amazing prices. Haven't been back since 2014. Bought a pair of defective boots this year and had to pay $2.95 return shipping if I accepted a store credit or $6.95 if I just wanted a outright refund. On the site and the receipt they say "Satisfaction Guaranteed." I wear between a size. The boots were size 8.5 and they were the length of 7s. I wear an 8, but buy boots 8.5 to accommodate big winter socks. My feet were touching the end. That doesn't even happen when I buy size 8s as I only am an 8, because of high arches. The customer chat service was an endless nightmare. Put me on hold several times. Asked me to provide the same info several times. Said she would write a note to returns to credit the shipping, then said, wait, you didn't pay shipping let me resend your purchase order, so that you can see. Wait. Hey. We have been discussing my issue with shipping for return for 15 mins, not that it was shipped to me free. I didn't want to pay RETURN shipping. Oh she said. Call customer service tomorrow. I can't help you with returns. One of the subjects on the chat sign-up is "returns." I am going to use my credit and never shop at Sierra Again. Yes only $2.95 or $6.95, but to pay to return a defective product, not right.


Prices could be a bit better, but very convenient. You can design your cards and such and then repurchase or redesign. LOVE the magnets.


One star off as I think the company could do better on prices. However, this place is one-stop shopping for pets. LOVE the scratching stuff for cats and the auto delivery set up. Hate shopping for litter and food in the winter. Just comes to my door!


Buy everything here. However, I no longer trust the reviews as there are many scammers. Only buy from Amazon or Amazon sellers or Sellers rated 97% or better.


Great for clothes and cleaning supplies. Prices reasonable and store has such fun stuff.


Perhaps not the cheapest, but these people are great at helping you find what you need and stand by their products. I buy my heaters and air purifiers and such from them as do my friends and family. I had something arrive without legs and even though I took a couple of months to open the package (my fault), I contacted the company and the leveling legs were on my porch the next day. LOVE this company (unlike Appliances Connection my personal nightmare - My point is that a deal is not always a deal - with Allergy Buyers a deal IS a deal!)


Great references and legal documents for the layman and the paraprofessional. Good estate planning documents, for good or for people who can't afford an attorney right now. Better to have something in place than nothing. (But still go to a lawyer eventually. Even so, reading these books will help you understand what an attorney is doing for you!)


I had a problem with a flight and I couldn't believe that I called them and they answered and helped me, unlike Priceline who disappears after I buy my tickets or have an issue.


I bought this one 2012 and still going strong without a glitch. The HP support people have helped me install my printer online and help me with other problems that were probably my fault. From the reviews of the new laptops HP seems to have gone downhill. I hope not as I have had such luck with these machines. I am not kind or careful either, often just throw the thing in my purse without padding. Right now it is lying sidewas on my living room floor.


I had the HTC One and LOVED it. Photos O. K., but sound and storage wondeful. Just purchased the HTC10. Should have waited for next years model as it is expected to be amazing. HTC also offers a free one-year drop and spill warranty with its phones. Can't wait to get my SIM card. Oh yeah it gets the same rating as the Samsung 7 with half the price and it sells unlocked so you don't have to have a contract.


Like the smaller old style ships. Please take a warning, however, that all cruises operate on Maritime Law. Holland is better than most, but if for some reason Holland decides to change the stops or anything else, you will have no legal recourse as cruiselines operate under Maritime law, which is no law! Still I have been on 8 or 9 cruises, all on Holland and have enjoyed them all, even the one where we got caught in a vicious tropical storm!


There are some pretty awful companies who have O. K. ratings as BBB does them rather than considering consumer input or complaints. Unlike other consumer organizations, they are difficult to communicate with and it isn't clear whether they have or how they have communicated with the business when you have filed a complaint.

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