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18 Reviews by Ra


UPS didn't even try to deliver the order from FromYouFlowers so I paid twice the price and ordered from 1800 flowers... which delivered in about 2 hours from a florist. FromYouFlowers refunded my money and still delivered it a couple days later. But I noticed afterwards that I could have saved 50% and had their florists deliver instead -- same day. The flowers were identical and the vase slightly smaller than 1800 flowers for about half the price.

UPS gets 1 star for not trying to deliver, but I'd give FYF 5 stars because the refunded and delivered anyway.


For some reason, UPS refuses to deliver CVS packages, and after 20 days of confusing and contradicting emails from CVS.com, it turns out the UPS driver never attempted delivery at all, and sent part of the order to a drop off point, and another part went missing, then they shipped it back to CVS in 2 orders (1 never received). Currently as I write this review, the very rude and customer service rep. Is attempting to put in a request for a refund and I've been on the phone for 20+ minutes after being disconnected 3 times. Why is CVS making it so easy for Amazon to dominate them?

Tip for consumers:
buy from Amazon

Products used:


Apple iphones are SO overpriced for an inferior product, why do people like them? Must be status.

I'm a Mac guy since the Quadra & tried iPhone years ago but found it vastly inferior to Android.

So recently I had to replace my android and tried an entry level iPhone 6, but it kept crashing.

So I upgraded to the iPhone SE in the hopes a 2020 model model with an A13 chip would work. (Surely every iPhone enthusiast had a reason for their hysteria?)

The SE is SO SMALL only an infant could use the screen! IOS is still like dragging a stick in tar. The learning curve is insane so I downloaded the •1200 page• instruction manual. Almost NOTHING is intuitive. Everything is arbitrary.

I then tried to upgrade to a $1200 iPhone 12 so I could at least see the screen. Couldn't. Waiting list.

I paid the $45 restocking fee, and bought a $150 Samsung while I waited... But wait! The temporary Android was infinitely more functional, had 3 cameras and a huge screen.

It also screen cast w/o Apple's $50 adapter. Storage was user upgradable. A few experts need powerful field computers in their phones but for EVERYONE else only running social media aps, WHY WHY WHY do people pay so much for fascist Apple iOS?

MUST BE A SOCIAL THING for millennials and egos.


Update: After speaking with numerous employees and supervisors from other countries about my refund that is nowhere to be found even though I returned an item unopened the same day I received it, they have changed their stories at least 5 times. Now, they say it will take 1 billing cycle to receive my money, so I will have to wait about 6 weeks to be refunded. DO NOT return BestBuy items by UPS. Instead, Buy from Amazon.

I ordered a modem from BestBuy.com and before it arrived, tried to stop delivery (but couldn't) because I found a far better modem on Amazon. Unlike Amazon, BestBuy.com makes returns EXTREMELY difficult and getting your money back takes over a week. Amazon on within hours of shipping. Even though it was unopened, BestBuy needs a week to "process" my return. Amazon is going to put BestBuy out of on-line business, and rightly so. And, what's with a 15-day window instead of 30? Update: I am still trying to get my refund 10 days after sending it back. Now they tell me it may be more15 days. HORRIBLE. Compare that to Amazon, where today I received a $370 refund the moment the UPS driver picked it up. Amazon is SO MUCH BETTER than BestBuy for mail order it's not even measurable.


Years ago (before Trump) Yahoo! Was the news go-to of choice. It all started to get weird when Bruce Jenner decided to change his gender. Something much darker and more insidious than just trivial and propagandistic news began as users were banned for sharing any thoughts the Yahoo! Police deemed dangerous to their agenda.

I visited the site today and was appalled to see how disgusting it has become. It's like an open sewer of filth from an intellectual standpoint. The news is 100% biased against President Trump. Not 99 -- 100.

How it can exist without being banned by the same social media engines and platforms that supposedly forbid fake news and hate speech is clear proof of the underlying agreement amongst the Masters of the Universe to wage war on the human species and as an extension -- the US Constitution and everything our country stands for.

At a minimum, Yahoo!'s website should be classified as pornography. But, a much safer decision would be to flag Yahoo! As a malicious website that users should agree to proceed at their own risk to enter. A better decision would be to take down the site entirely, but I believe in the first amendment.


As a Sparkletts water customer, I've had the displeasure of using water.com to attempt to establish, replenish, and access service. The website constantly loses the fact that I am a registered customer, repeatedly tells me inaccurate information about my account, and repeatedly tells me I have to set up service even though I am established.

When calling the friendly ladies at the 800 number, don't be fooled. They are charming but clueless. When they say they will message the driver it appears to be a lie, and are only a buffer to protect the delivery people who do what they want without caring what is written on the website. But, don't make the mistake of challenging the women at the call center or they'll tell you that you are hurting their feelings while they simply lie to you.

If they didn't have a monopoly, I'd IMMEDIATELY change to another water service.

Oh, by the way we've been out of water for a week and they threatened to delay our deliver by another week or two -- and the website said it would be two months for our next service. Yahoo, the website now says the water is coming tomorrow. It's like Russian Roulette with your precious water supply. Do you want the drama?

I mean, we're not talking shoes here or jellybeans from Amazon. This is water and they should have their act together you'd think. They do not.


I've been using Wipster since it was first released and I have experience using it for 1/2 hour remote shows for CBS, documentaries for various networks, and tons of short projects for clients.

The interface is so much easier and more intuitive than anything out there, and the feedback is frame accurate with no errors. You can purchase a number of seats or your small company can try it with just one seat and it works remarkably well.

For now, this is the go-to review platform.


There is no cancel subscription option, so they really try to rebill you. To avoid this, I had to find their email and write "Please cancel my subscription for XXX. Do not rebill for the next year."
Christine responded with a 30% off offer. I repeated my demand. Christine gave me a complex solution in iTunes, then instead of following up to verify it was cancelled, she wrote: "We didn't receive a reply from you, therefore we assume that things are going great" This is the same stunt internet fax and other companies try, and it's old and embarrassing because legitiamate companies make it simple to cancel.

But the biggest reason not to but this software is that it does a very sloppy job deleting duplicates, and I am going to have to reclean my 12 TB of data from the originals because this program deleted so many of the files in the process leaving empty folders.



Bed Bath and Beyond claims to offer several ways to cancel an order when you change your mind. All of them are fraudulent and none work.

Chat: Doesn't work
Phone: Won't pick up
Help Link: Invalid
Cool Down Period: Doesn't Exist

They haven't shipped my order yet, but instead of allowing me to cancel, they say "we cannot cancel and order that has already shipped."




I've been a Verizon Pre-paid customer for years, and everything works fine UNTIL I want to swap one of our phones. I always go through the same horrible wasteful routine.

1) I get the SIM number from the new card
2) I can't find the device ID so I search and search and NONE of the resources will tell you.
3) I waste time thinking Verizon's site will help and it only wastes time and tells me how to find the device ID on an activated phone.
3) I use the number beginning with 89 on the box and try to use the website to activate it.
I enter the numbers correctly.
4) The system says, Read Error. Again. And again. And again. I try Chrome, Safari, and waste another hour while I am on hold because Chat is unavailable right now
5) I am connected with wrong person #1
6) I am connected with wrong person #2
I wait and wait and wait...

Eventually the operator gets on the phone from another country and cheeringly tells me it's a wonderful day at Verizon.


Why the heck does Verizon have a defective website that doesn't work?

The website never ever ever ever works, I've done this a dozen times and it always fails.

Fix it you morons.


I was looking for an alternative to McDonald's breakfast which always leave me feeling tired with indigestion.

The first time I ordered, it was a challenge to get through to pay... the second time, the website is so inane that I missed the 11AM deadline and it didn't even let me order!

That said, I'd like to review the breakfast food -- which is excellent IF you can get it!

I customize the breakfast bowls online and was disappointed by the disorganization of the staff and the wrinkled-up overstuffed bag they handed me. I'm not asking them to waste huge amounts of plastic the way McDonald's does but give me a break it look like it was thrown together. So when I got home I tried it and was delighted that the eggs were fluffy and moist the sausage was incredible the cheese was amazing and overall the food was better than Denny's quality.

What was weird was that my order which had extra potatoes for a few cents more was in a large container and was an ample amount of food, but the second breakfast I ordered was crammed into a tiny little bowl and there's no way that there was as many eggs cheese etcetera even though the price was the same.

The donut holes were amazing. The hash browns tasted much better than McDonald's and weren't greasy.

So I recommend that you get the breakfast bowl make sure it has extra potatoes add all the cheeses they have and be prepared to take some meal out of the crumpled up bag before you eat it

In my experience this is absolutely the best value for an on-the-go breakfast, much better than Denny's and infinitely better than McDonald's. It filled me the entire day and didn't leave me lagging and uncomfortable the way McDonald's always does with their breakfasts.

It's a shame however that the staff was so incompetent at looking up my order, and the packaging was so incredibly inadequate.


After MANY MANY hours trying to get help and MONTHS of my account not working I found the solution myself: (1) install new printer (for your old one) and (2) use a your phone wifi to connect, not your house. This re-booted their instant ink which refused to update even though they were taking my money.

I finally fixed it by myself.

INCREDIBLY irritating, condescending staff! And, when you complain, they spam you.


Their ranking system is capricious, inaccurate, and unfair. Don't waste your money if you are a professional established television editor. Back when it was realitystaff.com, this was the ultimate job site. I got job after job. Once greedy Staffmeup took over and they started their completely arbitrary "ranking system" I've never received a quality job offer on this site.

For instance, as proof of their insane and ineffective "ranking system" -- I was lead editor on Ellen, one of the leads on American Idol, and the best music editor in MTV history according to MTV. I also cut mult-cam plays and TV shows for Tyler Perry. I also have well over 1000 credits and 20 years experience.

These are all top rated credits, so when a job comes up that says: "Looking for experienced editor with comedy experience, live multi-cam experience, and music experience" and I apply, I get a message that I rank low on the list of applications. I'd LOVE to see how these junior editors have better credits than mine. But, that would be impossible because they DON'T. Staffmeup is fake, arbitrary, and amateur. Maybe they do this to make more money from junior wanna-be's and they don't give a damn about providing the best applicants -- only making MONEY. It's not only sad, it's fraud.

Why can't seasoned editors get hired on Staffmeup? As a #1 rated editor who consistently delivers the most praised work by employers and gets the highest network ratings, and is faster than every other editor I work with (verified) -- I don't understand why I get ZERO calls and junior editors are hired instead of me who cost the same, do inferior work (verified) and complain all of the time. I am a leader and a maverick -- but for whatever reason, Staffmeup's algorithm's are not getting my name in front of employers and lesser editors get hired while I do not. If you think I am bragging or difficult to work with that is entirely untrue. In fact, I am the easiest and most hard working editor I've encountered with the exception of some of the 1st class editors at Chainsaw Post. Why can't seasoned editors get hired on Staffmeup?


Try it for yourself. Go to Google news and type in any phrase about our President.

Then go to Bing (or any other normal left-leading search engine)

The news spewing from Google is so outrageously FAKE


Back when I began hosting with BlueHost, they were the best. Cheap. Crackerjack American kids answering your every question and setting you up with ease. Compare that to now!

Today, I wanted to cancel SiteBackup Pro, which I added a few months back because Bluehost suddenly deleted my 10 year old account with no backup because I was a few days late paying. There was NO WARNING - - NO change of policy information -- because over the last decade, I've forgotten to renew occasionally and it was never an issue. So it was to my great shock that I lost over 10 years of emails, etc. with NO WARNING. In fact, that's my property, BlueHost and maybe I should sue for damages...

So I added this worthless thing called sitebackup, but could never cancel it...

Today, I spent over 30 minutes chatting with some dumb ass from another country who (as typical) can't form a sentence. He forced me to reset my password, then asked for it over the chat, then scolded me, after a 1/2 hour eventually took off the $2.99 charge.

I asked if there was another way to do this besides contacting customer support and he said no.

The funniest thing was, he asked me for my password and I gave it to him: (no joke). F###YouBlueHost! (Replace the first four digits with the actual letters of course).

As soon as I can gather up my domains I will transfer them to another hosting service immediately. I don't need this abuse from a once American company.


You know, as someone who is scientifically educated and politically neutral, it is IMPOSSIBLE to browse the Internet given the propaganda and hate-based algorithm's the pussyhats in Sillycon Valley thrust as part of their pussy new world order.

I only discovered StumbledUpon in Spring of it's final year 2018 -- and found it to be such an incredible relief from Yahoo! - type filth that I was literally saved. It was the most valbuable website on the internet next to Google.com.

And, OF COURSE IT'S GONE. Mix is liberally biased, uninteresting trash.

I hate you for taking down this amazing website. How much did it really cost to maintain? Probably $100 a month. It was removed because it was unbiased, fair, and democratic.

SOMEONE PLEASE REPLACE STUMBLEDUPON -- for the love of God and all things holy and unbiased.


I'm on hold as I write this review. DO NOT download TurboTax -- buy it at BestBuy or somewhere.

For almost an hour (will be an hour after I write this) their stupid staff cannot find an order I just paid for. I put it on bluetooth so my family could laugh along with how inept they are. I've been downloading for at least 10 years and using TurboTax for 20. But, this year is getting off to a terrible start.



I have thrice or more tried to post a review of a very dangerous apartment complex in Canyon Country California. However, the owner and the draconian manager keep taking down the review. This is very dangerous, because the REASON WE MOVED THERE in January 2016 was based on Yelp! Reviews, and the genuine ones did not appear until months later. Now there have been so many bad reviews it is hard for the manager to keep up on her removal process so upon reading you'll see a bunch of genuine 1 star reviews and a score of 5 star review from her patsies. Here is my latest review, and please tell me why Yelp! Finds it worthy of taking down:


I'll keep this simple. Cara treated us horribly from the moment we encountered her. Our disabilities towards poor indoor air quality were ignored. Reporting the neighbors, who moved in new tenants on a rotating sub-let basis and who were constantly slamming the doors, walls, and ceilings with sometimes as many as 20 children and several families below us, were ignored. We had no heat in November. Chemical smells drifted from neighboring apartments that made us ill and made everyone who experienced them hallucinate. A tree fell over because there is almost zero maintenance, and it smashed a carport and the car below. Shady people come and go night and day, pause, someone comes to their door, and they drive off. Most have brand new cars with dealer plates in an otherwise poor community. We were not allowed to view our unit until the day we moved in, and the carpets were so worn they became black with filth again 2 weeks later, yet Cara is trying to charge us to replace all of them at many thousands of dollars. We had a health inspector over and he noted numerous building defects.

There is NOTHING in this review that needs to be taken down, nor is it inconsistent with other reviews of this property. It is neutral, fact based, has supporting evidence, and is from 1st hand experience. There are absolutely no allegations in this review. Everything is substantiated from first hand experience of an 11 month tenant. Do not remove it, nor allow the owners to cause it to be pulled down, Yelp. This is your third warning. If you do remove it again, I shall take every effort to announce your actions across social media, as is my right and obligation. Thank you.

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