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I'm having a few problems with this website and will avoid them moving forward.

1) They were supposed to give me a 10% discount using SPIN10. It was not applied.
2) The tracking is impossible. The links do not work. Where is the package we ordered?
3) Your tracking app "Shop" that you force customers to use to track their order DOES NOT WORK at all and is a stupid waste of time.

Nobody else (Chewy, Amazon, Walmart) forces users to download a stupid and non-working application on their phone.

The cat toy was a premium price, so we expected equally premium service, not sub-standard.


The website seems designed to double-bill, create false charges without permission, and start subscriptions without permission.

In my case 1MD fraudulently charged my card twice for $269 total, created 2 subscriptions, and mailed my shipment but I never approved either "subscription!"

I wrote them prior to shipment that the charges were in error. Conveniently, it takes days to get back to customers and their phone doesn't answer. Classic.

Their business model is a website that is deceiving and deliberately defective.

The first red flag is the endless up-selling at check-out before you agree to the charges. But by then, you can't back away. Once you fill out billing information, they've got you! Even without your permission (like in my case), 1MD charges you anyway and you cannot stop them! Who is 1MD's hosting company? They should shut down this website.

I was charged twice for $134.65 "subscriptions" and they mailed 6 bottles without my permission.

This is a first class web fraud and exactly why Sitejabber exists -- to warn the public. Cheers.

Tip for consumers:
If their Website is so sketchy, can we trust the ingredients in their products?

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5% of their deliveries never make it, and the customer is blamed. Every time. Not stolen -- just driver or shipper error. The customer is blamed.

1 out of 20 orders never arrive, but Amazon claims they did. I will track the order and be there at the gate when they *supposedly* dropped it off according to their computers, but nobody shows. When you tell Amazon, they insist it was dropped off. It wasn't. Why don't drivers take pictures every single time? Instead, you have to convince someone from God know's where to refund you and they have to do it on trust? It's incredible stressful and negates the whole convenience of delivery.

One time I had multiple orders in 1 box, one item was missing -- the least valuable item in fact so obviously if I was lying I would chose the gold earrings that DID arrive in that box. It took an hour of communicating with several agents to eventually convince them to refund me. It was AMAZON's error.

2 days ago, an Amazon driver dropped off 10 packages, but the 11th was never delivered. I met the driver. I spoke with him. I received the other 10. The 11th was missing. It took numerous communications -- again.

Returns can be equally stressful. Amazon Agents give you conflicting information about when a return was received, when it will be processed, and when it will be refunded. I am still waiting on over $1500, but the agents give me different answers each time. Is that any way to instill confidence in Amazon?

Why is it so often you have to BEG their Customer Service agents to do their job. Why does it seem like they are winging it? Making things up? Clueless?

For everyone who hates Amazon's new monopoly... it has cracks in it and some better company can replace them if they could provide better delivery and returns. Amazon's Customer Service is too often frighteningly horrible and abusive! At the least, they are inconsistent and unreliable. Can you trust them on orders over $50?

Tip for consumers:
1) Order important items 1 at a time on separate orders
2) NEVER return USPS items to USPS. Drop at FedEx instead.
3) Expect outrageously inconsistent behavior from Customer Service.
4) Expect to be accused of LYING when Amazon drivers make a mistake.
5) In many ways it's like buying at a third-world country back alley.

Do NOT rely upon "guaranteed delivery" from Amazon -- order each item separately!
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How many hours have I wasted trying to do Amazon's job when I've ordered electronics? I've lost count.

I've been waiting 4 days for an order they said was "guaranteed" to arrive. They are slippery. They lie. And do NOT allow them to combine orders into one shipment for fewer deliveries -- you'll be very sorry.

My advice: order important items 1 at a time and force Amazon to deliver them separately. Too bad we can't save gas or time on delivery, but you will be sorry if you do.

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Amazon should tell you when they will be using UPS -- because then the customer can CANCEL the order to avoid the wasted time and order it from someone else.

UPS doesn't even TRY to deliver and send it to a nearby moldy and infectious CVS that we are supposed to drive to and pick up (and catch disease). UPS doesn't care whatsoever and offers no solutions.


They charge you without your authorization and don't provide the report. FRAUD.

The last thing you need.


I am wasting my time with some jerk named Albert from Roku who doesn't understand the simple fact that we paid for a subscription and after the 2nd month, The Great Courses updated their Roku App, lost our account information, and took our money.

Update: Oh, after calling around, I did Roku's job for them. It's now called wondrium. Nice communication Roku.


The disrespect you'll get from these bozos and slippery capricious rules will make you very afraid for your funds! STAY AWAY!

How is it that after being approved and funding my account with my checking account, their "woke" children demand the front and back of all my credit cards or they'll FREEZE MY ACCOUNT? F-them!

And, why did the SAME Crypto make money on other trading platforms but CONSISTENTLY AND MYSTERIOUSLY LOSE MONEY on etoro.

I guess their "devil horn" logo should have clued me in. Now I have to •wait• several days to get my money back -- but they sure •TOOK IT• with zero delays. CRIMINAL MORONS.

What's eToro's ticker so I can •sell them short•?


Clearly, waiting over a MONTH for my last EDD payment is cause for a phone call to EDD. I've heard all of the rumors about their incompetence, and they are all true.

Tip for consumers:
Pray hard.

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#FedEx doesn't even ATTEMPT to deliver #Amazon packages even when customer pays shipping! Customer Service says it's their driver's prerogative to attempt to deliver or not!

This is interstate #fraud & must end!@*******@FedExHelp@FTC

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There must be alternatives to LegalZoom. My 1st dba with them took over 6 months to register. I needed a 2nd dba and took my chances. LegalZoom took my money without blinking but won't complete my dba because they have "a question" but refuse to answer emails or their phone. See the screenshot of me waiting almost TWO HOURS *after* their computer called me back to "avoid wait time."

So, I am about to contact my credit card company and dispute the charge like I would with a third world country or Irreputable vendor such as Legal Zoom is.

My advice -- either DO IT YOURSELF, or find another service to use.

Legal Zoom was fine 10 years ago but today it is bloated, unprofessional and evidently fraudulent.


UPS didn't even try to deliver the order from FromYouFlowers so I paid twice the price and ordered from 1800 flowers... which delivered in about 2 hours from a florist. FromYouFlowers refunded my money and still delivered it a couple days later. But I noticed afterwards that I could have saved 50% and had their florists deliver instead -- same day. The flowers were identical and the vase slightly smaller than 1800 flowers for about half the price.

UPS gets 1 star for not trying to deliver, but I'd give FYF 5 stars because the refunded and delivered anyway.


For some reason, UPS refuses to deliver CVS packages, and after 20 days of confusing and contradicting emails from CVS.com, it turns out the UPS driver never attempted delivery at all, and sent part of the order to a drop off point, and another part went missing, then they shipped it back to CVS in 2 orders (1 never received). Currently as I write this review, the very rude and customer service rep. Is attempting to put in a request for a refund and I've been on the phone for 20+ minutes after being disconnected 3 times. Why is CVS making it so easy for Amazon to dominate them?

Tip for consumers:
buy from Amazon

Products used:


Apple iphones are SO overpriced for an inferior product, why do people like them? Must be status.

I'm a Mac guy since the Quadra & tried iPhone years ago but found it vastly inferior to Android.

So recently I had to replace my android and tried an entry level iPhone 6, but it kept crashing.

So I upgraded to the iPhone SE in the hopes a 2020 model model with an A13 chip would work. (Surely every iPhone enthusiast had a reason for their hysteria?)

The SE is SO SMALL only an infant could use the screen! IOS is still like dragging a stick in tar. The learning curve is insane so I downloaded the •1200 page• instruction manual. Almost NOTHING is intuitive. Everything is arbitrary.

I then tried to upgrade to a $1200 iPhone 12 so I could at least see the screen. Couldn't. Waiting list.

I paid the $45 restocking fee, and bought a $150 Samsung while I waited... But wait! The temporary Android was infinitely more functional, had 3 cameras and a huge screen.

It also screen cast w/o Apple's $50 adapter. Storage was user upgradable. A few experts need powerful field computers in their phones but for EVERYONE else only running social media aps, WHY WHY WHY do people pay so much for fascist Apple iOS?

MUST BE A SOCIAL THING for millennials and egos.


Update: After speaking with numerous employees and supervisors from other countries about my refund that is nowhere to be found even though I returned an item unopened the same day I received it, they have changed their stories at least 5 times. Now, they say it will take 1 billing cycle to receive my money, so I will have to wait about 6 weeks to be refunded. DO NOT return BestBuy items by UPS. Instead, Buy from Amazon.

I ordered a modem from BestBuy.com and before it arrived, tried to stop delivery (but couldn't) because I found a far better modem on Amazon. Unlike Amazon, BestBuy.com makes returns EXTREMELY difficult and getting your money back takes over a week. Amazon on within hours of shipping. Even though it was unopened, BestBuy needs a week to "process" my return. Amazon is going to put BestBuy out of on-line business, and rightly so. And, what's with a 15-day window instead of 30? Update: I am still trying to get my refund 10 days after sending it back. Now they tell me it may be more15 days. HORRIBLE. Compare that to Amazon, where today I received a $370 refund the moment the UPS driver picked it up. Amazon is SO MUCH BETTER than BestBuy for mail order it's not even measurable.


Years ago (before Trump) Yahoo! Was the news go-to of choice. It all started to get weird when Bruce Jenner decided to change his gender. Something much darker and more insidious than just trivial and propagandistic news began as users were banned for sharing any thoughts the Yahoo! Police deemed dangerous to their agenda.

I visited the site today and was appalled to see how disgusting it has become. It's like an open sewer of filth from an intellectual standpoint. The news is 100% biased against President Trump. Not 99 -- 100.

How it can exist without being banned by the same social media engines and platforms that supposedly forbid fake news and hate speech is clear proof of the underlying agreement amongst the Masters of the Universe to wage war on the human species and as an extension -- the US Constitution and everything our country stands for.

At a minimum, Yahoo!'s website should be classified as pornography. But, a much safer decision would be to flag Yahoo! As a malicious website that users should agree to proceed at their own risk to enter. A better decision would be to take down the site entirely, but I believe in the first amendment.


Update: This time, the driver left the bottles along the highway for anyone to take. I had to walk each bottle 1/8 mile to my door. If I had been injured, Water.com would have been liable. Now I have a room of empty bottles as well. What idiots. Why is there no competition so I can change service?

Update: More and more failed deliveries. Desperate to find an alternative water delivery service. Water.com is BEYOND HORRIBLE -- without a doubt the WORST customer service of any company in America. FIRE THE CEO! FIRE EVERYONE! This company SUCKS!

Update: 6 failed deliveries to date. 2+ hour holds. No service reps. No supervisors. No managers. No water. F--- you customer.

As a Sparkletts water customer, I've had the displeasure of using water.com to attempt to establish, replenish, and access service. The website constantly loses the fact that I am a registered customer, repeatedly tells me inaccurate information about my account, and repeatedly tells me I have to set up service even though I am established.

When calling the friendly ladies at the 800 number, don't be fooled. They are charming but clueless. When they say they will message the driver it appears to be a lie, and are only a buffer to protect the delivery people who do what they want without caring what is written on the website. But, don't make the mistake of challenging the women at the call center or they'll tell you that you are hurting their feelings while they simply lie to you.

If they didn't have a monopoly, I'd IMMEDIATELY change to another water service.

Oh, by the way we've been out of water for a week and they threatened to delay our deliver by another week or two -- and the website said it would be two months for our next service. Yahoo, the website now says the water is coming tomorrow. It's like Russian Roulette with your precious water supply. Do you want the drama?

I mean, we're not talking shoes here or jellybeans from Amazon. This is water and they should have their act together you'd think. They do not.

Products used:
Bottled Spring Water


I've been using Wipster since it was first released and I have experience using it for 1/2 hour remote shows for CBS, documentaries for various networks, and tons of short projects for clients.

The interface is so much easier and more intuitive than anything out there, and the feedback is frame accurate with no errors. You can purchase a number of seats or your small company can try it with just one seat and it works remarkably well.

For now, this is the go-to review platform.


There is no cancel subscription option, so they really try to rebill you. To avoid this, I had to find their email and write "Please cancel my subscription for XXX. Do not rebill for the next year."
Christine responded with a 30% off offer. I repeated my demand. Christine gave me a complex solution in iTunes, then instead of following up to verify it was cancelled, she wrote: "We didn't receive a reply from you, therefore we assume that things are going great" This is the same stunt internet fax and other companies try, and it's old and embarrassing because legitiamate companies make it simple to cancel.

But the biggest reason not to but this software is that it does a very sloppy job deleting duplicates, and I am going to have to reclean my 12 TB of data from the originals because this program deleted so many of the files in the process leaving empty folders.



Bed Bath and Beyond claims to offer several ways to cancel an order when you change your mind. All of them are fraudulent and none work.

Chat: Doesn't work
Phone: Won't pick up
Help Link: Invalid
Cool Down Period: Doesn't Exist

They haven't shipped my order yet, but instead of allowing me to cancel, they say "we cannot cancel and order that has already shipped."




I've been a Verizon Pre-paid customer for years, and everything works fine UNTIL I want to swap one of our phones. I always go through the same horrible wasteful routine.

1) I get the SIM number from the new card
2) I can't find the device ID so I search and search and NONE of the resources will tell you.
3) I waste time thinking Verizon's site will help and it only wastes time and tells me how to find the device ID on an activated phone.
3) I use the number beginning with 89 on the box and try to use the website to activate it.
I enter the numbers correctly.
4) The system says, Read Error. Again. And again. And again. I try Chrome, Safari, and waste another hour while I am on hold because Chat is unavailable right now
5) I am connected with wrong person #1
6) I am connected with wrong person #2
I wait and wait and wait...

Eventually the operator gets on the phone from another country and cheeringly tells me it's a wonderful day at Verizon.


Why the heck does Verizon have a defective website that doesn't work?

The website never ever ever ever works, I've done this a dozen times and it always fails.

Fix it you morons.

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