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Shuren O.

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About Me

Professional Electric Guitarist. 5 years at the Royal Conservatory of Music. Musical artist at ESP/MI JAPAN OSAKA. Entrepreneur.

How I Can Help

I'm a fashion & hair color Guru of sorts & I like sniping for good deals just like everybody else. So I can be helpful in assisting other's with advice etc.



40 Reviews by Shuren

I use it for anonymous torrent transfers & it does the job perfectly. Real easy to set up within minutes. I want maximum privacy especially when dealing with torrent's & the like, as this mask your activity from your internet provider or any1 that would want to track you.

Never had a problem with it & would recommend it to any1.
They do carry brands & products that other stores you would be hard up looking for. So they get brownie points for that. I do however find some of their items are severely overpriced compared to other store's. For example I bought 60 capsules of Cold FX yesterday from them, only to find out it was more than $30 a bottle, while Walmart has the exact same product but at $15 a bottle. So ofc I was little upset reading this on my receipt when I got home. That being said I won't return it, but I certainly won't be buying the product there again.

Also the staff at their store's seem really moody & constantly stare at you like your some sort of thief. & yes I get it they need to be attentive, as they carry some very expensive items, but they could be a bit more welcoming no? Either way good variety & selection here.
Well like every1 else I agree they're service is way overpriced. They don't give u a lot in term's of DATA or Mobile features unless your willing to fork out a lot of money. I was a pay per use customer for about a year than they gave me a promo offer which I think was like 4GB of data & unlimited call's & texts for like $45 a month? Not bad I suppose.

A word of advice though, if you ever go over your limit the fee's they slap on you are outrageous, & I wouldn't blame any1 for ending their service with them.

Their online website based off of using it isn't very user friendly either, it can definitely use some polishing but that's not a game changer for me anyway.
Formally a long time shaw internet supporter but no more. Why u ask? Well when my service breaks down & I'm paying around $100 I think any1 within that price range would expect prompt & professional service no?

Well forget about that with shaw because their CS desk is dismal at best.
Even when they do show up after re-scheduling your appointment, they have to come back & re-access the problem. Here's the thing. With Telus, I can get service the very next day & the tech that come's over doesn't leave until he's resolved thing's, & if he does leave he comes back the next day & finishes.

Soooo... quick, fast, & reliable. I did have my Smartphone under them for 2 to 3 years but when I bought a new 1 to replace that 1 it's did not support their network. So I went with Roger's.

Lastly Telus gives you the most "bang for your buck", in the sense that you get a lot from them for a fair monthly rate. Can't top that.
Was one of the 1st one's I used for recording game footage. It was the best for that & still is. I have the full license & still use it to this day.

No complaint's.
Wifi overpriced, & you don't get a whole lot of it either. Their service is average at best. I would just look elsewhere to be honest. There are far better company's out there with a good CS desk, tech's who know their stuff, and a company that cares & backs up their client's. I don't think Shaw can be considered in the top anymore, they're just outdated now & every1 pretty much know's it. Unless they come up with something revolutionary I doubt they can make a comeback.

Anyways back in the day they where ok, but they never made any efforts to improve themselves while other companies did, & now they are paying for it in the loss of their customer base sadly.
Let me put it like this. I was giving them close to $100 a month for like their ultimate package at the time which was like 10 to 15GB DATA & than they would just throttle your DATA afterwards which was absolute HS, because it's more like they cut you off. By the way I never even came close to 10GB cuz their service was always dropping anywhere I was & it was so slow I would just turn the Mobile Data off & leech off of Walmart while I'm sitting in my car. Yes it's that bad.

When it came to making call's, most of the time I couldn't get through, or I had to wait a long time b4 the dial even came up, & I would consider myself lucky if it didn't drop completely.

Now they may have made some adjustments since than to better improve themselves however, I consider 1st impression's to be very important, & I did not get that with this company.
Here's the jist of this company. For what it's worth I will say that I've probably bought at least 6 pair's of Ink'd from them & other models over a 2 year period. The bass & yes this is the main reason people buy this, & the fact that it can compete with other big brands for a measly $30 price tag. Seems legit right?

I forgot to mention the part that they are so easy to break & it's almost guaranteed that the left & right bud will stop working completely after yes a few months. Your lucky if they last a year. The build quality is just so cheap. I mean c'mon? The samsung buds I got with my C9 Pro smartphone are going on 3 years now with no issue's, & those are just entry level.

If your 1 of those individuals that think it's better to buy cheap & replace, your better off purchasing something premium or high-end that will last you light year's to come. It's cheaper in the long run blieve me.
And it is indeed unique. I like this company for there unorthodoxed designs. I've bought quite a few spike'd bracelets from them which are still in immaculate shape & condition, even after 2 years of insane abuse I'm amazed they haven't broke on me.

If the prices weren't sky high I think I might be inclined to spend a LOT more, but u know these are in USD's so it's like double when I get to the checkout, not to mention the shipping isn't free.

All these factor's & than they don't seem to update, could be wrong on this 1, or maybe they don't put out a whole lot of new stock. Like the last time I checked for anything new was a few months back "in a certain category" & it was still the same leftover stuff that wasn't selling with no discounts.

Either way with the 3 pieces I did purchase at full price, I do not regret. Super happy with them. They are a NY based company, with a Korean designer I believe.
VLC's been around for ages & it's simply put, the best. Afaik it's never once given me any problems. No lag, broken subtitles, long skip time's, loading media, crashes, you name it. It doesn't get any better than this.

U can you use it to make. Gif's too.
As the title suggest, it is the best "free" virus software out there that you can own for absolutely nothing. And yeah it is completely free, no hidden charges or anything suspicious like that. I like honest transparent companies & it would be nice if everyone operated like this.

I have since then become a premium subscriber & have renewed my license 3 times now. It's just that good. Ofc I've added on some extra features such as their VPN service which is great & works the way it's supposed to. No problems with it at all, & I find the uses for it are vast, so the price is justified. If you like privacy when on the WWW then you should consider this, but then again I also switch between this & OpenVPN, both are great for what they do.

Out of all the virus softwares out there, & believe me there are many, I feel Avast out does it's competition. Plenty of times where I've been directed to infected pages that with other programs I would've been Fk'd. & the repair to fix those problems I'd rather not fork the bill for. So I want to personally thank this company for that. It is very easy to use infact you don't really have to do anything literally, as it just does on it's own. So you can browse with ease & peace of mind knowing that your every click is covered by a robust virus killer.

I use to think the license cost was quite high, especially when you start adding on other features like a VPN & such, it can go into the hundreds literally, but I've since changed my mind. I feel that a company who tirelessly goes to work everyday to protect it user's by continually updating their software to counter present & future threats is worth supporting. You protect me I will in-turn protect you through financial means.
Another great piece of software that I've purchased over the years. Actually back than the name was WinX so that give's you an idea of how long I've had it, trust it, use it etc.

That being said it comes with the following.
1: DVD
2: VIdeo
3: Downloader
4: Recorder

Pretty much all you'd want from a video processor, like being able to download any YTube video you would want, or converting/editing video with an array of options at your disposal, to mp3 conversions & more. The recorder has it's uses too. Even though I have a fully licenced Bandicam, I prefer to use this or work between softwares.
What you would expect. Helpful people here who know about their departments. I'm sure a lot of the staff here has previously worked or majored in a trade of some sort. Ofc I am certainly not referring to all staff because I have definitely met a lot of stupid & rude 1's who straight up should've been fired out the door, but lets not focus on that shall we?

Again their display's are pleasant to look at, & they have at time's live workshop's going on in the store, which I think is a great idea. When I do need assistance there is always someone there to assist me & answer any Q&A's I have about a particular product. Front desk is nice & have even offered at time's to load heavy item's into my vehicle. No idea if this is part of their policy or anything but if their doing this wholly voluntarily than a "BIG" thank you.
So I would say that these are probably the best set of undie's that your EVER going to own in your lifetime. I mean... I'm no underwear expert, but I can tell a "good" set from a "bad" set anyday. And yea, I do realize that they are seriously not cheap, and by that I mean seriously not cheap, as where talking at least $20 if not $30 for just 1 piece lol.

Yeah that's right 1 piece. Now I don't justify the price point on these things, & there's just no way any1 could but, from my experience they are the most comfortable set I've ever had the pleasure of owning in fact, I enjoyed them so much I now have 6 pairs from them with pretty rad looking prints I must say. Not to mention that they have a bunch of neat features put/built in like Anti-Odour/Moisture-Wicking etc.

If you do decide however to purchase them I don't think you'll regret doing so I'd say.
As with any underwear ofc if you abuse the "F" out of them ofc they would rip/tear etc, but from normal circumstances they should last you a good deal to justify that price tag.
Well rating it on the sole basis of it's inventory they would score an easy %100. I like going to the 1 out in Calgary even though it's a bit far out, that is still ok with me. They do a really good job "At least this store/location does", of putting up displays. Gives me a LOT of idea's on how to improve the look of the house, even though I already have a good idea, and there's always new things they come out with which I really like. One thing I can't stand with a lot of stores is just carrying the same stuff & nothing new or innovative. Ikea is the polar opposite of that which I like very much.

Now how they treat their staff is another matter which they should have an internal look at from an independent source, imo at least their Canadian store's anyways. And by the way it is 1 of the cleanest & well kept store's I have seen. This i'm talking about on a daily basis so that is very commendable. 1 other thing as I don't know if every Ikea has a food court but that's just another good point about this place. Well done indeed.
Love FileZilla for all my Anonymous downloading needs. Love how simple it is to use, & it does it's job to encrypt your stuff from prying eye's.
So far Nero is my go to. Very simplified & laid out well even a novice could use it. I used the trial version at 1st but within a week I purchased their premium package with a lifetime license and with all the added other things they throw in you might as well do the same. Iirc it was around $150 but it is well worth it. You can however rent the software on a per basis, but considering I & anyone who does a lot of audio/video stuff, purchasing the lifetime license makes more sense & saves you in the longrun.
Before I could drive I would just order online & it was a good experience at the time, even better when I could drive so I didn't have to wait for shipping ofc; p

As far as diversity of products there are some, but they are based more NA market, so trying to find premium dye's like Palty or anything Japanese based like Milbon/Shiseido is impossible, so I end up buying off ebay instead. That's probably my only qualm about this place.

Of what they did have that I liked I bought & nothing really negative to say about the experience either. If nothing else I can at least talk with the staff if I'm unsure of anything or want ideas. There a great bunch, friendly & outgoing.
The 5Star's is not a set rating as I would say it various. Tbh this is a great site if you know how to navigate your way through. That being said however, if you don't then you could be in for a world of trouble & unnecessary headache's.

I have bought many things from here, heck even high end items such as a Samsung C9 PRO Smartphone & many other things I won't mention here. A lot of the items on here are borrowed or copied idea's of original brands with Chinese labels slapped on them. Of course this should come as no surprise to anyone. That being said for the items that are Genuine in the case of my Smartphone, there are often tiny hidden details that the supplier will not mention until it is too late, & forget about trying to return anything here because it will just be a fruitless back & forth conversation that will get u nowhere, so don't even try, just accept the mistake & move on.

In the case of my Smartphone it was a legitimate Samsung product, but they did not mention the fact that it had a regional lock on it. What does that mean? Well apparently you can only update the software within China. Outside of China forget it. Of course they defended this by saying that the phone was already fully updated with the latest & greatest & that anything further was unnecessary. Ok, well lesson learned I guess. The phone is still great & tbh the latter updating isn't a big deal to me but u can see the shady practices that go on here.

Either way I have made very good deals on this site too, but you really have to have things down to a pat to be an effective trader on here.

Tip for consumers: Be cautious.

I bought a few Euro league Jerseys from them last Christmas as presents for my younger brother. To make a long story short he loved them more than the Nintendo Switch lol.

I like coming in here even if I have no intention whatsoever of purchasing anything I usually come out with stuff anyway because they always carry something new that catches my eye every now & than. Good quality stuff & a vast selection of it too. The staff at these stores are ready & able to help you out with any Q&A's u might have about any particular item your unsure of & they're very polite & friendly.

The prices on most of their gear is "fair", but it can get fairly pricey depending on what your looking for. Either way you can catch good deals every now & than, just make sure to visit anytime there's a major holiday or seasonal change since they swap out their inventory 4 time's if not more in a year.

Tip for consumers: It's a good idea to go in & buy when they swap their inventory. You can get deals like 75% off.

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