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27 Reviews by Ronnie

I have NEVER EVER been able to get a damn job from this site! The latest was last night when I answered yet another ad. As instructed, they asked for a call back number. I even included my email address. So, the dude does call me. I call back. Not only does the jerk put his partner (?) on the line but then garbled we have it covered. There was NO job! Yet again, another scam. I love the voice mails if I get any from people that say they are moving to my area and will be sending me money to set up their household. I don't know what is wrong with this company! I thought it was legit. They ONLY thing I did pay for was a back ground check. What I will not do is PAY for a premium upgrade. I seriously wonder about this site. For someone looking to bring in some spending money (and can't get a job otherwise), I thought this site was the way to go. WHAT A JOKE! I'm disgusted with My assessment: STAY AWAY!
I did NOT know when I ordered a sample pack from Down South it came with a SUBSCRIPTION! I just wanted to try another companies take on Poo Pourri (which I HIGHLY recommend [both product AND company]!). I can't afford a thirty-five dollar MONTHLY bill (I am a retiree on a skimpy annuity and not only can't I pay all of my monthly bills, I sure as hell fire can't afford another one!). I thought I could sample what this company had to offer. And if I so choose, reorder on MY terms! So buyer beware if you see this come through Facebook. It's not just a pay for shipping and handling ($1.99) ONE TIME deal; they SNEAK in a MONTHLY subscription! #deceptive.
UPDATE: I am ADDING this because I received an email from Down South thankfully CANCELLING my subscription, BUT I had to ADD about "correctly reflecting their policy". What policy? I NEVER EVER saw a policy, or that buying samples at a very reasonable price would mean I would have to ENROLL! As a customer, I should have the choice if I wish to order again, not deceptively enroll me into a monthly fee (as an unemployed retiree I can a not afford!). I wasn't trying to have review readers NOT buy from this company, but just be aware and keep your eyes WIDE open! How can I fairly write about a product that I haven't had a chance to try (though the products have a very nice scent. Waiting for that first bowel movement after delivery to see how it works)? Because I like to try Poo Pourri's competitors, how the hell did I know this company was subscription only? Flushie doesn't operate like that. Even Air Wick VIP in stores doesn't make you buy a subscription. I AM NOT RETRACTING THE ORIGINAL REVIEW! This was MY experience! I was just a naive consumer. I don't like the wool pulled over my eyes!! Money is very tight right now. Maybe you can state your policy when the next gullible Facebook person clicks onto your web page via link to maybe order.
You expect the bastards to honor it! If it's on their f!@#$%^&*ing website AND you place an order, God damn it, you expect the ITEM! Not some lame excuse in an email weeks after ordering that the order is out of stock and all we can do is offer a refund (HEY ROSEWHOLESALE JACKWAGONS; I WANT THE SHIRT, NOT A REFUND!). This is the second brat website offering cheap clothes from China that has pulled this crap on me (the other being dress lily). Well, I am DONE; STICK A FORK IN ME DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!! If I want cheap clothes I'll go to Walmart!
CustomerService R. – RoseWholesale Rep
Dear Ronnie ,

We at Rosewholesale can be contacted 24/7 via our Support Center and Live Chat. We also have a phone line available that is open during our office hours.

Our US phone number is: + (1)917-621-0925, and for all other customers you may call: + (001)917-621-0925.

We are sorry for this issue.
Could you piease give us the order number? We will give you a solution.

Many thanks,

Rosewholesale Customer Service Center
It never fails when these clucks offer a daily contest. As it gets towards the end, they deny you access, block you (maybe even punish you!); I have been trying for TWO DAYS (now) to enter and it looks like I'm done being allowed to enter daily (why? What did I do?). Same goes for their f!@#$%^&*ed up tease Rewards For Good (website). I have a tease code that I can NOT enter! First day, I had no clue as to why the blocking. Today there is a lame line maintenance. How long does a website take to do maintenance? This is CRUEL! If a site can not (and refuses) to keep their stupid website up and running 24/7, then they should NOT be allowed on the web!
Just got an email from these bastards. My item is out of stock. But I can let them know how to proceed forward. Only the pricks will not allow me to sign in. Item now out of stock? Can't sign in? I say, STAY AWAY FROM THIS IRRITATING NON WORKING PIECE OF CRAP WEBSITE! The cussing and screaming (and breaking equipment in rage) IS NOT WORTH IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I WILL NEVER EVER ORDER FROM THIS SITE AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!
Soon after I wrote this review, NewChic via sitejabber started the back and forth email correspondences. And now this mornings email tells me the item has SHIPPED! WTF? Anyway, proceed with your own risk if you so chose to order from this company. To review, I could not sign in to let them know how I wanted to proceed. After countless tries, I became EXTREMELY irritated to the point I was screaming and throwing things, to having to reset a password to get in, countless emails to FINALLY tell them how to proceed and another email telling me the shirt was shipped, do I honestly think the item that caught my eye was REALLY worth it in the long run? Let me answer with a question mark symbol ?
Newchic N. – NewChic Rep
Dear Ronnie T.,

We're sorry to hear this! And we would like to know more about it to provide support. We have sent you a private message here and trying our best to help. Or send us your order number in Messenger and we'll start from there. Alternatively, you may drop us a message from Thank you very much!

Best regards,
Newchic team
6/14/19 #SUCKS! I have pre-ordered from them in the past successfully. I placed a pre-order for a CD on May 17th. Today I got an email that said THEY CANCELLED the order with no rhyme no reason! I DID NOT CANCEL THE ORDER or contact them in any way after I placed the order. I tried to post on their face book page (only way I thought to directly contact them about this and get answers!) and all I got was a run around. Well, I AM DONE! I do NOT think I will EVER place another order at! When I Google search for an item in the future and see show up, I WILL STEER CLEAR!
THERE IS NO JOB! I applied through (another false lead way to get a job and/or be hired And is another false lead rip off!). After signing up, there are NO JOBS to be had at least in the "zones" you request. There is a two week window to get hours, but the thing is, there is NO way you can get hours. I desperately need income STAT! But you can't go any farther with this tease you into thinking you can work company. And unless you are computer savvy, you are SOL! The damn app they want you to download onto your phone is NOT user friendly. And they do NOT offer any help or instruction. If you need money, and a job, this is definitely NOT where you need to apply (another rip off is Uber eats. They only have jobs in crime ridden areas. At least in Baltimore, Maryland).
I have an email account with these irritating broken no service SOBS. It is my MAIN email account! I have NOT been able to gain access ( being punished?) for TWO DAYS! And they are REFUSING to do a damn thing about fixing this problem! I have tried TWO browsers. I have tried TWO internet service providers. I have tried going in anonymously. Meanwhile if I'm EVER allowed back in (which I seriously doubt at this point!), I will have so much mail piled up that I will be sitting at my computer until I am dead and buried!! That's if my computer works! Not knowing what the problem is, I am taking it out in frustration on my computers, my keyboards, my mouse ANYTHING that is easy to break with bare hands/and or being able to throw. This is cruel! And as I said, a website that just doesn't give a crap either!!
I ordered a long maxi dress WITH fringed sleeves . What I received was a SLEEVELESS dress! Same style; same color; same print, but no fringe no sleeves!! It was all over the internet shown with a fringe sleeve. It even was on their website with a fringe sleeve. So I inquired to them about this and to make it right. They did refund my money and told me NOT to send the dress back; to either keep it or donate it. This took about three messages back and forth with customer service to resolve this issue. Even though they are out of China, and it takes forever to get your order, their prices are unbelievable! Like Wal-Mart prices (inexpensive). They offer some very cool looking clothes too. So if you aren't in a hurry (this was going to be a second or third choice dress come this December), I would still suggest you check this website out. And I'm still waiting for another order that was out of stock, but told in a later email that they are reordering. Again, an outfit that if it comes great! If not, que sera sera.
It was a personalized mug that I saw as an advertisement on my face book feed. It touched my heart because on the back I could get Forever In My Heart to honor my two cats that are now at the Rainbow Bridge (the two living ones already have their own photo mugs). Except I SCREWED UP! I didn't know that on the form that each cat had their own boxes to check if I wanted angel wings to be attached. Poor dearly departed Tyler did not have angel wings when the mug arrived in a very short amount of time (honestly less than a week! Awesome!!). I could have done a "Frozen" and "Let It Go", but I wanted this mug to be perfect. So I shot off a nice email explaining the situation. And here is what makes a website a cut above the rest! They want to make it right. By sending me a new mug. As long as I sent them a photo (not easy to do Dropbox!), and shipping info, they would get on it and send a corrected replacement. AND, I do NOT have to send the other one back (though I would have at my expense)! Now this is a company worthy of doing business with. And they do keep you informed with emails, so you are not left hanging wondering what is going on. Five stars? There are NOT enough stars of praise for this company!!!!!!!!!! (here are photos front and back of the wrong mug)
The product is Nutra Thrive. It sounded exactly what I needed for my two cats. Plus it was a powder to add to their food instead of trying to shove a pill down their throats. The description of the ailments were some issues I'm dealing with (so I ordered and got roped into FOUR jars instead of trying just one). You have to hit the About tab on their website which after you click onto and scroll to the bottom to Our Promise To You which CLEARLY states you have 90 days if you want a purchase refund. Great! Only problem is you have to CALL them to initiate the refund process (and I hate hate hate making phone calls!). There they make you jump through hoops literally begging you to keep the product and try it a little at a time because you have ninety days to return it. Hello, did you hear me lady on the phone? MY CATS WOULD NOT EAT IT sprinkled on their food! In fact hours later, my 12 year old was crying literally for his dinner (without Nutra Thrive in it). And at $129 for four jars, why should I keep trying? I KNOW MY CATS! When they get a wet food sample, they may not eat their whole portion, but they DO EAT IT willingly (and with gusto). And to ship these jars back the cheapest way cost me $13.95 which I don't have on hand. Either that or I wouldn't get a FULL refund if they had to pay the shipping. Most places pay to have you return their product. A very costly mistake on my part ordering this. And customer service should except NO and not make you jump through hoops either. Order at your own risk.
If ANYBODY is thinking of replacing their roof with this male elementary school baby company who if they can't get their way, turn you in and get you in trouble. Despicable business bar none! My insane HOA thought many roofs in a row needed replacement. Because I refused to move my car (I wasn't getting a new roof) in front of MY HOUSE, David ratted me out to the HOA. When I still refused to move, the HOA sent out a TOW TRUCK! This company had at least FOUR spaces to the left of me to park their endless vehicles. And countless spaces to the right. ONE CAR NOT MOVING was NOT going to make a difference (OR be in their frigging way!). Needless to say, that after having to be forced to move, I cussed the HOA out. Then they THREATENED me AGAIN wanting to sic the brute force bullying police department in my city on me because these babies can't deal with foul language. Here are photos (don't have the one of the shattered screen door they battered rammed breaking the glass, but you can see the edge of it in some of the photos) from 20 May 2013 when the police came and not only damaged my house (leaving $1,658.50 worth of destruction), but left me with PTSD. First an actual tow truck shows up! Then the THREAT of the local police! This is how a senior citizen is treated!
I have a Nook, so I thought I would order three books on a subject that recently caught my interest. I ordered from the Nook's manufacturer. Since my Nook was never updated, it would not download any book purchases. Now I would literally have to have a book if I wanted to read about this subject. Fine. Books A Million was the ONLY seller that had ALL three. So I placed an online order. Well, they PROCESSED TWO and SENT TWO, but the third (and the one based on the Showtime series) was NEVER sent and was listed as pending. I could NOT change payment method, nor could I cancel the order and shop from a vendor who would gladly send me the book. I went on chat. Yes, they cancelled the order, but they NEVER EVER gave an explanation of why they REFUSED to send the book or why it was CONSTANTLY pending (or what that meant for that matter!). Because of this, I will think twice about placing a book purchase online from Books A Million in the future.
It's THREE months since I was promised in an email that my item was shipped. I called them out on it this morning in an email. Their response? I had to CALL on the telephone to resolve this issue. I DO NOT DO TELEPHONE! So, I will NEVER EVER get the damn item that I ordered in good faith. #STAYAWAY!
Kept waiting since Christmas 2017 for two FREE watches (MY CHOICE!); just pay shipping. Reasonable. When I had not received the TWO watches, I called them out on it when they sent another email hawking more products. Lo and behold, ONE watch came today. But they SUBSTITUTED an atrocious color combo without even consulting me. On top of that, the LED Lego Digital watch came with NO instructions on how to set it. I am so tired of placing an order on a website and EXPECTING what I ordered, but getting a substitution without even consulting me. #disappointed! The second watch arrived today. If that is a GREEN colored watch (TRY BLUE!), then I am African American! Doesn't ANYBODY know what the color green looks like? Trust me, it's NOT teal, sea foam, et al!!!
I placed an order for TWO books November 25, 2016 due to one of their come on coupon emails. Got an email that the books were shipped November 26, 2016. Waiting and WAITING, I went to the post off with the tracking information (still reading at the PO November 29, 2016) in DECEMBER! I was told UPS was using a third party to deliver merchandise. I CALLED UPS. They told me to take this concern to the POST OFFICE. I called Barnes and Noble EXTREMELY irate (yes, maybe I was yelling! Wouldn't you?). Besides telling me to have a professional attitude, customer service would NOT help me! The resolution there was a CREDIT! I hope!! Never checked. I STILL WANT MY DAMN BOOKS! Now, not only do I have to reorder some where else (like Amazon who do deliver timely!), but have the cash. I had this same problem with Shutterfly (non delivery of an order). Not only were they courteous, but they made sure another order was made (gratis) and SHIPPED and DELIVERED timely! I WILL NEVER EVER ORDER ONLINE FROM BARNES AND NOBLE AGAIN! I'll just drive the twenty miles one way to the store. They suck and don't give a $#*! (no wonder brick and mortal book stores are becoming dinosaurs!). Want books? Order from Amazon!
When I saw an ad online for the soon to be Uber delivery service, I was intrigued enough to sign up. What I did not know is it would take TWO DAYS to sign up! I started at home taking pictures of the documents they wanted and sending them. Four hours later pulling in for coffee, the first text started for me to resend the pictures. Then hours later at my volunteer job, I was doing it again. Even when I got home, this continued into the night, with emails as well. Just how many times do you need to send the requested pictures until your account goes from pending to activated? It's not that I don't have patience, it's just multiple communication can become irritating and annoying. It took THREE DAYS (after angry communication from me to them to please STOP!) to find out it was multiple computer generated messages. Have patience if you want to try and sign up with Uber. And don't have a temper like I do!
Not only are their shortbread cookies the most delicious cookies on the planet (and they get the consistency perfectly!), but you can order cookies in tins. And they have quite a few that are adorable and very sturdy too. But what I am MOST impressed with is the time from ordering to shipping to delivery. I placed an order (via an email offer) and not only did they kept me informed of when they received my order to when they were shipping it, but it only took TWO DAYS! #unbelievable! Now that's bloody good service if I may say so myself! Can't wait to dig in tomorrow with my morning coffee!
I am a sucker when I can put my two cats Trevor and Trey on useful objects. In this case, it was a tee shirt. Bonus was I could get a gorgeous shade of green. The end result was REMARKABLE! Their picture came out very clear and I loved the font they used for their names. GearBubble also kept me informed from receiving my order to shipping via emails. I am very VERY pleased! I will wear this shirt PROUDLY (and show off my boys)! I like to say this was a Christmas gift from them!!
I have a code. First those insensitive jack wagons refused me access because I was on a desktop computer. So I went to an iphone. Since I didn't know my damn password, I requested a confirmation code. Which they did NOT send timely. I then kept submitting and had a ton of codes that they would NOT let me use to reset a password. The cruel morons locked me out and told me to try later. WELL, I'M HERE NOW SOBs!! I am switching my soda of choice FROM pepsi TO COKE! They can just die!!

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