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AARP has a consumer rating of 2.49 stars from 152 reviews indicating that most customers are generally dissatisfied with their purchases. Consumers complaining about AARP most frequently mention customer service, car insurance and senior citizens problems. AARP ranks 2nd among Retirement sites.

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Positive reviews (last 12 months): 8.9%
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  • AARP's customer service is horrible in the state of AZ.
  • Car insurance and health insurance cheaper if you dont go through aarp.
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Top Positive Review

“Amazing service”

Kurt M.

Spoke with a David Brooks, a specialist at AARP upon signing up for benefits. This was the best customer service I've had in a long time. Speaking with David was a very enjoyable experience and he definitely knew his job. He was very knowledgeable in his field and was able to answer all my questions. I look forward to dealing with him and the company in the future.

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Top Critical Review

“AARP is a total scam”

$#*! J.

They give you a bunch of points for exercise and quizzes and other things that you can mostly use only for getting $5 off of a $50 gift card somewhere. You get a better deal and the hotel reward points by going directly to the hotel website than through AARP. Now, they took away their useless points once and the replacement points are expiring starting in January 2021. The whole thing is a complete waste of time. Their Medicare advantage plans suck as well.

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customer service (11) car insurance (9) life insurance (6) 3 months (5) 3 years (4) auto insurance (6) junk mail (4)
1 review
6 helpful votes
December 8th, 2020

They give you a bunch of points for exercise and quizzes and other things that you can mostly use only for getting $5 off of a $50 gift card somewhere. You get a better deal and the hotel reward points by going directly to the hotel website than through AARP. Now, they took away their useless points once and the replacement points are expiring starting in January 2021. The whole thing is a complete waste of time. Their Medicare advantage plans suck as well.

1 review
16 helpful votes
May 31st, 2020

I do not recommend purchasing AARP at all! This is the best possible way to waste your money! There aren't any benefits that I can use. I purchased 3 years. I just gave away my money to them for Nothing! You have to go to specific restaurants to get a 10% discount, which is nothing compared to the prices. On top of that I don't eat out at those places. The free gift is so cheaply made that it wasn't worth getting either! I won't ever renew any part of AARP company!

2 reviews
17 helpful votes
June 18th, 2020

I joined in 2018. I did not find any value to the membership. Constant spam mail to buy their life insurance. The discounts they promise are Senior Citizen discounts, not AARP discounts. So I didn't re-join. THAT'S when the real fun started. I received dozens upon dozens of pieces of spam mail both real and electronic. At least ten were labeled or prefaced by "... last chance to re-join!" They finally stopped and now I'm getting a renewed campaign to join up. I sure would love to get off their mailing list, do you think this will do it? Lol

1 review
12 helpful votes
August 7th, 2020

I joined AARP to reap the benefits afforded to people over 50 but was shocked by what I did get. Endless snail mail offering Life Insurance etc. I finally had to google for a method to get it stopped, and did. A constant stream of emails that when opened were so completely cluttered it made me tired just looking at them. They offered so many choices of things to read and advertisements it was mind blowing. I had to unsubscribe from several of them to keep my box from filling up with AARP. After a couple of years, I've only used my discount once. It has been a complete disappointment.
It occurred to me that AARP is more interested in making $$$ than it is in serving the needs of the elderly. I wish a new program would be developed for those of us 50+ that focused on simplicity could be generated featuring articles that are decluttered and pertinent to our situations. (In fairness AARP does have some of these.) A tab for information like Life Insurance, Hearing Aids, Long Term Care Information etc. only if you want it, not sent to everyone. A place to access all the benefits of the program to learn what discounts your membership entitles you to. A section for travel and recommendations of companies all streamlined and easy to access.

1 review
16 helpful votes
February 3rd, 2020

UHC prescription drug plan while cheaper is worthless. Absolutely do not choose the MY UHC prescription drug plan unless you prefer waiting for weeks to jump through the hoops to get a "specialty drug." Customer service totally lacking in knowledge, as a last resort they transfer you to the "specialty" to complete your prescription. In our case nearly six weeks of back and forth and still no Enbrel or the generic. Switch to Humana or any other but do not select UHC.

1 review
21 helpful votes
February 19th, 2020

There are zero stars... AARP's customer service is horrible in the state of AZ. I have called several times to no avail of satisfaction. Emails have been sent and nothing. I truly am so DISPLEASED that I will not renew membership! Also, I have tried to call Corporate and again nothing. This such is bull---t. Too many employed and not enough service. I would never recommend AARP to anyone ever! Should anyone reading this at AARP care enough to contact me to assist; my email can be found under my plan # of *******286. Thank you.

1 review
24 helpful votes
March 16th, 2020

Based on AARP's recommendation I purchased Medicare Part D fro United Healthcare. They spent 3 months telling me that I had other coverage from the employer that I retired from. We finally got that worked out and I find out that they have been overcharging me since August 2019 through April of 2020. After spending 3 hours on the phone and finally talking to someone they said sorry nothing they can do and they will continue charging me too much. Do not make the mistake of trusting an AARP recommendation or buying insurance from United Healthcare.

1 review
2 helpful votes
December 3rd, 2020

We carry AARP supplementary insurance. Both policies are important, but we have had difficulty with switching billing from autopay to paper billing. After 4 calls of trying to resolve the issues, I received a notice that our accounts were soon to become delinquent and cancelled. The service reps in the first calls assured me that they would immediately send a paper statement. They never came, hence the all telling me that we were delinquent. I made the credit card payment but have virtually no confidence that I will receive a paper statement. I assume the battle will rage indefinitely. I will say that every service person I ever talked to in my 17 years with at AARP are professional and friendly. The last four simply could not make billing happen. I just talked to the billing office. The rep there sounds promising.

Tip for consumers:
Never assume that a resolution has been reached when talking to a customer service rep. You will need to be dogged in follow-up. You will need to jump all their hurdles to reach someone, probably more than once, twice or three times. This is a very different from other experiences I have had with AARP.

Products used:
AARP supplementary insurance.

2 reviews
16 helpful votes
June 26th, 2020

Over the last few years AARP has continued to send me information claiming that I expressed interest in joining them. I have never expressed interest in them. They keep telling me it will take a few weeks to stop the mailings. They have been telling me that for almost a year!
They're spending money to mail the information that I don't want!

1 review
16 helpful votes
October 14th, 2020

In a mailing i received on 10-14-2020, they want me to believe that Trump is in process of eliminating funding for SSA. He did suspend the payroll deduction tax on employers for employees making less than 100k per year as a reaction to the pandemic. The operative word is defer rather than eliminate yet AARP not only sends an inflammatory written letter to their membership but wants you to sign the petition to he and both speakers. This is inflammatory to the voter base and false information within 20 days of an election. I will not be a part of this and cancelled my subscription today.

1 review
14 helpful votes
July 3rd, 2020

I signed up for the AARP Driver Review course to receive an insurance discount. I immediately started the 6 hour program. I had several problems with the program not advancing and having to restart a particular module. The biggest problem came after I logged out and returned 45 minutes later to continue. To my amazement, it didn't save any of my 3 hours of work even though it said you can stop at any time and pick back up where you left off. I tried calling but they were closed. I sent an e-mail and I received an automated response that they are backed up beyond the usual 72 hour response time! I can't believe this organization. I will never consider them for any of their products or services. They had no problem taking my money and now that I have a problem their customer service is terrible.

1 review
29 helpful votes
December 13th, 2019

This is the one company that Locksmiths will tell you is the most difficult to work with. They never refunded my $125. I had to file 3 claims for a tow truck, before they finally provided the right size for me, when I gave specific instructions on what I needed. Also, who knows why they have American in their name, because anybody that you speak to will be Middle Eastern and you'll have a pleasant tango of both of you figuring out what the other is saying. Don't waste your money, like I did.

1 review
11 helpful votes
January 8th, 2021

AARP sells your personal information to third rate company's! AARP constantly fills my mailbox with junk mail. Even though I cancelled my membership over 2 years ago when I realized that all the company's
Recommended by AARP were third rate company's and very expensive. It was 8 years before I realized
That never received there free gift. However I have seen plenty of there free gifts still in the plastic wrappers in my buildings dumpster!
I live in a huge (Seniors only) development called Century Village in Boca Raton, Florida When I shared this experience at our board meeting I found out that dead residents were being renewed for 5 years and there grandchildren were stuck with the junk mail!
After I told them to stop emailing me over 2 years ago and to stop giving my address out!
This week alone I RECEIVED 5 forms of correspondence!

1 review
15 helpful votes
August 24th, 2020

AARP is a total rip off for US Seniors. The CEO cares more about political socialist activism than Seniors!

1 review
10 helpful votes
July 18th, 2020

I sent all information in to get insurance on my car and when ever thing was approved I sent payment. After that they canceled my insurance and left me hanging with 7 days left to get coverage.My advice for it is worth is not to have ant dealings with AARP. I should have looked at there ratings before doing any with them. There ratings are very bad.

1 review
9 helpful votes
June 2nd, 2020

I renewed our membership for AARP recently. I tried to do it online. I should have just mailed it in. I know that I marked it for 5 years to save money, but it jumped me down to one year. I called to talk to someone about it. The person was so rude. I think that I must have interrupted her dinner. I couldn't understand what she was saying, so she repeated it rudely. She was rude in everything she said. I told her that I marked the 5 year. She said no I didn't. Sorry. I told her that she was rude. Not sure if we will renew.

1 review
15 helpful votes
July 16th, 2020

I have been a member fir more that 20 years. I remained member only to support the Senior cause. Hiwever, in my opinion, it's purely a commercial venture in the name of seniors. Recently I and my wife took online driver safety course. We were overcharged by Ignoring their ownPromotional and membership discount, Even after completing The course, we were unable to download or print the certificate due to their glitch.We wrote fir weeks but got no response, no solution and no apology. Calling was useless as no one picked up the phone under the excuse of COVID 19.
The most frustrating aspect is lack of accountability, communication and apathy towards the members.

1 review
12 helpful votes
July 1st, 2020

Nothing I can use. I don't travel or eat out, especially now during Covid. It may be of value to some just not me.

3 reviews
19 helpful votes
February 29th, 2020

If you compare what they offer for just about everything, you can do better somewhere else. I have no idea where the money I sent to them is going. I still have 2 more years, but I will not renew.

1 review
1 helpful vote
October 28th, 2020

Spoke with a David Brooks, a specialist at AARP upon signing up for benefits. This was the best customer service I've had in a long time. Speaking with David was a very enjoyable experience and he definitely knew his job. He was very knowledgeable in his field and was able to answer all my questions. I look forward to dealing with him and the company in the future.

1 review
8 helpful votes
January 11th, 2021

I'm ashamed to say I have been a member of AARP for 13 years. All that time, things were bothering me, but I pushed them aside. After all, this is AARP, the trusted organization that fights for and supports seniors.

Every year they sent me a renewal notice. I would look in my records, see I was fine for another year or two or five, throw it away, and grumble. This year I got the renewal notice and paid it. (Keep in mind I was set up with auto renew because I could not change it. I'd change it, but it would always reset.)

When I received my new card, exp. March 2026, I put it in my wallet and saw my old card exp. March 2025. I still had over four years left. Why did they take my $12 for renewal without a word? And why did they send me a renewal notice AGAIN?

I called to get my $12 back and to complain about this practice. Brittany and Allison, when asked for their last name or employee number, both said they didn't have them. Strange! I got my $12 refund, or so they said.

I got to thinking about my membership. 1. I throw the magazine away because it is of no substance; just a lot of ads that target old people. 2. Every time I look at their discounts, I find they are minuscule and I can save a lot more money on my own or with my credit card, or with my auto club card. 3. They are making millions off seniors who don't need to renew, but renew anyway because AARP sends them a renewal notice every year when their membership is not expiring. 4. The employees are lying and don't want anything coming back to them when they refuse to give their id numbers.

After much reflection, I realize this is one of the biggest scams in our country and we seniors have bought into it. I cancelled my membership and they say they are refunding my $50 + But time will tell.

I'm ashamed for swallowing the lies for 13 years. But no more.

1 review
1 helpful vote
February 20th, 2021

AARP offers lots of resources - not just discounts. They offer exercise deals, free income tax preparation, drivers classes for insurance discounts, computer & technology training. Lots of discounts at restaurants, and freebies from fast food places. Annual membership is cheap.

2 reviews
8 helpful votes
March 5th, 2020

When i turned 50 i received an invitation to join AARP. I declinded the membership because it doesn't relate to my interests. I have received advertisments in the mail about senior citzen complexes and step in tubs.The magazine and newspaper aren't exciting.The magazine promotes jitterbug and consumer cellular. Phone services which aren't geared to my needs.

1 review
18 helpful votes
March 15th, 2020

Paying for nothing. Car insurance race premium as you get older. The older you get the more money you pay, consumer Cellular is a joke.

1 review
5 helpful votes
January 19th, 2021

I sing up for AARP. I pay for the whole year. Never received nothing. A magazine or a bag that they were going to send me. I lost all my money. I think they just get your money and thats it. I will never sing up with them.

Q&A (7)


I did not know AARP endorsed Suze Orman! That's disgusting! That woman ripped off so many others she needs to be barred from using the AARP website! PERMANENTLY! It's shameful that a woman would takeONE red penny from AARP or any other person in the world. She cheated people out of millions! For shame, Orman!

By Terry R.

AARP is just not worth it to me. All the services and insurances they offer, are not a good deal. So they aren't doing me or my husband any favors.

By Debbie L.

Yes. The membership is together one account, The spouse and the primary get the same year/years.

By S Y.

I wouldn't signup with AARP for love nor money... and money is what it will cost you and you will get nothing, zippo, zero from them but a "run around" and junk mail. They are worthless.

By Judith K.

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