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1 review
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a few months ago I received what look like a bill from AARP telling me that if I wanted to be a member in good standing to pay the bill I immediately took a picture of this and sent it to the District Attorney's Office in Pennsylvania. It was an advertisement and not a bill and the reason I sent it to the district attorney's office was because I'm sure there are senior citizens out there who would not even think twice and just pay the bill because that's the kind of people they are but it was a shyster Shady move on the part of AARP turns out AARP sends what looks like a list of computer addresses and tells the district attorney that I had requested this information but you know what the funny thing is I don't even have a computer

1 review
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The apps never work! Continuously get an error message. Have to call every time I need something I should be able to do on the app!

1 review
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Bought a "smart" phone from Jitterbug after seeing your ads. Horrible situation: phone never worked, kept dieing on me mid conversation. Went to return and problems became bigger. They told me to send it to them and they would credit me after examining phone. They refused any service after they got the phone. I questioned their "time" charges and they sent me the most "insane pages of "charges" that each ended in ZERO. They said I agreed to this plan but consent was given over the phone and this was no plan I accepted. No contract papers were ever sent to me. After numerous phone calls they agreed to refund me $100 if I sent the receipt and papers I had - I sent and never heard from them again. It has been nearly 3 months (I have been sick) and I guess I write it off as they appear to have written me off. Please beware of this company and their shady your ads.

1 review
2 helpful votes

Why apply for 3 years (received card) (check was cashed) and not receive free gift but instead received 2nd application. Is this just some revenue enhancement technique or does AARP believe when you get older you forget what you pay for. Very bad business!!!!!!

1 review
3 helpful votes

Misled by rep about my refund cancellation. Refund if cancelled in 24 hours.... flight yes - hotel part of package no, however was told probably would be charged a % and couldn't say how timely a return. Never traveled out of the country so my first booking. Allowed myself to be pressured to make the reservation "only 7 slots left - don't want to lose this deal." I am presently out over $1,800!
This is supposed to be an organization that assists individuals over 50 not cheat them. Dropping my membership.

1 review
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Digging thru all of the marketing is frustrating, but learning that almost all of AARP's political lobbying and support goes to Democrats. Not like that should matter, but they are spending membership money to support their own political interests. Will not be renewing the membership.

1 review
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I was sent a advertisement for the Hartford to get an AARP quote 4 Auto Insurance. The Hartford insurance rap over the phone stated they couldn't give me a quote until I was an AARP Member for 90 days. The advertisement sent to me said I could get a free calculator with a quote. Nowhere in their advertisement did it State I needed to wait 90 days just simply get a quote from the Hartford. This is a bait and switch tactic, and false advertisement. The representative with the Hartford said, it doesn't say anything on the advertisement, because it would be... Information overload. The Hartford is obviously a joke, and I tried to contact AARP, but there's no way to do so.

1 review
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Like almost every other review, all I got from this membership was a fee and an abundance of unwanted mail and phone solicitation. I could fill up a large garbage bag every week from the nonsense offers I get on an almost daily basis. I didn't renew after one year and I get at least two renewal notices a week from them, on top of the businesses they sold my info to. I have at least 60 numbers blocked on my phone because of these pigs.

1 review
1 helpful vote

Car insurance and health insurance cheaper if you dont go through aarp. It is clear by pricing that aarp gets a commission or kickback from these insurance companies. Discounts on vacations movies cars etc. can be found on other free sites that are better deals than aarp. If discounts on insurance and consumer products are better elsewhere then why belong to aarp. On top of commissions and kickbacks they have nerve to ask for donations. Plus I dont agree with half their lobbying efforts in congress. Their organization used to be of benefit to senior citizens. Now they are fraudulent organization protected by congressmen they give "donations" to.

1 review
3 helpful votes

I signed up for AARP when I turned 50,16 years ago, and almost immediately started receiving tellemarketing calls. At the time, we only had a home phone and, unaware why this was happening, I signed up for the 'do not call' with the Dept. of Agriculture. Every day it was something new, windows, plumbing, someone wanting to buy our home. In the meantime, I got a cell phone and the calls started on that, too. It took me 3 years to realize where all of these calls were orignating from. I called AARP and they actually admitted to selling member names for profit. I was furious! It took several years after getting rid of AARP to stop receiving unwanted calls but the damage was done. NEVER again! I won't take United Healthcare supplemental Medicare insurance because its written by AARP. They definitely create alot of problems for members as well as the outrageous cost of Hartford insurance. Get a quote and when they write the policy, it will be $1,000 over quote. If you don't take it, they report you to the state and you'll get a letter that your license is suspended for no insurance, even if you've purchased a policy elsewhere. AARP and their co-conspirators will definitely cause you heartache

1 review
2 helpful votes

I joined AARP in September I could start getting the magazines.Almost 3 months later I haven't received a magazine.They always have a excuse.I'm sick of it.I told them to cancel my membership and to refund my money.

1 review
3 helpful votes

I just cancelled my membership of many years.
I had Humana, I came down with a pulled muscle during exercise I went to rehabilitation and paid one time fee of 10.00 dollars.
I changed to the AARP United Health Care, I came down with sciatica, needed rehabilitation but with United it would have cost me $40.00 per visit, so I could not afford to received the treatment, therefore I am leaving UNITED.
For many years I had AARP affiliate home and auto insurance, a friend who also left ARRP recommended I check else where, I did and found the same exact coverage on both policies for $996.00 dollars less than what I was paying with AARP sponsored insurance.
You would think that AARP would use the volume as leverage to negotiate lower prices and better service but as my experience reveals that is not the case

1 review
5 helpful votes

When you cancel they still go after you for money they are not very Honest so PLEASE ask every thing you need to know what happens when you cancel before renewal time cause you can get ripped off and not get your money back Buyer beware

1 review
4 helpful votes

Bought an AARP plan covering my wife and I and a couple roadside assistance plan. Tried to use it and received multiple charges to my credit card whicg no one could explain over 4 calls to Indian Call Center where no one spoke enough English to understand. Had to cancel a cresit card and wait for a new one because of the fraud. I highly recommend YOU DO NOT get this service. You will be disappointed and likely robbed.

1 review
11 helpful votes

I was looking at a copy of AARP in the doctor's office. On the cover was a picture of Hanoi Jane Fonda. AARP is for older people like myself. 90% of Vietnam vets are my age and 90% of them hate Jane Fonda. How much in tune with people my age can they be?

2 reviews
8 helpful votes

i can't block the emails either i get tons of email from their caregiver sweepstakes because they blocked my profile and email for no reason aarp is a horrible company and has very lousy customer service I would not recommend them to anyone.

1 review
4 helpful votes

Canadians are blocked from website access! No way to check profile or membership information. Why? I do business with many US-based organizations - Avis, hotel chains, etc. Only way to get information is to persist through the labyrinth of phone options.

1 review
7 helpful votes

I was told when I signed up for Aarp my car insurance would be 188.00 then they went and took 274.00 then I called them they said I have another driver I live by myself no one drives my car but me I have a 2005 Jeep Cherokee really I have plpd the lady lied to me on the phone saying 188.00 a month so upset

1 review
5 helpful votes

I called today for an auto insurance quote. The insurance agent, Jake Bryant, was polite, but was not knowledgeable and during our 18 minute phone conversation excused himself for inordinately long periods to consult with a supervisor regarding elementary questions. My concern is that Bryant may be representative of THE HARTFORD auto insurance business model. That said AARP,independent of THE HARFORD is a great Represetative of its members.

3 reviews
14 helpful votes

I had order the AARP membership (as advertise on TV) for the one year and add a friend for $16.00, "AND" get the AARP monthly """"AND""" a free travel bag, got the cards and the AARP monthly but didn't get the travel bag. After waiting over 3 months I call customer service to ask about it, where I got ahold of the """RUDEST""" customer service man I have ever talked to in my 70 years of life, He "VERY BLUNTLY" told me you don't get the bag without a special request for it, then hung up on me ( that is ""NOT" what there ad says) ((I still never got it and they are "NOT" going to get anymore business from me, besides I will be letting "ALL" my friends know how there customer service is

1 review
9 helpful votes

I was very happy to be a member until their political views opposed what I believe. I am no longer a member due to this. Who decides their views? I am a member of other groups old enough for AARP and this is the view of most members. AARP is losing many who liked being a part of this group by it's political views.

1 review
10 helpful votes

WARNING!!! DO NOT ASK AARP FOR INFORMATION ON HEALTH INSURANCE! I filled out the contact me form at their website and have been inundated with sales calls every single day to the tune of 12-20 calls each day,. Even though I have asked each caller to take me off their list, the calls keep coming fro different numbers all over the country. I finally called AARP and was told it would take 2 weeks to have my number removed from third party vendors. I am so disgusted with AARP for allowing this happen !!! Why would I want to renew my membership??? I thought you were here to help seniors.

Gary B.
2 reviews
6 helpful votes

This organization is a mess, I would not trust them. I tried signing up online and received an error message when processing payment, called their customer service line and got a nice young lady who told me you can only sign up by phone, really? After much confusion on her part and taking my credit card info she said she could not process it since their payment system was not working, again, really? She said the only way was to send a check, wow. I of course refused and after a long hold she said another agent could take my credit card info. At that point I knew this was not an organization I want to be associated with at all. Stay clear, they are not at all organized and not worth the hassle.

Tip for consumers: Don't bother, this organization is run poorly.

9 reviews
36 helpful votes

What can I say nice about AARP? Hmmm, nothing at all.
The only people making money is the AARP lobbyists in DC who are suppose to be helping senior citizens.
This organization is the worst when it comes to postal mailings. 2-3 times a week they try to tempt you with a "free" gift to join. Try to get off their mailing list is something to behold. This organization needs to stop spamming people and tend to business in DC to help ensure seniors are not taken advantage of, but then they would be doing quite the opposite. THEY ARE THE ONES TAKING ADVANTAGE OF SENIORS.
Insurance coverages from health to auto etc is much cheaper on your own than going through AARP who in fact get a percentage finders fee when you buy from them. Travel deals are no different.
Save your money, don't join this useless organization. Membership is down, wonder why?

4 reviews
7 helpful votes

was a member for 2 years then every 3 or 4 months i got another bill paid again then again another bill no more i am happy to say not a member and will never be one again. rape off. mrs gomez

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