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16 Reviews by Cris

MEDIUM LUMBAR scoliosis brace fits up to 35" waist I am 31".
Need to exchange for a LARGE NOT paying $12.99 to exchange a MEDICAL DEVICE with misleading size chart.
I can't get ANYONE to give me a return address for this too small, useless brace.
I am the trustee of an educational account, left for my son from my mother, who died.
I spent over 2 hours on the phone with them today, because they are blocking purchases of things he needs for college.
Some of the computer parts went through while others were blocked.
There is hundreds of thousands of dollars in the account, and they are worried about $3,000.00 in purchases that makes sense for college, like BOOKS!
WHY block books being bought at an actual UNIVERSITY book store?
They had no answer for me as to why this was happening.
I want to call my financial adviser that is separate from the actual bank, and just get the hell out.
Who wants to enter all that information into a robotic system, to verify every purchase? Then they make you sit on hold for 25 minutes while "we assist other customers".
Its bull$#*!tery, and I am sick of their crappy service.
My financial adviser gets paid over $2,000.00 (per transaction) for taking a required percentage from an annuity, to "roll over" to another account.

Using a credit card should not give me so much anxiety.
Remembering WE ALL BAILED them out, and this is what we get back.
I purchased a KANDY PEN (Donuts) about a year ago from the CT Medical marijuana dispensary I go to.
I saved the receipt and the vape pen for concentrates is still working. The only problem I had was, where you unscrew the chamber, the threading became stripped, so it was wobbly and would not hold together.
I messaged Chris in customer service, and he sent a ticket with a number. They had me make a short 10 second video (twice now) to show the threads were indeed, stripped. I never had to mail back any part.
I had the part in 2 days and I shipped back nothing.
The problem is, the battery chamber(s) they mailed out twice, so far, DO NOT WORK. They sent me a part that was the wrong one altogether, so that is 3 tries, and still I have a broken Kandy Pen.
It's super stupid to mail a customer with a LIFETIME GUARANTEE, broken parts, to "make me whole"? I still have nothing and they stopped responding to my emails.
I would not trust them at all.
We are so done....and I am tweeting this.
There is no place where you choose the size of the rug, that says "low inventory". I ordered (2) 2 x 4 area rugs to match the 8 x 8 rug for my bedroom, with newly sanded floors. Then I get an email, that "due to low inventory" some or part of the shipment may not be available.
I send an email telling them to cancel.
They shipped ONE carpet anyways.
I refused delivery and I emailed KARLA showing her the time I emailed the cancelation. She then showed the time UPS came to pick it up from them. 5 hours AFTER I canceled.
Not a fan of RUG STUDIO.
Their prices are higher then OVERSTOCKS for the exact same carpeting.
FREE SHIPPING and no snotty clerk to deal with.
Blaming the customer when your company admits they are "low on inventory" which in my interpretation ='s we are OUT OF IT RIGHT NOW.

KARLA still could not give me a date as to when the other area rug would come in. If it was a week or two, I would have waited. The end of September when its August 15th is way too long for the room to wait.

WAYFAIR is even better.
I have 2 email address'es, and I was having technical problems booking so I called.
She processed the rent, but then, I had no connection to the "owners". I could not go back and forth through my email, everything was auto-generated. The two phone number for the owners, did not work. One was out of order and the other said, "you cannot call this number from your location, good bye." What is that? So, I paid over 2 grand, and my dates are blocked out, but do not know the condo #, or how to get in. When you are on the phone with customer service, they are not giving you their full attention. People are giggling and fooling around, and this is a bunch of money for me. I expect decent service, and this place (also connected to vrbo) does NOT have it. Thinking back, every single vacation rental website, has burned me or made it super stressful to book. Who ties the shoes for some of these reps?
My "partial-spiral" perm (the top was rolled regular) that cost $110.00, is flat on the right side at the highest, shortest layer,
I get people make mistakes but own it.
Blame the customer not the best resolution.

I have been getting perms for 30 years and I know the process. The rods were not soaked enough (I always require 2 bottles due to length) nor rinsed very well.
I know how many towels past stylist use to blot all the water out.
She rolled my shoulder length hair in less than 20 minutes and it usually takes 90 minutes to 2 hours.
I knew then that this was going to be a "wash",

I wanted my hair done for our 25th wedding anniversary.

The shop owner said they would give me a "partial refund" of the $110.00 I paid.
I got zero back of the tip. ($20.00)
So, I ended up paying $55.00 + tip = $75.00, to leave with straw hair, flat as a pancake on the right side.
What did I get for $55.00? Not even my bangs trimmed.
This is a resolution?
It cost me more then that in deep conditioning treatments to try and allow me to look like a human.
She has no business charging $110.00 for any perm.

They are now trying to have my reviews shortened or removed....that's rich.
Off I go asserting my first amendment right. Tell that to your attorney father in law.
American Airlines sucks!
Their planes are all in need of service. I have been on 2 flights from Miami to Montego Bay that had to turn around due to mechanical problems.
They lost my luggage for a week on a DIRECT FLIGHT.

This past June 30th, we had 12 delays leaving Mobay due to "mechanical problems". We missed out connection, and re-booked me to row 23, MIDDLE SEAT, THE NEXT DAY, when we paid for priority first class due to a recent back fusion. (January 2016 surgery)

CARTER who messed up the re-booking on purpose, failed to give us the "distress voucher" for a lower rate on the Miami Intl Hotel bill that was $168.00, plus the FIRST CLASS DINNER we did not get.

I had to use TWITTER to get one of their TEXAS EXECUTIVE CRONIES, to call my home. They kept saying, "because you are angry I was going to send you 2 more $200.00 vouchers, but not anymore. ANGRY because you took over a MONTH TO CALL US so you with hold compensation I DO NOT WANT ANYWAYS?

That;s rich.....cheapskates with their take over.....they are going to burn and crash and go out of business, Worst record of EVERY AIRLINE at LOSING LUGGAGE and most delays too....because their planes are flying when they should be getting serviced,

They emailed me 2 useless vouchers that do not make up for the MONEY WE SPENT ON FIRST CLASS They now claim they have reimbursed my AA credit card $73.00 (THAT'S IT) but since I canceled their stinking card while fuming in MIAMI, I do not see how we will ever get that insulating refund back.
I would not get on an AA flight for free....the vouchers will be given to MAKE-A-WISH.

Last week, a plane caught on fire in the air.
They are in denial of their planes conditions over greed.
They only give service to BUSINESS PEOPLE who fly 3 x's a week/
They asked me to give them a second chance and they blew it again.
I was suppose to be ticketed all the way through with a wheel chair, but when we landed late in MIAMI, there was no wheel chair and NOBODY to drive the electric car they shoved me on for 30 minutes! I was abandoned in a hallway where NOBODY would have ever seen me. My husband when looking for help, but there was no person available to drive it, and it was only 7:30PM. I was in tears trying to hobble with my cane, around the corner, to a seating area. It was the worst nightmare of a flight. 2 days to get home.

Then, some "CARTER" woman in re-booking(MIAMI) gave us a ticket to PHILLY with no seat, and no ticket for the next leg to BDL. (we were suppose to go from MIAMI to BDL.) They violate ADA laws all the time.
I saw MANY HANDICAPPED humans slumping to the "back of the bus" where they stuck me. THEY DO NOT HOLD ANY BULKHEAD SEATS FOR DISABLED HUMANS AS REQUIRED BY LAW.....NEVER EVER!

Karma knows everyone's address Connie Garrison, in the AA TEXAS office.
What a douche she turned out to be.
She said she was going to give us $600..00 back in cash that turned out to be ZERO.
I tweet the US- DOT law to them every day and I will continue to trash them as often as I can.
I have also filled out the US- DOT Complaint VIOLATION FORM with a copy of my itinerary plus all the ticket stubs. I SAVE EVERYTHING and it will all be attached to the complaint that comes with a $275,000.00 MINIMUM FINE for them "abandoning a disabled passenger and having NO WHEEL CHAIR or electric car when I was ticketed all the way through to have this,
We paid $2,200.00 for the WORST FLIGHT OF OUR LIVES.
US - DOT accessibility rules under the Air Carrier Act (14 CFR part 382)
Aviation Consumer Protection Division C-75-D


Tip for consumers: Do not fly on AMERICAN AIRLINES!

We planned from Feb 2016 to go to Jamaica for the month of June. We got in touch wityh Zoltan who rents his own house (we found that out when we got there) and others properties.
He stayed in touch and responded to questions about what was in the condo.
Every single response was a lie. He did not even have a coffee pot. It was HIS actual house, and his parents were there as well as two guys from Germany.
There wax no room for our 21 year old son.
It was also getting to be dark and we had no place to go.
Zoltan actually laughed the whole time. He thought is was funny.

His profile pic must have been taken over 20 years ago.
The house was not like the pictures and Zoltan is an arrogant jerk.
If any family who knows nobody in Jamaica arrived to this, they could be in harms way!
They allow this idiot to stay on their site.
They are asking me to delete my tweets about ZOLTAN.
Its never going to happen.
Luckily, I wrote a sweet review the prior year about Sugar Pot Ruins Beach.
We drove there and told the owner Josh.
He called his partner over and they agreed to clean their own condo, and handed us the keys.
This travel place should not allow anyone who puts people in "harms way" to stay on and do it again and again.
I went back in time on Zoltans other reviews.
He uses " a pipe broke" OR, "I overbooked" as excuses, ONCE YOU GET THERE!
We got, "I overbooked", even though we had been texting back and forth for days. I CALLED him on the phone when we landed and he did not say a word,, about being "over booked."
No accountability.
The only place to get them is on TWITTER.
I saved the receipt from where we are now, plus the print out of the receipt from Zoltans Sugar Pot beach villa, because there are actual money damages, on top of mental anguish.

This is so not over, but not spending our time in Jamaica, fighting, with AIRBNB or Zoltan.
I did get my deposit refunded by TWEETING about the terrible experience.
HOLLY, MI 48442
******* - ONLY contact information in the confirmation email and it is a BOGUS email address.
They claim they have no 800 phone number to "keep costs down".
PROBLEM is, they have NO PHONE NUMBER to call at all.

I have heard nothing from them since I yelled at them on their online form.
Calling my VISA to cancel my order before they rob me worse.


CVS Caremark
The CVS on North Main Street, in Manchester, CT. is the WORST CVS in our town.
I was talking to others in the line we were in, and everyone was saying, it is just this one CVS "that does not care."
My neurosurgeons office, called in my prescription REFILL at 9:10AM.
They called me right after and told me. They did not say, "we will call it in at the end of the day".
They said: "You are all set. We called it in already."
At noon, I called and they said "we are working on it."
I said,"how much longer should I expect to wait? 2 hours?"
Is that alright with you, said the pharmacy tech?

I guess it has to be.
We left the house at 2:15PM.
Waited in this long line to be told, "we are working on it" (AGAIN?)
Finally at 2:50PM, my husband went in to pick it up.
I had walked out, because I need a cane following a fusion, and all the seats were taken.

That is the absolute worst service, especially when they had the whole day to get it done.
I am going to transfer my prescriptions to another CVS in town.
This is way too annoying, to put up with over the long term.
I had (2) teeth pulled and then bone grafting from Dr Vincent Laporta.
(3) months after Dr Scoles placed the crowns, one implant broke.
I was freaking out, because the crown cannot be saved when they have to remove the implant. Dr Scoles office reassured me that, "your insurance kicked in for (1) crown so you have one coming to you."

Now that I am ready for the crown PAID IN FULL BY ME, he suddenly does not want to do it! He is trying to talk me into some ball and socket partial and I said, no thank you, please send me my refund and I will find someone else to finish this job.

#12 has a crown, and now I have a blank spot where #5 is waiting for the crown.
DR SCOLES OFFICE sent me a letter that said "I have NO CREDIT balance" and there is no payment from my dental insurance, so now, that they are not people of their word.
I also now have to follow this up with Dept Of Consumer Protection since they helped me get a refund from that puke Dr. Laporta.
These dental thieves think they are going to be paid for (3) crowns when they only did (2)?
GLASTONBURY DENTAL thinks me paying $3,500.00 for ONE CROWN is fair and good customer service?
I do not think so and now the honest but truthful reviews will be posted and re-posted, on top of me reporting all of this to CT. Dept of Consumer Protection.
They sent me a CONFIDENTIALITY WAIVER, I crossed out because it is unconstitutional to deny a refund over a truthful negative review. I have no problem with the rest of the waiver. They sent me NOTHING.
DEPT OF CONSUMER PROTECTION will now be getting the documents of prof of payment, and how they dealt with a failed fusion and crowns paid for in advance.

CT Dept. of Consumer Protection, must have called them. I not only got my refund, but they sent back that ridiculous "waiver" too!
Nobody needs to sign a release form to get money back, AFTER their insurance kicked in.
It turns out that DENTISTS are the biggest violator of this.
If you pay out anything in advance, keep an eye on your insurance statements, so you make sure you get refunded for any over-payment.

Tip for consumers: Go someplace where they guarantee their work for longer than (3) months. This place is a total rip-off for the money I spent.

It is a good p[ace to view and read where ever it is you want to go.However,
we made reservations and the renters gave us bogus contact information.
When we complained to TA, the person just decided to cancel our reservation.
Another person tried to pass onto us, some $103.00 "fee", that he is suppose to pay.
We ended up finding a rent from local Jamaicans. We called them and worked it out so we paid NO security deposit or cleaning fee.
We just paid the rent in cash when we arrived. It worked out really good, but this is VERY RARE and not indicative of the experience you might have.
Never losing their number and we will not only rent from them, without Trip Advisor being involved.

All of those rent by owner sites are sketchy. (FLIPKEY, HOMEAWAY)
I write reviews of where I stay FOR TripAdvisor and they still would charge me a booking fee.
Try and work it out, that you do NOT give your credit card to anyone in a foreign country and NEVER Western Union or use PayPal.
TRIPADVISOR is NEVER going to help you out if anything goes awry.
They only care about getting the FEE from the RENTER for using their website.
You come dead last.
I had to file a dispute on a rental in Puerto Rico because the people turned out to be scammers.
They totally changed the contract and they added in other FEES, so we backed out.
It was a royal pain in the butt and I had to cut up my card and wait for a new one to arrive.
Crying and getting stressed out, booking a VACATION is not happening to us ever again.
ZERO customer service gets them a 2 star review!
This office needs to tell patients, that they do not prescribe any narcotic pain medication, when going through, DENTAL IMPLANTS w/ bone grafting.
If you cannot take NSAIDS, like me, and you are sensitive to dental and facial pain, then go someplace else. I had facial/sinus, right temple, and right eye throbbing agony, for 10 days! The implant that had INFECTED grafting SCRAPED away, and then the titanium implant, DRILLED into my upper jawbone. He gave me an ice pack, a 2 oz bottle of Listerine, and an antibiotic, that I ended up barfing up.

He never asks, "on a scale of 1-10, what is your pain level?" Every surgeon asks this, because as patients, we have the right to not suffer. Leaving me like that, was beyond cruel.
The antibiotic(s) (a total of 3 were tried) did not actually stay down, until 3 days after the second "redo".
He blamed my primary care doctor, who told me to get a new dentist. Dr. Laporta said my primary care doctor told him to give me nothing. That is not true at all. He was not honest about all the scraping and DRILLING, that was going to happen. Dr. Laporta, asked me to call my osteopath, and have him prescribe. What is that? What surgeon, tells you to call another doctor to prescribe for his surgery? Is that even medically ethical?

Dr. Laporta told me from the beginning that, he did not have "nitrous" available, until he had to "redo" it on his dime. Then it was "cheaper" for him, and way less comfortable, for ME! Complete disregard for how you feel. I was on nitrous oxide for an hour and forty five minutes, twice. I ended up having a vitamin B-12 deficiency to the point I was, clammy, spacey feeling, dizzy,weak, tingly extremities, and this lasted for a month!
I was never told or warned about that either. I was so dizzy in Rite Aid one day, they got me a chair and the pharmacist actually informed me up of this! I then Googled it and sure enough, I had EVERY symptom and I was on it for more than 40 minutes, plus I have Hashimoto's.
He disregards your medical history altogether.
The IV sedation, did not give me any terrible, lengthy after effect.
I had to pound Vitamin B-12 several times a day, for a month, and I am still taking it!
Money trumps the patient.

He required that I use, IV sedation the first time, which was pricey, but necessary. Thank you Dr. McDonald for understanding people with "chronic pain".

Those that require bone grafting, have more pain than those who do not. I ended up cutting Lidoderm patches for my back and neck, into strips, so they would fit where the temple was throbbing so terribly.

I will say, he did call, one hour after I got home, to tell me to switch to heat after 48 hours. I found an expired KADIAN from 2013, after he hung up with me. I only had the one, but it allowed me to cook dinner for my family. 12 hours after that, I was back to tears, agony and barfing up the antibiotic, along with my morning medications. (1 was for cervical fusion pain)
"You could stop breathing", was his excuse. Good thing he is not an anesthesiologist. Prescribing for a week of dental pain, is the bare minimum. People getting root canals get Vicodin or some form of narcotic IF they need it.

This office is not for "wimpy, scared of drills, needles and blood". Your complaints will fall on deaf ears.
Go to an implant seminar, find an office that does it "all under one roof", and make sure they will deal with pain, should you require anything for it. Going from office to office leaves the "blame-game" wide open.
Most surgeons prescribe antibiotics, before and after, because our mouth is loaded with germs. Plus,then the "clot" has antibiotic in it, so chances of infection, drops even lower. I did not get that service.
The "redo", I was told, "did not go so well...I really struggled." Now what am I suppose to do with that lovely gap on my profile, that cost me $13,000.00? There is no back up plan, if it does not work.
Worst pain ever in my life, and I endured this (4) separate times, during various stages of this, long, drawn out 18 month process.
I filed a complaint with CT. State Dept of Consumer Protection. They contacted Laporta Periodontics and told them they need to give me some sort of a refund.
Once again, DCP was doing all of this on my behalf and still, DR LAPORTA'S OFFICE never called me to tell me this. That is because they had no intention of giving me any refund. When I called them, "Chris", the office supervisor acted like she has no idea, that they were corresponding with DCP about the refund. I read her FAX back to her and she still played dumb. Blatant liars every step of the way.
They have no character or integrity. Its all about covering up Laporta's disgusting behavior.
He even called other potential dental surgeons, and told them I filed a complaint, so nobody would help me.
CT. Dept of PUBLIC HEALTH was then contacted by DCP, as they forwarded my complaint to that office. Public Health has been calling me back, trying to help me find someone they have not bad mouthed me to.
I called the woman back at DCP, who handled my complaint and she called "Chris" back asking why they were pretending, they did not offer to refund half of my money?
Now, LAPORTA periodontics has sent a waiver (twice so far) for me to sign, to get $3,000.00 back. Problem is, they keep spelling my name wrong and they are purposely writing in wrong dates of service in attempts to lose my statute of limitation on suing his behind.
I just received the "corrected" waiver, with the EXACT same errors!
Even when they are compelled by a STATE AGENCY to do the right thing, due to a terrible outcome, they still play stupid and suddenly cannot spell or see on the bill, when I was actually there!
At this point, I am crossing out, initializing the error(s), and will send it back with the actual dates Dr Vincent Laporta did see me.
Based on all of that, I would not tell my worst enemy to go to this office for dental implants.
Clearly, he does not stand by his work, unless you file a complaint.
Thank you CT. Dept of Consumer Protection & to Ct. Public Health.
I appreciate all the time and effort you put into getting me some compensation.
Best of the best as far as online health stores. They really have the best prices, and everything comes very quickly.
I have been buying from them for about a year now, and I always will.
The quality is the same as the others, so why not get the best price?
7/30/14 not hire this firm for any reason. He alters and amends paperwork, with a magic marker, so long as it protects the attorney and his reputation. He called me "delusional", and said I was not a "real client", on my YELP review. The one honest paralegal was fired, after she told me what was going on. She was 100% correct.
Since I am not a "real client", I was wondering what all the hoopla was for, while we are away??? Funny your angry over a review, from a fake client?
(I have provided his words, so people can read the TRUTH)

Comment from Frank M. of McCoy & McCoy
Business Owner
6/10/2014 You can't really respond to a post like this except to say I am really saddened that a person could be so delusional so as to invent a scenario such as the one outlined above. These allegations made are so RIDICULOUS it is hard to believe anyone who knows me and our office would ever believe them, nonetheless this is the internet age and there they are.

Visit our website at for further information on what our firm really does. Please watch our client testimonials of "real clients" we have helped.

TIP: Get copies at that moment for whoever you hire. DO NOT let them tell you they will email it to you. They are spending time, altering it, which is the reason why you cannot have it that very minute. Tell them you want to be "Cc'd" on everything, and you want to be involved, in every decisons. Otherwise, they feel they have free rein to hurry up, settle, get their third and kick you to the curb.
Avvo allowed me to post a 2 sentence review, that said:
I did not have a good expeience with this attorney.
The communication was poor.
They cut it way back after I relyed to them, that he had me served with an EMAIL (DWL) threatening to sue me and take my assets and our home, over my review.
Had he spend that much time on my personal injury case, I may not have written a bad review.
Not all attorneys do a good job, nor do they even treat clients the same.
That is the reality so get over it, listen to the criticism, and learn from it.
Threatening clients you profited off of, by sending some "goon" to your home, and shoving an EMAIL under our kitchen door (when we were out of the country) does not scare me at all, Attorney McCoy.
You forged my name on documents, used a MAGIC MARKER to ititial stuff, "I knew you would not agree too" (yup, his words exactly).....all of that effected the CIVIL RIGHTS lawsuit with a different attorney.
I NEVER agreed to waive a Conn, statute, saying: I do not mind if my attorney profits off this case, more than I do." NOBODY in the world would sign that, and to think that we would, is insane. People maimed for life by a drunk driver, are not there, because we have nothing better to do. I need money for ongoing care. All I ended up with, is (2) BAD attorneys, and they both, threw me under the bus. CONNECTICUT is so CORRUPT.
Liars, corruption, and threats, all because we are not kissing their behinds on avvo.
Avvo, should have left it alone, because they denied the original one. They emailed me back saying he was "bluffing me", and that they "had my back with a pro bono attorney on staff".
That was nice, but I never head from them ever again.

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