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1 review
2 helpful votes

I don't know about everyone else's apparently terrible experiences with Choxi, but mine was absolutely great. I ordered two bracelets from them at a great price; they came right away, in perfect condition, and exactly what I had thought they would be. Again, it seems that I'm on the side of 'good experience' and most others are on the side of 'bad experience' with Choxi, but personally I have to say that I DID have a great experience with this discount website!

1 review
13 helpful votes

I ordered about $400 worth of items, and I didn't get any of them. I waited about 2-3 months and still nothing. I ended up calling customer service demanding a refund because I haven't received any of my items that I've ordered. It's safe to say it's okay to spend a little more so you know you will be getting what you want in a timely manner!

1 review
11 helpful votes

I tried to order a handbag from Choxi and found out that my account was deactivated. When I tried to have it activated, I was told to send a photo ID. How would they know if I was sending an ID with my picture or not. They don't have one on file! I then get an email for free shipping! How in the hell can you offer me $2 when I can't use my account!

7 reviews
58 helpful votes

Over the past 6 months, I have ordered from NMR several times. Most of the time, I received the items in a timely manner and was satisfied with the quality of merchandise. The last time I ordered a ring. I received the ring in a timely manner as well, however it was a size too small. I contacted Customer Service and followed their instructions. I told the lady that I spoke too that I didn't want a refund but wanted an even exchange. The representative stated that they still had it in stock and she would have another ring sent to me as soon as I returned the other ring. I did send it back, but after no contact from the company after 2 weeks, I called NMR and questioned where my ring was. At that time, the rep stated that she would credit my account for $10 which is what I paid for the ring since now the ring is out of stock! Well I did receive the credit but was not happy when it was stipulated that I had to spend $40 before I was eligible for this credit. I told the customer service rep that I had purchased this ring and that was the only thing I ordered at that time! I don't feel that they should be able to stipulate that I spend more money to get what I am entitled too! Needless to say, I still have the credit on my account and don't intend to use it!

Tip for consumers: I would not advise anyone to buy from NMR since they do whatever they feel like when it comes down to returns!

1 review
8 helpful votes

Every time i shop i receive my products in time with no problem i give it a five stars

1 review
15 helpful votes

Previously I had been a customer of NoMoreRack for 2 years. I purchased a few items and when something was not right there customer service was there to help and fixed the problem. This new company Choxi is the worst. Their customer service is the worst!! I ordered a item and they sent me something completely different and had the nerve to be rude when I called to complain. I will never order from them again!!. No more customer!

1 review
4 helpful votes

I have purchased nearly 10 items from NoMoreRack / Choix using PayPal. Most were NEW. One I ordered was a recertified WD Hard Drive- still working. All have arrived. Some were shipped together or separately. Most were shipped through USPS. 1 or 2 came through FedEx. The longest was around 1 1/2 weeks but most arrived within a week.

Sadly, as of June 2015- NoMoreRack / Choix no longer accept PayPal.

Tip for consumers: If you want to use PayPal, then look elsewhere.

1 review
18 helpful votes

Dollar store quality things that appear better in pictures. I don't care what deal you get you will still get ripped off.

5 times I requested that my account info be deleted and then closed. They won't delete your account and there is no option to do so on your own!

This was after finding out that my credit card info was compromised by their site and I was notified by my bank.

1 review
29 helpful votes

I have shopped with no problems, but this site is a scam. I placed an order, acct charged and nothing arrived. Not a word. LOOK OUT! I will get this site shut done!

1 review
14 helpful votes

I wish I had read these review before dealing with now I concur with the other reviewer in that you should definitely BEWARE of the Customer service, and I use that term rather loosely. I first purchased, after being recommended by a friend, 3 10.1" Android 4.0 8GB Capacitive Touch Screen tablets. they were each 151.00 on October 15th, 2012. Two of them worked and one was defective. I was finally able to get through to someone, and was told that I would need to return it, and pay for the return shipping, but that I should include the receipt in the package, and I would be refunded the shipping AND the cost of the tablet. They said it could take up to 3 weeks to process, so did I want to get a new tablet in the meanwhile? I, realized in hindsight, foolishly agreed to and purchased another Ematic 10.1 X Tab XL Android tablet, and paid for it, since I knew that I was assured of getting a full refund for the defective tablet. Well, Thank goodness I paid for tracking, because it took months for them to determine that my item was returned, and eventually by december 19th, 2012 a store credit was issued for the 151.00. There was no shipping credited as promised, and they lied about giving me a full refund because it was not my fault the ordered item was defective, and since they convinced me to order another tablet right away instead of waiting, I didn't need a store credit, just a refund. They say whatever they need to make a sale and only once in a blue moon do they answer their phones. I kept trying for almost a year to get my refund, and eventually admitted defeat, and they won they had my money. Just recently they started sending me emails telling about the name change, and I checked and since I still had the credit of $151.00 I decided to try and order enough merchandise to get my money back, just in case, my credit expired with them, Any thing like that is possible and expected with such an underhanded dishonest company. I ordered 2 (2-piece set Samsung Galaxy s-View Cases for Galaxy S4 OEM S4 Replacement Battery) in Black and Purple. I waited for 2 weeks to receive it, and just today received 2 white covers, in one flimsy envelope. I called and was told I would need to return each cover and battery separately as they were two RMA#s generated, one for each cover. So I need to incur an additional expense to go buy two mailing envelopes, and then hope that they receive them, since you can't trust them, before they will send out replacements, and then hope those replacements are the correct items ordered. Then, if they new items shipped to me are not the right things, I can simply repeat the procedure over and over into infinity, each time incurring more expenses to ship it back to them, they would not let me speak to someone else until I demanded it, they still will only offer store credit, and generally are working off of a script. They don't care one bit if you ever order again, because there's always some other fools, and poor suckers out there to scam. BEWARE of this company. They are unethical and scummy. There's no one to write to or physical mailing address either. They basically say tough luck sucker!

1 review
16 helpful votes

I enjoy shopping and it is supposed to be fun. I purchased many items from this site. Unfortunately this company is clueless about how transactions are made. Our bank has always approved our purchases and this company was always paid. This is the second time they wanted us to "Prove" who were are. They want my personal Identification and they will never get it. I shop all over and have never been asked for my personal ID to shop online. This is what our bank is for. They put me through back and forth emails where I told them they could take their request and stick it somewhere. After all this nonsense they sent out the orders without the ID> Of course the bank paid as always. I just ordered $3,000.00 worth of merchandise same credit card used and again they are asking for ID> They are not located here in the USA and they are clueless, incompetent and rude. They claim to have no way to write or email the CEO. Who is in charge who to complain to? Beware of the items you purchase as well. Retail prices are definitely exaggerated and a lot of junk has been shipped to us. An unfortunate learning experience and a waste of money in the long run. I am looking for a company similar that operates here in my country.

Tip for consumers: Beware of the customer service if you can call it that. Do not believe the retail price they quote. All lot of Junk. You get what you pay for. This company does not operate in the USA.

1 review
11 helpful votes

Worst ever ! These $#*!ers should be hanged for their worst service and unprofessional attitude. Hope they bankrupt ASAP !!!! You $#*!!!!!

1 review
10 helpful votes

I ordered and when looking for tracking noticed they canceled my order eventhough they charged my card. I sent an email to receive an email that it will be refunded. After reading reviews I hope I get it back.

1 review
7 helpful votes

My experience with buying from this online store was 100% awful. I only put one star down for this review, purely because the review would not go thru with my zero star selection. I ordered a dress that was nothing like the one pictured, and when I went to return it, I was only given a $6 credit for a $17 purchase. A pair of earrings I purchased were defective from the manufacturere, and the return was refused. The defect was not my fault, and the item would not be replaced. I was offered a $5 credit on my account for future purchases. I would not deal with, nor reccomend this company to anyone. I am a very dissatisfied customer, and the company does not care. Shame on you for choosing to lose a customer.

1 review
11 helpful votes

This is a clear case of Buyer Beware 'Caveat Emptor' and should be noted as such. I had no idea when my colleagues and I started ordering. I want to give other consumers the following information, so that they may make an informed decision to do business with this company or not.

To be completely honest with you, and as a customer of choxi, just having them get an order correct would be nice! I have ordered more than several items, on more than several occasions. So far, I have had to inquire about purchases that just do not show up. ( My advice is to keep a very close tab on everything that you order because it is all shipped out separately, from different companies.) So... the problem may be the fault with the companies that are shipping it out. But, that is neither here nor there. It makes no difference. NMR / nomorerack / choxi are putting their name on the line not to mention their reputation, and they are the ones I paid. They should have done their due diligence before they involved the consumers en masse with their choice of "partners".
I am amazed that there seems to be no internal tracking system in place to alert nomorerack / choxi that one of their "partners" is not fulfilling their part of your order. That is no way to do business. By the looks of the complaints I read, they seem eerily familiar to my own. And, those that have had no problems with your orders, good for you. That is awesome, but that should be norm, a business is SUPPOSED to send out things that you have paid for. I can't give them a pass because a few people are happy. There are thousands of complaints.
So, after you repeatedly inquire about the missing item the company sends a auto generated email in reply. When you do get a semi- legit email saying oh.... our partner can't fulfill that commitment. Thats when you are promised a refund that you never receive. That is a very careless attitude. Do they not have inventory software of their merchandise, so that when I order, and I am charged for merchandise, that it is actually on the shelf? Why waste time? I can answer that. It is all about the money. Once they have it, you are pretty much left with two options, lazily leave them to it or fight and make a racket for a refund. I wanted to say upfront that, I did receive a single refund for a forgotten item, that by the time I called inquiring about it, because it was over looked.... it was out of stock and unable to be fulfilled. We all know that mistakes happen, and I am good with that, but compiled with all of the other mistakes, it boils down to shoddy practices.

The head scratcher is when package arrives, you open it and inventory your goodies and the package contains some random merchandise. Just an item. Not even close to what you ordered. This is perplexing since It has the order receipt, right there, with it in the package. No checks and balances or quality control in the shipping area for sure. So, we all know that it states on the receipt what is to be shipped from their company, obviously they do not. No rhyme no reason, just off the wall merchandise you didn't order, and now have to devote time and effort to return.

So, here is the kicker, what do you have to do for 90% of your purchases that you have ordered? Get a RMA, box up the item, take time off from work, go to the post office, stand in line, mail, and wait............ yet again, hoping that 'IF" the item is in stock, maybe whomever, fills the order this time will actually read the invoice.
Most often, by the time you receive your package in 3 - 4 weeks or longer, the items that were originally offered are now out of stock. Soooo, you mail back the wrong carelessly sent item and IF they credit you, there's a surprise.....
Ohhhh, yeah............. the restocking fee issue. Yeah, you lose money when you return the item you never ordered in the first place. They don't send out the correct item, they take it as a return minus restocking fees and credit you the rest. It simply is just not worth the frustration or monetary loss. So you see, returning items is not in your best interest because you will lose either way!

I am waiting, for the last thing I ordered to arrive and I am closing my account. I gave them my business, I gave them a multitude of orders, we spent some cash, I gave them the benefit of the doubts we collectively began to have. But, I tried to look at this in a positive light, because the few things they did get right were fantastic, they truly were. But, for me and my colleagues dealing with this company was a crap shoot. Obviously the odds were not in our favor, we experience more negative than positive interaction. I experienced from this company a lack of pride and professionalism, and feel that it just is not set up to correctly ship merchandise in both accuracy and in a timely manner. And charging in the form of a restocking fee for items consumers didn't order in the first place is simply dishonest and underhanded.

I must say, the most frustrating thing is trying to communicate with their customer service. It's seems as if literally, no human reads your email. They never address any questions that you have asked or refer to anything that you stated in the correspondence, and seem very computer generated. It's at this point that you realize you are not engaged in a solution.
I suspect that all interaction is all automated by programmed algorithm, until you get heated, only then did it "seem" like I may have been speaking to a human. But, Honestly, I am still not sure, because it was like speaking to a brick wall. The only options are to send merchandise back and they don't tell you upfront that you'll lose money on restocking fees, contact the NY BBB or bend over and take it up the tailpipe And since this shoddy business has gotten more wrong than right, I simply can not devote that much time standing in the post office returning carelessly sent merchandise.

Since, I do all of my business online, as well as my co workers, I must say that I personally will never recommend this company. It's track record with just my account is dismal

Update*****Jul 8, 2015, The last item never arrived. When I contacted choxie I got the run around. I received emails that claimed that the merchandise was out of stock, another that it was shipped out and yet another claiming I was in receipt of the item. They sent a tracking number that said it was delivered to a NJ address. I do not live in New Jersey. So, I got fed up and I contacted the NY BBB, where the head office of choxi is located. With a fabulous mediator, I provided all the confusing emails and outright stalling tactics to him, and that wonderful man got me my refund. New York BBB, what can I say.... you are awesome!

So, in light of the fact that I had to enlist help to pry my refund from this companies greedy little fist, I stand by my review. If you have experienced something similar please file a report at let them help you.

1 review
11 helpful votes

I placed an order I didn't recive anything confirming the I placed the order nuthing but yet they charge my card. I then start emailing them about it 4/17/15 and i m still trying to get my money back 5/18/15 because if they don't have record they won't issue a refund. I then was told that I was going to receive a refund 5-7 business days I wait I receive a $10 credit for a coupon I used in the purchase but the catch is I never told them about a coupon or anything but yet they can't find my order

3 reviews
20 helpful votes

So I order some grey Minnetonka boots and when I get them there falling apart already!! not a good place to order from.....

3 reviews
21 helpful votes

I have bought a few items here and they were OK. Recently I purchased 2 light sensors for my windows. They were the exact same ones I purchased from Publishers Clearing House (don't get me started) They were expensive so I thought they would be better quality. I got an RMA number from customer service and I paid to return them. It plainly states that on all returns the customer pays return postage both ways. Here is the problem; after getting my refund of $17.50 (on a $28 purchase) I did not receive a refund but I was given a credit to my Choxi account. Ok ... not so bad, they do have some ok stuff. Get this ... I could not get my $17.50 credited unless I spent at lease $40 (before tax) worth of merchandise. So I was forced to buy more merchandise that Is going to be OK at best. Once my order comes in I am closing my account and unsubscribing. Do not shop here.

1 review
7 helpful votes

AVOID this website and new name CHOXI. Horrible return policy. After only getting a store credit of $18.50 for my return I have to spend at least $40 to redeem it. This is ridiculous. I am half motivated to just leave it behind but that is probably part of their strategy. I will never go to their ste again, now named CHOXI. Probably changed their name because of all the bad reviews. Also, as I noted in some other reviews, their pricing is deceptive. As I was trying to spend my refund, I found an item that they were selling for $12. The same item sold on Amazon for $3.

1 review
5 helpful votes

they falsely advertise their item's ! they mark them way up so you think it's a good product management then mark it down to what it's worth so you think it's a good sale. then when you call them on it they rip you off with the return. I will never shop here again !

2 reviews
26 helpful votes

DON'T BUY FROM THIS COMPANY - choxi AKA nomorerack




1 review
6 helpful votes

I am glad to report that after many emails, pressure from contributors to great sites like this one, PayPal and their supplier, no more rack refunded the purchase price. Maybe the new Choxi will make changes.

7 reviews
17 helpful votes

Worst Customer Service!
The evening of May 2, 2015, I placed and order on NoMoreRack/Choxi during their 3 Hour Free Shipping Promotion for a Fujifilm SR2940 Digital Camera. Once I completed my transaction I realized I had not included the $5 credit I was given. I sent an email to their Customer Service asking about adding the $5 credit and if it could be added to my purchase. This is the response I got back from them: THEY CANCELED MY ORDER WITH OUT MY CONSENT!
I was instructed to reorder the product, via this reply I received.
I want to make a Note here, I ordered during the 3 hour Free Shipping offer.
By ordering outside the Free Shipping time frame I now have to pay shipping!
Upon reading their reply and canceling of my order, I immediately attempted to reorder the item NOW IT IS NO LONGER IN STOCK!
I called NoMoreRack/Choxi CustomerService In speaking to Cyril, their Customer Service Agent; her solution to this dilemma " you will have to wait until it is back in stock again to order" She did not provide when they would have more or they will contact me when more comes in either. I told her that is not a solution!
I then asked to speak to a Supervisor,JB their Customer Service Manager, also informed me they can cancel orders, but they cannot assist me in reordering,
His solution is to give me a $15 credit, for my inconvenience. I told him I do not want another credit, I want the item I ordered. He said he cannot assist me and it is no longer in stock.
Now it is very clear to me why NoMoreRack changed their name to Choxi. Not only am I dissatisfied with my poor customer service I noted over 1,000 complaints from other dissatisfied customers too!

Tip for consumers: BE CAREFUL! They have a terrible track record for "caring" for their customers and providing customer service!!

1 review
10 helpful votes

I bought an iPhone arm band holder. I was satisfied with the prompt shipping and recieving of my order. I discovered that this arm band only worked with a specific iPhone protective case. That case was bigger than the protective case I bought at the Apple store. This meant that arm band claps would not hold my iPhone either in or out of my current case and I am not willing to buy an new case as their are other arm bands that will hold my iPhone. I have asked multiple times via email to return the product. They keep asking me the same question over and over: Why am I returning the product? I am frustrated that they cannot seem to grasp that the armband holder is too big to fit my iPhone. I don't know how to answer their question any better than the truth. As of now, is still have not been able to return the product after 3 weeks of back and forth emails. Good prices and shipping but if your product wont work for you, looks like you will be stuck with it.

1 review
7 helpful votes

I was shopping for a pet fountain they over inflate the price i found same item on amazon for 19 dollars choxi aka nomorerack wanted 69.99 they over inflate the prices on some items and you really don't save anything its called switch and bait some items are cheap in terms of price but most are just over inflated priced making consumers think they are saving please stop insulting our intelligence choxi

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