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About Me

AWFordJr.net I am a disabled non profit webmaster & gamer.


Computers, Electronics, Gaming, Working on my website

30 Reviews by Tony

I see a lot of people on many sites asking about a good site to shop on for clothing, boots, shoes, etc. I have only shopped here a few times but never had any problems. My orders came in fast & the prices were awesome.

I can vouch for this site if your looking for great low prices on name brand goods!
Justin F. – 6pm Rep
Thank you, Tony! We appreciate you taking the time out of your day to share these kind words. Thank you for being a loyal 6pm customer!
I love Google but I am giving it a 3 out of 5 because of its voice service you find on all the phones now days. I broke 2 Samsung On5 phones that I owned because I thought it was the phones that was making my voice to text all screwed up saying random... I never said. It really... me off! I would be talking to someone in voice to text & it would say some really... & off the wall... that I never said some of which started some unwanted drama with people who did not know me well. After I got other models of phones I have now found its Google Voice to Text not my phone/s. Such a waste, those were good phones & I just got... & decided I had had enough.

Google fix that crap!
I have been using this program as long as I can remember. It is much easier to understand & use then the well known GIMP. It also works in layers & it great for pretty much all my image editing & creating needs. I especially love that I can make transparent images & text with it.

On note of other reviews I have never seen this program try to install anything 3rd party other then. NET Frameworks as its needed to run being it works in frames. The person who said it tries to install ad-ware is misinformed & must have installed from a 3rd party site that made changes to the installer. I know for a fact that it does not install ad-ware or anything harmful. If you download it from GetPaint.net you will not have such problems.
OkCupid is a joke! I have used both the browser & phone app versions & all I ever get is bot scripts messaging me. I clearly state in my profile that I will not be paying ever, and that if someone is interested in me to write not add me to liked because I will never see that they liked me so its pointless. This site is mostly bot scrips, fake profiles, and garbage. I have never talked to a real person on this site other then the site admin.

If you like talking to bot scripts & don't mind filling out 100's of pointless questions that lead no where. Sign up!

Better site,
InterPals.net - Dating, Friends, Pen Friends, Language Exchange, and more.
I have been on steam since 2007 & now own a little over 500+ games. I love steam & I would recommend it to anyone who games or would like to game from computers. No more need to worry about lost disks, scratches, stolen, lost keys, putting the disk in to play, or keeping up with your games, tools, etc because its always easy to download from any location to which you can login to your account. You can even share for family on multiple computers up to 5 I think as long as no one is playing that game at the time. Its a great game client to have & supports Windows, Linux, and Mac.
IrfanView is one of my most used programs which is useful for many things from batch rename/resize/format, 3D borders, converting into icon files, making thumbnails, and so much more. I have used this program for many years & I promote it on my website. IrfanView is 100% free also.
D3DGear is one of my lifetime sponsors which allows me free use in exchange for promoting them on my site. I have used this software off & on for many years & now days use it more on Steam. Its very easy to use, takes very little system resources, offers streaming to any site via the customer stream settings, you can stream your desktop or games, you can record desktop or games, there is even a built in option for benchmark & showing FPS, and more. What I like most about this software is that you can record in many formats not just AVI like alternative software such as Fraps which I also own. This is a really good application for anyone looking for a easy & simple to use capture program.
If you go into their build your own computers & you look at the items in which are being placed in the custom builds, most times you can find them MUCH MORE cheaper then what they are trying to scam you for.

The other day a friend had ask me if I could point him to a good site for custom builds & to help him get the best parts for the price. I had shopped at AscentTech many years before & found some decent prices so that if why I was going to refer him to their site until I noticed that the gaming motherboard I was going to suggest for him was 2.5x the price on another site. I was quite surprised that they would be stupid enough to try to pull something like that because anyone like me who takes the time to window shop online is going to notice things like that, but I would say their average shopper doesn't know any better.

Would I suggest this site to anyone?
Not a chance in hell!
Amazon is not my first pick when it comes to shopping but I do like that they offer the wish list option which is a great way to keep up with things that I am interested in wither its for buying later or just looking at things I find interesting. Generally I save things in wish lists to share with friends or family that I think might benefit from them. I really like that pretty much anything & everything I have ever ordered from Amazon as a normal member has come in really fast shipping wise. That can be hard to come by now days with many sites even more those who have special programs or membership like PRIME.

I can not rate the returns because I have never had to return anything. I have only been burned once but that was many years ago on an airbed that bubbled up after first sleeping on it which they claimed would never happen. Not a big deal, I am long over that now.

Would I recommend this site to a friend, stranger, family, etc?
Yes, and I do quite often

Tip for consumers: You do not need Prime membership to get fast shipping with these guys though I am sure if you shop with them frequently it would be worth it to you in the long run money wise.

I first used this software about 6 years ago when I had requested for them to be one of my yearly sponsors. By sponsor I mean they give me free use of their programs in exchange for promoting them on my home page. So I had them for a full year free & because I found their software so useful I decided to buy the full package.

The reason my rating is so low is because they have zapped my registration key null & void because I tried to install the software on my laptop. But my gaming computer it was originally on did not have it installed when someone stole it. Therefore I am not breaking any rules, tos, tou, etc.

If you can be 100% sure that your hard drive on the system you plan on installing this software will never fail or die, then by all means buy it. If not keep in mind that if you try to install on a new hard drive or reformat the one you installed on for what ever reasons you will be forced to buy everything all over again. They refuse to be reasonable, but if they check their servers that keep track of the serials they would know for a fact I have never tried to abuse their software. They just simply do not care about the customers & are trying to milk as much money from you as they can.

Sorry AVS4You I once had great respect for you guys back when you actually cared about your customers & supporters. Now I will never promote you again by mouth or otherwise. I am ashamed of you.


For every useful paid program there is an even better free one if you just look around.


Tip for consumers: Any of the following actions will render your software key/s dead,

- Install New Hard Drive
- Reformat/Partition Your Hard Drive
- Buy a New PC/Laptop

Anything that changes the hard drives serial number which is created when you format or reformat a hard drive. In my case all I did was get another computer because mine had been lost a few years back & at the time did not have the software on it. If they checked their database they would have known this because it had not been used for a

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