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About Me

AWFordJr.net I am a disabled non profit webmaster & gamer.


Computers, Electronics, Gaming, Working on my website

30 Reviews by Tony

There must be a lot of... hats that use PayPal because I never have such problems with them. PayPal has done right by me for the most part even more so with eBay as I have had a few sellers on eBay try to sell me off brand garbage as name brand & PayPal backed me up 100% to see to it that I got my refund even when eBay failed. I make as many of my purchases threw them as possible because they do their best to make a fair review on anything shady & help keep my money safe. I am not saying I have never had problems with them, just none of the problems that most are claiming to have here. I give them 4 stars because there has been times when they didn't come threw for me when I was not in the wrong but nothing is foolproof or 100%.

I suggest that anyone looking for a good online option for payments check them out for yourselves & make your own opinions about them.

Never auto pay for anything! Never save payment information on your browsers! Never setup renewal to any site, service, or content that you do not trust. I never use or allow auto pay to anything. Perhaps that is why I do not have the problems others here claim to have had with them.
One of the few good chainsaw carvers in Gatlinburg Tennessee that carves nice bears & other animals out of wood with a chainsaw. Its pretty amazing watching these guys carve & work on their wood art. If you are passing threw the area I would recommend you check them out!
Aldi is a great place to shop for pretty much most of your grocery needs though they lack some name brand items like Folgers Coffee, Country Crock Butter, and so on. But they have other great deals on things like can good which range from prices as low as $0.49 a can up to about what you would expect in other shops like them. If you like boneless skinless chicken that you can easily fit into your George Foreman grill & not have it turn out like leather, this is a great place to get that. I love buying haves of hams when they have them which is about half the price of Walmart most times or cheap enough for me to buy it from them instead of Walmart. They also have good trash bags that are better then some of the name brands I was use to buying back in the days. You can get 40 13Gal bags for around $5.00 & they are actually quite strong for what your getting & the price your paying. I shop the Maryville Tn location mostly but sometimes go to others with my aunt when I do my monthly shopping. I do most food shopping threw Walmart, Aldi, and United Grocery Outlet & I would recommend anyone to any of the three.
Google is generally my #1 preferred search engine & I have always loved my EMail account until I found out that they track everything I do & if I did not have so many important things tied into my gmail accounts I would delete them & use my own domain for email. Sadly GMail is tied in to so many things now days like most phones, youtube, and a lot more so if you do not have a gmail account your pretty much screwed. Never had a problem with my email, and even now Google is still my #1 choice for searches & other features like translate, images, email, and so on. I don't hate them, I just do not agree with their tracking people. Just seams a bit shady.
The thing I love most about it is the fact that I can not overdraft so if I try to spend to much it says declined instead of taking the charge & ending up with overdrafts like you would with normal banks. The other thing that is nice now is that they now have a phone app that will show me my balance, deposits, etc. I gave them 2 out of 5 stars because if your card is used without your knowing it or your over charged your pretty much screwed because they will send you a stack of paper work & never rule in your favor. Real banks will go out of their way to protect their customers but UDE could care less. I avoid having to talk to them at all costs & just use a 3rd party company like PayPal who will do their best to make things right because UDE will not. If like me thats fine with you, go for it, if not avoid them like the plague.

Tip for consumers: I can not rate the service because customer service is not an option sadly. The card is good & never been declined at any shop, but their customer service sucks.

I owned one of their boards a ways back in the last gaming build I built & I absolutely loved it. Sadly someone jacked both of my computers a few years back & I doubt I will ever be able to afford to build another but I stand by MSI 100% because in my opinion they make good quality products or at least all that I have bought & used have been. No idea on their laptops, but I have a sneaking suspicion the person dogging them either doesn't know how to use it or they just got a factory screw up. Also here is a thought, if that guy did indeed buy one of MSI's gaming laptops at Best Buy, he could easily return it problem solved. No loss.

The motherboard I had was the A88XM Gaming which was a FM2+ motherboard. I love their BIOS setup on the gaming boards.
The great thing about dell computers in my opinion is getting some of their older ones from people that just have them sitting around or around different sites from home users to gain from the parts. There are a lot of older dell pcs that you can get i7 CPUs in that still run for around $300 today & if you have the money could make some decent budget build computers to resell or use yourself. Personally I can not afford to do with or I would as most of these old computers only run at about $60-$100 if you just look around.

Rating Dell as a company I can not say anything bad about them though honestly I think everyone is better off building their own computers because there is always something that could have been better wither its the motherboard, the cpu, the power supply, or what ever. For the price it costs to buy a computer name, you can make an even better computer yourself in most cases.

I still give Dell 5 stars though because they do make some decent builds though I think prices are a bit much sometimes.
I love WalMart & I remember when it was nothing more then a little shop here in Tennessee not the big store it is today. I have shopped at WalMart for as long as I can remember. I shop their at least 1+ times a month for food, clothes, electronics, etc... They have a great variety off well prices items & inventory that comes in use in pretty much anything I need. I do not shop with them online as they experience has not always been the best being I had ordered a TV years ago that they did not have in stock but didn't have it listed that way, and it was suppose to take a few days to come in & I waited only to find it never showed up then I called to find out no one was going tot tell me & they still had my money. Of course with talking to someone human that got settled pretty fast. WalMart is awesome as a store, and I will continue to shop with them for year to come unless I die soon.
I have not been on this site in a while but its not because its not a good site, but instead because I am not much for social sites. I tend to keep to myself a lot more these days so hanging out on dating sites or sites where you need to be active a lot just isn't my thing.

InterPals.net is a great please to meet new people, make new friends, and even to learn a new language. There are tons of people on this site & the only negative opinion I have about it is the script that makes them look like the have more users online then they do by making multiple copies of the same profile appear often in searches, and its done so badly you can easily notice it when you see the same face like 20 times on 3 different pages of searching. But this is not a good reason to avoid them because they actually have a lot of members who are real people with real profiles & their own pictures & content.

Would I recommend this site to others?
Yes, and I have for many years now.

Tip for consumers: When you make suggestions or have problems they are pretty good about replying back in a reasonable amount of time.

There are a lot of women on the site who will try to tell you that they love you without ever having had talked to or met you which really makes me mad, but that's what the block option is for.

All sites with membership have many types of people on them, and you really can not judge a site for that when they go out of their way to cut down on such members.

This here is my own website which is 100% non profit, no ads, no popups, and no 3rd party garbage. I am posting it because I would like for others to review it. I want your point of view & opinions both good or bad. Don't worry I will not be offended if you leave negative feedback as I have had my site online for well over 15+ years.

My Sponsors,

My sponsors are sites, services, and or paid content that is granted free use by me personally in exchange for promoting them on my site. I do not get compensated or paid if you click or not. I currently have 3 lifetime app sponsors which are EditPlus, D3DGear, and IOBit.

I also promote a lot of free sites, services, and so on with no links back just because I found their sites or services useful & wanted to recommend them back to others to help keep them alive. I never promote anything that I have not tried or tested myself, and I would never take a bribe from a site or service just to gain something. If I don't like it you have better chances of growing not only a 2nd but a 3rd head then getting me to promote it.

I also offer my own free content such as tile backgrounds, backgrounds, and other things. Sometimes I even have some of my own free stand alone apps up for download non of which have any bs upgrades in so called free content that a lot of developers try to pull these days. I took down everything because I have either dead links or things that need to be changed in them. (Apps that is)

Please take a moment to look threw my site & give your opinion on it. It will be very much appreciated!

I will also be adding a link to this site in the "My Favorite Free Sites, Services, Tools, Etc..." section of my site as well as making a sub domain to link my profile in other things like Steam & what not. I am glad that there is a good site such as this to which you can use to let others know when to avoid something, and when to embrace it. Thanks for a great site SiteJabber Webmaster, I love it!
I used these guys a few times because my first experience wasn't as bad as the 2nd. I had bought a "7 Days to Die" server which is pretty easy to host but because I have cable internet instead of fiber I thought it best to just rent one. I already know all the settings for a dedicated server, and I know how to make the needed changes for what ever I wanted. Well their server panel kept changing my settings that I setup via FTP which is how I generally manage a "7D2D" server unless they have a really nice panel, and these guys don't. I even let them know about the server strain & other loop holes in settings which they were not aware of but grateful to get the information on. As time went on & I was trying to be patient about it they could offer no solution to the problems with their panel, and the first time I let them keep the money. The 2nd it was like pulling hairs to get a refund & keep in mind that both times were years apart not recent. The same problems they claimed they would have fixed in the future had not changed. The only thing that changed was their attitude in a negative way. I have tried many of their game servers for different games & in my opinion they...!

If you want a good game server host,

Would I refer anyone to SurvivalServer.com?
Not a chance in hell!
I did not end up staying with these guys but I will say they tried very hard to make things right & to run smoothly for me being I had the lower priced hosting & there was never any lag no matter how I set things in game & anyone who has played ARK knows that it is a resource hog from hell with a lot of settings. They even let me swap between games, refunded me left over portion of money not used, and was just down right awesome.

If you want a... good game server host who will go out of their way to make you feel important & do right by you. Go server.nitrado.net!

Would I recommend anyone to them?
I just did! GO server.nitrado.net!

Tip for consumers: If you have any problems with your server go to FaceBook & post a comment to them & they will go out of their way to help you.

No idea why they get so many bad reviews, but if you will notice they are the only company that Microsoft chose for hosting ARK on XBox One. That alone aught to tell you something.

Be patient, go to FB & wait, they will get back to you!

I use to buy some items from them a long time ago as they have been around for quite some time. I know that one of my cousins buys all the computer/server related items for his business there & he swears by it.

I would in fact refer anyone here who has use for their inventory, but be sure to shop around like you should with any site. Unless you don't mind paying more, and not saying you will with these guys.

I give CDW 5 stars because I never had any issues with them.
I give them a 4 star rating because they are not the best priced online, but they are not the worst & I have never had any negative experiences with them when buying from them & I have shopped there in the past.

Would I recommend them to others,
Sure, they have good customer service & decent prices
I have always wanted one of their "Azza Genesis 9000B" full tower cases but can never seam to find one new that is reasonably priced because people buy them really cheap & jack the prices to around $2k which is just insanely stupid being the original price was around $149.99 & I have seen them as low as $98 but its always past the first of the month which makes it impossible for me to buy at that time. By far this is my favorite computer case company, but mainly because of that one bad... case. I know its slim to none I will ever have one of those cases, but its still awesome. They make other good products too. If you have not been to their site be sure & check them out!
I have ordered & used many items over the years from New Egg & in my opinion it is always useful even if you do not buy directly from them because they generally give in great detail about their inventory to give you the best possible information about what your interested in buying. Now days I am more inclined to buy from the eBay shop because I can avoid any extra charges like tax & shipping which is exactly the same price as it is on their site just minus the S/H & tax.

I would recommend New Egg to anyone who has use for what they offer.

Tip for consumers: Only had 2 items in the entire time I have dealt with New Egg that was the wrong item & they were very professional about fixing the problems. If you want a site/company that cares about their customers & will do their best to make things right, I vouch for New Egg.

The Seagate Barracuda is my #1 preferred hard drive type when it comes to computers. Everyone swears by WD but not me, I have had much better luck with Seagate then any other manufacture when it comes to hard drives. My first love was Quantum Fireball back when they made drives for non business as well because I know I must have reformatted my 20GB more then 1K times in the time I used it & it never failed just bigger drives came out so I moved on.

I love Seagate & I would recommend them to anyone who is looking for a good quality drive.
Just found this site the other day. I am glad I did as I find it very useful, and I am now promoting it on my own site as a normal link. I like to promote things I find useful that are ads free & may be useful to others. I really like this site as its easy to navigate, use, and post. Thank you very much to the owner/webmaster for a great site & service. Hope your around for many years to come.
I played a game they had offered many years ago on steam, and because I like the game so much I decided to spend money in it for the boosts monthly. Well I must say I have played a lot of games & invested in the ones I loved with little to no regret but the same can not be said about Hi-Rez Studios because they tried to... me royally refusing to refund me as my paid items never arrived in game or otherwise & they did not even reply up to one week until I contacted the BBB to get their attention & even then they did not have much to say. Thanks to BBB & Paypal I ended up getting my refund but I had to jump threw hoops to get my refund. I would avoid these guys as far as paying for anything in their games, but they do make some good games. I just refuse to play or support a game that... me.

If you play for free, go for it! If you want to invest in a good game, avoid it like the plague!
Because of this organization I now have my own place to live with no need to rent rooms from random sketchy people. I suffer from PTSD, Depression, Anxiety, and many other mental & health problems which I go to HRM for in my area. They helped me get off the streets & into an apartment which they helped pay for the first 4 months then I was on my own payments wise but I had my own place. If you know someone who is homeless but has an income you should defiantly check into HRM centers if there is one near you, or if you need mental help. They are very easy to talk to & work with. I would recommend them to anyone in need of the services that they provide.

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