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InterPals.net has a consumer rating of 1.69 stars from 122 reviews indicating that most customers are generally dissatisfied with their purchases. Consumers complaining about InterPals.net most frequently mention fake profiles, language exchange and real life problems. InterPals.net ranks 186th among Forum sites.

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Positive reviews (last 12 months): 9.1%
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  • I was looking to meet people from around the world and not to hop in the sack with these random guys.
  • This site is not a Penpal site, it's a sex site and their moderation team does no moderation unless it suits them.
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Top Positive Review

“Helpful to find like-minded persons”

Sarah B.

You can find persons international and search for them based on filters, for example for those who have an interest in language exchange. Notifications are shown in a rather subtle way; i do not feel annoyed by them. Others can see that you clicked on their message and you are not able to remove sent messages from the account of other persons. Maybe 2 or 3 years ago, i received many scam writings over time, while it current is not the case anymore for me. For some strange reason you are not able to register without typing information like gender or location anymore. I have found some online long-term friends there

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Top Critical Review

“Dating Site and Scammers”

Karen S.

Its a dating site. Nigerian Princes congregate there. The site has options to choose whether your there to make friends or learn a different language or romantic. Nobody pays attention to that. Just people wanting you to send nudes or get naked on the webcam. Disgusting. I got free version. And you have to stay on there 7 days before they will let you delete the account.

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3 reviews
8 helpful votes
November 4th, 2021
Verified purchase

Its a dating site. Nigerian Princes congregate there. The site has options to choose whether your there to make friends or learn a different language or romantic. Nobody pays attention to that. Just people wanting you to send nudes or get naked on the webcam. Disgusting. I got free version. And you have to stay on there 7 days before they will let you delete the account.

1 review
16 helpful votes
November 17th, 2020

I came on, thinking it was one of those kinda DIY communities.

It's not only weird but creepy, and the users are 1 liner conversationalists. They treat it like its some kind of dating site/hookup site/instagram/facebook. Very few if any are legit or real, it feels like they have workers who respond to your messages.

Stay away, don't get on here its a front for a scam site I can feel it.

1 review
15 helpful votes
January 18th, 2021

I've been rude lately to guys who often talks about sex and perverted stuff, as well as guys who talks as if they know it all. Well, now they won coz interpals suspended my account. Interpals doesn't seem to review the reports. They just base it on the number of reporters. That's how it seems to me or maybe they do review them but just side with the men.

Tip for consumers:
Like any other app, there are trolls and perverts.

1 review
1 helpful vote
January 2nd, 2022

Mostly disgusting married men looking for dumb girls to have online affairs with. Men in their 40s and older flirting and talking sexually with girls as young as 13 (although to be fair the 13 year old "girls" are probably 40 year old perverts too) Scammers galore with men using women to get visas (especially to the UK) most try to get you off IP and straight onto whatsapp or email etc. Avoid.

1 review
35 helpful votes
March 15th, 2020

Where they find them? While I reported 2 cases of "white " Nigerian girls, which my experience tells me they are definitely scammers I got the following message from interpals board.

Your account has been flagged for abusing the "Report to Moderator" system with excessive, frivolous or unfounded reports.

This is a violation of the Terms of Service. Please note that this is a warning and any further misconduct could result in the deletion of your account.

Thank you,
InterPals Staff

So if my assumption is unfounded you tell the first rogue user created it's account minutes before while the second had it for 11 hours.
That takes me to the assumption that interpals favors or it's part of the scam. Hence the variety of pictures scammers possess.

Take a hike from here.

31 reviews
78 helpful votes
April 17th, 2018

I have not been on this site in a while but its not because its not a good site, but instead because I am not much for social sites. I tend to keep to myself a lot more these days so hanging out on dating sites or sites where you need to be active a lot just isn't my thing.

InterPals.net is a great please to meet new people, make new friends, and even to learn a new language. There are tons of people on this site & the only negative opinion I have about it is the script that makes them look like the have more users online then they do by making multiple copies of the same profile appear often in searches, and its done so badly you can easily notice it when you see the same face like 20 times on 3 different pages of searching. But this is not a good reason to avoid them because they actually have a lot of members who are real people with real profiles & their own pictures & content.

Would I recommend this site to others?
Yes, and I have for many years now.

Tip for consumers:
When you make suggestions or have problems they are pretty good about replying back in a reasonable amount of time.

There are a lot of women on the site who will try to tell you that they love you without ever having had talked to or met you which really makes me mad, but that's what the block option is for.

All sites with membership have many types of people on them, and you really can not judge a site for that when they go out of their way to cut down on such members.

1 review
12 helpful votes
February 10th, 2021

Joined when I was around 18 [23 now from the UK] and was almost scammed to the point of sextortion. Absolutely disgraceful. Honestly the amount of times I was asked to webcam and my computer (thank god I'm a tech nerd) told me they were recording my screen. I'm so glad that I was that scared to leave at the time; but it's taken this long to actually write something about this.
Seriously, don't sign up to this site.
It's full of sickos.
I'd rate it 0 but I don't have a choice

Tip for consumers:

3 reviews
35 helpful votes
February 19th, 2020

I tried finding some penpals here, but the site is mainly full of perverts, Nazi people, rude people or people with a general IQ of about 80 at its best. There are better penpal sites out there, don't waste your precious time on this virtual sewer.

Rosy A.
1 review
15 helpful votes
February 28th, 2018

Interpals was ok as founded a good penpal. Stopped writing as she was too busy for me

Now its full on scammers, fake profiles and want people to learn English etc.....Also want more details e.g. current and past city, material status, education and what type of pen pal.

Its on top of google as they paid google, money (pay by click on the advert banner)

1 review
30 helpful votes
December 8th, 2019

Today my account which I have had for years and contains the entire chat I first had with my girlfriend (we met on interpals) has been suspended completely without warning. I was just chatting to people and boom logged out then cant log in because it is suspended.

As other people said, the site is full of scammers and perverts. I had no idea mods even existed because they do nothing about it until I randomly got suspended.

10 reviews
58 helpful votes
June 19th, 2020

I used this site for a long time and I didn't get long term friendships (as someone claims). I found a lot of people who were bored, and not interested in a language exchange. I also received some messages from perverts and fake profiles, and I blocked them. Young people only want to get new followers on social networks (they reach you on Instagram or they give you their phone number, then they disappear after a few days). Others try to find new "friends", since they're bored. And many guys don't answer you if you write them (it seems to be a dating site, with a lot of nudes). It's difficult to keep friendships here, so don't trust in people which claims the opposite. I didn't get my profile suspended by moderators. Despite this, it's a free website, since you don't have to pay for it.

1 review
17 helpful votes
December 25th, 2016

I joined interpals one month ago. I met friend there. His profile name Danilescott 45 yrs old from Switzerland. First sound like good person. But finaly he was not. I suspected the pictures of him on interpals are not him. This profile operated by someone who part of cyber crime. Because they will ask money and pretend to fall in love bla bla.
They connected to network crime as immigration officer etc. Please beware

1 review
8 helpful votes
February 21st, 2021

I used this site to find new friends but what I found was my information like name, address etc. being leaked on the dark web. I know this because I have Norton360 with Lifelock. Do not trust this website with anything!

Tip for consumers:
Don't put any personal information on this site

10 reviews
17 helpful votes
March 16th, 2021

I've tried many times to connect with people. Most of the ones on there are scammers, fake profiles, weirdos, creepy gay guys stalking my profile (I'm straight and there just to practice languages), racist Western and Northern Europeans that are fetishistic about Japan and Korea to unhealthy levels. Apparently everyone wants to learn just Japanese or Korean as it's a weeaboos and koreaboos galore. Good luck finding anyone interested in your native language if you're not Korean or Japanese! A total waste of time just like PenPalWorld aka PomPomGirls.

1 review
0 helpful votes
January 23rd, 2021

You can find persons international and search for them based on filters, for example for those who have an interest in language exchange. Notifications are shown in a rather subtle way; i do not feel annoyed by them. Others can see that you clicked on their message and you are not able to remove sent messages from the account of other persons. Maybe 2 or 3 years ago, i received many scam writings over time, while it current is not the case anymore for me. For some strange reason you are not able to register without typing information like gender or location anymore. I have found some online long-term friends there

1 review
5 helpful votes
May 8th, 2018

This site is a language exchange program, nothing more, nothing less. Nowhere does it say"hookups" I give this site a 5 for language exchange.

1 review
24 helpful votes
May 3rd, 2020

And It's because users not the Tool. Even if there is making it 100% CLEAR (Language-Exchange) a lot of (Stupid) people complain that they have to teach someone or if someone ask about their Language (Duh). A lot of Women 3/10 (80% off All Women there) who have Mediocre Lifes are looking for attention and validation. Is very common take a look in some female profiles: "If you start with a "hi?" or "how are you?" i will not reply." reveals a very high and pathetic level of narcissism coming from (many cases) depressed people who can barely get out of their houses. They use to say "this is not a Dating Site!" but if you are a Good Looking Man... it's Okay (Lol) they accept your Flirt and Flirt Back! Of course if you are a random person and do the same, will be a "Creepy Behaviour". Women use Interpals for Ego-Boost. This site made me believe in something never before thought: I discovered that inhabitants of First World Countries are totally dumb, idiots with IQ of 50 unable to maintain a basic conversation. Men there are most of them needy and desperate for female attention and sexual attention, many are sexual perverts who want virtual sex. Others are Scammers and want $$$ using Fake Photos and Fake Profiles. To be totally fair: I met a few nice (and Real) people there. In short it's (or should be) a website to Learn Languages/PenPals but unfortunately it was invaded by Losers.

1 review
5 helpful votes
September 3rd, 2020

I've been on Interpals from 02/2014 until 01/2017. I agree that there are too many scammers around, with stolen profile pictures, and every new request must be treated with utmust care. On the other hand, the first contact I made was an English fire guy, we were friends from day one, moved on to Skype after 2 weeks, visits followed and recently we had our first wedding anniversary. I left interpals then due to lack of time, but I am still in contact with 3 good friends from Sweden, Ukraine and the Netherlands. So it worked for us and there is no regret at all that we both signed up there.

1 review
3 helpful votes
October 3rd, 2021

This site is full of West African scammers and North African boys looking for dumb old women to get them visas. If you complain or tag warnings to their scam profiles it is you that gets warned and banned. AVOID THIS SITE!

5 reviews
8 helpful votes
August 20th, 2019

Interpals long ago used to be a great site. Then two problems emerged. Firstly it´s always going down because their servers can´t cope with demand and I think they definitely have problems paying the bills to keep the site up.
Secondly, the moderators are awful. They delete accounts without warning, they suspend the wrong people. I see people who lie, use nudity and threats and stay there for months. Other users get falsely reported and are then kicked off.
Interpals is a good idea but it needs a major reform and obviously needs a better bandwidth.

1 review
3 helpful votes
November 5th, 2017

This site is full of scammers Kurt Weller is one that keeps popping up on all the sites. He needs to be take down. He has scammed many and still at it. He uses so many different names and stolen pictures. But I have also met some very nice people on here.

1 review
1 helpful vote
November 23rd, 2021

I had 5 so called Ukrainian women send me a message right out of the blue by saying how they had true intentions and wanted a relationship There is just something wrong with this picture. Then they just give out their email address. They write a long letter describing themselves with their life story. They all do the same routine. Then their intentions are to come live with, but one problem, they want you to send them money so they can obtain a passport, visa and plane ticket. Yes then coming to live with you is possible, but not right away and a tourist visa will not grant you that. It can take up to 2 years to be granted a permanent visa in the US. It's total scam. So Africa, is not the only problem with this scam. And also if you never thought of this, they will chat with you on Video Chat, so even with that you still can get scammed. This is a horrible site as it appears a lot of send sudden messages for really no rhyme or reason other than they just want your money. I'd say never try to date someone on this site because they won't date you. You want someone out of the country go on legitimate dating site or just go there to meet them. It's not possible, maybe in some instances, but very rare.

1 review
10 helpful votes
October 5th, 2015

Ever since I've joined this website it's been nothing but great. Of course, there's always going to be rude people, weirdos, and trolls(come on people it's the internet, what do you expect?). Despite this, I've met many genuine people which led into good friendships. So far I have 6 good friends from this website and still counting. If somebody were to ask me if I knew a website to make friends and exchange languages, I'd recommend interpals 1000%.

3 reviews
15 helpful votes
February 1st, 2021

Like almost everyone else I'm bored and stuck in lockdown, so I thought I'd supplement my social activity by signing up to IP. This isn't my first rodeo, I've been here before but in the early 2000's-2010's it was far more active then. I'm surprised that there aren't more users given the pandemic! As per usual though, there are tons of fake users to drown any real people out. That's always been a problem here. They've made some small changes, you're now unable to view profiles and search members without logging in and being a member of the site. I prefer the old way because it at least let me see beforehand if anyone was even online! It has a fresh looking log in/sign up page, but that's it, they haven't modernized any other part of the site and it's not mobile friendly which is ridiculous in this day and age. I am a woman, so I locked in my restrictions for women only, of any age. For some reason my account is still visible/searchable by men? Likewise, I can view accounts of women who have restricted me from contacting them due to my age or my being female. Why not filter these out? If I can't contact the person I shouldn't be able to see their profile, it's a complete waste of time sifting through all of them, and sift you will, because if you're not 17 or the "smoking hot foreign man" of their dreams, you're unlikely to find another female to correspond with. And no, I'm not from some kind of questionable country, I live in Canada, so that's not throwing people off of my account. I've visited several real accounts (at least I think they're real), none of them visited my account in return. I'm an average, inoffensive looking woman, the only way you'd know if we socially click is by actually viewing my profile, and yet after being online for 48 hours straight on a weekend, only one woman viewed my page. I wrote her an intro and an ice breaker but she's not been on for a day, and judging by the complete lack of activity on the site, I tend to wonder if she'll even bother coming back. I'm sad because I really wanted to connect, if only on a casual basis with someone but there's no one really actively looking on this site. At peak hours there are 6000 users online, 3000 of which are female, off peak (which tends to be night in North America) there are maybe 3000 online users, only 1000 of which are female. Filter out restricted and spam accounts and that's probably 500-1500 women, world wide, buried underneath it all, that you could maybe converse with if you're lucky enough to find them and they're not totally lazy. Ironically, many of the women online actually describe themselves as being lazy, misanthropic, or don't like to talk much(?!) avoid these like the plague, or better yet, just skip the site entirely!

Tip for consumers:
Be patient or don't bother! Make sure you fill out your entire profile and look at other people's profiles, don't expect them to come to you!

1 review
21 helpful votes
July 26th, 2020

This site is not a Penpal site, it's a sex site and their moderation team does no moderation unless it suits them. Girls are flashing their body parts especially while covering their face with their phone too while saying "not interested in flirting", linking just their Instagram to try and leech followers, guys and old men hit on minors and inappropriate pictures are on this website and the moderation team does nothing about it even if they're reported.

This website should be reported to the police or some other law enforcement since it's tons of nudity, inappropriate photos, inappropriate flirting and this site welcomes minors of 13+, and even they are exposed to this flirting by 20-60 old men.

Q&A (14)


No one of these conditions were available to me because I didn't receive any advice concerning spamming or anything else like that and they année me only after 3 days signing up :(

By Keryl M.
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As someone who has ised Ipals for over 7 years and is older than most posters here appear to be, I can say that it has been very useful to me. I have met many people over the years, some have become true friends and visited others will only ever be online, but áras close to me as people in the Real world. Yes there have been scammers, loads of them, even my user name came from a message from a scammer after I reported him, but that is what you do, report them! If they Really are scammers the site removes them. You have to remember this is a Free site and all the moderators are volunteers, so they do the best that they can. Also I would suggest that a lot of the people complaining here are a little inexperienced and naive., you can hardly blame the site for that. If you keep your wits about you and respond to people as you would in life, you can meet some great people that you would never meet in the real world and learn an awful lot. Also, dont complain if someone doesnt respond to "Hello" Its hardly an inspiring openong line is it? I find that the more you tell in your profile the better the response, the same for a message. How the hell do you answer Hello, especially if the progile is one line or word in each box, other than with "Hello" back and that is the end of the conversation. Its a 2 way street, you have to put in too, you cant just whinge that everybody is a weirdo. That would suggest that it is you that are out of your depth and would maybe happier on youtube or twitter. Also, as someone else has written You control who contacts you, by your settings. Of course I have no idea what goes on in the younger branches of the site, I stick firmly to my own age group, as I have nothing to say to younger ones, anymore than they have anything to interest me, but I felt I need to defend what for me has overall been a very good place to communicate.

By Shelagh M.
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You are not alone... a bunch of incompetent mods are there who are highly biased. This is while women have been given free hand to misuse "Report" button. If you don't agree with them you get a ban/flag!

By Rocky S.

9.% of those wearing a uniform in their profile pictures are scammers and fake profiles.

By Tom M.

Please be more specific about the nature of your issue. There's any number of reasons why this could be the case.

By Alexis P.

Okay. That happens sometimes

By Alexis P.

Other people can only see your messages on Interpals if they know your password. So don't give people your password and it'll be fine.

By Alexis P.

I'm not really sure. Interpals' search system has always been somewhat temperamental and kinda like a genie in the sense that you always have to make sure you've done everything just right to make sure it gives you what you want.

By Alexis P.

Hi, first usual suspects when one is being blocked/prevented from navigating onto a site can include, double check with your (internet service provider) ISP; whomever the company is that you rely upon to get online. Generally speaking, both in earlier times and still, tho nearly as common present day, so still, (a) company=ISP that is offering net access is the owner of their servers. Accordingly, again, as a general rule, As the providers, operators and owners of the servers, they customize whatever settings and the parameters therein, as they like. Other, out of the gate reasons one can be prevented, blocked, from visiting a site, 1 of the most common and still seen on a rare occasion (more so present day) may likely have something to do with the websites international laws versus some end users state, country location. Additional typical reasons, further, can be anything from a glitch? A tech error? To an oversight, say, if somewhere within the fine print there might be a proof of age needed, matter to any number of things that may also be easy to over look? To be altogether, unaware of readily. Depending on the type of website it is has the potential to cause such an issue. For example, age restrictions? (thus, there might be some documentation somewhere within the pre-intro page And mentioned in say, the fine print, so to speak. Also, the issue could have something to do with 1 or more unknown issues for the end users part e.g. unknown software issue(s) that say, may be running in the background and possibly causing the problem. Possible RESOLVES(?) Best place to start troubleshooting the mystery is definitively, to call your ISP (to include an affirmative suggestion to insist on speaking with someone in upper management (manager? Supervisor? Systems operator(s)?) and not say, first point of contact staff.

By jen a.

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