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If I could give 0 stars, I'll do it immediately.
I tried this site only to improve my English, I suggest to avoid it. A few years ago I was contacted by some time-waster (and bored) people, they wanted only information about my country because they were lazy to find them in the Net (they weren't really interested in my country and culture)
A lot of guys are not interested in other languages and cultures, they're narcissists and vain persons (they are know-it-all). No one of the users I contacted and I've been in contact was really interested in my mother tongue (Italian) and culture. Some of them insulted me with racial epithets, I reported them to the admin and nothing changed, they're still here. If you try to contact anyone, a few people will answer you: profiles are not reliable, and 5 stars reviews you find here are exaggerated.
If you're lucky to find someone who answer you, it doesn't last for a long time.
Messages you send to others are spied; if you write too personal questions, your profile will be blocked (you will be able to login, but if you click on my profile, you'll put out immediately). Many profiles are restricted unless you pay, it seems to be an extortion. This site is advertised as free, but in practice you have to pay if you want to use it. About the address you find on the site, you look on google maps and there is no building, only usual houses, perhaps this society is located elsewhere. Do you want to use it? It's up to you…


I tried this app in order to improve my English. I wrote to a guy which lost his motivation about learning Italian in a few days, simply because he used to waste his time here. I wrote to other users, but nobody answered to me. If you want to add a language, you should pay. Many people here ignore you, too. Avoid this app, it's better for you.


Most of the people here look for a "date partner", and not for a language partner. Then, you write to someone who has your level in your language, and he/she doesn't reply back to you. Sometimes they could block you, and your account could be removed by admins. They only want money, they say you have to wait 7 days to have your profile approved, but it's an excuse for paying. If you have a nice look, a lot of people will contact you, otherwise they don't. A lot of guys claims to be mother tongue only for flirting, turning this app in a dating site like Tinder. Many guys ask your phone number and do inappropriate things during video calls. What a shame.


I used this site for a long time. Here's pros and cons:
Pros: this site is free, you have to pay only if you want to use snail mail (about 20 euros). There's an internal mail service, so you don't have to give your mail address in the profile text. You could add some photos if you want. About security, there are a few adults and this site is mostly concerned about kids and guys, so it's difficult to find perverts.
Cons: its design is 90's style, and should be renewed. Text is a bit short (ca. 250 words), so you couldn't write a lot of info about you. Messages are deleted after 1 year automatically.
I had only European penpals. Most of them asked for social media at the moment, then they disappeared after a few days. It seems that young people (among 15 and 25 years old) here are bored and not really interested about other cultures/countries. Contacts don't last for a long time, so don't expect long friendships as someone says. If you want to learn about other cultures, don't waste your time here and search on the Net, according to the country/countries you prefer.


"Cheap" site which has low prices, at least until last year. Since one year shipping has an average cost of about 1 euro, while Aliexpress standard shipping goes from 3 to 5 euros. In general all goods arrived at home, despite long times (1 month and more). I don't know why they consider Liege in Italy, it's located in Belgium (when I look about tracking inside this site, they claim goods have just arrived in destination country, but in reality they are in Belgium). Then goods get a long "trip" before arriving in my country.


Secondo me, non è così inaffidabile come sembra. È vero che la spedizione richiede due settimane e mezza, dato che la merce viene dal loro negozio di Berlino, tutto sommato mi trovo bene e risparmio sui ricambi auto. Finora non mi sono arrivati pezzi difettosi o parti sbagliate, e non ho mai richiesto un rimborso.


I played on it many years ago, and I really enjoyed it. I tried several planes, and I really liked German and Soviet planes. Italians planes were very "poor", although their camouflage was nice! And why don't talk about background music, which was very exciting (it's played by a "true" orchestra), it's perfect for classical music lovers. Although it's a free game, you earn enough money and you don't have to pay like other warfare games (you could pay also for more camouflage, if you want, but it's not mandatory). I had a lot of fun with this game, I recommend it! Recently developers put on it some tanks, I tried them and the driving style was a bit complicated, I suggest to use planes instead.


I used this site for a long time and I didn't get long term friendships (as someone claims). I found a lot of people who were bored, and not interested in a language exchange. I also received some messages from perverts and fake profiles, and I blocked them. Young people only want to get new followers on social networks (they reach you on Instagram or they give you their phone number, then they disappear after a few days). Others try to find new "friends", since they're bored. And many guys don't answer you if you write them (it seems to be a dating site, with a lot of nudes). It's difficult to keep friendships here, so don't trust in people which claims the opposite. I didn't get my profile suspended by moderators. Despite this, it's a free website, since you don't have to pay for it.


Although I enjoyed it(it's interesting you could try many tanks), I can't understand why someone has to pay... I think it's a bad idea to pay for a game which doesn't have an economic "return" to you. In fact, you play regularly, and when you arrive at 5th level you loose more battles than usual, and you have to buy gold to make ends meet. I didn't test Chinese, Italians and Swedish tanks, in my opinion German and Russian tanks are the best.


I tried it for several months (and recently for a month), and I suggest you to avoid it: many years ago I received a message from a guy who told me he had some sexual problems (he enjoyed making some taboo things I couldn't describe here). Other young people texted me for a week and then ghosted. Recently I found a young user around my age, from the USA: I wrote him, he read my message and then ghosted suddendly without an answer. I think it doesn't worth to pay the membership for a site which has weird, creepy and mentally ill people.

Tip for consumers:
Absolutely avoid it, nobody is really interested in foreign cultures. I had a bad experience, I don't know if it'll be the same for you. Anyway, consider you'll waste your time here, there are far better sites. If you search for a language exchange partner, I suggest you to avoid sites like this, and join or communities.


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