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AscendTech has a consumer rating of 4.71 stars from 138 reviews indicating that most customers are generally satisfied with their purchases. AscendTech ranks 8th among Wholesale sites.

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Positive reviews (last 12 months): 85.7%
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Positive highlights

  • Customer service emailed me every step in the process and answered any questions I had before purchasing.
  • The video card comes with no documents or drivers.

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Top Positive Review


Mark B.

I recently purchased Adaptec raid controller from AscendTech through their eBay store. The product is just as I was hoping. It works amazing. Was informed by a friend to make sure to keep it cool because they get hot. I have a side case fan blowing on it and haven't had any problems with overheating. It worked right out of the box for my unraid setup as well. I look to be purchasing another one of these cards soon and it will be from AscendTech.

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Top Critical Review

“Not a business I would buy from”

Dave C.

If you try calling, you may notice that you calls will go unaswered or that you will get hung up on several times before the same person answers which tells me its a on man operation. I called on a product that showed abailable and would have taken my credit card payment and was told that it was not available. NO WAY would I recommend doing business with them. Do it at your own risk!

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1 review
0 helpful votes
January 20th, 2021

I recently purchased Adaptec raid controller from AscendTech through their eBay store. The product is just as I was hoping. It works amazing. Was informed by a friend to make sure to keep it cool because they get hot. I have a side case fan blowing on it and haven't had any problems with overheating. It worked right out of the box for my unraid setup as well. I look to be purchasing another one of these cards soon and it will be from AscendTech.

Tip for consumers:
This requires a SFF-8643 sas to sata cable

Products used:

1 review
0 helpful votes
March 17th, 2020

I ordered a replacement touchscreen for my HP envy x360. Speedy delivery, however the packaging was just terrible. Rolled up packing paper was the cushioning. The screen was simply rolled up in bubble wrap. It did nothing to protect the screen from flexing and cracking. Screen arrived cracked. Was able to get a full refund though. Ordered the part from amazon and realized that the part that ascendtech gave me wasn't even the correct screen for the model.

3 reviews
2 helpful votes
March 23rd, 2021

If you try calling, you may notice that you calls will go unaswered or that you will get hung up on several times before the same person answers which tells me its a on man operation. I called on a product that showed abailable and would have taken my credit card payment and was told that it was not available. NO WAY would I recommend doing business with them. Do it at your own risk!

Tip for consumers:
Their customer service and inventory was too questionable for me to be comfortable buying from them.

Products used:
graphic card

1 review
0 helpful votes
September 21st, 2020

Hard to find electronic part. Great delivery, well ahead of published date. Seller great on product details. I had a specific fit problem. Seller promptly gave me his honest opinion, which could have killed the order for him. Then, he promptly followed my instructions, which meant that he was listening, not simply filling an order. Ask for Vlad. PS: He has a Bluetooth adapter that works on a Dell 6400/e1505 laptop - drop in replacement.

1 review
2 helpful votes
May 17th, 2013

"I purchased a new motherboard that was used aqnd the company wanted me to pay to return a used motherboard that was suppost to be new and then if they issued a refund they were going to deduct the original shipping from that. Now I did fight this through PayPal but found out that I would still have to pay the return shipping so I just keep the board and took the loss, I will never buy from this company again and will warn all the people I can."

1 review
1 helpful vote
July 19th, 2020

I don't know how they had a brand new motherboard for a computer from the year 2003, but they sure as heck did. Arrived as described, and functions perfectly. Would highly recommend buying from them if they have what you need.

1 review
0 helpful votes
February 1st, 2020

When looking for hardware and AscendTech has it, I don't hesitate to purchase it. Their products are 100% as described. I'm happy and my customers too.

1 review
0 helpful votes
May 26th, 2020

I ordered an LG 17" laptop screen on AscendTech after the display on my laptop broke. I naturally chose to buy off AscendTech because they had the cheapest price for this particular part. I should've been more careful ordering because the acclaimed "new" LCD screen I ordered showed up with signs of use and repackaging. When I installed the LCD screen into my laptop it was not the same resolution as it should be and the screen has a red tint that isn't fixable. I'm not sure where AscentTech is getting their parts but its not worth buying off this supplier.

2 reviews
0 helpful votes
January 18th, 2021

Had two purchases from here so far. Both were shipped promptly and packed as stated in the order. Both (motherboard and HDD) are working fine, no problems.

1 review
1 helpful vote
January 16th, 2018

I tested this part after a few days that I received, I got TOSHIBA logo on the screen, but it seems not this previous part problem. I think the display cable was malfunctioning.
The part looks like a news, flawless, and no damage.
Shipping was fast. The product had been sent after tomorrow as I paid. It took 4 days.

However, it was little disappointing because the seller sent USPS, not UPS.
It was supposed to be sent by UPS Ground, but I got USPS Ground.
According to eBay rules, it is not a problem. But everybody knows USPS service quality is much worse than UPS.
Moreover, packing status was normal. It was packed by a bubble bag and sealed by bubble wrap again.

Therefore, there was a disappointing part, but totally I recommend this store.

1 review
0 helpful votes
May 16th, 2020

Price was great, shipped on time and worked as it should. We will be ordering more 10GB NICs from you!

1 review
0 helpful votes
February 9th, 2020

Was looking for a basic display card for my server and found their listing on eBay. Transaction was flawless. Item works great for what I need, and the price was good. Quick shipping!

1 review
0 helpful votes
November 20th, 2018

Ordered a brand new custom computer over the weekend. They sent email Monday saying they could not ship to the address listed. The billing address is a PO Box because I live in the woods in Maine and the postal service will not deliver to the house. But the shipping address was a valid business. Never had an issue shipping to that address from Amazon, EBay, online suppliers, etc. AscendTech wanted me to call my CC company and have that address put on my card. Not willing to jump through that long and tedious hoop. Order #614255. Spent my $1000+ with another company who had no issue with the shipping adress.

30 reviews
77 helpful votes
April 17th, 2018

If you go into their build your own computers & you look at the items in which are being placed in the custom builds, most times you can find them MUCH MORE cheaper then what they are trying to scam you for.

The other day a friend had ask me if I could point him to a good site for custom builds & to help him get the best parts for the price. I had shopped at AscentTech many years before & found some decent prices so that if why I was going to refer him to their site until I noticed that the gaming motherboard I was going to suggest for him was 2.5x the price on another site. I was quite surprised that they would be stupid enough to try to pull something like that because anyone like me who takes the time to window shop online is going to notice things like that, but I would say their average shopper doesn't know any better.

Would I suggest this site to anyone?
Not a chance in hell!

2 reviews
0 helpful votes
June 10th, 2020

First board was defective but AscendTech made it right! I ordered another and it worked GREAT!
Shipping was fast, communication was great also.

1 review
3 helpful votes
March 14th, 2017

This company is unbelievable. They sold me a broken computer that blue-screened 4 times in two days. I called tech support and they told me I should try to fix it myself. I sent it back and they charged me a re-stocking fee... on a BROKEN computer!

I called to explain that I shouldn't have been charged a re-stocking fee and the MANAGER of customer service told me that the tech team ran the computer for 3 days and it didn't blue screen, so I would still be charged the $85 re-stocking fee. I told her I had called Tech support about it and told them about the blue screens, so they know there was an issue. She essentially told me I must be lying since they didn't see it happen there.

I asked if she thought it was possible that the tech team just didn't use it in a way that caused the issue to show itself. She said, no that is impossible.

Unbelievable. My only recompense, now, is this review, which is going on every site I can find. What an incredibly ignorant way to run a business.

1 review
0 helpful votes
May 28th, 2020

Nice people, very helpful and friendly. Spent quite awhile helping me research for the correct part number,

1 review
4 helpful votes
October 14th, 2012

Your review will help others learn about this website.
The biggest Rip Off I have ever seen! Do not buy anything from them.
I made the mistake to purchase a computer from them. Apparently they have put the cheapest parts in it and of course a refurbished disk, even though I purchased new parts for everything. But that is nearly all. A few months after the purchase at ascendtech.us the big problems with this computer began. For 2 months I have been in hell because of this computer. I thought I can rely on this machine as I use it for work and time is more valuable to me than anything. I could simply not afford to waste any more time with it. Except for the refurbished disk they sold me, the power supply burned, then the power cable would not make good contact, the computer would start crashing for a reason nobody could find out. I had 7 different experts looking at it and I kept wasting my time and money to figure out what the problem is. When one of the experts opened the computer and checked all the parts it turned out that the processor was glued, no, no, no, it was cemented to the heatsink with some kind of strong material that the entire PC repair office gathered around to look at and said they have never seen anything like that. Even after using professional tools and special liquids nobody could remove that heavy material from processor. The result- I bought a completely new computer as the one from ascendtech.us is a TOTAL RIP OFF.
Please do not review if you are affiliated or have a conflict of interest with this website.

1 review
3 helpful votes
May 29th, 2012

This company should be investigated. Stay away or at least look around for other reviews on different sites.

$220 monitor ordered online with no obvious mention that it was refurbished, and I am sure I looked for this info. Only worked for half a day and cannot be replaced since it was (surprise) the last unit. No other similar product and they agreed for a refund, but: I have to pay to ship the $20lbs back.

Since I argued that they should incur the cost of their mistake, I was told that they kindly waved the 20% restocking fee (for a dead product), and that they would put it back since I was (sic) childish and vindictive to think about filing complaints and posting reviews, although they are not affiliated with the BBB, which in itself says a lot. I now read that they also ship for free, but add this charge back if you return the equipment. In my case, I would lose $178 for nothing and they get the monitor back to rob someone else. Save yourself the stress and the hassle. Pay $20-$50 more and get something new from a reliable and honorable source that will arrive on time and work.

2 reviews
0 helpful votes
August 26th, 2015

I ordered a bare bones PC that came with an ECS A960M-MV motherboard with an AMD 4100 Quad CPU, A Seasonic 350 watt PSU, and 2GB of DDR3. They assembled it and shipped it well packed, box inside of another box, with bubble bags in between. My only regret is that I didn't upgrade to a better Case, but it's not bad. For $178 and free shipping, I got a good value.
Rick B. St. Albans, VT

2 reviews
7 helpful votes
October 21st, 2013

Bought a motherboard and CPU from these Ascendtech.com.

According to the website, both were new, retail items, not listed as used or OEM.
When I got the order in, the motherboard was opened, nothing but the motherboard in the box, no driver CD, no manual, no cables or adapters, and it was in a Foxconn box without any description or part number about what was inside, not even a bar code from the manufacturer was present. (took pic's of this) I had ordered a new INTEL motherboard, they didn't send me one.
I checked the CPU, it was not new and was not retail, but OEM type which is packed in a simple plastic holder/case. According to their website it should have been new retail product, but instead was scratched and used, with dried, caked on dielectric grease stuck in the CPU still.
I called them up, talked to Steve. He quickly got defensive, started making all kinds of crazy stuff up about the brand and socketing and refused to accept that the website stated "Manufacturer: Intel"... and hung up on me when I refused to accept his bum rush lies. I don't take to getting bullied like that, I have been building computers on my own for 14 years.
I called right back, talked to supervisor "Val"... who actually admitted over the phone that they don't have the CPU in stock, or the Intel motherboard they accepted my money for, and he offered to send me a return label. These folks knew that they were sending me bogus parts before they even accepted my PayPal payment. Did further research on the company, turns out they have a habit of doing this if they can't bluff the consumer into keeping their junk.
Filed Dispute with Paypal. It took Paypal less than 24 hours to find in my favor. Now it's up to me to return this stuff at my expense to Ascendtech before I can get my money back ("stuff" I never ordered to begin with). They never filled my order, attempted to deceive me by sending me bogus, used parts, and now stick me with shipping charges to return the junk they sent me back to them. They defrauded me by advertising a new, name brand product, even to the point that they admitted they cannot send me the Intel Retail products that they advertise on their web site.
I have screen shots of their site saved just in case they try to deny my claims that show what I said is true. The behavior this company demonstrated is not uncommon. After I got their shipment 18 Oct, 2013, I did further research. They have multiple claims on this type of problem, charging consumers for one thing, sending them another, and if the consumer doesn't keep it, they make them pay shipping to return the product which the consumer never ordered, which is an injury to the consumer for the bad conduct of this company in Ohio.
Also reported this company to both Florida and Ohio AG. Reported on several consumer websites like fatwallet.com and consumeraffairs.com.

1 review
0 helpful votes
July 3rd, 2020

The item I ordered arrived quickly and fixed the issue. Their communication was great, which is always appreciated. I will do business with them again.

2 reviews
0 helpful votes
November 19th, 2015

You guys took care of my needs and did it fast and worry free... Thanks!

1 review
1 helpful vote
December 4th, 2014

Ordered motherboard for an all-in-one system was as described and thus a perfect fit. System fired right up. I'm passing the cost of the motherboard onto the owner (no charge for labor), a single mother of two great kids who works for a school district, so I wish the parts would be cheaper and the warranty longer.

1 review
1 helpful vote
October 20th, 2014

Fast shipment. Item was just as described. Have made several purchases from this company and all have been good. No regrets. Will use again.

Q&A (4)


They quickly delivered a legit product to me for a fair price.

By Bob M.
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Very quick delivery. The video card AMD Radeon HD 6450 meets my needs. Have had no problems with this purchase

By Thomas R.
See more answers (2)

I found the price I paid for the video card was within reason. I purchased an AMD Radeon HD 6450 which is an older video card. Did not price shop before I purchased card because I felt the price was within reason

By Thomas R.

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