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All I can say is, thank goodness they're not my insurance company. But I have just spent the last hour trying to make a payment for a relative who is hospitalized and they couldn't care less. Don't mind so much if there is a wait time, although I find it annoying to listen to the same loop OVER AND OVER about how you should just hang up and stop bothering them; but to be told there is a twenty minute wait time and then repeatedly hung up on at the nineteen minute mark is beyond the pale. I would try to find an insurance company that it is possible to contact, if I were you.

Tip for consumers:
Make sure you have hours to waste on this before you try to contact them by phone.


Trupanion covered ninety percent of my (considerable) costs to save my dog's life when he had liver tumors. They are still covering most of the costs of his rechecks on that procedure, and could not be more helpful. I have put the charges on my card and without exception they have gotten the money into my account before the bill came due. Agents have been without exception kind, polite, well-informed and helpful. The hospital asked if I had insurance going into this and when I said I had Trupanion, the doctor told me I should be all right as Trupanion is "The Cadillac of health insurance." She was certainly right about that. I highly recommend Trupanion, they provide a wonderful service. We have had two or three other major claims with our dogs and they have been just as helpful every time.


They sent me completely wrong items. Understand this can happen but the customer service is terrible. It is difficult to find the contact number, it is almost impossible to get through the start menu, right now there is a wait time of over 30 minutes to speak to a representative, which leads me to believe that they must be making a lot of mistakes on orders. I want to speak to a representative because the options they offer for returns are quite punitive, which would be one thing if I had just changed my mind, but again: they sent me items completely unrelated to my order. Also, shipping was very, very slow; I would have thought they could take the time to pull the right thing off the shelf since they were clearly in no hurry. Not worth the effort, very frustrating, strongly recommend that you save yourself the agony. Do not deal with this company,

Tip for consumers:
DON'T. But if you end up calling, have your order number ready. Hint: this is not on your receipt.




Great range of products, I would say all of the products I have used are of excellent quality. Treats made in USA, outstanding products for animal health, and very good customer service. Highly recommend this company, will be shopping here in future


I have been using a paid edition of Spybot for several years. Within the last couple of years they have become very user unfriendly. Some aspects of the program are difficult to install (and this is not just me, I have seen complaints from other users.) I contacted them once or twice when I first started using it and they were very helpful. No more. They do not respond to emails, they do not respond to messages on their website, they couldn't care less. I will not be renewing.


We have had horrible experiences with HP products and even worse with so-called "product support." Tried to get help on a supposedly top of their line computer that completely crashed after only a couple of months; the only reaction we could get was that it was a "throwaway" and they would do nothing to support the warranty. Bought HP replacement ink for an HP printer, the printer said it was defective. Spent about three hours on their online "support," and they agreed to replace it. This took two weeks, and they sent the wrong ink cartridge. Just spent another two hours on the phone with them, got shunted to five different departments, and was asked at least half a dozen times if I would please try to force the wrong ink cartridge into the printer. They are supposedly sending another replacement in another two weeks. We are never, never buying HP again.


Can't log in, can't confirm account, can't see cart, can't apply supposed discounts, can't see hidden charges. I was planning a large order but I give up. What a joke.


Do not sign up for this. Whatever you think you are paying, they will charge you more and you will not get it back. They are completely unethical, and their product is worthless.

Jeff Y.

Hi, thanks for the feedback. We’re sorry you had a bad experience. We’ll strive to do better.
Please contact us via support@musescore.com mentioning this review, we'd be happy to help!


We have been patrons of a Noise Within for decades. They started out giving wonderful repertory performances of classic plays, and we enjoyed season tickets for many years. Sadly, at some point the experience started to deteriorate. They stopped caring about the audience (to the point of verbal abuse ;) once beautiful diction deteriorated to vain mumblings; Shakespeare and Eugene O'Neill have been shunted to the side; fidelity to the plays vanished. I don't know why they have lost their sense of purpose but this has been a very sad disappointment.


Great introduction to a large variety of languages, fun and easy to use. The service is constantly being improved. One slight drawback is that their scoring system, if you care about this, has become extremely muddled through constant tinkering. It's not a big deal, it doesn't affect the learning content, which is outstanding; but presumably Duolingo thinks it serves a motivational purpose since they offer it. It is therefore somewhat frustrating to be scored separately on different devices, and penalized hundreds of points if you use the wrong device on a particular day. I asked them about this once, and (unusually for Duolingo) got a reply: "We decided to do it like that." OK then. I still recommend it, it's my favorite app.


If I want to go back and listen to the last ten minutes of an episode from two months ago I can do that. I do NOT need the app to suddenly fling me back to that from the program I am trying to listen to now.


If you want a costume for your dog... and I know you do... this is THE BEST place to go. They are very professional and customer service is outstanding. For a very reasonable price you can get a costume for your dog that is actually made to fit, and is not uncomfortable. Fun selection, great communication. Highly recommend.


I've had phones, TV, and internet from AT&T. Sometimes they work, sometimes they don't. But if anything goes wrong, or if they decide they want to change your service, you will spend at least 8-12 hours on the phone being shunted from department to department. They will promise to send someone out to fix it who will then claim to have no idea of how to accomplish anything. They will make multiple appointments which they will neither keep nor cancel. They sent someone out to my place of business (not when they were supposed to) to install fiber optic, who then had no idea how to turn it on... so we were without internet until we could get someone back out. Don't know what other options you may have, but they'd have to be better than AT&T, which has the worst customer service I have ever encountered.


I would not have thought it possible to make this app work even worse than it already did, but I was wrong! It was awful before, now it has been redesigned to make it virtually worthless. Here's a hint: you can get podcasts many other places without paying at all, AND THEY WILL ACTUALLY PLAY. CONTINOUSLY. WITHOUT DROPPING OUT OR SKIPPING TO SOMETHING ELSE EVERY FEW SECONDS. Do. Not. Waste. Your. Money.


Very knowledgeable, professional accounting service for small business. I highly recommend this service!


The quality of the offerings here is outstanding, and our dogs love it. Their customer service used to be great too, but during recent expansion of the company they have clearly lost interest in the individual customer. This breaks my heart but I've had to find other products for our dogs. Supply and price are unpredictable and customer service is very unhelpful. They converted my last order (and I do mean my last one) to different sized and priced packaging, raising the cost of my order by more than a third of the original total, with no warning; incidentally not because they no longer offer the economy packaging but because they misjudged supply. Sadly can no longer recommend this company.


I don't know what they did to this website a few months ago, but more than half the time it is "under service" and impossible to sign into. Used to be easy to use but it is now a waste of time and energy.


After reviewing our phones and promising they could provide service... they didn't, they couldn't, and they refused to refund our money. They kept insisting they wanted another four days or more to "create a ticket" and then they would start to see if they could provide the service. Meantime, of course, we were expected to pay full price and do without phones. Went back to another provider which got our phones up and working instantly. AVOID! Cricket is incompetent and they are dishonest.


This site offers good selection and good prices. However, their search engine is one of the worst I've tried to use. Full titles and authors do not always bring up the music one is looking for; I've had to try multiple combinations to come up with books I know they have. Previewing the music is very tedious; you have to open a PDF in a separate window (and then delete it.) While you are engaged in this time consuming pursuit, your basket is apt to empty out, negating all the time spent; then titles will come back at random at some time in the future when you no longer want them. I brought this to their attention once and they were quite nasty about it, told me to check out faster. They are supposed to have free shipping on orders over $100, but good luck with that. I placed a large order yesterday and got a phone call today telling me to call back urgently, since an out of stock item had brought my order to a couple of dollars under $100 and I either needed to authorize the shipping fee or order something else. I don't know, on a large order I might have just eaten the $5, since it's their stock problem, but they won't. Also, I called the number they gave me almost immediately, and there was no human and no answering machine. I kept trying for two hours in normal business hours and got no response. They have also not responded to my emails. So, I needed some of this music soon and now have no idea if they are even trying to fill my order; and their free shipping, if you can get it, is usually very slow anyway. I would not have posted this review after one bad experience, but this is typical "customer service" for them; they are unlikely to respond at all and if they do they are quite nasty in tone... and I am placing large orders. I can't imagine how they treat customers who are only trying to order one or two things. I will also note that some of the music I have had from them in the past has been rather shopworn. I have sworn off using them several times in the past, and keep giving them one more chance, but each experience is worse than the last. This is it for me.

Tip for consumers:
Don't use this site. The prices look good but it's not worth the effort. Amazon and sheetmusicplus, among others, are much better.

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