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Married, mom of 2, big families on both sides so I'm a big shopper!

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Mom of 2 music kids who both play hard-to-find-music-themed-stuff instruments Big reader!

55 Reviews by Tracy

Wish I'd seen the other reviews -- placed order on 11/29/19 and got order confirmation. My card was charged $49.99 under a woman's name "Gaylene" for "Cosmetic supplies" Of course the item never shipped -- I have disputed transaction with my credit card company and filed an online complaint with the Better Business Bureau!
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We just purchased another set of front floor mats, back floor mats, and cargo liner for a different make and model car than we've ever purchased before. Perfect fit just as all the others. Excellent product and company!
Amazing products (car mats and cargo liners) fabulous customer service
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We have been Weathertech customers for over 15 years and can't say enough good things about the products and service. Weathertech makes car mats and cargo liners that are far superior to anything our car dealers/manufacturers offer.

The materials are high high quality that last and stand up to years of abuse. The mats and liners are laser cut to the specifications of your make, model, and year of vehicle -- and that is how you order based on those criteria. Different colors available to match or contrast interiors.

The fit is absolutely amazing!! The newest mats and liner we received go all the way to the door so you don't get rain/snow/slush/mud on the car carpet. The cargo liner is a requirement for our family and we order it the same day we purchase our vehicles!!

Though I shouldn't say -- our local very-high-end-dealer sells Weathertech mats from their parts department because they are so much better than what the car manufacturer makes.

We've ordered 7 sets of mats and liners over the years and all have been extraordinarily easy orders. Phone support has been helpful and friendly.

I'm NOT promising anything of their service but we ordered our 3rd set of mats/liners in a year and didn't like the color -- all we wanted to do was exchange them and make it quite clear this was our mistake and not theirs. They did the exchange for free and thanked us for being such loyal long term customers!

100% recommend products and service!!
This review is about the WEBSITE -- not a store or a particular product. The reason the website got a 1 * is because of our following order trials:

1) We placed an order online for housing materials, got an order number and website said order tracking available throughout entire process
2) Website gave a date for what it considered a "special order" for arrival
3) Website told us housing materials arrived at store
4) We called store to confirm since this was a large order and we had a crew at our house ready to install
5) Store said material NOT there but would arrive on that night's truck
6) Called store next day, material had not arrived even though website said order was at the store
7) Store then tells us website tracking really doesn't work that well and our order would be 10 more days out
8) We called again next day to confirm 10day out arrival since we had to reschedule work crew
9) Store tells us, well they don't really know when our order will arrive and we shouldn't really check on the website since it can't really track the order
10) Website sends us a survey asking how we liked our materials (!)
11) We talk to store manager voicing frustration over disconnect between website order tracking and real life
12) Manager calls us back to tell us our housing materials have NOT EVEN BEEN MANUFACTURED YET! They now have no idea when our order will be manufactured much less arrive.
13) We cancel our order.

Having a website that cannot track your order is one thing -- tell us to call customer service or our local store - but to have one that doesn't really track but says it does, and to have Lowe's employees tell us the tracking doesn't work?? In this day and age that is unexcusable -- you have lost us as customers and will continue to lose customers over this.

There are too many places that do web orders and web order tracking well to put up with such lack of regard for customers and inefficiency.
Anyone who has/is a low brass player (tuba, trombone, euphonium, horn) knows how hard it is to find music for these instruments. Sure you can find basics but what about when you need more than basic?

Lowbrassmusic is a fantastic find. You can search for music by instrument, solo - duet - trio - etc, ensembles, accompanied, composer, piece title, publisher, and lots more. Reasonable prices

Some pieces are hardcopy only, some are .pdf downloads, and some are both. Be aware that many competitions will NOT allow a .pdf printer copy of music -- when they say 'original copy' a printer copy of a .pdf is usually not accepted.

Music is also given a 'grade' level indicating difficulty. Many pieces also have a 30 second clip you can listen to. Customer service reps were really helpful when I started out as a clueless new lowbrass parent!

Amazing, fantastic music library!! Nice, patient customer service
For me, personally and the many organizations I belong to, use Survey Monkey for basic surveys -- fairly easy to set up once you get their flow and easy for survey takers to answer your questions.

The free creation limits you to 10 numbered questions (though you can structure some questions so that multiple things are asked under 1 number) and limits you to 100 responses or less. You can see all your data and can copy/paste it. Anything above and beyond this requires paying for a monthly/yearly plan.

There are some basic question formats available: yes/no, multiple choice, text line answers, or text box answers. Lots of hints & tips available to better structure questions.

We have had parent groups use this for years with great success -- again, realizing that our groups and respondents rarely go over 100 this was a powerful and free way for us to gain access to lots of information. Completed survey creates a URL that can be posted on social media or emailed.

I truly appreciate the ability to update information after a survey has been 'published' -- makes fixing typos and clarifying questions possible once a survey has started. Not being able to export data is annoying -- you must copy/paste the results in order to get them someplace usable like a powerpoint, excel, or word processor.

I have seen this used for something as simple as asking families what type of get together they'd prefer for a family reunion, to one text box comment questions, to 10 question multiple choices, and even more than 10 questions asked if formatted creatively (Example Q3: Tell us your experience with your: a) teacher b) counselor c) advisor d) principal --- see 4 text questions but one numbered question).

One recent parent group survey went crazy and ended up over 700 responses -- not what we expected. SurveyMonkey emailed me, told me we had over 100 respondents, that I could look at respondents 1 - 100, but if I wanted to see 101+ we would have to pay to see the rest. We purchased one month of payable service ($30), had access to all our responses, I was able to export everything into a comma separated spreadsheet file where I could format, copy, & paste. We cancelled the service before it renewed for the next month, no problems at all.

Powerful tool, free option let's you do a lot. Wish data export was available without payment but a great survey tool.
So very glad a friend introduced me too Have you ever needed to set a meeting date & time with a group of people? You create a message and send it around and everyone answers but you still have to find the best day-time when the most people are available! Doodle does all this!

You enter in your dates & times and create your 'poll.' You can either enter emails in doodle to send the poll or (if you're me) you send the link to your own email and pass the poll url from there. You do not need an account to answer the poll!!
You look at the list of options, enter your name, and check when you are available. It obvious to see who can do when but doodle will also show you, mathematically what the best option is.

Fabulous tool to make planning easier! 100% recommend
Sign Up Genius is a fantastic free site (with possible upgrade options for $) for creating sign ups -- think of the paper lists that get passed around for signing up for committees, food for potlucks, who's bringing what to parties/get-togethers, and contact lists.

An amazing tool that gets used exclusively at our school, pto's, classes, parent groups, theatre signups, sport teams, etc. The creation of a signup lets you: put in general info & a description, select a visual theme (they have tons or you can upload your own picture), create date and time slots, create named slots (will be a chaperone, provide a salad, sign up for a ticket taking slot, etc.), apply rules (sign up person must include email address and phone number), option for comments, and ability to communicate with all signup people via email or text. Very powerful and easy to figure out. I personally love the ability to copy an existing signup and modify it. A url is generated so it can be sent to mobile phones and signs up done there.

Here are some of the ways I have created and used:
1) Dinner signups on assigned days for families with illnesses/death with listed food item
2) Sign up for ticket taking at theatre production on multiple days and multiple time slots
3) Sign up for 15 different committees for band parent organization
4) Sign up for chaperone slots for scouting events, school trips,
5) Student sign up slots for volunteer opportunities and hours
6) Sign up for multiple offerings of CPR classes for our church

Fantastically powerful tool that people can use to sign up AND they are not required to create an account to sign up for anything (but creators do have to have an account) Notification settings can be set for the creator also (notify me when someone signs up, changes slots, cancels, etc.)

100% recommend
My kids have used High Sierra Backpacks (Access Laptop backpacks) for years. STRONG and lots of colors, good sized, lots of pockets. We usually replace every 2 years due to normal wear. Once the kids hit high school STRONG was a requirement -- textbooks are extraordinarily heavy these days.
Website has all the colors and types (certain stores only carry certain models).
Had 2 of our Access backpacks rip in the same place: where the zipper attached to the top of the b.p on the front. Contacted CS at High Sierra as the backpack tags list a Limited Lifetime Warranty. Since our damage was due to normal use -- they replaced the backpacks for free!!!
I did have to photograph damage, and send info about when purchased (2 & 4 years ago!!!). My claim was accepted and to have our replacements sent I had to cut a hole in both backpacks (to prove they were destroyed and so I didn't have to spend $ to send them in to company) and send a list of my 4 requested replacements.
Both new backpacks arrived within a week of final pictures being sent! The 3 cs reps I talked to were all helpful, sorry our products failed, and very clear and concise over what I needed to do for replacement. They did NOT require an original sales receipt, just the tags from inside the bag to prove they were from High Sierra.
More companies should take lessons from High Sierra: they stand behind their products, they made the claim and replacement process easy, they followed through on their warranty promises
This review is for the Basuch + Lomb Rebate center
The contact lens product is fine -- no problems with that. The rebate center is another story -- currently almost 200 complaints about rebate center on consumer affairs.

We filled out all the paperwork for the Bausch + Lomb rebate in March of 2016. Filled out everything and sent in enough UPCs to qualify for $100 rebate (confirmed by our eye doctor). However, when our pre-paid card showed up it was only for $60. Hmm, figured I just did something incorrect and oh well, $60 is $60.
Went to spend the $60 card and there was only $50 loaded on it!!
I have tried 5 different 800-855-866 contact phone numbers and no matter what number you call you are stuck with a series of recorded menus and information. THERE IS NO WAY TO TALK TO A REAL PERSON!!!
This awful experience has us reevaluating whether we will ever use Bausch + Lomb contacts again as there are many other companies that can provide the same product
You either love or "just don't get" the life is good t-shirts! We love them -- super super soft, pre-shrunk, wash well, and fun!

Have given gifts of pajamas before that the recipient is still saying thank you for!

Free shipping on everything from the site. You have to pay for returns but any exchanges are still shipped free of charge.
Bitsandpieces is a website/catalog specializing in puzzles: jigsaw puzzles, 3-D puzzles, and all the stuff that can go with them (puzzles sorter and storage boards, puzzle glue, etc.) Great selection!

I think their pricing is on the high side but the bundle prices (pick 3 of this kind or size) and their clearance items still make it a better buy thank full price puzzles from a store. They also have some fun smaller items that are good for bday gifts and stocking stuffers!

There is a US, UK, Canada, and Australia specific websites., and are all owned/run from the same company!
spilsbury is a website/catalog specializing in puzzles: jigsaw puzzles, 3-D puzzles, and all the stuff that can go with them (puzzles sorter and storage boards, puzzle glue, etc.) Great selection!

I think their pricing is on the high side but the bundle prices (pick 3 of this kind or size) and their clearance items still make it a better buy thank full price puzzles from a store. They also have some fun smaller items that are good for bday gifts and stocking stuffers!, and are all owned/run from the same company!
Our parent group ordered emergency power banks (power sticks for phones, tablets, hand held games, etc) with our logo on them. We wanted a quality bank made of metal (not plastic) that would hold up over time. were great to work with, answered questions promptly, the shipping time on my order was extraordinarily fast, our product is great, and our logo/text is great!! The same customer service rep worked with me from step 1 of inquiry to making sure our order arrived -- that is important to me! Having to recreate every email, question, option with a different rep is a pain! This rep signed all emails with his direct email address and phone number!

QL has lots of different items available and the ordering process was easy and the prices great!

The only thing I would wish changed is that I didnt get to see my virtual proof BEFORE I had to enter by credit card information. Other sites weve worked with do provide the opportunity to see what Im ordering I realize a customer could _not_ approve the virtual proof but it is not comfortable providing CC info if the product proof doesnt work out. The power banks were pretty easy logo on the flat side, but logo placement on other items may not be as straightforward.....

Still highly recommend, my final approval to arrival on my front door was less than 48 hours!
Bret B. – Quality Logo Products Rep
Hi there, Tracy! Wow, thank you very much for taking the time to leave us such a detailed review - we REALLY appreciate it! I'm glad that you felt you were taken care of throughout the ordering process and we were able to get you the power banks so quickly. We also want to thank you for the feedback regarding our proof process, we're always trying to provide the best service possible and we will take this into account.

Thank you once again for working with us and also for the recommendation as well, that means the world to us :-) I hope you have a wonderful week and we look forward to working with you again!
We have used for 5 different orders over the past year. We were impressed with our interactions with this company on every order.

We did 3 short sleeve t orders, 1 long sleeve t order, and 1 jacket/windbreaker order. All went without a hitch! We selected heavy weight t's and have been thrilled with how our logos-text printing has held up wash after wash.

Our jackets are incredible! We ordered 75 for a group international trip -- they are great. You can select a lighter weight and cheaper t from anywhere but they won't last. Our group purchased ts from us because the ones they received from another company were cheap and almost see-through.

The 4imprint site has some great design tools that are easy to use. You can also upload your own logo/art. Lots of colors, lots of sizes, lots of styles!

100% recommended!
Walkabouttravelgear is a website that offers items for sale for use in different countries: plug adapters, voltage converters, safety products, travel & packing products, health & water, bugs, tools, etc.
Large categories of stuff and a smaller number of items available make for items that are tried and true.

The descriptions of the plug & voltage adapters is quite good giving lots of examples of what item to use for Americans traveling with whatever electrical-thing you are taking with you.

Their customer service is excellent both on the phone and via email!
I ordered the wrong item, was able to get a real person to help get what I really needed, both phone and email rep helped with best way to handle exchange within a specific time frame, shipping was quick, and my refund posted very quickly!

Their Walkabout travel tips and Cyberlinks contain some wonderful information! Browse around for some incredible opportunities you may not have heard of before!
12/19/14 is a great source for sheet music, music books, group music, and competition music.

My kids play 3 uncommon instruments and music is not always easy to come by. If you play piano, trumpet, or flute you can find lots of music anywhere! We have had great selections of popular music, music study books, and not-common music/books.

The search engine is good (instrument name) and prices seem to be a $1-$2 less than other sources. Shipping is fast and I LOVE the hard/chipboard mailers that the music comes in so nothing is damaged or torn.

Another plus -- they offer digital music downloads!! Instantly download the music you purchased and print it yourself (if you want to print). *Only caveat here -- some competitions will not allow self-printed music so check before you assume it's ok!

A GREAT source for sheet music!
12/19/14 offers tons of magazine subscriptions. Some priced quite inexpensively and some not. It definitely pays to look at the prices here (they often sell the 'over prints' from the publishers). The magazines are the originals and getting them for 25% - 50% off list price is the way to go!

I have been buying for myself, family, and friends for years and they have always delivered/renewed. Dependable and good service.

**As of 12/2014 they have been part of the money rebate program for years giving anywhere between 20% and 40% of your purchase price back to you in an ebates check!

Cons: 1) Some of the magazines are auto-renew only. It is made clear but it is still a pain to change it to manual renewal only. It can be done but you have to know how!
2) Cancelling a subscription must be done via phone/customer service rep or email rep. They will cancel it, but you have to make the effort to do it.
Love it! is a website with audio files of sounds and sound effects. All are free and downloadable.

Was asked to do some emergency help for a school play when one of the directors got pneumonia. I was easily able to get phone rings, train whistles, door slams, footsteps, creaky door sounds, door bells, howling wind, and thunder sounds.

Site lets you listen once or repeat them in a loop -- very handy!

I am semi-pc literate and was easily able to get these files, download them, get them into iTunes and burn them onto a CD.

Lots and lots and lots of sounds, pretty good search engine, easy to use and navigate!
Do not order from skyline shirts!! Wish I had checked here first!
Like the other reviewers, I placed an order and it never arrived. Customer service was fast in contacting me saying my order was delayed "our ink shipment hasn't arrived yet". A CS rep agreed to cancel my order and credit my card but no refund has been issued.
They would not return emails or phone calls (all voicemail by the way, no one actually answers the phone).
I sent an email to the help@ address saying I was going to dispute the transaction with visa and file a complaint with the BBB is they didn't answer me. Lo and behold, an answer -- a stupid one "our accounting department has major delays" My answer was if they accounting can charge me before my order is complete they can refund me.
I just finished my VISA dispute form and filed a complaint with the BBB of Southeast Florida & the Carribbean.
If you've have the misfortune to deal with these thieves, then file the BBB complaint!
Free network shared folders with ability to co-own or just read items in the folders with other users. Co-owners (who can add to, edit, delete) of folders have to install dropbox, linked users (read only) do not have to install dropbox.

Got a recommendation from a high school principal to use this when we were writing a school based handbook that was too large to pass through the school's email filter. Amazingly easy to use!!!

I LOVE the ability to co-own (share) a folder so everyone can edit documents or to give people read-only access (link) to documents and pictures. This is perfect for the various groups I belong to where we need to co-author or co-edit meeting minutes, fliers and spreadsheets. Also allows people to read-only folder contents so everyone has access to pictures, rules & regs, by laws.

Dropbox has lessened the need for group email with attachments -- we don't have to send out, receive and edit, re-send, edit again, resend, etc. Easy to use once you speak the share-link terminology. Lots of free space and your space is increased as you share-link to other users.

One drawback -- I'd like the ability to share with others so they can read and edit but not allow them to delete anything! Still, 100% recommend dropbox!

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