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About Me

I'm pretty much what is said below....I also have social anxiety disorder and depression so those will help in some reviews. I'm a super honest person...like too honest it hurts, but it needs to be done. I can't stand injustice. I also lost by best friend/sister to an automobile accident when she was 23 (3 years ago) and I know about grief. Thanks for appreciating my reviews.

How I Can Help

I buy a good bit of things and a lot of it is online. I am an artist. Check me out at "Kira's Art" on Facebook. I'm always searching the web for collectors items and such. I love art, cats, collecting things, video games...etc


Art, Cats, Video Games, Figurines, Magic Cards, Collectibles, Perler Beads, Prismacolor Pencils..etc

22 Reviews by Kira

So, I noticed that I started getting less and less ads to click on for their wonderful little payouts of 0.001 and decided to ask support why. They answered with this: "Hello.
As a standard member you have 4 orange fixed advertisements as minimum guaranteed.
Everything else is extra being it one or one thousand more advertisements.
The same applies to our other services.
Best regards,
NeoBux Support"
Even though I knew this was a lie, I was just going to let it go. I have screenshots to prove this IS a lie by the way. So I went to login to my account because they log you out every 48 hours or so and guess what, I got this: "Error: Combination of username / password(s) not found." I KNOW my information was/is correct so I pressed both recover password AND recover username and I got this: "No user found Please try again...". I was like "what" and I decided to see if this was now true by re-registering with the SAME information as my account and I got this: "Error
The username you've chosen is already being used.
Your personal email is already being used by another user.
Your Payza/PayPal email is already being used by another user."... huh, which one is it? Does it exist or not!? Obviously they blocked off my account for a simple support question so if you decide you need to ask support something be prepared to be "removed" no matter what the question is how it is wording and they will give you no explanation which they have none because I did nothing wrong. They have effectively stolen $75 dollars from me that took MONTHS to build up and people need to know about them. Don't register for this site if you value your time, worth and money.

Tip for consumers: AVOID AT ALL COSTS. I have proof for what I've said and I'll upload it when I get time.

They are another company that will lie and hide membership rules in their terms and then even when I canceled BEFORE the trial was over, they charged me $9.95 for something I never use and don't want at all!
They have this FAQ that tells you why they will not allow you to sign up/register to sites and it says the reason is this:
"I tried to register in a site and it tells me I've been blocked by WangGuard

If that's the case, it means you've been reported in various sites as a splogger or spam user. Please use our form to contact us and we'll analyze your situation."

WHAT? All I can think is that spiteful companies that have ripped me off and I have handled through reviews or BBB complaints (which are fair game) are reporting me falsely for this "splogger" crap. Never even heard of a "splogger" before and I do not have any blog whatsoever. I also NEVER spam. WTF do I even have to spam!?! This is a question to that site. This is an erroneous charge and I am highly upset by it. I'm incredibly sure that it is from sites like TrustPilot (whom are NOT trustworthy and 1001 ModelKits due to a recent dispute over posting a review and 1001 ModleKits lying about me having never purchased from them before. The most I've done towards any sort of definition that this idiotic guard says as "spam" is boost ads on my Facebook Page which is completely within correct parameters and NOT SPAM. I am an artist and I have both a DeviantArt and Facebook Page for it and that's all. I've posted my art elsewhere as have others who have visited my site because I'm good at it so they like it and because people have asked when I have been in discussion relative to art. I have contacted them and taken screenshots so I will uploads those as proof. We shall see what they have to say, but they get a one for not ever telling me about this AND not investigating themselves and believing what lying sites who have tried to scam me say.

Tip for consumers: They still have not responded to my issue even though they are the ones telling you to write them.

I have literally had to re-install this software on my computer THREE times and every single time it goes to no working on my computer after a day or so... for a bit it works fine, and then it's gone. I should have accumulated $5.00 by now, but I have to restart every time it does this!
I tried to do a rebate and they said it wasn't allowed because of some BS reason. I bought TWO Glade candles, but since they're in a TWIN PACK, they won't accept them even though the barcode scan agrees with me that this IS the item. I'm getting my first rebate cash and leaving if I can even get it when I do have enough to leave as I see many reviews saying their rebate cash was stolen. I'll add screen shots soon. They had like at least 5 people commenting back to me on this one issue AND they were all saying the same thing so I know a good bit of it was bot work. Cheap a$$es, can't even come off of $2.00 and have way too many stupid rules. Also, they don't have nearly enough rebates nor brands. They have basically NO rebates for any really popular restaurants. There are like 10 restaurants on this and they mostly are rebates for alcohol only!

Tip for consumers: Don't bother....they don't have enough rebates nor companies to gain cash from and if you do try to cash out, I've heard that many times they will not give you the cash. I will reply on that when I do FINALLY get out of this wretched app.

I've ordered about six Lavitz figures from them and four of them ALL came with broken spears. When I let them know I get the worst kind of vouchers (most of which the site says you cannot use) or they just tell me to order another or send one free. I don't see that as acceptable especially since I'm buying a new product that should be shipped carefully and I should be able to trust in that. One time, ok, but four? That's crazy! The shipping price lately is too high as well since it takes forever to receive your item. They have now removed all the figures I cared about and never answered my last problem of the broken figures. I only really like The Legend of Dragoon figures and now they only have three when all six used to be available. Half their site is in English and the other half is French?... They really need a larger selection. I'm not sure as to why there are no Final Fantasy figures or the such as they are extremely popular and it'd be nice to get them.




This did not help me one bit on finding out what to do with my issue. It is utter crap. It says the shortest things and doesn't answer the issue at hand.
They don't give you your credits when you complete offers. I have taken snap shots and when you contact them they are super rude. I haven't been credited for much of anything but the useless Paid Emails. They're close to Listia's crappiness and have crappy partner offer sites.
I've had more luck getting things done on TP than here, but I deleted my account there as they let companies lie and take down your reviews that are honest. They don't ever care about you here... they never answer customer service and allowed a person to be racist and cuss me in my messages and still continue to talk to me after I blocked them. Note that I wasn't being rude to them... Also, a company has reported a review I listed before and TP didn't take down my review. I don't like that they hide it for a time, but if your review is correct, they won't take it down.

UPDATE: They've let a company lie and complain again and hide my review AGAIN so I CANNOT support them anymore. Will not use them anymore unless they better their ways.
This site gives you insight into the website or company you are visiting and the button for it is pretty helpful but there is one glaring mistake. I've seen reviews by people saying they hated a site, yet they had it under 5 star rating. Someone needs to be managing that because that is very misleading. It raises the average rating for a site that doesn't deserve so, and I suppose the same could be said for the opposite even though I have yet to see that. They are pretty fair with the reviews they allow you to give, yet again, some people write many reviews that aren't reviews and need to be taken down, so I suggest moderators should get busy on that. Those are only my suggestions on which I would raise my rating for this site.
The extension doesn't save your reviews to be shown on your profile or the site itself. EDIT: Just completely deleted an entire review I did for a competition site... terrible.

Tip for consumers: A reviewer just sent me a racist message and called me names in it...I reported it to SiteJabber. I'd really like to see how they handle this as it might change my opinion further. Also, don't believe the star ratings because they don't remove or ask people to change reviews that don't match the stars given.

UPDATE:9/11/16- I have sent several complaints and even blocked this person and she still somehow managed to message me AGAIN. I've heard NOTHING from this site to handle the issue.

Out of 69 chances, I won about maybe 200 tokens, if that much. I don't think this site legitimately gives out wins besides tokens and unlike its competition "PCH", it doesn't give many tokens at that. I'd say, don't waste your time with the site. You have a higher chance of PCH even if it isn't by much.
It's a great app to use to listen to your musical content but it has its down. One being that you can't watch the lyrics while listening to a song even though you used to be able to do so in Window Media Player and it was a nice plus. I would also be cool to add some music videos and such to make it more "spicy". It plays my songs great, but the updates happen way too often and I hate having to restart my computer every time. It's worth the use.
When I was younger, they had so much more to explore, but now there's just not much great stuff left. The toys of today don't beat what we had when I was a child and they carry less of everything they used to. They need new creative things to carry to reach children and their parents.
I started using it and I won $5.00 and it was automatically put into my Amazon account (I believe it was the "Thank You" wheel. I know, the bottom of the barrel right? Yes, but it is something. So you DO win cash, but I still believe they are rigged like casinos to where they mostly give you tokens and that is about it. I've made PLENTY of tokens believe me. It's obvious the ping pong ball is rigged to never make it into any money slots. None of the scratch offs ever pay out cash. You ALWAYS win tokens though. Tokens are everywhere and they want you to have them because they basically do absolutely NOTHING. You use them to put entries in on a chance to win a gift card or item, but the likelihood of you winning that is VERY slim. I've put so much into one before and still didn't win. The tokens are basically useless. The games are fun and addictive though. So you'll have some fun playing those. They kept lying about their games not being rigged on app reviews and I have grown uber tired of it... I hate liars. I had about 23.5 million tokens and put 4010 entries into one item. We will see if anything happens with that. Good luck, you'll need it to win anything on here.

EDIT: Didn't win a thing...

Tip for consumers: Only the advertisers and the three public people make money on this site.

You won't win anything on this site. If you file a complaint, it can just go on and on indefinitely until you've had enough and just give up. These businesses get away with doing people dirty... especially Listia. Should complain to BBB about BBB and how useless they are.

Tip for consumers: They really don't care so don't waste what time you have left in your life.

If you're going to raise my price, please raise your quality. There are amazing shows that are originals on this site and they are really great. I highly recommend watching the majority of Netflix original series'. The problem is, they put up A LOT of TV shows that were amazing, but got canceled so it'd be nice to have some sort of closure to that and for them to at least try to pick up some of the shows people are actually asking them to like: Constantine, Survivors, Resurrection, etc... Cliff hanger endings are no fun. Also, the amount of time between the Jessica Jones seasons is too long. Also, you need a better selection of movies... especially horror. The price raise was annoying, but I like the service so I'll keep with it for now. I also was screwed out of a lot of money because of their old DVD plan. They kept mine on even though DVDs had gone out and just kept recharging me over what I should've paid since I NEVER got DVDs from them. If they'd return that extra money, I probably would be giving them a higher review right now.

UPDATE: I have noticed that Netflix is also only putting up one season of shows that have multiple seasons or putting episodes out of order and that is annoying.

Tip for consumers: I can't find a good horror movie on this site for the life of me...I've already seen all the good ones.

There is always someone nearby to help and they ask you A LOT if you need help with anything. It just seems like they have less and less of a selection every time you go in and the selection they DO have is way overpriced. I have gotten some nice, long lasting items from there and it has some great quality electronics, but where are the rare Amiibos and stock that was great before?
They rarely ever come through on giving you your credits. They also NEVER qualify you for any of the surveys after they've asked you a lot of questions to see if you qualify which might as well be a survey in itself... just bad service.

EDIT 8/29/2016: It's annoying as hell to have to have screenshots for everything, but they have done right by me recently as long as I have a screenshot for proof of completion. Note: They won't send you a confirmation email and most of their credits will not accept your completions so you have to use their support tab, but I finally got a huge load of credits that were withheld from me for a while.

9/26/16: Now, they WILL NOT give me credits ever for any offer I prove completed... Look at the photo for the email they sent me.

10/10/2016: I had to open a complaint, but I finally got some help and they have said they will not ever do this again and they agreed I'm an honest person so we shall see. Still working it out.


They are actually trying to help it seems...

The offers barely give you any points. I joined through a Listia credit offer and you have to get 500 SB by the end of a month or so... basically impossible if you have a life. I don't recommend this place at all. They also want you to watch double digits of videos for barely any SB and don't even get me started on the surveys.
I have 2 major problems with Amazon and those are:
1: I am an Amazon Prime member yet I pay 100$(basically) to be so while they do promotions for new people to join for half the rate. I believe Prime members should get a deal from that as well. We've been loyal to Amazon and it is unfair to charge newbies way less than we pay yearly. Maybe they could lower or give a small/whatever refund for those promotions to current Amazon Prime members.
2: Another Prime issue. I'm paying so much for Prime, but I can't watch my films in HD because they won't change their player. It's so annoying to watch shows in standard when you're paying for HD and I'm not going to switch to other browsers every time I want to watch a show that happens to be on Amazon.
3: (Not a MAJOR issue, but an issue none-the-less. Amazon seems to be very pricey and just to keep getting more and more so even for Prime members. Usually what's on Amazon, I can get MUCH cheaper on Ebay or some other site.
4: Please check the reviews people give for items and movies because some times they are NOT reviewing the item, but the seller. This totally ruins the review value. I can't trust the overall review because some idgit is saying "they sent the box to me bent"... that has ZERO to do with the product at hand. Someone really needs to get on that one.

Pluses and why it got a 4 star:
1: The free shipping is awesome. I love not having to deal with that.
2: The majority of the time their customer service is excellent... like the best. Only one time did I have to deal with a bad one and I just went to another one and they fixed my problem pronto.
3: It has a lot of Prime freebies that I love (but it could stand to make some more of it's movies and TV shows free for Prime Members).
4: It's pretty easy to navigate.
5: I bought a 6 cartridge litter box from members on the site two times and I was sent ONLY ONE two times... Amazon refunded me and let me keep the one that I did get instead of forcing me to go through the trouble of sending it back when it was a huge error on the side of the seller and the boxes are quite large. It would've been too much of a waste of my time. I paid over 70$ each time for 6 boxes.

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