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28 Reviews by Kathleen


Complete crud. They micromanage everything. Say lol in the chat and you get gagged. Gagged means that you cannot post in forums, you cannot mail other members, and you cannot chat, which effectively ruins any decent way of finding information, since most of the spells are fake and added by teenage role-players for fun.

This site is moderated by immature speech Nazi's that will gag for any reason, especially if they feel you might be right when giving advice. Anyone over newbie rank can gag a newer member if they feel that newbie might be smarter than them.

Not to mention that when you get gagged, you have no way of knowing who, and they don't even have the decency to tell you why. When I was gagged, I had to create another account just to speak with admins and find out why. All I got was this response:

"Dear Rule-Breaker,

We do not give information out as to why an account is gagged. If you were the person who broke a rule, you would know what you did. Have fun, and don't forget we have a 20% discount this week on candles!"

How are you supposed to know what you did when they have so many rules preventing the tiniest little things? A poorly and immaturely run website. Not even worth the trouble.


I'm pretty happy with CL. I've only run into one scammer, and it actually turned out to be the person who stole my uncle's scooter (so we actually ended up getting it back).

I mostly stick in the free section, and I've found tons of hidden gems among the items that most of the people are practically throwing away. I found an almost brand new desk, a great bookshelf, and tons of books.

We got evicted and had to move a few months ago, and in the few months of living in our new house I've completely refurnished my new room with stuff in great condition from Craigslist. I really like this site.


I've been playing almost my entire life! I'm 19, and my dad set me up and helped me with an account when I was 4.

I'll admit, some of the changes they made are pretty annoying, but they try to make up for it. Almost every holiday, they'll gift you premium items from the Neocash Mall. Not many companies offer gifts that you would normally have to pay money for.

Overall, this is such a fun site, and it's great for families. Definitely have to recommend this website.


Complete and total scam. If you send your phone in, you have two outcomes.

1. Get absolutely nothing. No check, no word about your phone, etc.

2. Wait months and months and months and months and get a check for under 10 bucks.

What's their excuse? Either they didn't get it, or your phone was damaged. Stay away. Far away.


Most of the people who bid are scammers. I sent an item to someone who won the bid, watched as it was delivered by tracking, and they had the gall to try and say they did not get it.

Not only that, but "Everything is free!" is a crock. 98% of the items you have to pay shipping and handling, and most of the people charge an arm and leg. A five dollar necklace was free, yes, but the shipping and handling was $14.95. They lived one state over. I mean c'mon!? That's more than the necklace itself was worth on Amazon! Not only that, but you have to pay for more credits if you are one of the people that has nothing to list. You get 700 credits for listing an auction, but if you don't have anything extra to give, say bye bye to those credits unless you want to pay.

Honestly, you'd be better off just avoiding this site. The items with no shipping and handling are crap anyway, and that's if you even win the bid. I've seen bids get up pretty high. Listia... totally not worth it.


CUSTOMER SERVICE IS NOTHING BUT PURE POOP. They've run people away from all of their games because they are good for nothing, greedy, and biased.

1. "Alts" are supposedly not allowed, yet they do nothing about them, except when more than 30 people stop paying until the issue is solved.

2. They have a money system called goldleaf, which you have to pay for to pretty much do anything, or to build your characters. It's overpriced, and when you buy VIP and "recharge", you pay too much for something that doesn't even last more than a month.

3. They care nothing for the customers. If you are being bullied or threatened they say "we'll look into it", but nothing happens. Cashers have an outrageous pass on behavior. The people who don't pay anything are subject to the whims of the cashers and staff.

4. They have an unfair chat system. The Helpers who watch the chat are allowed other characters to actually play, and many times will "mute"-this means you lose chatting privileges- the people they don't like with some bogus reason as to why.

This whole website is horrible, they've made the games no longer fun. If you want to avoid stupid arguments and biased, greedy people, stay as far away from the site as possible.


Value listings of properties are way off.

Went to a professional for the value of my old house, was a 3 bedroom; whole house needed rewiring, no light socket worked, bugs everywhere, nails sticking out, cabinets in kitchen falling off, etc. Professional said it was worth about 50$ a month for rent.

Zillow said 8500. This wasn't the only house where the estimate was way off. To this day, I've counted about 38.


This is a fantastic game! I have some points I would like to add to show how great it is, or defend what I know is an amazing game.

1. Not free/ wrong advertising- People have to not be paying attention to think this game is scamming people. The commercial states, and I quote what I'm watching right now, "Download your free trial and start playing today". It states that not only is it a TRIAL, but that it is a download game. If you listen, you'll know.

2. Overpriced- This game is far from overpriced. Similar games I've seen do not have all of the features of Wizard101, and yet can still charge upwards of $30/month, and I even saw one that charged $150/year. When you consider the price, you also need to consider everything you are paying for. Just look at the complexity of the game! And they are always fixing and maintaining, and they also add new worlds and areas often! Overpriced is wrong, underpriced is an understatement.

3. Bad customer service- None of the people I've ever spoken to or met have had problems with customer service. My friend had her computer hacked, and the hacker bought crowns on Wizard101 on her account. When she reported it, she was refunded the FULL $563. They even offered her a free membership for 6 months. To me, that's excellent customer service.

This game is amazing, especially for families. I recommend this for anyone who wants to have a fun game for themselves and their families. Plus, they even offer a family deal. Definitely a great choice!

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