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1 review
0 helpful votes

If they have too many items in the inventory and don't know to put them in the closet or whatever, they get locked out of their inventory. When you request help for this or any other issue, the people from the site either are unable to help or don't care. I asked if they could empty all the gift boxes from my child's inventory so it would be cut down to the required number and he could access it and they said no. I asked how to get into it so he could feed the pet etc. and their answer was simply you can't. Very frustrating and upsetting for young kids.

1 review
0 helpful votes

Really enjoyed the game and put years of play/work into it - amazing game and family-friendly. I left it for a few years and my account was frozen for inactivity. I contacted their support team to unfreeze my account but it's been 2 years with no response to my emails. See the reviews that say the Neopets Team treat their customers like trash - it's true.

1 review
3 helpful votes

The team that runs this game, TNT, treats players like trash. Random and unreasonable/unjustifiable account freezes are happening, and they will tell you to send in a ticket but you will not receive any help or support even after doing so. Is this laziness or just disrespect for their player base? I think it might be both. Just have a look at their Facebook page and you will find a long list of players seeking replies for their tickets, some submitted months or even years ago.

Their premium membership is total crap, there is nothing premium about it yet the fees they charge for premium is double the price of some of the best games in the gaming industry today. Worse still, the game is not even optimized for many browsers even though its just webpage based.

The current player base seem to be a small group of loudmouth regulars who are disillusioned that the game is thriving. This is apparent as you will see them flooding their own boards on the forums with a few hundreds of their own spam just to make their board look alive. It is an absolute joke.

Despite all these issues, what TNT only does is to continuously release new items in their cash shop (NC mall) instead of doing anything to fix the game. This so called kid friendly game is nothing but a money grubbing scheme. They are trying to get as much money out of the game before it dies out, which it is already starting to.

Do not waste your time and money on Neopets. You will only be supporting a bunch of rude people who only want your money and cannot care less about their player base.

12 reviews
17 helpful votes

The site is fun for me to play. It's outdated and doesn't really do too much for games or anything.
I don't have a premium because it's really expensive.. so I just play the free games and things. Sadly most event things like hanging stockings around Christmas cost money & not everyone has it to spend.
Customer service is pretty bad... they never respond to your ticket or emails. I've had an open case for over a year and they never responded, it was just left open. So yeah there's that.
Netdragon supposedly bought it from Jumpstart so I have high hopes for them. They did however fix the online friends thing. Which is a step up!

1 review
5 helpful votes

It would seem Neopets latest tactic is to now just close tickets as soon as they are opened if they have decided they no longer wish to deal with you
They were happy enough to take premium payments for 12 months while I was trying to get an account back
Once I finally cancelled it my ticket stayed as open for 2 years
It finally went to a Work in Progress then closed with no communication or reason
All subsequent tickets have been closed or closed as duplicate within hours of me creating them
7 times so far and counting
I have never come across such disgusting "customer service"

1 review
2 helpful votes

This is a waste of your time. I had to rerigister an account 2 times, just to be disappointed by the terrible options and gameplay. The only thing that veered my finger to the 2 star rating was the cuteness of the animals (which are extremely cute).

74 reviews
272 helpful votes

It makes me wonder what direction Neopets is going to go in. The total users worldwide probably adds to less than the amount of students in my high school now.

I was a user since 2001 and it started out very relaxing and fun. In a few years, they decided to sell out and their website put placements for a few advertisements. It was tolerable and all rated G. Not a problem.

A year later, they sold out entirely and there were at least four advertisements in every page. Not to mention those awful pre-loading screens on every game that took ages to load on dial-up. Their games became sponsored by Disney movies like High School Musical, various brands of cereal, etc.

The staff is not very helpful towards users with frozen accounts or users who have been banned for unfair reasons. They are selective and uncaring, and make rules or sudden new rules to suit themselves but not their users. The players on the boards are either young adults or older people who are so full of themselves. Finally, let me explain why most people I knew decided to stop playing this game either early on when it first came out or later when Neopets sold out: because it's impossible to achieve anything in this game.

Getting a million Neopoints is a difficult task on its own, and by just playing a few games, it could take well over a year to get that. If that's the case, can anyone imagine trying to earn 50 million NP or 100 million NP for those Battledome weapons and other useful paintbrushes and potions? No. It was out of reach for probably 90% of players. Basically, anything that can make the game more useful or interesting for you is impossible to achieve so why bother?

That was why cheating was rampage.. because no one could make that many Neopoints legitimately. High scores for trophies were impossible to achieve. Random events rarely ever happened, not even bad ones. All items within the game, even sold by NPCs were expensive. Training your Neopet was expensive. Quests were all time limited so strictly that you can never get the item you need in time at later levels of the quest. Only people with high speed internet at the time was able to grab the rare items first, or play those "click here, load, click again, reload" games like solitaire. It was impossible with dial-up (the time when the game mostly existed).

The game slowly disappeared from people's lives for one reason or another and now it's just an artifact of gaming from the dial-up days of the internet. Neopets has made no effort to develop a mobile version of its game (so far). It provides no incentive to even go back to the web-based game. It basically lost its touch in the world of internet. It's outdated and since most people are ditching Flash for HTML5, Neopets' flash-based games will be a thing of the past.

This once "free" game with some advertising became a massive bloat of ads and then started to ask you to pay for Neopets Premium. Then you had to pay for items and then Neopet clothes. Now, you probably have to pay for everything. Neopets had its time and now it offers nothing. You guys seriously ruined Krawk and Draik's original look enough.. please just go away now.

1 review
1 helpful vote

Never give your card number to this website, they will keep charging you. Charged me $24.95 for the account that they froze on their whim two month ago. This is reply I got:
If your account was frozen for breaking the Terms and Conditions you agreed to when creating the account, it will not be unfrozen, nor will you receive a refund.

2 reviews
17 helpful votes

No love let on neopets. They are greedy as all hell.

1 review
4 helpful votes

So, the website itself is something positive for the idle mind. I started playing somewhere back in 2000 and remember it being an actually really fun game, but after returning about 14 years later i realized how glitchy and absolutely DREADFULLLY slow the website has become. Honestly, have yet to find another website that has tested my patience the way that my short termed return to neopets has. While there are some really fun aspects that still remain about this game, they're impossible to enjoy because the whole system is so goddamn slow, it crashes every other minute.
Totally unimpressed neopets.

1 review
4 helpful votes

Started playing waaaaay back in 2005 when I was in elementary school. I returned as an adult with his own apartment and life nearly ten years later, hoping to take a trip down memory lane... What I found was a hellhole overrun with micro transactions, advertisements (Some of which contained nasty viruses and malware) and ridiculous frills and gimmicks. Just like everything else I once cared about or enjoyed as a kid, Neopets and it's overseers have succumbed to total greed...

28 reviews
113 helpful votes

I've been playing almost my entire life! I'm 19, and my dad set me up and helped me with an account when I was 4.

I'll admit, some of the changes they made are pretty annoying, but they try to make up for it. Almost every holiday, they'll gift you premium items from the Neocash Mall. Not many companies offer gifts that you would normally have to pay money for.

Overall, this is such a fun site, and it's great for families. Definitely have to recommend this website.

9 reviews
11 helpful votes

This site has definitely gotten better with age. I started out playing as a preteen, then my account got frozen because I tried to keep my brother's and cousins' pets alive. I took a 6 year hiatus to cool down and now I'm back! It's Nickelodeon owned and mainly a kiddie site so prepare to be censored to the fullest extent of the G rated law. But there are a ton of adults on this site and it's a fun way to pass/waste time but still feel like you're accomplishing something. :-D

Note: There are a ton of would be hackers skulking around this site waiting to steal your hard earned digital items, so a strong password that changes every few weeks is strongly suggested. TNT (The Neopets Team) takes hacking and cheating VERY seriously (so much so that the innocent man often gets caught in the crossfire). This is good and bad for several obvious reasons. So long as you remember it's just a game and that reality will always matter more, you'll enjoy this fun site. :-D

3 reviews
14 helpful votes

I have been playing this website since it first started over 10 years ago. Its the only site that i ever go back to, the games are fun. There is not much traffic as their once was, neopets hay day being about 5-7 years ago, however there are still some like myself who play.

2 reviews
2 helpful votes

I just loved those games when I was in high school. It does not sound cool, but I could play several hours continuously. Now that I have grown up and tried to play a few different games for a grown-up. I still miss the happiness I have had with

5 reviews
20 helpful votes

I joined Neopets over 9 years go, I played for 5 of those years. I was heavily involved in the site and was one of the top posting members in a certain Neopets forum.
What tore me away was a little after the time they began the McDonald promotion, they decided to ditch the current pet designs so they could implement a system that allowed you to clothes your pets. Which meant they redesigned every pet and color.
Why I found it to be a poor decision is that they cared not how poor the art was afterward. I use to love the old design of the plushie Zafara, the new one is nothing more then a color change of the normal looking Zafara, it entirely lost its cuddly plushie look. And that is only ONE pet, I won't bother listing anymore. So my complaint is really that they couldn't bother paying good artists to create good art, they went cheap.

I liked the site for its originality, but they went from being creative to making decisions based on profit. Poor move.

Update: I got banned many months back, I think because I kept trying to log into my account but I couldn't remember which password I used... somehow that became a permanent ban! I had those pets for over 10 years... and customer service was USELESS, they don't get back to you. So... everything I collected and worked on is gone, poof. This company needs to be sued or shut down, they made it into a pay site as far as content goes but they care not about their members.

54 reviews
147 helpful votes

I am giving it 5 stars because i did enjoy playing the games a few years back when i was younger and bored .
BUT the reason for the minus 3 stars is because its a kid site and there was a tab for porn that i noticed once , im not sure if it was a glitch or they got hacked but not a good thing for a kids site

19 reviews
65 helpful votes

haha i can't believe this thing is still around.. i remember playing neopets when i young.. good times.. thats soo cool though that its still around after all these years..

24 reviews
124 helpful votes

I've been playing since I was 15 years old. I love this website. I usually go when I'm bored. I love playing card games and slots, so this was fun without the risk of real life gambling.

There's always something new to buy and have. A virtual pet to take care of. You do get bored and I do as well, but I always come back when I want something to do and to play games without having to buy or download anything.


1 review
2 helpful votes

They froze me for now reason and I've put so much money and time into that website. They aren't saying what I was frozen for but the premise is "Cheating". Would you waste all your time and hard work on a website only to just cheat to extra a few virtual pints? Thank you.

3 reviews
4 helpful votes

Its okay - It is an okay website. You can make your own pet and "play" games. The games are okay especially when you are bored.

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