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One of my friends isn't really good with computers, but I helped her use this site. It was easy and simple for even her to navigate, and she was able to find most of her school textbooks for a great bargain and they were in good condition.

This is a great website for avid readers. Definitely one of the best sites I've ever seen.


Not only do they have a lot of games that she creates herself, which are amazing, but she also collects games she finds that she loves. Membership is only a dollar a month, which you just can't beat. There was a snafu a while back with gallery saving so now uploading is only reserved for members, but like I said, it's only $1. She usually adds about 2 exclusive games that she creates per year, and she also updates the older games a lot. Overall, this is a really great site, especially for young girls who like to design.


This site goes hand in hand with dolldivine, as they have actually done a lot of collaborations together. A lot of the best games from dolldivine came from Azalea, so you can find them on her site as well, but she has the added bonus of having almost every single game being save-able to your computer. This is perfect for girls who like to display their designs. Almost every exclusive game has so many color options, you could probably do the same outfit continuously using only a different color each time, and still have about 20-30 pictures. And some of the games are very realistic looking, like the Lord of the Rings and Tudors games. Honestly, not a day goes by where I don't do a design on this fantastic site.


Barnes and Noble is amazing. I do have to say, I love the online store better than the actual brick and mortar stores though, because the options they have online is far better than the ones you can find in any one store. They even have books for Wiccans, Pagans, and witches, which is a hard find in most places in this day and age. The one closest to me took down the entire new age section to make more room for their Bibles. But I can still buy them online, which is great. The prices are a bit steep, but I've never had a book from there last less than 10 years. Give me a Barnes and Noble and I'll never need another bookstore. Fabulous.


Facebook is immature and awful when it comes to business. Firstly, I can understand having to pay to have your page advertised. But you also have to pay if you want your post to be seen by every page member who has liked it. The more you pay the bigger the audience. It's insane. People like the pages so that they can see the posts, and half of the time they can't even do that unless the page owner has the money to shell out.

2. Then, they don't even give you accurate stats and when you make a report they never get back to you. I've been trying to get this one nice woman to be an admin on one of my pages for months now. She said the last time we spoke a few days ago that she likes, then unlike, the re-likes the page, and she even said she's left some comments on some posts that I've never even seen. It even says in insights that I haven't had a page view in 5 months. Both myself and she verified that the page she was looking at was the right one, and it still isn't working. I sent in a report over 4 months ago, and I haven't heard anything back. I sent in another report a month ago, and she sent in a report as well. Neither of us have received a response. Not a "We're looking into this for you" or "The issue is being dealt with", and heaven forbid no "This issue has been resolved". Nothing. And yet a personal friend posted a slightly revealing bikini pic and was told to take it down.

2. They are discriminatory. I have seen extremely inappropriate, sexist, racist, or downright cruel personal and page names allowed to stay on. Now in certain faiths, it is common to take another name that you feel fits you. For example, there is a popular Witchcraft author named Silver Ravenwolf. Within hours of her posting and creating her pages (both personal and business) she was locked out until she provided her I.D. as proof that Silver Ravenwolf was her legal name. First of all, why are they blocking people at all simply because the name is "fake"? Second of all, this can be very upsetting for those who follow faiths in which choosing another name is important. I have know many people who have had far worse than Silver or Harmony as their name who never get banned.

3. Finally, following up on the earlier complaint about reporting. They do not take things seriously. There is a page ( a paying page) that is very insulting not only sexist but downright offensive to most who read it. I'm not going to name it or mention its content. However, EVERY single report that has been made about that page has gone ignored. The story about the page even made news in California, across the country from me. It was pretty far seen and very much complained about, but it still to this day operates and continues to degrade people. Why is there such a bias towards particular people (mostly non-paying) when others are allowed free reign. The whole operational team of this site is puerile. I very rarely get on anymore. It's not worth it. Whatever you do, if you're a page owner or thinking about becoming one, don't waste your money lining these children's pockets.

Tip for consumers:
Don't give them your money.


Spirit is the only place I ever buy Halloween items from, and I even use it for religious rituals. Their fabric is comfortable and their makeup is so great. I've only ordered once online but it was such a great experience. Spirit definitely has my business for years to come.


I don't live around very many Walmart's, so when it came time to put in the store location I put in the only one within an hour of me. I had ordered about $50 worth of beads and organizers for the beads. A day later I received an email saying that the store I ordered them from was out of stock on ALL of those items. I went by the same day, and they were fully stocked on all of them at the store, and the manager said they still had plenty in the back. When I told her what the website said, she called someone and told them to issue me a refund. Luckily I was able to get my money back. But really, should it have even been needed? Do the people they have even look for the items? I think I'll just stick to buying from the actual store from now on.


DirectTV has, perhaps, the worst customer service out of any company I've ever dealt with. My family and I had this for a short time. We bought 4 boxes for 4 rooms. Later that month, we got the bill. They had charged us an additional $600 dollars for 8 more boxes we know for a fact we didn't order! Why would we need 12 boxes for 5 people with 4 televisions? When we called to inform them of this gross oversight on their part, we spoke to the district company rep and she said that we they would absolutely give us that $600 dollars back, since it was automatically charged from my father's card. This was March in 2010. It wasn't until November 2012 when my father got that money back. For about 2 years my father called them once a week, and it ended up having to go to court for him to get that money.

One of the times my father called, he had his cell on speakerphone and we listened as the person on the other line said to someone else, "This person is so freaking annoying, he calls like, every other day!", and then said into the phone to us, "no hablan Inglés", which for those who don't know Spanish means don't speak English. When we told her that we had heard her speak English to someone else off to the side on her end, she hung up. I don't know if it's just that district, but I'm not going to take the risk, ever.


Used to be really good, now it's worse than the worst. I wish there was a lower option than one star, because that's what it would earn now. As their policies have changed, they've become a major problem.

1. You can no longer sign up for an account without inputting a mobile phone number. This, to me, is a stupid policy. What about people who don't have a cell phone? I don't; I had to ask one of my friends if I could use her old phone number just to create an account.

2. You can only associate so many email accounts with one phone number, and you have to jump through hoops of fire to remove a phone number from an account, because you have to put in either another phone number or an alternate email.

3. I have many different email accounts, all of which I use for various purposes. I play a lot of online games, most of which allow you to have different game accounts but they all have to have separate emails. I have 2 main emails for most everything, 2 main ones for the websites I own, and a total of 18 others. Yeah I know it sounds crazy but I use every single one, logging in to each one every 2 weeks. I recently signed up for another account on one of my favorite sites, and I put in one of the alternate emails. When I went to log in to that account on Yahoo, it asked for my security code. After I put it in, it told me that the account hadn't been logged into for 2 weeks and was deactivated. I was pretty upset and decided to try another email. ALL 18 of my alternate emails were deactivated for "long-standing time". 2 weeks. Seriously?

4. After the email deactivation fiasco, I tried to recreate them. Now, I'm 20 years old. I got to the part of the form where you have to input your birthday and I did. I double checked to make sure it was right and then re-checked the entire form. When I pushed sign-up, it said that I didn't meet the age requirements.

I'm done with Yahoo. They're a piece of trash website now, and they're really not worth it anymore.

Tip for consumers:
Don't use it.


I love this website. When it comes to certain games like the Grand Theft Auto series, I sometimes like to start a separate games and use cheats just to mess around. This website has tons of cheats available, even for some of the more obscure games. It's quick and easy to find what you're looking for.


This version is a lot less fun than AQ Worlds. There's really nothing to do except for fight monsters over and over, which can get pretty boring after a while. It would just be nice if it were a bit more fun.


I LOVE this website. I would give it 5 stars, but there are still some things that you need a membership for. HOWEVER, it is completely possible to still finish the story line and reach a high level without ever having to pay for a membership. And if you do, you definitely get the bang for your buck!

On top of that, every time I have sent in a complaint about someone's bad behavior, I was sent emails notifying me that 1. People were looking into the problem and 2. If it was fixed. 9 times out of 10, the person I reported for inappropriate behavior was given a chat mute. Now THAT'S good business practices on a game for children and teens!


I have several complaints about this website.

1. I have a computer that lags, and I answered an educational question wrong by accidentally clicking the one above it. I explained my answer and said that I like educated women. By the time I realized the wrong answer had been selected, I had already answered the question, and OkCupid has a policy that you have to wait 24 hrs to re-answer. I then got verbally abused by a bunch of women saying that I was stupid, and that I only wanted an educated woman because I wanted people to think I was smart, and so on. I sent in a reports about some of the worst messages, and to this day (1 yr later), haven't heard anything back.

2. There's no point in joining, because if (and I say if because it seems most people just leave their profiles to collect dust and never contact anyone), someone likes you, you can't see who it is unless you pay to be A-list.

3. A lot of the questions don't have the option to choose the best answer for you. For example, there's a question "Do you like to ride motorcycles?" and the only answers available are yes or no. For me and some of my friends who also are on the site, it would depend on the motorcycle, but I just clicked yes. Then there A LOT of yes or no questions where you're willing to accept a yes or no from someone, and if you click both it's marked as irrelevant. Answer a certain number as a irrelevant and it keeps having a message pop us saying to stop marking questions as irrelevant or they lower your chances of finding a match. Problem is, with most questions, you're willing to accept multiple things, which would mark it as irrelevant.

This site just needs to re-think their overall working processes, and at least give you the option to see who likes you without having to pay. If you have to pay to see who is interested in you, it's not worth it and you should just go elsewhere.


The games are pretty cool at first, but after a while you have to cash to get anywhere, and after that, they're not really that much more fun enough to actually pay the money to continue.

When I first joined 2 years ago, customer service was great, but like most gaming websites, after their games got uber-popular and they started raking in the big bucks, they basically stopped caring. A few years ago, if a person was caught bullying they got warned and muted, and banned if it continued. Now, you'd be hard pressed to find a mod within 200 feet of any of the games. I posted in forums and it took 3 weeks for a staff member to respond, at which point there was nothing they could do anyway.

I would be a lot happier if they would start caring again.


The game itself is fun-ish, the people are not. Especially the forums. Dare to make one disagreement with someone and you get verbally attacked on all sides.

On the game, no-one is willing to help anyone out. Want to buy a creature from another player who's selling one? Better shell out thousands of fb's or not a chance. And of course, for newbie players, sums like those are impossible, since you can't sell surplus for more money.

By the time you actually get enough money to do anything, your pets are too old and you have to shell out more money for the elixir in the shop to make them young again.

This game really isn't worth the time or energy.


Against my better judgement, I bought the membership, so that I could find new businesses in my area to go to and to warn/praise others. EVERY SINGLE negative review I have left has been deleted, claiming that they went against the posting guidelines, when I know for a fact they didn't.

When I posted about a tow company that gave my mother one quote when he arrived, and another 500 bucks more expensive after it was already towed, it was removed. All I said was that business standards like that are tantamount to a scam, and that they wouldn't get our service again.

I knew I shouldn't have trusted a company with as bad of marks as Angie's list.


I understand the fact that it is a pk game; players are allowed to attack other players. I get that. I like it.

I just don't agree with the fact that they encourage it the way they do. They have a forum section called Pow Wow, where people can post complaints about other players. They do this so that everyone who sees it can go and attack the player the post is about. Someone posted a Pow Wow about me because I refused to trade with them, and I was in recovery every minute I was logged in for a week. I ended up giving up on that account for a few months because every time I tried to to anything I got attacked.

When I complained to staff, they completely didn't care. They said it was a Pow Wow post and a pk game, so they wouldn't do anything, even though it states as one of their rules that continuous online attacks are not allowed. Then they suggested I buy the perk packs to make myself stronger so people couldn't kill me as easily. So basically they were using the abuse I was getting to earn them money.

The amount of attacks also get ridiculous. As an experiment a few days ago, I left 200,000 money on my account. I logged in about 13 hours later, which isn't that long of a time, and I had 132 attacks, and literally all of the money was gone. That means that within less than a day, 132 people attacked me and mugged me. Most people shouldn't even have that many attacks in a weak. And then, my comments list was full of insults. Noob, loser, idiot... the list goes on and on and that's just the PG version. Players are always insulting lower level members, even though on yet another rule it states you should treat every level fairly, considering everyone is a noob at one point.

The other problem I have is perhaps the biggest thing to make me angry about a game; the staff. They occasionally have contests for certain holidays. During a few of the contests, the players who win gain access to the staff. They can have staff attack ANY 5 people they want (the number/ situation changes a bit with each one but is mostly along the same lines). PK game or not, the fact that staff are allowed to participate in frivolous things like that is completely absurd.

Their excuse is that most of the staff are volunteers. They play as well as monitor the game. Normally, I don't mind that. But the fact that staff can use their power when they're acting as regular players is bull. There is no reason that staff should be getting involved in player-to-player attacks.

Even though Immortal Night does not allow multiple accounts, I think they should offer an exception for the staff, and allow them to have a separate account for playing/staffing, and forbid them from allowing their player arguments to get in the way of running the site. Yeah, that's right. I've seen bias from the staff. Need an example? They're allowed to join in on Pow Wow arguments and attack the players as well. I don't care how rude/ bad the player being complained about is acting. There's no reason a staff member should be allowed to join the fray and attack them along with everyone else.

This game needs a completely new staff, new ethics, and to get rid of 90% of its players, and then it might just be as good as it used to be a few years ago.


I have several issues with this website.

1. It's near impossible to even do anything. In order to buy new things, you have to have hundreds of coins. You can usually get maybe 20-40 per game you play.

2. People cheat. There are games where players pick the winners (craziest cards and a fashion game). Most people will set up deals, meaning that if you continue to vote for them, they'll vote for you. Ensuring that it's mostly the two of you who win, which effectively ruins the game for the other players.

3. Beggars- Oh my gosh, the beggars. They'll continually ask you to vote for them so that they can win. And if that's not annoying, try saying no to one of them. It's like all hell broke loose, causing drama on a game that should be fun. When people ask me, I typically tell them that I don't vote for people who ask, in fact that makes me not vote for them even if I think they're the best choice. Then they act like they're being killed.

4. So much inappropriateness!- I've seen people ask where someone lives so they can come rape them, young girls asking for sugar daddy's, and so many people saying sexual things. This one dude started telling a little girl he was going to give her a golden shower, and then started to explain in detail what it was! When I private messaged the girl, she said she was 11! COMPLETELY inappropriate.

5. Bullying- I think this is enough to be said on the subject. I was speaking with my girlfriend in private chat, and she started getting trashed by a random girl we didn't even know.

This site is completely awful, and should be taken down. Keep your kids far away. This isn't worth the trouble.


I really like the games and the overall idea behind this website.

The only problem I really have is the people in chat. They find ways around the filter and say very inappropriate things sometimes. If chat was eliminated, I would have no issues. The chat makes this website inappropriate for children under 16.

Seriously though, this site is pretty great otherwise. The games are really fun, and most of them are pretty simple to play. For anyone who is mature and over 16, this is a great website.


I think it's awful when they say that "While all sub-cultures are inherently bad...",


Yes, I'm aware it is in all caps, but that is verbatim to what it says on the website. So by definition, anyone who is not like them is inferior. What great ideals. It would just be best to stay away from hateful sites like this.

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