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I am a father of 2 children and happily married man for over 11 years. I have a college education and working toward a second degree. I work as a Chief Product Estimator. I supervise a crew and price products for my companies product lines.

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I pride myself in finding good online deals and I am always straight forward and honest. I have no bias to anything other than the right thing.

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Sitejabber.com the concept of this site is AWESOME. We can share our personal experience good or bad about a website and the company to help spread the word.

If you use this site as it's intended you can share good and bad information and help people be more informed when thinking about doing business or using a site for anything. This site is very easy to use and allows you to ask reviewers questions about their experiences. That will virtually leave you the ability to learn the most knowledge and information you can before you make a decision to use a site.

This site will even help you if you want guidance with something. Find someone that has reviewed the site and send them a message, and ask for help, it's that easy. I have answered questions and asked questions about websites, I have read reviews about.

This should be the first site you visit if you are wondering about using a website. Or if you have personal experience about a site, please share that it helps add to the value of this great site.


Primerica is my current life insurance provided. I use this site and some features at times. I have like the knowledge and help I can find on the website.

I have enjoyed working with my Primerica agent to obtain great products and learn about my financial needs. They offer a wide range of products that can enhance your financial life.


This is a great site for sports information. I use this site a few times a day to stay up to date on my sports knowledge. If I need information about sports I can find that right on ESPN. They maintain a great site and keep it up to date.

I love this site.


They advertise free, well we all know if you get anything it's almost never free. They ask that you register for somethings that are on a trial basis to try other features. Of course if you don't cancel these you will pay later.

It's best to just avoid this and find other means to obtain your credit report. Unless you make sure you cancel anything they make you sign up for.


I am a little experinced on priceline so this review is to help you gain some knowledge on how to make this website and features work for you.

First if you know you need a hotel, always and I mean always use the name your price feature. This feature allows you to choose say a 4 star hotel and offer a set price for that hotel in a certain area. IF any of the hotels are willing to accept your price you pay for it at that time.

We book a 3.5 star hotel in downtown Miami about 3 months before our cruise and saved $300 on the hotel for 2 nights. We told it our dates and what area of Miami we needed a room in and offered our price. It ran our price and matched us with a great hotel for our price.

We also was able to book our plane tickets right on the site. Sure we paid the same price as we would about anywhere but the fact that we did both the airline and hotel all on one website was really nice.

I have never had a bad experience with this site and think if you use it right you can find it useful. Good luck.


We recently booked our first cruise trip. We used this website to do everything for the cruise. It was very easy to navigate and organize everything needed for our trip. They even offer ways to speed up checking your bags and that type of stuff when you are boarding the cruise ship.

Everything you need for the trip can be found on this site and it has been a great site to use.

If you want to book a cruise use www.carnival.com, you will not be disappointed.


For starters, this review is for anyone thinking about or looking into using verizonwireless.com for online bill pay and or account maintenance.

I have used verizon wireless as a cell provided for the last 3 years. I use this website to pay my verizon bill and maintain my services and plan features. I have upgraded and changed my phone online, I have changed my plan features and I have used this every month to pay my cell bill.

I have never had any problem with anything on their website and any time I needed customer service help I have been able to get that right online.

I think they are a great company and maintain a well run website.


I have to say I love the site, but you do have to be a little cautious on there just because there are so many people out to scam others.

I have sold and purchased many items on this site and overall love it. It allows many different things be listed and you can find hard to find items even.

Overall I highly recommend this site.


Everyone, if you are looking for a great way to lose weight using the weight watchers program, I highly recommend the etools that weight watchers offers online.

I have to say it makes tracking points great, and easy to do right on the website. I find it nice to use and very easy to use.

I must say it works great and is very helpful.


Redbox is a great low cost method of renting movies. You visit Redbox.com and you can reserve movies to be picked up at your local redbox. This helps you to get the movie you want, and saving you trips to the redbox, until you know your movie is in.

I have used this feature many times and like it. It works great, and hey a movie for $1 per night, who wouldn't like that.

I highly reccommend using this website and redbox for future movie rentals.


This is just my opinion of a user of this website for about 2 weeks now. I have to say I was hooked right from the go and was very excited about this at first. After a short time I was very skeptical and curious as to the realness of this penny auction site. I in no way am saying it's not real, because I don't have any proof. What I am going to do for this review is list the areas that make me question how legit this site is, and you can make your own decision as to whether or not to use this site.

How site works: You buy bids 50 bids cost $37.50, and then you can use these bids to attempt to buy items in penny auctions.

The list below leaves me to question just how real this can be. You decide.

1. You buy bids in order to try to win items

2. These items sell for next to nothing versuses what they are worth.

3. They claim to offer a snag it now feature (buying something at retail price using the money used in bids), yet say they never have inventory of the item to allow that feature to be used. If this is the case how do they list the same stuff over and over without having inventory?

4. They never charge shipping yet you supposedly can win something for almost nothing. $0.32 for an ipod touch, how can they ship for that?

5. They auction off bid packages, why would they do this as this is the only way they are making money, off the bids. That is how you can say that it works, all the bids cost money. SO why give them away for next to nothing?

6. They offer at times what they call exclusive auctions, that so many people are needed to run it and it cost an entry fee of bids to enter. This sounds nice, but one of the exclusive auctions in which 15 people paid 10 bids each to enter, only sold for $0.34 and only a few people of the 15 bid on it? Why put bids up if you don't bid?

7. They do not require you to supply address and age verification at time of register. So age doesn't matter and address doesn't matter to a site that you are supposedly winning stuff to be sent to you?

8. This is a reach but you have to question some of the screen names, what would stop this company from having bots or themselves bidding on items to just waste people's bids? They don't care bids are free to them if this is the case.

9. They are always selling the same stuff over and over, nothing out of the norm, yet this site could sell anything?

10. I have known 5 people who have purchased bids and the only things that have been won is bid packages. This would explain that they don't care if you win bid packages because you truely can't win an actual item.

11. The draw to the site is that you see under the winners list all these people winning stuff dirt cheap, that draws you in and keeps you hooked. But how many of these are actual people and not a scamming bot or snaglo people. Sure you think that people are winning but how do we know.

12. They offer no way for you to know anything about other members. Like a communication section of any sort. This is minor but that would help curb the idea that these may not be real people all the time you are bidding against.

This is just things I have questioned for the last 2 weeks of actually using this site. I suggest being very cautious and be safe. It can hook you in.

I will say I did manage to win an auction, but I would still recommend just leaving these types of sites alone. You soak a ton of time and money to win.

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