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About Me

I've been interested in safer consumer products for many years...whether that be for in our home, or for our planet. The biggest challenge has been finding products that actually do what companies claim. Another problem is that such products are usually so expensive, which makes it difficult to do the right thing.

How I Can Help

With years of trying and searching for better, safer and less costly products, I have a desire to help others learn how they too can make a positive difference in this world.


Saving money. Superior and safer products.

21 Reviews by Janice

Name just ONE Multi-Level Company that actually has REAL customers shopping regularly on a LONG TERM basis. There is not ONE because the products cost too much versus what can be purchased from local stores

Does Monavie have decent products? Yes, but other than the reps, who in their right mind would want to spend money on overpriced products month after month?

This is where all MLM fail. They just don't have a true customer base.
I actually can't believe how many times I have gone to a Home Depot store and spoke to staff who know NOTHING about what they are selling. SOME do, but it seems the majority do not.

Home Depot should really spend time to train their employees, or at least hire people that have knowledge about the department they work in.
I happened to come across a DoTerra price list. WHOA! It was insane!

I obtain my Essential Oils that are 100% pure therapeutic grade at HALF the price. In speaking with the few people I have met promoting DoTerra, they claim that the oils I am obtaining at half the price can not possibly be as good as DoTerra. Really? Is the problem perhaps that DoTerra is simply charging twice as much for the same quality oils?

The DoTerra reps have simply been brainwashed into thinking their oils are better when they are in fact no better than where I purchase mine.

Are there poor quality oils out there? Absolutely!

When any DoTerra rep actually humbles themself and tries the oils I buy, they immediately switch stores. And why not? Who doesn't want the same quality oils at half the price?

Tip for consumers: The source of the problem with DoTerra is that they are a Multi Level Marketing company, which unfortunately automatically significantly adds to the prices of products.

Decent, but HUGELY overpriced products, which is typical of Multi Level Marketing companies. Herbalife is one of the worst when it comes to requiring their reps to front load products and put out tons of money every month to keep their "volume" up.

Very sad reality for the reps. Now that the FTC has nailed Herbalife with a $200 million fine and forcing them to completely change their compensation plan, Herbalife will soon be out of business in the USA.

It's great the see the FTC finally start to product the consumer by targeting MLM companies.
I happened to hear about Youngevity, an MLM company with a number of products that I'm sure are good. Most MLM companies do offer decent, or even great products, however, when I compared the prices to what I pay for the same thing, YIKES! Youngevity is EXPENSIVE!

I compared a bunch of their Essential Oils and they were ALL 2 - 3 times more expensive than where I buy mine. I found the same results with Young Living, Doterra and other MLM type companies. When I mention this to any who are part of those companies, they all say the same thing, "but ours are higher quality". REALLY!?!?! NOT TRUE. They simply parrot what the companies train them to so. Quite sad.

Too bad people get themselves trapped into paying so much with their hard earned money on products that are no better than what other offer them for.

I buy hundreds of products like essential oils, cosmetics, nutritional supplements, bath and body products, household cleaning products, nutritional products and more, direct from the manufacturer and save a ton of money. Do your research people and save your money too.
Firstly, Young Living has great quality oils, however, they promote themselves with outright lies and half truths.

"From Seed to Seal" is one of the marketing ploys to fool the public into buying their oils. They are not the only company that does that.

They label their oils with such terms as "Therapeutic Grade", etc... There are no such terms. In fact, there is no regulating agency in existence that authorizes such terms.

If a company will go to such lengths to justify their outrageous prices, what else will they do?

There are other companies that sell essential oils that are just as good at 1/2 the price. That's where I shop for mine. Actually I get my oils from a company that has been around much longer than Young Living and allows their products to be purchased directly from them in order to avoid the extra markup prices of retail and they also eliminate the Multi-Level Marking cost add-ons by distributing without going through that MLM system.
Was a bit concerned at 1st, but turned out to be a wonderful experience. Followed the instructions for requesting the service, paid what I thought was a very reasonable price, got an email with the code and voila, phone unlocked!

The best part is that I received the code by email within a very short time. They indicate that they send the code within 24 hours 95% of the time. Well, I got mine within a few hours.
How many times do we read about warnings of NOT sending money out for things like this. It's good that reviews are being posted, but people should clue in.

Out of the thousands and thousands of "work from home" opportunities out there, few are really legitimate.

I've been working from home with one of the largest manufacturers of consumer packaged goods in the world that pays for referring people to shop with them. I don't have to stock inventory to sell, and therefore don't risk anything to lose. Those who are referred benefit too because they gain access to over 500 consumable type products at wholesale prices, so everyone wins.

Information can be obtained at, www.incomegeneratorsgroup.com
Amway has been around for a long time. They have some very decent products, however, anything they sell can be purchased for less at local stores. THAT is why people do not shop very long with Amway. This is especially the reason why most people who want to make money with Amway simply can't. It's almost impossible to convince someone to keep spending more money on Amway products than what they could do locally on similar products.

Amway won't reveal their "retention" rate, which is how many people go on for more than a month or two. There is a very good reason that they don't reveal those numbers, namely, it's embarrassing.

There are MUCH better options out there for those wanting good quality products. I get mine direct from one of the world's largest manufacturers of consumer packaged goods and save money in the process because I don't have to worry about the typical cost increased that occur though a Multi Level Marketing distributorship like Amway.

If you are interested in saving money, or creating a residual income, feel free to contact me.
I've bought and sold MANY things on EBay and never had a problem. It's also a great site to visit just to see if others are selling something you may be wondering is worth anything that you plan to part with. Did this just last night. I was going to toss some electronic gadget in the garbage and wouldn't you know it, many people are selling them for a decent buck.

You can also get great bidding deals if you know where to shop. I bought a $1,000 watch for $50 at a clearance center and the best part is that there was another watch hidden inside a compartment of the box. So I got TWO!

Tip for consumers: Just do your homework.

Let's face it, sometimes purchases just don't work out. I've always found Costco to be great for returning things, even without the original receipt. They'll take the time to look up your shopping details in their system for the proof of purchase.

Just great!
If you are looking for a deal, Walmart works well. Don't expect high quality though. There's a reason the prices are so low.
I think this is a great resource for getting the scoop about companies.

Just be conscious that some reviews may be biased.
Was reading over some of the bad reviews and was surprised by the comments. The only one I agree with is that hold times can be frustrating. Other than that, I think PayPal is great!

I got ripped off once by a bogus merchant and after 3 months of investigations, I got my money back.

My husband's PayPal account was compromised and he was able to get the monies back that were stolen from his account. He even got the exchange rate monies back as there was a different rate used from the time of the investigation to the time of the settlement.

He also uses PayPal regularly for his customers to pay for services.
I've never had a good experience using Groupon. Each time I've tried there were so many restrictions on the purchase that I never even bothered using it.

My husband has a business and when he looked into how they are set up, it is crazy. Groupon takes like 50% of the money transaction leaving nothing for the merchant. When you factor in that those who shop with Groupon are only bargain buyers, they think those deals should always apply at the stores. Makes for an non-healthy business concept.
Arbonne is to be commended for taking a stand against big name manufacturers by offering products that are safer to use. They have good quality products.

The problem is that they cost twice as much as what I pay for the same quality products. I've done a product by product price comparison and found Arbonne to be way more expensive.

If given a choice between two products of equal quality and one being 50% more affordable, I think most people would make the same decision and opt for price.

For example, Arbonne toothpaste at $17 a tube. A bar of soap for $18. Really!?

Tip for consumers: If you want great quality products, but don't want to spend a fortune on them, just don't purchase through any Multi-Level Marketing company. That business structure automatically translates to high costs.

First off, Shaklee does have very good products. For anyone wanting better and safer products, you will be happy shopping with this company, HOWEVER, you will need to be rich.

Shaklee equals very expensive. As mentioned, if money is no object, shop to your hearts content.

On the other hand, if you are like me and don't have money to toss around, there are companies that have products that are just as good, just as safe, but most importantly, cost a fraction of the cost of Shaklee. In fact, the are companies that sell their products for even less than what a retail store would sell an equivalent version for.

THAT'S WHERE I SHOP. I buy direct from the manufacturer that allows a person to shop at wholesale prices. They are now the #1 online wellness shopping club. That's where I shop because I want the best products money can buy that are eco friendly and better and don't want to go broke in the process.

Tip for consumers: You are better off shopping elsewhere if you are conscious of monies being spent.

Amazon is a great way to shop for products. I have personally never had a problem shopping here. The only problem I had with an order was that it took a very long time to arrive. It apparently came from China.

Anyways, as much as Amazon can be a great place to shop, KNOW YOUR PRICES. Just because an item is being sold on Amazon does not mean it is a good deal.

I have seen some products being sold for more than they could be purchased elsewhere.

For example, I buy my health and wellness products direct from the manufacturer. People are selling the same products for 300% - 400% markup. That's REDICUOUS!

For example, I purchase a super high quality moisturizer for under $10. The product has been clinically proven to be 7 times better at holding moisture than Eucerin. The problem is that the product is being sold on Amazon for over $30?!? Sure people are buying it for that price because the product is great, but I would rather keep my money by buying it direct from the manufacturer, thank you very much.

Tip for consumers: Before making a purchase, do your homework to make sure you are truly getting a good deal. Some offerings are incredible, while others are not at all.

Isagenix has been around for years, which is a statement to being a company with great products. However, like all MLM companies, sadly, they price their products so high. The structure of the company is like any other MLM companies that are forced to raise the prices of their products in order to filter all the monies through the channels of their MLM payout plans.

Similar quality products can be purchased elsewhere for much less.

I shop with a 30+ year old company that specializes in all the categories that Isagenix focuses on. The difference is that a person is allowed to buy direct from the company instead of through an MLM distribution system.

Tip for consumers: A person's health is extremely important, but anyone not in even an average financial position would be able to afford Isagenix products.

I was recently approached by someone about this company. I guess it is because they know I am interested in health and wellness.

Well, Le-Vel has "suspicion" written all over it. Everything that they do, the hype, the emphasis on making money, etc... is typical of how MLM companies work in their attempt to have you hand over a ton of money.

My advise, do NOT get involved. DO like me and save your money by getting healthier, better and less costly products direct from the manufacturer.

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