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17 reviews
3125 Executive Parkway
Lehi, UT 84043, US
Tel: +1 855-429-2616

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1 review
2 helpful votes

This basic kit clearly states that actual samples should be in package (15mL) and they were not. The company said that they are add on's but that is not what the heavy card stock package indicates. I received the item as a gift, so I can't go back to the giver and tell her what a junky gift this was. If this is any indication of how the company does business, then stay far away!!!

1 review
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I have had chemical burns/allergic reactions to people putting a drop of Young Living essential oils onto them self near me.
I feel like si have a bad sunburn for 3 days and I am red. Even my eye burns.

1 review
1 helpful vote

I may not be a big volume member, but I have been a consistent member since 2015. I needed to place an order and wanted to use my reward points. Imagine my surprise when I couldn't use my points because my last order (which was just processed) was $4 shy of the minimum because the company had one of my products out of stock. This was not due to my doing. So now I have to either spend MORE money by moving up this month's order or I have to wait until the end of this month.

I don't mind having rules you need them to effectively run a company. When the rules become so stringent that you throw customer service out the window, that is a problem. It is a shame. The oils are great but the company has lost it's view of what customer service means.

Deanna Valenzuela

4 reviews
2 helpful votes

It is a wonderful company that cares about human body and nature. If you are into healthy living and things good for your body you should definitely check Young Living website and purchase some goods! Their products are 100% natural and does miracles to your health. Try them out and let the products speak themselves.

3 reviews
2 helpful votes

I have been trying to deal with customer service for 3 weeks to return a defective diffuser which was $260. All diffusers are sold as a kit for first purchase. They only offer replacements. I get a different story from each rep I speak with. I can no longer trust this company due to the awful customer service and would never represent any sales to have customers deal with their terrible customer service.

Tip for consumers: Avoid this company

1 review
2 helpful votes

I ordered a few oils on May 24th. It is now June 6th, and the tracking provided still shows it not even delivered over to the USPS. It has been stuck in Indiana for a week, no movement at all. Evidently, still with their "shipping partner".. USPS isn't even in possession of the package yet.

1 review
2 helpful votes

"Thank you for contacting Live Help. Please have your member number and PIN ready. A representative will be with you shortly."

Please wait for the next available operator.
[Jaxen D] Hello, judy. Thank you for contacting Young Living's Live Help. My name is Jaxen D.
If you have not yet provided your member number and PIN, please do so. Otherwise, we will be happy to assist you once we are connected.

[judy] I was just disconnected and now I am ready to report your company for theft.
[judy] I made a return and am being told the item was not returned and your chat people disconnect
"Thank you for contacting Live Help. Please have your member number and PIN ready. A representative will be with you shortly."

Please wait for the next available operator.
[Vahan O] Hello, judy. Thank you for contacting Young Living's Live Help. My name is Vahan O.
If you have not yet provided your member number and PIN, please do so. Otherwise, we will be happy to assist you once we are connected.

[judy] I need assistance
[Vahan O] Sure thing, what seems to be the problem?
[judy] I made a return for which I received authorization and yet now I see not everythign was refunded
[judy] So it was stolen?
[judy] I returned merchandise and it was stolen
[judy] ?
[Vahan O] Let me see what is going on with that return. Do you have your Member Number and PIN?
[judy] How does one return items in one box and not everything gets credited
[judy] ?
[judy] I received no correspondence so it was stolen?
[judy] Member Number: 1182212
[judy] pin
[Vahan O] I see that the money was put back on the card ending in on the 20th of February. You should have had that money for several months now.
[judy] What amount do you see credited and what are the dates, because I do not see it all showing
[Vahan O] The only items that were in the box when it was returned was the Thieves Fruit and Veggie Spray, the TummyGize, and the Super Cal.
The operator has
[judy] Attached above the chat that was disconnect from me as I was typing.
[judy] As y ou can see the original authorization included the DEFECTIVE diffuser which was IN THE BOX
[Jaxen D] I am so sorry to hear there has been disconnections. I am looking in to the situation right now. While I am looking in to this, how has your day been?
[judy] THank you I will wait.
[judy] I packed the box, shipped the box, paid for the box, have receipt for the box from the postal service because the living company would not pay to return it. I had to pay to return it myself. A box with small items would NOT have weighed nor cost the amount I paid for postal service. So I am back to being stolen from the Living company
[judy] And how does a chat agent just disconnect when the customer is typing. ?
[Jaxen D] Thank you for your patience. I am still looking to what I can do. Please do not disconnect.
[Jaxen D] I am sorry to hear an agent disconnected, there could have been an issue with the system. I hope I will be able to help you today.
[judy] yes I am waiting
[Jaxen D] Just to understand. You sent back an order to get refunded and you believe you did not receive the correct back?
[judy] I did not receive a full refund correct
[judy] living company credited for three items. And did not include the diffuser that was broken that was returned that I had to pay to ship and pay to return and is now stolen
[judy] I paid postal service 25.25 to return all of these items
[Jaxen D] Okay, I understand. I am looking to what I can do for you. Was the Aria used that you returned?
[judy] I tried to use the diffuser but it was broken in diffusing as well as shattered lid, thus I opted to return the entire unit
[Jaxen D] I am so sorry that this happened, What I can do is send a replacement Aria Diffuser.
[Jaxen D] I am sorry, because it was used we cannot give a refund for this item. We could place a credit on your account for the item returned.
[Jaxen D] What were you told?
[judy] IT was shattered and I could not even get it to start. ATTEMPTING TO USE IS DIFFERENT FROM BEING ABLE TO USE
[judy] AGENT KATIE informed and gave return authorization
[Jaxen D] I do see the note for the return. They then informed us on the note that the diffuser was used and because it was used, they could not give a refund.
[judy] NOT USED BECAUSE IT WOULD NOT START. You asked it was used. I replied yes, I tried to use. It was shattered.
[judy] It is the same thing I informed agent when I called and was told I HAD to pay the return shipping cost out of my own pocket
[judy] rma
[Jaxen D] Okay, I am looking in and seeing if there is more I can do. Thank you for your patience today.
[Jaxen D] I am very sorry. It is our policy that because it was used we are unable to give a refund for the item. We can place a credit on your account for the item receive and you can use it for future purchases.
[judy] I will be filing fraud with BBB as well as disputing it with AMERICAN EXPRESS
[judy] Living company steals
[judy] AGENT Katie informed me of return. Now I come to find out that Living company lies and will not refund merchandise
[Jaxen D] If you feel that is a course of action you would like to pursue, you are able to do so. Your legal representative can contact our legal team to pursue this matter further as I am not certified to handle any communications that would involve a legal dispute.
[judy] You received merchandiise that was authorized to be returned and now living company is refusing to refund me per original RMA when I paid out of my own pocket
[judy] intimidation is for small people
[Jaxen D] I am sorry the agent might have been misinformed. If the items was used then we cannot refund it. I am sorry this is our company's policy. I did not mean to intimidate I was just informing you I am unable to talk about legal disputes.
[judy] Again agent, I could not use it. I tried to turn it on and it would not work and the lid was shattered. That is what you asked me
[Alyssa K] Hello Judy! My name is Alyssa K, I'm the supervisor on the floor tonight. I understand you're inquiring about your Aria diffuser and why you weren't refunded?
[judy] I am sure you can see the chat
[Alyssa K] Judy if an item arrives at our warehouse used, we cannot refund it even if it is shattered.
[Alyssa K] Judy we do have a record from the warehouse that the Aria lid was broken but clearly used and stained with oils. Even if you turned it on and tried to diffuse oils that is considered used.
[Alyssa K] I apologize for any inconvenience and would be happy to inquire about a credit for you but a refund will not be issued.
[judy] The lid was broken when I received it. I tried to fill the bin and it would not work. THUS IT WAS BROKEN AND COULD NOT BE USED
[judy] You have stolen from customer
[judy] I am disputing this charge with american express as your living company steals
[judy] BBB
[Alyssa K] If any part of the merchandise is broken, we ask that you let us know within the first 5 days of receiving it so we can arrange a refund or replacement. If you feel that is a course of action you would like to pursue, you are able to do so. Your legal representative can contact our legal team to pursue this matter further as I am not certified to handle any communications that would involve a legal dispute.
[Alyssa K] The confirmation for this chat is 122515387, was there anything else I could help you with?
[judy] besides reconfirming that you work for a company that steals?
[judy] Again little people intimidate
[judy] amazing how your company that steals feels free to throw around threats to customers
[Alyssa K] This is not theft Judy, or intimidation. This is policy. Was there anything else I could do besides look into a credit for you?
[judy] What chat are you reading where you don't see theft or intimidation
[Alyssa K] Judy I have told you our policy on damaged items and let you know who to contact if you would like to dispute charges. I will look into getting a credit for that diffuser because it is quite expensive and you did return it to us. I would be more than happy to email you with what I find but until that time there is nothing more I can do.
[judy] So just to be clear, you received my RMA and did nothing with it. so you received a $200+ broken item I paid to return and you did not credit me or anything. THUS IT IS STOLEN

1 review
0 helpful votes

The website seemed to state the only difference between the premium starter kit and the basic start kit was the inclusion of a diffuser. This is not true, the basic starter kit also doesn't have the oils.

Unlike most companies, you have to pay for the shipping of the return. I contacted the customer service and talked to the supervisor on the floor, Natalia. They would not even apply the shipping to a future order just to keep a member.

It will probably just be a six dollar return shipping, but if it is this difficult to work with them, I would gladly find another company.

1 review
1 helpful vote

Great products but they lie about shipping time frames. Order on their site shipped 2/25/18 according to THEIR site. The date should have said 2/28/18. If it had, this would not be an issue. Waited a week for three day shipping. Unacceptable. Deal with another company. I will be. Young Living lies

1 review
1 helpful vote

I have used Young Living oils for 17 years and have never been disappointed. They have changed my life and families health and well being. When there are product or service questions I have been helped. I have found that product availability is a matter of these being a real "natural" from nature product dictated by things like weather...that says a lot to me as it means they won't compromise by using an inferior product to 'make a sale'...thank you Young Living. We appreciate your integrity and all the ways you help the less fortunate all over the world, wherever you go you bless and enrich the lives of those you partner with. Now that is something I can support :)

1 review
1 helpful vote

I would like to say I bought this diffuser for my niece in NY and she's coughing alot and her skin is burning I don't think the products are so safe they are not to be used in the place of medicine

1 review
4 helpful votes

I signed up after 3 years of consideration. After getting 5 or 6 shipments using essential rewards, I have decided to cancel the ER minimum of $50/mo ordering. I like the oils just fine but don't need to have the pressure of ordering something every month to get "discounted" shipping ($6) and earn monthly rewards. Plus, I have never received my shipments sooner than 2 weeks from the time I placed my order. I have another very good direct essential oil company that I order from, get free shipping and excellent customer service and the shipments arrive in an average of 5 days. I am sticking with them!
When I called to cancel there was no questioning as to why I was cancelling, just the reminder of how I am losing my already earned points and discounted shipping. When asked if there was anything else, I let her know my diffuser had never worked properly then was blamed for why it was not working properly. No, " how can I make things right" or anything to remedy my defective diffuser...disgusted!!! I work in the customer service industry and this was POOR!
I then asked to cancel my membership and was told not to order anything for a year. I want my membership cancelled today and even that was a NO. Really??? Even though I like their oils I will NEVER order from them again based upon the customer service I was given.

21 reviews
97 helpful votes

Firstly, Young Living has great quality oils, however, they promote themselves with outright lies and half truths.

"From Seed to Seal" is one of the marketing ploys to fool the public into buying their oils. They are not the only company that does that.

They label their oils with such terms as "Therapeutic Grade", etc... There are no such terms. In fact, there is no regulating agency in existence that authorizes such terms.

If a company will go to such lengths to justify their outrageous prices, what else will they do?

There are other companies that sell essential oils that are just as good at 1/2 the price. That's where I shop for mine. Actually I get my oils from a company that has been around much longer than Young Living and allows their products to be purchased directly from them in order to avoid the extra markup prices of retail and they also eliminate the Multi-Level Marking cost add-ons by distributing without going through that MLM system.

1 review
1 helpful vote

I love the product but I also know it is kind of a pyramid scam which is weird. And it is scary for you people to want FIVE digits of a SSN. We all know the first three are where we were born so basically you just have to guess one number to steal our identity. You should just have regular sales people instead of the "member" crap - it just makes you seem sleazy. I will use your products but NEVER recommend them.

1 review
2 helpful votes

This company literally scammed me. Worst experience of my life! I bought an oil & diffuser in recommendation of a friend. My boyfriend was coughing horribly from it so I called & was told I could get my money back & be reimbursed for the shipping if I sent the products back. So I did. & then I called to see when my refund would arrive back in my checking account. The woman I spoke to told me that their policy would not abide by me getting a full refund which is what I was told. She told me they had to review the phone call of the woman who told me that & call me back. I never got a call back. I called them again the next day, asking for a supervisor. He told me the package I sent back only had the oil, not the diffuser. My shipping receipt from the post office said the package was $10.80 & it is based on weight of the contents. So this supervisor said he would check with the receiving department & call me back. Never got a call back. So I called again the next day, I asked for a supervisor again & the woman on the phone said hold on one moment, came back on the phone & said we will refund you immediately. & I asked when I would get refunded for the shipping charges I paid out of pocket. They told me to call after I faxed or emailed in the receipt. So I emailed it to them & they said they credited my account. Which is not what I was told from the beginning of all this $#*!. I was told I would be refunded for my shipping as well. They refuse to refund my shipping & said its credited to my account. I am never buying anything from this company again. This is the worst experience I have ever had. I was lied to, ignored & ripped off. DO not buy anything from this company. Its a pyramid scam.

4 reviews
2 helpful votes

Yes agreed 5 stars. YL essential oils are very high quality. Customer service is excellent and the 24% distributor discount is great!!
Everything is explained here:

10 reviews
56 helpful votes

If you don't know about this site yet, you should, if you are at all into healthy living and things good for your body. Their products are unsurpassed. I order every month from them and I have researched their competitors. Gary Young really is in a league above the rest in terms of his commitment to quality and consistency to excellence. I use these oils on a daily basis and I also take the multivitamins for women called "Hers" - yes, men, they have some for you as well called "His" - lol. TIP: If you become a distributor you can get a hefty discount on your own product and you don't have to sell to anyone else. You can email me if you would like and I will explain how to do that. These essential oils smell heavenly, work wonders AND are hard to live without once you start using them. Their quality speaks for itself.

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