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Name just ONE Multi-Level Company that actually has REAL customers shopping regularly on a LONG TERM basis. There is not ONE because the products cost too much versus what can be purchased from local stores

Does Monavie have decent products? Yes, but other than the reps, who in their right mind would want to spend money on overpriced products month after month?

This is where all MLM fail. They just don't have a true customer base.

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This happened in 2012 or 2013 I think. Here I was an innocent and naive 18 year old who was taken advantage of my circumstances. I come from a low socio economic background, just getting by with barely any savings. I never owned a credit card until the people through my so called 'friend' convinced me that in order to make better money, I needed to get a credit card (I got a $2000 limit) and had to put in around $800 dollars paid upfront and get started on my way to a doomed 'business opportunity'. It took me at least 3 years to pay it all off while on a part-time job and studying full-time. I'm so glad the company closed down, now they won't be able to scam anyone else! F U MonaVie!!!

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I have been drinking mona vie for a while and when some say it is a scam , maybe it is, but I know what it has done for me. I have quit drinking it a time or 2 and when I do I have regrets that I let myself run out. It keeps me from having hot flashes, my joints don't hurt when I drink just an ounce a day. when I'm feeling bad I drink a little more, I know my sister gives it to her son and he very rarely gets sick .. when he is not drinking it , he does get everything else that is going around... my dad thougth it was like snake oil,,but then he tried it, quit it and tried it again... his blood pressure is now normal, his sugar is better. he has COPD and is still kicking pretty good for an 82 year old... Now this is what I think is the reason it works, it is because it is organic, or wild grown, not processed like everything and sprayed with all kinds of chemicals... if we ate the way we ate in the 60's and 70's we would probably have a lot better health. Some people just can't afford organic or grain fed meat.... But eating stuff that is stuffed full of hormones and other things you cannot pronounce is not at least I am getting some nutrition from this. I love it.

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MonaVie is an antioxidant supplement, it's a health drink, it's more than JUST JUICE.

The price is good at wholesale which I think is the only way you can buy it. I have a friend that gets it for me at distributor prices. There's nothing wrong with direct selling. Avon, Mary Kay, Amway, if you use any of their products, you can't walk into Wal-mart and get those products that you like, even Tupperware.

How much do you spend a cup of coffee at Starbucks? A Tall is typically $1.95 + tax and I know people that get 2 or 3 of those a day, they prob spend $100 + /mo on coffee from vendors.

I've only been drinking the MX and it has relived my Rheumatoid Arthritic pain (I have had RA for 10 yrs) and stiffness! I also have way more energy than I did before as well as my biologicals and other meds made me chronically fatigued before this health drink.

This health drink and what it contains, would have to be replaced by 6 - 10 different bottles of vitamins and taken 2 to 3 times a day and a dose of 2 pills per dose to have the same effect. That's a lot of vitamin pills to swallow!

You'd need a standard one-a-day vitamin $10 (the cheap stuff)
A good B Complex - $15

Vitamin D w/Calcium $11 (again the cheap stuff)

Glucosimine, the GOOD stuff, like GNC Triflex, Caplets, roughly $60 for 200 and you need 3 x daily

Now let's add a few good pro-biotics into the mix $35 (the medium price)

And don't forget the ACTA-RESVERATROL $31.99

You do the math.

Remember that Monavie MX does not contain artificial flavors, colors, sweeteners, or added sugar. The calories are far less than if you drank each of those juices on their own, because they are all cocktails.

Folks, you get what you pay for! I am much happier tossing out my dozens of bottles of vitamins for one 2 oz chug per day, sometimes twice a day. NO MORE, it's very rich. My friend gives it to her dog for a disease and he's doing amazing on it. I would give it to my cat, but he's diabetic.

Does MonaVie make me not have to take my RA meds? No, that's silly, if it did it would be cure and there is no cure for RA. It's a fantastic remedy for anyone with an autoimmune disorder or suffering from joint pain and stiffness. My blood pressure has also been better since being on the juice.

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This review has nothing to do with the product. I had been enjoying the product Monavie Active for 8 years and needed to change my vitamin regiment due to other health complications. I needed another source of treatment and could not afford both of them. I asked for my autoship to be postponed for 2 months to see if I could do better on the other product. I did but because I was busy with my husband (a veteran) who broke his wrist, I forgot to contact Wayne, the guy I had been talking to. I did not open the box and asked if I could send it back. He said I could if I would pay the shipping. About $17 estimated cost. I shipped it the cheapest route and it was $36. I waited and my $115 was not put back in my account. I called after it arrived and Wayne said his sponsor was out of the country but to assure me that I would get my refund. I waited 4 more days and called again. Wayne said his sponsor (Mark somebody) was out of the country again conveniently!!! He said I would have to take a 20% reduction ($25) off the remainder I would be getting. So basically, I am getting (I don't know when) about $64 of my $115. What a rip-off!!! I asked for the sponsor's number and Wayne said it was for my protection that he didn't know my info to put my money back. I guess so. The "crook" sponsor took it. Wayne has always been nice and polite to me. This is a sponsor indescretion. Monavie, talk to your sponsor's. They need to take an ethics course. I am a retired school counselor on a limited income and my husband is a disabled veteran. Maybe $115 doesn't matter too much to a sponsor who is always out of the country!!!! But it does to me. I will never promote Monavie to anyone.
A very dissatisfied "former" customer.

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Been drinking the juice for over 5 years along with family... Don't do the business but great product and don't go anywheres without. Feel better, sleep better, great health for age along with parents, siblings, etc. Parents in 70's and I make sure drinking it daily along with office. I would highly recommend.

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I used Mona Vie a few years ago on my eczema (a type of heat rash) and it burned like hell! It felt worse the when I got my toenail cut off with no anesthetic. It did get rid of it within 24 hours, but it came back not long later (also this was just a few drops on the outside of my skin). My cousin, who recommended it to me, drank it pretty regularly. He suddenly died of heart failure when playing basketball. I'm not saying that this product caused his death because they didn't do any tests, but imagine what it is doing to your insides if two drops of it on my skin burned like no other. I don't recommend this product at all!

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Beware marketing masquerading as science. Monavie is a very clever sales and marketing organization. For example, some Monavie drinks contain the much hyped resveratrol which has unclear benefits; in the news just the other day:

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I drink two bottle. I don't know if is good for my body but is expensive because I am thinking the sellers is making a lot.

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Its not a scam. But MLM is also not get rich quick, you have to approach it like a business, be willing to work it, put in time, invest in it, and give it time to build up. I think its over sold as get rich quick with no effort. i would say that propagating it with that mindset, is scamming, if that makes sense. But the business model is not, its the best way for the regular person to find success if they work hard. Check out this site. it actually has a good video that talks about network marketing, why people think it is a scam, and how it compares to all other business models. Good info. It is my site, but IT IS NOT a selling site, and NOT COMPANY SPECIFIC just informational I have tried the products and my wife liked the flavor, but I didnt. I didnt get involved because I found other companies to have better products, and I think its getting maxed out, and would rather be in a biz with more room to grow.

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One can either review the business opportunity (MLM scheme) or the product, or both; they are both marketed on the same site.

As someone else here has noted, the MLM scheme is unlikely to earn a rep much more than the price of the product. According to Forbes magazine, only one percent of reps make anything at all.

The product itself has doubtful nutritional value. There is no scientific evidence that it protects you against anything, cures you of anything, helps reduce weight, or achieve anything other than you might expect from a glass of fruit juice. Other fruit juices also fare better and cost less.

Still, if you have $40 to spare and an urge to believe, you go for it. Placebos do work, sometimes.

My take on it:

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The site is very informative. I personally have reviewed several aspects including a review of the company and a review of whether or not it is a viable business. If interested in my reviews(not a promo for MonaVie) you can check them out at
I came to the conclusion that they have grown an incredible rate and seem to be a very strong company. They are even featured in Inc.500. As far as a get rich opportunity - the average reps break even or make about a buck a day. I look at it this way, for the reps it is like getting the juice free with a couple recruits and still having an opportunity to really do something.
Like anything, including a job, the top 5-15% make all the money. But hey, if you can get your juice paid for and have a chance at making some real money, that is something you will never do with Orange juice.

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I tried the juice and it just tastes like thick bad grape juice. Just go buy an acai pill or an antioxidant pill with flavanoids, it is the same thing. 40 dollars a bottle is ridiculous in this economy.

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I Think This Company is in Trouble I found 49 Complaints with the BBB Utah

And Also Found Us federal district Court Mona Vie is named in a Fraud Case

Also seen on a Man almost died after drinking the juice .

Buyers Beware !!

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Yes it would work and it is expensive! - Yes it would work, but for the nutritional value.. it is very expensive (holding one in my hand right now..)

It also depends on each individual as to what you want to achieve. If it is high antioxidant then yes Acai is good however it pays to check your products as Acai is super potent in pure acai form - freeze dried and from reliable sources plus independently tested to ensure integrity after manufacture/packaging. In fact for less price I have come across one which is ten times more effective.

I would use the MonaVie for taste alone.. there is one downside, for me, and that is that it contains sodium benzoate which does have some controversy (when it interacts with certain artificial colours it has been shown to contribute to hyperactivity, and a different aspect is shown here

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I have met people making $50k a year off of this - I met some people who are making some really decent money off of this product, but the tradeoff is that they are really spending quite a bit of time marketing it and pushing it on everyone they know. They hold monthly meeting and marketing sessions. If you want to make some real money off of this product it takes some serious work and effort.

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great product with shady marketing - I tried this product and I really do think I feel better using it. I know it is subjective, but I don't feel as tired all the time anymore. They have quite a few doctors and celebrities promoting this product but what I can't get past is the pyramid scheme of selling it. Apparently they have a billion dollars worth of juice and they are one of the fasting growing privately held companies in the US right now because of their clever marketing schemes. I feel like this is Amway for food supplements. Anyways, I believe in the product, but does anyone know if this is just one big marketing scam?

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was just at the site ,no such product

By mitch a.
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well when you first start out, especially if you have aches and pains and other problems you may want to start 4 ounces a day, but once it gets in your system after about a month, then you can cut back . since i have arthritus, hot flashes and rls, i do about 2 ounces a day now, but could get by with 1

By Dawn S.
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I don't think it is costly, you figure it is probably,,1.25 per ounce on the high price, sometimes you can get it cheaper. when one person can spend $4 a day on a coffee, or go to the ball park and spend mega bucks on food and drinks etc.. This is organic, wild grown and processed in such a way as to only benefit you.

By Dawn S.
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